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French Language Course Level A1 | French for beginners with a Native Speaker | 5 Days Challenge

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction to Your French 5 Days Challenge

    • 2. How does this Course work?

    • 3. Day 1 | J'ai de jolis habits.

    • 4. Q & A: At the Train Station (Part 1)

    • 5. Day 2 | Voici la bonne réponse !

    • 6. C'est vraiment mauvais!

    • 7. Day 3 | Il faut tourner à droite.

    • 8. J'ai lu une petite annonce...

    • 9. Day 4 | Q & A: At the Train Station (Part 2)

    • 10. Ceci n'est même pas drôle!

    • 11. Day 5 | On doit connaître ça!

    • 12. Quel est ton poids?

    • 13. Quizz

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About This Class

--- Delf Cheat Sheet Included ---

French 5 Days Challenge : French for Beginners is a complete and comprehensive course about the French A1 level, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.

I believe French learning is best done when it's enjoyable. And I know people learn in different ways.

That's why I am providing multiple ways to learn in this French Language Course and successfully handle with hundreds of Everyday Phrases and Expressions .


  • Watch this French course online, on your mobile, on a Tablet, on any computer or anywhere else.


  • Listen to the audio version of this French course (MP3), present in every section, to learn French on the go (in a car, in a bus, in your bed,...)


  • Download the FLASHCARD and take some notes so as to build your own French Sentences.

  • Take the COLORED QUIZZ

At the end of the day, I just want to help you succeed. I hope that by providing all of these additional resources, you can learn French in a fun and high-quality way.

  • This French course includes the "Advanced Cheat Sheet to get My French DELF A1 by Christophe Daniel Ternay" PDF file. (For the French Beginner's Level (A1) Official Exam called "DELF A1")

Important Notice: This course is presented in English AND French

What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach to learning including little hacks for remembering words. I get the impression he is sincerely dedicated to teaching the French language in a way that it can be immediately useful to anyone wanting to learn and/or improve. (Patricia Russel) ★‎★‎★‎★‎★

The way the instructor teaches helps the retention of all the new vocabulary.

I have memorized many different phrases and I can remember what they mean, which will help me to form more sentences in different situations and tenses. Above all it has helped my pronunciation greatly. (Joy Thornton) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

Learning French through his courses, explanations and exercises are a great opportunity to be well motivated for further improvement. (Mine Durmaz) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

About the Author:

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

He is a graduate teacher in “Teaching French for foreigners”. (From the French Alliance)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.

That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quickly understand and decrypt French words in common sentences ...

... So he developed this comprehensive approach to learning French A1 level based on his learning of 4 languages, the challenges faced by his Peruvian Students, his Worldwide Online courses (900 + hours) and what he studied informally: Neuroscience.

What includes the course:

  • This French A1 level course includes HD pictures so your Brain can easily can link the new words with a clear image

  • This French Beginners Level course also includes a Quizz that I highly recommend you to take because it is the best way to improve quickly. 

  • This French (DELF A1 Level) Learning course includes a Pdf Flashcards that will also be very useful to take some notes during the course.

  • This French course includes the complete Audio Version of the whole course to use it on the go.

What it is NOT Specialized in:

  • French Grammar lessons and exercises (this course contains only little chunks of grammar that will help you build your own A1 LEVEL sentences quickly)

Ready to get started, French learner?

Let's get started on your way the French World. 

See you on the inside (hurry, class is waiting!)



