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French Language Course Level A1 | French for beginners with a Native Speaker | 28 Days Challenge

French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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13 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. DAY 1: The 28 Days Challenge

    • 2. DAY 1: How does the course work?

    • 3. DAY 1: Let's do it!


    • 5. DAY 2: Fill it!

    • 6. DAY 2: Three wishes...

    • 7. DAY 3: Be quite!

    • 8. DAY 3: Ha ha ha!

    • 9. DAY 4: There is nothing...

    • 10. DAY 4: Gimme your autograph...

    • 11. DAY 5: On wheels....

    • 12. DAY 5: It hurts....

    • 13. DAY 5: QUIZZ 1

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About This Class

French 28 Days Challenge : French for Beginners is a complete and comprehensive course about the French A1 level, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.

DAYS 1 to 5: Description: 

In this first 5 Days you will learn how to use correctly Beginner French Words and Expressions. 

I believe French learning is best done when it's enjoyable. And I know people learn in different ways.

That's why I am providing multiple ways to learn in this French Language Course and successfully handle with hundreds of Everyday Phrases and Expressions .


  • Watch this French course online, on your mobile, on a Tablet, on any computer or anywhere else.


  • Listen to the audio version of this French course (MP3), present in every section, to learn French on the go (in a car, in a bus, in your bed,...)


  • Download the PDFs present in every section and take some notes so as to build your own French Sentences.

  • Read the FRENCH DELF A1 CHEAT SHEET included in this Resource.


At the end of the day, I just want to help you succeed. I hope that by providing all of these additional resources, you can learn French in a fun and high-quality way.

  • This French course includes the "Advanced Cheat Sheet to get My French DELF A1 by Christophe Daniel Ternay" PDF file. (For the French Beginner's Level (A1) Official Exam called "DELF A1")

Important Notice: This course is presented in English AND French. At the beginning, more English is used, so that you can learn step by step.

What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach to learning including little hacks for remembering words. I get the impression he is sincerely dedicated to teaching the French language in a way that it can be immediately useful to anyone wanting to learn and/or improve. (Patricia Russel) ★‎★‎★‎★‎★

The way the instructor teaches helps the retention of all the new vocabulary.

I have memorized many different phrases and I can remember what they mean, which will help me to form more sentences in different situations and tenses. Above all it has helped my pronunciation greatly. (Joy Thornton) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

Learning French through his courses, explanations and exercises are a great opportunity to be well motivated for further improvement. (Mine Durmaz) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

About the Author:

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

He is a graduate teacher in “Teaching French for foreigners”. (From the French Alliance)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.

That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quickly understand and decrypt French words in common sentences ...

... So he developed this comprehensive approach to learning French A1 level based on his learning of 4 languages, the challenges faced by his Peruvian Students, his Worldwide Online courses (900 + hours) and what he studied informally: Neuroscience.

What includes the course:

  • This French A1 level course includes more than 50 HD pictures so your Brain can easily can link the new words with a clear image

  • This French Beginners Level course also includes Quizzes that I highly recommend you to take because it is the best way to improve quickly. 

  • This French (DELF A1 Level) Learning course includes Pdf Flashcards that will also be very useful to take some notes during the course.

  • This French course includes the complete Audio Version of the whole course to use it on the go.

What it is NOT Specialized in:

  • Grammar lessons and exercises (this course contains only little chunks of grammar that will help you build your own A1 LEVEL sentences quickly)

Ready to get started, French learner?

Let's get started on your way the French World. 

See you on the inside (hurry, class is waiting!)



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French 28 Days Challenge : French for Beginners

