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From Sketch to Magic With Adobe illustrator !

teacher avatar Omnia Ali amer, Character Artist, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Final intro

    • 2. 1-Sketching

    • 3. 2- Vector Color Blocking

    • 4. 3-Shading, Lighting & Texturing

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About This Class

If you want to learn how to turn a sketch into a fully colored magic with adobe illustrator ,and create your  own stylized character illustration , then this class is for you !

in this class : 

-i'll sketch with you step by step 

-draw in vector with adobe illustrator and make color blocking 

-add shading ,lighting and textures to take this to the next level

all what you'll need is : 

-any sketching medium

-any drawing tablet 

-any version of adobe illustrator 

for more classes check my channel

for more social media link check :

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Omnia Ali amer

Character Artist, Illustrator


Welcome  to my Skillshare channel, i'm Omnia Amer, a digital artist and illustrator for more than 7 years now. find my art 

through my career i've experienced different design areas ,like printable design , stationary and branding ,pattern design, character design, and even Ux design, but the closest to my heart so far was the
character illustration. so i've dedicated myself to this field , and hoping to make a difference by teaching here and sharing what i have learnt with the world !


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1. Final intro: I'll administration. It surprises me almost every time I sketch something on paper and then take this to another world with colors and some effects with adobe illustrator I just feel like Mandic how awesome it is to take us to safeguard from just an image in your mind and turn it into something amazing making it just come to life. My name is on the timer and have been drawing since forever on almost everything on the back of my school books on my room, walls and anything just get in hands And then it got obsessed with animation movies and got so inspired to make my own art. So it makes much sense now to me to do this every day is a full time, this traitor. So in this class I'm gonna show you how to do such magic tricks with Adobe Illustrator to create your own stylized character. I sketch with you step by step and then we will draw this catch and vector color blocks. After that, we will do some magic and add extra is lighting and shading to make this catch come to life . Thanks for decided to wash this glass. Hope you find this health cool in start using these tricks right away. And without further ado, let's get started and head to the first listen. 2. 1-Sketching: So for the first listen in this class, we will be working on the sketch of our character, and I would like to sketch and girl a cute girl with a simple post. So let's get started. I usually work one and to be fought a shop to sketch my sketches. I start with a blank document and EU layer and just a standard brush from the brushes on the software. I normally start with a circle and to cross lines just to define the direction of the face and then two circles for the eyes and the nose. Maybe some eyelashes here. All right, Just keep adding detainees to your sketch along the way and enjoy the process. I read invites catching stab because and it's where you decide what to draw on what to the street later. Sometimes I have, like a character is seven character or a specific scene in my mind, and most of the times I just don't. So I enjoy opening father shop and just keep sketching and working around. Now let's continue with the eyebrows here, okay? It's like that, and now the mouth just came free to draw in character and just enjoy it. Game. They continue with the face lines. Jakes change. Okay, keep playing with the lines casually just to, you know, get satisfied with the final character or the final face. No, for the hair. Just make different hair strands. I'm on the character to have, you know, like a cute haircut and the neck Let's continue the hair just like this. I want to be short. Um, you know, cute hair anytime. Lines here to add some picture to hair. Okay, maybe some lines here to for some shading on the face, you can add as much details as you want, you know, along the process. Just play around here, right? And now let's just head to the rest of the body in this class. I don't care a lot about the inequity and how perfect it is. I just want this character to be so simple and so, you know, stylized to your style, just to be easy to, you know, colorize later, or even take it to the next level and illustrated and then animated to make it come to life . Joyce, just draw. This simple blouse was thes cute little sleeves. Okay, And now let's head to the hip and then draw the legs. As I told you before, they just doesn't have to be so perfectly, um, anatomy wise. I just wanted to capture the Post that this character is taking very simply a nicely with the simple lines. And it's totally up to you. You know, the level of perfection or the level of anatomy. And if you want to go in depth more, just feel free to do this. And, you know, whatever you come you come up with just, you know, uploaded in the projects section below. I would be happy to share my comments with you guys for to answer any questions. Okay, and that's over the sketch. I think I'm satisfied with that now, so let's just head to next lesson. 3. 