Fresh Flower Cake Decorating | Lizzy McGinn | Skillshare

Fresh Flower Cake Decorating

Lizzy McGinn, designer + florist

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 01 :: Hello!

    • 2. 02 :: Materials

    • 3. 03 :: Safety Tips + Tricks

    • 4. 04 :: Creating A Color Story

    • 5. 05 :: Composition Practice

    • 6. 06 :: Go For It!


About This Class

It’s a fact. Everyone loves cake. BUT ... when you combine a delicious cake with beautiful flowers, you have truly created a next level dessert. Recently, show-stopping cakes have really stepped into the social media spotlight and fresh flower cakes are really leading the fancy cake parade. In this class, students will learn how to beautifully (and safely!) garnish a cake with fresh flowers. This Fresh Flower Cake Decorating class is perfect for lovers of flowers, cake and making people smile. All levels of floral expertise are welcome!

Key lessons include:

  • How to select and prepare flowers that will be used with food

  • Safety tips and tricks to abide by when working with flowers and food

  • Tips on creating a cohesive color story

  • Basic composition fundamentals of arranging florals on cake


* Robin's Egg Blue Cake baked by Knead to Make





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Lizzy McGinn

designer + florist

Hi! I'm a designer + florist based in San Francisco, California. My little floral business, Saturday Flowers, has been creating arrangements for weddings, events and cakes since 2013. I hope you enjoy my class!

Follow my flower adventures here: Instagram | @saturday_flowers

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