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1. DAY 1: The 28 Days Challenge: Do you want to start changing your life today? Do you want to learn French to be able to travel, study in a French speaking country, work in the French company or move the social ladder in your existing job? Perfect. This course is a 28 day challenge with short daily exercises to begin your French learning John. The goal is to make you discover French speaking, reading and listening. It will also help you reach the A one level and make you get your French dealt a one exit. I am a native French speaker, and I was lucky enough to be trained by the best of the French. 18 violists are based on my online and offline teaching experience with more than 900 students in South America and from all over the world. I asked him how I could improve their learning experience, and I built this course according focusing on pronunciation with little chance off congregation without tricky grammar, with quizzes and flash cuts with real life examples, using images, gestures and also and learning phrases in gun. In this course, I will also include a free copy off my book called Advanced Teach It to get my dealt a one and will allow you to be part off the speedy French private Facebook group where you can ask me for help at every step off your French. Really, I want to thank you for your commitment to this journey that we will take together. Let's begin the 28 day challenge so you can start your new French life. 2. DAY 1: How does the course work?: here, I want to present you the outline off The 28 Days challenge one day consists in two or three short lectures that you can see here. In one lecture, you will find translations, phonetics and pronunciation exercises, synonyms, Entomology and memory tips, new words and expressions in context, with little chunks off conjugation HD images to help you memorize words and phrases. Question and answer lectures and quizzes to test your knowledge. If you feel I'm speaking too fast, you can slow the video here, and you can also pose the video to read the screen at your own pace. Check out the colors Here we have two different sentences. Descent. Ince's will always be divided in three parts, and in a short time you will be able to build your own sentences by switching the group's off words off the same color. Don't forget to don't love the useful material that I prepared for you like the fool, all the version and the Pdf flashcards where you can take some useful notes if you need to communicate with me. And if you have any question doing the course, don't forget that you can join me at the private Facebook group. I will always be here to help you 3. DAY 1: Let's do it!: here we begin with our first word, the word fair. It is once off the most useful words and one off the most used words. Fair. What could it be in English? Can you guess fair. It's really quite easy to do. Fair to do. Yeah, look carefully. How to write it? F a i r E in French f r E l. The two letters here make the sound and in French there many, many worries many different ways to write this sound in the course. We will see that also, and let's check out how to write it in the phonetic alphabet at the beginning is going to be a bit tricky. But by the end off this course with a bit off practice, it will have no secret for you. The phonetic alphabet Here Fair. Look carefully at my mouse when I pronounce it fair. Fair with the French are at the end bad there. And now it's your turn. Yep. First I say it and when you see that logo, you have to say it after me. Fair once again, Fair. And now we want to know how to remember the words that we have just seen. We can remember the words through objects through images, through gestures through synonyms, Entomology or similar words. Here we will do it with an object. It's look carefully, please. Now post the video and grab a notebook. Yes. Then you were repeat after me. Jude Wa, fair maid of Wa Judah fed meat d'oeuvre. I have to do my homework. Your brain will now build a strong link between that notebook and the new Werth. Yes, it will build really, really strong link. No, that logo here stands for synonym or similar words. In this case, it is a similar word. Fair. It's quite the same as paper. OK, and now we will see the origin off the world. It means it's atom ology. Do latter factory factory in Latin. It means are complete in French. It means to accomplish and in English. Can you guess the English word that has the same root? It will really help you memorize the French word. Fuck you. Fact giving. Yes, It has given the world factory in a factory. It's where you prepare where you do some objects. It has the same groups. Now we want to use that word in context. It means, in a global phrase, so as to remember it in an easy way. Lead your job. That student let you jump the students feet. Littlejohn fake Does. It means it's here at the certain person off the singular form, Littlejohn say. Does Littlejohn fee book Ooh du Devoir Littlejohn Fate Boo Boo Doo doo Wah. The students does