From Knowing Nothing To Daily Vlogger On Youtube Using Final Cut Pro X | Matt Iacovazzi | Skillshare

From Knowing Nothing To Daily Vlogger On Youtube Using Final Cut Pro X

Matt Iacovazzi

From Knowing Nothing To Daily Vlogger On Youtube Using Final Cut Pro X

Matt Iacovazzi

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18 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction To Course

    • 2. Starting A New Project

    • 3. Importing Your Videos

    • 4. Using The Timeline & Cutting Your Clips (Blade Tool)

    • 5. Using The Trim Tool

    • 6. Zoom Emphasis

    • 7. Adding Text

    • 8. Retiming, (Speeding Up A Clip)

    • 9. A Fun Effect You Can Do Too

    • 10. Copying Attributes & Color Correcting

    • 11. Adding Text With Animation

    • 12. Where To Get Music For Youtube, Adding It, & Fixing The Levels

    • 13. Adding & Removing Attributes (Such As Audio)

    • 14. Keyframing & Removing Audio From A Clip

    • 15. Using Markers and Transitions

    • 16. Adding Images and Effects

    • 17. Exporting Your Video Project

    • 18. 17 And Your Done!

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About This Class

Going From Knowing Nothing To Youtube Vlogger

When you're a Youtuber, staying consistent with creating and uploading your videos is key. However, if it takes you hours or even days to put together your perfect first video it can be discouraging for you to even get started. That's where this course comes in. My wife and I are full time Youtube Vloggers producing multiple videos for Youtube every single day. Needless to say, it takes A LOT time. But, if we didn't learn to edit videos as fast as we are able to now, we would clearly not be able to keep up with our daily vlogs.

So if you're looking to create and edit your Youtube videos as quickly as possible so that you can stay consistent with your uploads and while still keeping your audiences attention. You're in the right place!

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate the interface of Final Cut Pro
  • Create and organize a new project
  • Import your video Into the timeline
  • Use the essential tools of final cut pro like the selection tool, trim, and blade tools
  • How to layer text, images, and even other video on top of your video
  • Slowdown and speed up your clips
  • Do fun and simple effects
  • Add music
  • Basic Keyframing
  • Adding markers and transitions
  • + Some simple tips to keep your video interesting for your viewer on YouTube.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi my name is Matt and I'm an Entrepreneur and now Youtuber. After years of building many different businesses, both online and off, I couldn't help but to pick up many useful skills along the way. Recently I've made the decision to leave everything behind to fulfil a life long dream of mine, living in Japan with my wife Kit. Now that I'm here, I find myself with lots of time to focus on something I've always wanted to do, Youtube. I also finally have time to share some of those skills that I've picked up from starting all those businesses with you.

