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French for Beginners: Grammar in Context | Learn French with a Native Speaker | LINKING WORDS

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. French grammar in Context: LINKING WORDS - Quick and easy French Grammar Serie

    • 2. French Grammar: French Vocabulary and Pronunciation

    • 3. Learn French in context

    • 4. French Questions and Answers

    • 5. To have and To know: Devoir et Savoir. French Verbs

    • 6. French grammar Rules

    • 7. French grammar: Fill in the blanks

    • 8. French grammar: Mistake, no mistake.

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About This Class

About This Class

French Grammar in Context: LINKING WORDS. Quick and Easy French Grammar Series is a complete and comprehensive course about the French Grammar, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.


What the course includes:

  1.     This French Course includes more than 30 Explainer Slides so your Brain can easily understand the lectures.
  2.     It also includes Pdf Files which will help you complete the French Grammar Exercises and French grammar Guides.
  3.     French Grammar Quizzes with immediate feedback.
  4.     French Grammar Rules.
  5.     French A1 Level vocabulary to be able to practice the French grammar.
  6.     Images, to be able to build strong mental link.
  7.     French Example Sentences to learn in context and remember.
  8.     French Questions and Answers to be able to have a French conversation.



How can I improve my French and my French Grammar Skills?

What are the good ways to learn the French Grammar Quickly and Easily?

Can I have fun while learning French Grammar?

Do these Questions sound familiar to you?

If yes, read on...

Grammar is an essential skill for Foreign Language Learners, but it has to be enjoyable and fun to be efficient. That’s why we use Gestures in this French course, it makes the course livelier.

The latest studies also show that the learning must be Multimodal. That is why we will use Objects and Pictures.

But French Grammar learning has also to be linked with Emotions and Feelings so as to be persistent, and this is why we will learn through a Story.

I will walk you through the different grammar rules steps by step.

But it’s not enough to just read and memorize the words in the vocabulary lists or to study grammar.

That’s why you will put what you’ve learned into practice and get immediate feedback on the mistakes that you’re making in the Exercise section.

And it’s always good to have a French teacher who can point out your mistakes so I will be at your side during all the process through the chat (“Discussion”)


About the Author:

My name’s Chris and I am a French teacher, but also graduated in Marketing and International Business in France; I have studied and know 4 languages fluently that are French English German and Spanish. You may ask yourself how it is possible and the short answer sounds easy: CONTEXT.

-   I did not learn English through the “normal way” I was lucky enough to enter a special “European Class” when I was 14 and learned English through History and Geography told By a Native English Teacher.

-   The same for German: When I was 8 I asked my parents to go to a German School instead of a French one and they accepted!

-   And the same for Spanish: I was bored of the French lifestyle and decided 5 years ago to move to Peru and my Spanish Level quickly jumped from B2 to C2 Level

The only thing in common with these language learnings is that I learned IN CONTEXT. That is the key point.

Every day I was learning with all day life events with gestures, objects, picture, emotions, feelings, and immediate feedback. That is what I reproduced in this course.


By the end of this class you will be able to:

  1.     Remember words thanks to Mental Images.
  2.     You will Use Tips, Techniques to Learn French Grammar.
  3.     You will take action by doing Short Easy Exercises (you will Learn Actively)
  4.     You will learn French Grammar and Vocabulary In Context through a whole Story.
  5. Learn More in Less Time, thanks to an efficient French Learning System that includes you in the whole process in some Real-Life Examples.


Who is this course for?

People who want to get the French TEF or the French DELF Exam.

People who want to Study in a French speaking Country (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Congo…)

People who want to live in a French Speaking Paradise (Madagascar, Seychelles, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, New Caledonia…)

People who want to Climb the Social Ladder by improving their curriculum. French language gives you a much wider pool of opportunity as it is an Official UNO language.

People who want to Go on Holiday in a French speaking country.

People who want to Increase their Income in their current Job. French gives you a much wider pool of opportunity as it is spoken by 300 Million people in the World.

People who want to maintain their Brain in a Healthy state. Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways not to have Alzheimer and other Brain diseases.

People who want to invest time and money in themselves (Self-Development)

People who want to see if they can do it! There is something deeply rewarding about learning a new language

Bilingual partners. Try and learn the other person’s native tongue for the next French Christmas Dinner!