a lot off homework. Remember, in the other lectures, you will find the same structures. So don't hesitate to switch a green block with another green block off another lecture or a red block or an orange block with another orange block from another lecture. And then you will be able to build your own praises and no look carefully at the final image. It will really help you to memorize this sentence if you make a link between the image and the sentence greats. No, let's go to the next lesson. SE party 4. DAY 1: QUESTIONS AT THE RESTAURANT: a matter? No. Le Nouvel, Siri The case, John. Weapons are They kill cashew trees and Martin o has to home. And now the new question and answers with the topic the restaurants at all. So they just kissed Joy opens So lava it okay is important. It is really important, isn't it? Ho. Yeah. Let's check out the first question. Kolya, Kuta women. You could lemon, you zero plane, please. Silver plate, please. Cumbia could a luminous cumbia? How much does the menu costs? A lie. Bumps and the answer. Seyval sunco are they blew? Caffee clip See events, uncle. Have a clue Caffee Clue. It's 25 euro coffee Included avec Luca thea Include coffee included. Questions revamped. Next question. Who's a very do put? So who's a video person? Don't hesitate when you ask when you do that. That exercise that we are doing now don't hesitate to do some gestures. Yeah, like that is a fish. No, it would help you memorize the question. The whole question. Mousavi, do put. So do you have fish and the answer and that not I poems. We a Elmo, the Krista See Kujtesa we a bagel Monday, Krista said Yes. And also shellfish opus at a nouvelle. Silly to guests. Let's check out the next question and answers. Holier Don't meant no. Lee gets you a weapons Trayvon. It's hard. Yeah, they don't even know. Just keep on vertical MTA Ponder what a commander. May I take your order? Ponder that. Command a lie, Bones. No nooner. Some purpose. No, no, no. Some No, we are not ready. No duvan. Swazi portion gets you, Voorhoeve Commodity ab are fully do come Monday. Do you want toe order a drink? Do you want to order a drink? Ally Palms and the answer or God, we in boot a the champagne yourself you play, we in boot a duchamp in your cell group. Duchamp Banya. Fancy French champagnes off course. Yes, a bottle off. Sham Panya, please. Or got a new article. A potion? Siri, The question. Let's check out the last Siri off question and answers. Rosalie. Paul, would you say easily, Pond Or do they? Seven. Are you going to have desert? Are you going to have desert? And the answer libels? No, Sophia. Regime. Regime. No, I'm on a diet. No, I'm on a diet. Luba. Visibly. Who's a plane like bones. Did you like the meal? What is the answer? Oh, God, Eli. Poems. We knew several Boco Emmy. We knew seven. Baku in me? Yes, we liked it a lot. Yes, we liked it a lot, Al. It's all continue. Vela personal. Oh, so let's continue to the next lesson. Congratulations. You have taken the first step. You have finished the day one? No. I incorrect you to continue with the day to see you tomorrow. 5. DAY 2: Fill it!: he meant to know at all. Shown a move. Uh, four mood left starts for new leg. What can it be? Have you guessed Formulae, huh? For media informally form a form yet from name surname, Family name years? Yeah. Formula. Oh, yeah, they got no so lot sickly, huh? For new lo the e at the end, you don't hear it End a good tip 99% after time when you have ah, continent here and then of oil and most off it and e you don't hear the but you hear the continents for mu less you here they are that you don't hear that Eat. Okay. Quite every time you see that configuration constant and e most of the time you hear the continent that you don't hear that. Okay? Really important. Father Pronunciation formula. Look at how to pronounce it in the fanatical alphabet. Four. Move left. Here it's a you for me lay forming a and no, it's your turn. Formulaic once again for new layer. Great. And we continue. We want to remember that word through a similar word. And through what? Through the etymology off that worked here we have a similar word. A survey guessed your name and question a formula. It's really personal them on formula and kiss your neck. And here we have the etymology Giulietta for Mari formula. It's quite similar to for marry because it's it's route from there. Former he composing to set up from layer for Marie or Lata, compose it to set up. And now we want to use it in context. Let's see a whole phrase blue formula here. It's the subject. The actor, the formula done, don't know gifts, the formula done days on form Assume if only done this infomercial the form gives information. Here we have something really, really interesting again. Here at the plural form. Here we have Dick, we haven't article in English. We don't have that article in French. Please remind you have to use always articles. Well, formula Don't quad the formula or the form gifts. What gives some informations? Yeah, for information. These are for Mr To Rule our bacon