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Your French 5 Days Challenge: Do you want to start changing your life today? Do you want to learn French to be able to travel, study in a French speaking country, work in a French company, or move up the social ladder in your existing job. Perfects. This course is a 5-day challenge with short daily exercises to begin your fringe learning journey. The goal is to make you discover fringe speaking, reading, and listening. I am a native French speaker, and I was lucky enough to be trained by the best. At the fringe aliens. My lessons are based on my online and offline teaching experience with more than 900 students in South America and from all over the world. I asked them how I could improve the learning experience. And I built this course accordingly, focusing on pronunciation with little chunks of conjugation without tricky grandma, with quizzes and flashcards, with real life examples, using images, gestures, and also objects and learning phrases in context. I really want to thank you for your commitment to this journey that we will take together. Let's begin the five-day challenge. So you can start your new French life. 2. How does this Course work?: I want to present you now the outline of the five day challenge. One day consists in two short lectures that you can see here. For example, in one lecture, you won't find translation and phonetics with pronunciation exercises, synonyms, etymology, and Memory Tips, new words and expressions in context with little chunks of conjugation. Hd images to help you memorize words and phrases, question and answer, lectures, and quizzes to test your knowledge. If you feel I'm speaking too fast, you can slow the video by changing the playback rate. And you can also post the video to read the screen at your own pace. Check out the colors. Here we have two sentences. The sentences will always be divided in three parts. And in a short time, you will be able to build your own sentences by switching the groups of words of the same color. Don't forget to download the useful material that I've prepared for you, like the full audio version of this course and the PDF flashcard, where you can take some useful notes if you need to communicate with me and if you have any questions during the course, don't forget that you can get in touch with me by clicking here. I will see you in the course. 3. Day 1 | J'ai de jolis habits.: In order to know unavailable, crazy important lovable Ofwat, and know the really important verb, the verb Ofwat. Kelly's available, seat available to have, Ofwat, to have. Look at how to write it really easy. That two letters make the sound. What, what don't hesitate to exaggerate a bit when you pronounce for the first time that word. And now let's have a look at the phonetic alphabet. Av. Why? Ofwat quite easy to pronounce, No. Now it's your turn of wire. Premium on continue in that ECG, the super-happy regional. We will try now, remember that word. We can remember the words through, for example, through some objects. For example, if I say Zhe Ge Zhu Li pillow, I have a nice sweater. Yeah, I can repeat it. Zhi Zhou Li isn't nice. G and Julie. But it's too hot. And now let's continue with a similar words. Did to knee. Didn't need to hold data near to hold. It's a bit like to have no bits. You have to use it in some other circumstances. Detuning and quantum book to have a bank account to hold the BankAccount G and tuned to have a sweater. It's not the same meaning, but is quite similar. Imaginal, LET immunology know the etymology of that word. Do lotta, behave? Proceeding, proceeded Ofwat. Quite similar also to process. And now we want to use that verb in context. Let's check out how to make a phrase with it. Has a catchy T, is the subject, the actor of the phrase, cat up, really easy up has truly been a beautiful sweater, or in that case, a nice sweater, a beautiful, or a nice sweater. And now we want to get the picture is a your mental know the route and your LUMO grass in CATI. And truly believe him at non continue awake Laplacian loosen, see party. Let's continue. Let's jump to the next lesson. 4. Q & A: At the Train Station (Part 1): In maternal theory, the question happens, Allah, God. And now some question and answers to ask and to answer at the train station, Hoegaarden via sola, that beaucoup, who's a day? Look carefully. It will really help you. Look carefully at the first question. Sick Elton. Sickle can really easy, sick Caltrans and important also, rich train. Is it, which train is it says, look carefully how I pronounce it. Yes. Second, which train is it? Say glucometer. That is the answer. Silicone neutron. It is the first train. See, it is loop. The first train. Silicone neutron mesons. Next question, can lead lag, destination, do certain. Kelly, let destination DST. What is the destination of that train? What is the destination of that train? Caligula destination the sutta, it, lightbulbs and know the answer. Sutra. Sutra. Apart, this train goes to Paris. So Tonga. Push answering the question. Next question and answer series. Hajjar, Damien, should we, should, we should draw upon or Galton, which train must take? Which train must I take should do upon the reifi ba-da verify to check your train ticket. Check your train ticket. Verify. Toby edata, questions you don't collude. Kiva upper. Kelly Luther Kiva, upper. Which train? Ghost, Paris can elute Hank evaporation enlightens Sylvia. Sylvia do devote the one at the front. And now let's continue to the next lesson. Mantra no, continuum are vague. Passchendaele, loosen, see party, arrested, beer, concentrate. Congratulations. You have taken the first step. You have finished the day one. No. I encourage you to continue with the day to see you tomorrow. 