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French Language Course Level A1 | French for beginners (Native Speaker) 28 Days Challenge Days 11-15

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Outline of Lecture 3: French for Beginners: DAYS 11 to 15

    • 2. Logement

    • 3. Tranquille

    • 4. Ecole

    • 5. Difficile


    • 7. Mairie

    • 8. Envoyer

    • 9. Third QUIZZ

    • 10. Dégoutant

    • 11. Banlieue

    • 12. Pauvre

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About This Class

DAYS 11 to 15: Description: 

Now you will find some new French words and expressions in context, ending, like the first two lectures, with a Quizz. 

During this course, you will also find a special lesson about useful French sentences used at the airport. 

  • Don't forget to join the private facebook group "SpeedyFrench" to ask questions and get feedback from me or the other French learners. Here the code to enter the group: SKILLSHARE91
  • Download to audio version of this French course (MP3), present in every section, to learn French on the go (in a car, in a bus, in your bed,...)
  • Download the PDFs present in every section and take some notes so as to build your own French Sentences.

At the end of the day, I just want to help you succeed. I hope that by providing all of these additional resources, you can learn French in a fun and high-quality way.

  • This French course includes the "Advanced Cheat Sheet to get My French DELF A1 by Christophe Daniel Ternay" PDF file. (For the French Beginner's Level (A1) Official Exam called "DELF A1")

Important Notice: This course is presented in English AND French. At the beginning, more English is used, so that you can learn step by step.

What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach to learning including little hacks for remembering words. I get the impression he is sincerely dedicated to teaching the French language in a way that it can be immediately useful to anyone wanting to learn and/or improve. (Patricia Russel) ★‎★‎★‎★‎★

The way the instructor teaches helps the retention of all the new vocabulary.

I have memorized many different phrases and I can remember what they mean, which will help me to form more sentences in different situations and tenses. Above all it has helped my pronunciation greatly. (Joy Thornton) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

Learning French through his courses, explanations and exercises are a great opportunity to be well motivated for further improvement. (Mine Durmaz) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

About the Author:

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

He is a graduate teacher in “Teaching French for foreigners”. (From the French Alliance)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.

That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quickly understand and decrypt French words in common sentences ...

... So he developed this comprehensive approach to learning French A1 level based on his learning of 4 languages, the challenges faced by his Peruvian Students, his Worldwide Online courses (900 + hours) and what he studied informally: Neuroscience.

What includes the course:

  • This French A1 level course includes more than 50 HD pictures so your Brain can easily can link the new words with a clear image

  • This French Beginners Level course also includes Quizzes that I highly recommend you to take because it is the best way to improve quickly. 

  • This French (DELF A1 Level) Learning course includes Pdf Flashcards that will also be very useful to take some notes during the course.

  • This French course includes the complete Audio Version of the whole course to use it on the go.

What it is NOT Specialized in:

  • Grammar lessons and exercises (this course contains only little chunks of grammar that will help you build your own A1 LEVEL sentences quickly)

Let's continue on your way the French World. 

See you on the inside (hurry, class is waiting!)


