From Goal Setter to Goal Getter: 4 Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Creative Business Goals | Jules Tillman | Skillshare

From Goal Setter to Goal Getter: 4 Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Creative Business Goals

Jules Tillman, artist | business coach | infp

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Go from Goal Setter to Goal Getter!

    • 2. First, let's reflect on the last year...

    • 3. Next, let's see where you are right now.

    • 4. Now let's set some BIG (and smaller) Goals for the Year Ahead!

    • 5. Two REALLY Important notes about Goal Setting and Goal Getting.


About This Class

We've all been there: it's the first day of the year and you feverishly write down some pretty arbitrary goals for yourself and/or your creative business for the year ahead. But by the end of the year (or, let's face it, maybe by the end of January) those goals were swallowed up and forgotten by your long daily To Do list, life, and maybe even some new "shiny penny" goals.

If you've set goals in the last few years you haven't reached (or maybe even forgotten about), this class is for you! 

For the last couple of years I've been using a goal setting system that has 5X'ed my own creative business, and now I'm sharing it with you in this class!

Not only do you get the 5 quick, step-by-step video lessons, but I've also created a 13 page printable PDF for you to fill out as we go along. As well as a pretty, printable 12 month calendar to help you keep track of -- and achieve your goals! (The calendar is undated, so you can start this class in January or July: really ANY time you need a reset and a fresh start for your creative business.)

And while this class is geared towards business owners, it can really be used for any area of your life that you'd like to improve! 

Your class project is simple and fun: Simply share with us at least ONE of your BIG goals for the year once you've completed the class. 

I can't wait to see you in the class!

