From Slow & Expensive WordPress to Blazingly Fast & Free Static Ghost in the JAMstack

Jan Zavrel, Anyone Can Code

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 How It Works

    • 3. 03 Setup Local Ghost CMS

    • 4. 04 Publish Static Blog


About This Class

Are you fed up with your slow, WordPress-based blog?

Wait, what? You say your blog is fast? I’ll prove you wrong!

Head to Google's PageSpeed test and face the truth.

Are you back? Ok, I feel your pain cause I’ve been there. Spending a hefty amount of money on web hosting only to get the slow website in exchange doesn't sound like a great deal.


Now watch this. This is my blog. Pretty fast, right? But how much do I have to pay for fast hosting to get these results?

Wait for it... NOTHING!

The reason why you pay for a slow website and I have a fast blog for free is simple. I gave up slow, heavy and expensive WordPress and chose a fast, lean and free static blog.


They told you that WordPress was free, but they didn't tell you that you'd have to pay for web hosting, premium plugins, and themes to make it in good shape.


This course is here to free you from WordPress madness, make your blog ridiculously fast and save you tons of money because everything I will show you is free of charge.

Here's what you'll get by taking this course:

  • I will show you step by step how to free yourself from slow and expensive WordPress blog and move your content to super-fast and free static blogging platform.
  • I will save you at least $300 per year you are probably currently paying for your managed web hosting
  • I will bring you more potential customers because fewer visitors will leave your posts as a result of a slow or unresponsive website
  • This course will save you time spent with endless plugins and themes updates and tweaking
  • This course will greatly improve your SEO because speed is everything and Google will love your speedy website more


In the end, you'll be able to focus again on what matters most...