From Papercraft to Fashion Statement : Introduction to Textile Origami

Eva Dragoeva, Fashion Designer

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11 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction to Textile Origami - Trailer

    • 2. 2. What Will You Need for this Project?

    • 3. 3. Things to Consider Before You Start

    • 4. 4. The Importance of a Surface Base

    • 5. 5. From Shape to Concept - Creating a Paper Sample

    • 6. 6. Paper Sample Variations

    • 7. 7. How to Choose the Right Fabric?

    • 8. 8. How to Narrow Down Ideas?

    • 9. 9. From Papercraft to Fashion Statement Folds

    • 10. 10. Textile Origami Application

    • 11. 11. Final Thoughts


About This Class


This class explores  a creative, hands-on technique for developing beautiful origami textures that can be added to clothes and soft interiors. You will learn how to come up with unique textural concepts on paper and transfer your ideas onto fabric. You will learn, which fabrics are best to use for origami. You will be encouraged to experiment with variety of ideas and choose one of your ideas to create an A4 sample in fabric. Once you create a fabric sample you will be able to apply this technique to items or create beautiful textile wall art. This class is for students, who love and are interested to learn about fashion design and interior design as well as hobbyists and sewing enthusiasts. Some experience in using a sewing machine is needed.

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