French for beginners - From zero to almost hero in 60 minutes | Emilie Schrevens | Skillshare

French for beginners - From zero to almost hero in 60 minutes

Emilie Schrevens, Fluent in French and English, life coach

French for beginners - From zero to almost hero in 60 minutes

Emilie Schrevens, Fluent in French and English, life coach

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About This Class

Do you love travelling and would like to make the best out of your trip? Learning the basics of French will help you improve your experience and will decrease the stress while travelling. 

If you want to fully immerse in the country you'll visit or would like to be able to get all the help you need while travelling, learning the language can be a good solution. 

Having an emergency or a problem abroad can be a stressful experience, and you probably have heard a friend say "if I spoke their language, things would have gone faster or better", why not make the first step and actually learn the basics? Most natives tend to be more patient when foreigners make the effort to speak another language. Learning the language means you care about respecting the culture and the natives, and it will help you with every aspect of your trip, such as ordering food, explaining a problem, ask for directions, etc...

Are you ready to learn? I am ready to teach you !

PLEASE NOTE: This is a compact and fast course. Focus on one lecture a day or you will not make progress.

Remember, you can't learn a language in a day, the content of the course is compact and shouldn't be finished in a hurry.

What are the requirements?

  • No previous knowledge of French is required
  • Discipline and a real interest in travelling and learning are required
  • You should have quality headphones to understand spelling exercises better

What is the target audience?

  • My target students are travellers who want to get the best experience of the countries they visit
  • My target students are curious about the French language and culture