2- Vector Color Blocking: And now that we're done with our characters catch I just copied this and paste it in a blank document in Illustrator And I chose these colors to be my color palette to use You're free to use whatever colors you, um, you'll prepare where your character so splits Diggin I just use a pencil to draw in the multiply mood just like that and pick the color that I want I hit I on the keyboard to select any color I want and I just throw the years And now for the hair I just go like this You're free to choose any drawing a tool from a dude illustrator If you're, um you know, like you like the mental more and you feel more comfortable in it Just use it for me. I'd just prefer the pencil tool. I feel more, you know, free when I when I'm drawing like freely. No, like the pencil on the paper feeling So that's why I prepare the pencil. And now that we have drawn this the hair we big this color and we take it to the back with control or command shift Square brackets that left one is for you know, to take it to the to take it to the back and the right one to take it through the front, whichever day or your are standing on. Okay. And now to continue working on the others, trans just like that. And there straw the nick and also take it to the back control, control or command s square brackets to take it forward and backward. One step and quadra Look, man chafed a square breakfast to take its old the way to the back or old away to the front . Now I'll be drawing the eyes like this and the eyebrows and hit I to So I dropped the color I want just like this. Okay, I hit and on the keyboard to tell that the pencil tool Oregon selected from the toolbox and yeah, the nose. And now the mouths, something like that. I could just take this color and work a little bit on It doesn't like that purple color, but let's work on this later. And now for the body. Okay, let's draw this blouse. I hate a on the keyboard, you know? So So you know, to select the direct selection tool just to select specific anchor points and move it around to modify the shape. Did you have drawn a A and select the anchor point that they could opera down or whatever to modify their shape? And now for the sleeves, Okay, and heads I to pick the color. Okay, I just think that and now the arms. Okay, just continue. Okay? Is it told you in the previous? Listen, maybe this character is no perfectly a, you know, from the anatomy wise, but believe me, it's I feel it's cuter that way, and it's it feels stylized and worker to nish. But it's all up to you to choose this tire that you want to work with. Then I keep modifying the anchor points here from the arms, just hit a and so let the anchor point that to feel that it's, you know, not right and just edited. Great. That's wrong Move. Just had control or command Z to take this back and continue working on the hip. And now the legs. Right. But I ends like the same color. Okay. In the other leg, just like that, right? Just take this to the back and hit and to continue working on this leg. I feel I want to do it like this. Okay. And a simple, you know, abstract, um, feet. Okay. And then continue this arm drawing the hands like this hits I and take this old way to the back Control or command shift. Square brackets. Okay. In the other hand, it I just like this bite and the other feet and heads I and take its layer to the back. This needs a little bit of modification. I head g to no update the ingredients in each layer. And my color palette is not just solid colors. It's Grady INTs. And now I will draw a simple line and and okay. Then flipped the stroke in the field and changed the profile. Okay, I think the stroke up a little bit and did this and take it backward, just like that. Okay. Update this Not to appear, you know, from behind the nose. Okay. And for the other, I just draw a simple curve with with the pencil and take the stroke up and change the profile, just like the other one. Now the profile is email. It needs to be, uh, the other direction so I will just draw this again nicer and choose. Just choose this profile and take the stroke up, okay? And drove this from the other direction for the provide to be nicer and to be right just like that, that's exactly the way they wanted. Okay. And now it's just hit eight. And take this anchor point a little bit like that and grab this handle and I hit now and select the I and draw inside and select the circle just to draw the eye. Pupils. Okay, control C control F two copies in place and selecting up and, you know, to make another black layer owner conference. He control f just to copy the gain in place and select this white color here for some highlights in the eyes. And then I select the three layers control, see and go to the other. I just updated a little bit like that and again het this icon to draw inside and control v control or command for you to take this inside the other I So I just Yeah, I took the people, faced it to the other I or right? And now I think it's, you know It's getting cuter. Find okay. Now for the hair has just update the anchor points like this Maybe changed the eyebrows color to be something a little bit darker pulled. So the eyelashes here take its color. True. You look a dark like that. And for the mouse, I think it may go a little bit too. Maybe reddish or pink. Um, since like this. Okay. Okay, maybe. And now let's work on the hair. I will just draw these, you know, little rectangles. I think that's and so let the tool layers the hair and their tangles are just draw okay and had chest him and then old and subtract thes triangles. You know, from the hair. It's called the shape builder Tool. It's really nice. You can repeat this part as much as you can just to, you know, get it right. And for the blouse. And now just changing the colors. Okay. Also for here pants, maybe something like that. Nope. No. Okay, go to the hair. First make a little darker. And the banks also like this. Maybe that Okay, it's changed. Fans scholar again. Something to great. Maybe enrage something like that. Yeah, I just like it this way. Okay, That had a choose object on look old to take the sketch from behind the the illustration. But I'm just now rearranging the layers, having here by taking some layers above in front of other layers, as I told you, by control or command chest square brackets to take it backward over forward. All right. And then head g to have this Grady and everything. Tool? Yeah, this one. Just leave the