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From Slow & Expensive WordPress to Blazingly Fast & Free Static Ghost in the JAMstack

teacher avatar Jan Zavrel, Author, Blogger, Consultant, Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 How It Works

    • 3. 03 Setup Local Ghost CMS

    • 4. 04 Publish Static Blog

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About This Class

Are you fed up with your slow, WordPress-based blog?

Wait, what? You say your blog is fast? I’ll prove you wrong!

Head to Google's PageSpeed test and face the truth.

Are you back? Ok, I feel your pain cause I’ve been there. Spending a hefty amount of money on web hosting only to get the slow website in exchange doesn't sound like a great deal.


Now watch this. This is my blog. Pretty fast, right? But how much do I have to pay for fast hosting to get these results?

Wait for it... NOTHING!

The reason why you pay for a slow website and I have a fast blog for free is simple. I gave up slow, heavy and expensive WordPress and chose a fast, lean and free static blog.


They told you that WordPress was free, but they didn't tell you that you'd have to pay for web hosting, premium plugins, and themes to make it in good shape.


This course is here to free you from WordPress madness, make your blog ridiculously fast and save you tons of money because everything I will show you is free of charge.

Here's what you'll get by taking this course:

  • I will show you step by step how to free yourself from slow and expensive WordPress blog and move your content to super-fast and free static blogging platform.
  • I will save you at least $300 per year you are probably currently paying for your managed web hosting
  • I will bring you more potential customers because fewer visitors will leave your posts as a result of a slow or unresponsive website
  • This course will save you time spent with endless plugins and themes updates and tweaking
  • This course will greatly improve your SEO because speed is everything and Google will love your speedy website more


In the end, you'll be able to focus again on what matters most...