5. Day 2 | Voici la bonne réponse !: Imagine no, not reproducible reports at ASU in costume, in other pumps in question. In response, I am sure you have already guessed in guess Joan, a urinary poems. And now answer in my bones and answer. Look at how to write it with an accent here. Okay, with an accent. It's not o, it's hey, because there is an accident happens. And now look at how to pronounce it with a nozzle boil. Little hurry, Paul. When you pronounce it, you can put your finger here and check if there is some air coming out of your nose. Repose. The bet of air has two comes here through your nose. You know, read pons, and now say it after me. In a pawns. Once again, a pawns grades and know we want to remember that words. So you in repose, we are going to do that gesture in question. In rebels. And guess jaw bones, you have to do some gesture, please. Ingestion inhibits. Okay, really is going to help you in question, in response. In speak, assume it's a similar word. Yeah, you know, repose in XP Castro and explanation. And here the etymology. Do you Latin spun DO permit a promise or to promise? Yeah, to promise in PubMed In response. And now we want to use it in context in a phrase in whole friends. It's going to help us to remember the word loop officer, the teacher, professor, teacher loop Officer. For me. For me, it's a new word. He's giving us something. Gives, gives what happens? Look Officer, for me in my pawns, the teacher gives an answer. Look officer for knee in reports, that teacher gives an answer. Let's continue with the image. Law professor for knee replacements or Janani margin. In Yom next peak, CATV. Lagarde, law professor for knee in iPhones. Titanium. A mountainous moves along Pasi, loosen Sweden's. Let's continue to the next lesson. 6. C'est vraiment mauvais!: The mental no, continuity. Asic LUMO movie, movie. It's not a positive words. Movie. Try to guess. See in a less significant show, movie, bad or wrong, bad or wrong. Double meaning, moving. Look at how to write it. That's the sound, O and E. Is the sound. A. More. Look at how to pronounce it. More V. It's not to move no more V. And now I want to repeat, please. Mojave. Once again. Movie. Great, great grades. No, we want to remember the words. We can remember the word through gestures, through objects, through etymology, through similar words. And here we're going to see and try to use it with an object. We, we, we, we, we, we do co-occur with early failure movie numero. I think you did the wrong number there. The fake Lu movie numero have y2. So it was it or continue on continuous. Similar movie, backbone. Jenny puffy, libido, numero. I did not do the good number. Gfp, LUMO venue Miro, I did the wrong number. Okay. Emit NO ONE continuity. Avik, legitimacy, malady, fast use Arlotta, mainly fastidious, affect the movie. So coats by an eval curse. Quite interesting to know, that movie comes from manufacturers. And in the ancient Latin language, it was meaning code by an eval curse. Really interesting, and it can help you to remember the word. No, we want to use it in context in a phrase, AGA the BRAF husband to know Vu, Vu. You. Telephony. Or upon telephone, we take the found would telephony. Who telephony? You call? Foo telephony or movie numero uno telephony. All movie numero, movie, numero, numero number. You call the wrong number. And to finish the image that will help you remember the words. Telephony or movie, numero, Walla, continuum ethno, their Laplacian, Lawson. And let's continue to the next lesson. Good job. You have managed to complete the day to know we go for the date tree. Goodbye. We see us tomorrow. 7. Day 3 | Il faut tourner à droite.: Continuum are vague. Lumo to nick. Name. Lumo to name. What could it be to name? It's a French verb of the first group. First group of word ends with E-R at the end. To, to turn. Quite similar, no, two 1e to turn. Look at how to write it to. The French are tools and every verb infringe that ends with ER are part of the first group. The first group of verbs in French. It will help you for the dramatic to turn to name. It meant to know Hoegaarden law pronunciation. Let's take out the pronunciation. Too many to name. And now I want you to repeat after me please. To nip. Let's do it again. To name fabian mountain. No, ECU, the new happily demo. Now let's try to remember that words. We can remember words with etymology, with synonyms, with also gestures, and with objects. In that case, we are going to use an object. Look at that. You recognize that yeah, it's a bulb. The light bulb, news alone to knit. Moves along too long pool. That's called on pooled in friendship. Moves along to on a long pool. We are going to turn the light bulb news alone to on a long pool. I'm sure you have one in your house. And