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French for Beginners: Grammar in Context | Learn French with a Native Speaker | TIME & NUMBERS

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. French grammar in Context: HOW TO TELL THE TIME + THE NUMBERS - Quick and easy French Grammar Serie

    • 2. French Grammar: French Vocabulary and Pronunciation

    • 3. Learn French in context

    • 4. French Questions and Answers

    • 5. French grammar Rules

    • 6. French grammar: Fill in the blanks

    • 7. French grammar: Mistake, no mistake.

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About This Class

About This Class

French Grammar in Context: HOW TO TELL THE TIME + THE NUMBERS. Quick and Easy French Grammar Series is a complete and comprehensive course about the French Grammar, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.


What the course includes:

  1.     This French Course includes more than 30 Explainer Slides so your Brain can easily understand the lectures.
  2.     It also includes Pdf Files which will help you complete the French Grammar Exercises and French grammar Guides.
  3.     French Grammar Quizzes with immediate feedback.
  4.     French Grammar Rules.
  5.     French A1 Level vocabulary to be able to practice the French grammar.
  6.     Images, to be able to build strong mental link.
  7.     French Example Sentences to learn in context and remember.
  8.     French Questions and Answers to be able to have a French conversation.



How can I improve my French and my French Grammar Skills?

What are the good ways to learn the French Grammar Quickly and Easily?

Can I have fun while learning French Grammar?

Do these Questions sound familiar to you?

If yes, read on...

Grammar is an essential skill for Foreign Language Learners, but it has to be enjoyable and fun to be efficient. That’s why we use Gestures in this French course, it makes the course livelier.

The latest studies also show that the learning must be Multimodal. That is why we will use Objects and Pictures.

But French Grammar learning has also to be linked with Emotions and Feelings so as to be persistent, and this is why we will learn through a Story.

I will walk you through the different grammar rules steps by step.

But it’s not enough to just read and memorize the words in the vocabulary lists or to study grammar.

That’s why you will put what you’ve learned into practice and get immediate feedback on the mistakes that you’re making in the Exercise section.

And it’s always good to have a French teacher who can point out your mistakes so I will be at your side during all the process through the chat (“Discussion”)


About the Author:

My name’s Chris and I am a French teacher, but also graduated in Marketing and International Business in France; I have studied and know 4 languages fluently that are French English German and Spanish. You may ask yourself how it is possible and the short answer sounds easy: CONTEXT.

-   I did not learn English through the “normal way” I was lucky enough to enter a special “European Class” when I was 14 and learned English through History and Geography told By a Native English Teacher.

-   The same for German: When I was 8 I asked my parents to go to a German School instead of a French one and they accepted!

-   And the same for Spanish: I was bored of the French lifestyle and decided 5 years ago to move to Peru and my Spanish Level quickly jumped from B2 to C2 Level

The only thing in common with these language learnings is that I learned IN CONTEXT. That is the key point.

Every day I was learning with all day life events with gestures, objects, picture, emotions, feelings, and immediate feedback. That is what I reproduced in this course.


By the end of this class you will be able to:

  1.     Remember words thanks to Mental Images.
  2.     You will Use Tips, Techniques to Learn French Grammar.
  3.     You will take action by doing Short Easy Exercises (you will Learn Actively)
  4.     You will learn French Grammar and Vocabulary In Context through a whole Story.
  5. Learn More in Less Time, thanks to an efficient French Learning System that includes you in the whole process in some Real-Life Examples.


Who is this course for?

People who want to get the French TEF or the French DELF Exam.

People who want to Study in a French speaking Country (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Congo…)

People who want to live in a French Speaking Paradise (Madagascar, Seychelles, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, New Caledonia…)

People who want to Climb the Social Ladder by improving their curriculum. French language gives you a much wider pool of opportunity as it is an Official UNO language.

People who want to Go on Holiday in a French speaking country.

People who want to Increase their Income in their current Job. French gives you a much wider pool of opportunity as it is spoken by 300 Million people in the World.

People who want to maintain their Brain in a Healthy state. Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways not to have Alzheimer and other Brain diseases.