Meet Your Teacher

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Emilie Schrevens

Fluent in French and English, life coach


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1. Lecture 1: Section one introduction to the French language Lecture one Introduction Hello and welcome to the suit, Emmy Course. Thank you for trusting being buying the course. I worked hard on it to make sure you get a quality education. This course is meant for English speakers. Zero notion of French or people who would like to be able to find everything they need on their own and be more independent. I will not teach you grammar deeply or how to conjugate complex verbs. It's more of a course to teach you the basics, like numbers, pronouns and in general, see if you like the French language and help you decide if you want to learn more. Also, if you'd like to be more confident and stop relying on people when traveling discourses for you, this course is divided in seven sections. First Section is about the French language in general, where it's spoken to differences in the alphabet, the letters to pronounce Z ation, etcetera. The second section is about the genders come and verbs, some basic Valka, Billary and cultural matters. After Section two, we will be able to make simple sentences and asked basic informations and Section three we will learn a lot of vocabulary. Now that you know how to build sentences, you need vodka billary to fill them. Section four will be a big step. I will leave you in the wild to make sure you worked enough on the previous sections will work on family jobs, finding things in common verbs. In Section five, you learn airport and hotel vaka, Billary and personal items. Section six will focus on understanding spoken French. Common abbreviations and short names will exercise on spelling, understanding, spoken information and more. The seven section will be focused on dialogues at the airport and at the restaurant. I recommend working on one or two lectures a day you don't need to rush through. Practice is key and learning a language. I will work on new lectures and published new content each month. Thank you for addressing my course, and I hope you will have a great time. Happy learning. Don't worry. If you notice that this course is not right for you or does not meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund. Please remember that you did me a first. Some extra features like taking notes in the video and downloading resource is be careful about onscreen information on how to use those features 2. Lecture 2: lecture to Why Learned French? Have you have a dreamt of a super desperate situation like you can't run your trucks and speeding car or you just let it in French speaking country and your only friend, Speaker friend is gone missing. You're on your own, all the remembers we Sava, you're not going to get far. Given that over 65% of the French population does not speak a second language frequently, maybe you should learn French to have. We're relying on others. And there's many benefits about speaking French. French is the fourth most widely spoken language into European Union. 80 million people speak French as their mother tongue, and a total of 247 million people speak French. Knowing a second or third language can help you in your search for a job. Believe it or not, you will make new friends and friends will always bring you benefits. Look at this map. It represents where you are able to communicate now as an English speaker. English could already take you pretty far. That's effect. You can travel to Australia, the UK, and have the African continent. Now, look at this map. It represents where you be able to communicate. If you spoke French and English now you're able to communicate in over 70% of the African continent France, Belgium, Switzerland, Madagascar and French islands. That's a whole lot of new countries you'd be comfortable in while traveling one day. If you work hard enough and are able to speak on a good level, you might even be able to understand old fridge poetry. And that is a great reward. I hope this course will give you motivation to learn more everyday in travel to discover more polices. 3. Lecture 3: lecture. Three. Who am I? My name is Emily Open writing The English Way. I was born in Brussels, Belgium, and I currently live in the south of Belgium in his city between Brussels and the French border. Most of my close family members of French and English speakers. I have lived in North Yorkshire for a month and attended the Bridge College. Back of my teenage years. I'm a fan of England and English. I love poetry and music, and I've been making using since I was 14. I love learning and sharing. What I know before becoming an instructor had a YouTube channel where it was posting translation of American hip hop songs. Use the new laws about copyright. I had to stop, but my passion to teach never stopped. I started a bachelors, become a teacher and had the opportunity to teach young teenagers. I realized that teaching was the thing. It was the best job for me, but I didn't agree with the schools for around the school systems who are started to work on UTV courses. And there I am. Now I'm super happy to have you as a student. If you have any questions about me or my past work, feel free to ask 4. Lecture 4: let your for you can do it and Google is your friend. If you think you're going to have a hard time learning because everything looks and sounds so different, let me reassure you. By giving you a couple of words in French, you will easily see that it's not that different. Ticket a bucking you probably understood everything it means. Parking ticket order of the words isn't the same, but of vodka. Billary is similar. The world the means. The ticket is related to the parking. It's like pyramid country means permit of driving. Therefore damaging Codrea means driving license. Please know that a ticket and French is just a receipt or a paper or a price for a code is written. If you want to say you got a speeding ticket, you just say Jamie on TV. PV is a report that a police officer writes you when you're caught doing illegal things. Let's do another one. Let's do a home visit. I am just all often shorted us has toe questo means the same thing as the English word visit Ion means vegetarian. Jackson's tell us how to pronounce the letter as on the bodies, just like we've seen with ticket of backing the word links Zhaan and police. This means an agent of the police, a police officer, this school. This 1 may be a little harder. You know what a bus is right? And the words color sounds like scholar, so