French Course III : From A1.2 to A1.3 in a Month | Benoit Kuhler | Skillshare

French Course III : From A1.2 to A1.3 in a Month

Benoit Kuhler

French Course III : From A1.2 to A1.3 in a Month

Benoit Kuhler

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74 Lessons (4h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. Talking about the Weather (a)

    • 3. Talking about the Weather (b)

    • 4. Talking about the Weather (c)

    • 5. The seasons

    • 6. The Verb "to finish" and Second Group Verbs Conjugation

    • 7. Pronouncing the Nasal Vowel "EN"

    • 8. Colors (a)

    • 9. The Feminine Form of Colors

    • 10. Colors (b)

    • 11. The Pronoun "Y"

    • 12. The Pronoun "Y" : Repetitions

    • 13. The Pronoun "Y" : Negative Form

    • 14. Oral Comprehension 1

    • 15. Advice and Recommendations

    • 16. The Verb "to choose"

    • 17. Locating a Place (a)

    • 18. Locating a Place (b)

    • 19. Describing a Place (a)

    • 20. Describing a Place (b)

    • 21. Oral Comprehension 2

    • 22. The Verb "to ponder/to think about"

    • 23. Pronouncing the Nasal Vowel "IN"

    • 24. Future Tense (a)

    • 25. Future Tense (b)

    • 26. Future Tense (c)

    • 27. Fruits (a)

    • 28. Fruits (b)

    • 29. Vegetables (a)

    • 30. Vegetables (b)

    • 31. Pronouncing the Nasal Vowel "ON"

    • 32. Meat and Seafood

    • 33. The Verb "to drink"

    • 34. Sweet Food

    • 35. Cereals and Dairy Products

    • 36. Drinks and Seasonning

    • 37. Oral Comprehension 3

    • 38. The Verb "to get fat"

    • 39. Pronouncing the Vowel "U"

    • 40. Indefinite Articles

    • 41. Definite Articles

    • 42. Partitive Articles

    • 43. Precising the Quantity (a)

    • 44. Precising the Quantity (b)

    • 45. The Verb "to slim down"

    • 46. Diphthongization of the "O"

    • 47. Repetition Exercise

    • 48. The Pronoun "EN" (a)

    • 49. The Pronoun "EN" (b)

    • 50. Oral Comprehension 4

    • 51. At the Restaurant

    • 52. Describing an Outfit

    • 53. Describing an Outfit (b)

    • 54. Describing an Outfit (c)

    • 55. Pronouncing the French "R"

    • 56. The Verb "to put"

    • 57. Direct Object Pronouns (a)

    • 58. Direct Object Pronouns (b)

    • 59. Direct Object Pronouns and Past Tense

    • 60. Direct Object Pronouns Repetitions

    • 61. The Verb "to grow up"

    • 62. Oral Comprehension 5

    • 63. Distinguising "U" sound from "OU" sound

    • 64. Present Continuous

    • 65. Indirect Object Pronouns

    • 66. Questions and Answers

    • 67. Pronouns Summary

    • 68. The Verb "to succeed"

    • 69. Imperative Mode

    • 70. Imperative Mode and Pronouns

    • 71. Characterizing an Object

    • 72. Characterizing an Object (b)

    • 73. Shopping

    • 74. Oral Comprehension 6

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About This Class

If you want to learn French with a simple and effective method, this class is for you!

This course covers the level A1.3 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. It is completely taught in French so that you are fully immersed in the language. It is well spoken and articulate.

The course is made of powerpoint slides with clear grammar explanations and vocabulary lessons.

At the end of this course, you will be able to have simple conversations in French about topics that relate to yourself (A1 level) and your close environment : describing places, talking about the weather, talking about your future, what you eat, how you dress, etc...

PS : Complete Course in one PDF File available in the attached documents. Great to review the lessons without logging in.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Benoit, I am 43 and I was born in France. I have been teaching French for almost 15 years now. I taught French in the European Institutions in Brussels, in universities and "Alliance Française" in Mexico, where I have lived for the past ten years.

I have always wanted to teach in a pleasant way and give interesting classes, so I started to use a lot of game in my courses (some I bought and turned into pedagogical tools, others I built myself). Students love to play and learn. I enjoy it too.

Although it is not really possible to use games in an online class with videos, I tried to conceive attractive lessons with varied supports like cartoon animations, powerpoint slides, talking-head videos and audio exercises.