People who want to invest time and money in themselves (Self-Development)

People who want to see if they can do it! There is something deeply rewarding about learning a new language

Bilingual partners. Try and learn the other person’s native tongue for the next French Christmas Dinner!

So if you want to stop wasting your time and efforts and don’t know yet how to do it efficiently. Then this French Grammar Course is for you.


Ready to get started?

See you on the inside. (hurry, class is waiting!)




What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach (Patricia Russel)

It is really nice and easy to understand. (Melike Elif Gülpınar)‎

‎I enjoyed the course. The instructor is very positive and informative. The material is easily understood. I look forward to the next course available from this instructor. (Patricia Starnes)

This course is really exactly what I needed. The instructor is extremely helpful, responds promptly [...] I highly recommend this course and any other course this instructor is teaching. (Sonia Staward)

Very well explained, easy to grasp (Debbie Gabrielle)

This dude is awesome for explaining things and making everything funny. (Jose Vidal)

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. French grammar in Context: HOW TO TELL THE TIME + THE NUMBERS - Quick and easy French Grammar Serie: In this lecture, we will learn the cardinal and the ordinal numbers. It means, for example, the number three, which is not the same as the word Third now. And we will also learn how to tell the time. It's quite important and trends and in old Europe to understand this, how to tell the time, because being late is really something you shouldn't do. Yeah. We will also learn how to conjugate the verbs to want and to be able to live there but vulva, it'll available. We will make it enjoyable, sinks to justice, objects and picture. And remember, what you learned has to be linked with emotions and feelings who asked to be persistent. That's why we will learn with context through the story of Remy and The Babylon family. My name's Chris and I'm your favorite native French teacher. And I will be at your site during all the process through the chat to point out your mistake. So let's get started and jump into the course now. And to learn how to say things like more and putting it in Asia. Now, let's jump into the course. Mental Nazi party. 2. French Grammar: French Vocabulary and Pronunciation: In this lecture, we will learn how to deal with the numbers like 123 and the first, the second, the assert, and how to read and how to tell the time. Ok? But first of all, we will see a bit of vocabulary because we want to learn in context. Remember, so let's check out the vocabulary list. The first word, JP and elderly, men and numbe, r, g and we have to make the link here. Yeah, you hear numb, you don't hear you hear. Yasser is a link here on both of them. And numbe, r j RG, elderly. Okay. And now we will repeat the word together. Yeah, so first you listen and then you repeat and RJ, and now it's your turn. Once again. And Jacque. Great. And let's continue with the next word. And no food. No. And it's a masculine word and you don't hear the last letter many, many times when it's a T, when it said D width, when it's an S, you don't hear those letters when they are the last letters. Yeah. And no fool enough. And often age and our filename. So first you listen and then you repeat. And thirdly, not once again, and no food enough. Great. Let's continue with some other words. Don't forget to check out my mouse. Yeah, well, when I pronounce it, bizarre, bizarre, weird, bizarre, bizarre. One z, w are bizarre. Next word. And it's a masculine word. Yeah, in English is not masculine. Neither it is feminine, but in French. It's a masculine word. Xiang. Next word, ate a seat to sit. Here, it's important to note that it is composed of two verbs. The verb to be and the verb to sit. Yeah, it's like to be sitting in infringed. You don't say to sit. You say to be sitting always. You cannot say no. Just squeeze a C. Yam sitting. If you translate it, were to work through sweet sea. Asi, Silverberg, infinitive. Next word, you know, shares feminine word. Shares, shares. Shells, unquote, Inuit, oncogenes. Mostly gone. The curiosity in the text is, it's translated better curiously, but if you want to translate it literally it's that curiosity. Lack you'll use it. And it's a feminine word. Lack, you use the Deep Blue mosquito. The next word, ensemble on summed together on song. The next one, a raccoon take. Here is the verb at the infinite form, and it's a verb of the first