it's related to school. This Kula means school bus if instead Latin, it will be super helpful in understanding structure of French words. Kamerad! Agita! You got it. It's a digital camera. If we wanted to say digital phone, we would say Telephone digital. The E at the end of digital means that the world camera is feminine. No E because telephone is a masculine work. See, there's a town, a word that you won't even have to study because they're similar to English words. If you're not sure about the pronunciation of a word, Google translator is your friend. It's been mine for years. While you're in Google, just type Google translator or Google Trad and type the French word that you want to hear when you're done typing. Just hit the speaker logo and a lovely lady will read the word for you. Make sure this like French as the import language 5. Lecture 5: Section two Basic Valka, Billary and Grammar Lecture one. The alphabet Ends Pronunciation. You're lucky if you learn French. You don't have to learn you alphabet, but you'll have to wonder differences in the pronunciation of the letters. If you simply take a look at the keyboard, you already notice a major difference. Our first roll is called as if T, while English keyboards have quality. Instead, still looking at the keyboard, you'll notice that we have accents. Letters like you A and e mails have two different versions of the letter C. Once you're done spotting the differences, we can move on to the pronunciation part of the lecture door. You'll quickly notice if it's pronounced differently than the English alphabet. Let's start be see dear, uh, as g Hush E. Is she? Yeah, l i m and oh, be to yeah s dio Yeah, they do privy Eakes you like zit. About five or six letters are pronounced like in English. I'd like to highlight the difficulties of some letters of the French off a bit. Letter J sounds like the J part of Cheesy. It is super confusing to English speakers because the French J sounds like English J No worry. You get used to it. Fun fact. The letter G is frequently used in texts to shorten the G meaning I have or I du in French because is pronounced the same way in English is letter you that is used to shorten you. Same thing. The letter e is a really short letter. Unlike the I sound in English, the G sounds like the G part of the word cheeses. Just drop the D sound and you're good to go. Since some French speakers have trouble with G and J two, you might hear French speakers say that David get dies. The best French DJ. Please don't laugh. They're really trying your best. Well, the car letters pronounced k in English. It's pronounced like taught in French, depending on your X, And the letter o sound similar to is pretty similar. Both languages, except for a Q, is a little shorter. Fun fact. This letter is used to shorten the work who pronounced the same way, which means, but if it is really hard to tell English are, as we learn, it sounds more like a double you. Actually, that's how we learn it in French. You'll have to pull the Spanish out of you to pronounce this f right, But do not roll your tongue. The sound of the air is right in the middle. F the W in French literally means do prove e double T in English. You pronounce it like double. You looked at the letter and said Yes, two letters B but next to each other. So the rivet the while letter is pronounced economic, which means Greek. I in Dutch is pronounced use alone. Every language family seems to see this letter differently. If you are Canadian or nota pronunciation of the alphabet by Canadian, you'll notice that we say, Is that the same way door? If you're ever in trouble with spelling something in French, you can still pull the Charlie card by giving you a letter and the word to confirm it. For example, C come, Charlie s comes era If come folks thought just like the way the police. I didn't for a car tax over the radio. Now that you're familiar with the alphabet, all see how it's divided in French? There's 26 letter six of voles and 20 continents, uh, e o. And like our vowels, the rest of the alphabet constants 6. Lecture 6: months and days. Okay, that you have mastered the art of the alphabet. Let's learn some vocabulary. You will need the basics. First months, days and numbers. Take your time. What you're learning. Don't rush and finish everything in 10 minutes. If you need to hear something again, you can go back in time using the navigation bar on the video player. Let's start with the day's first. If you know a little bit of Italian you'll see looks pretty similar. Landy Monday. Do you know that all sound that Kanye was makes on some of his songs? That's your Monday sell. The love part is long. That D sound is always short when you're talking about dates. Atlantic, Long Beach, Large Mahdi Tuesday Do not forget what I said about the letter air. If you do not say the letter it right, you'll always make the mistake. Some really experienced French speakers that were originally from an English speaking country still make that mistakes. I've heard some please focus on that letter Medical Wednesday. This one is a little harder because you're facing three were letters put together XY here, think of the English word recruit and remove the eat. That's how XF should sound. Medical Merkel D Judy Thursday This one is a little easier. Do not forget that the true sound has to be longer than the deep fun. Fact about Judy. We often joke online about Star Wars using the world Judy because it's similar Jet I. We often say the return of the judicial is your vote. Friday. The first part of the world won't as pronounced slowly, and the rest of the word is quick Walda dish volatile some D Saturday. The letter E is not clearly pronounced in French. That's the only thing to note about this word, something. Some demotion Sunday. The combination of the letter C H turn into which sound like in shahr the ending E is usually dropped when speaking fast. OK, now that you get the days, let's start talking about months. You'll see some months air similar to English Jean via January. The UK sound is pronounced like a quick yea, so it should sound like GE Ge Fei every February. If every has an acute accent on the E, which means it's not regular eat. Same things goes on for the E A sound. It's favor Yea. In some regions, the eyes more pronounce, so it sounds like a 50 year mass march. This one is pronounced just like Amar. Skinny Barak said. The A sounds more like the French A. Do not forget to pronounce the s the end of the word muss muss every April, just like every levin but more Frenchy May May this one son's 90% like the English word his