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French Language Course Level B2 | Learn French with a Native Speaker | + French Delf B2 Exam Prep

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. French Intermediate Level Keyword Workshop 2019

    • 2. First assignment: Memory Hack

    • 3. Présentation BoraBora

    • 4. Repère - Ménage

    • 5. Droit - Dresseur

    • 6. Taux - Astuce

    • 7. Mode d'emploi - Estimation

    • 8. Personne âgée - Isolement

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About This Class

French Intermediate Level Keyword Workshop is a complete and comprehensive course about the French B2 level, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.

Class 1 description: 

In this first class you will learn to use correctly 20 intermediate French words. (10 Words and their Synonyms)

Use 10 expressions, phrases, synonyms, phonetics, idioms, etymologies, and how to use them in real life. (with photos)

Use French memory Tips + French grammar and French pronunciation hacks.

You will know how to add context to the French Vocabulary and never forget it.

By the end of this whole course of ten classes, you will speak French with confidence and break your French Language Barrier.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. French Intermediate Level Keyword Workshop 2019: creates Asia's professor differences, the premier says, Hi, everyone. My name's Chris and I am a graduated native French teacher. I have had over 900 students with both my online and offline courses for Children and adults in four different schools and institutes in the room. After completing this course, you will be able to use correctly 100 intermediate level French vocabulary. Words in context seems to translations, images and grandma categories. You will be able to pronounce the words correctly things to me, your native French teacher and thanks to the phonetic writing. And you will be able to remember the words forever. Thanks to know neuroscience secrets that I will share with you and the use off synonyms and Entomology. This'd is the stricture off the course. In every bubble, you have the image off a French territory with its spoken description and 10 vocabulary works. Okay, every 36 you will win the new stuff and get nearer off the final flag. The Pdf flashcards will also be very useful to take some notes when you take the course. And don't forget to download the audio vision off the whole course to use it on the Gulf my ideals. Judah wants to get his Dell or T E F. French certification. He wants to immigrate to friends or to Canada. He wants to study in a French university, travel to friends or work in a French company. He loves friends, language and is really motivated. He doesn't have time to learn through boring word lists and grammar exercises. If you want to learn in a fast and easy way, what's next? If you have any questions or feedback during the course, I will always answer you and be at your side while you learn through our private French Facebook group at the Sweet See you there. 2. First assignment: Memory Hack: and now you first assignment. Listen carefully, legions. I want you. Every time that you find the words that you don't understand our staff work. I want you to take that words and built your own sentence. River The sweat components move a coup fabric e Vogtle pop of hands. It's on Lee that sentence with words that you already know. Okay, the simple friends so model the move. The point is, in your brain there's going to be a building a link between something that you know and something that you don't know Thanks to that's you are going to remember that new words. That's difficult word Cauldron Gasela usually hunger if happily, who can So they prey on young for on Kelkal Fool's gonna see it. Can you fools Goodness 3. Présentation BoraBora: a melted no human power pony A six year the premier six years Boo boo baba H Neil the Pauline Easy Francaise Kick over. You know, show fous du Monde account Kilo Metal Gobbler, huh? We were so left to if for me you know, go on a mountain said it I guarantee on welcome some things that common so avidly com UMA. 4. Repère - Ménage: uh, bay. Oh, yeah, they coma. Uh oh, they are. They figure the easy. No, see assume. Look at how to purr. Knows for my lips and look at here. The for medical transcription. Oh, they are now then sit down. No muscular, you yell, They are pay. It's a masculine now. And at the PLO reform, you haven't s yet And I hope there, Lance Mama so far it Hopedale. Don't let me joy better foul it. I hope they don't. I knew the White House is a landmark in the night. Do Lata hate being a There is a pet hate. There really would way to find cinema, senior. Lafata it on Senior, don't Henry the signal. Well, far Itta or pay her dollars. So I bet it's really far. It hope a donor's, uh or pay. Please repeat after me. Uh, there once again, uh, they I don't know the next words, uh, men. Joy pits a minute. Hogan, The home may nage that strange letter in phonetic. It's the sound. Look carefully at my lips, huh? Mean? Uh, me neither. It's a masculine. Now sit down, Muscular. Look, you yell Damien Hirst. Nicholas, The national household samen on Monday. Dry pet seminar Mirdamadi That household can ask for our subsidy. Giulietta Mansour Mazel. A house Matthew Mitchell house amid nausea Subsitute Don't miss. The household is in the house. That's why it has the same root, the same etymology. Cinema synonym A boon for me The family. I mean Tracy, you know policing. We have here a double meaning, um Minaj. It can be a household and it can over be a housecleaning. Seminars due Monday. You know, super Jirapaet Cementos will doom on the super Oh, me. Nash, Repeat after me, please. Uh, me Now, once again, uh Minaj in France, you have to know that after two kids, you can have some subsidies. If you have 34 kids, that subsidies are higher. But I think it's the same. Maybe in your country. And now the next word 5. Droit - Dresseur: uh, the wall jury pets, huh? Well, or get the whoa on the Caetano Muscular They Our vehicle s l f data What? And what rights Legal? What they consume Attar do have tape for petition Jury pets Let what they consume Attar do have Ted petition The consumer's rights have to be protected The consumer's rights have to be protected Do