Here on Skillshare my goal is to create some of the most helpful classes you can find anywhere online to teach you guys those skills I've learned from being an Entrepreneur. Although I'm always learn... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Course: Hey, guys, how's it going? My name's met, and in this course I'm gonna show you everything you need to know about Final Cut Pro 10 From knowing absolutely nothing to getting your first video done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Wow, the video keeps the attention of your viewer. You'll learn how to navigate the interface of final tough pro create and organize a new project. Import your video endear timeline. Used the essential tools of final cut pro like the selection tool trim tool and blade tools . How toe layer text images and even video on top of your video. Slow down and speed up your clips. Do fun and simple effects. Add music, basic key framing, adding markers and transitions as well as some simple tips to keep your video interesting for your viewer on YouTube. So that's really important. That's why this courses specifically made for YouTubers, who are using final cut pro. So I'm gonna show you guys how to quickly put together a video and final cut pro so that you can release videos as fast as possible. Because on YouTube, we all know that it's about consistency. Continuing to put out videos over and over again as quickly as you can with them keeping people's attention and then being interesting to watch. So that's what we're gonna talk about here today. In this course, If that sounds like something you want to learn, I will see you inside. 2. Starting A New Project: Hey guys, I wanted to say that before we get started. If you don't have your own video or project to edit, I'm going toe link This project all of my videos that I shot for the project we will be editing. There's a link in the projects and resource is tab down below, so you can actually download all of those video files just in case you want to make your own version of my morning routine video. But I do highly recommend that you shoot and edit your own video and just follow along in that way. All right, guys, let's get started here. So the video we're going to be editing today is for my YouTube channel, and it's all I did was I filmed my morning routine today, So I went ahead and I uploaded all the video clips into one folder. I made a folder on my computer, uploaded all the clips to that folder, and, ah, I made sure to film them in the order that I want to place them just to make it easier for me to edit. So the first thing you're gonna want to dio to go into final cut is to make a new library if you don't already have one. So this is the way final cut organizes their stuff. So the first thing you want to make is a library. Now, normally, Ah, how I organize this is all have a library, and that library will be filled. The library will be, let's say, my YouTube channel, everything that has to do with my YouTube channel. And then it will be filled with all kinds of different events and projects. And each event is one specific video for the YouTube channel. So that's how I like editing it. So I'm just gonna name this library. Ah, YouTube, um stuff, Let's say YouTube videos. I'll put YouTube videos, actually. And then I have this library selected here. The library just made. I'm gonna make a new event, and this is morning routine video. You don't have to put video, but and I'll go ahead and save that, and then I'll make a new project inside that event. And I'll also name it Morning routine. Uh, morning. Your team in Japan. So this is gonna be your video title. You can change it when you export it, but otherwise This is the default title. It comes up as ah, you want to make sure your project settings are whatever you shot your video at. So if you shot your video in four K, go ahead and select four K. Ah, whatever frame rate you have, 29.97 is default. 30 frames a second. Whatever you shot it at on your camera is what you want to Dio. I only did it in 10. 80 and I did it at 60 frames a second. So I'm gonna go ahead and leave my project file as that and hit. OK? And now you have this new project. 3. Importing Your Videos: you don't necessarily have to do this. So I have all my files here. I can either get them into my project file one of two ways I can either just leave this folder open and just drag him right into final cut just like that. Or if I delete that I can Here, I'll delete that one, too. Back to where we started. I can also go to file Import media and final cut will bring up this media importer. And what you could do is go through your computer and go ahead and find where you saved of files. So here's the morning, your teen course, and you can go ahead and import whichever ones you want to import. I'm gonna use all of these files. Someone hit, command A to select all the files. And this is really important. And this is something I like about final cut. Uh, when you import them, you can either copy all of these files to the library you created. So this library we created was called YouTube videos. Right? So it'll copy all of the files into the library. The positive two that is, the library becomes self contained and if you ever move the files around on your computer or you want to delete the files from your computer um, the project file. The library is self contained, so you could move that library to someone else's computer and all the video files you need are still there. That's the positive to it. The downside is, since it's copying the files, it takes up a lot more room. It essentially takes up double the space because now you have them saved in your computer wherever you save them to, as well as inside this library. So it makes the file really big. I don't have a whole lot of space, so I'm gonna leave the files in place. Um and I'm gonna go ahead and import so you can decide what you want to dio. The default, I think, is to copy it to the library. If you have a lot of space on your computer, it's not really a problem. So one thing I like to do this is all the video files that I just imported. I don't like how it always imports him like this. See, this is a ah see, I can scrub. This is called scrubbing When you move your mouse like this and it will show you right where you are in the clip. Uh, I don't like that it takes up this much room. So what you could do here is click on this and change the duration to just all and let's see. Let's move this there. So I just like it like this. That way I just see the clip. So this the first clip? Second clip, 3rd 4th Whatever. 