French Language Course Level A1 (Native Speaker) French for beginners: 28 Days Challenge: Days 21-25 | French Teacher Chris Ternay | Skillshare

French Language Course Level A1 (Native Speaker) French for beginners: 28 Days Challenge: Days 21-25

French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

French Language Course Level A1 (Native Speaker) French for beginners: 28 Days Challenge: Days 21-25

French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Outline of part 5: days 21 to 25

    • 2. Horaire

    • 3. Bien

    • 4. Détester

    • 5. Grave


    • 7. Prénom

    • 8. Lent

    • 9. Panneau d'affichage

    • 10. Commencer

    • 11. Randonnée

    • 12. QUIZZ 5

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About This Class

DAYS 21 to 25: Description: 

Now you will find some new French words and expressions in context, ending, like the first three lectures, with a Quizz. 

During this course, you will also find a special lesson about useful French sentences used at the Tourist Board. 

  • Don't forget to join the private facebook group "SpeedyFrench" to ask questions and get feedback from me or the other French learners. Here the code to enter the group: SKILLSHARE91
  • Download to audio version of this French course (MP3), present in every section, to learn French on the go (in a car, in a bus, in your bed,...)
  • Download the PDFs present in every section and take some notes so as to build your own French Sentences.

At the end of the day, I just want to help you succeed. I hope that by providing all of these additional resources, you can learn French in a fun and high-quality way.

  • This French course includes the "Advanced Cheat Sheet to get My French DELF A1 by Christophe Daniel Ternay" PDF file. (For the French Beginner's Level (A1) Official Exam called "DELF A1")

Important Notice: This course is presented in English AND French. At the beginning, more English is used, so that you can learn step by step.

What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach to learning including little hacks for remembering words. I get the impression he is sincerely dedicated to teaching the French language in a way that it can be immediately useful to anyone wanting to learn and/or improve. (Patricia Russel) ★‎★‎★‎★‎★

The way the instructor teaches helps the retention of all the new vocabulary.

I have memorized many different phrases and I can remember what they mean, which will help me to form more sentences in different situations and tenses. Above all it has helped my pronunciation greatly. (Joy Thornton) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

Learning French through his courses, explanations and exercises are a great opportunity to be well motivated for further improvement. (Mine Durmaz) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

About the Author:

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

He is a graduate teacher in “Teaching French for foreigners”. (From the French Alliance)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.

That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quickly understand and decrypt French words in common sentences ...

... So he developed this comprehensive approach to learning French A1 level based on his learning of 4 languages, the challenges faced by his Peruvian Students, his Worldwide Online courses (900 + hours) and what he studied informally: Neuroscience.

What includes the course:

  • This French A1 level course includes more than 50 HD pictures so your Brain can easily can link the new words with a clear image

  • This French Beginners Level course also includes Quizzes that I highly recommend you to take because it is the best way to improve quickly. 

  • This French (DELF A1 Level) Learning course includes Pdf Flashcards that will also be very useful to take some notes during the course.

  • This French course includes the complete Audio Version of the whole course to use it on the go.

What it is NOT Specialized in:

  • Grammar lessons and exercises (this course contains only little chunks of grammar that will help you build your own A1 LEVEL sentences quickly)

Let's continue on your way the French World. 

See you on the inside (hurry, class is waiting!)