you let the jack toes Onley near the What's in a straight line? Little what they consume Attar synonymous A permission and approval Little what they consume matter Do have take hotel Uh huh Repeat after me, please. I bet the plane simply down Wow! Okay, on the low Hi Yah! Bassam Homo Ceiva! Uh, basis I got the idea. The hay so said That's if a scene it's quite Sit on muscular. Your opinion, the myself. How they got this and play. So the trainer training animals not training men only for animals. Literally so not joint beds. Literally so not paper. The trainer was not afraid. Your letter, Arlene Udawatte in a straight line. Synonymous! Don't tell on death The trainer the tamer. So you die so Napa. Look carefully at the inch and try in your brain to make a link between the image and the world that myself. It's really going to be easy for your brain to remember a word when you link it with an image. And now repeat after me. Please repeat they up. Lenoir. Simply, uh, the reso, once again calling for there is so can you we'll continue. 6. Taux - Astuce: uh, to that one is really easy to pronounce. It's a masculine knoll system masculine. You're yell Daito Anto. It ends with an X It ditto It also pants with an X at the plenary home on toe rains I looked through the songs It meant to know the exchange rate is favorable now. Giulietta Taxi Sexy, huh? You let the tax r E c p to set a price cinema a fraction erase you I looked through the songs in Mountain on Fabio Hab looked over saw in mountain No Abahachi don't hesitate to do the gestures when you speak, It's It's going to be also very easy for your brain to remember that word if you make a link between a gesture and what you read and what you see So the songs in montano, uh, to in its innovated the ap framework Uh, so repeat after me, Please. Once again, uh, to have you end up the next word in a STIs. Oh, yeah, they being so homes. You know, I asked this us I said don't know. Look through hell. These Astros africanus, You nasty use the trick. G Nestor's for gun yet? Okay, Jean ST's again. You okay? I have a trick toe win at hope for Giulietta asked, you know, use a trick. Uh, part of him. G pathogen. Who can you okay, the nest use. Okay, Jim, the skin in Ask Use the trick. Jean issues Who? Ghani who? Okay, in a stiffs. Deputy, play more simply. Please repeat after in Asked us once again in justice. Tell you 7. Mode d'emploi - Estimation: and murder. Don't look, huh? Look at how to pronounce it. Mud Don't prove mode. Don't screw up. But please your hand here on your nose so as to feel the vibration When you say a nazal boil mud Don Pru. Uh 00 Here. It's a NASA Boyer, and it is really going to help you if you feel the vibration in your nose when you say that sound, Mother, don't throw up mud. Don't. Some air has to go out through the nose. So the best manner to feel it is to put your hand here when you pronounce that word murder . Don't sit on masculine. Look. Lower yell. They murdered on what? Um, mode, don't you, uh, an instruction manual? Our mode on blue. Uh, an instruction manual, wonderfully of work on. Murdered on four through lack planets rip its own delivery of watch on mo. Don't work for the nets. We should have a planet user's guide. It's quite a good I didn't know. Do you have a model on our necks? Do you Latam models murders? You will measure. You measure motors cinema a manual duty a more than long. Who are cooler planets? Emmanuel duties as show cooler planets all the way of. Well, I'm not. Don't wanna hula planets murder. Don't pull up. Repeat after me, please. A mud. Don't pull up. Are going for a mother. Don't pluck super from us in the esteem us. You bet. Okay, They as the Ma Su you know, as a royal. Uh huh. Look at my most When I say it, as in Massoum, Look will yell These esteem issue in the esteem. This is Tim. Eschew the s at the end. We don't hear it when it's a t at the end. We don't hear it either. NST master and appraisal An estimate I repeat with the nest team. Assume you could it. Hubble, you have an estimate off the restoration cost. Julieta, I esteem at you. Estimate toe estimate. Synonym on is a villain that you could cover Mousavi in the estimates You decoded Hubble. An insight. An overview on up our constituency years earlier from the um not this year. We have here a link. I think that we can hear on not this issue because here we have a voil. Then here we have a n and not this. It was a very nasty master. You Could it have a And now repeat after me. Bring this in, Matthew once again in this unless you and now the next words. 8. Personne âgée - Isolement: in person as a jury. Pets? Yes, you in the person Argie their son in person. Energy. I said, Don't nothing. No flu yell did Person is the person in person as she an elderly person. Elderly people are deploring for deeper son Musashi Al, a former pavilion sit person who's see Persson's energy worlds. Those elderly people seem happy. You lata a mask? Do they are theater mask a team a logically synonymous and told me in person. Aggie, Algeria. But here it's a tsunami in the dictionary. But pay attention when you say Yeah, it sounds a bit strange. Better say always in person. See person's energy. Six deaths on energy bones. Repeat after me, please Bear son. Once again, Yun Sun, our sea Great! And now the next word Um knees older, more Jenna Bets on diesel. Look at how to pronounce it a Szot mom. NASA value. He's all know. Sit down, you yell. These is almost a regular. Use these easily, um isn't more and isolation. It can be, for example, a social isolation. Liz Elmo, tell me. You know Major made. It assumes Bernie Major made it Isolation the lows for better meditation. You left the insula mill, and I saw It's quite interesting here at technologically. The word is Elmo comes from insulin. Like the world. Isolation comes from isil. Quite interesting. And it that way you will be able to remember it in an easy way. Synonymous. Well so, solitude along this in isolation. Loneliness on diesel. No! You know solitude. Lysol? No. Bear me true familiar home editorship at OSU Eagle Moise Liberalism. They may June Mayor. Meditate. So here we have a royal. And here we have a tea. So we have to make the link and we can hear it now. Please repeat after me on these. Are you know, once again, I'm going for on diesel? No, great.