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French Language Course Level B2 | Learn French with a Native Speaker + French Delf B2 Exam Prep (3)

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. French Intermediate Level Keyword Workshop 2019 Part 2: French Verbs

    • 2. Valoriser - affirmer

    • 3. Croître - déguster

    • 4. Don't improve your French with movies

    • 5. Atteindre - joindre

    • 6. Etre entouré par - déduire

    • 7. Relier - se sentir bien

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About This Class

In this second class you will learn to use correctly 20 intermediate French Nouns. (10 Nouns and their Synonyms)

You will also learn phrases, synonyms, phonetics, idioms, etymologies, and how to use those French Nouns in real life. (with photos)

I will share with you French memory Tips + French grammar and French pronunciation hacks.

You will know how to add context to the French Vocabulary and never forget it.

By the end of this whole course of ten classes, you will speak French with confidence and break your French Language Barrier.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. French Intermediate Level Keyword Workshop 2019 Part 2: French Verbs: and about. We begin with a new list. That new lesson is about. The French knows on Lee knows, and we will see, like in the all the lesson the phonetics, the synonyms, the Entomology ease and some phrases in context and some images related to that knows that will help you memorize everything. The very careful with the assignments on, Please do that assignments. The assignments are going to be done with the audio version off the course and with the flashcards. See you in the lesson. 2. Valoriser - affirmer: the law easy by law. He's it that always it hug a day. Coma horns, Valorie. Easy se facile. It's easy if you cut the words. Oh, do sit down. November value is it. Sit on the low participate pussy does available said value is a the past participle off that fur is here. Barlow Easy with an accident. Value easy to value. Well, who is it to value? Good value is a ludicrous don't you know Amity said kissed you could value is a hopeless What do you value most in a French? Good value is in Look, don't you know Giulietta Valerie? It will fall to be strong, synonymous. Moi value is to promote. It's not the 100 persons signaling in that case, but it's quite the same. Idee Cover is evil. Leprosy don't unanimity. Hello, value, is it? Amen to know. Sit up. Hey, Pete. They are claymore. Value is a I'm going for value. Is it? Maybe you have noticed it that more and more I'm going to speak French and snarly. Only rich. That's because I think no, you have understood the whole system. How it works. I don't know the next words not to know proportional. I feel me. I feel me all they could Lancelot sopranos after me Sit down the pub party C C C I feel me the air transform a after May to claim toe a film toe claim toe the film. I fear me Lula. Hello Ah, FEMA septum. Well, it's not me. Sycamore. The Sief claims to be innocent. Lula a film It Letta fuels So Leader Rob ist Cinema Oakland I feel me clam. It's quite to say it's a silly to declare to the camp. Lula Ho clam at innocent Hello Ah, film at innocent. Try to remember that image so as to remember the word in an easy way. I feel me I don't know It's your tum. I feel me once again I feel me in the past for pushing more 3. Croître - déguster: push a move. Kwaht quad I consumed what kwab them. Is it true? Quite to grow quiet to grow said that knee the benefits Kwaht, I said, Honey, live in a feasible quad This year the profits will grow Set on me livin If you Giulietta Sherry Percy to grow synonym the benefits Quatre live benefits won't Monte. Certainly they benefit. Sittin bushels. It's a good thing Sitting Bull shows Quad, you're a bit kwaht in Not to Know Set of Hype it up anymore. Yeah. Oh, coming for clock. Look at my mouth when I say it. What? It's a bit tricky. And now the next words in not to know loop OSHA move. They stick bigger. Stick the goose. The number will participate. Percy. Did you stay so they can look so big? That one is called axel egg from the upper right to the bottom. Left axel big they use Take Alka Scholes toe. Taste something, Joe. I bet they do. Stick can cause shoes to taste something suitably they used to smell the u va from suitably dig. Samir, the u Please taste that mammal. Loose French wine. I don't know why to say please in that case. Jonah say Papa Quantity. Simply not Socha who seemed deeply Giulietta Day, Gustav Day. You stick to taste, digger state to taste. Dig Mustafa Cinema several several Rakel castles to enjoy something. Several Wasemiller The You've HAC several was really You foresee? Suitably they goosed Samir the You ever foresee they stay. So I bet the Houston And not to know set of you how happy they are cream or they stay. We're going for bigger stay. He loved to know Harsha. 