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. Outline of part 5: days 21 to 25: height. Now we will begin the fifth Spartz. We have nearly finished and I want really to congratulate you on having arrived so far. In this lecture, you will find a special part with question and answers about tourism office. If you have not already, please go to the first course called French. 28 days Challenge French for beginners days 1 to 5. Like in the other courses. We will learn French together through speaking, reading and listening exercises, and also do some quizzes and to learn with flash cards, images, gestures and objects. Let's continue the 28 days challenge so you can start your new French life. And don't forget to check out the speedy French Facebook group where you can ask me for anything at every step off your French learning. I see you inside. 2. Horaire: a mental? No, no. Topo Shamu. Uh, so high. Quite interesting and quite important. Also on no hay. Uh, what a scandal. A schedule. I don't know how. Pay attention. It begins with an age that we don't Here. We don't listen to the h. I don't know. Hey, look at how to pronounce it. Oh, hey. Huh? The French are Uh huh. Uh oh. Hi. Try to repeat after me, please. Oh, okay. Once again. Oh, hi. Great. And now what we want is to remember that words with similar words and the Entomology and the hair. You know, Hair yard, Duke. Have I the shifts? What shift have you that one from the morning or that one from the evening? A shift on new hair in barrio Data by its A similar words. Yep, I know. Here in the yard. Do you do you take Arcia or her? Do you like cancer? Devi's young time partition, Ohara. Time partition Ohara has given the world. Oh, hey. 00 And now we want to use it in context. In a phrase, it's a new word. Lappi. Seen the swimming pool? Lappi, Sina, uh, has LA Piecing has la piscine are a move alot hell la piscine nouvelle or higher The swimming pool has a new schedule. I don't know the last thing. We want to have it on a picture So asked to remember it easily. Llopis Inna are earned. Nouvelle or garde will emerge a la piscine are a nouvelle. Amen to know. Continue avec l a potion. Loosen, Let's continue with the next lesson. 3. Bien: really an easy word beyond, But it's a nazal boil. Uh uh. Beyond hunger. They coma. Sola sickly. Let's check out how to write it. Yeah. And what does it mean? Young? Yeah, well, yeah. Yeah, Well, juvie Byung I am Well, v beyond I am well, and look at how to pronounce it in the fanatical alphabets. Yeah, but is yet Oh, Nazal. Voil. That's why we have that little sign here. Uh, a little bit off air has to come through your nose when you pronounce it and so as to check out if a little bit off here is coming out, you just can put your finger here and check it out. Uh, be young. Yeah, right. And now I want you to repeat, please, Miya, once again. Yeah, Great. And now we want to remember that words. We will do that through some gestures. It will really help you. So when you say it out loud, the world beyond you also make the sign here. Do you, Joe? The young I am well, so they being really do it. Please. It seems a bit ridiculous when you do it. Maybe springs. There are some people around you both. Really? It will help your memory. Juvie? Yeah. We'll continue dunk. They can move similar. Let's check out a similar word. Perfect. Barfi. Buffy! Buffy! Yeah, Well and perfect Libya Do the Prophet Mamba. Ah yum! Perfectly well. Juvie befit Mumia the Sweet Baffi. It means a bit something else. It means I am perfect. Now I am perfect. It's a bit different off I am perfectly well, Juvie profit Mumia who? Sweet or got a new our vic letting loose the movie on Giulietta the name Foveaux Problema Positively! No, we want to use it That word in context It means through a phrase it's a young duty disease . A movement to know our vic in Farr's huh? Gardena Father Sis Wa sues Wa this evening. You you will often say sua You fool! This evening you have to since wow it Phobia Domi this evening you have to sleep Well says Wa il phobia, dummy. A man to know Hoe garden limit given Yazidi memo is it? Now let's check out the image that will help us. Memories Ebola, Neymar, Je suis wawa in full. Beyond or me Don't near the verb to sleep at the infinitive form sues Wa Il phobia. No, me, but no Continue Director Mo A vehicle. A potion. Listen, let's continue directly with the next lesson. Good job. You have managed to complete the day 21. No, we go for the day. 22. Goodbye. We see us tomorrow. 