if you take it off, take it in your hands and use it. While you learn the words. I can assure you that you will remember that word forever. To Nick. And let's check out a synonym, or in that case a similar word. It has the same rooms to Ni Shuo Ni to bypass, to need to turn it cartoony to bypass. We have something here. We don't want to go here. We are going to bypass it to donate. Cantone. Imagine no, Hoegaarden lit the mythology. Quite interesting etymology. It comes from the Latin word tones. And what does it mean to harness? It means to do put the Porter's tool. Though, the potters tool give his name to the French verb to name because the Porter's tool was always spinning around. Now, I'm going to need to do, put it n. Now let's use it in context. Mental note, beauty, listen, sumo, context. Let's use it in a whole phrase. You learned. You learned. It's the subject of the phrase. You alone to all you loaned to one. Turns. In English, you have an S at the end. In French, not, you don't have an S here because we are at the third person of the singular form. Yep, third person of the singular form. You don't have an ESS. You learned to go. Are you alone? Turns left. Here. It's really important that word also, right and left. You have to know it. Right? Add what left eye goes. Please do the gesture to us to learn it in a better way. Right? Add what's left. Are Bush you loaned to goulash, imaginal, Hoegaarden lemurs. Let's check out the image to remember it. Easy way. Where is your loaned AIG Yolanda? Don't care what you eat. You learned in which car is your lawn? If she turns left, Cl2 negotiate, she could be in that car and that car or in that car. So streetcars are turning left seat. What do you say? To him? Antinode affairs. You loaned tune our continuum magno director mom, Avik lab portion. So let's continue with the next lesson. 8. J'ai lu une petite annonce...: A mentor, not continuum, Avik LUMO sudo. Let's continue with the next words. During a petite unknowns, joy pet. Petite unknowns in Lagarde, Sulla sacked correspond only a classified art, a classified ad uno petite. But it unknowns, classified in English. In that case, it's little or short, infringe in 30 tunnels. Hotel de como sulla security. C Don't feminine. And say masculine, feminine, uno per the 0s at the end, we don't hear it in a petite unknowns at consumed half a dozen unknowns. So two letters here that you see O and N makes a sound own unknowns, unknowns. Here at the end, the sound petite unknowns and the E at the end, you don't hear it. In Petite animals. Look at how to write it in the fanatical alphabet. Per unknowns, the unknowns and no, tried to repeat after me. In particular unknowns. Onco for inputted unknowns. Imaginal moves along the new happen eligible. Now, we will try to remember that word through a synonym, or in that case, a similar word in the publicity in 2010 ohms into the city and ads. And through its etymology, do data non 2t message messaging, non-Jews in Latin, it was the word message or message, message or messenger. And though we want to use that word in context, is really going to be helpful to remember the words said to put it a north here, that word is a feminine words set, the masculine word is written soup or set, CET, said To put it unknowns, this classified ad set, but it unknowns var Silverberg vault or it's the verb selling, said put it and also var cells. The video said to put it. And also the Zhou video, this classified ad cells, videogames set, but it unknowns von digital video him at no Hoegaarden director mom lima has given parametrized unhappily, please Asimo demo. Now, let's have a look at the image to better remember that word set to put it. And also the Zhou video said put it tunnels, Von Danger video, pass from dialect among our Laplacian loosen. Let's go. Let's jump to the next lesson. Well down, no, we go for the day four. You're on the right track. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow. 9. Day 4 | Q & A: At the Train Station (Part 2): A Latino Cotonou Are they cannot reduce the IOM Siri do disjoint bonds. Let's check out the second question and answers about the train station, raga Debian law, Panera questions. Let's check out the first question. How Lagarde, Oh, so situ, Lavoie. B. Also situ, love, Warby, Hoegaarden only. Where is the track be located? So c2 is located. Also C2a Webby, lipo, Lavoie be the track b. What be C2B as second met I gosh, as secant method Bush, the truck B is located 50 meters to the left as seconds ago, 50 meters to the left. Or to question another question. Can they loop? Loop Pushin, Kelly, loop machinery? What is the next stop? Lupo Center. The next stop, it happens and the answer, Laplacian array, c, lambda loop cautionary cella. The next stop is the see. The Mediterranean Sea for example, at the South of France, will suit the doula phones, la mayor Mediterranean, or continue Avik, push sensory, Duke histone. Let's continue with the next question and answers regarding the train stations. How gati SQL on Garvan contests gluten onto ha, ha, when will the train approach the platform? Good question. Contests. Kiloton entourage, eight light bulbs and the answer, look around the room. Caesar, do matter there about at about the train will approach the platform at about 06:00 AM. Caesar, the motto, 06:00 AM, Vera at about Onto R3 approach in that case because it's a trained push and question. It. Dionaea question the last question. Judo upon rho celt, Allie, I'll Leon. Leon is the second biggest city in France. Should work home. Or you can turn to idea. Which trainer must I take to go to Liam? And the answer would do the Pono la numero than to do voodoo the pond or Latane numero vendor, you must take the train number 22. Asia would do the Pantone outta numeral vendor. And now let's go to the next lesson. We'll continue our lapis, lazuli seabirds. 