4. Don't improve your French with movies: now the new tip. Maybe someone told you before that you had to see some French movies so as to improve your French. Forget it's forget it completely. Please forget why. Why are my saying that? Because you can do it in a far better way. Looking at some TV Siri's Because I use plea. When you look at a movie, they're people. The characters have some accents in. Sometimes it's after two hours or after one hour you finally got it. What? Waas? It's accent. If you look at some TV series, it's going to be far better because you're going to get are used to hear how they speak. It's powerful. Better. That's the first part. The second point with the movie, you're not going to be able to understand the vocabulary. But if you listen to some TV, Siri's, they always use the same vocabulary through the hole episodes. So after beginning, it's gonna be harps. And the more you go through the series, the more is going to be easy. Also, when it is with some very particular vocabulary, it can be technical vocabulary. It can be slaying word. Once you have been the stewed. How the corrupt speak and in which level off language there are. It's gonna be really, either for you to come to go in the movie, to sink in the language that you learn in that case French. And it's going to be really put thing to our improve your language skills meant to know on fancy. Hello, Hold on, film said Before. I said, If you see the compound lack some the persona the easy way Syrian Muir lacks for many techniques, Dharmasiri don't last very say remain vocabulary utilities, don't I? So that was the new tip. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you put it in practice, looking more at Siri's than movies for a while, you're are learning French. 5. Atteindre - joindre: at jury bit at town. Oh yeah, the opponents. Yes, you are. I don't sit down. The help The participle Passy at all at the Z at atonal to reach set any good were at town Miss object set on me Should were at town Miss Objective Say Ampato, it's important this year I have to reach my goals. Settle me A turned on the subjective. You know, I bet said Sunday was found on subjective Rigoletto Acting you Atal to reach at injury A town to reach synonym really is a complete realism is objective Should what Acomplia miss objective would were at town missile set. Any subject this objective economic this objective I'm well to miss objective. I don't know. Uh thank No, no, no, you don't deputy prime or simply I don't job it. I don't you know to know Portia, Move. Who's one? It was when that is, the sound was one. Well, that one is One was when I thought Roseland them. You're participants. See who's one Z who's one jail is one. The participants It who's will to join John Left homes are who's one of opinion. May have some second treats. LaFrance our Army treats friends joined the European Union in 1958. We left some sign country. Do you let them after she to faster zoo guy after she to faster Who's winning, huh? Schwenn, you are here. You want to go here, you have to do a pass to go there. Who's wind synonymous? Says Clear says clear to read. Sister to stripe was lambda to join who we just heard to subscribe. Sounds clear. Telephones are Who's one renew hope. In our middle of some second Street, it was C Usually photo reference was where Oh well into no set of the deputy prime. Or it was when are calling for Who's wearem prevue us most. 6. Etre entouré par - déduire: mostly, though, and hopefully you see Situational. Look. Sure. How do you deal opponents Just going to the boat. It hopefully Ah, bet's ed for hopefully our way. Okay. Don't hesitate to do the gestures. Yes, it onto 1/2 looking show their bala with participle. Passy say it won't way. Yeah, at home till they bother to be surrounded by six year that onto a ballot. You says. See, beyond that it is so great to be surrounded by nature. Your letter to his, you know, to from the tower you can see all what goes around you. That's why it has the same root tower with Oh, cool. Hey, synonym are certainly and sigh hoat. Exactly, Cecilia. That won't weigh Elena to say so. It's on the way. Yeah. No, it's your turn. Jury pit ed onto Hey. Uh huh. Ed onto Hey, amen to know the, uh have I bet the they you they you sit on helm Participants see Say they they do the teeth at the end. You don't hear it? They do. They did you the real to deduce toe in for to deduce or to infer the Have they seen us? Wow, Don Levy have a to CEO Wa Joan Did we see with all these dunk clouds I infer that it is going to rain. I'd like to see us watch TV. You didn't go. I'm money to lead up toe that highly lead it me up Toe said in the MMA faded Really? Cinema two guests The need to guess I think to sitio Did you get through? They re then you say they do. You have, I pity happen more the welcome to new perfectly possum 7. Relier - se sentir bien: Oh, really? Or you are the How are you, Huh? Yeah. Hood, You them practice it, Busey the them on the air. No, will you to link up to link up? Will you reboots it? Do holy the voluntary It is it called. They want their physical removal. Only the aim is to link up volunteers and schools. New latter league I, Siri Siri to squeeze seven *** synonym levy the sitcom Holy Savory Emma by several Mama don't see to bend to collect. Look, it's in the holy day. Voluntary. A physical try Pets are reviewed. Said the holy developed there in the car hood. You? Yeah, I bet. Only sit up early. You know what are you? They'll continue our vic. So something being so or get the clap. So some tea, huh? Uh, um huh. Don't hesitate to exaggerate the movements off your mounts when you front knows all. Yeah. Huh Uh, so some tea. So some Teoh them participants see something from so something to feel good is in the song . I bet I am really feeling good today for a moment. Really, isn't it? So do you Let him, Billy Joe wound pseudonymous in the song C zero to be had is in the song. I Was So Ammonia. So some t him. It's quite strange because something is the smell. It's like if we would be saying I am smelling me. Well, it makes no sense. Know that that is in the dramatic expression. So you have to learn it like it is so something a bill. So some tear now Repeat after me, please. So something of you, So I bet so something.