From Hobby to Calligraphy Business: 4 Ways to Start Getting Clients | Ciarra Rouwhorst | Skillshare

From Hobby to Calligraphy Business: 4 Ways to Start Getting Clients

Ciarra Rouwhorst, Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer

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9 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Am I ready

    • 3. What Should I Offer?

    • 4. 1: Instagram

    • 5. 2: Networking

    • 6. 3: Styled Shoots

    • 7. 4: Website

    • 8. Closing Comments

    • 9. Bonus Video: How to Price Your Work

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About This Class

Calligraphy is such a rewarding craft, but it can also be a profitable business. What would it look like if you could spend your days doing something you love, and use that skill to support your family? I am a full-time calligrapher and designer and I want to show you how it can be done.

Most calligraphers are self-taught, and start their business without much help from others. It can be overwhelming to know where to start and where to find help. So I created this class to give you some resources and help you to start getting paid work. 

What you learn:

Will will discuss how to get your business off the ground and how to start claiming your space in the industry. You will find answers to such questions as: 

Am I ready to start a business with my calligraphy skills?

What types of services should I offer people? 

How do I get paying clients to find me? 

How should I price my work?

You will also learn the most effective ways to market your business. Such as how to use Instagram to find clients, how to find and participate in styled shoots, how to make friends in the industry, and even how to set up a professional web presence

I will be here to help you along the way and answer your questions. 

What you will do:

You will take what you learn from this class by applying it to Instagram specifically. You will create a business profile or curate the one you have. Then share it with the class. I want to see what you are doing so I can help support you further. 

I also want to know if you apply other points from the class. So if you reach out about a photo shoot or if you launch your website, I want to hear about it! It is really encouraging to others to see your progress so I encourage you to share it with the class. 

You will walk away from this class 4 steps closer to your dream job and a community to help you make it the rest of the way!