4. Détester: immer Tindall removed the testing echo tibia. Did the States What could it be? Did they stay now? It's really hard to guess, I think. Did they stay to hate? Okay. Did they stay to hate? Oh, God, the common Sula 60. Look at how to write it with an accent of the first being the days spent look at how to pronounce it the tests. It's not the viste. It's the test. The test. Yeah, that one is Did testy. Let the state and no repeat after me, they stick once again the testing Arabia Matt, no on. Continue. No, we want to remember that. Words. Let's take out that the steak I are you It's to hate, plus place to really hate something. Really, It's stronger than date A stick I and look at how to pronounce it this with the double point here double dot i e i e Do latter composite power Do it Esto moody. It comes from the verb moody too. Damn! Okay, let's continue and use it in context. What do I hate? What do you hate? Guess could test case gilded test moon. Compare my grandfather. It's great. An important work here Morgan Peo did tests. Hate's look. Oh, yeah. Here we have another new word. Lobo. Yeah, my grandfather hates folk. Yeah, the fuck he hates. Fuck. He couldn't live in a foggy city. Morgan, the tester Lebuhraya. Amen to know Lee. Marcia, Marcia. So lava zd have happily Jim, all the image is going to help you to remember the word Mom. Compare the testable. Yeah. He couldn't leave my grandfather in such a in such a country site. Morgan, pay our new papa. Viva! Don't tell a mental no continual avec le nouvel la portion loosen next lesson. 5. Grave: continue a vehicle. A more Have God guess Gasela yet? What can it be? Garver? Oh, God. Don't let production Cobb. Serious gob. Serious hunger. They sic e g a r v g r a v e Gove. But the e at the end, we don't hear it and look at how to pronounce it. Glove with the French. Our glove have got good. I have and no, I want to repeat, Please. Grav Once again. God, no. Let's try to remember the words with with with with a gesture. Please do that jester. I know it seems a bit ridiculous to do a justice so along, but please do it. It will really help you to remember the words, huh? See, God of ah sick of ah, it means Oh, it's Cilliers, huh? Siga And let's continue with a similar word. See? Parachute, fire ship, unfortunate fashion and the etymology off the word Garver do Blatter gravis. God, Dean, you were See the word grab Infant comes from the world. Worsen something that is serious. It can also have a double meaning. Yeah, serious has a double meaning in English. Serious in the positive way and in a negative way and God in the French. It also has two meanings in the positive way or neutral way and in the negative rate, it's rare like rare. Oh, I don't like it or it's something serious, something really like important cigar. And no, we want to use it in context. Mental know Utd Zone SOMO Context or got the Left has look at the phrase Philip. No, they do us, Niko. They no, I want they tell us no account. Look carefully at the place off us. New icons here it's before the verb in French and here in English it is after the verb in new Haakon. They tell us in new Haken and have a problem in rock. Want on behalf problem? They tell us a serious problem in Newark won't have problems if a few near large pull new happily Jim O. And to finish the image to remember the words Oh, in raccoons and have a problem if you know how Count on draft problem. Many problems here we can see you know how contango off problem it meant. No, continue avec les Bleus instruments. Now let's continue with the next lesson Well down. No, we go for the 22. You're on the right track. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow 6. QUESTIONS AT THE TOURIST BOARD: Immelt no leads gets John my bones and no question and answers. If you go for tourism in friends or Canada, for example, you will have to ask some questions to the tourism office here. That course is made for you. So cool. A few people Hello, Hug. I don't know that Palmiero farce. Let's check out the first Frates kill So replaceable Seater are visiting Kelson Lip rebel Sita are visited. Look carefully at my mouth so as to be able to pronounce it in a good way Can sorely playable seat are visited What are the most beautiful sights to visit a mountain? Not lie Pontes Know the answer The purpose it so la Plaza elevator You Villa leap Libous eat soup lap Lage loved Villa Elevate ville The most beautiful sights are the beach and the old town Love, evil the old town. Now another question meant no, you know, took issue was a you know, got to do love. You'll see Vou plea Mousavi, you know character Doraville. Ciro! Plea. Maybe you have guessed. Do you have a map off the city, Please? Do you have a map of the city? Please reserve a new Catto doula villa silver plate. Don't hesitate to make some gestures while you are making the questions. Yes, no, it no more has to play over. Nick do now? No, you know has to please