From Print to Web: Fundamentals of Web Typography | Jill Anderson | Skillshare

From Print to Web: Fundamentals of Web Typography

Jill Anderson, I make WordPress websites for creatives

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6 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Desktop Fonts vs. Web Fonts

    • How to Add Fonts to a Website

    • Introduction to HTML & CSS

    • A Typographic Example using HTML & CSS

    • Class Project Explained


About This Class

Are you a print designer that is a wiz at Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and wants to reproduce typography from your print designs for the web? In this class, you’ll learn the differences between desktop and web fonts, how to add fonts to a website, and the basic HTML and CSS code for setting and styling type.

For our class project, you’ll design a simple text mockup in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, then translate your text design for the web by creating a web page with HTML and CSS. No prior coding skills required!





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Jill Anderson

I make WordPress websites for creatives

Hi, I'm Jill Anderson, a web designer/developer who partners with talented designers, writers, and creatives to craft custom, responsive WordPress websites. Have you wanted to revamp your website for a while but haven't gotten very far? Get my FREE interactive guide, Get Your Website Done, and check your website off your list with 12 actionable steps.

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