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jan Zavrel

Author, Blogger, Consultant, Developer


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1. 01 Introduction: Okay. I know you don't have time for meaningless small talk, so let's get to it in this. Straight to the point course, I will show you how to save hundreds of doors per year by transferring of slow and expensive WordPress based website. Too fast, secure and free. Steady ghost based block. Yes, Dad's right. Instead of paying your heart earned money for expensive web hosting and some more for premium plug ins only to get mediocre performance at best, you'll pay nothing and get the best solution the current technology offers. Look at this. I recently switched one off my WordPress website to this modern solution. And this is what happened. This is your S e o Holy Grail and a ticket to the top of Google results. Because speed is everything and you can't possibly get any better results. This is also something I was never able to achieve with WordPress. No matter how many hacks I tried. What s e opa gins? I board how much I optimized images. JavaScript and CSS. Yes, there are some managed hosting services that will take your WordPress 200% in speed test. But you will pay a small fortune for it. While my solution is 100% free off charge, you won't pay for Web hosting. You won't pay for any special plug ins. You'll get everything for free, including the state of the art cloud based image storage for your posts on top of debt, you be able to focus again on what matters the most creating the content. Your readers laugh instead of playing cat and mouse with secretary patches and other issues where press is so famous for so to conclude. With dissolution, you'll get the best of both words money can buy. And yet you won't spend a single penny a distraction free state of the art CMS writers simply love for its ease of use and aesthetic Fast and secure block hosted on net cliff eyes blazingly fast cdn network. This means that you can finally do each death slow and expensive. WordPress blogged. That drives you crazy. So what I waiting for? Stop wasting your money and mental health on expensive Web hosting for your WordPress block and move to free, fast and secure alternative, which will make your website more attractive to Google because speed is everything these days in running this course and let's get started 2. 02 How It Works: thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to free you from your slow and expensive or press block. Let's see how to make your life a bit easier and most importantly, how to save you time and money to achieve everything I've just demonstrated. In the introductory video, we will turn a regular ghost CMS into a static broke and serve eight from Cdn basically will take the best distraction free editor out there, which is the can IQ editor from Ghost CMS and teach it how to upload post images directly to crowd in our dot com. Your free image repository. You'll be able to create all your content locally on your machine. And once it's ready, Burton's for mate with gets B two blazingly fast, steady clip site, which we deploy to the state of the art CD, a network provided by nettle. If I This is the basic overview of your future blogging experience, you were right to block posts in your local ghost CMS running in docker container. To keep your main operating system clean and fast, all the images will be automatically uploaded to cry ordinary cdn for the fast delivery and all sorts off other amazing features. Once you publish your new post, you ready to take it from your local ghost to the Internet. First, you will expose your local host. Next, you will deploy your block to notify, which means that gets based. Static generator. Sitting in your get up account will crunch the coat and spit out the aesthetic version of your ghost block to nettle. If ice cdn. I guess it's pretty easy for the fact that you get secure and superfast website host state for free. Okay, now that you know what we're up to, let's do it. 3. 03 Setup Local Ghost CMS: in this part, we will set up local Ghost CMS, which will work as a regular blogging platform. You write a content here, created block posts and pages. Your content will be start in two locations tax to be stored in your local storage, and it's your responsibility to back it up regularly. Images will be directly uploaded to cloud injury that come so you don't have to care about him to set up your local ghost. CMS Uber Neat Docker for desktop, which is available for free on all major platforms, including Mech OS and Windows clothing, a Reducto comic owned and my head Last ghost set up dot zip package Inside Ducker for desktop is quite straightforward, so I won't waste your time here with the whole process. You need a free docker. Have account to download dr for desktop. So sign up. And once you have your doctor, I d. You'll be able to sign in and download the installation file. If you're on windows, make sure to share your drive. We are docker settings to test that everything is working. Go to terminal on Mac or Power shell on windows and type docker Command. You should get a list of options. Perfect. Next, you need a freak ordinary dot com account, where Ghost will automatically upload the images you use in your book posts. Go ahead and sign up. Next, you need to download my set up package, which includes a recipe to build a custom docker container with Cardinal Re Connector. It's available for free at www 0.0 dot net slash head lass Dash Ghost desh set up. So grab it and on archive eight to the location of your choice. Next, you need to pick the local path. Rare ghost content will be stored. I suggest you some cloud storage. Sing to a hard drive. I'm using one drive, but it's really up to you, I quote, or dropbox should work just fine as well. Once you have your directory ready, make sure to copy the whole path, including your user directory. On Mac, it's usually slash users slash your name. Slash something on Windows. It's C colon. Backslash users back slash your name backslash something to make sure you can just navigate your director in terminal and type P W. D. Or you can drag and drop your folder from finder to terminal on Mac when we knows you can use the echo percent CD percent command, open the UN archived headlines. Dash goes Dash set up for order in V S coat or any other coat editor of your choice, select the dot E N V file and fill it out. You need to ride a full path to your bra content. That's why you copied it to the clipboard. So just pasted here and your coronary credentials, which you'll find right at the top of the dashboard when you sign in to your co ordinary account. Also, pick a name for the co ordinary directory where all the images from your block posts will be stored. That's eight. Save the changes. Go to terminal or partial and navigate to the directory with Docker File and Docker Dash composed at yammer files. If you're using we s coat, you can simply open the terminal or partial right from it and you'll be in the ride directory. Next run dis comment. Docker dash, compose up Dash D Sit back and wait as docker were created. Custom image and spin up a new container with Ghost CMS. Once it's done, you can navigate to local host Kahlan 3333 in your Web browser to see your brand new local ghost installation. Also check your block aunt and director to see that it was propagated with a bunch of floaters. This is very opposed. Settings and account will be stored so treated well and back it up frequently now. Navigator Rocca Host column 3333 slash ghost and create your admin account. You can skip adding other people as they won't be able to access this vocal installation anyway. Unless you share your computer, create a new post. Write a few lines at some images, published the post and check your car. Ordinary copped. There should be a new folder with images. You just add it to your post. Isn't that cool? Okay, so now you're heavier block running on your local machine, but nobody else can access it. It's just for you to write a content whenever and wherever you want. Even without the Internet connection. In the next part, I will show you how to publish your block as a static content and surveyed your readers from a ridiculously fast nettle. If I cdn 4. 04 Publish Static Blog: Okay, let's get your content published to set up a remote static hosting You were neat. Get up. And Natalie five account. Both are available for free. So if you don't have them, go ahead and sign up our weight. Ready? Great. First, we will create a new ghost based static website by instilling the gets B Day started days ghost from dis ur l. Go ahead and link your get up account as requested nettle. If I will do all the heavy lifting for you by automatically creating a repository in your get up account and deploying the demo ghost static block to its cdn. Once your website is deployed, go to the gets be best era dish ghost repository in your get up account and check the dot ghost dot Jason file. You see that the content of your Netley five upside is pulled from gets be dot goes that I Oh, no. All we need to do is to tell, gets big to pull the content from your local ghost in stat. But as you probably know, you can just access your local host from the Internet. But you can expose it thanks to the services like local hose dot Ron, which will create a tunnel and make your local host accessible. So gets bake and grab your content. Generate a static version of it and place it to nettle. If I make sense, heads do it, provided you didn't change the port and your local ghost is available at local Host column 3 33 3 Run disc command from Terminal Ssh Dash are 80 Kahlan local host Colin 3333 ssh dot Locos dot rana If you're using as a sage for the first time, you might have to type Yes, in order to get this going, don't worry and do it next. You get your URL from which your local ghost is accessible. We will use it in a second. But now we need one more thing. And that's the A P I key to generate. Eight. Go to the admin dashboard of your local ghost CMS. Select integration at custom integration and name. It gets be content. A P I computer generated a p I key. Go back to your get up repository and edit. Dad goes da Jason filed so you can replace the default content. A p I key in both development and production with one in your crib board. Now copy the You are oh generated by local Who's that? Ron, preferably the secured one and replace the default AP I rile in production Finally replaced the default AP iro in development with your local host address. Scroll down, committed changes and go to net Cliff I We should be already redeploying your website from your local ghost. Once it's done, you see the decide is live. Go back to your Netley, fire upside and refresh the browser. You see a post created locally, which means that gets bay generated days aesthetic block from your local content. Fantastic one final thought locals that run won't keep the exposed. You are oh, for you forever. So next time you decide to publish the content you have to run the local host that run command again and you get a new u R l which you have to use in the dot goes that Jason file . Yes, I get it. This is pretty annoying, but I'm sure there is some way to automate even this. And if I find a better solution out, share it with you or if you'll find a better solution. Please share it with us. So we can all benefit from superfast Secker and free blogging experience. That's all I hope Youll enjoy this course and I can't wait to see your content. So if you decide to give this a try and move your WordPress block, make sure to share your languid us here so we can see your work. Thank you and see you next time.