over knee Duma. No, I don't have any more. Come back tomorrow. Tomorrow. Do not. It's no Continued a vacant Noto City. The question. Now let's continue with some other questions. I forgot the Veronica's to program these activity down. Don't let it Kelly, look, program these activity pound don't lipstick. What is the activities program during the summer, lippy the summer And the answer WASI You know Bush your key, Vaughn said WASI being a bush you d who on senior here is a brush er that will inform you was sie Univ Oshawa Ke Vaughn Sr or got in your vehicle abortion case U T organiser Dave Easy to do a villa t organise the visit. The Lavilla key organised a visit to the level who organizes tours off the city Emit non iPhones Now the answer New meme Shaq matter a liter counts no men shock Mata arbiter councils um, ourselves departure at 8 15 every morning a meant no or continue their near Siri. Do question. Let's continue with the last theory off questions. It's still possible. Do it The Moto Villa. It's impossible to do away the Moto Villa. Is it possible to rent a motor cycles in town? No Sunni political symbol made the Velo win. No sunny, pre possible May Day velo We? No, it's no longer possible. But bikes? Yes, Potion Guest Co. LTD. Limited So abundant. Fully pushing La Medio so bona fully portions Will the weather be good for the coming days ? Will the weather be good for the coming days? Limit E o. So, Robin, I want to know why Pons know the answer. A p o he three may 3rd of appearing but deeply, no matter, please me and beautiful and food of comfortable. At first glance, no rain. A puree at first plans a purity about a pre may ample over. At first glance, no rain, but a little wind at first claims no rain, but a little wind. A little went on to do Ebola lose their meaning, not her system. The guest. Your ripples pull off his do tourism here We have finished the session off question and answer. Let's continue with the next lesson 7. Prénom: Hey, meant to know a new memo. Remote and pay. No, Uh, pay. No. Wah, wah, correspond. We will check now. What? It is a first name. It's not a name. A family name? No, it's a first name. Plano. Look at how to write it. Now it's a masculine noun Play. No kennel. He is how to pronounce it. I know. Look at how to pronounce it here with nozzle Voil. Nazar Voil? Yeah, the bit off air has two comes out off here and pay no Pinal. And let's do it with me. Uh, we know once again, um, pay no greats. And now let's try to remember the words, um, Plano news alone associates you more up and know the families. The last name or the family name? No. You know how to say amparano it another families, a name, a family name and play? No. And no Do families Giulietta No scope gelato. No school could net no school. Gannett to know. It's quite interesting here to know that the verb to know corresponds to the name. Someone you know is someone you know, the name etim a logically And now the word we want to use it in context in a Frates Let's check what it is Hoagie Aldo Montano Rafah's to play No Don't you know your first name in English? You will say your name Dump I know it said live up it to be Your first name is Tom Creno A who remember Please do the gestures when you see the new words Cool What does it mean? Short? Don't pray No, A cool Your first name is short. Your first name is short for example. And the example? We will seat in that picture Roy Roy is a short name Tom Panel A cool don't panel a cool Continue Montano our vic Potion Lusa Great efforts. Really? You are Day 23. Take care. We see us tomorrow. 8. Lent: a mountain. All blue move. You know, What could it be? Sound Street? No real covered year. Lamela Lem along the deal. Slow, long, slow long L N t So for the pronunciation, it's vids. Strange. Also. Look long. The t at the end. You don't hear it when it is not with E after it Most of the time, you don't hear it. So here it's not an exception. Long it ends with a t. You don't hear that? And here e and n so so Two letters out pronounced. Oh, and it is a nazal Voi. Oh, it means a bit off air has to come here out off your nose when you pronounce it. He'll you don't? Well, yeah. No, it's your turn once again. You know, maybe in a mental no new Vallone. Mu happily Jim o long. Don't hesitate to make gestures. Yeah, slow. You can make that gesture slow. And you repeat, you know, flow, you know? Okay. It will help you to remember the word if you make the gestures. Okay. You know you know Neema boozy. A long delay. Posey, Aleppo z serene. It's not a complete synonym, but it is quite similar Law Posey and Know the Entomology Giulietta Lendus. But happy not fast enough to know new volume it easy Sumo are context. No, we want to use that word