4. Using The Timeline & Cutting Your Clips (Blade Tool): So how you want to start if you don't know anything about final cut. Ah, the first thing you want to do is you want to take whatever clip that you started with and just take it from here and you could drag it right into your timeline. So this is the timeline. This is where you're gonna be working on all these projects. One quick thing to note this is all the tools you can use in the timeline. And these are the shortcuts you could use to get to them. The only tools I really ever use is select Ah, blade. I use a lot, and occasionally I'll use thedetroitbureau tool. Everything else I don't really use. So those are the ones we're gonna focus on. First off, I'm gonna get closer in on this timeline. And the way you do that is you hold the command button and you can hit the plus and minus in the top right of your keyboard. Next, All the numbers and it'll zoom in and out of the timeline. So now I get a closer look of how this looks. And if I play this, you should be able to hear free. Are you all right? So this is how I'm gonna start my video now, The first thing I like to dio Ah, and this is something you could do to really help get the attention of someone in YouTube is like just watching this video straight through is really boring. So hey, guys has ago in my name's met and I wanted to take you through my ideal morning routine. I don't need this. So you could see there's a lot of pauses in there. A lot of ah, just slow areas. So what I like to dio this is Theo Audio meter. You can actually just grab it and hold and drag up and it will show you where the audio is . It'll show you the audio levels so you could see when I talk. Hey, guys, how's it going? My name's and matches ring man. And I wanted to take you through. So what? I like to do all these empty spaces here and you could zoom in control plus and minus all these empty spaces here I'd like to get rid of. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit be to use the blade tool or you can come up here and hit Select Blade Tool and this is how you cut your clip. So I'm gonna cut the clip wherever there's a big Lowell here and right, And I just say I wanted it so I could get rid of that. So come right here. And you see, I'm just cutting all the blank spots in the audio here. So this is one really quick way. You can edit your video, take out the downtime and make it more interesting, because now you have cuts in your video. Ah, it's kind of like you get your point across a lot faster. This which is really important for YouTube as well as, ah, jump cuts like this, um can help keep the attention because it's not just a stagnant screen. So there's, like, some cut every time something that just go through this, and you guys can follow along with me here. So this is just the first, um, video. And this is what I often do for a lot of these. So you could see again. I'm just selecting the empty areas in the audio. And then I'll go back to the selection tool, which is a or you can just click here and I'll just go ahead and click on them and delete them. And what I do is just I click on it to highlight it. And I hit the delete key so I could delete all of these and then to scroll left and right, Um, you could just you could use the scroll bar here or if you're on ah, Mac book like I am, it's just two fingers on the track pad left and right. You could move, but anyway, and get rid of all this Or if you want to do it a little bit faster, you can hold command and just click on everything all at once and delete these so you could see any space here. I'm deleting. And once I'm done here, Okay, I think that's all of them. So if you watch us back, it'll have some jump cuts, and I'll get the point across a lot faster. So hey, guys has ago in my name's met, I wanted to take you through my ideal morning routine. I don't do this every day, but this is what I'd like to do every day. Um what it looks like, Right, So this is just a, um I'm gonna get rid of that. I don't need that every day. What it looks like right now for me living in Okinawa, Japan. So I've already kind of started getting up and stuff. Um, but I'll go ahead and take you through the entire morning routine, even though I already kind of started. Um, I'll start over because I want to show you guys, and I want to show myself exactly what I'm doing these days in the morning for my morning routine. So let's get started. So, as you can see, it's a little bit faster. Gets the point across a lot faster, a little more interesting. All I did was go through, and I just cut off all the blank spots where I wasn't talking, and it just it makes the video flow a lot faster, and the jump cuts keep the attention of people 5. Using The Trim Tool: first thing I go pee because they usually have to be on. Then I brushed my teeth, and this is usually a little later today because decided do this video usually around maybe nine or so I get up 8 39 Something like that. Stay up really late. So something that's flattering here. I'm gonna move that back. So is one thing. I don't like the way this scene ends. As you could see, I don't look very flattery. So I could just grab this and extend it, and it'll just bring back, uh, what I cut from this clip. So maybe I'll show myself brushing really late. So So when I grab and hold this, you may notice that two screens pop up up here. So let me grab this and hold this again. And, uh, this is just showing me right. Like the last seen on the Indian clip. So maybe ill in the clip right there. Looks pretty good. So yeah, really late. So that looks all right. And then the next thing I did was shave, So I dragged that in again, hapless just so I could see these blank spots and without even watching this clip. I can already tell you that nothing's happening during these times. Now, if I'm in the selection tool, you can see Ah, this scrubs. But if I turn it off up here right here, you could see it no longer scrubs. You can also have this one on, and it will scrub the so I shave every three people. But I usually don't leave that one. So I just want to show you what those do. Anyway, back to the cut tool. So I'll show you what the trim tool does. So if you go appearance like the trim tool or you could just hit t uh, you can actually scrub this clip in the timeline. So I'm giving example, this is where the clip starts, and this is where the clip ins. But if you click and drag, see, it doesn't it just moves the position of the clip inside the