So if you want to stop wasting your time and efforts and don’t know yet how to do it efficiently. Then this French Grammar Course is for you.


Ready to get started?

See you on the inside. (hurry, class is waiting!)




What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach (Patricia Russel)

It is really nice and easy to understand. (Melike Elif Gülpınar)‎

‎I enjoyed the course. The instructor is very positive and informative. The material is easily understood. I look forward to the next course available from this instructor. (Patricia Starnes)

This course is really exactly what I needed. The instructor is extremely helpful, responds promptly [...] I highly recommend this course and any other course this instructor is teaching. (Sonia Staward)

Very well explained, easy to grasp (Debbie Gabrielle)

This dude is awesome for explaining things and making everything funny. (Jose Vidal)

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. French grammar in Context: LINKING WORDS - Quick and easy French Grammar Serie: In this lecture, we will learn the use of the most common linking words in French and how to conjugate the verbs to have and to know. You have to be able to use linking words when you want to express cause and consequence, for example, or if you want to show your disagreement or make a summary in a written document, Yeah, we will always use gestures, objects, picture so as to make it enjoyable and fun. And we will learn with context through the story of Remy and The Babylon family. Because remember, what you learned has to be linked with emotions and feelings so as to be persistent. My name's Chris, and I'm your favorite native French teacher. I know it. And I will be at your site during all the process through the chat to point out your mistakes. So let's get started and jump into the course now. And to learn how to say some words like Eagleman, back on two to 43, un-fun. Let's go say Pat. 2. French Grammar: French Vocabulary and Pronunciation: In this lecture, we will learn how to use some easy linking words, which are very, very important, yeah, and also the verb to have to and the verb to know. In French, Dubois, savoir. Ok, but first, we will see some vocabulary for the text that we will use to learn in context. First word, sounds, lub, sound, the monkey. It's a nozzle sound. A bit of air has to come out of your nose. Sang the monkey, and try to repeat exactly like I do looking carefully at my mouse, though, first, you hear, you listen, and then Europeans. Ok, so here you listen. Son. Once again. Sounds great. Let's continue with the next word. You know, be careful with the Aria. It's quite strange. No. It sounds a bit strange now, renewed hope. And it's a feminine word in English, a troop. Okay. Once again, top end. Let's continue with some other words. Book in feminine. Belt, Yan Bu is the masculine and Bell is defendant. So it's, it's a bit hard. No, it's not like only putting an e at the end. Yeah. Handsome book, bell, handsome on Cotonou. Goals. Gosh, it's on the left. So when you learn that word, you have to say Gosh, and the word for right is the watts. Gosh, dot i Bush. Add what it means on the left. On the right, I gosh, AdWords. Let's continue with the next word. Ec. Ec. It means here. And please do the gesture. Yeah, here. Just Sweezy, See, I am here. Juice VDC is here. Immediate mode, quite easy. Immediate to mom. That one. You don't hear it? Yeah. Immediate, more immediate mode. And here we have a nozzle sound. Yeah, at the end, immediate mode in made yet more on Cotonou, IVIG, Laplacian, Wu Tang. And you make that just area taunt. It means 30 tons when you meet them, tons 31 continue. Cao Hong. Cao honed 40. Cao Hong Su, ender, ender Su, Su above sue, under to sue. Or what? The new avec le push ammo. Monte, Monte, For example, you grab a book, molto emerge mode in image. So grabber book maybe or something to show to someone. And it will really help you to remember root two motor. In image. I show you an image, router molto been emerge or quoting him at no adequate texts. 