I hope they will help you... See full profile

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1. Introduction Video: John Evil AMP wandered off course a drop of coastal ecology along it would continue it on a Pontus AJ who looked hard at that. So cool to a treaty are a program Geneive o R. Point what you see All offenders who blew Zalazar Luhan politics Primi Your book would exact sees the hip. It is shown in Jerusalem. The Phanatic complete more off, say, just around the next total value The texture SAB It is a trick show job. Daily soda vocabulary on immersion in Surrey's well puffed a modern war More to do know boys exactly is the happy tissue German do like unfit. You Jamaat book Who do come future These explica shown Claire Duke Blue class blue T shirt . They say the porn association may point to the along. So hush businesses ive bob do a country gets on avec the nouveau verb New finish strong, Have a double s Watt said I'm cool. Pascucci Hadron long so cool they fed a loose on court twat Cinque Minute maximum Suppose if he got us promoted to correct you But only you so called to participate. Active mom who could exact sees the Arctic. It'll repetition what they want. Just we don't look Officer Sephia cans on the cool Different Say to teach you John on the color PV owner just says on university a matter knowledge of you Consulting trio The crash showed a cool only in a familiar Moriya. Awesome. Consider starts a soul not to know Vic the premier class difference a sweet 2. Talking about the Weather (a): paralytic Lima Difficult on along. Crusoe News alone Apart. Come on. A valid claim A. It was a lonely TD's a strict you, Fay. Properly it was See properly the top it at you. Hello. Put me at the mall, you see, boom, you people adjective upon OSI Boom! Look on their face. Movie movie You see a movie, Duminy? A proof a media mush into a mush Also, you don't continue. You figure, you figure well. Oh synonym you fe New azure, you say new azure Arrojo posts utv z last week to il Fait. For example, if if what? You know if if what Look on their fish you'll facial You'll see more in fable Borsa Significant atop a two it agreeable fable If it do If it do dusa significa a temperature it Agra pool pool said that the exception top hat you grab Pour CET sizzle Fifth Hey, fifth. Hey, you fee a don't opal Sooty is a fait promotion A top virtue. For example. Your fate did agree you did a great you fate cast degree you fi CASS degree. You feel Van Sant degree You fake Van Sant degree 3. Talking about the Weather (b): But did you chema if a boo a la mode? If he Lantos, it'd a bull. You feel cable? For example, if a movie if it a movie, Well Oh, you Finn, you azure in 15 us or Rhodri fit haibo a level opponents. Mm Oh mm Coun all who do it or road really fit table, if if want. Oh Chaudhry, Cliff Official Also DRI fit special. I loved all opponents Has shown toe Alfie Boe, Aloha on the dot or support No c e. If a boot Doc Citrine, Manya Family Year. The Porno See? Don't Buy Example. Official E Fe Movie out of multiple knows if it with what Cornacchia panels or Rhodri If if Come on Trump, who knows? Oh Chaudhry If events and agree Komachi Hornos or Rhodri If it's a movie, Camacho Panels or Jody if it table come out. Yudhoyono's also Dewey. If it special a Camacho Bonos Who's Audrey? If it were for 4. Talking about the Weather (c): but a lead You Chema. Hello said Cruz. So news on avoir dude her there. But keep permit to the politically MMA edible blue You measure you gel gel for politically Ma only teal c last week to Delia Ilia. Dr. Example Julia do solo? Yeah, really odd solo. Yeah. No Gadola pre Ali Abdullah Pre Alosi Aloha. When a total support No say yeah yeah, but example Yeah Jabalya Yeah. Jabalya Yeah. So low hodge. Yeah. So low Hodge. Yeah drivel. Yeah, Yeah. The new Azur. Yeah, The new garage. Yeah. Not conceal. Yeah. Allan Poe Recapitulate vocabulary Lucila Year loose Ole. Yeah, Look pre well, a pre LA measure LA measure Lubo Yeah. Oh, yeah and no heart and new hodge result Remove all a new version War prove yet the new azur e A enough conceal on not 5. The seasons: the schism. Lippy, Lippy, Luiten Luiten on a porno spar. Let her m Luton Lever leave There a look. Hatem Lou Pattern. I want a premium on. And, uh uh, e Lana's Allah all, um, loop. I don't little. It would be a s. No support, no spot. Jalape o Mosconi in says own communities. All the example Onley t official have a clearly is room on her All 80 on it. Official on you there If it cliff let them shows Liaison on her own a e there only there all know tone it blue All know ton Allah have a patent on utilities. Oh, pant on each table. I don't want to go see your most uni lumwana on the day on every year. You'll for sure. Moreover, cheesy all jeans year off every year all new vom It's a para village come a small gym or on Richie's debut Deb usury it for sure. Deep, deeper Mitri ate it for sure. Palawan It is me. Chris Mitchell v. Mutua Minova Bomber fagioli Year official Dr On duty sees far Bruce Memoir Sensitively famous family sickle No. L live in Sandy Song. See on the their Faddis on Bar Sicko Lafitte National Look, Atos, we sale nitty misery Sick on Buck aren't jalape o me? It does Avril at war So panto debut of real sickle Napoleon of all number At what Sale? Newton debut novel. 6. The Verb "to finish" and Second Group Verbs Conjugation: she gets on what they do seem Group Parma available Live to do them Group one of the infinitive R E male See Not a characteristic could lose all of our dollar cause you get insures Partick To live there about tradition group Participate Finney, Dunk its defeat Donald Jill A dull affinity if full of worldly participants See Get up, Feeney Il L. O Finney. No Finis. So a big double s Vaux finish. Say do bless il l finish. Do bless, Say, don't let Newseum characteristic live there about Judaism. Group A W s dollar congregates Harvick knew vou will l to live ever produce um group or the meme model Do congregation logical on a level air dull affinity If don't Finney a on a shoot determinism this this date ws awareness w s said ws 20 dollar class on Utd Struve Only there about Finney. Oh dear Jeff. Ini Allah Fonda Legs Axis powers Lip officer of the mantra of all Stephanie who to a few digs axes Nord and pas Fini Germany A formal knows the definition 7. Pronouncing the Nasal Vowel "EN": the Phanatic over there. See? Nazal? Invaluable nostalgia. Look off! Wholesale existed. Wanna the oak, Omar Savic. Lana's Allah o se the Torah. Just a victim Telephone, for example. A don't get equipped. Tape Camacho. Porno slow. So a city posh Moscow separate the permit to do Hello. Gruesome. Oh, ST Observe a dock 12 shows a purple Opponents has shown this a la Pola Elena's Allah o Upsell Vibiana position. They live all Oh, Dr