direction and drag it from the direction to direction just to make it. All right, take this. Okay? Just drag this and maybe either the arm a little bit. Okay? Hands needs some adjustments. I hit a and select the anchor points and try to play around whether to make it nicer to to the good and also the hair. I think it needs some modifications in the Great Dent's Sow a hit G and work around with these colors in small circles like that. Okay, I'll just move around now to see of saying if anything needs some adjustments, like thes you know, these little extra handles just hit aliens like the extra handles and delete to make everything clear. Maybe draw this little line here. Okay, Just like that. Okay, Okay. For the mouth. And now I think we're done with the color blocking part. So now let's move to their shading and lighting and picturing for its, which is my favorite, because it just brings the character alive. So let's head to this. Listen. 4. 3-Shading, Lighting & Texturing : And now let's continue from where we stopped in the previous listen and that start working on the shading and lighting and Tex ring for the scatter just to take it to the next level and to feel that it's, you know, became alive. That's actually the magical tip here in the street. Or that you can always add details and add stuff. They make a plane solid color illustration, just pop out of the screen and became and just becomes amazing. So let's start and just like the face and draw inside and with the pencil here l just Joel , you know, like some shaped like that, Okay, to be the shaving of the face and give it this color, maybe some pink tense or, you know, no skin tone and make it multiply and take the opacity low bid down and I work in the great Inter the nose to make it something like that. I look dated and picked this color and changed this color to a little bit more, something that will fit this can color of the face. And now the mouth. I'll take a little bit to the red color for these two banks here. I'll just take. Maybe I'm a room color or purple, Dark purple. I know. I just love playing with the color on the color wheel or color panel here in Illustrator and just play around too. Check which card that'll be settled on end that I really like. Okay, just playing. No, no. Still not the best one. But just let let's move, do some other space and just draw inside this hair some shading. I'll pick it from here. Just pick this, um, shading from the face and I will change its color to something, you know, dark like that. No, que? Also the facing drawing tired like a Maybe some light that comes from here, You know, maybe something yellow or pink. Just keep trying until you feel that's it. OK, bright. And let's continue and hit to this airports and maybe take it. Love the darker or more to the maroon or dark. Um, you know, red And for the I don't draw inside some shading here too. Maybe something in a greyish, something gray or around something Doric. And take capacity down. Of course, I think it would be nice. So let's elected from here and also for the other. I draw inside the pencil tool and, you know, draw this shape as a shady guy as well. For this part, I only draw inside with a pencil tool to make it something like this and just select from the hair below Emperor, the other bank or the other strands. I also give it some depth by adding this shading layer here. Okay, in for this mouth line, I'll give it a, you know, a darker color or something like that. Just like this. Okay. And for the nose, I just draw small, tiny, um, low stroke brush lines and chose the color. Maybe do something like that? No. Maybe, Like, thanks. Just keep drawing and playing around till you feel that. This is it. Okay, employees the eyes as well for the lower Nashes. All right, then. 40 year and just pick it and draw inside with a pencil tool. Something like that. And just pick this color here from the fees. I think it's nice. And also give it a highlight. There. Thank this. Delete these two. Okay. Also for the hair I draw inside the pencil tool, you know, some highlights, like this maybe something pink or red or something like that that will work well, right? And just a date. Or modify this Grady int to make it a little bit darker. Okay, so now for the piece, I think it will be using for the face. Like to add some blush on the cheeks here. So I'll be using a brush him from a brush that I got, like, two years ago. It's called a staple shading illustrator. Brushes or brush bundle. You can find a lot of brush bundles for illustrator in line. And I just like this tipple effect here in the shading to be on the sheikhs from the cheeks here. Okay, so I just with the brush, choose this one and draw like this, okay? And take a little bit down and change the color to something being right. Maybe something like that, you know that. Okay, baseball. Let's move forward. I think this needs some modification. Right. Maybe this to go like this. And yeah, something like this in the most wealthy. The arm here, right? I think the face now looks really mice. So let's continue from here and now Let's work on the maybe the nick. Okay, let's work on the neck and adds this change layer that would be taken from here. Okay. I didn't choose the draw inside options, so I chose it. Came and drove shape here and picked the color from the face trading layer And for the plows gay and draw this part fan, select the color from here. Okay? And just take this handle to be something like this, right? And then I'll draw inside some shaving by pet and take the opacity little bit down to maybe something like that. And then select the blouse and drawing tied with pencil tool some shading here that I'll select from here. And let's work on this area. OK, this won't get restore. I just have update or modify the handles, my hands and for this sleeve, just make it like that. Okay? We just keep moving around to see what handles needs some modification or something too, just to have everything in