10. Ceci n'est même pas drôle!: Latino awake, LUMO, the whole pipette. Sulla, a SEA Dole. Case Coursera video. The whole family. It is funny. Sulla, a dole. It is funny. Don't look at how to write it with that special accent. The whole, the whole, and once again, the last letter, the ie, we don't hear it. Pay attention. It is an adjective. Yeah, it means fairing in mountain or Hoegaarden law, Anastasio, let's check the pronunciation. Quite easy though. Not to look at my mouth. Drone to whole, OK, in antinode set of repartee up anymore. And now it's your turn. You repeat after me the whole once again, the whole Fabian and continue in Illinois ECG, do new, happily demo. The whole. Look again, how to write it. The whole funny. Don't hesitate to make a gesture to remember the word sit all hahaha, it's funny. Sid Hall and know the similar word Mao home. The whole seminal said hole somehow. It's fun or it's funny. It's really synonym. We can say it's a synonym, Yeah. And now the etymology, it comes from the Netherlands. The Netherlands. The word is it's a jovial gobbling, an elf or a goblin, troll. Now, you know the word tall. So the word troll has given the word the whole infringe. Quite interesting, no, a little monster. So has given that adjectives, that French adjective. No, we want to use it in context. Let's check out what we could build a phrase. Move my brother, a new word here. With an accent. My brother. Imagine. Imagine, you already guessed it. Imagines with an s in English. Here, without an s, No, it is at the third person of the singular form and it has no Es. And here, quite interesting, more, it means mine. But at the masculine form, at the feminine form, it would be, for example, maps. So my sister, yes, we are doing little chunks of grammar. It's also interesting. You have to remember that also and take some notes. More frail image he not imagining new quot, What does he imagine? That all these TWA, imagine, enroll this to my brother. Imagines a funny story. Doyle. These two are a funny story. And to end, we are going to check out the picture. Checkout my brother. More frail image in, in the oldest one. My brother imagines a funny story. Move image in all these to him or to know Continuum avec. Souvent. And let's go. Let's jump to the next lesson. Great efforts. You're on day four. Take care. We see us tomorrow for the day five. 11. Day 5 | On doit connaître ça!: A mental no, continuum of LUMO, cornet and more important, coronet, sit and verb. It's a verb coordinate. Lagarde, lethargic shown on normally connect to know, to know coronet, look at how to write it. Double n. Then a, e is the sound, go.NET and T-R-I-E. But the last letter, you don't hear it. You don't hear it called net. And look at how to write it in the phonetic alphabet. It will really help you to pronounce it in the good way. Cool, net coronet. And you have here nothing at the end. The last letter that we here, it is here, the r coordinate. And know it's shorten. I want to repeat, please. Go.NET commands, could net. And now we will try to remember that words through what, through its etymology and through a similar word coordinate. We have here a similar word, savoir, geodata, Cognos Siri, frequenting to date. Really great. Interesting here, the etymology, the verb Connect comes from Cognos array, which is to date. And it's really that if you want to know someone, you have to maybe date with him before. Yeah, quite interesting. Date. Three county connect. Etymologically. It comes from here. And now we want to use it in context. Mental know HE does also mola or context. The cylinder. Cylinder. Is the subject, silly, no coordinate. L, connect. She knows Saline Nose. Law who sit in. Canadian citizen knows the road. Well, here we have mapped saline, which is my sister. She knows the road well. L cani la hoot. Don't hesitate to remember the word to grab a map. Yeah, it will really help you to have something physical in your hands and to see the words that you want to remember. Selena Kony piano. And now we are going to be helped also by the image. And there is something strange here in the image. It's not a French image. No. Because the steering wheel, it's at the rats in France, it's at the left. Always sit in Canadian boots. Him at not direct thermal, continuum, Burleigh portion loosen separates. Now let's go to the next lesson. 