Rucker left so that Oh, do them shows Upset. Very still. Opposes. Shown do all along a local opposes trundle along Ellie bus a must see dollar for dollar bush. Doctor, I said you met with police Perceived long dollar for dollar bush. 00 look long. Deliver them on. Don't For about it was in force a over to the booth. They don't all limits walks onto Yes, you may on while I'm watching a possibility. Uh uh. Don't live long before Ah, uh poor Patrick. A common hepatic. They move at a premium. Oh, Vaulx Vaulx are street dogs. Dong or street? I don't tall on street block blonde. It's gone. God, no matter. No, I say you do. Porno city has complete a microphone. Afar's Ely adjuvant dollars up do for Delia driven dollars off street. But he between a guard villa by hatred God Ville President Because Jeff in Lahore Dooney are for I took on a whole Don't need all four. Can't we have has actually don't block Truly don't belong. They don't thank him in the in your fries. Qalqilya got her for Luso. Liza far shot it. Dos look, please on phone shot it dog, listen for shot. It dawns. Okay, so about to exit through. So also don't lose songstress want. 8. Colors (a): Likulia. Blue, Blue Who's Who's there, there on a porno spiral Additional June Joan. Oh, Joan! Oh, ha! Hold view Early view early hose hose All I wanna do possibilities He my whole body, My whole But Glee No, no below block local. It was saying, you support no spot. Blue blue foresee. So can poop pieces. L a cooler. Have a project if Claire objective Foresee. But eggs are. Who's Claire? He who foresee? Do seem example there. Claire. Hey, they're foresee. He doesn't need example my own foresee behalf My own Clay, who blackly 9. The Feminine Form of Colors: Likulia Lou Femina A low dose ACLU song News along voir look took off it upon assess shown the cooler ofa Meena No memo took off the mask. I know Secular song Who's June? Oh, who's my home? Dakhla photograph A similar our street on Ah, do cooler, you know, took half D for art or Femina may in pornos has shown similar. So Nicola blew a miss it, Uh Oh, shoot movie Dr The owner in twice in category So it's only cooler key Oh, no Took half differ heart in porno says she different I loved dance At least news of all is that view. Let Gillies blanc it Born Kelkal's example Sassa Paella in Flor inflow They don't wanna shoot cooler Oh Femina, Inflow blue I don't to guess Cassie in Flor home Guess Cassie. Inflow of Hewlett. Let's go see Inflow Bluff. Pull up your yell. Brutal s Allah cooler by example. Day flow blonde. Let s do brilliant new support. Guess Cassie de Flare hose. Guess Qc the flow Rune. He kissed Cassie. The flow of Hewlett 10. Colors (b): Likulia, two Knesset and human sapele on wazoo on was all a joke. Kill a cooler Daluiso and was over there and was over Hey, Set was already tickle cooler and was whose and was a luge It's sort of the sea and was a belong and was a blow on of wanna a note was so blue specific Maher to calm Mabel Gardella was okay Doc and wazoo Who? And was oh Joon in uaf Yes, it was So he didn't kill cooler and was oh Rusian Wa who and was Oh, no! Pull up your yell on a brutal s o cooler These was oh, blue Zhoon days was open illusion You couldn't accept any man See? And questions I'm Putzel Decal cooler l A person I push on June Goodness support so soon Imo I know he didn't kill Cooler and poor song Hari belong Blow your heart It's reports strong political cooler Poisson blue in wa Well, I don't know Hebrew. You Canelo Notice that animal who Pretoria set Insect, Say a puppy. You a puppy! You to kill cooler L a popular a popular rune. It's a puppy only decal cooler at Bupyung blue in Wa who are up? You know I blue So Poppy only medical cooler at Bupyung Golden Watch a pop You don't know your heart A sedan yet by Pyongyang Cooler and pop, you know are there and by Pyongyang there in UAF 11. The Pronoun "Y": Lippo? No. Well, part of hacia mouin. We on the ballot foresee results and money. Fiqh, Budiriro, even books key. What? You call machinima Jeeva Duma. Hello. Analysts also has a utilities as shown up. Oh, no e dollar Premier eggs AARP will battle ifrc Amoia it. I pose. We only need power of horses. Aloha, Tony Heavy Case Corp Last trip. Oh, no, He knows that. You know Plus are moving in Well, you're nudism. Example These are upset. Magnifique! Boucheron Evo Pelosky on a hot on a V Kisco Blast Lupo No Edo State fries. You know how plus dollars on it was an example of a condo cinema Jeev Idema e o cinema on a cheese dog. Lupo No e t a on you. I don't last quick Children of has support Mamo on street. Look, you know yawn Street Lovera only power of hostage. How strong are they? Christian Jew contacts. You g video MMA. I love where you're due to his example. Kevin. Vala Piston to lead you. No ive a 12 for possum in Look, he's here upon your plus Allah prison. Vozzella blasts attorney. We only valued no e Plus Ki said we managed to get fresh. Lupo No e ho Plus dollars up Said idea. Let in Asia Fresh dollars on it. Done yet. Example you devore New York. We is evil Paul Amato. I don't show you see a caused us onto affair years old J e z Mm Shorts for new Nuzzi z a pour l a protean L Z. 12. The Pronoun "Y" : Repetitions: Lupo E Hello, Doucet Lusa News are unfair and exorcise Rapuano e Jovita Dhoni defies it over transformative highs. I've a group Oh no! It was Ah ha! Policy Will you binds our Flynn? You 5th 1 off horse A transformer The group e the leaf if you're poorer Placental Yuki off horse! I don't question you Juve money I don't trust for my soon to Eva or Palace spaniel. Mix sick only powerless Pan, Your Rosalio is to also swap busy Elissa Swat the telephone is Charlotte Tabla A little fun year Literati University A leotard GM for Ayala Toe fell Continue it to door Really got into it With the war you avoid, you want it is evil coalition Watch upon really japonica The more time so magnifique donors are so money Think 13. The Pronoun "Y" : Negative Form: loophole. No, e don t e don't of course. Negative on a you know, an example. General cinema Don't put upon e by it. Don't construction love houses. See Geneva The premium on street contract dogs your knee. Hello, Auto show. Aloha on the on The part of it is a doula *** show they don't over deal. Jeeva Doc! Sis Esserman Aloha Wildman! You are formal, Alec, He's in the back. Correct. The G vapor Aleke onto our Utd is a noodle. And I guess you don't. Megyn Manya! A formal Germania. Bohol said take 100 U G vapor. Hello, June of Oppa Oppa. Possible Massoumeh vehicle. Apono e Geneva it don't you menu? Who? Holland? I don't on live a little and they get shown TVA on the Caliper Espanola. Belisa, I had a transformer show of a proponent. E only power by spaniel. You don't know. Seek Allah! Allah! Allah! Salomon shows Bhaskar a vehicle all over