attic. No formula don't deserve for Mr and No we want the picture is going to help us to remember the work Lou formula done days and form a strong You see Bruno Le Pen in large eight letters. The name, the family name, the age and, well, you live your address. Amen to know. Continue. They loosen savant and now continue to the next list. 6. DAY 2: Three wishes...: a mentor. No remorse. Trayvon Ramo du Monde. It's don't hesitate when you pronounce the word to cut it in two or three parts. It's really going to be helpful if you want to pronounce it in a good way. Do Mom hug argument? No issue. Davinic Colosimo to ask to ask du Monde it really important word do Monday. Look at how to write it. Do ma they hear. The only difficulty is on the sound. En is the sound all in French? It's a nazal sound, so a bit off air has to come here through your nose demand. They put your finger here to check if a bit off is coming here out of your nose. Do Mom, the all Do Mom the and now check out how to pronounce it with the fanatical alphabet. Do do with the E at the other side. Do Ma Dick do monte? And now it's your turn. I want you please to repeat after me. Do amounted once again. Due Mondi Trivia in Montana is a young do harp. Eligible. Let's try to remember that word. For example, using an object Joe du Monde. You know, glass madam, you know gas is still roupoli. See, madam, I ask for an ice cream. Do know the funeral glass A mental? No remarks. You know glass, I eat an ice cream. Tribble. Tribble, Tribble du monde. You know, glass. I ask for an ice cream. Continue avec ammo. Similar. We continue with similar word. The word soli. See Take to request the Monday to ask for Solicited to request and the etymology off the world do amount They check it out. Giulietta Mando Sharji Did you know Mr Quite interesting here The etymology in the Latin in the old Latin language Mondo Waas Sharji Do you know, monsieur? To assign someone with a mission And thats came to be the word toe. Ask for Du monde. Now we want to use it in context in a phrase. Mantle Minorities on sumo notion Afar's on context. Syria. It's the subject. The actor off the phrase cereal du monde. He asks for here. We don't have an s in French. We have a ness in English, but we don't have ness in French Serially du monde, una glass serial asks for an ice cream cereal demanding glass every day. I don't want to know Lee Marcia. Poor mute. New happy eligible. Let's check out the image to remember in an easy way the word, huh? Gotta be on the marriage issue. The memo is an image of a limo. A love house. Put your arm your bruise on happily try to build a link between the image and the new word that you are learning. It's really going to be helpful. Serial du monde. Una glass? No, I don't like to mount a lot. Lucien's We don't Let's jump to the next lesson. Good job. You have managed to complete the day too. No, we go for the day. Treat Goodbye. We see us tomorrow. 7. DAY 3: Be quite!: it almost. You don't remove Sargsian. Sweet. Just massage. What could it be? Sweet Sarge? I am. I am what? I am well behaved. Well behaved. A long word. But in French. A really short word, Sarge. Juice Sweet Sarge, look at how to write. It s up. G is up to the last letter. We don't hear it such and hear that one. You have to pronounce it. Look at how do you write it? In the fanatical alphabet surgery? And now it's your turn. Please repeat after me, Sargsian. Once again, Sargsian. Great and no. We want to remember the words. For example, through a mimic sell bus out sows bus out. Not well behaved. I am not well behaved or continues. Synonymous does ill, Sarge. It's really a similar work, Sarge. Docile, docile, compliant. The seal compliant in Antonio Let ideology Giulietta SAPIENs. I am sure you already know that Words SAPIENs. We are sappy INTs. We are supposed to be well behaved. Gelatin SAPIENs key Abdu charisma who have some common sense. Yeah, that means SAPIENs SAPIENs. And that has given the word such So if you remember SAPIENs, it's going to be easier for you to remember the work, Sarge In French, Well behaved a man to know beauty is also more our context. Now let's use that word in the phrase In a phrase, Haugaard Libya said Don't feel sit awful. I said don't for this child this in the masculine formula in the feminine form it would not be written, so it would be written C e t t e at the end t you have to aggregate t to make the this word . But in the feminine French form set off for this child Naper. That is interesting. He It's how to make the negative sentence. Here in the middle, we have the verb and at both sites we have no and pop to make the negative sentence yet said on phone nape up This child is not set on phone. Naper Sir, Do do set also the pass are you toe? This child is not well behaved at all here at all It is translated in due to set on form May pass as you to. This child is not well behaved at all. And now let's continue with the image so as to remember it in the way. Oh yeah, Hogarth, they settle for, said on phone May pass on. That charge isn't well behaved at all. They are continued Arabic portion loosen, let's continue, please to the next lesson. 