12. Quel est ton poids?: He meant no and no more. What should I bet? Poor regard Debian Kumar sulla, sickly. Aloe is indeterminate and poor and poor lesion. Lu Li Zhi await a heavy weight or a light weight. Lu lesion. Await Lagarde como sulla cyclic. Look at how to write it, because it's a masculine noun. And poor pay or e, or e, it's the sound what, what don't hesitate to. It saturates with your mouse when you learn a new language, yes, when you learn French here, don't hesitate to exaggerate what, what Paul and the D and S, R, two consonants. And in French, many, many times, when a word ends with a consonant, you don't hear it. You don't hear it. Ok. I'll continue and look at how to write it in the fanatical alphabets, Okay? Wow, and look carefully at my mouth when I say it. And try to do the same. And now it's your turn. Once again on corn for Hebbian. Imagine no moves along. Ecg, do new, happily demo. No, we are going to try to remember that words. For example, we can do it with was what was an object? Okay, grab an object, a heavy object. I will do it now. Yeah. Look what the set valleys it resolving. Look for the set. Yeah. And what Lou, a heavyweight. And now we want to know a similar word so as to be able to make a link between Zeus to words. And by the way, we are also going to learn the new words and what una mass quite easy, adaptable s in English, MR. ESSEC infringe, unanimous, and it's a feminine noun. Here. It's a masculine noun. And here is a feminine noun. Unanimous image, no Hogan, LET immunology do Latin. Then some really, really interesting here. Do Latin, Pensacola, please do len, Q2 less glove. Do v, Philly. Pursue the wool weight that a slave had to spin everyday? Sat, words. Pinch, zoom, gave the word poor. Really interesting in the history. Really interesting. And now let's try to use that word in context, in a phrase. We want to use it in context so as to be able to remember that word, Forever. Suit, bag, Azure, sukha Gaussian. So this luggage, superbugs are Sylvia Ofwat, it's the verb to have. Buzkashi are these luggage has, so Bagua, crazy lu v and plot movie. This luggage has a very heavy weights. So biogas and poor. Imagine not any major ports to happily prefacing now an image to remember that word in an easy way, supra and by gosh, regarding attractive now lemurs, poor, happily Jimo looked carefully at the image. It will help you to remember the word. And now let's jump to the next lesson. See party, and continue to push and loosen. 13. Quizz: A matter no, not a pony Quiz. And now our first quiz. Let's check it out. Hogarth Libya, not Republic quiz. Rosalie, Amy, you're gonna love it. The quizzes here to make you check your level, to make you know where you are in your French studying alone. First only permute quiz. Hoegaarden, Lupo MIMO. Let's check out the first word, the first World Report. And now you have to find out which one it is a friend, an answer, or a teacher. What is here? In repose? A friend, an answer, or a teacher at Ashoka della reponse. Let's check out the answer in repose and answer the phones. An answer. Let's check out the second-order. Not know Hoegaarden law does Jemima version doesn't match the image, can really help you to guess what it is or to find out to remember what it is. Left isn't. I go at what? O to the left? I go at what? Ux to drop. Left. Go left. Our goal. Him at no person almost within asean image. Let's take out the image. It can make you remember where, in which sentence we have seen that image. Dole, happy, friendly, often in the whole. It is not happy. It is funny. Funny. Ima, not persons like thermo, openable avionics checkout the image. Classified ad. Is it una explication? Una mass? Unos unknowns. Pipette. You next peak. Assume. See sumo, uno mass or unknowns, the classified ads, Sunni passerine XP Casio. And it's not an explanation in explication. Sunni pass, you know, mass. It's not in mass. See in the tit unknowns, a classified ad, in particular nodes. Let's check out the next words. Oh yeah, they've young Luke, Hosh, ammo. Await a leg age or a chair, weight, luggage or chair. Happily Wu, It is not a chair. So Nipah, inner shells. It's a wait, wait, wait. Remember set Valley's a lot. Set Valley's a load. These luggage is heavy. It has a big weight. Ella and what awaits him at not Lamaze, don't fit Bian attention. Emerge. Hogarth, Debian, imagine Lee who happily demo, checkout the image. You're going to remember the words, bad or wrong. Isn't Marvel movie or agreeable? Bad or wrong? Marvel movie. Oh. So Nipah, Mom. No, it's not the first one. Ma ho known. C moving bad or wrong movie and a movie numero, a bat or a wrong number. Pass on the I20 or possible. Let's take out the next words. Regarded. Imagine in a relationship, a story or a joke. You Nice to a relationship. A story or a joke, or which one is it? It's not a relationship. And it's not a joke. In history, a story. He is telling her the story. It's to emit no person almost fever to no savoir. For savoir. For near. It's to give me a savoir. See savoir. To know it's savoir? No, savoir. All continue. Avik Laplacian image. Let's check out the image. A road trip. The steering wheel roots arose. The trips the steering wheel at OSU SAW happily, try to remember. It is not a steering wheel. It is a road a road person, Director, mom offers animal. Let's go to the next word to turn. Von Braun, bourgeois, UX to name von Bora, Woolworths to roughly Cecilia, to turn on the API to name this one was quite easy. It wasn't Galois, Galois to one. And it was not to sell, to sell von, VonMar Galois to an eight to turn to next.