the truth. Muneer fella, Liaison only clinic has shown Salonica's shone upon him. Vinoly power is to also swap nearly pastors Watch a doctor in many a familiar Oh hall woozily passers uaf, the telephone, the pastoral tableau a little fun. Knippa, German Johann Little phone uba Annette, You depart university near Taji Power aid money. Ojala You live on pa you want, huh? Even even power It ob gyn Manya Ojala. It is even about 14. Oral Comprehension 1: copay on show, huh? Don't set loose on New Zealand fair and exorcise owed you. Hello, Kamiyama News are only really our street news. Our own equity party. Oh, Joe, Just a hook amount Deputy Do followed you, Dr Ho Via or debuted a lot. So a J could load you our street new phone, Kerekes show a Jetta apple could over our document. Pdf that Hoskins Giorgio vocabulary True pain. Oh, come on. Really? Um um Oh, okay. Says silver. Volvo Canada. Uh, the see de do don't tell. Pay the car, I believe Eva four Guilt only love affair Gut kill a top of Machu maximal a kill atop a heart You minimal o Canada A sack soon. Oh, Silva Kilometer zone Polio Canada Viola on a coach in premier followed you. I looked over, costs it a name We use a long Canada Canada on there. You do what you want. We are perfected. Mom is money. Fick said to belong. That's a permanent on the forehead Big. They lack a plant And the most of our says superb. Wow, More should did desk blue for 12. Deviate your path. We watch just a mom. Jovial Soleil Dolich. Come on. So happy brick, Dominican or passport to make sick a lot. Make all a plot. LeMay blue Chuck Wads, Liz Activity Aquatic Liz Wessel. Exotic Labou puesto declare money. Fiqh looked up. The, uh if it ensured it in all where? Bremer Peschel, you need Mabel or mature. See, Sufi do B s A b A but problem of reform. I only very officious calm like a halt. Wow. 00 Hebrew A motorcycle Communally Chi Buzz your Skok A halt wall I fell None IHS policies on the pre buy you a pony t You cannot charge the community crema Coaching total if a sure a You fishers got Thanh sank degree Mucyo panto Top news Didulica Khyber But if I plan the office saying climate topical while a dunk a could in Saigon followed you a hippo case Joan the sacks of gold New fees on a collection to permit suppose Sichuan Report No question, Okolo cohesion. Okay, I'll say zone silver Volvo Canada reports say, on the LPD can I believe you have on at a premium on or republic Dominican on street. Oh, make sick if you know more or make killed Tony buffet Special A media killing A temperature you maximal home to degree killing a top of a true minimal o Canada. Wow, I got home to do gov So no silver kill A mayor says no Pollo Canada say, Oh, panto nobody Pikachu pouvoir transcripts shown Dolly do que Ma pdf 15. Advice and Recommendations: I don't said video would refuse to donate. Kill Kucan se ho Come on the show suggestion. You're so cooks. What clues if you guys, they put the trap him your love francais about your past to perhaps heart longing for it active. Say that your coaching purposes daily video is to do our vocabulary to do a new TV shows to do a happy day of Amazon usually. But that was, he believed they Bruno this Arctic Hogan. Did they feel make a tradition saw a song Globe book with the show's pastoral. Huh? God, Elly Video over hard to sell knows happened completely. Cacao Before Grandma active. Don't they install a regularly videos? YouTube old. They feel more of extra regional, perfectly suited. Do them shows pool of vocabulary. Teoh really of one old vocabulary, the more busy they are. Sweet, holy free Camel lemon shows holy Use a pyramid. The memories in the vocabulary locks it say apart like here a day or a happy day. Details on it hopefully mochi. Some remark Dificil spoke to our memories. A ship, a tokamak did say you defective hires a big Seymour. It the whole year left has issued a memo visited has more cynical Kosowski My the Concept, Your Long Layla spaniel. The move Jamala you realistic TV drama. Can you just say you felt if cars the happy tail if cars sometime it'd demurely memories. E you see the Tony Teoh Thomann Year, but that is a electronic cooler. They don't people affinity. Country Lady does in premiere video, The Phanatic mascot sample Tonka Treat Oncologist Thought you Fit is exactly the Phanatic. Top assist, but not hope. Hope of wall on a sweaty, fair amount of skill. Your reality box averages treats a permit. Devoir Exacta. More common. Not so a supplement. The musical usually problem man. They don't procedure to have a commander Gardez Do video Do loose on scene. Also have a Facebook coo. Sichuan got polluted video. Respected the Mirage number two look DVD open rooks affair happened. Want to demean itself? It said Return if minutes at a party video. Poskus, Adrian Bon bon bespoke say do the open. It's possible on them. Waas is to be a poor on my guys in the suits is a former 16. The Verb "to choose": Shwe's E there. Obuasi Judaism Group Don't congregate. The participants say sh wezi or no level air You're not participate. See Lokuge, who gets on Oprah's own easy Let s support nausea is PASOK Yulia involved Elevon in Corsicana s support Swazi il l sh wezi Loose ways is so have a Christian is sweet resource Which was he say Il l sh was this pullup Bono says Sean s Celia invaluable of all in Vail up Hey, Sopranos Z who have water like I feed you so or do a judo s culturally Otto do voil Lucia Aziz So don't do bless supporters to rules Don't say Taepo Dong Derby. And if there are still a prognosis, show bad example a plus So these air he they say. 17. Locating a Place (a): situ al, you left home love Hostile over or nordle? Espana Oh, no. Do Oh, no Good Hartsock over or suited the longer there or sued dirt or sued love HASA Hold a West Dulles trees. I'll West do I'll West do love hearts a whole lest do Luciano Atlantic Unless to do our list. Good. I'll only cut her point Guardino, you know, pursued unless that a west she Vichy it'll salt Who do love homes or Sol could or Sartre do by that's I you. But it paid that year. Hey, good body, Ma se you But he Rwanda my say I wonder Lure, dude. But he is situated a vacuum it Do you? But he a situation a set sauce Wesson Catskill Ahmed, Douma Say you our killer met do vacuum. It would do, I said sauce lasagne. Casquero met hoodoo 18. Locating a Place (b): see, It's really you a lot of domestically saw. Over what? Latif across all No a Don't know the left horse. Hello? Oh, no. Do you see any fee, Alexis? There you do. You know the last Hans idea longer aleck stereo force. I don't know the love house. See, I lent me doggy Fair House apartment Alexe terrier e Atlanta. Here. Macey's at Hoover. Don't shoot their homes. Who said whole mess message Who've door? Lest the horse also two of breast breasts it who don't west