8. DAY 3: Ha ha ha!: animus. You don't know who who won. It's an adjective. What could it be? Who? Quite strange dip organization. Now who Try to guess who? Please Who? What could it be? Happy, Really Important words. Happy? What would be life without happiness? Good, Silly. Remove the songs that will do. Hogarth, They come on. Sola Sikri, check out how to write it. Ash, You x Mm The X at the end. You forget it. You don't have to pronounce it. Yeah, bit. You have to pronounce the and the But you here is the in the middle with seed. The French are It's a bit special to say but it's not so difficult now. Oh, it just Oh, and the h at the beginning. We don't hear it neither. So we don't hear the first better. We don't hear the ultimate letter. We just hear, hear you and R and then it's once again. So uh huh checkouts how to spell it. Oh, in the fanatical alphabet. Ooh, yeah. And now it's your turn. Repeat after me. Uh huh. Once again, greats. And now try to remember the words. So to remember the words, you know, you can use objects or you can use mimics also with your phrase. When you say out the words try to have, um happy face. Oh, like me? Yeah, full hope. Okay, let's continue. Synonym is in the name words. It's Yeah, it's a cinnamon. We can say it, Harvey. I am pleased. I am happy or I am pleased. Risks we over just Harvey. It's really similar. Really, really similar. And now the Entomology Giulietta Ash from the Latin word of Wow do Laotians quite interesting here to know the etymology also know uh the word earth in Latin. It means to get the chance to Okay, If you remember that it will be easier to remember the world a man to know brutalism somo context Let's use that word in context in the phrase check out that suit view manure is it ? Serve you menus yet view objective means old in the masculine form view severe manuzzi This old carpenter Manuzzi carpenter manuzzi capital This suit in the masculine form Serve your money easier. This old carpenter a living up at the verb to be this old carpenter is serve you know newsy it asi asi really important work also asi quiet quite happy. This old carpenter is quite happy. Sylvia Moon, visit it. Oh, here, masculine. Yeah, At the feminine form, It's written in another way. Ash L Eaks, Alafaya for the masculine form and ash L s U S E audience in the feminine form. Ellie whose she is happy. Elie who? Who's okay? I meant no Or continue Africa we march. Let's continue with the image to check out if he seems happy or not. Oh, it seems happy he seems happy. Serve your museum. Eight. A cell with his red hair Hey, Seems happy. Severe manuzzi It s still not know Continue the act Imo of a blunder Dynamic proportion Let's continue with dynamism to the next lesson please. I wanted to say but we're down. No, we go for the date for your on the right track. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow 9. DAY 4: There is nothing...: a mental look more ST Louis. Mo vig stripe vida. What could it be? Oh, yeah, The only look at the translation we'd empty quite easy how to write it. Also vig, the e they really easy And how to pronounce it really easy. Also, they eat the and no, it's your term. I want you to repeat, please. Veeg once again, I ve done great. And I want you to pay attention to the last letter here. Vidor. We write it, but we don't hear it like many, many words in French. That ends with an EQ. No, we want to remember that words. And here something interesting. Do you know what to remember? Words in an easy way. You can also use some optics. Yeah, like that. Severe that glass survey a vida, sir. Very vivid. Don't hesitate to do some gestures. Yeah, you know. And don't hesitate to use some object. Also, because your brain will make link between the word and the object. Really, really important. Please do it. It seems a bit ridiculous. Maybe, but it's really efficient. Please do it. And we continue. Vida, They They're so say Don't move. Similar. It's a similar word Veena empty the their desert. Yeah, try to make the link between the world and that worked that similar work. Say, Vida said, There's there. And now the Entomology in mountain only etymology, Solovyev Verbal Mata Vaca. The dip to empty Quite easy. Now we want to use that word in context. Really useful. Also. Hogan. The news alot a sea duty easy so more on context dollars unified in the phrase voter calendar year. SOC It'll move nouveau at also vote car Laundry. Yeah, your calendar, but we cannot A year. A live Web is to be the verb to be your calendar Is voter calendar year a corporal. It's more Vidor voter calendar A complete mint Read your calendar is completely empty. Boat calendar year A complete Most veena comes to their completely empty like this glass. I don t know. Am Taormina avec limousine or got the image proved who hop illegible. Look at the image to remember the words vote calendar year a complete my video. Here we can see her calendar. It seems to