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French Language Course | French for beginners with a Native Speaker | 28 Days Challenge Days 6 to 10

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Outline of the 28 Days Challenge: Days 6 to 10

    • 2. Day 6: Subscription cancelled!

    • 3. Day 6: Hope to see you soon...

    • 4. Day 7: Quite dark out there!

    • 5. Day 7: Go go go!

    • 6. Day 8: Question & Answers: In the City

    • 7. Day 8: I am Free!

    • 8. Day 9: Yikes!

    • 9. Day 9: What is love?

    • 10. Day 10: Oops... I forgot it...

    • 11. Day 10: What's your Job?

    • 12. Day 10: Quiz Day 6 to 10

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About This Class

French 28 Days Challenge : French for Beginners is a complete and comprehensive course about the French A1 level, taught by Christophe Ternay, a French Native Teacher, who graduated in “FLE” (French for foreigners) at the French Alliance, The most recognized French Learning School Worldwide.

I believe French learning is best done when it's enjoyable. And I know people learn in different ways.

That's why I am providing multiple ways to learn in this French Language Course and successfully handle with hundreds of Everyday Phrases and Expressions .


  • Watch this French course online, on your mobile, on a Tablet, on any computer or anywhere else.


  • Listen to the audio version of this French course (MP3), present in every section, to learn French on the go (in a car, in a bus, in your bed,...)


  • Download the PDF FLASHCARDS present in every section and take some notes so as to build your own French Sentences.

  • Read the FRENCH DELF A1 CHEAT SHEET included in this Resource.


At the end of the day, I just want to help you succeed. I hope that by providing all of these additional resources, you can learn French in a fun and high-quality way.

  • This French course includes the "Advanced Cheat Sheet to get My French DELF A1 by Christophe Daniel Ternay" PDF file. (For the French Beginner's Level (A1) Official Exam called "DELF A1")

Important Notice: This course is presented in English AND French. At the beginning, more English is used, so that you can learn step by step.

What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach to learning including little hacks for remembering words. I get the impression he is sincerely dedicated to teaching the French language in a way that it can be immediately useful to anyone wanting to learn and/or improve. (Patricia Russel) ★‎★‎★‎★‎★

The way the instructor teaches helps the retention of all the new vocabulary.

I have memorized many different phrases and I can remember what they mean, which will help me to form more sentences in different situations and tenses. Above all it has helped my pronunciation greatly. (Joy Thornton) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

Learning French through his courses, explanations and exercises are a great opportunity to be well motivated for further improvement. (Mine Durmaz) ‎★‎★‎★‎★‎★

About the Author:

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

He is a graduate teacher in “Teaching French for foreigners”. (From the French Alliance)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.

That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quickly understand and decrypt French words in common sentences ...

... So he developed this comprehensive approach to learning French A1 level based on his learning of 4 languages, the challenges faced by his Peruvian Students, his Worldwide Online courses (900 + hours) and what he studied informally: Neuroscience.

What includes the course:

  • This French A1 level course includes more than 50 HD pictures so your Brain can easily can link the new words with a clear image

  • This French Beginners Level course also includes Quizzes that I highly recommend you to take because it is the best way to improve quickly. 

  • This French (DELF A1 Level) Learning course includes Pdf Flashcards that will also be very useful to take some notes during the course.

  • This French course includes the complete Audio Version of the whole course to use it on the go.

What it is NOT Specialized in:

  • Grammar lessons and exercises (this course contains only little chunks of grammar that will help you build your own A1 LEVEL sentences quickly)

Ready to get started, French learner?

Let's get started on your way the French World. 

See you on the inside (hurry, class is waiting!)



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French 28 Days Challenge : French for Beginners