that have horse I see Do Lou City Nero sit and correct. Says it holds firm all but example Lou, Portugal. Doc said that the masculine Let's pan use a move a lest do Portugal MM shows do Lay said. Correct. Transform a shown D, for example. Liz, it as you need, doc set up a profile. You can a desert who? Oh, no days. It is unique. Don't open Could be nearly point guard, you know by example or no est would only norwest or sudeste dollars should best or should West dollars should West or No West. Donna Norquist 19. Describing a Place (a): Dickie Value Don Set loose on news alone treaty This objective prolific Atif keep are meant to do the clear. And you know how do you come in Ville in Villa Je our village you know as you in a heads young in illa you Neil Oh, Dejagah Dijana while I don't differ Tip W a un command vehicle Adjective money fiqh Money thick. Doctor Femina l A muscular on um inform magnifique case in your feet table. Really superb doctors objectives Surplus up. Hateley No, in ville Magnifique. Hello. She have large money. Fiqh. A scene was a phone. You need a little money fiqh on street or continue of a projective mortar. New muscular Morton. Use Femina by example in Vienna Morton use have a large motor. New you know as young Morton Use Continue a vehicle adjective volcanic, masculine and feminine. A similar look. Approximate a diabolical for example. You know, has your volcanic You kneel. Volcanic. Our daughter was objective. He won't continue the projective topical, muscular, topical Femina pornos as similar. For example, Yountville topical in Reggio topical on street projective fruity Femina flurry upon assess or similar, have a book with a flare for example. Villa Flurry, you kneel flurry on street shows A van adjective moda muscular Femina similar in ville Modern una visio More down LA Objective Boyong Femina Boeri ont affect Buddha boy Doctor, you can't hear the silence You in Villa boy Want boo logic If properly Femina probably pornos as similar big book bemoaned book would pass on in villa properly. Well, it'll probably adjective tip IQ muscular Femina Similar villa tip IQ you know as you want ipic. 20. Describing a Place (b): dick here on you. Hello. Don't set Your son was all over. Do It was objective, prolific achieve particular. And your missus Objectives plus evolve dealerships Don't if don't you see a liver exotic? Uh, the it is objective given positions evolve. I don't want Cuomo's avec logic TIF but Notre muscular. But he I put TV lage me now put it inputted villa in. Put it in objectives Trayvon, look on her local muscular. Go. Listen, Meena God Dr. Example Avec ville at work in God Ville Avik Luna Village fatwa I am calm. We'll continue of a project if bull my Skoda a bell ofa Meena example a Villa Abu Villa Asia have a casual in Bellagio a pullup serial logic tive bull par ex minister Porno spot. Example. A big, uh Deboo Honda, The Bush other Austria don't continue avec logic. TIF Movil Muscular Louvel ofa Meena. For example, The vic. You know nouvelle ill in a new very low. Mm shows literary a little objective. Nouveau par eggs Guinness upon a spot. Don't the new version Logic TIF view samina via you view via yah and a have a villa fatwa. You ve vill having village at war on view village he has you in via is your but dont fare. They could be in his own on that donkey. See less ship start if Liz objective kiss a plus up. Hey, you know, his objective is a plus of all it is article. For example, a pretty villas. Martin, You in God Ville Mood Evan in Bellagio. Topical in. But it il magnifique Deboo Giada fluid. 21. Oral Comprehension 2: compound Soheil do Don't set loose on news on unfair on these um exorcise audio. Hello? Come Legs Axis President Premium all news Al only really kiss you ST news alone. Hello, Joe. Should have a commander liquidity do for Don't you have? Yeah, Or the brutal A video A J could Claudio truly Bono case Jong A on street new for owner collection issue Topple could treat Hoover around Okemah Pdf that ha Skip Sandalow Jo Ella vocabulary go lick issue Premier Hommel It drew at home with your historic very full It does him Christian Kelso only cattle, you doll Order! Oh, the See Day, Jim Pain Our only could Claudio Gate, Oahu Aqua or Divina Geographic Neco Giacomo's Camille you situ Neil situated on Luciano India on the power of horse A Said she Neil Volcanic fair This activity No teak ski Nautique. See? See, uh, you know we beers way I'm more sich Annville topical sitting Belleville in God Veal Modern l A century on America Ah, Bogota No, continue only para espanol. Just Imo Kabul. Ah, cough, I believe Allah. Merrill. A plot We exact Amo. See you. We exact I'm well say the village money fiqh U t pick this original on the palate for see we eat off horse It's the Hope Dollar Noroeste the house peddler Almond, Kolyma We Bravo Ali Blue Danube. Omar. So let's morning fleshy, huh? Okay. Said that the IV hawk often p o p a like magic. Be more than you. Happy money Thick on your feet. You ski only march dicks, Alonso Cola Literally, Norby. Focal fun. The zhou Please aren't Celestri is bs you Voila! Dunk A quoting second followed Yo a rep. Okay, strong. No sex. Who go on to Arizona? Collection Miller videos Suppose Sichuan Bono Question Okolo collection. It drew at home VW Historic. See full. You drew at home with your geographic dude Kills only cattle. You don't know her premium a little arino said. Does Emma Rio or Brazil Saleem, Our c It was him. More Colma. Petit villa Don't know Estivill of horse image. Be it? Got him. Oh, lustrous image 22. The Verb "to ponder/to think about": Rivera Behave Fleshy OSI Judaism Group dunk Participants see, Hopefully she Hello to Seema. Tono Kumar congregated Judaism Group Don't come. Also contribute after she Joel Hefley She to too heavily she il l you directly she no Lou have flesh. Is from who? Who here fleshy Say ill help Loreal l her flesh. She's 23. Pronouncing the Nasal Vowel "IN": I loved offset Doozy em loose on the phanatic. Uh, don't premium. All Lepas is shown. Deliver. Look upset over panels. Uh huh. Okay, Dr. West Seymour over love. What will president that? What? Your president City all matter Nazi? Ah, Dr Ali lives. So I prefer me Pussies shoulder longer pull of, uh, different positional along with the love will yell Precedent set a General Djokovic love. Where your own avila longer bus A. Um, I said on the phone. Della Bush. Uh, long a bus will see. May point to the along. So hush businesses ive Bob talked along a bus. Lapointe Jessop Hoshi past two She listened to Bob Well, when they steal a long kiss up Harsh dissonances Ah, a llama Schwab Lesia Mom, Police fell May Cavic all, uh uh No claws. See? Saving Nazal Delaire shop Salhany seizure Block the name C. Difficile. Come on. Super hippity porno. Say the move. So of microphone. Don't Mata Mata Ma Ma. Okay. All over. Meant to know, doesn't, would you? True blood. You don do them because true Vibiana, it wasn't because Jamal's Japan the most on street Julia. Quiet! Julia it Quiet. They don't. Daniel because of a 12 trivia. Do my my time. Violas. I saw two settlers. Soul also would allow you some savant. 