room. June. These men sound can be difficult to pronounce, so focus and repeat it again. Sure, some people actually say Drill a salad bowl Like Joie Julia July This one is pronounced like jewelry. Yeah, Judy Boot, August the A is now pronounced here. What boot? And that's actually how some people pronounced out. They say septum. September October, October no vom November This home December last four months are easier to write and remember, be careful toe work on a pronoun station, though 7. Lecture 7: Okay, Big step ahead numbers. They're not super easy, but at least the repetitive. There's an easy method to remember everything. You have to learn numbers from 1 to 101st. Once you know your numbers, you just need to add another number to talk about 3000 Exeter. The numbers and French have the same structures as English numbers and Dutch, for example. It's different. Here's how it works in English, we'd say 22 French. We would see that do so. 20 and two in Dutch, we say Twin, twin D two and 20. So you'll be fine. Just make sure to practice every day. First, let's look at 0 to 10 zero. Not pronounced like the English way. It's zero. Oh, let's use that Kanye Sound again. Oh, do the exit. Ian of the word is silent. Do twas the s is silent, although people won't look at you Weird. If you say it, just try to focus on not saying it. Yep, The Q u A is pronounced like top. If you really want to speak, probably don't forget the E at the end, even though most French speakers will drop it chatto sandwich. This number sounds almost like sunk, sank, Cease. The eggs is pronounced as an s. So it's cease cease since the p is silent. So just say it like set reach. The age is silent here, so it sounds like wheat. If you pronounce it the right way, it will actually sound like you're starting to whistle it, REIT. No, If this one sounds just like it's written enough these once again, the eggs sounds like in s dese. Okay, it was pretty simple, but I have to warn you before we start, the people from France have a weird way of counting over to number 60. I'll explain it later. It's your choice. If you'd rather learn the Belgian way of counting or the French way of counting. Let's continue with numbers from 11 to 99. Who's DUIs plays get those. Jones says. That's all you have to remember. From here. You can see that there is a pattern in the words it becomes dese meaning tonight and the number associate id. So 17 is gonna be this Sit 18 is gonna be this street Exeter, D said these reeds these enough that no, you know, that Vermont means 20. Once again, there's a pattern. It goes on until 60. Vote. I don't know they do that twat. Don't get that sunk. That sees that said that meat that enough. So that's 20 to 29. Now you have 30. 30 is taught tall. Tina Tom Do Don't watch. Don't get taunt Sank Kansi's Taunts it. Paul treats Talton. If that was 30 to 39 let's go to 40 can hold General Deal Gallon do gallant law count cap Got sock ounces that was 40 to 49. Circled 50 Sakata cycle. Do psych on 12 so I don't get sick on psych Psych. Kansi's second said Cycle treed. Suckled enough. That was 50 to 59. Now let's see. 60 Swiss on Swiss Cynthia sweats. Undue stress on tour so I don't get so it's on psych. So Assad sees social set. So some treat so something. If Okay, so you're still in the safe zone about numbers. Now, please welcome 70. Pronounced like 60 10 then goes on 60 11 60 12 60 13 exit row in French. We just keep going with sit. Don't sit Tall tales that don't Instead of saying Swiss on these sorts until source on those. It's your choice now to either study the French Way or the Belgian oy. That's that's up to you right now that, say, the easiest one is the Belgian one on, and maybe you can learn to French one later. But stick to one method. Whether it's the French wanted a Belgian on, there is actually no need to learn both or try to blend in using the French Way unless you're a spy. Belgians understand the French numbers and French understand the Belgian numbers, so you'll be fine if someone tells you number. Using the way you don't usually use, repeat it with your method and check if you're talking about the same numbers, which can be really important about prices or time or dates and stuff like that. Okay, so the French way goes on like Swiss on this. So it's not the only source on does so sometimes cattles. So some girl's so salt says so, Cindy said. So it's on the street so sensitive, so it's actually 60 and 60. Den. 60 11 60 12 60 30 and extra. The Belgian way. Sounds like this, said Don't saved Adia sipped on Do said, Don't or sit down, grab cept on, Sonic said. Don Sees stepped on, said Sadat. It sit down. Now is about the time we get to 80. Fun fact, about 80 is that people from Switzerland say, Look, don't or Wheat in, which sounds a little moral logic. French sake it, although it literally means four times 20 after Kosovo, you at 123 Excedrin. Once you reach 89 you get back to that weird pattern. Go HD 10 80 11 exit room. Okay, so let's go with 80 Tetovo, get over our get hovel. Do get Covanta, Get over, get gettable! Selling cattle sees Get travel, Sit, get worried, Kept of a live Then we go back to the batter. Get about these get Jones says, All right, you can breathe for a minute. You just learned the hardest part of it. Congrats. Now let's get to 100 above. It is much simpler, trust me. So that means 100. If you want to count over the 100 just add the desired number after some. So one sign 125 Sandoz 112. Remember that number because is the emergency number in Europe Some Swiss Audio 161 Exeter ? Just be careful about higher numbers, though. Meal means 1000. It doesn't mean a mile. There's no miles and friends and there's no miles in Belgium, so you'll never see a mile. It's meal. It means 1000. Emilio means one million Amelia means a 1,000,000,000 video means a trillion letter eight. 