From Sketch to Screen: Design Quirky Critters Using Adobe Illustrator | Liz Trapp | Skillshare

From Sketch to Screen: Design Quirky Critters Using Adobe Illustrator

Liz Trapp, artist

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11 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. Design Quirky Critters Intro

    • 2. Project introduction

    • 3. Finding inspiration

    • 4. Materials

    • 5. Drawing (part 1: critters)

    • 6. Drawing (part 2: environmental elements)

    • 7. Transferring artwork to illustrator and setting up your art board

    • 8. Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

    • 9. Image trace elements

    • 10. Final touches

    • 11. Closing video

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About This Class

Exploring kids design is a satisfying way to add playfulness and fun to your day.  Because this type of design trends on simplified, whimsical characters - it is accessible to anyone who wants to dip their feet into it!

In this class we'll be exploring kids design and designing our own character from sketch through a finalized design using Adobe Illustrator. 

We'll be covering:

  • Simplified drawing techniques (focusing on whimsical animal characters and some floral elements)
  • How to transfer your sketch into Adobe Illustrator using your phone or camera 
  • Getting familiar with our workspace in Adobe Illustrator 
  • How to set your own custom color palette in Illustrator 
  • How to draw your character using the pencil tool in Illustrator 
  • Adding fun details to your character like texture (and making a clipping mask) 
  • How to use image trace in Illustrator 

Materials you'll need:

  • Access to Adobe Illustrator 
  • A smartphone or camera (and a way to transfer your image from camera to computer - bet it a dropbox, email, airdrop, etc.) 
  • Pencil 
  • Paper 
  • Black pen or thin black marker (I use the Sakura Micron size 03) - but anything with a fine / semi fine tip that creates a saturated line will likely work

This class is great for beginners or anyone who just wants to dip their toes into kids design! 

Your class project will challenge you to create your own quirky critter using some of the techniques we covered in the class. 


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