24. Future Tense (a): Lou Future sap I don't secular Soon lose alot upon a country gate available or future. Sam It don't say it was our own Selves. Liz Example. Premier example Don't diesel JB trade on a shoot The left House Lenny portion trophy in your attitude on where you put your o Canada Less men portion you pass only begin the party Do Mamata who live Topol it have a year so swat Dino esta hall I hope you know to leave their country gets on your feet You should have a a a truth Kenya huh? You new pastoral whoever Hey, do you know Hello Soon Upsell like country gets on to save their case Kong construct it and similar attitude Does that country sale affinity if cover you seen you back to you, Busey Lu v It didn't dr like oh, she gets off on a premium on left unity or street on a shoot later minutes later I mean, they don't say how are you? Hey, but you later minutes eyes Ravinia for a lot of minutes away Are you for Northern famine is only Johannes Lupus who said a pullup? Really? L dont il dino out of where you are because we get zone available properly. No premium on left Unity. If Jackson on street policies is your timing is all poor chew Domine is all eyes true. Pour il l o communism ill follow How el Pollo, huh? For new letter minutes away. Oh, Ennis New Pelo home. Porvoo Who said Hey, a poor ul pro yell 20 it'll el Pollo. 25. Future Tense (b): the future. Example allowed on set Luso news alone. HCG sector There are irregularly or future of Sam Duncan. Magical irregularly at an upset of all his example Control held talks got there s a film Latona V. Joe Sacco. Calvera Affinity. See, Look Syria of uaf it don't close. Logical. Oh, config is on. Hey! To que huh Sheila him. Is it true juice? Okay, a Calvera correspond. Look sillier yet they don't. Claudie Carlin. Sir, You're so hey to so, uh, home silly. So we can geo cinema like this Army zero caleel available on affinity If Silverberg Ali logical you j a hell, yeah. He'll pull yet ill. Zero DiMaggio fully and ghetto is your forte. Just a Scylla. Their number safe. Oclock radical for new No fool. Through who for pylea in your semen portion. Jenna. Poor epa. Jenna. Poor papa Sell available pouvoir dunk. Logical pool pool to Well, it well, Beauvoir magical there that example to huh? Blue Vera Boho Savoie magical of herself. Bags on vou it available. Prove loss et privilege Local available. Pouvoir chilies. Unique amount of Yakushiji ill paxson l ill play va. They don't show live Arabic. You infinitive ketamine. Bois. Who? Pond or talking infinitive? Term in power. Don't let don't, For example, GK Uh huh. Veuve hard. Hey, because you are only they let a on street as you tell a terminus. 26. Future Tense (c): lo futuro Sam. We'll have Well, don't said Clue song d fell on his duties as shown to shoot your Sam. A lot of money in general is utilities Parex pre May apology Lanny Potion Joshua Terrain. What? You I said this is your key, Please, Or do Mila Vata hatred. Use it as you need. Lousy the future. Excitable utilities OSI a big deserve in Mapo Grammy Live in Zach Marks. Rohit Hottle. I think these are there. Are those a halt? Who knew? Till is the future example Dolly Haas. Avic Devyn marble whole achieve more Lawan don't affect you. Our example threw him on diploma Xiaoxu alleged. Have a year cause a sort of you company Only Chile's future Sabah doll. If has a pathetic avec see tallied 11 more don't affect you in condition C lub Lupu Gemma palm Une I don't live there about history. See Topas on extreme Leconte show you see Cilla Blooper Doxil available Pouvoir appraisal nudism. Very extreme luxury really is a C leconte showing led no que si j Heyman Hominy. Hopefully there or for Jackson ondas him. Example. C j Luton Eliminar. Voila. La General on a total so She's a future posh Aloha Pruden. A meek visa. Lavoie shook City Hall. A future sabila Alec, You Pru's really gone Pru's economic movie. They don't sit. Let Alex in total systematic, more Luca. 27. Fruits (a): Liz Alaimo. If we don't Crusoe New Zealand Party I love Lucy. At least J vocabulary. You have our image. It'll put me in a mall. You insert. He's in cities on street, on QE on QE Josephus Ill So you see one out Wall Street, uh, in Benin, in Benin. Jadhav While I say See, on street in modern in in moderation over there on your list A street in praise because violas allow we'll continue to have A and Avoca and Avoca Wow! You see on street and sit over I see people that Oh, and what Wall Street? If Bob Woz in farm boys could it Hold on while I see on none in us Who on Nana you're do possibility Did a porno Cecil s solace I don't want Bush a sit home A sequel Oba a Bush Libya Kalamata non was alone reputation vocabulary talk job Hornos Limo it Europe it and then on us a Nana and no Boca in Benin Insert He's a sithole. A sit over there, you know has in from Waas on Curie a in modern in 28. Fruits (b): Liz Alaimo. If we do them party, Dr Etcetera saw news along. Continue it least Juve. Kabila the fridge. I don't remember. Reciprocal. Alison Press adult volatile east. A commander avec in bum in some. But I see at what? You know all you know Mamba Bush. You know, other cocoa. You know what the cocoa goulash in manga in monk look Formula List Judaism do is a glued on your list in Boesch in Bish. What? I said you could want a mural. Um, you know, a popular moose? A popular moose, actually, Mullah Prolong. Oh, what a popular moose in plastic bus. Stick on by bush in class and pull off. Well, I see. Okay, along, typically vocabulary. Japan knows limo it. Europe it in manga a moon. You know what cuckoo. You know, home in plastic on a popular moose in Boesch, in Paul in bum. Do his, uh 29. Vegetables (a): easily more Legum Doucet Loose on over voir Lavaka Blair d league um are versatile. At least do vocabulary. Canoes are watch he, Uncle Moskovic and shoes and shoes on ST Columba on a Cancun. Continue Avik. You know better, Gene. We know better, Gene. You know spares. You know spares do lie. You Delai, I fool Full a shopping You a shopping you on vocally on Bocaly and not too sure and not issue. If you count in Kallat Caribbean along with the matter No reputation, Lou vocabulary do lie year the lie. No news on world only push endless so duties as showed his article. Uh, not official. I'm not sure you not spares you not spares. You know better, Gene, the club are in obey version on Bocaly on Bocaly in Cowart in Kout. A shopping. You on shopping, You