From Everyday to Extraordinary: Paint an Object 3 Ways - Pineapple | Ohn Mar Win | Skillshare

From Everyday to Extraordinary: Paint an Object 3 Ways - Pineapple

Ohn Mar Win, Illustrator surface designer teacher

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6 Videos (37m)
    • Class introduction

    • Drawing the pineapple

    • Watercolour line

    • Watercolour and gel pens

    • Watercolour and post pens

    • Final thoughts and Homework


About This Class

In this class I'm going to take you through 4 lessons with different approaches BUT using one subject...the PINEAPPLE. It's still very much on trend and this icon can be seen on everything from cushions to journals. 

First I'm going to draw a pineapple from life using pencil. This will give me an insight into how it's proportions and how its constructed. Perhaps certain themes will emerge that will inspire you when we move onto the other techniques.

1) We'll paint a basic version in watercolour using line to emphasise the shapes

2) Watercolour and pen to create a more decorative pineapple

3) A fun version of pineapple play pattern using watercolour and Posca pens 

Anyone can join in with this class as these techniques are certainly beginner level up. The main thing is  to have fun and explore.





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Ohn Mar Win

Illustrator surface designer teacher


Hello and welcome to my Skillshare page. I've had a long and varied 20 year career although I've always worked as an illustrator and surface designer. I started out as in house designer producing greetings cards, stationery and gifts for many UK stores. These days I'm is primarily known for her textural foodie images, which have now appeared in The Most Gorgeous Cookbook Ever, a book of 30 of her own illustrated recipes.I have also illustrated cookery books for Quarto Pu...

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