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. Outline of the 28 Days Challenge: Days 6 to 10: Hi, here. I want to present you the second part of the 28 days challenge with the five next days. If you have not already, please go to the first course called French 28 days challenge, friends for beginners. Days one to five. Like in the first course, you will learn French through speaking, reading, and listening. We will focus on pronunciation. We will only use little chunks of conjugation. We won't use tricky grammar. We will learn phonetics, synonyms, and etymology. Also do some quizzes and learn French with flashcards, always with real life examples using images, gestures and objects, and learning phrases in context. Let's continue the 28 days challenge so you can start your new French life. 2. Day 6: Subscription cancelled!: And the next words, bone non condensed. So 600. Bone mom, it's quite a long word. And urban know in English. It's also a longer an Obama subscription. And now Bono substation. And look at how to write it. Masculine noun and bond with double m. Bone pneumo. Here. I want to make you notice something interesting. Here. It is a noun. Yes, we have an article. It is a noun. And it ends with those four letters, M, E, N, T in French, m, x2 t. And now what you have to note is that 99% of the French loans that end with Mao, M, e, and t are masculine nouns. Search will really help you. And now how to pronounce it? Como and ponens. Hoegaarden. Bot not Bo, Bo, no nozzle boil. A bit of air has to come here through your nose when you pronounce it. So as to know it put the finger here. Born, mom. Mom, a little bit of air has to come here through your nose. Are born among and now it's your turn. Once again. Mom. Rates. Let's continue. We want to remember the word urban model with a similar word. You know, Carter do Fidelity and Bono, or cinema. You know, Carter do Fidelity and Obama and kept the fidelity loyalty card. And now we want to know and hear, listen carefully. It's really interesting to know where that word comes from. You later bought dinner. What means body? Now in Latin, it means a border tree. And now both frontier. Many ages ago. The frontiers were made with trees. So a border tree was something very important for someone. In Latin, it was called both the NAH and look carefully. Vonmar means you don't have you don't have a border tree. You don't have both Dina. So it means you are unlimited. And Nagumo, a loyalty card, it has the ID of something unlimited. Quite interesting, and quite good because thanks to that little history, you will remember the word in an easy way. Now, we went to use it in context. Let's do it with, with a phrase. Check this out please. X2, I know Pippa does how to do the negation. Pepper. I cannot. I can but I cannot. Jennifer GPA accepted Lebanon. I cannot accept the subscription. Juniper BPA accepting lebanon. Maybe it was from the year before. Yeah. Maybe it's too old, so I cannot accept it. Shinjuku GPA accepted Lebanon. Here you have to know that nerve and power are on both sides of the verb. Always. Juno, puh, puh. I cannot end. Now, Let's check the picture so as to remember it in an easy way. Look at the man. He's telling to the woman, Super PAC septillion moment was L, No, just fit deserting. I am sorry. Shows few days really. Accept Taleb and mom. And now let's move to the next lesson in antinode continuum avec le loosens vivant. 3. Day 6: Hope to see you soon...: A national LUMO swivel. Lumo, a space is being, hey, I bet, is bearing. Tried to guess what it could be in spirit. A spirit to help, to help look at how to write it. S, B, these two letters E and are making the sound E is B. A spirit? Look at how to write it in the phonetic alphabet. S. B. Again, quite easy, spirit, and now it's your turn. I want to repeat, please. Is bearing ongoing FOR once again, is bearing Caribbean. Let's try to remember the word with similar words and with etymology. In spirit, a spirit, we can also try to remember the words with some gestures. Yes, a spirit of well, oh, I hope is not going to rain. A spare key Nova. Okay. You can do the gestures. You can say the same sentence as I just said, to remember the word in an easy way. Sweetie, it's a similar word. It is not a synonym, not a complete synonym, but it's a similar word, is Barry to wish, to wish and to hope are really quite similar. Also in English, sweaty, SPI, maternal etymology, do latter spirit from the Latin word spirit of wireless. Wow, good. To be hopeful about something. I've worked with work, you know, we want to use that word in context. That means in a phrase, or Guardiola has looked carefully at the phrase, launched her, preserved the company, not the enterprise, no. Long-term freeze. The company not to present a spare. Launch, reprise a spare. What is she hoping? Known to please? A spare Gandhi. Dosage gesture also please here for the verb Grundy, Long-term reprise. A spare Gong Di. She hopes to grow Gong De continuum at node i that Lee manage. Let's continue with the image to be able to remember the word for redder. Hogarth Debian immersion, who frees up Gandhi. The company has grown into a prison, a spare Grundy. She hopes to grow, in that case, m at no continuum director mode, where students let us continue with the next lesson. 