group because it ends with a hat tip to tell or to say, aha, contain. I'm Mooney. I'm a knee to bring. Don't forget to make a thumb gestures when you learn the words, it will really help you allot knee. The same for ensemble. You can make the sign on Samba ensemble. Haha conti continues to bring you can grab something. Yeah, like her knee to bring to bring something underneath. And now let's continue with the text. 3. Learn French in context: The tablet dukha phi eta c nom RG, depart and costume Baeza. Remember, bizarre, we just saw that word. In this case. It means weird, a weird costume. But maybe we could also say a bizarre costume. Yeah. In the tablet, one of the table, one of, In that case D. In the tablet, you cafe tables with an s in English and was an S infringe also, yeah. Do coffee into see, here was the link it tasking and ADG, keeper and costume visa and elderly men wearing a weird costume. Key. In that case, key part two words in French and one word in English, where ring, keeper wavering a weird costume and continue to sorta see here also with the link some Tessie, because here we have a foil portion, fantasy sub-shells. Here. One other, number, three, dogs. She'll continue. Regard as a curiosity. Lumber 0f lithium. Remy looks curiously. We could also say with curiosity, but it wouldn't sound great in English now, looks curiously. Infringe literally with curiosity. Lam, The Men Li Xia, dogs with an S, Li Xia with an S. Also logy honed you coffee. Don't manager with an accent J. And here we have a nozzle sound or all the bit of air has to come out of the nose. Leucine, you get phi is Babylon, Luciana Cafe Babel, cause, ensemble, caused. The verb is cozy ER, its verb of the first group, cause. And it means to have small talk, to talk, or to have a smoke talk cuz ensemble, Babylon, record, killer, Babylon, raccoon to kill Armani Linphone unlawfully. Now, he wants to bring the child to the orphanage on continue. Ela Avik Sehgal show set, schedule set. It's an expression. Yeah, it cannot be modified. Central subset. It means seven days a week. Seven days a week schedule. So set. He can work here. Seven days a week. It patella, you Avik mA here in that case, we call it also say with me yeah, but it sounds better here. He could work with me. He can work here seven days a week. It would have a central subset. And if it's here, literally, it would be is it boots have a year. Ec, Sehgal skillsets, new book 2pi me here or the link also, Eva beaucoup, PMI, pay me 2pi Mi De Lu Zhong. He will like it a lot. Says the manager or continuum at monocles exists. 4. French Questions and Answers: Let's continue with the exercises. So we will begin now with the question, how many dogs are there? How many dogs are there? How do you say that infringe como sulla Francis Columbia. Xia, By the way, is that here the formal way to ask a question or is it the informal way? It is. Formal way, yeah, because we have here the for the verb and before the pronoun, yeah, combustion yet tildes Xia, how many dogs are there? And the answers. So you could pause the video and try to build your own answer, yes or no answer. There are three dogs. How would you say that infringe? There are three docs. Ilia. There are, remember we saw it already in the other lectures. Ilia. There are three docs, Xi, Bian Shi, Xiang, and it's also a nozzle sound. A bit of air has to come out of your nose and a bit of air comes out of the nose. On continue lack is Sweden. What is Remy looking at? You can pause the video and try to translate that into French. What is Remy looking at? Go regard Remy, quite easier. Cou it means watts literally or gather the verb to look. Hemi. What? Look, Remy, yeah, literally equal to speak. What looks Remi, but it sounds better in English. What is Ramy looking at? Continuity. Then he looks at the men and the dogs, try to build it, infringe. Looks at them in and the dogs, quite easy to just take some words of the text and you can build it yourself. Regard the man is not sit here. Men, the men, and it begins with an H. So you have to put l apostrophe Remy who? Yada LAM, elite Xiang, Xiang, S with an S histone three dots liable student. What are Mr. B. And the Cafe manager doing? What are Mr. B. And the Cafe manager doing? Khufu? Must you be illusion orangey cafe, Khufu. From what do, what do? Good, formless, Bernardo, illusion, geography, Gaskill, phone, light bonds. So the two men are talking. The two men are talking. How would you say that in French? Ledoux xm. Here, we have a link. Do some, do some, like if it was a z here, Yeah, we hear the sound the lid to some other S, pose e