place and everything. Right? So the plows will draw inside again to make this colder. Here, maybe add some details, like some stripes here, maybe something like that, with the same color. And I can take the capacity down and change the blend. Emoto overly, maybe up a little bit. And that's for the blouse. Okay, I think it looks cute, right? You just add some hair and some here nines in the hair layer to add, you know, some effect. Let's try something like 0.1 stroke or something and just keep drawing like that, Okay? And here, But for these three, I'll save you Patsy a little bit. Del, do something like that. Okay, that looks nice. Let's continue. Okay. Disarm needs. Sorry. This hands, this hands, um, needs some modification here, so I'm just updated with pencil tool. Take this handle off, okay? And maybe game would find these hands. You can continue drawing the fingers. Just something and abstract. As I told you, I don't want it to be, um so really? You know, it just maybe something like that. And take it, uh, to the back. Right. Just keep updating and modifying. Just work from the grade in here. Didn't take these handlers like that. No. Okay, that looks, huh? Nice gain. I think this thes tratos shading layers needs to be more clear, so I'll take capacity a little bit. hope. And for these arms, I will add some shading layers here, too. They will pick from the face drawn side, pencil tool and some simple shading here and there. And also for this one, the first day, the great into No, to blend with other part of the arm just like that and then selected drawing side of the pencil tool. And okay, just sleep. Moving around. As you can see, I just live. I just like to, you know, move freely with pencil tool. Old around. No restrictions, no limitations. Actually, that's the fun of it. That's why my kids. Now, I feel that I need to add something, Um, here for the character to be sitting on and take it old away back like a you know, piece of wood or something for a table. Okay, I think this hand like this here. Okay, Now I'll just draw inside this table or piece of wood and select and some changing layer here from the face. Okay. For this hip, I think I'm just add some details to hair pants, right? No, like two buckets and the pants. A zipper. Okay. Right. Just something simple like this. Okay, I think now her face and her blouse. And overall, it looks nice. Now, just go inside this table. No, like a lighter color to be like the top of it. And just take this shaving layer, right? Just go inside this hand and make some shaving the skin for this Levi off they be ingredient a little bit. All right. And okay for this strand, I just draw inside and add some, you know, little sin hairs like this. Here. Okay, Maybe make it a 0.1, just like before and make this thin. Here's like that. Okay? And for the eyebrows, maybe you can go, Um, you know, like a little bit. Reddish color. All right. Again, produce stable. I think I'd go for the wood color, baby. Yeah, something like that. I think that work and just change. It changed the top color from here. Yeah, that's next. Nicer. Okay, three, this food I'm drawing time, the pencil tool, some shading. And also no, maybe this foot will take like that. And Salman simple shaving layer here Embry depends again. Draw inside with a pencil tool to make some simple shading like this one here and maybe this leg too, and just I dropped the same color here. Okay, get feels nice. Maybe relieves blush colors. I just take it to maybe a little bit more beachy colors. Okay. Be something like that. No lighter. Yeah, I like it now. Okay, maybe I'll just draw this mouths lying again. All right, then pick this. Um, then brush options from then knows lines like this and chose the color from here, and then just head to the strokes panel here and take it a little bit down here. Maybe something like maybe point point. 01 north point or two. Okay. Your window for I think it's OK. It's nice this way. And just make some simple. Let's try this out. Let's make some simple lines here in the nick. See how this won't go. Okay, maybe here on the face. And also here and here it just adds on each part that may, you know, have the folding options or anything you something like that. And let's see how it will look like and whether rely to continue whether or not Okay, I think they just look a little bit darker. Maybe you to live bees. You know, old lines you just did. Okay, Maybe you select these lines here can change the colors just like that. Okay, maybe something like this. And take it from here. Right? Maybe split the's also and make it a little bit dark blue to match the blouse. And for these, you know, lines here on this arm, I just pick the same as the face, all right. And maybe this one like that. I just select this would peace and draw inside with a pet where with the brush to? No, just to make a little simple lines changed the color to something lighter just like that and make you know the shapes that goes on the wood. It's simple detail, but just to add, you know, the realistic feel of the wood. And that's actually another magic thing that you can do with what you're working on. Adding piece detains totally takes Thean illustration from the flat colored boring thing to something alive. Okay, Does select the's lions and control or command shift square brackets to take it below the shading in the wood. You just remove this apart and now we're done. Okay. Thanks a lot for watching um, hope you guys enjoy this class and hoped helped You just feel free to make your own character as a project and downloaded their fellow below in that project section, I will be more than happy the share my comes with you and also answer any questions for having, Um Also, I appreciate if you left to review was any comments who had anything that I need, you know, to improve in the coming classes and also feel free to check my channel for other character illustration classes. You will just enjoy them. And thanks again for watching.