timeline, so you don't have to re cut. So, uh, when I grabbed that, you'll notice these two screens up here. The one on the left represents the very first scene in this clip on the one on the right is the very last. So I want my clip to maybe start right there. I'm looking at the one on the left right now. Right there. When I have the shaver to my face and the one on the right, that's fine. And I'll go back to the selection tool hit a 6. Zoom Emphasis: So now when I go back, just Gatsby shaving cream e usually cut myself too. I'm gonna show you something really quick. Uh, this is something I normally do towards the ends of the, uh, edit. But I'm gonna go ahead and show you right now. Um, this I'm gonna try and emphasize this as a joke. So a quick way to emphasize that is just make sure that clip selected go up here. This is the transform box. You can click on this and then all you need to dio is just pull one of these corners and you can resize the image. So I'm gonna go ahead and make it closer, and then you could just grab anywhere, drag it around when you're done, you could uncheck the transform box. So now this entire scene is closer up, so you can see this will emphasise the joke a little bit. And once we had music to this, this will all sound and flow really well. E usually cut myself too, So I don't start speaking until right here. So I'm gonna cut this part out Since I don't say anything. There e usually cut myself too. Okay. And that Indian This little long cut myself Teoh comedic timing. And I have some after shave, so it doesn't sting all day just right now. Cut the clapping out being all day just right now. Okay? So just right now I'm gonna go ahead and do that, z something again someday. And I want my eyes to be open on the end of that. So again, select this little section that I just cut out. Used to transform tool, zio man Get my face centered just like that. So they just right now. All right, that'll be it for the shaving. I don't want any more. 7. Adding Text: So I moved this clip over a little bit, position myself to the left because I want to add some text on their right here. And I want you guys to be able to see it. So something really easy you could do to add text. So right up here, you have the text option. Go ahead and click on that, and it will give you all these generated text. So right here is titles and there's all these little types of text you could dio. I'm just gonna do basic text, and you could just pull it and drag it into the timeline. And I want it right over this clip again. You could just use the blade tool. So I hit be to select the blade toe klik there a select that deleted because all I want the text to be is on top of the screen. So let's zoom in a little more so we could work with this again. Command plus and minus to zoom into your timeline. And right here you could click here and write whatever you want. So I say so. So I'm gonna go ahead and just do something like that with the dot dot dot I'm gonna make it bold. I'll go ahead and use Helvetica, and I think it's a good idea if you scroll down here. These are all the text options. If you don't see this, just make sure you have this part selected. Um, I'm gonna make the size a little bit bigger, maybe like that. And then just so you could see it better, I'm gonna add a drop shadow so you can click on that. And these are my drop shadow settings. Ah, so any of these you could see the settings just hit show on the side These of my default settings. That should be yours too. But 75% 05 angle is 3 15 if you want it to look the same. Ah yuk, undrafted this around wherever you want, just by dragging it. And if I want to angle it, I could come up here and change position. Ah, you could either type whatever you want in here in pixels or you can click and hold and then move your mouse up or down and it will change the position. That's ah, not the position I wanted I wanted actually this one, The rotation. So up or down so you could drag it where everyone. So I'm gonna make it a little bit angled, make it a little more interesting. And I don't start saying so till. Let's see. So I've already actually, that might be okay, So I've already I could move the Senate just a little bit when I start to say it. So I've already kind of started getting up, so that's just a little quick comedic thing. And I'm zooming out of the timeline just so I could see more again. 8. Retiming, (Speeding Up A Clip): So as he has concede, I've just been cutting more clips. You guys can do that part. But I wanted to stop for a second, because I'm gonna do something new here. This is me just meditating, and it's I kind of want to include it, but it's like almost a 20 minute clip here. And it's just me doing this meditation that I do every morning. So I wanna make it really quick, like I want it in there and I want the whole thing in there. But I'm gonna make I'm gonna speed up the clip basically. So just make sure you have the clip selected. You're gonna go to modify, and then you're gonna go to re time, and we're gonna make it faster. So you go slow, fast, custom speed, whatever. I'm gonna let's try. I'm gonna make it eight times faster and we'll see how that works. So you could see it shortened the entire clip in this section. So you know where you're going. You know what you're working towards and you're excited to get there. So that's why I like this meditation. I'm gonna do it now for you guys. Okay, so it might even need to be faster. So you can actually click on this arrow and go to customs speed. And this is 800 times faster. So you could just do the math Little try, like, a 1200 times faster inter. We'll see how fast it could make this thing. And I'm gonna I'm gonna actually remove the audio from this and add music. Send your excited to get Let me zoom into the time Just a little. All right? I'm gonna do it now for you guys. 9. A Fun Effect You Can Do Too: guys. I might still have to cut this, but let me show you guys the next part here. So I'm dragging this into the timeline and actually tried to do something really cool here so you could see I'm gonna get dressed. But what I did was I snapped my fingers, and I'm gonna change myself to get dressed. So all I did was record this. I basically recorded me in my pajamas, snapping my fingers. And then over here, I recorded myself in the same spot, snapping my fingers again. So I'll show you how I do this. So right before this. Now, this is just me doing it a bunch of times. Um, So right at the snap, I'm just gonna cut this. So let's see here. Maybe started