fool on a shoe shoot a, uh, combo on a combo 30. Vegetables (b): Liz Alaimo Lily Groom Dusan Party over coaching you We don't vocabulary volatile east A commander Avik unknown You I know New on street in to Matt Intimate the pretty poor The pity Poor in course. Shit in cause it Hadi huggy in sell out in salad in funded there in funded there people on people. Uh, recall they are Rico Preval a level Be a pal. Oh, whoever you own a porno says strongly vocabulary, you know, cause it uh hey, cool Dhaka to show of a Cuomo Ricco on efapel alias Ah, Rico, They are Rico because Josh Keita Ash Sospiri on new new a o e c. Sopranos Oh, on no new The beauty poor, the pretty poor A female, a female A level a 12 yl in pundit in pundit death Hadi Haji in salad in salad A intimate in torment 31. Pronouncing the Nasal Vowel "ON": twas am Lucinda Phanatic Say twas him valuable Nazal do francais. Love will yell. Um Allah, Premium on Aleppo's is shown the live 11. And so hold Oh oh positional along Silom Empress's shown Kalapani a value l all bass the Obama said on the phone Lee mash walks Leisure Amman Pluess a of a club I don't love Please over there to celebrate All well, Aunt Leisure Mo Lewis, Say Hey 11 Really? Oh, Yoko Leisure Mom! Prove necessary. Toxie The paper t different public all Ah Oh, May it a lot of a porno sailors Soon on the move. Full, Full! Not available. Fair Who? Full? Full liver. Ali. Full Full November at, um uh Mr It Boom Bull project If they don't meant to know if I say the articular sewn down there has voy lickle does MPAA's it for disposal Twas in cars you so alum is room for animism on street My, your Abe Lord, my only bloomed It doesn't have a new more shoulder boomer room. New Marshall the bull mineral violas also had two books said to loose on the phonetic also what moved all of nationalism 32. Meat and Seafood: Liz Alaimo along Continue of Accra Vocabulary LaMotta Show it. Don't settle soon. Leave yawned If we'd made Vishal released. Come on, These wheat! The street! Do you love John? Do love Iand John Bull Jews Obel Doula Shock eatery Doula Shocking in sources in sources do so. See? So do so. See so And you poorly. Did you pull me the Moul, The moon de covet dick? Love it. It dupe Wessel. Gyp Wessel Arabia Aro Repetitive vocabulary Doula shock. You too. On that tone does on the popcorn Ocilla ability. Doula shock it dick of it. Dick of it. The street, the street job. John Bull the moon The more dupe Wessel Dupe Wessel. Do poorly do poorly in sources in sources. Do you? Soc soon, do you? Soc Sol A delivery. I do love young. 33. The Verb "to drink": Livello Bois kidney person of Abdus in Group Priskin. The time in Papa E. A set a very. It was a group, the participants said. Kia Abbas is, um Dubois Dubois il L. O Bois. Don't have a clue. Abbas Big o no hole do do V a vehicle. Abbas B v A L L Brava. I love a vehicle Abbas B or E V. 34. Sweet Food: Liz Alaimo our own Continue lay low social vocabulary. LaMotta show don't, settlers. Only Pooja basically was released. You know that in in Katyn. In glass in glass. A question, Uh, question. Be scree, Miss Cree, do you suk doula confit. You doula comfort you in that? You that junior Jimmy L on ghetto on ghetto a cola. Ochola. Okay, So where were you? On a porno says John do vocabulary? Uh, the scree a mystery. Akula doula. Comfy chew doula Coffee, too. Uh, Wessel on question. Uh, get to on ghetto une bless in glass drew meal. Do you do? Shook just shook. You know that in that a statin in Katyn. 35. Cereals and Dairy Products: I don't know. Secular song. New continue are likely Vocabulary is a limo A vocabulary? The serial port. Really? Why should at least it will Kamal Savic enough And nuff! Doula soup. Doula soup. Do homage do for Marge in. Bag it, you nugget doula. Fine. Doula far in jewelry. Julie, Depart. Depart Japan, Japan. Julie, Julie A The cereal, the serial Maybe, Uh Oh, who knows? You know, bag it in a bag. It the serial D c doula Fine doula. Fine. Do for Mazur do for Marge. Julie, Doc own upon us. Politician. Allow Julie and this community wholeness on Duff Japan, Japan depart a vaca are long the part dri I don't wanna porno Spalla said Final jury doula soup doula soup. 36. Drinks and Seasonning: Liz Alaimo. What? I mean loose vocabulary has shown us only released. It will command us avec Giselle. Do you sell? Do you really? Do you really do you do low Jeb? You bet. Doula, muta, Doula mitad John Coffey. John Coffey. Juve, Jump over. Do you play over judo holes? Judo holes diff it different. Do Sudha do soda? Do Libya doula. BF IBM Hello. Over you only vocabulary to wrap it up. Him one. Jimbo, do you better Doula BF do l A b l Judge Caffey John Coffey Do low Dr. Porno says, Oh do Lou different? Different it. Do you really do you really judo hard? Did you do hold Doula Muta, Doula Mitad gyp Love deep love Do you sell? Do you sell Do soda do so down a Juve. 37. Oral Comprehension 3: compound. Shante will hide it. The 12 eggs axes companion show, huh? On a politically membership Capulet do Premier Lichter The question a quote, Eulogio hippos. It collects you comas don't have a click Issue Casca Fut Papon Opportunity Ginny. Oh, be See De do a survey Mars Desert or pretty tyranny. Very full. You Pont du shoe could don't some coffee. Why Full Got Catskill Memorial Park. Oh, Jeannie. Uh the see de well, hello Only could road you in premiere for Philip Two secret petition area of Apollo present . We just say you did the linear Jeep Obika mozzarella Joni, it's good trip opportunity. Your name by moi se Pretty Johnny Classic the talking Deborah a confit. You a coffee? Okay. Juniper Farm. Edie seems to have over these a ready me Rosa riff Owie cafe with torches Committee it workers could you pop? Allah must go Petition e commerce A big this aerial. Julia, Jimmy l off Street in Tom's Topanga. Yea do Xueju a rough week Tahmeena back and cafe sausage. Wow, Sasha Ball Patijn We a consortium assault or plan? Former agency Pasha. I vomited a Jacuzzi. Most quantity by Jamaat religion or any harder departed. You re jeu pour soda. Laviano, I have a bs. You juthamas Prothom in a combat both francais Every MOC Jadel of Hamas Quackers almost hold a genome. I sanctify Autumn off ago Gordon a Allah Allah Genie Energy Do LaSala doula Super daily Guma Book Do it! Watch Bam r jafar a swat Don't curb Azure Marsh's book Worf it It's not about the problem too. So maybe you sad upon my desire even. Okay, don't worry. Could clued you induce him for situ on physical X shown don't sacks are gone Collection Papa Mama CASS carefully Papon will put you hypos be the tatting Deborah A confused you do every March days or petition e savoury You know more. Do walk Paul Do shoot Dawson coffee full in a pop Got Keskin A module power Ginny happens be the love John Volunteer Billy