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. Outline of Lecture 3: French for Beginners: DAYS 11 to 15: Hi. Now we will begin the CERT part off the 28 days challenge with the five next days. I want to congratulate you on having arrived so far. In this lecture, you will find a special part with question and answers about the air Burt's if you have not already, please go to the first course called French. 28 days. Challenge French for beginners days 1 to 5. Like in the first course, you will learn French through speaking, reading and listening. We will fuck cious on pronunciation. We will only use little chunks off congregation. We won't use tricky grammar. We will learn phonetics, synonyms and at him ology. Also do some quizzes and learn with flash cards, always with real life examples. Using images, gestures and objects and learning phrases in context. Let's continue the 28 days challenge so you can start your new French life. Remember to check out the private, speedy French Facebook group, where you can ask me for help at every step off your French learning. Let's go 2. Logement: he meant to know Lou Portion Uh, laws, Mom, I bet, uh, laws, you know, Let's check what it means. Ledesma, can you guess? Ah, housing Ledesma. The housing, the housing you can make. That's sign? Yeah, To remember the words. Don't hesitate to make some science. Yeah, to remember the words. Because your brain will make a link between the sign and the words, Uh, really small. Uh really? Yeah. When you begin with the French or with whatever other language, don't hesitate to make some gestures. It will really be really helpful. And there's no taken how to pronounce it. It's not so easy. Large German law, Not too low, low, low. Sure hear that sound is no more. And here we have to sign that shows is it is a nazal voil, largely Mom. A bit off air has to come out here from the nose Lord room. And now it's your turn laws once again, greats. And let's check how to remember that words come on so happily more on large amount with similar worlds are vacant more similar area and neighbors, you know Ledesma and about an accommodation on the belt. Ramon en accommodation Do you fancy lab job here is really interesting to know where that word Lasmo comes from. It comes from the word ABRI do for Jahr's lobs up in old French, it means a leaf shelter. So the word accommodation comes from the world. Leave shelter quite interesting to No, no and quite interesting. Also because it makes you think about the world, Lopata and you will be able to remember the word larger. More. Okay, let's continue. We'll continue. Our vic meant no Lamo on context. Let's continue with the word in context. In a phrase, Senior the engineer here, it's a new work nose in your shares. Longino Shash is searching for war searches for searches for what? Laura's mom on Nordstrom owe the engineer searches for housing, land senior shellfish? Or did you not know our Vic Lee Mars limb are do delusional? Forgot the money matters. Here we have the emits senior shares on asthma, and let's continue with the next listen 3. Tranquille: most Blue Mu Tong Killam. Maybe you have guessed what it is strong. Still them. Sit down. Blue Moon. Tommy Killem, huh? Yeah, The lack addiction. Look at the translation. Quiet tongue Kill Quiets Hogarth. They coma. Sola Secret arson A pacifist. The air R N e Does L W l the a r N l l a Man Tenaga They come on, Sula. So Parnell's nozzle. And so now, Paul kill Paul killed dozy lab into no set of capital. A more silver play, a play more. And now it's your turn. Please repeat the word after me. Tong Killer once again, Tom Killer. Great. And now we want to remember the words here is going to be quite interesting. Also, I want you please to do the gesture that jester Paul Kiel. And you just repeat the word Tong Keel, Honky, It's going to help your brain to make a link between a jester and a word that you have read and that you have pronounced it's going to be really easy for you to remember that word or guilty new are they can move similarly a limo. Similar tongue kill just three tequila. Sweet armpit should be on P I. I am a full off piece or peacefully on. Continue. Have Ignace tree a little biology. We continue with the atom ology Do letter t. Yes, yes. Lopo key. Yes, you can see the world at the end off Tong Kill Pop Killer Yes, Arrest hobo The rest. Amen to know it's a young duties e Simo on context. And now let's try to use that word in context, said also said Else here it's a new words animal, It's the bear said. Who's this? Bear said to nape up here, the negative form we have no and power at both sides off the verb is not. This bear is not said to soon EPA. He's not what Tom Gill said to Nick Paton Tong kill this bear is not quiet and no, let's check the image. To be sure to be ableto remember, the words said to also this bear isn't quite, said Tolson, the Battenkill in that no continue avec loosen servants. Now let's continue to the next lesson. Europe er systems No, we have finished the day. 11. See you tomorrow 4. Ecole: it meant no a new memo. Ramo in a cul present Post Oh, nickel! Very important. That word, you know, a call. What does it mean? Clinical? Try to guess a school. A school? You don't like it most off you, but it's quite important in a call school. Unical Hunger they could mount Salak secret. You know, sample tone Say LaMarca Do Femina here we see it's feminine in a call you know, a call a or gather meant No. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, not oh who? Oh, no, In a car in a car. Now it's your turn. European, please in a car Who wants again in a car? Great and no, we want you to remember that works through a synonym and through a synonym or a similar word. And through that Entomology off the word Unical Lisa Lisa High School We call It's more general It called school But every type of school year high school school for Children school for for little little kids school for maybe it could be also nearly And university Yeah, it's quite the same. It called It's the general word and we say we say high school. We say it's when you have in friends When you are 16 16 17. 18 it can be 15 Also, it's high school Niecy Inference Okay And no The Latin the Latin word Waas Skoula Score luck Louise Year Studio studios Laser Yeah, at the beginning that words the root off that word was Skoula Studios later surges later? Yep. Excuse me for the pronunciation. I'm not English now. Later. I don't know if I pronounce it well but you I'm sure you are going to excuse me. And now we want to use that word in context in context. So was the phrase Look, Look along here. A new word. The remember look around yet? Ah, be it a beat lives R B day The world at the infinitive from appetite is to leave. Yeah, Look, Colombia, a beat! Who knows? Unical? Lupron. Be a bit no cynical. You should have guessed it now The lumber lives in a school. It's not often that you see that, but it can occur. The lumber lives in a school. Look long gay! A beat Donald June a call and no, We want to get the picture off the school. What kind of school is it going to be? What kind of school? It's a province. Town. High school. Provincetown. How? School. Luke. Columbia. Abby to Don Jr. A Call. Shari Pet, Indiana for Lupron. Ph. Albita. Don't unicorn. It was sick. Animals do skeptical. Continual mental? No. Are they not? Hope Ocean. 5. Difficile: he meant no most Even Lamo the fee seal I think you can guess what word it is. Look at how to write it, Dificil you can guess it. Group of a davinic are the food of innate Did you guess dificil difficult? Yeah, it's an objective dificil difficult. And now look carefully How to write it with double F like in English The feet sill dificil and the e at the end You don't hear it like most off the word Yeah, you know in French that ends with an eat dificil look at how to pronounce it really easy The feet seal three syllables D c sill really, really easy. And now I want you to repeat that word Police dificil Who wants again the fee seal for some long words like that word Don't hesitate to have some resume in how you pronounce it dificil it will be easier for you to cut the word The long words in different parts It really helps to pronounce the difficult or long words No, we want to remember that Words Let's check how to remember that Words how dificil Maybe with an object Here it is Dificil said Texas a difficile, grab a book and do the same As I do said Take their sis a dificil. Your brain will make the link between the book and the words and the grammar exercise, said Exorcize a difficile or continue avec ammo. Similar dificil do if you still do, it's really like the same, said take their sees. Do said take their sees a deficit or continue avec les etymology. Let Mawasi Julieta the fee See lease pain able Painful, Quite interesting Here the word difficult comes from the world Painful in French Dificil dificil is painful. Been able? No, we want to use it in context with the phrase Yeah, let's take the voice that we could build hell, he a pronoun healer. My papa was even a proposal he offers me offers me what Elma propose Tavai dificil He offers me a heart work Elmer proposed by dificil play a sample composite Really in easy sentence Ill mur propose Marples And have I Difficile Hard work, work Carve. I work Tavai. We'll continue our vic Lee Marsh and we continue with the image so as to be able to remember it in an easy way. Look at that hard work Every stone here Waas colored and the men here did make the color go away. Yeah, in my proposal And have I dificil Azure Repetto, Elma Propose and Havala Dificil Trivia Aamodt No continue their lot portion. And now let's continue to the next lesson. Good job. This is the end off the day 12. Keep going. We see us tomorrow? I don't know. 6. QUESTIONS/ANSWERS AT THE AIRPORT AEROPORT: And now the question and answers regarding the airports really important. If you arrive in French speaking country and your first at the airport, you don't know where to go. You don't know what to do. You have lost your luggage. Maybe you have to be able to ask questions and receive an understand the answers. Let's check it out. Oh, yeah. I don't want to know the question if weapons are liable, huh? Got the Lapa mucus. John, Let's check out the first question. A killer Dicle level put Barry a killer they call level Papa. At what time does the flight for Paris take off? Larry Pontes or Gardez level Dicle are venta vendor level. They call Advanta Mounted The flight takes off at 8 22 PM In France. We count from one to 24 hours. Yeah, in most of the English countries, it's with P M. And A em is different. Please pay attention to