right there. I spin around. Rest? No, it's a little long, maybe Like this just gonna be a contrast effect. Okay, So right there, I snap and I'm actually right when I snapped. You could see it right here. This is the snap. I'll even all up it so you could see right on the timeline. That's right. Where I snap, I'm gonna cut that and then right at this snap. I'm gonna put this snap in. Right, by the way. Ah, If this is snapping, you could see this snaps to wherever the time. Linus, you could turn on and off snapping right here. See, that way it won't snap. You could just free for all it. But I like snapping because I could put this wherever I want. Like maybe right there. And then it will snap right to it and cut where I want to be. So I delete this and this should look like a soon as I snap, I change my clothes. So once I delete this, so let's see. 10. Copying Attributes & Color Correcting: actually let me try something. So you notice with this snapping chair right here? Moves. But what I could do is just zoom in like this. C and I cut out that share on the side. And so how do I make this sumed match this soon? So what I dio is I hit command, See to copy this clip. But if I select this clip and you know command V is normally how to paste things that would pace the whole clip. But if I hit command, If I hold command shift and hit V on top of this clip, it'll Onley paste whatever attributes I want. And we're gonna use this later to. But the only thing I want to paste here, Uh, So you can copy the volume from the other clip or you can copy the scale and the scale is what I change that I expanded the clip so I could copy it. Exactly. Here. Scale and hit paste. Now they're right at the same spot. See? It copied this. It zoomed in exactly the same as this clip so dry you don't see that chair move there. And then another thing, I'll show you how to do. And this is something you could do with the indie. Your clip, Teoh kind of color, correct everything you could see. This clip, for some reason, is warmer than this clip. So what I could actually do is click on this, Go to color, Correct. And all I need to do here so you could see this one's a little cooler, the temperature so I can go to color and I could drag. Let me see, I'll distract the whole thing. So these are different options. I'm not gonna go way into this, cause I don't. If you're producing clips really quick, usually don't really color correct, But this you can change colors. These are three different options in the color correction. This is the change, the color of the clip. So this is the master file. You can change it, and you could just double click any time to bring it back to default. Ah, same lists. Saturation. This is just bumping the colors down again. Double click and exposure make it more white or more dark, double quick to reset. These represent a specific areas of the clips so you can bump just the highlights just the mid tones or just the shadows saturation. You could bump just the highlights mid tones or shadows color. So I'll give you an example. So, on Lee, the darkest places, the shadows is the part where I'm taking in and out the saturation again. Double click to reset Just the bright parts again. So what I'm gonna do here just really quick, I think, uh, I think it's just the mid tones that I'm gonna just Usually I don't adjust the full thing. I'll just do the mid tones and so I can either add more blue so you can just add more blue to the clip, or you can, uh, remove more yellow. And I'm gonna go with removing more yellow so you could see this clip Looks like that. And this one looks like that someone to drag this over the mid tones. And then this one looks like it has a little bit Morning read. So let me move that over something like that. Maybe. Okay, so you can see the colors in those clips match a little better now to each other, and it looks like this clips a little darker too. So I'm gonna go ahead and go to exposure and bumped the mids just a hair. So that's just a little cleanup thing. By the way, guys, to see this in full screen, you could just click on this any time you could watch your video and then just hit escape. Teoh, get out of that. So let's move up. 11. Adding Text With Animation: guys. I might still have to cut this, but let me show you guys the next part here. So I'm dragging this into the timeline and actually tried to do something really cool here so you could see I'm gonna get dressed. But what I did was I snapped my fingers, and I'm gonna change myself to get dressed. So all I did was record this. I basically recorded me in my pajamas, snapping my fingers. And then over here, I recorded myself in the same spot, snapping my fingers again. So I'll show you how I do this. So right before this. Now, this is just me doing it a bunch of times. Um, So right at the snap, I'm just gonna cut this. So let's see here. Maybe started right there. I spin around. Rest? No, it's a little long, maybe Like this just gonna be a contrast effect. Okay, So right there, I snap and I'm actually right when I snapped. You could see it right here. This is the snap. I'll even all up it so you could see right on the timeline. That's right. Where I snap, I'm gonna cut that and then right at this snap. I'm gonna put this snap in. Right, by the way. Ah, If this is snapping, you could see this snaps to wherever the time. Linus, you could turn on and off snapping right here. See, that way it won't snap. You could just free for all it. But I like snapping because I could put this wherever I want. Like maybe right there. And then it will snap right to it and cut where I want to be. So I delete this and this should look like a soon as I snap, I change my clothes. So once I delete this, so let's see. 12. Where To Get Music For Youtube, Adding It, & Fixing The Levels: Okay, guys, there's a lot of work, but I think I finished the cuts once I finished the rough cuts, which is what we just finished. All I've used so far is what I've already showed you. You know, the blade tool. Maybe some cropping zoom in the text tool stuff like that. So you guys should be able Teoh, recreate this. Your video may not be this long. Will this kind of along? So I'm gonna add This is sort of like a fun witty Ah, What I found is, you always want to start your videos with If you're gonna add music, you want to start your videos with sort of up be exciting music. Ah, something fun kind of. So I'm actually gonna show you guys where I get my music. You could actually just go here to YouTube audio library, slash music or, you