From Insta to Inspo: How to Plan Your Trip Using Instagram | Rebekah Milford | Skillshare

From Insta to Inspo: How to Plan Your Trip Using Instagram

Rebekah Milford, international travel hacker

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13 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Introduction

    • Invoking the Muse

    • Liking to Collecting

    • Hashtags

    • Geotags

    • Mapping for Android

    • Mapping on iOS

    • Share Your Map

    • Refine your Itinerary

    • The Road Well Traveled

    • Hidden Gems

    • Go Native

    • BONUS: Reverse Image Searching


About This Class

Always scrolling through your phone looking at beautiful destinations on Instagram? Is your wanderlust getting the best of you but you're not sure how to get started?


This 60 min-class will give you actionable steps to go from liking a photo to making a basic itinerary, using Instagram & Google Maps that you can use on countless future trips. You'll learn how to:

  • Collect beautiful travel photos & find locations
  • Learn how to use geotags & hashtags to resesrch your trip 
  • Learn from experts & locals 
  • Create your own itinerary 
  • Plot your travel map using Google Maps

While a basic understanding of Instagram is useful, the instructions are clear so that students can jump right in! Additionally, the class includes resources to help you navigate on your own.

This is the perfect class for the first time traveler or a seasoned traveler who's looking for insider tips or wants to learn how to plan their whole trip from their phone! You can create your own travel inspiration, itinerary and fuel your wanderlust. The possibilities are endless!


What You'll Learn

  • Introduction. Rebekah loves to take pictures and travel. She also loves Instagram. That's why she wanted to teach this class so everyone could learn some tips & tricks to travel and use Instagram. 
  • Inspiration. In this section, Rebekah will provide detailed steps and demonstrate how to create a inspiring travel Instagram feed and use app features, like collections.
  • Geotags and Hashtags. In this class, you will learn how to spot where a photo was taken, if a geotag is good and how to use them for planning your trip. You will also learn about how to use hashtags and how to use them for planning your trip.
  • Mapping. In this section, Rebekah will walk students through the process of extracting locations from their photo collections and adding them to Google Map locations. She will also teach students how to share their maps with their friends and family.
  • Travel Experts. Here, Rebekah shows you how to find the must-see and icon spots of any destination by following these well-known Instagrammers.
  • Tourism Boards. Here we learn about about finding the lesser-known hidden gems of a city. They know all the local festivals, upcoming events and where to get that perfect shot.
  • Locals. This section is about finding and learning about the local travelers in the cities we want to visit. These are the people who are eating at the local pubs and doing the Insta meet-ups in their own town posting pictures on their feed, but are connoisseurs of the best local gems.
  • Reverse Image Search. This section shows us how to use Google's Reverse Image tool to find locations we want to visit when they don't have a geotag.





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Rebekah Milford

international travel hacker

Rebekah is a tech-obsessed travel hacker. She is inspired by her love of other cultures, new experiences and good food.

However, her obsession with travel didn't begin at an early age. Her love for travel spawned out of her first trip in college for a 3-month internship in Turkey, where she decided travel had to be apart of her life! Over the years, Rebekah has visited more than 20 countries and never grows less excited about the idea to visit a new location!

Rebekah is also a c...

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