From Chaos to Clarity: Mindful Decluttering for Creatives | Audra King, M.Ed. | Skillshare

From Chaos to Clarity: Mindful Decluttering for Creatives

Audra King, M.Ed., Creator. Teacher. Minimalist.

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Declutter?

    • 3. Focus

    • 4. Goals and Motivations

    • 5. Challenges

    • 6. Mantra

    • 7. Next Steps!


About This Class


Mentally prepare yourself to declutter by defining your focus, figuring out your deepest motivations, facing down your challenges, and rewiring your brain for success

Do you wish your creative space worked better for you? Would you like your studio to be a more inspiring and joyful place?

Just a small investment of your time will make the physical work of decluttering go much more smoothly. Multiple worksheets, tips, and tricks will help you along the way.

I'm in the process of decluttering my entire house and using the process as a focus for my writing practice over at Through help from mentors and information gleaned from a life-long fascination with how the brain works, I've developed a process that really works!

I think it is also uniquely suited to help creators like you who may have struggled to let go of materials or supplies in the past.  

In the Why declutter? section I'll give you some of the top reasons creatives should declutter their spaces, whether it's a drawer or an entire studio!

Then, we'll clarify what tools and resources actually belong in your space in the Focus section.

We're all unique individuals. In the next two sections,  I'll teach you a process to uncover your true motivations. Then we'll look at your own challenges that may have prevented you from successfully decluttering in the past. 

Finally, you'll write a mantra to help you latch onto your motivations, confront your challenges, and rewire your brain into a more positive, uplifting place. 

This is the first class in my decluttering series. The next one will focus on the physical decluttering process, with tons more tips and tricks. You'll even get to see the DISASTER my studio space was in when I began decluttering! Trust me, if I can declutter my way to a beautiful space, you can too!