that blue depowered d'Avola Viad Hotel. They blue Depowered revolver. It will hotel the departure off. The flight will be delayed. It's a question and the answer now. No, You passed. Divide. Hello. No reponse killed a It so no I think it will be on time. I got the news of a clap Ocean City. The question Let's continue with the next Siri off questions, huh? Yeah. Living Pacific two. Largest amount. A bag ours. Imagine you're was low luggage and you don't know where to register your luggage. Pacific trick launches tomorrow day. Bagaza. Where does the luggage taking Take place? Valley to go for the circle. Voodoo. The Ali. You must go to the variant Two different to the variant off this corridor. Nicole forgot to new vehicle apportioned gesture. Who prove any day at of a movil? A group of Imedi at women. Can you help me find my flight Movil? My flights Continue, Eric. Lie. Pons, let's continue with the answer. We even through her name? Yes, off course. What is your flight number? Numeral devil Flight number. Really important work to know they will continue. I think that they are near Siri gets John. Let's check out the new answers and questions. I believe one seizure could be a blow. Kukura. Full live concierge dollars in the plane. Live ones? Yes. Could you blow? Do you want a window or isil? Seat? Pons? Joe Playfair Cootie Kula full pouvoir moved deep Lasi. I prefer an isil seat to be able to move to move during the flight off course. Oh, please, Rick. You bury me. Valleys. Mm. Don't show. Oh, please, Asia. I think you Billy May Valleys, Friedrich. You bury me valleys. Where can I pick up my sweet case or my luggage? Voodoo v Wuhan Vela. Sortie! Delay! Oppose. Who do they won't? Vela Sortie. Dull, I hope. Oh, you must go toe work the airports exit lot 30 The exits Ebola loser won't tell many. Suggest Joy Pons and not know person. Allah loosen servant. No. We finished the question and answers, and let's go to the next lesson. 7. Mairie: you know, to know most we don't. And now the next word. Look carefully. How to write it. You know Mayor Green? Is it feminine or masculine? Yes. It's a family in words Because we have here the article, you know? You know, may I in Mary a town Hope Here. You see, here we have a It can be family and it can be masculine. It is not so in French. In feminine, uh, masculine in here feminine. It's a family worked When you have a eat at the end, you know mere he a mental? No organdy Ponyo's? Yes. You look at how to pronounce it May honey, may I agree with that? French are ah Mei in Mary. And now it's your turn. Please repeat after me. You know, Mary, once again you know may. Yeah, and no, we continue. We want to remember that word with a similar word. And it's a tamale. You know, Mary, no. Tell the villa you can say, boss, you're in France. In Mary are no. Tell the ville. It's really the same. It's a synonym hotel. The Ville City whole hotel, the villa mares, a mountain a late Muluzi on terrorism. A little biology. Quite interesting. Mary comes from the Latin word. My yo my yo, please go bigger. Yeah, Mary comes from the word bigger. Quite interesting to know Now a mental no new Vallo, Italy is a sumo. Are context avec unifies? Let's try to make a sentence with that words Lamb, Mary the tone hole or city Hope The town hall. A salute verb. Yet the verb to be la Mary A is They're Yale. Look. Cool. Air lamb. Eerie it there. Yeah, Look less. They're here locally to town. Hole is behind the college. Yeah, a 14 year Lim. Our whole garden said belly marriage form. You knew Harp Eligible. Let's have a look at the image to better remember the world. Here is the Mary off Leone. Leon Wood. The second the search. Biggest city off friends that was employed Honda Villa The four months Mary Ada. Here, look a there enough to know that there are a lot potion. Listen, let's go to the next lesson 8. Envoyer: he meant no loop OSHA most como off, are you? They say you the divinity Telmo a little more on what? You try to guess what could be the word Envoy, You okay? I know Hogan don't. Yeah, I don't Don't show whose every Calcasieu gone to send over you to sent. Okay, Hogarth, they human Sula 60. Look at how you write it. O wa Yeah, off. Why you And to look at how to pronounce it. Oh, it's a Nazal Royal Watch is yet That is your sound. Yeah, on Why? No, I say it and you repeat after me off you once again the envoy yet Krehbiel, we'll continue in NYC do so happy, Illegible. We're going to try to remember that word. And you know already with what was synonyms or similar words and etymology on what you consider it. I transfer or I sent some money in another country. John va do login P transfer to transfer. It's quite the same. Julieta in very from the Latin nvr back. Oh, yeah, by coolies. Okay to go through that is the root off the words India rip off for you. A mental? No, It's a young duties Itsumo on context Here you are going to learn some a few more words. Look at it and you are going to know how to use it in context. Fluids Luik that subject on wa Luik sense Luik off. What? What does he sense Go Cooley here The new word to new words on Go Coody and Cocody A big package Luik Avoir and Cocody Luik sense a big package. Okay, that's quite easy. And no, the phrase was the image. It's going to help you to remember the word Luik Anwar on Go Cooley Luik! On what? Then? Cocody, They will continue avec les Bleus servants and now we go to the next lesson. 