4. Day 7: Quite dark out there!: A mentor, no. Continuum. Our vehicle more snow. Whoa. Whoa. What's going on? Lumo, NWA, 70 acquire. What is the word NWA? Maybe you guessed black and that's a sip of Sao Paulo Loon, well regarded como sulla sacred. Look at how to write it interesting here. Or e. It's the sound one, NWA, moi. Nwa with the French are at the end. Nwa, Hogarth de la pronunciation, Nuwa, pipette, NWA. And now it's gotten NWA, ongoing for NWA. And now we will try to remember the word Hogarth the LUMO and vote. And it was a long 2V ammo, similar. And we will try to find a similar word like samba, dark, dark. It's not the same as black, but it's, it's linked. Yeah. And it's a good thing you have to make a link between two words so as to be able to remember the two of them. Probably do great concern. Nikos, probably from the ancient Greek Nikos law, more deaths. Quite interesting to know that it comes from here. Now, from the deaths NWA, it was related with the deaths. Imagine no, it isn't. Sumo on context. And now let's use the word in context. Leisurely. Trisha, pneumo, attention, electricians, Lee's electrician, savvy, NT, Scylla marked yellow is the plural form here. So the verb to know how this electricity sub E Don't NWA. Electricians know how to work in the dark. And is electrician salve tab I don't know. Here. Learn NWA. You can translate it with the dark buts it's an exception. Yeah. Normally, Nuwa is black. But in that case, when you are speaking of someone working in the dark area, you can use NWA in French or Langlois. Lee's electrician subtype IG Donald work. Here. You have something interesting also, when you speak of something generally in English, you don't have to put an article, no check here. There is no article infringed when you speak generally. Uses say always. With article the electrician's, it would be in English now, leads electrician sub dominant. And the verb here, important, have a year to work, have a year to work. And let's get the picture. Hoegaarden methanol. Imagine poor mu nu, happily the soda. Let's take out the image Lagarde EC Sassoon was electricity a donor NWA continuum at no Avik Laplacian loosen. Let's continue with the next lesson. 5. Day 7: Go go go!: Continuum of Economo pass C passage. Let's continue with the verb. But see, you have surely guessed what it is that see, to pass. Really easy, posse to pass. Look carefully how to ride it with double S, like in English, but with E-R at the end and the ER, you have to pronounce it a, a. Look carefully how to pronounce it in the fanatical alphabet. Ha, ha, passing, passing, and know it shorten by sea. Once again, onco, le passi. Previa him at no, or continue. New rules, new happily demo. We want to remember that word with a similar word and with etymology, past sick. And you can also do the gesture was me, sick, ribose, rehab bus loop assay to come here, to pass here again on cartoonish meant no similar cenaculae to circulate. It's a similar word. You learn a new word. Set is really, really similar to C. Do, latter. Pass, sorry. The etymology, Vasari, sick toddler, C2 go through. Etymologically, that word comes from the verb, to go through to others, emit no ECU, duty, disease, remote contexts. Let's try to use that word in contexts. Hoegaarden, yeah, love has opinions alone. Fabrycky, look carefully at the phrase that we are going to build. Loot her the train. Look, it's not law. Law. It's the feminine word. Here we have looked because it's a masculine world. Yeah, here we're doing a bit of grandma. You have to know a bit of grammar. Also. Lutetia, pass. The train, passes with an S at the end here. And in French, we don't have this here. Lutheran bus, Dong Xi Ma, Luther bus, devotion while the train passes in front of my house. Here is quite interesting. When you speak about your house, you have to use shame one, do vanishing Hua in front of my house. Latane, past dimension one, imaginal who garden, lima edge. Let's check out the image. Hogarth, Libya, sulla van z d r. So hubbard idiom, it will help us to remember the word Luther bus Du Shi Hua. Low. Pass. Devotion will do the justice please. It will help you. Luca bus dongxi more. Him at no continuum Avik Laplacian loosen. Let's continue with the next lesson. 