With Gratitude,
Jules Tillman



1. Go from Goal Setter to Goal Getter!: How would you like to wake up every morning and be excited about going to work? That's how I feel. And I want to help you feel that way, too. Oh, hi, I'm jewels. An artist, entrepreneur and creative coach. For the last three years, I've taken my art and my business very seriously and created a full time income working from home, doing what I love. But I will tell you this it didn't happen by accident. One of the things that I attribute to my success is that at the end of every year, I go over the previous year and really look at what went right, what went wrong and what got left behind. Then I look forward to the year head and figure out what I really want to focus on setting some big goals for myself, as well as some smaller goals and a plan how I will reach them in this class. You'll get a free 13 page PdF workbooks for you to print out and start making your own goals. But first we'll look back at what you've accomplished, where you are now and then figure out what it is you really want to achieve in the next year. Plus, I've included a pretty principal calendar with places for your own goals, your priorities and more. And it doesn't matter if you take this class in January or June. The calendar doesn't have any pre written dates, so you could find this class Hubble any time you need a reset or a first start. So go ahead and click and roll now and we'll go from Gold Center to gold getter together and make our resolutions into revolution. See you in the class. 2. First, let's reflect on the last year...: Welcome to Gold Center to Gold Getter, A class for transforming your resolutions into revolutions. I'm so glad you enrolled in this first section will be going over the previous year. Whether you're starting this in December or July, it really doesn't matter. The easiest way to go along with this class will be to print the PdF workbook I provided in the project section. So if you haven't done that yet, go ahead and hit pause, print out the workbook and then come back to this video as an alternative. You could also just write your responses in your favorite journal or planner, or even type them on your computer. Just make sure that they are in a place that you can refer back to you throughout the year , not just in your head. It's really important to write them down. This guide is meant to help you create the life that you really want specifically as it pertains to your business. But because we are creative entrepreneurs, there may be some overlap into the rest of your life and your list a swell and that's okay . So first we're going to reflect. I want you to ask yourself What did I do right in the last year? Listen, of your winds, your highest moments and greatest achievements. And what did you learn? Because there are no failures. Unless you give up, they're just chances to grow and learn. What about your previous goals? Did you set goals for the last year that you didn't reach? Why do you think that happened? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it in different? What made you extra happy? What things? Events, moments and or achievements lit you up this year? Gonna finally, let's do a gut check. How do you feel about the last year? Overall? Go ahead and take some time and deeply consider your answers to all of these questions we'll pick up from there in the next lesson. 3. Next, let's see where you are right now.: Now that you've had some time to reflect on the last year or so, let's get to know who you are right now and how you want to feel in the year head. Answer the following questions pretty quickly. Using your gut or your intuition. Let's start by defining who you are right now. In this present moment, try to go deeper than your job or your business. So you can include those things, of course, but I really want you to get at the heart of who you are, not just what you dio. What are your strengths? Don't be modest in this section. It's really important to know what you're good at, so you can capitalize on that and also figure out where you need to grow. If you have a hard time with this one, send an email to 3 to 5 of your closest friends and family, asking them what they think your strengths are. And what could you be better at? What kinds of things will you need to learn in order to move forward and grow this year? What do you love to make or create or dio? What would you do every day If you could say if you won the lottery and you wouldn't have to worry about money, what fills your soul with joy and how do you define success? Starting with money is fine, but I would encourage you to go beyond a yearly dollar amount or a monthly dollar amount with this one to go a little deeper. Having a $1,000,000 in the bank won't too much good if you're miserable. So in what other ways do you define success and why? Why do you want to live that definition of success? Why is it important to you? And finally, and this one is really important? Let's choose a word for the year ahead. If you're not familiar with this idea, it's from my one word dot org's. And essentially you choose a word that reflects how you want your year to go overall, to give you some examples. In previous years, I've used words like Empower balance and embolden. I've had friends who've used words like ignite, focus, wild and connection. The word you choose can act as a Touchstone for how you want your year to go. Once again, I want to encourage you to go ahead and take some time and deeply consider your answers to all of these questions we can pick up from there again in the next lesson. 4. Now let's set some BIG (and smaller) Goals for the Year Ahead!: okay now worth a really fun part. So we're mainly focusing on your business goals here, but because you're an entrepreneur, your business goals may overlap with some more personal goals, too. That's fine, but in this section we will be setting for big goals specifically for your business. But remember, this process could be easily repeated for other areas of your life. Health, family and relationships, personal growth, etcetera. I've included four principles for you to work on these business schools, but feel free to print out extra for the other areas of your life, too. The reason I'm encouraging four Biggles is because they could be broken down into quarters of the year very easily. And three months is long enough that you have enough time to get something pretty big done , but also assured enough amount of time that you can see your results quickly. So on pages eight through 12 of your workbook, I've included space for you to write your big business goals for the year ahead, based on reflecting on the past year and seeing where you are right now, you probably have some pretty good ideas about what goals you'd like to set for the year ahead. But if you're still looking for ideas, try considering some of these like a certain dollar amount in profits or creating a brand new website or creating an editorial calendar for your blawg. Creating a content calendar for your social media, learning a new skill. Attending a conference in another state. Getting a certain number of new clients. Creating a system for your business and or creative process. Developing new products or services, etcetera. And if you need help brainstorming some big goals, feel free to chat about it in the comments section below. As I mentioned, the big circle here is for your big goal, and the smaller bubbles are for 123 actionable steps that you can and will take to achieve each of these big business goals. You can even branch out from the smaller bubbles and add even more and probably smaller actions that you also need to take in order to reach the main goal. Once you've completed those four circles, I want you to ask yourself how you know if you've actually reached the goal. Ah, certain dollar amount profits is obviously an easy one. But if you're learning a new skill. What level of mastery do you want to achieve? How will you feel when you reach the end of each of these goals? And maybe more importantly, how will you feel as you work towards them? Because that's where your life is in the every day. And I want you to feel really good while you're working towards these goals to, not just when you achieve them. I've heard it said that life is the sentence and your goal is the exclamation point at the end of it. But the sentence is where we spend most of our time, so it should be good to also know when you want to reach your goal. What date do you want to reach that goal by Because you're working on big goals here. Not everything can be accomplished by February 1st. In fact, if you can accomplish everything by February 1st, that's probably not a big enough goal. Make sure to know in your planner the dates you want have each goal completed by and maybe even some reminders along the way. I've also included spaces for these big goals on your printable calendar in the project section, so you can be reminded and really focus on what you want to achieve. I've also included a space for some smaller goals for the year ahead in the workbook. But in case you're not using the workbook as a print out and maybe your disused in your journal or a planner instead, or just typing your answers into word or something, I just wanted to remind you to make some smaller cools to. The big ones are important. Obviously, you have to put those in first, but there will be time and good reason to set some smaller goals as well. And I really hope that you'll throw some fun ones in there like maybe work from a coffee shop or a park or even a dive bar once a month. Or maybe you'll share another artist work or makers work on instagram every two weeks. Or maybe you'll join a weekly art challenge. I've actually got one on Instagram at the Unlimited Creative. If you want to check it out, are we real? Travel to a new city for a business conference or even go to a local entrepreneurial meet up again? I think it's really important to have a lot of fun in your business because it's part of your life. And the reality is there will be times when you're doing boring things like accounting or even taking out the trash from your office. But it is your business, after all, so you might as well planned for some fun things, too. 5. Two REALLY Important notes about Goal Setting and Goal Getting.: before the class is over, there are two more really important things I want to share with you about goal setting. The 1st 1 is one of the major things I credit with my own business success and that is becoming part of a mastermind group and or finding an accountability partner. Some people call this a biz bestie, if you will. I have an accountability partner. I meet with every single Monday at noon. We're old friends from art school, and we have similar goals and drive. We meet using the chat function on Google hangouts because that's what works for us. But you could also Skype or meet in person or come up with some other creative way that works for you both. Just make sure that you meet each week on a specific day and time Keeping This weekly commitment has helped me. Five x My business at least our chats include taking turns going over the previous week's goals are winds and our Mrs, because we don't call them failures. As I stated before, I don't believe in failure, just opportunities to learn and grow. And then we take turns listing our goals for the week ahead. This is the format that works for us, but you and your partner can find out what works best for you. I also meet in person with two other creatives once a month for mastermind meetings there. We generally discuss business and or work and what's working for us and what we might need help or support with in the months ahead. These mastermind meetings that I go Teoh following the casual side, for sure. But if you want to get more serious, there are some really great resource is online to help you accomplish that. The final thing I want to say about goal setting is this. There really is no one right way or best way for setting and achieving your goals because we all work and slightly or even vastly different ways. But I will say this if you tend to be hard on yourself and set extremely big goals, I want to encourage you to also set time aside for you. Time to relax, rejuvenate and really pamper yourself because you are worth it. And if you tend to be too easy on yourself and you don't follow through with your goals, I want you to promise yourself that this year you'll work harder. You'll hold yourself accountable with these goals that you've set and you will succeed because you are worth it again. I truly hope that the year head is your best year so far for your class project. I hope that you'll share at least one if not all, four of your big goals. And be sure to include where we can follow you and find you online so we can follow along on your success in the next year ahead. I am truly wishing you all the success that you desire and more in the year head and always thanks again for joining my class, and I hope that if you liked it, you will leave a positive review. I'm grateful for you and again wishing you all the best.