in context. So through a phrase, said Informatization, this programmer here it is the word this but at the masculine form because that word programmer in French it is masquerading in the feminine form. It's written C e double t e. Okay, here it is the masculine form. This programmer said informatization A This programmer is Santa informatization along settle pharma Tisha A long ill provide long term Oh, he works slowly said Informatization. A long A man to know who got Don't Let's check the four top hug Al Din Certain for magician ? A long, really very MMA long He is really slow delivery. Melo set informatization in mountain opossum. Loosen savant. Let's jump to the next lesson 9. Panneau d'affichage: Elmos Trayvon Pano de officials at dawn soon settle no more. It's a long word. Long expression in that case Oh, by no Dogfish are What does it mean? Display panel Bano Deaf Ishasha Uh, by no dot feen Shah's um but no two syllables that feat charge three syllables. That sound is the sound shut. And that sound is the sound. It's quite different shut. Uh, shut his Pano de fish are now. Repeat after me, please by no daffy shot. Once again, please. Um panel Daffy Sarge, don't hesitate to remember the words to make also so gesture Um but I know the officials display Pano I'm by no day officials your brain If you do the jesters real remember the word in an easy way and piano deficit. And to remember it's in a far better way. You can also learn a similar words like a tableau The facade on a bad note of his eyes on tableau officials notice board It's quite the same and it's at in college Giulietta Bad news more so date off a piece off closing. It's quite interesting here to know also that at the beginning the notice boards were made with what? Who is closing with closing pieces? That's why the word comes from here. And now we want to use it in context. It's far easier to remember the words. Let's try to say it's with the phrase look Bano daffy SARS Kofi, Emma Rubino Deficit Coffee. Um re affirms. Yeah, Lopiano deficits. Coffee. Um, removal. It's our new lip again. Do the gestures when you say that the whole phrase Yeah. Lopiano deficit conf you mur coffee. Um reaffirms removal. It's our newly movil annually. I that my flight is cancelled. The display panel reaffirms that my flight is cancelled. Um, what a pity. Killed a mouse. Get in your mouth, Hogan Removal. Hi. He later annually. Lopiano dificiles Coffee. Um, removal it annually. Kill Dumars. What a pity. And no, let's move to the next lesson. You are persistent. You are really, really persistent. This is the end off the day 24 we have really finished the day. And we see us tomorrow 10. Commencer: if not, you know a Nuvo Meow! Meow. Coman Sick Kuhlmann Sick Kumasi. Try to guess what it could be clemency to begin or to start? Yeah, to begin to stopped. Come on, say to begin, Hogarth, they come on. So lot six No. Got how to write it. Call Marcy with double M. Yeah, double m important. Come, Muncie. And look at how to pronounce it. Go, Ma. Sick here. It's a nazal volume. Yeah. Nazal. Voil. There is a bit off air when you pronounce it. That has to come out off your nose. Go, Monsey. Okay. And now try to repeat it. It's not important if it's not perfect. Yeah, just try to repeat it. Go, Morsi. Go, Marcie. Once again. Cool, Monsey. Great. And no, we want to remember that. Words through what? Through synonyms or similar words and ethnology. No. Got that good. Monsey. Deputy Davide to start off to start something yet? Clemency. David, It's in many case. You can use one or the other. The humans miss execs is Judi boot Miss eggs Axis local Giulietta Coombe avec a in it. You miss it with initiates? Yep. In English. Come is with and initiate unity. I in Latin we'll continue our vic. So New Delhi's assume no context. We continue with the use in context with the phrase My feet, my daughter. Important words. Mafi, My daughter. Two months begins Mafi Komen's What does she begin? Longley. Mafi Komen's Longley. You know that words? My daughter begins English. My daughter begins English Mafi, Komen's Longley No and limit to remember it forever. Here it is Murphy Komen's long blip Playbill. They meant no one. Continue five oclock portion loosen. Let's continue with the next lesson. 