6. Day 8: Question & Answers: In the City: In Latino Law, portion Siri, the question ribbons or villa and not the next series of questions and answers in the city is really important that you know where to be in the city, where to go. So that one will really help you. Allo Hoegaarden ensemble lacunar question. Let's check out the first question. Regarding BIA. Also told, last assume deduce principle. Suit Hoover, last assume the bishop principle. Where is the main bus station? Where is the main bus station? And here, the answer, emotionally, viscerally to drop three would terminate a Gosh, Rosalie to-dos tweets ago, SHE Husseini to-do up three ego's. Look carefully how I pronounce it. You go straight and then turn left. Okay. That question, potion Christo over New Jersey. Does Zhang, Zhang, where can we exchange money? Unos Shenshi do larger. Ally bonds. Pan, Wendy see, just there year. So music, pal, when DC just derriere. Music. Not far from here, by one DC. Just behind this museum, Schuster derriere music. Or continue either universally the question, let's continue with some new questions regarding the allocation. Newsome Akhil distance, a doula Mira knew some Akhil distance. Do some actual distance dilemma. How far our R3 from the sea? Usama Cal distance? So dilemma, LRA ponds. And the answer is for mashing to dwarf Pandan. Indonesia. In the mira taught minute, 30 minutes taught minute. Infamously two-bedroom condo in the mirror, you must walk the heads to the war for half an hour. Don't, don't, don't meet. On continuing vacuous Joe whisker, Zookeeper, Rashi, telephone whiskers, you rush algae Monetary Fund. Where can I charge my phone? Whiskers or per charge Amun telephone, Aligarh, Euboea, don't sambar Pasha, the layer Hooper at the train station or at a bar near the airport. Allegory doesn't bow, push the lay-up. Skeletons, feedlots. Nouvelle solider, Christian, Rodinia. Can some divertor boutique. Calcine Israel do virtual boutique. What are the opening hours of your shop? What are the opening hours of your shop? Can Soon Li Zuo devote rebooting a Laurie pumps and the answer, do nother Amedi, educators at this VTR cannons, the Amedi ie the cutoff distributor cannons regarded on only from 09:00 AM to meet the and from two PM to 615 PM. This VTR cancer, 615 PM, cutoff to PM. Or gotten. Though they produce local post DC. Calcu von, they produce local post DC. Does someone sell local products nearby? The pod with local Vc? L hypo send the answer. No. Post-ebola info alley or somewhat non sulla informally or sort of, you know, for that poor sola, for that, you must go downtown info alley or some trivial Ebola mental continuum, Avik, Laplacian loosen, see party. That's it. And now we continue with the next lesson. 7. Day 8: I am Free!: And the most predominant to know and MOOC they present. The next word is one of the most important in the whole words. Lumo libor. Have you guessed what it is? Doing a LUMO libor. Libor. Three, I am free to sweep Libor, Libor. Hajjar de como sola, cycling ongoing for alpha nu. So prononce apart. Once again, the 0s at the end is not pronounced checkout. Now, the pronunciation and the phonetic alphabet, Libor. Libor with the French, are liberal. And now it's your turn. Please repeat after me. Lieber. Once again. Lieber. Yeah. They are at the end. Has to make such a little vibration, Leiber. And now let's try to remember the word Lieber. What could we do here? We could do that gesture to remember it in an easy way. Maybe something like that's just we leave or I am free, grocery, Lieber. The same to make some gesture. It will really help your brain to remember the word, just, just believe I am free. Show sweet Lieber. And now a synonym here. In that case, a similar word. Some Hystrix, young, unrestricted, Lieber, service texture. It's really similar. Recipe DBA, she sweet, some restriction in Hoegaarden leads mythology. Let's check out the etymology. Do latter, Li Bei, songs on tough. So x1 tau and hindered. Without being hindered with anything. You Latin, liberal, southern tab. Imaginal beauty isn't set to mimic files on context. Let's try to use that word context. See, to see if, yeah, here we have a condition how to doing convention in French. It's really easy. You put C At the beginning of the phrase C2. If you sit, you voyage. If you travel C2 via, check out here with an S at the end because it's at the second person of the singular form. To now. To you. At the singular form, it always ends with an S. Yep, C2 Voyager two, SOA Lieber. If you travel, you will be free. C2 Voyager two. So ha, Leiber. And here we have the future form. Map is not the past, Here is the future form. Too soon, you will be free to solely bond in methanol garden lima. Let's check out the image. Situa Azure to sue Saliba Lieber. Yes. She seems free. Seat to Sara Lee bought him at no continuum direct homo veil Allison's we want let's go to the next lesson. 