be empty. Vote calendar year. A complete moment he met No continue avec les Bleus Scrivens. And now let's continue to the next lesson 10. DAY 4: Gimme your autograph...: a mental? No. Continue. Have a clue. More seeing it. Let's continue with the verb. Seem it, Nick, Try to guess what It is really easy. That one, I'm sure. Your guest Senior to sign senior to sign. Look carefully How to write it, Sr? The only difficulty here is the Yeah, yeah, yeah, that special sound Look at how to pronounce it with the fanatical alphabets. Seems that sound is new. I mean, it seen yet. And no, it's your turn, Senior. Once again, scenic. Try being a meant. No, continue new Vallone who happily do more. Now we continue. We want to remember that work through Entomology or through a similar word Here, for example, we have the similar word safety fear. Certify here to 35. It's not completely the same as to sign, but it may help to make a link. And so you can learn to words instead off only one ends Something really important. If you want to remember that word in an easy way, you can do some gestures. Oh, you can use some optics here. I'm going to use one object. A sheet of paper I have here to sign the document so I'm gonna sign it yet Bala. So they don't senior Lucchino, Ebola, Ludo Chema, its scenic J Senior load Okemah I did sign the document Senior certificate certificate or similar worked. And now we want to know the Entomology Giulietta signal Marky don't senior to stem or to mark No, we want to use it in context. It's your mental non duties. A sumo on context avec in fires of bags with a phrase for example Stefan is the subject off the phrase It's the actor Stefan Senior Stefan Senior. He signs stiffen Senior, It's Sina qua. What does he sign? Stephan Seeing someone's keeps your So now Inscription Stefan Seniors on inscription Stephan Science his registration enough to know or continue Arabic limits? No, we continue with the image. It's really going to help us to remember the words Hogan Libyan limit. Hogarth They Walla stiffen Senior Some no scripts did not know. Continue Director Mo veil that portion. Listen, let's continue to the next lesson. Great effort. You're on Day four. Take care. We see us tomorrow for the day five 11. DAY 5: On wheels....: continue our vehicle. Portia Mo Um, pair me, Do country home. They say you to do you need, um bear me do country So gets how to write it on Bear me do country What could it be? It's not the steering wheel. No, no, no, no, no, no, no Driving license a driving licence. They're me do country. They're me. You don't hear the s at the end here. Do you hear everything? Do laundry up. You don't hear the eat at the end They're me, Duke Andrea Hyuga, the common Sula 60 Avec phonetic Look at how to write it in the fanatical alphabet There me do laundry on And now it's your turn. Try to repeat it after me. Bear me Do quandary, huh? Once again, um, Jeremy Duke on TV. Trivia Mental. No news alone may say you don't know how play anymore. We're going to try to remember the word Pair me, Duke. Andrea, don't hesitate to do that Gesture to remember the words on their media point. William Hogarth. They you know, photo his assume. Compare me to permits. No, on paper for me, Eun photo is assume an approval if you know, boss words. And if you make a link between them here in your brain, it's really going to help you to remember those two words in Manteno, huh? Got the lady Malucci, Julieta Duque. Gary Money to lead to or continue of extremities. Assume context. Let's check out how to use it in context, Hogan Libya attention was unifies onto on them. It is a French name on twan present of peasant shows present resulting s idea and he in English. You haven't s in French. You don't have. You only haven't s at the second person off the singular form present to present its witness on one present without this Jew present who is out s I want one present soon pair media country onto one present. Some permit career on one shows his driving license and let's jump to the picture to be able to remember the words in an easier way. Hunger. The EEC Oliva let their year late. Gary L. A. Police. He's behind the police. Yep. Only what a little on one plays on some pair meat Do continue and not know continuing direct among their portion. Loosen. Let's jump to the next lesson 12. DAY 5: It hurts....: I hope you will not need in your next trouble. I hope you will not need that words more. My lads Sergi Spare on the well, Biswa. I hope so, my lad. What can it be? Malad Malanda como sick. Just sweet, my lad. I am sick. Look at how to write it really easy Ma la Duke and check again The last letter, the letter e you don't hear it Like most off the French words that end with a continent like here and on e My loved The last letter that we hear is the deep Malott Look at how to pronounce it Ma lad Two syllables And now it's your term my blood Who wants again? My blood Great! And now we want to remember that Words through what? Through similar words like Sue Far Just see Malad juicy So far I am sick