11. Randonnée: so, you know, home donate to be in a good house, you have to do what you have to do. You know, Honda next. Look at how to write it. You know how many And try to guess what it could be to be in a good house. What could it be? What do you have to do to be in a good house? You have to go hiking, you know? 100. Me? Uh, hike. You know, underneath the hike. Look at how to write it here. It's a feminine word. And like many feminine words, it ants with e always a e. Okay, a in French. Eight, You know, 100 or county new Our vic. It's quite difficult here. Oh, Nazal Volume, huh? Dough not dark door home. Do nick home. Don't, Nick. You know how Andoni And now it's your turn after me. You know how Donate once again you know, Hondo, Nick and no, let's try to remember the words you know, home, Nick, when you read, the words don't hesitate to do with the gesture here. It could be that for example, do you know how I'm doing it? Your brain will make ling between the Chester that you do and what you read with your eyes and what you listen when you listen to that video, Okay? Una Andranik? You know, Masha pick. It's a similar word in a mash up here. You know how many are walking to have a walk? Yeah, in the Honduran A in Mashpee lit symbology. Where does it come from? Do Lucy Infancy from the ancient French from the gallop gallop to gallop with horse to gallop with the horse You know, on Tony it comes from the fort to gallop. Now we want to use it in context with the phrase Let's check what kind of phrase? L and plural feminine. Here We're doing a bit off grammar little chunks off grammar? Yes, l they But in the feminine form in the English way. There is no feminine and masculine in that plural yet in the French. Yes, you have it. L hope you Helen l four. They old do the word all. You're going to see it later. Lfo they do Toot your horn, honey, l A photo. You know how dhoni they or do? It's Duke full. You know how many uh, hike l phone to two new honey l from Tooth. You know, 100 Nick. They all do the hiking. Many women that do a hike. L from 200 and then to know Hogan. Imagine India. One person. There is only one person on the image. Where are the other women? Maybe she's the last one today. Toe. See lot Daniel. Maybe she's the 1st 1 to death. Casella Premier, a mental note. Continue our vic portion. Listen and no, continue with the next lesson. 12. QUIZZ 5: And now our next quiz said Patsy proportion. Quiz, huh? Look carefully at the images and the words. Oh, yeah, baby, you know you need a hike, pass or journey. A hike, A pass journey, Joe. I bet you know Hondo. Nick, it is not a journey. No, no, no. And it is not a pass. A hike! Johan! Danny! A hike se party boulevard Shamu. Let's continue to the next words slow, Qiushi. Which one is slow? It is not cool ship. No, no, no. Sunni panoply. A long slow. I hope you found it slow, you know, on continue on continual present, huh? Got the absentee mom early. Well, smooth. Be a Ellie. Well, smooth despair because of it Away. I hope you found it. It's not early. No, no, no. It is. It is. It is not smooth, its well being. I am well, Jew video. I am Well, we'll continue our vehicle. Balsamo Elephants in the militia. Oh, yeah. I don't even know we continue with the next image. Serious Uncle Air Buday! God! Uncle Burundi! God, I feel you here. We have a serious problem. Uncle Air Burundi. Grab some Nipah! Uncle, I am is so Nipah balding. See gob serious gob News, Evan and carve problem. We have a serious problem or got in your vehicle. Oppose any marriage? A look for Sam. We continue with the next image and the next word. Roy's motel caffee. I'm pregnant. Her first name, Last name or an ad? First name the last name or an ad pre? No, uh, Plano. It's not an adds. No, no, no, it is. It is a first name. Paino. The first name all continually clippers Any marriage. I got the atanzi mo the marriage A schedule on rail. You know, blues. Quite a scandal. I know how you know Blues in question, Cindy. Bat and glove Few is so Nipah in blues. No, on the way the schedule say about people abortion mo Forgot their mouth Latin Wilf Isam bano de fish are a schedule a display panel or delay a schedule display panel or a delay? You? Which one could it be? It's not a scheduled. You already know it. It is a display panel and paneled office AJ with display panels. It's a party full of ammo at all. Show arrested Bienert on TIF only a miracle or got the leader who with the help only in America to begin upon our family name a Palmer Terminate Who? Kommen sie to begin. It's not a poem. No, no, it is. It is. It is not. Tell me, Nick. There may need to finish to begin Kumasi Okay To their mini to finish clemency to begin Sempati people apportion Imo has done called Yonatan Chief Sumo Sylar There need that word is the last one day tasty to search to hide or to hates. Remember, we're speaking here off the fog. Did they stick to search to hide or to hate? Yes, it is to hate It was e d that one. Because I helped you, Ali on continued Allah potion loosen. Let's continue with the next lesson. Se patty Epic Dina means good job. This is the end of the day 25. We are near off the ends. Keep going. We see is tomorrow. Do not