9. Third QUIZZ : enough to know. Look, Portia Quiz. Let's check out the next quiz. That part tree hugger Libya Lupo. Memo a lot. Let's check out carefully. The first word and the first image. Bo. Is it poor, abandoned or colorful? Because here that image. It's four abundant and colorful, so try to remember Boulevard. It is poor bulls look poor. I hope you remembered it or got a new avec la portion image. Let's continue with the next image. And with the next words, the image can help you. A town whole. You know, Bush egg Oh, in Mary Town. Hold in Mary in bushy indignities. It is not butchery. It's where the better is. Senate President Booty Sunni. You need please know that one is a church unique. Please. Her church in Mary, a town Hold in Mary the town hold and let's check out. The next one meant No, you don't look ocean a portion Syrian Lakshman building a housing or a window. What could it be? Ledesma. Building housing windows. They lose. Mom, the housing I am searching for the housing Jews. Shasha large mo. I am searching for a housing or got a new Arabic lafortune image Let's continue with the next image. Hogan and Nash. Difficult D feces on Mom defeated Dificil the film. All the figures Who? Difficile difficult So Nipah deficit. It's a Nipah difficulty. No c difficile Difficult deficit or continue Arabic Last portion emerge. Let's continue with the next image. Don't you concentrate? Wandered far from near off in the when did far from near off in the you remember it was a phrase with the word advocates. We went do foul from near off India. Oh yeah, Libya. Far from far from luan or continue our big Limoges recounts a class Erie. The most river. Remember the Bearup? A bear and nose cool, you know books and no cool. You know, books and north bear on news. Uncle Tin, you have a clue. Most River Erick Limmer, Swivel. Let's continue with the next word and the next image off you to mail to send or to carry to mail. To send or to carry. You can use it really, In many situations, that word it's a general very up on why you it's not too made. It's to send to send on for you to send. It can also be two male, but in some few occasions over you in the general meaning it's to send for quality new. Have a clue. Portia mo A lot harder, it seems. Oh, Fehmi now l e l sambal. Who else? Semi l E l sample Who else? Em in the feminine form. Hogan Libya, it seems in the feminine form is she seems in French. It's with she because it's family l samba l song help us for sample. That'll show. Look, Osama bin a member house or the school A member house for the schools. When you saw that image, it was speaking off EPL Ember. But is it unique on the remember or is it maybe a hope? Or is it a school? Una girl? Uh, a school. Very important words. Any call the school and no, let's jump to the next lesson. Please say party along Vela portion well down. No, we go for the day 16. You did the day 15. Now you're on the right track. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow. 10. Dégoutant: a mental No Lamo day Ghouta, it's dig would look at my face and try to guess Are they Bhutto? What can it be with such a face? The goto disgusting, disgusting They good The photo are they come on a six day with an accent. It's not Do it would be do without the accent they goo Here we have to sound Z Oh, good. Don't d r n t but the t at the end you don't hear it They good Amen to know who got the opponents. Yes, they go here the last one which correspond to that letter And that letter Ah, in all its a nazal volume A bit off air has to come here out of your nose when you pronounce it the ghouta Now it's your turn Day ghouta Once again they go toe Ah, Krehbiel meant to know hugger the a Nuvo loom Oh, no, Look at the word again and do that face dig Don White, You pronounce it Dig Don't there dig doll in French when we have something like that Disgusting, For example. When we eat something disgusting we say Burke back said, dig down back b E u R K Quite strange words. Dig. Don't back. Amen to know Yeah, they are more similar. Day Goto. It's disgusting not only for the eating, it can be also a place that is disgusting, and it can also be a place that is dirty. But in that case, if it's dirty, we say Sal says Saleh said. Diego toe. It's a similar word. It's not a synonym, said Tom O Singlet, also in mental. No do v. Alamo. Do you know more movie? And you, Letta Gustave Good. Good day to taste. Don't hesitate again to do the justice when you see a new word here The word good day to taste. When you repeat the word, you also do the gesture. Good day. Okay, I m not to know or you don't more context? No, let's have a look at the words in context. Huggel Debut said to sell a The said to Salah ad You have guested this Sal hot. But here here that word It is this, but at the feminine form. If you want to have it at the masculine form, you have to take a wake. The teeth and the e at the end. Su who said Said Tomo, for example, this element in the masculine form. Macy Salada, See Femina here. In that case, salad is a feminine work. No candy set. Salada only cree rewrite it with double t e. As you said to Salada, somebody said Salada samba seems said Salada samba dig tones said Saleh. Some dig don't this, Saleh, since disgusting