3. Learn French in context: And now the text, Dani mois de Rome. Dani moi gave me don't moire to count 4040. Dynamo account of how De Zhi home, unquote. No. Juden tongue to front. Turned 30. No, I'll give you 30. Friends know, Ruden counterfeiting. And if here we have a linking word, and if it's seeing who's accepting and if you accept CVs, accepted Lu gasoline plus gas on the boy boy Gassman takes his place. Palm plus Bu. Where does he take place? In complex, immediate mode. Don't let hoop immediately. Immediate mode. Don't let hoop in. The gamma ray tube down at hope dominate. Dominate is the name of the troop. Yeah, like a circus troupe here. May tell VO2 troop. But another linking word, very important, the linking words made with accent. Remember when it's a place, when it's talking about a place, it was accident me with Dell voted hoop. But where is your troop? Just We must you demonstrate I am Mr. doma, rate, should the trail at hoop, I will show you or I am going to show you GVV, Madrid, La, troop, that rule. The troop. W, O, N English. Oh, you infringe and with an e at the end. If you don't put the E, if you have a word that ends with a P, but you don't have an e at the end. You want here? The P? Yeah. Like if it was a t, you don't hear the T and S, you don't hear the S or D also you don't hear that the yeah. If there is no e after that, oncogenes LET see. It. Don't summer and animal illiteracy. She is here because troop in French, it's feminine. Poop. In English, it has no feminine or masculine. Yeah. We say it is here. The troop is here. Yeah. But so you have to put it at the feminine form. Infringe illiteracy. Ill-posed. Don't SAML an animal. He takes a strange animal. Strange. Strange at homage to somebody that was key. That was Sue. Under foo. Bar was see, more sounds. Julie girl. He presents additional velocity. Here is Waze towards an English one word in French, here is Gua Si, was he massage, Judaica, e elite horizontally zone. Another linking word, very important and he's very intelligent. A very intelligent here you have to make the link yeah, because intelligent, it begins within I presented vision, presented it. 4. French Questions and Answers: And now the question and answer parts, how much money does Jerome want? How much money does Jerome ones entrench? Colombian. Jerome, the verb to want the available. How much money does want? Jerome tried to build the answer is a year do Fabrycky barebones? Jerome, once 40 francs, GO home once 40 friends. By the way, here we have friends. Of course, in, in trends. It's not shrinks now. Yeah, it's euro. Yeah, like in Germany, in Spain, in Italy, and Belgium. In most of the European countries, you have the euro. Now. Yeah, Frank's, it's the old currency. Jeevan, one's 40 francs. Gee, home. From current 40 zeros, the Qur'an to, from. And continue that Passchendaele question. Let's continue with the next question. What is the name of the troop really important to know how to build a dat in French, yeah, what is the name of etc.. como tsunami, lat hoop, como, la tube. What is the name of how is it named in that case, if you would translate it literally, how is it named? Yeah, how is the troupe named? Now, here we have the verb to be named. The troop is called dumber. It tried to build the answer, infringe. Lateral cerebellar damage. Sat, SAT. We can use that verb if we want to speak about the names. Yeah, here we could do the same IA como la 2p 2p sub L damage on continuity at UCLA push and question. Let's continue with the next question. Where is the truth? Now, here we are asking about a place. You see U, o, l at Hoop, also Mama. Mama, three words in French and only one word in English. Also Momma, O, a lateral. Lra bonds. The whole troupe is in this cafe. Whole. How do you say whole in infringe on Aidan Sukh AFI lead group until until hole. Hope. Aidan Sukh Cafe is in this cafe. On continually collaboration question, how many people are in the troop? How many people are in the troop? How do you say how many infringe? Do you remember? How many fancy Columbian, convenient the person soon? Don't let hoop quite easy as soon as the verb here that we have here in English are convenient to person SUDAAN at Hoop, How many people are in the troop with an S at the end infringe convenient the person SUDAAN AT hope. And the answer, try to build it yourself. Eniac goo measured unmarried is on surge eniac, but there are only goo, goo on in-depth case in NICU Mazu them or it is the only Mr. dammit and his monkey oncogenes like Laplacian question. Let's continue with the next question. What is the name of the monkey? How do you say that? What is the name of? Remember we saw it already. There are a few ways to say that tried to remember como SAP lessons. You remember we have tsunami and it's quite the same as sappy. Sappy is more colloquial, so norm is small, let's say a pole level friendship. Kumar, cerebellar, loosens, Kumasi pellucida, ala repose. The monkey is called Joe leaker, recur, nice heart. Lucerne. Judaica, privacy. Really is it that one is net? Let's continue now with the grammar part in the next lecture. 