8. Day 9: Yikes!: And this time, a very important word for the restaurant, a set for C and porto poor restaurants. Lumo, Sally, Sally, with an accent at the end. They can axon elephant. Sally, separate Ed, require, what could it be? Salty. Sally, salty. Look at how to write it sadly, with an accent at the end. If you don't put the accent, it's subtle and Sal is dirty. It has nothing to do with Salim at ASU in Montana de la Panos Astrium. Look at the pronunciation. Really easy. Sar, ln, two syllables, and now it's your turn. I want you to repeat please. Alice inhibit their Primo. Sally. Sally Arabian in motor. No, new rules. New, happily. You know, we want to remember the words with what, with etymology and similar words. And maybe with that, the more you sit hostilely. Sieve Remo, top selling. It's really too salty. Say Sally to salt. All gotta finish. All lovey, sassy data. More similar. It's similar. Word spicy, Sally, salty, spicy, spicy, or losing it and continue our vehicle etymology. Do Latin, sell, sell, sold. And now we want to use it in context so as to remember the word forever. Poor, so happily do more. News alone until is a LUMO don't Xun. Liberty poem? The Peace, Liberty, pour some liberty. Poor songs are the verb. Here is at the third person of the plural form of the verb to be liberty poem, Song, the piece, our liberty, Poisson, Tall Sally, lipid. So Rosalie, the pis are too salty. And let's finish with the image. Quite a good image to remember the word, Look at it. Pretty poor. Santos selling. I think that image was taken in a restaurant. Lee pretty poor central Sally, a continuum to the suite where law potion lesson. Let's continue immediately with the next lesson. 9. Day 9: What is love?: A mentor, no. Continuum are they can show limo LUMO emit in me. Have you guessed what it could be in me? Hoegaarden law production. Let's check out the translation. A me to love or to like, it's quite similar to love. It's a bit stronger. Asked two like that infringe. It's the same word yes. A me to love or to like. Look at how to write it. E, The first two letters are in French, the sound a, a, me, and here at the end, you see it is exactly the same sound in me. So in the middle you have the m, and at both sides you have the same sound. Let's check out the phonetic writing. A me with two syllables. And now please, it's your turn. You repeat after me. In me. Once again, emit. Great. And now we want to remember that word forever that you can do that through etymology. You can do that through synonyms or similar words. You can do also set with gestures like that. For example, a me. The verb is a me. So if you have someone at your site, you can give him a hug and say out loud the word Ay me. It will help you bring to remember that word forever. And here to continue. A similar word, adoring a May, we could say it's here and it's a bit higher, is to be found off, to be keen on something. Amy adoring lithium ology pre sample, do Latin America. The etymology is here, really quite simple. It's from the verb, read a, me, to like or to love. Remember in French, we have only one word to say, to like and to say to love its image. Now, we want to use it in context. It means with a whole phrase. Let's check it out. At the abbreviation for x2. Jim. Jim. Jim, I love or I like Gim me, do some phone. Me do Zhan phone. James Madison phone. I love my two children. Jim medicine phone. Imaginal, Hoegaarden, lemmas. Let's check out now the image to remember the word. Here are my two children, here, Colleen and here low IQ, which are my two children, Jim, medicine, gem file. And let's continue with the next lesson. Continuum at no Avik, that push and loosen. 10. Day 10: Oops... I forgot it...: Glucose, homo LUMO, only. Try not to forget that word, please. Only. What could it be? What could it be trying to guess the word to forget? Ha, ha, ha, hello, raga Divya, como sulla sickness. That two letters are the sound. Oh, oh, so two letters, if you put them together, it's the sound, Oh, like the U in English. And here, so two letters at the end makes a sound, a, E, and R makes a sound. Or bleep. Look carefully how to write it in the phonetic alphabet. It's quite easy. You just hear that letter is the sound. Yeah, yeah. Look carefully at my mouth when I say it loud. Lee Yay. And now it's your turn. I want you to repeat, please. Only yea. Once again, Hooghly. Premium to know as a young the so happily demo. Let's try to remember the words. To forget who put it deserve what her telephone, you can grab your phone and use it and make so should we apply ammonium is via per limb on AMI I'm going to call my friend. I am the oblique. So numero, zig complex, oblique, song numero, I completely forgot his number. Job. Numero de mon ami. I forgot the number of my friends. Juniper EPA rapidly. I cannot call him J oblique numero. I forgot his number. Lists. It don't be it's a similar word is not a synonym. Let's sit on B to give up. Yeah. Obliged to forget. Unless it can be