8. Lecture 8: letter eight Geography and accents. You probably know that a language has many different dialects. French from Belgium and friends from the south side of France are different. Also, just in case things weren't complicated enough. There's a lot of regions where people speak French and another language. Look at the map below. It's a simplified explanation of different languages spoken in officially French speaking countries in the Brussels region, most people speak French or Dutch. I added English as 1/3 language because many European commissioner members work there and speak fluently English. You can see that the north part of Belgium, called Flanders, is not in green. It's because the main languages Flemish Sam ish is the name given to the Dutch language spoken by citizen of Flanders, usually Belgians living in the north or pretty good would English, and you can easily communicate with them. Since Belgium in France have coming borders with Germany, citizens living near the border speak German. Belgium has an official community of German citizen and as adopted German as 1/3 official language in France. Some people live in as us can speak French and Alsace yah. It's a mix of French and German, a big part of France, used to belong to Germany during the war, and it explains the massive influence of German on French. And as us the country always has an influence on the French language. In the north of France, people speak with an accent that sounds like South alone. Your French fun fact. For many years, Flanders and Wallonia have been fighting over Brussels. Geographically speaking, it's into Flanders territory that the majority of Brussels citizen are French speakers. Okay, now you know more about all the weird French parts off Europe. Now you're ready to move on to how to introduce yourself. 9. Lecture 9: lecture. Nine. How to introduce yourself when someone told you you were expecting them to be polite, especially if you give them in full advice or help them get somewhere. You'd be upset if someone just ask you for something and then stormed off without saying thank you. You'd also be super embarrassed. Something in French without knowing how to think or greet people. That is why I'm about to teach out. Introduce yourself. Okay. Introducing yourself requires a minimal knowledge about French verbs and how to country gate. Um, let's start with the personal pronounce First Joe, Joe, or depending on the verb following, means I The rule about Joe and Jay is simple. If the verb following it starts with a vowel, the becomes Let me show you some examples. Germont The pronoun does not change because the following verb doesn't start with a foul. Jeez, the verb I've starts with the foul. Therefore you need to shorten the Sha Tau. Avoid a weird sound. Usually if you miss up and use the wrong pronoun, it will sound weird And you will know you made a mistake until you're totally comfortable with the first pronoun. Don't hesitate to practice and speak with native French speakers. They'll correct you. You can also listen carefully when it's their time to speak, so you can master the first person pronoun to means you. I hear a lot of learners pronounced this one wrong all the time. Once you pick the habit, you always say it wrong. So please listen carefully and repeat it until you get it right. People usually say tool, but it's too to two. Is the friendly way to talk to someone you know? If you don't know personally someone, or if you're talking to an employer, your boss or anyone with more power than you, you need to use the polite form. There's a chart online to help you determine eight if you should use to or vou. Since it's pretty complicated, I'll just explain it to you here. If you're talking to a child, you can use to, even if you don't know that kid, unless the child is a member of the royal family or related to a country leader than you used to polite you. If you're talking to an adult who is a part of your family, you can use to. If the adult is family from super far away the family tree. You can use the polite forum until the person's is. It's OK you can use to when talking to retired. People usually use If you're about to talk to an adult stranger on the street, you can use, for example, when you're about to ask for directions and you can always say excusing more before starting toe. Ask anything. If you're speaking to your lover, recalls friend, Husband, wife. You can use to. If you're talking to the family of your lover husband, wife, use voodoo and then ask if it's OK if everybody uses too friendly for usually, people will feel embarrassed and politely ask you to stop using too polite for if you're talking to a president, your boss, the waiter, waitress, a teacher or the seller in a shop, use voodoo unless there close to you. Of course, in general, if you're not sure, used food until the person says that you can use to. People will say to permit you to you. It's not really translatable, but it basically says you can call me with to look around. If people used a friendly form to talk to everyone. Just do the same thing. Don't be mad. If a kid uses the friendly form with you. They usually don't learn the difference before age nine or 10. You u stands for him and l stents for she. The pronoun is used to talk about a group of people, but it's considered singular. For example, well, more wholesome means we're eating together. The only represents the group, and you can replace the own with it, and it will still be correct. Eat. It can also be used to represent something else in a person. For example, it improved, meaning it's raining. It's what we call unpersuaded all Another example. Gylfie Boo. Meaning the weather is good. New is the French version of we Nothing special about this one, who is either the polite version of two or a way to talk about multiple people. Just like the English you il L. This one is a little tricky. Deal means they were talking about boys. It means you're talking about a group of girls. There's just one thing. What do you say when it's a group of boys and girls? There's if there's at least one boy in the group. It's automatically heal, meaning that if you have a group of nine girls and one boy, it's gonna be it'll. Boys always win with verbs Now that you know your pronounce, we can start learning verbs. Let's start with to be so you'll be able to introduce yourself to tell someone who you are . There's two ways you can either say hi, my name is or say hi, I am. We'll learn both weights Usually introduce yourself by giving your first name and your last name. Let's learn some vocabulary First Penal First name. This is your first name. I'll do it for me. Gemma. Bill Imedi. Imedi No or not for me is last night your family name. This is your last name. I'll do it for me again. Modeled for me a Scrivens Mama Emily Scrivens. If someone asks you Kelly Toma or kill it vocal. No, they're expecting to hear your full name Age in English and Dutch. When you want to give your age, you use the verb to be in French. You will see I have 20 years old, for example. Unusual moment Image E G. You can spot the difference is here and friends, you would say I have 21 years in the ocean. Dutch. You would say I am 21 or I am 21 years old in French. We just used to say year and all to say years. We don't use another word to go with it simply to be named. It's in the woods. Introduce