know, just google YouTube body a library, and this is the first thing that comes up. And I use this music in my videos because it's all creative Commons and free to use. So all of this stuff you can use in your YouTube video and it will not get flagged. There's also subscription services. You can pay for that. You can download music from, but I just use the YouTube audio library, and you could hear, uh, so you could just download this and drag it into your music. But I have an entire folder of all these songs that I've downloaded every single one of these. These are the ones that I like. Ah, and every single one of these is free to use in YouTube, and I've downloaded all of them from this website here, so I've already downloaded and saved them. I'm gonna go ahead and drag. Let's see, Way to preview these really quick. You could just have it highlighted and hit the space bar and then hit the space bar again to go back. So I'm gonna do something more fun. Maybe Like this Mr Sonny face. Yeah. So let's drag that. So I'm gonna drag it just from the folder right in here and let me make sure. So now the music is behind the audio on this. So Hey, guys has go on. My name's met. I wanted to take you see how loud this music actually is now to change that. Also, there's a little gap here in this music. I'm just gonna pull that right where the music starts and then bring it back to the beginning. So now Hey, guys, how's it going? My name starts here at the same time. Uh, toe lower the volume of this music. All you gotta do is drag this bar here. So usually what I found is maybe 28 or so. Hey, guys, how's it going? My name's net open. You can't even hear. Okay, so maybe not that. Hey, guys has ago in my name's met, I wanted to take you. Okay, so another thing I need to do is clean up this audio, make it all level. So how I'm gonna do that is first, I'm gonna drag this down back to zero, because that's where you want it. I'm just gonna modify this first clip, and then I'm gonna use that copy attributes if you remember and paste it along all these other clips. So the first thing you're going to do here lower your clip, make sure it's at zero decibels. This is the audio level. Just this line. You could drag it. Sometimes it's hard to get it to zero and then click this button over here. This is the effects, and you're gonna look for effect called limiter. This is an audio limiter. You're just gonna take this effect and drag it right on top of this, uh, clip. And then if you go over here, these are the clips property. So if you have the clip selected, these are all the things you could do with the clip. Here's the color correction tab. This is just cropping and stuff audio and the information on the clip. We're gonna go to the audio tab and you should see, since you've dragged that in, you should see this section called limiter and you'll only see this if you've dragged the limiter on top and then what? I dio make sure it's checked because you're gonna be using it and click this little thing here and it's gonna bring up all the limiter settings. What I like to do is put the output level Ah Teoh negative two decibels. So I have this checked as brick wall, so that means it's gonna make any audio is gonna go no higher than negative two decibels. And then I add the game, so I'll add the gain. And you may want to mess with this depending on how your audio is. Um, but I want to make sure I could hear myself. So maybe, like plus eight game minus two db and you could mess with this and figure this out. This is the highest. Your audio is going to go. And this is, um, bringing up your minimum volumes volumes like, if you're really talking really quiet, this will help you hear it better. But it won't peak. It won't go over. So I'll just close that once I'm done. And that's how this will sound. Hey, guys, how's it going? My name's met. I want now if you want to hear that without the music, you could actually click on any one of these. So if you don't want to show them and hit the wiki and if you hit the wiki, it actually disables the clip so you can watch it. Hey guys, how's it going? My name's met. I wanted to take and then you could just have selected Hit the Wiki again. If you want to hear Hey guys, how's it going? I could also disable video clips. So now it's just laid changes. So that's how you disabling enable a clip. So let's see. Hey, guys, How's it going? My name's met. I wanted to take you through. Okay. So hey, guys has going. My name's met. I wanted I think that the levels Hey, guys, how's it going? My name's this. Still might. This might be a little high, so I'm gonna lower that. Just a hair every 21. Make sure. Hey, guys, how's it going? My name's met. I wanted to take Okay, so now this volume is correct. And this is the volume and the gain and everything that I want across all my clips. So I'm gonna do have it selected and copy the clip. So, command, See? And then here we can close this to you, click their toe open, toggle it open and close. So and then I'm gonna zoom in so I could select these clips. I'm gonna take all these clips with audio, just click and drag here, and I'm gonna select every single clip that I did once I have them all selected Command shift V and I'm gonna copy the volume of that clip as well as the limiter effect. So hit paste. And it'll just copy the limiter and the volume of that clip. So now all of these air at zero and all of them have the limiter on them with the same settings. So let's see how this sounds. Hey, guys has going My name's met. I wanted to take you through my ideal morning routine. 