to give. Yep. In some situation, you can use one or the other licit Omby a oblivion, gelato, or blood tarnish. No pass a souvenir from the Latin word obliterate. Not to remember. And now we want to use it in context. It is augmented on sumo contexts. The raga Debian have, has canoes and look carefully at the phrase where we are going to do Z apostrophe. It's i Z apostrophe. Zhu Li, Xue Blinn. I often forget Jubilee, Silver Jubilee, Silva Monash. I often forget my age. Look carefully also where you put the adverb. Here. You put it after the verb Jubilee pseudomonas. In English, you put it here before at ASU construct. And now we want to get the image so as to remember it in an easy way regarding attractive more Lima, Peru who happily Jubilee souvenir monad, Jubilee, salvo, monad and whatnot. Continual avec le loosens, you don't. Let's jump to the next lesson. 11. Day 10: What's your Job?: A mental note and normal LUMO may TA equity, Meteor. And Meteor. What does it mean? A job. A job. Look at how to write it. Hogarth de como sulla sickly and me t, with an accent on the E, that converts it to a UX. It made the ER here at the end that you see in that word also is pronounced. Here. The pronunciation may TA, TA, two syllables may tip. And now it's your turn to listen to me TA. Once again, tea crates. And now we want to know a similar word and its etymology. And post position and post primitive. It's similar ideas. It's not a synonym. And post. And where does that word compromise? Do Latin, ministerial meeting. Minister, Human Service, office in English. Minister volume. It is the root of the word mate. Yeah. Let's check how to use it in context. Let's check a whole phrase. Accountant, countable. It is Miltiades facil containable it Amity facil accountant is an easy job. It's not true. I don't think so. But here we have a new word, fascial, easy, easy, job, miti, facil, and pay attention here, the word facil is after the noun, after the substantive here. Easy in English is before the substantive. Contact blow. It omitted sealed up a mountain. Lemma. And now the image, to remember the word in an easy way, contain, it. Contains eta, sealer. Okay, I hope you remembered everything. And now let's jump to the next lesson. 12. Day 10: Quiz Day 6 to 10 : A man to know, Luke wizard driven. And now the next quiz, let's check out is the second part of our quiz. You already know how it works. And now let's check out the first words. Meets him. A job as an accountant or a bill? A job. An accountant or a bill MET. And it ca do you remember? It is not a bill. And it is not an accountant. It's a job. Really important words, amity. And let's check out the next words. Mental no, Hoegaarden, Laplacian. Laplacian image. The image can really help you remember the world to love, to love. Is it senior in me? S, senior in me? Uhhh, remember, I am here with my two children. Remember to love senior. A senior. It is not senior. Senior to sign. Really easy. It is not add ed to be ed to be to love him me. James Mason, phone. I love my children in me to love a impasse oppositional. Let's check out the next image and the next words. Hogarth Debian, is preparing to wait, to hope or to grow. Remember, was the image a spirit wait to hold or to grow? Sba? It is not to wait, No. And it is not to grow to hope is pairing SBA to hope. We'll continue on the anemia. Let's take out the next image, the next word in front of Sue, derriere. Duvall. Derriere. Duvall. Snippet is an IPA there. Yea. Do Vaughn in front of the Von. On continue Avik loop Osama. Let's take out the next words. Debian immersion. To choose when you travel. You sit or you ride. You travel, you sit, you ride to voice. It is not to write n, it is not to sit to you travel to, you travel and pay attention here to the S. Every time you have to, in French, you have an S here at the ends of the new Hogarth Debian. Imagine a ACG, the subscription urban mom, have one mole as Shannon whammo. Shannon most abundant ML subscription. I got Libya subscription, Obama. Obama. It is a masculine word. And Obama subscription. A person di Como, oh, push animal, a potion, immersion. Yeah, Debian. Not to or very note to too much of very TO happily who tried to remember TO too, too much, too much salt. In that case, the seller, continuity addict Laplacian image, a Avik, Laplacian MOOC. Two forgets to xi. O, only, two forgets to she. Only try to remember. To forget. To forget who bleed. I hope you did not forget that one pair of nav EPA, similar on Cassini, on continuo. La immersion, Hogarth Giuliani manager. Is it working dark or black? Move working dark or black and white? It is not working. And it is not dark. Nwa black and white blown. Nwa hablan, black and whites. Blacks and whites. And continue and continue. Avec la portion loosen, newly EPA, do flip our Ebola potion loosen. Let's prepare for the next lesson.