From Stills to Motion Part 1: DSLR Video For Beginners | David Miller | Skillshare

From Stills to Motion Part 1: DSLR Video For Beginners

David Miller, Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. From Stills To Motion intro

    • 2. Frame and Aspect Ratio

    • 3. Frame Rates

    • 4. Sound

    • 5. Lighting

    • 6. Editing

    • 7. Wrap Up + Project


About This Class

When I got my first DSLR that could shoot video, I had a number of questions how to use it effectively because I understood that shooting quality video is a skill clients desired and often expected of photographers.  In a multimedia world, only being able to work with still images isn't enough.  

This class will address all the questions I found myself asking during my own learning process.  There's a lot to cover, so I've split this class into multiple sections.  In Part 1 we cover frame rates, aspect ratio, manual settings, specialty gear for sound, lighting, and more!





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David Miller

Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio

I'm David, a multimedia artist in Phoenix, and my studio is Primordial Creative.  


I have always been interested in the visual arts from an early age- drawing, painting, and clay- but around my high school years I became interested in photography for the social aspect of involving other people, the adventure inherent in seeking out pictures, and the presentation of reality that wasn't limited by my drawing skills.


One thing in my work that h...

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