13. Adding & Removing Attributes (Such As Audio): the audio here because I wasn't using the microphone is actually quieter. So what I might end up doing is removing that limiter on everything that's in the bathroom here and maybe this to let me here the next thing I dio sit right here. Okay, I think I'm using on and I have. Okay, so this sounds better. So I'm gonna leave that. I think I'm using the microphone there. But all of this bathroom stuff I'm gonna actually delete the limiter from and redo it. Is it? Start there. Yes. No, no. Mr. Okay, Command Justo, select the next one. So what you can do here is if you have them selected, you can actually go up to edit here. And what you can do is remove attributes. So I don't want to remove any of the transforms. That's like the cropping and stuff I might have done that. I just want to remove the limiter. And then what I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna go back to this first clip, see how it sounds. First thing. So this is much quieter than the other ones, So I'm gonna go back, add the limiter to this, and I'm gonna have it with different settings here. So opening this up again? Ah, again, I'm gonna do the negative to him to keep that. But the game needs to be a lot higher. So maybe, like, uh, 13 or something like that, So you could see the wave forms here. Let's close that again. So let's see how that sounds compared to this. So let's get started. First thing. Hey. Yeah. Okay, so that sounds better. More audible. And again, uh, command. See? Copy that clip. And then we're gonna pace the attributes to anything of me in the bathroom because it seems like that's where it needs the attention. So the bathroom ends here, Command shift V, and I'm just gonna pace that limiter effect and make sure the volumes all the same to Okay , so now I should be able to hear me better. So my morning routine. So let's get started. First thing I go pee because they usually have to be on I brush my teeth 14. Keyframing & Removing Audio From A Clip: so everything I'm doing, Guys, I already taught you the blade tool and all this stuff. So next thing ideo Okay, so lower the volume here. So right here I start the meditation music. So going So I'm gonna do something a little interesting. I don't want the audio from this section. I just went. OK, so, uh, first things first, I'm gonna in the song right here. Delete. I just hit the use the blade, cut it and hit the delete key. And then this. I could just highlight both these clips. Right? Click and detach audio. Once it's attached, it'll show up down here in a separate thing, and you could just highlight it and hit the delete key. So now thes tracks do not have audio. But now this music is the only thing you hear. But you don't need to hear my voice so we can actually make the music louder. So how I would do that? Let me zoom in here. Right here is where I want the music to elevate right in here. So I'm gonna add what's called key frames to the music timeline. So all I do is I hold the all key, and you could see that my mouse now has this little icon on it. Um, and I'm gonna click here on the, uh, volume bar. I'm gonna click right before this track ends, and right after this track ends. So ah, now I can move. I can grab this little dot that I made and move the music up, and I'll maybe do it to negative three or so and that what you could see. So now the music will go from negative 24 decibel volume, and right here it will slowly increase to negative three. So if we listen to it but now for you Okay, I'm so I think I probably will keep that abruptly ending. I could fade it out. And if I wanted to fade out the music here, uh, all I have to do is hold command and hit T, and it'll add what's called a transition. It's a cross fade. So if I zoom out, the only thing to that you want to make sure of is when you hold command and duty and add the fade, it also adds the transition fade to the beginning of the clip. So if you want it just on the end, you could click the beginning transition and just hit delete. So this is how it sounds if it fades out. Oh, okay. So that's all right. I can actually make it fade out longer or shorter. Make the fade out longer, shorter just by dragging that. Okay, I'm so keep the fade out. It's It's all right. 15. Using Markers and Transitions: Okay, so what? I want this snap. I want this snap to actually be right where the music elevates. So listen to the music, Theo. Drop. So to get it to the drop, I have to have the music selected and used the M key. And the M key is to mark something. So if I clicked here and played this on it makes these marks. So let me delete these because I don't want marks there, but Marx help you. Ah, as long as you have snapping turned on, which is right here. It allows you to snap clips right to where your marker is. So what? I'm gonna dio I'm gonna have the audio. Ah, highlighted. And I'm gonna play it. And then right at the drop, I'm gonna hit the M key, and it's gonna create a mark right where the audio drops. So Okay, so you heard me hit the m key. So I want this tow line up right where the snap is, which happens to be here. So this audio's too long. I might have to fade it in a little bit, so maybe I'll do something like that and I'll go ahead and hit command tea, and I'll have it fade in a little bit at the end of this. So let's see how that looks. Lacks now. So next step to get through. So I like how the audio comes in. Let me undo that. You could undo anything, by the way, with Command Z just like any other program. I'm gonna have this come in a little sooner. I like how it comes in during this time. Kind of connects it together. So next. Okay. And I'm still talking. So again, hold, Ault. I'm gonna add the key frames in here, so it just increases number. Lower the audio there. Okay, So next step to get dressed so I can add an effect here instead of just snapping, I could do like, um maybe, like, a glow effect or something. Like I Something happened. So let's try adding an effect. You conduce do. Let's try a transition. Um, maybe a blue. So if I drag this right in here and make it real short, it should just flash. I'll change. Let's see. Oh, okay. 16. Adding Images and Effects: Okay, so right here I say So when you have, like, a heavy meal in the morning, Like eggs and ham and bacon and sausage and hash browns that so I'm gonna actually show pictures, as I say that of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash rounds. Soma show you guys how to do that. Eggs and ham and bacon and sausage and hash browns. So first, I'm gonna cut that little section. So this is the section where I'm saying that and I'm gonna zoom in just a little bit just to change the scene, make myself centered, and then I'm gonna use the m the marker tool for when I say that stuff. So eggs and ham and bacon and sausage and hash browns, eggs and bacon and him. So eggs and ham and bacon and sausage and hash browns. Okay, so that's where I say this stuff. So I need eggs, bacon, ham and bacon and sausage and hash browns. But I'm gonna go ahead and add, uh, so I usually use picks obey, but you can just go to Google picks. Obey dot com is a website where it's royalty free images, so you're free to use any images you find on here. And I think these are easy ones to find. So first will find an image of eggs. And sometimes I like to add a little bit of humor here. Let's try that one. Okay, so I like that this is a PNG too, so you could just hit free download. Uh, these little squares just means it's a