yourself Instead of saying I'm John, you can see my name is John. For example, let's start to fully congregate to be in tow. Have it to be just to a Yeah. And, uh, Newsome was it Essel? Now let's start to congregate Tohave J Teoh. Uh ah. News, everyone. Mousavi it is, um, as, um, there's no special trick to remember them. You just have to study them. Please be careful not to make a mistake with Isam and ism. Now you can study all those new verbs announced that you've learned, and when you're done, we'll be starting to practice 10. Lecture 10: link Turton being polite. Okay, It's now time to learn how to be polite and what words to use when greeting someone. You could totally survive a conversation with Sela Salvato. What is so interesting at all? Instead, let's run how to greet someone. If you're about to talk to a stranger someone who seems busy with something, you can just say excuse him or to get their attention. I'm a more civil play is what people tell you when they're busy for a short amount of time and they'll get back to you as soon as they can. They could also say announced dancing problem. You can use messy to think someone in Messi, Baku to think someone a lot. See, Problem can be used to call a stranger, usually to tell them something like, Hey, you dropped your wallet or a something fell out of your pocket. Something like that. It also means please, But depending on the tone, your use it can mean hey have something to tell you. What? I don't know your name in the US and UK, I noticed that people tend to call strangers using Sir Miss or Madam, you can just see serial blade. It's that's not considered offensive module is the equivalent to Good morning. Stop using it after six PM or as soon as his dark outside. If it's the evening, use bourgeois. We have a deep fear to be using the wrong word and be corrected by the other person. So either use whatever word the other person used, or use the word, depending on the time. Apple juice is the friendly way to say, See you next time on Lee. Use it if you're quoted a person you're talking to. The zoo is the equivalent to the English soak. So or XXX. It means kisses and should only be used with people you know well, it's not really a way to end a conversation. It's mostly used in text or when writing a postcard to a close person sell you is the formal way to say hi to someone. You can use it to say goodbye. Don't use it with someone you don't know. Libya can be translated to. Are you doing OK? It's used when talking to someone you haven't seen in a while. Kind of like hey has live doing Come, Ultra is differently. Form toe ask someone how they are. Kamata level is the polite forum off come over to was a TBM usually used when you want to ask someone if they're okay right after something happened, or it can be used to greet someone, it's usually used right when you're shaking someone's hand, Sava is used to ask someone if they're OK, it's considered okay. Tasks over to strangers, especially if something just happened to them on the street. Salva can be used for strangers. Your boss, your coworkers and and kits. It's selfies is really useful because it can be used anywhere. Voici is usually used. When someone gives you success wishes, you might be tempted to use it when someone says, Take care. But it's not pretty common. I've done it and people looked at me weird, so don't do it. Kfit view is used when someone is asking you what you do in life. They're expecting an answer like I work at this company or I am an engineer or I'm independent. They're asking you about your professional life. Jetta is the sentence you should use to tell someone where you work. You can Onley add a city, for example, Jakob by a Miami. It's meant to designator work, location, not the name of your company. You cannot say Jodhaa by Facebook. That's incorrect. She is the sentence you should use to tell someone who you work for, for example, should have a shift. His book. Just have a shinin didn't do just trees over cost. That means you're on holiday. Don't say that when someone asks you about your job. That's extremely rude. Just read. The vivienda is used to tell the person where you're from. You can say California, Los Angeles or even the name of your hood. Joviane. The Hollywood Boulevard jab. It means the same thing as Govinda, except you have to be more specific when answering. Bourgeois is what you use when you want to see high end evening money is the equivalent to good night. All right, you ready to be alone in the French speaking jungle? I'll see you in the next lecture to talk about gender. This is a big chapter, so please pay extra attention 11. Lecture 11: a lecture. 11. Gender NEDA You know how to form basic phrases. It's time to fill them with some useful vocabulary. You may be aware that now owns have a gender in French. It can be tough to learn, and you need to do the same thing every time you learn a new word. Study the gender of the word. Knowing the gender of a noun is super important in French because it deter minds. The choice of pronoun, the adjective following any can influence the verb 99% of the time. There's no rule to remember the gender of a noun. The only way to know is to study carefully and always remember the gender. When you check a word in a dictionary, I'm going to give you a few rules to recognize the gender of announce in Belgium is, um, Bella Back tomorrow we're going to focus on the adjective bell that you can see a means pretty. It's written in different forms. The one would just bell and the one with Bella. If you see that the constant has been doubled and that there's a knee added after, that's a feminine now, missile is a feminine down and a bottom is masculine. Let's take another example much at Amazon like DVT, it'll result. You can see that the adjective amuse own Haddon e added to the second sense, so you can spot the difference. Now. Much is a masculine word. Activity is a feminine word. Let's look at another example. Rudisha ITC Alloy Lebranchu ec alloy. Can you tell the gender of this sign about true this size, masculine, Don't you? Is feminine. There's important rules. You have to remember if you're talking about a man or a male animal, it's always going to be masculine. If you're talking about a woman or a female animal, it's always going to be feminine. Country named are generally feminine. A band with E Colombe Force, Belgian, Swiss, Almond River and mountain names can be feminine or masculine. You'll have to study them since there's no way to tell their gender, just like in English. There's different names for animals, depending on their gender. Let's see some Leo Leon. She'll shin jig to us on on this. Another rule to remember is that if you encountered these words before the noun LA Union or set, you know the word is feminine. If you encounter thes words look, uh, so or set. You know, the noun is masculine. The conclusion to dissection is study hard when you see new words and at some point you will be able to know if it sounds weird when you miss it, the gender. 