and t at the end because it's assert person of the pleural. Ledoux XM calls yada, two men are talking, or the two men have a Smalltalk, or the two men are having a Smalltalk. It's the same. Ledoux's calls, literalism pools, all continuous. How many days a week with Remi go to work? How do you say how many we saw it already called Yang Xuan. How many days do Joi packs a man? It means per week or how many days a week. Remi that poverty is a way to form the future. To use that verb is a verb to go. And Tara yea, at the infinitive form, remeber, you pursue men, Remi, the cafes, Eli poles. And the answer is going to work seven days a week. Seven days a week. You know already how to say that. Then if I have a set Joshua's set schedules yourself, don't forget the S here because it's a plural. Yeah, we have seven days. Yeah. Remi vertebra. Yea. So we'll just take that one to build the answer creamy battery. And he will have the answer schedule. So set M is going to work seven days a week. All got to know. How does Remy Look at the men to look at? How do you say that in French? God, we already seen that. Como hemi Hoegaarden LAM. Here. Do we have a formal question or do we have an informal question? It is an informal question. Coma remain regardless. If it's in a formal question, it would have been como hemi regarded LAM coma or guarded till OK. On continue every clock pulse. You can pause the video and try to build your own answer. Then he looks curiously, remember, we sweat. Remy looks curiously at the men. Really, really easy that one. Ramy regard llama a vague curiosity. Curiosity with curiosity. 5. French grammar Rules: What are they actually had to do? Gmail. Let's continue now with the grammar rules and with two new verbs. Yeah. I want to whew, whew want in. It's written the same way. They have up to one by 2 first 1. Like many, many verbs, yeah, you saw it already. Ill, woo, woo. Yeah. He wants, she wants. And one once. Okay. Nu o and S at the end. Wu Li is it at the end? And once again, you see those two are not the same as the other. No. Ill will vary the NT. Yeah. That one is quite strange because it's not the same as sues ones. The root, the root here is VU, the root here is v o u l, v o u l. Many, many times here it's the same route. And the last one is not the same as the other. Yeah, V, E u, l. Now, l, it means it was the masculine form at the pro reform. And L feminine plural say 1d. So i want you want, he or she wants, we want, you want, and they want something really, really similar. Now the verb to Kenya or to be able to reveal the Hua Jiu Bu was an x with an x with a t. Quite easy. Now, we have seen that already knew proven o ns is with, with you at the plural form. Per, per. Yeah, and here we see the same as before. Those three have the same root. Those two have the same route, but the last one is irregular. It doesn't have the same root as so Zhuan Ye Jiu Bu To put it buh new proven 2vi ill. And now let's check out the rules for the numbers as the promise of this course. The normal cardinal, ordinal or nominal and ordinal numbers, maybe you don't know that was those words, but cardinal is really quite simple. And A123, yeah, Cardinal and ordinal numbers, those in blue? Yeah. The first, the second assert the fourths or fifths. Yeah. So infringe do TWA Sacco and do TWA sack plume. Ye do ZM, YM, get him. Thank him. And here we have something grades, something easy do we can find it here. Now in English too, has nothing to do with second, but infringed. Yes, it has dou, dou z m. You just have to put E, M, E at the end and you have second. Yeah. Twa. Three does not have anything to do with third. Yeah, 3, third. But in French, it has taught you, take that word and you put e at the end. The same for sank, sank, sank, Kim, Sang Kim. Just one thing here. You have to add, you know, because q and E because q and I, it doesn't exist, infringe. Yeah. So you just have to add an you and he will have something special. You have to quit that e cap. And here we have some special Also with poems. That one you have to learn it by heart. Yeah. Pull me dou, dou z, m plus m, cap cat 3M sank sank him. It's not so hard. Yeah. And yeah. It's for the feminine form. Yeah. My masculine form, premier feminine form. Let's continue with the next sis, CM. Quite easy. Set, set him quite easy. Also, VT. VT am really easy. Nerf nerve VM. Here, the F becomes a v, Okay? This DCM, quite easy. You just have to quit the E dues museum. You just have to quit that also. So it's not so hard now, not so hot. All gotten you a metal nor are they can Chausson, poor upon broadly known. But let's