From Painting to Pattern: How to Create Repeat Patterns using Photoshop | Juliet Meeks | Skillshare

From Painting to Pattern: How to Create Repeat Patterns using Photoshop

Juliet Meeks, Designer and Artist

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10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Watercolor Supplies

    • 3. Painting Your Elements

    • 4. Scanning Your Artwork

    • 5. Editing Your Artwork

    • 6. Setting Up Your Tile

    • 7. Pattern Time!

    • 8. Testing Repeat and Color

    • 9. Mockups and Exporting

    • 10. Bonus Video! Alternate Pattern Method

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About This Class


Are you ready to turn your watercolor paintings into a seamlessly repeating pattern, for use on products, fabric, and more? In this class, I will cover the steps involved from painting your watercolor elements, to scanning them in and cleaning them up in Photoshop, and finally creating your repeat pattern.

• Discover my tips for designing elements for patterns using watercolor
• Learn how to clean up your watercolor paintings in Photoshop and remove the paper background
• Have fun designing your pattern in Photoshop and learn how to create a perfectly repeating tile
• Mockup your new pattern on products, and share your work with the class! 

There are lots of methods out there for creating repeat patterns - this method is perfect for you if you want to keep the handmade texture of your watercolor paintings or drawings and prefer using Photoshop over Illustrator. This is also a great class for any new or aspiring surface designer. 

• Basic Photoshop and watercolor painting skills are helpful for taking this class (check out my Watercolor Basics class here if you are brand new to watercolor!)
• Supplies needed include a scanner, basic watercolor painting materials, and Adobe Photoshop
• Visit the Class Project for more guidelines on your project, and links to supplies mentioned in the video

Share your pattern on Instagram! Tag your pattern #frompaintingtopattern so we can all check out and like each other's work!

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