transparent background. So I'll show you this for a second. It should download yet as a PNG file save. And then on Dio maybe bacon instead of putting bacon, I'll put a pig because I think that might be funnier. So the first thing I say is eggs, so you could just drag it right in right from the file, and I'm gonna make it the length of that. And if this isn't selected, you can click on this, and you could just make it whatever size you want. Self. But the eggs there done. And then it's ham, eggs and ham and baked ham is here. So let's grab the ham and and just stack these up. We'll have it in dreaded same spot. Hit that again. So this very time consuming. But it's one of those things that a lot of youtubers do. So ham, bacon. Let's see, what else, then? Ham and bacon. So this one's bacon. So I'm gonna just put the pig for bacon. Okay? See, this one does not a transparent background. So, uh, to make this transparent, you actually go Teoh effects here, the FEC's cab and you hit key. And it's loom a kier. So if you drag this on top of that, you can see it made that clear. Let's inverse that. Okay, so I had to inverse it because it's making the sausage clear. So if I hit in verse, it will make the white clear, and you could just adjust it just like this. So I'm just gonna do it just like that. And now the backgrounds clear. So this is the same thing you'd use an effect for. So you do the same thing. If this was a video file, uh, maybe it's a video of an explosion. As long as you have a blank background like a green screen or a black background or a white background, you can drag that video in and dragged the loom Akira on it and just mess with e settings, and you can remove the background from it. So this works the same with it Doesn't just have to be a stationary image. It could also be an effect of, like, an explosion or something. Which, um, I can actually show you that right now. A real quick. So if I went Teoh picks obey again. These are all free to use, and I just typed in explosion. You could see these have black backgrounds, these explosions. So Okay, if I wanted to use this explosion, let's download it. Do it in 10. 80. Download the explosion. It's an epic movie. Same thing here. Just drag it on in. So let's say we wanted to make an explosion right here. We'll take that explosion video, put it on top of the other video, and you could see its black. But all I need to do is add the loom, a keer on it and mess with this setting, maybe something like that. And then you could see it's a transparent explosion. Keep to energized because your body is not working too. And you could actually, as long as you have this on, you could drag it wherever you want resize it, do whatever you need todo. So if I want an explosion on the keep teams to energize, because your body is not working too. So I just want to show you guys how to do that. All right, look good. Ham and bacon and sausage and hash browns. That stuff is good, but it takes, so that's what looks like. 17. Exporting Your Video Project: at the ending here. Since this is made for YouTube at the ending here, this is just where I'll add, you know, at the end of YouTube channels, ah, YouTube videos, you have the videos you can click on afterwards. So this is where I'll add that. So I'll have my subscribe icon here, and this is all stuff you do in YouTube. But, um, I subscribe icon here and then just to recommended videos here. And of course, I will elevate the music right at the end, just like I showed you. Just option click or all to click on those Expedia be that long. So I usually, like, cut it here. Here he's a select delete and all fade out of the music. So this is my ending. That's it. So now that everything's done, I would suggest you re watched the entire thing and make sure everything looks right and sounds right. And then when you're finished, you goto file and this say, finalize that you can go to share and actually final cuts kind of cool because it gives you an option to share it straight to your YouTube channel. So if you click on YouTube you can actually just log in, um, to YouTube channel and select all the settings here, and it'll just upload straight to YouTube channel. It'll show up, but I'm just gonna export it as a master file, which is just you exporting it into a video. Just a normal video. So, master file, this is what you name it. Ah, let's see. So I'm gonna name on my morning routine in Japan. You can go to settings, make sure this is at 10. 80 because for some reason, defaults toe like a low resolution, at least for me. Um, and thistles important too. So make sure your format because it'll render by default and a high format. But this is the format you want to use. If you're doing YouTube, you want to make sure you're publishing to a computer, Make sure ah, 264 fast and coding is fine. And then just choose your resolution. I think by default, it does audio and video, and then you have, like, all these options that are like, really high quality. Plus this exports in at dot M O V. You can see and you actually want it to be an end pig for because that's the most compatible CMP, for that's the most compatible file type online. So just make sure your settings air this rolls. I wouldn't worry about that. And then you just hit next and you save it wherever you want. So I'm gonna go ahead and save this. I'm gonna make a new folder called this. Okay, so my morning, your teen and safe. And then if you click on this up here, it'll show you you're saving progress. So just click on this wheel and it will bring up this background tasks and you can see as it renders, and this just will take some time to render. This just depends on how fast your computer iss, so we'll wait for that. 18. 17 And Your Done!: So that's it, guys. Once it's done rendering, it should just pop up for you. Otherwise, you can go find it in your file. Play it back. Hey, guys, how's it going? Money is tearing out beers. Meditate. I am really happy with my thanks for checking out my skill share Course. If you have any questions, you could just go down to the discussions tab and just ask question. Also, I'd love to see what your final project looks like, Whether it's a new version of my morning routine or one project you created. You can just go down below to the project and resource is tab and upload your project there for me and other students to review it. Check it out, see what you learn. Love to see what you did. Feel free to review the chorus if you've learned anything so again. Thank you so much for watching my skill share course.