and no, we want to have the picture off this salad to better remember the work Huggett data. Sela o said Salada samba dig don't. But, uh I don't know what she has on her fingers, but ah said Salah ad samba dig returns or continue our vic. Loosen Stevens. Let's continue with the next lesson. We're finished. The days 13 now I Ankara it you to continue with the D 14. We see you tomorrow. Bye bye. 11. Banlieue: a mental note will push a move sent. Now our next word, you know, born you. Oh, yeah, they in the ball. You What could it be? The Entomology off that word is really, really interesting. Emolia suburb Separate. Yeah, involved. You look at how to write it. And here we have a feminine article. Feminine article. Boone, The masculine article. We will see its Oh, and without the in born to you in Dona Look at how to pronounce it here We have a Nazal Voil. Oh, bar Lou. That one is ball you and that Here is Yeah, Yeah, the sound. Yeah. Barley. Now it's your turn, bone. Look, once again, Bone Leo greats. And now we're going to see a similar word and the interesting Entomology off that words in the bone here and cut it a district. It can be a big district. It can be a small district. It depends on every country. What say call a district in United States District is maybe something very big. No, here in other countries. In France, for example, the district can be something very small, but are also big district's. Yeah, Cartier. It can have some Some different sizes in, won't you? I got you in value anchor t into No let immoral or Gene. It comes from the Latin Ban Loca in like, two words Ban Luca s pass General, You You know you or toured Annville one mile around the city Ban Loca loca in Latin. It was meaning mile loca mild. So if you make it around around the inner city So you know what is the bone? You? Yeah, bone you is everything that waas out off the city. Yeah, Bones, look, it can help you to remember the words. Yeah, the etymology. No. We want to use it in context, in context with the phrase reserve. What phrase? Lease. Avoca, Lee's Avoca. The lawyers. A new word here. An important word. Liza Boca! Viva Liz Avoca! Viva the lawyers live! You want to wander And Porto Lewin do Lab owned you? The lawyers live far from the separate Luan do far from Europe. It Lou wander far from La bone. You the separate? Yeah, um and let's continue Teoh to the picture to the victor here we have in bone. You, it seems haven't in Monte Liza! Boca! Viv Luyindula boned you they don't live here. Know? Here we are. We are in the suburb and they don't live here. Their lawyers Liz Avoca VI vel Wanda LabOne. Okay, a mental. No news alot continue. Very a potion. Listen, now let's go through the next lesson. 12. Pauvre: Hey, continue. Are they removed? Full of Move over. Move over Greece. Just people, please move. They say you didn't mean it. Guess Casella. Libyan light. What could it be? Let's check out. Pull over. Poor. Yeah, it sounds it bits like in English Now bull for poor hug You are they coma? Sola Sacred. Check out how to ride it. Pull these two letters. Make the sound o not do Oh, move, Beauvois. The r e a dent, But the e you don't hear it, bull. And it's an adjective. It means for juicy Bova. I am poor, for example. Pull. Check out how to write it in the fanatical alphabet above. We don't hear anything at the end book into no set of. Now it's your turn over. Once again. Repeat after me, please. A bit airplane. More Bull Arabia. Mental no is a young Don't know, help eligible. Let's try to remember they weren't pulls up. Hug algae. Don't hesitate to use object. Yes, to remember the words juicy. Pull over. Oh, Jeep Liriano. Just keep over was just People don't hesitate. It will really help you to remember the words. Take some objects. Yeah. When you see the words and try to use them and to feel them. It will really help you to remember. Here, pull over. That's no name. Lucy No Neema anonima. Fabulous. It's not a synonym. It's a similar word now, both for fabulous, poor and weak over. If Ebola, it will help you also, if you remember the similar word to build some sentences. Boo over a fabulous Giulietta pop from the Latin pope who has got a few things know who owns a few resources, do Latin pop pop and now we want to use it in context. Mental? No, they say you duties a suit move. Doesn't father or gal day Lavilla new word The city La villa the the corresponds to his up Look l e in the masculine form and l are in the feminine form LA It's the but in the feminine form in English. You don't have in that case feminine or masculine form? No, but in French you have it l e l in the masculine form and l are in the feminine from Lavilla e S t Loville Arrested stayed Lavilla a hasty state Bove Lavilla Arrestee Prove the city state Pour la Villa estate move in mountain. Oh! Oh, God! Don't let Marge for news a day, a new happily. And now let's check out the picture to help us remember Laville Lavilla has to prove the city state for in mental. No! Oh, God! Don't let Marsh now. Let's have a look at the image. Take it out! Oh, Lavilla! Arrested over the city stayed. Poor Laville arrested over a month. No continue Arabic lessons we want. And now let's continue to the next lesson. Good job. You have managed to complete the day. 14. No, we go for the day. 15. Goodbye. We see us tomorrow. Take care.