continue now with the song to learn the numbers. Yeah, it's really going to help you because you are making a link with rhythm. And it has been scientifically prove that if you learn with rhythm, it's easier for your brain to retain it. Yeah, to remember its Gua Ji radar gets sank cease to year, day, soon, set V8 Nerf, DOM companion enough. This owns dues also wrong. Once again, twangy read-only, BWA, gap sank CSC is set to V8 snuff DOM enough. This dues 2D. And here with the colors, you have the rhymes. Yeah, TWA, sis series. You just have the I that is the same. Enough, enough. Quite strange here because nine is the same as New. Yeah, in that case Nerf it's nine and that case nerve, it's new. Yeah. It has two meanings. It's written in the same way and friends, but it has two meanings. Completely different meaning in English. Yeah, dude, who? 12 and read. Yeah. So in English 123, I will go into the woods. Yeah. Ga is I will go in the future. Former Katz thank sees 4-5-6 to gather cherries or to gather some terrorists? Yeah. 709 in my new basket. Basket is tiny and it's a masculine word. That's why we have here is for the fan-in as far the masculine and in its Don't, don't move. Enough. In my new basket, this dues 101112, as shown. Here, we have the future also assume to Tunisia they will be complete DU, read or quite read. So you just have to remember that song to remember 12 numbers infringe, it will really help you. Notice no comma D low, uomo Lee, Hello, how to tell the time? The time is expressed infringed by the cardinal numbers plus the word. Yeah. Or it can also be error with an s. Plural. Yeah, quite easy. Read. Iliad or this, it's ten past eight. Here. We have eight, but infringed you have it here. And ten, You have it at the biggest name in English. And at the end in infrared Xia, literally it would be Illy VTR this, it will be it is eight hours ten. Yeah, eight hours, ten. Okay. So in English ten past eight, but in French, vetoed the same 411 new and novel. He came at 20 past 920 in French. It is at the end and nine, it's at the end in English, but it's at the beginning infringe even new and novel. On Cotonou. The unexceptional, our midi noon and mean me midnight. Yeah. So midi GMO javac l, this noon I ate with her. Remus rezoned AMI amine when I slept at midnight. Midi mean we mean d, minimum. The divisions are the same in English and in French. Quarters. We have quarters to or past and we'd have house. Yeah. So infringe. Do me yeah. It's quarters. And to me, it's half dummy with an e at the end. If it's feminine, because it must agree with and it's feminine. So you have to add an Inuit uno, Do me a half an hour, you know, do me with an E. With median mean we dummy remains unchanged yard you, you don't have to put an e here at the end with minWidth and with midi. Domain car are always separate from a media and mainly by the conjunction a. Yeah, you just have to add an edge between both, you know, Idi Amin have passed ONE. Literally it would it would be one hour and half. Yeah. The second one, a quarter past two, we can read it. Do the YWCA two hours and a quarter. A quarter past 12 mean UI a dummy without e here. Mean we ADME midi. Half-past weight, midnight or noon, okay? Quite easy. Time before the hour is expressed by the addition of two media Amun-Re of one minus yeah. And the cardinal numbers was a Wendy's ten to three to three hours minus ten. Yeah. I mean, it's midnight minus 20. Quite easy. Yeah, 20 to 12 in good English. Midi, Luca, medium Monica, a quarter to 12 noon. Midi. To express O'Clock, use only the verb. It means it is, yeah. And you add the word pill if you really want to insist on the punctuality. And remember, punctuality in France is really, really important. Yeah, it's really rude. If you don't come up the time. For example, for, for, for, if you are searching some jobs is true. In that case, it's really, really important, yeah, immediate below, it's the same as IL, immediate. Midi repeal is the same as midi. But in that case, with PIL, it's really, you are really insisting on the punctuality. It has to be O'Clock. Also. Another, we meet at eight o'clock and here we pronounce a V, but rewrite F. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. And here we have to say out loud, z. Yeah, move along. Deserve is not deg C or D. No movie, no dessert with an S at the end because we have 1010 hours non added. And the most important it's infringer is not AM and PM. Yeah. We have the so-called 20 hours clock system. Yeah. And you just have to add 12 to the number in English. One plus 12. It gives 132 plus 12, it gives 14, etc. Until midnight. Yeah. So I think it's not so difficult. You just have to remember, maybe print out those source files. You have the 5S in PDF with this lecture. You just print it out and you review it 123 times. And it's not so hard. 6. French grammar: Fill in the blanks : Now, please fill in the blanks. And here we have the verb to want new, new, ported, the costume busy. We don't want to wear weird costumes. Yeah, new dotty DIY costume, bizarre. So you just check the rules with the verb Voronoi and poor to fill the blanks. Volunteer. Yeah. With no. Most of the time. It ends with o ins. Yeah. New novel, lamda potted, the costumer Baeza. Let's continue on continuity. Fill in the blanks inner and here was the verb to Ken ought to be able to, in voir Alicia, Porsche law. They can't see the dogs near the table. Is e n t, e n t. In a path, path wireless Xiang postulate tabulae on cotinine, mouseY Zhou, Ella. Galois was the verb two ones. Zhu, Cozy, a deck Lou. I also, also ASI. I also want to talk with the manager. Mousey, with an X here at the end, river. Cozy. Cozy. Remember to talk or to have a small talk. Now, once again, was the Bourgeois want know a lid on their nor fully now, he doesn't want to go and enough in age inner, you can pause the video and try to answer. In a versa. Here we have a meat hemi. It corresponds to ill. Yeah, when it's a man, it corresponds to ill. When it's a woman, it corresponds to l, ELL. Yeah, but here it's a man. And at this desert person of the singular form and at the third person of the singular form here we have a T in the verbal alley don zone of fully. Now, here we have, remember to make the link w1 x1 dot x2. And here also doesn't No. Not really, no. Yeah. Because that one is a boil and then one is avoidable also. Plaza lead or no, no food enough. And the last 12 with the verb, poor Carnegie schedule. So set here, we have a question mark. So it's a question. Yeah. So we have to say it like if it was a question to Tara usage also set. And in English, can you work seven days a week? Can you work seven days a week though? To remember, how does it end with the verb? To put, to put tada, yea schedules offset to put her schedule. So set with an x. 7. French grammar: Mistake, no mistake.: Just recently, premier is if a mistake or not. Yes, there is one but where at the last word on Premier is not correct because he's not a woman. He's a man. Just recently on me. Me, me is for the masculine form and Premier as far the feminine form. Mistake, no mistake. Demotion. See lucidum Xue De Si Lu setting Zhou Sunday, it's the Thebans day. No mistakes. There is no mistake. Diminish silicon seti. And by the way, entrance, you will see only people saying that Sunday is the seventh day. Yeah, and some other countries, it's Saturday, but in France, it's always sending so sets, sets, a quilter weld fact on continue. Mistake, no mistake. Syllogism Foie. If their mistake, other media, many mistakes maybe. Yet there is a mistake, SU, two mistakes here. Scylla DCM f1. So pause the video and try to correct it. Silla DCM without double m for without an S, because here we have o is the third person of the singular form. Now, here the S is that the second person of the singular form, not the third one there. Or continue. The next one. Mistake, no mistake. Oocha. Oocha. Oocha. Oocha is too can, so is there a mistake? Remember how to write it in the infinitive form. It has no 0s at the anti-A voodoo assay where there is a will, there was a way, yeah, it's a quote. Would we see on continue mistake, no mistake. Don't MY dues see uplink do anymore due to a silver plate, there is no mistake. Give me a dozen of or here. 12, gives me 12 eggs. Please see. Please do anymore those. C, one continuous mistake, no mistake. Lute was the sheer it OCC the third dog is also setting. The third dog is also sitting mistake. The mistake. Yes, there is a mistake but where m How do you write plus M? M checkout here. There is no else. Lute was Yamashita a to C as evil and New Zealand, Germany, we have finished. And now the final quote, and young WaMu could do to go home. One that you hold. The verb is to near, one that you hold is better than two, that you will have to let you will have q you off here at the future, like here. Yeah. But in English, we don't say that. In English. We say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Yeah. And boom, you could do to LA. I hope you really enjoyed this course. And if you have some question, don't hesitate to write it. And we'll be able to answer you. And I will be happy to be able to answer you. And we see, as in the next lesson.