5. To have and To know: Devoir et Savoir. French Verbs: Another grammar part available, DuBois, the verb to have to Joi was an es, to do the same way. Il Duomo. Here you have never an ESA. It can be a t or it can be something else, but never you haven't.'s do, do our own to our new Duvall here the root is changing. Voodoo movie here the root is the same as nu. Nu to evolve with the V IL DWI. And here we have a mix of both. Now we have the beginning of that one, and we have also the v that we saw here. And here should what you'd want is Gua new Duvall voodoo V. Il Duarte should want to do our indoor Moldovan. Who do the Schwab? I have to you have two, et cetera. Let no, Lucas, unbearable. Now the next verb, the verb savoir, the verb to know, C to C, you'll see quite the same new Southern Wu savvy ill. So here we have the same route with the three. The three at the ending Have the same route, and the three at the beginning had the same mood. Also quite easy that one, c two, c, if c, mu seven, roosts, savvy, ill, I know, you know, etc. 6. French grammar Rules: And now the linking words, yeah, now we are going to learn a lot of different linking words. The first one is for the addition. Yeah, if you want to add something, yeah, in a phrase in English, on Monday, I ate vegetables and fruits. I also ate meat, plus I drank a lot of water. In French. We would say a Eagleman. Yeah, here we have a Eagleman. Do fish. So the whole phrase, learn the G Mozi, delete it if we, she, Eagleman Mozi, Douala, beyond the blues, Ji Bu beaucoup. Ok, so here you can really see that the linking words are mandatory. Yeah, if you want to build some complex phrases or continue Avik Montesano, low position, let's continue with a position. Yeah. It means you don't agree with something, for example, or you show something and you show it's contrary. Mardi GFP response, Parker, McCurdy, hydrosphere ST, and Amazon. Two for GFP collectors. Hmo, okay, now the first one is, however, in that case and tufa yet. Okay. Tuesday I played sports. However, back home. On Wednesday, I stayed at home yet I did some stretching. 2-2-4, GFP on continuity, Arctic Laplacian. Laplacian C. Lubitsch. Pay attention please. Here I didn't wrote, but now the English word but no, no, no, no bird boot in French, It's a purpose, a goal. Yeah. And so here we're going to see how to express purposes. Yeah. On Wednesday, I went to the doctor for treatment in order to be in a good shape. Yeah. Morpheus, when you all do in order to do data on plant form here, identify wrote on Voodoo with an e here, because after that we have a foil, so I had to put the apostrophe okay. Of you dead-on platform. So the whole sentence, McCready, just visually Shulamith some fair sweaty on that platform. Okay. Ebit trivial or continuum at now are the clues we don't see. Lynn, you may assume if you want to enumerate something first, then finally, yeah, if you are telling a story, you will have to use those ones. So Judy, WMS below V GB, chemo Petit Dejeuner, all sweet. Gp Madou. It often. Three party Hawaii jewelry, pet protocol memo. Judy, double rooms, Sweet, Loving. V, GP, polygyny, Potidaea, Janae, breakfast towards, in French and English on sweet GP Medusa, a orphan, juicy party, or Thursday First, I got up first double. Then I had my breakfast, PV, GP Mondays, more money. Then I took a shower, then on Smit. And finally left for work on fun and fun. Finally, I'm quoting him at Nordic law, consequence, if you want to express consonance, something happened. So that's why something else happened. Yeah, we will use words like that. Y therefore or so. Yeah, they're expressing consequences. Friday, I was sick. That's why see. That's why I didn't go to work. So I was paid less at the end of the month. So consequent. So one word, an English towards an french. Get Mallat, sepal, zoonosis, we pass alley, Tobii, consequent, GET more B and a founding one. Bad consequences. So as a consequence, or therefore, yeah, here you have different words. And you can have entrenched, you can, you can put one instead of another. In English, you can do the same ya, therefore instead of so or so instead of, that's why yeah. Infringed. It's exactly the same path. It is the same as dong. Yeah. It's really the same as dock. So it doesn't matter if you use one instead of another in most of the cases. In most of the cases, or continue. Liaison elude me Dong per dire. O on Saturday, I was better. So I went shopping. Yeah. It's it's a link in that case. It's a link. By the way, I decided to buy more fruit to get less sick. Sandy jelly mu, don't, just recently fairly cooks. Don't refuse a leaf l equals the Euro. Gdc D dusty. Please do free. Poor Tom, be more dire or in that case, by the way, your continua deck leaks becasue. Yeah. If you want to explain something. Indeed, because that's to say since et cetera infringe on the fee. Saturday. Yeah. Here an example, Sunday, I was tired. Once again. Indeed, Saturday, I went to bed late because there was a great movie on TV and French demotion, gt zone Colin for fatigue on iffy, Sandy Xiaomi, Kushi, Ilia, super film laterally. Because indeed on FE, let's continue in the next lesson with some exercises. 