12. Lecture 12: let your 12 asking questions. Being able to ask questions the right way might save you if you are in trouble and need assistance. Will Andy interrogative words and their translation? I will also provide an example so you can understand better how they used Come on. How come off it just to see How do you do this? Fuqua. Why? But what if we were there to me? Y Z often on to what good fit you. What are you doing? T Who chiller Who's there, John. When Go feel true. What are you coming? Kill? Kill? What can you, Joe? But you What job do you have? What's the purpose of this button? Cumbia. How much how maney could ripple. How much does the bread cost? Committed dozens. Or how many people are there where whose alleged console were the console games? There's too many ways to ask a question in French. You can use all the words in normal order and use your tone to make people understand. You're asking a question. Let me give you an example. Mike is home mike it Terrorism. Someone called this morning could get a place. Mother the other way is to switch the words just like the English. We when you say is Mike home esque, you might get Dalam ism. Did someone call this morning as cooking gear? A police matter. Same thing is English Except that you will have to use question words Mostly. Sq, let me show you some examples. Ehskoo Giulietta is Julie there? Ask your two prima facie The cell Can you pass me to solve s secure is the way to start a question 13. Lecture 13: lecture. 13. Family vocabulary. Now it's time to fill your head with basic but useful Valka. Billary first will complete what we already know. What Valka Billary about jobs and family. Let's start with the family. I will provide the gender of every word. Don't forget to study to gender too. Lemaire, la Mama, the mother. Mom, You're there. Live Bubba The father, Dad the baby, The baby less so the sister looks like the brother. Lamari. Lip you the husband Lapham. Lippo's the wife spouse Lafis the Sun Lafi the daughter. Leboeuf, ease the stepson. Le Belfi Stepdaughter compare Papi Papi the grandfather. Go make Mommy Mommy the grandmother. If the gender is feminine, use Ma when talking about a family member. If the gender is masculine used moment Look at these examples to understand Better more Call pair a doctor Murphy A don't East study the with words very hard. And now you can make sentences about your family. You can even combine them and say ma feta via Miami. More feast Abi, She Facebook that it's your turn to make sentences. Lamari, Lippo Lafis, Go mail! Mommy! Mommy! Le Belfi, You're there. Live Bubba less. So. Compare Papi! Papi! The baby! LeBow Fees left from Lippo's Lafi la mamma 14. Lecture 14: picture. 14 jobs vocabulary. Now let's learn a couple jobs. Name that you might need to use. Limit PSA The doctor. The doctor. Dr Just means someone with a doctorate on not feeling me enough. Um, yeah, the nurse Rick office. So the teacher look lucky Toy stick. The guide Tourist guide. Rivaldo level. Does the shop seller not used to talk about the owner of the shop recess? Over LaSalle views the waiter Waitress Lola's Secret. Their secretary. Look, lola dot ist the dentist Lu Director Let directories the director or a headmaster let you don't let you John the student Any age, French people don't use different names depending on the year the students are in. Now you conform phrases to talk about yourself or your family. Just resume it. Some masseurs took it there. More fees. Adult East Exeter. Look, I noticed receivable. Let's sell booze. Lance occurred there. Lu Director, Let directories Levander level dooz. Professor, I don't feel me, you know feeling Yeah. Limit PSA. Doctor, look. Lucky toy stick. Let you don't let you, John 15. Lecture 15: like you're 15 common verbs. Now that you have a strong like a billary it stunned to discover more verbs in order to form new phrases veneer. Julia Tuvia It'll l via new vinyl veuve une il l Jenna, you can use this verb to explain where you're from. Remember we learned the sentence. Just read a Miami. When you use the verb vigna, it means you literally come from a certain place by saying Just read the Miami is You've gotta bury you say that you were born or a live in Miami But you just came back from Paris . Shashi is your shash to shellfish l shellfish new sexual in shash You can use this verb to say you're looking for a person. An object or a place. For example, is your search lega? I am looking for the station Mafi Shellfish office tall. My daughter is looking for a restaurant. New section on hotel. We're looking for a hotel. Ali is Ravi chooser Il l va New Zealand usually ill l vote. This verb is a little special. It represents the action to go from one point to another and it can also be used to talk about yourself When you see Joe Vivia means you're doing good, Let's see some examples Juvie. Oh my God. I'm going to the store even more so they're going to eat a beauty. Jab it to a beat Il l a bit No subito Visibility Il l a bit This verb is used to extreme where you live Nothing complicated Don't forget that the first pronoun is shortened because you can't have two vowel sounds following each other. If you want to say you live at someone's place, you can use she to say you live with someone. Use a vic if you want to name a place, use Ah, let's see some examples. Jab it. Shape Massa. I live at my sister's news a bit. Oh Amir, me. We live in Miami, My mama a beat Traffic movable. My mom lives with my dad. Margie Large Two more Il L More No motion. Margie Ill Elmo's this verb. It's pretty simple. You just use it to say you're eating something just at the name of the food, right after the verb Jamaat in bum. I am eating an apple in March. Different. They reading fries. New marshal proposal worried ing fish. Wow! To book ill elbow No big room v il l above. This one is also very simple. Just remember that new Beavon if you BV are slightly different because the O is missing. 16. Lecture 16: section five, 100% Valka Bueller Picture. 