I am suffering It's quite the same And it can help you remember the word And through what else? Through its at him ology Vegas Acqua gas! Assume Need stimulus! Mlada do latter Molly Abacos from the Latin Word Molly Rabbitohs All movies it up in poor conditions. Okay, the word Malad comes from the Latin world. Molly Abacos, arm a visitor in poor condition. Quite interesting to know. And now we want to use it in context. Yeah, in the whole phrase. So that it is easier to remember Hogan don't. Mental knowledge has made us up doctors here Really important in French. You have an article two So the row in English, you only have the s idioms in France, you also have the audience that you don't have that article limits. We could say the doctors, but in English, we're not used to use that. The yeah, doctors limits when you speak. Generally limits, sir. New so new song are, are are are not or are never in that case limits on newsome Jamie Malad Doctors are never sick. John me never is on me. Never. And in French the no, you have to write its It's part off the negation. And here we have never. It is a negation limit. Sound new soldier Minimal A but but but quite interesting. Also in the all round form. When you speak many off the times, you don't say it. The look limits limit. So no song, Jemima lad. Here it is at the written form. New Song Jamaica Mullah At the over form you don't have to say it limits on social It's a lie off course. Doctors are also sick sometimes. Lee Mitzel Newsome, Jamaica Malad In that no continue affect Lalu Some civilians know we continue with the next lesson. 13. DAY 5: QUIZZ 1: a marginal note a pony quiz and let's check out our first quiz. It means you will have some French words and you have to find the English words. And you will have some English words and you will have to find the French words. Let's take it out, huh? Yeah, I don't mental. No, no Topo anymore. Report Nimal The first words and the first image. Huh? What is it? Try to remember helping you with the image Also hose in which phrase in which sentence did we see? Sat image And what was that word in that image? Try to remember. Is it focused? Is it working? Or is it happy? Oh, focused, Working or happy? It is not fact use. No, it doesn't. It is not working neither It is happy. Oh, happy. I am happy Seaso And now let's check out the second words meant to know how God don't blue Dozen more now it isn't English world and you have to find out the French word empty John Video Empty journal Vida empty It is. It is not Gen Sani Passion Empty vihd um empty the them open director? No, Surely posthumous. Let's check out the certain words meant No ho, yeah, Don't look towards him. Libya do Monte to get to ask for all to hold, to get to ask for or two holes. Look carefully the image and try to remember where we so that image with which sentence we so that image, due Monday to ask for due Monday to ask for a part on the like to know she'll oppose any much. Let's go to a new image. The homework a clear still owe Devoir Jirapaet a devoir Godiva. Do our homework devoir in English. It is not in the plural form in French, it is nearly always in the plural form. Pay attention it here too, right? Okay. Still owe a pen Homework. Devora leader, Local teen A vehicle approaches an image or you develop was an image. Look carefully. The image, Sarge. Well behaved silly or funny? Well behaved, silly or funny, Sarge, try to remember when we saw that image. What was the phrase with it? A C. It will happen in well behaved Siles well behaved or got a new Sempati Pola person emerge if pullup Oh Shammo said for CIA, they can move at way up Ponsi. Now the word to find is in French to give donate host of wine home to give Dooney Who? Savoir pong su Nipah ponder ponder to take Su Nipah ho savoir to receive ho Savoie to receive donate to give do need to give battle Director Mo Sul opossum Oh, let's check out the next world. I got you an image, you know, escape so feminine you know, as keeps jump permission the registration or an admission in the escapes You I believe you . It is not a permission. It is not an admission. It is a registration escape. Soon a registration or continue a vehicle. A person Imagine for some. Oh said for Lamo at a eight on Francais animal impairment Avaya on pair me The Austria when pair me do the country a driving licence Bear meat Duke, Have I remember the word Tavai? They're me. Do Khowst three Cooper, meet the country. Hmm. Not so easy. That one driving licence. So Nipah and permitted Tavai. That one is the work permits. Uh, it's not that one neither. That one is a construction pyramids on bear me the country Vera say driving license driving licence. There need the country or going to new or continue our diplomacy. Blue Moon, Tommy. Never, always. Sometimes Mitt never aways or sometimes his army. It'll soon never, Jamie. Never. I hope you guessed it. I hope you remember a sipper. Tea Cola loose. Let's jump to the next lesson. Good job. This is the end of the day. Six. Keep going. We see us tomorrow, Adama.