7. French grammar: Fill in the blanks : And now fill in the blanks. Yeah, try to use the linking words that we just saw to fill in the blanks. So what will you write here? To accept all commands maintenance in English? If you accept, we start no. So how do you say if infringe if C C2 acceptor, accepted erika S with an S here, all gammas mountain no, in that case, we but we could also translated with one. Yeah, one would start, yeah. All commands multinomial, C2 except on commands metanodes. And the next one on continue. Julie Ke Ni, partially elite until John. Julie nip, Ashley. Elite on television is not pretty, but it is clever. Yeah, in English you have to use it when it's an animal burden, French, you use like if it was a man or a woman, elite antidiarrheal loosens. It's masculine word. So you have ill. yeah, so how do you say, but in French commands. But Francis, Julie nip, partially maze elite and Teddy zone. And here you have to make the link t. And here you have a i t, i, elites and television television show liquor near partially Macy late on television. All continuity are the ACLU, Cosimo, ilium MLA, if a party doula troop, Illumina. That's why, how do you say that's why in entrench it, it is smart. That's why it is part of the troop. Yeah, the monkey. Ed, MLA, Scipio qua il phi Patty, doula at Hoop, a malloc, Sippar qua liberty, doula troop or Cotonou. If a, you know, proposition, it will be more Lausanne. How do you say then he makes a proposal to Jerome. Then he shows him the monkey, quite ended at 123 levy Montauk, Lucerne, proposition Azure home. Please. Look, sound here. You also have to make a link quizzes, remote Lucerne, or continue. Geurnica. It's il phi. And you can pause the video and try to guess what could be. Sues to words. Julie girl is strange, therefore, it is a little scary. Julie Park consequently, ill F_p bar iffy. Back musical therefore. And now the exercise with mistakes and no mistakes in the next lecture. 8. French grammar: Mistake, no mistake.: And no mistakes, no mistakes. Loosen Zhe Si. Lu. Sounds. See Pharaoh here, is there here. Mistake. By the way, fair is to make someone laugh. Yeah, he would have to words. Yeah. Those two words are two verbs. That verb is the verb to make, and that verb is make to love. And that verb is the verb to know. Though, the monkey knows how to make someone laugh. Okay? Letter here, a mistake. Nat. Look carefully. Yes, there is. Yes, there is the waste one here. What is that mistake? You can pause the video and try to answer. Lusaka c. There is no s, There is no CIA because it's singular word, Lusaka, seafarer, R3. And the next one, it was C portion of has. And here is the next phrase, Jerome, do, fair? Schwa. Maybe there's something with the verb. Yes, there is a mistake on the verb. Jerome. What person is it? The first, the second, the third person of the plural or singular? It has a t because it is the third person of the singular. Jerome, dwarf, Schwann, homeotherms swap and the next one, mistake, no mistake. Moldovan entree. Don't put new doable on dollar. Mistake, mistake to mistakes. New Duvall on predominant group. Try to correct it yet pause the video and try to correct it on a sheet of paper. Moldovan with new, you have motto and ending with o ins. Yeah, Moldovan on top. It's singular word, noodle on trade. Don't. We have no Es or Cotonou at ASU, left has a swivel. Mazu dema, he'd see negotiate. Mazu, see, negotiate. That one is the verb to know and that verb, that one is the verb to negotiate. So he knows how to negotiate. There is no mistake. You'll see negotiate on continue. Mistake, no mistake. Coma, fair? They, here's the verb to know how to do. So. They know how to do, they know how to do their mistake? No, there is a continuum at now are the Laplacian father mistake, no mistake. Vu survey. To survey. We usually care. Yes, there is a mistake but where it's really, really little mistake. Whereas it, woo, woo survey Judy girl with an accent, because here it's a place. Yeah, woo savvy. And it's a question. So I hope you really enjoyed this course, this lecture. And so as to end, we are going to see a quote, key Canada, Angie nude, what Mayor De Dong Xi, nude WAP bizarrely on manner. So literally it would be who fears dangers shouldn't go to C. But in English we don't see that. We say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Yeah, I'm sure you completely understood that what I see you in the next lecture, x2, Tribune to don't loosen attribute to punish. Uw, take care of you.