16 Airport. An airplane vocabulary that you know how to say you're looking for people, items or places we can start. Maura Complex phrases First will need to learn new vocabulary about places and personal items at deer. Report. One of you airplane and book to Dhlakama Boarding Gate, Innogy wrote in the plane. A surge in plus a seat. Hamburgers in valleys, luggage. The subject. Belgian Lawson found items, uh, in peanut. A pilot. A ticket to do Kimoto back Imo boarding pass or a boarding documents on my guest shop in your genes Emergency annually. Cancel in softy to school Emergency exit. Happy country as you Later. So cool life jacket in pieced run away in such you seat belt. Nicolle de Collage Taking Off. Take off at the Riv At the research. Lending come passport or passport. Hold off late and Cassidy don't you to I D Card. Now let's move on to lecture 17. We'll talk about hotels 17. Lecture 17: later. 17. Hotel Valka Billary, A d'hotel. You know this obscure reception, checking desk and clean t in love it shuttle the charge charges or fees and formula formula . Andi Ginny. Breakfast. Anti. Any dinner? A soupy supper in from the Minaj made no female, non smoking Ali bed. And are you a pillow? Your service ducharme room service and that's also lift or elevator. Ample war tip. Just one thing before you keep learning new words. The name of meals is different in France and Belgium. Take a look at the table below to understand better and friends. We start with a tradition, it breakfast. Then we have Dejan E Dinner and then Dini Supper and Belgium. We see Dejan E, which is breakfast. Dini, which is dinner and soupy, which is suffer. 18. Lecture 18: later. 18. Your personal items There is nothing worse than losing one of your personal items while you're away. Let's see a list of words that you can use when you lost one of your personal items above to free a wallet. I sank a bag any type of bag. I was like I do a backpack. I'm Bob Re a number ella the deputy Don t d Your personal identification documents. It could be passport i D card bank cards. It's considered a whole Leave it mo Close a second mama handbag or purse. Amato. Invest a jacket for both men and women. Let's move on to lecture 19 where we will learn new words about places. 19. Lecture 19: lecture 19 places in general. We'll tell the hotel LeBlanc the bank liable Dear Board, let it abuse the bus stop Limit whole subway Also called Ella in France Lega Station About the more your list of all the restaurant Le Post the post office backing taxi the taxi barking on a petal the hospital, a cinema, the cinema not a up the tea either People mashie the supermarket And what you the car and you need sed the university and maybe you take the library. Love is you Tourism Tourist Office Let's move on to specific words about bar and restaurants. 20. Lecture 20: Lichter. 20 Boring Restaurant, Commodity Order and come on on order. Selva the waiter. That's salvos the waitress. In addition, the bill No shift. Restore the cook like guest room in you. The menu visit IAEA. Vegetarian Viet Thanh told it. A blessing. That's the usual sign you can see. It's, um, restaurant. It means please wait to be seated. Rebel war. The tip. Just a little worried about the tip. It's important to leave tips in France and Belgium. You don't have to write on the bill too little weight or know how much your giving people usually leave 1 to 5 euros per person. You also have to consider how many waiters served you. If there was two or more, consider giving more than a couple of euros. If you're not satisfied with the service, you're allowed to go without leaving a tip. But the stuff will remember it. Now let's move on to Section six. Where will focus on letters 21. Lecture 21: it's now focus on letters. There are some combinations of letters that you might encounter and not know what it means . And this is why I'm gonna teach you common abbreviations and short names. You will have French abbreviation full word and the translation C A share. Salt Hospital divisional. That is a classic hospital. It takes care of the whole region. That's why it's called Santos. Between you CSU Salt Hospital, you University University Hospital Is your having an emergency? Always time trying to look for a university hospital. The name doesn't mean much phones Lo France Mayor Magic Belgium A Hottie p ratio to numb the transport Teresia the Trends board system in pairs everywhere. Friso Express regional experts transport system by a region SNCB So she didn't, as you know, the Schumann affair Bells. That's the society in charge of the train transportation in Belgium s sensitive so city national dish. Her mother fair False. A society in charge of the train transportation in France. Visa busy kisses you, uh, in your little been European Union F court air conditioning A. C jian shoulder marinas. You know, national police friends have the gendarmerie and the police different names, different missions. Gee, Asian Group French version off the SWAT. If you see them and are not able to understand their orders, just let them know you speak another language and keep your hands visible. Berry. But I get the Russia Hotel Special brigades before research and intervention. They're more into terrorist stuff. No a days. But dont that's NATO. Okay, you're done now you need to exercise on your spelling. 22. Lecture 22: most? Uh huh. Just some do person we striven more suitably. Wait Villa isco Savarese We must've broke new vulnerable on this year. Discover fully like act we mercy. What up? Don't you see? 23. Lecture 23: module. Just, uh freedom. Yeah. Is your shop sluggish? It is. Super shipbuilder. Was that the subject matter to you? A school was a rebel. John Object. Jeff Meldrum of ist okay, Messi Boo boo! Sq Such investor vehicle Numico We some of ist really a tree are rete Rete Cap, is it Whoville Harvest Messy. Delia Born Jonah. 24. Bonus lecture: Hey there in Congress for finishing the course. If you would like to Brecht his hearing French. I have created a meditation course fully and French, and I'm giving you this free coupon to excess. It use coupon code free French course on this course to have it for free and practice. It is a French spoken course on meditation. You can take discourse as a challenge and try to listen to it fully and even answer quiz questions. Electra Thank you again for taking this course, and I'm counting on you to leave an honest review for it. Reviews are extremely important, just like on eBay or Amazon. They are extremely important, even if they're negative. Please, just be honest so I can make the course better. If you would like to know more. Studying tips head to our website Pablo school dot com to find articles, videos and more. Thanks again for your trust, and I hope I will see you soon as a student again