From Sketch to Wrapping Paper...and so much more! | Anne LaFollette | Skillshare

From Sketch to Wrapping Paper...and so much more!

Anne LaFollette, Illustrator & Pattern Designer

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7 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Introduction

    • Scanning Your Artwork

    • Digitizing Your Artwork

    • Playing with Color

    • Creating a Repeat Pattern

    • Print Your Wrapping Paper!

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About This Class


Learn how to turn your sketches or artwork into beautiful wrapping paper!

In this class, I'll show you how to:

  • scan your artwork or work from a photo of your work
  • dive into Adobe Illustrator to digitize your work
  • play with color options inside Illustrator
  • create a repeat pattern
  • save your file in the correct format for printing, and
  • upload it to a printing service for wrapping paper - or other products!

Once you learn these basic skills, you can turn your artwork into a variety of products from greeting cards, mugs and notebooks to t-shirts, pillows and home goods.

Jump in with me and let's get started!







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Anne LaFollette

Illustrator & Pattern Designer

Hi everyone!

I'm Anne and it's nice to meet you!

After a long career in the corporate world, I got laid off! Instead of seeing that as a disaster, I decided it was a sign that it was finally time for ME. I dusted off all of my old art supplies and a new career in illustration and pattern design emerged! 

I love to create pretty patterns and floral illustrations are my jam!  Sharing my tips and techniques with students here on Skillshare ...

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