Packer Chula document pdf avec le ha Skip Show L A Vocabulary 38. The Verb "to get fat": live era. But go see Judaism group. Don't participate. See gorse e it cause he gets on his own. Joe, go see to juego RSI. He'll you go see? No, no ghosts is So how big do follow songs Priskin was I won't do for AWS. Go see. See that Montrose, even Yugos is. 39. Pronouncing the Vowel "U": a lot of Kathy em loose on the phonetic or so So, um don't throws a lever So only look from appetite. Come avec la positional along long lap Want to She listens Is ive Juba Dr Per se you to share a clap wanted all along Less is if Cuba Chief Shuala Bush me Ah, the doctor Nipah As soon as on calmed on top let me. Mm hmm alot of opponents l assumed on the mobile memo to sudden sell you Latiker Femina in union I want you to do more and prolong. Absolutely Mama. Absolutely. No, A limo. Hey, Dicle Medical Elemental, no doubt if cars Utah by you True taught by you Don't tell who to a bit Don't tell you to you a bit So Lucy salute you see set up solely more Hedy Cool Box it up So Lou Mojaddedi Cool said absolutely more medical Daniel has to have You are true, Teoh True? Well, as I show that to upset LaSalle, the phanatic also word on the street won't 40. Indefinite Articles: this article added finish the only portion Luso, New Zealand qualities as shown The 20 didactic off say Sebacean permit would behave easy memories, a vocabulary LaMotta this article. And if you need cities I think they know. Constable said the idea Compute Kulti A You know, some part unique on the palate pattern shows unspecific may June category. You don't twas article Blue mask Ula Oh, uh docks Elena's You see me now? Coun elop royal De the example Popular moose in Benin The Sertys Allah Poor Treviso vocabulary. They free the lagoon. Your ideological alone on Kickoffs. Espanyol Image pay June bum the hab Woz. Ah, Sithole in plastic the shopping your in cause it deep level uh, Haji the two mutt. What actually is always he on Avoca Losi at unsure a liaison on not have a classically femina Sunni finally years old Monsieur Apple. Mm Finerman Phanatic. You know better Gene, These a spare liaison? The zones Lee is almost see a CIA Tachyon. A particle A caused you ash sp ray on the apology is, um they are 41. Definite Articles: Liz Article Definitive. The secular strong Over What duties has shown his article. Tiffeny, The only policy really busy in party vocabulary. Billy Martosko This article, def initiative is OCR Victorino con tablet make its own unique crazy look at half t close, Lee. I mean law le look, l A post off, uh, leak Lee, but example Lou Popular Moose Lebanon Lavaca. Hey, listen, Series I don't feel many eggs. Axis could honor some precedent to td's logic. Taranaki correspond an image. Okay, listen. La Motta! Luke! Guava leak. Live it! Beauty the sources Liffe A a tan show up Loreal opponents extra charge Lee Zoo I don't wanna porno speller. If it is so adfl enough Liza Luke Wessel a lot. We'll get toe like glass leaf it Lusa blue The Zohar Radicalism A Lei article Cohen for Sony is wrong Acoustic Sospiri 42. Partitive Articles: Liz Article part Atif, don't settle news. Anwar like Wasim Category inarticulately Batouti if you hope has are did they know? No contact. Complete faculty. Don't the quantity and determine e a the party Do no contact. Do Ono Patti tiff in party Do idea was article Loomis Cuba Do blue Philomena doula do law a contraction envoy will ash do bags are for Julie Doula Far in do Lou violas shows Paco Hey , The quantity No places out of William. Because example can article to Utd survey of excessive Marge do Libya Judo Doula soup Jimmy L Doula Coffee Chew Do live yonder. Jeb do Lavaka, You see? Don't oxygen. Concentrate on determining Dokka. Dylan. What? Cuckoo! Dual attacked you get toe Juve, you shoot. Do like glass do for massage. 43. Precising the Quantity (a): because he's in quantity for presses in quantity on protease e book The use Upon Off All a or you based upon off Look if in a loose upon a spa boo cotton utilities book who wants you till he's a do their post off for press zero? No, but example Book Could of homage book Cuda Pan A Dog Contacts show Are We Can Gnocchi Comma Spot Envoy yell Book Who do Book Who? Devil Car So Ali Atom Tools Book Who Do Benin Book? Who Do hard boo coo despairs Boo hoo! Due to Matt on street on Putin is a shampoo A lament shows Avik do their post half by example I'm Purdue five oclock quantities the whole on the chilies Pop aoc Avik Do totally cart it off House Ace Utilities A vector who? Their post off example Geronimo spot Do beyond Jalalabad Dunckel our street and kill you That example and kilo dependent gum Oh, Padang presses a home. Do some gone Duh sas Sangam do poly kid on utilities Little Alito do, huh? And it would do a opposite Transform a Les noble or quantity approximated in these end said ideal prism want this you do send prison one. Does you guys and do prison one cars in Salt n Do Police in Warsaw. 44. Precising the Quantity (b): presses a in quantity over everywhere. Don't say Crusoe, don't hurt their make you permit the presses in quantity who are recipe in boot a year. Don't allow. See on Dwight. She's a do hula contruction, but I was on guess QC in but a diva Guess QC in What they do are there, I guess Cassie avail. Did you do a home? A. C I've They'll do. I'm bull guess. Cassie. I'm born to cereal in dust in past the coffee Have pulled on a pornos Politician. I'll pull by Example. I pulled a confit chew. Well, I pulled the shop in new I'm lucky. Bad example. Back in the ships. In what? In what? But eggs are in. What? The sudden in Tasha You know, Toff. It holds the path Inbar in part of the pizza for a photo, it took that photo in power to ghetto. I'm more full but example Amore sued of Hamas. A in tablet in tablet, Difficult 45. The Verb "to slim down": Appel available. Glossy. Look. Okay. Massey Oh, see there. But does hope don't participate? See Massey Le Country gives hope has all Ramesses true to mercy You alone it Mercy No, no masses Soul Masisi! Hell l he'll masses 46. Diphthongization of the "O": Hello, Don said Lucinda Phanatic off. What we name her key classic Shell is up. Inaugural Fun Cisco Annabelle Latif Don't you in Deftones saying voyage lq do so for example, How are how? Well Oh! Oh, come on, Christine o terminal it Okay if banks don't have got on only Hello off hace on Oliver yell Oh, in a passionate if Tonge says you owe it is a vocal a phone at Todd on our def tone Gay o r o get access it You never freak out Shell is a live on growth fund. Lucky for being part See your problem on the difficult day A porno say said risky football say on the left 000 Stop for example Don't more hose hose off Say, oh, don't condo up idea hose No hose A lot ability Pause Sure do mo Ladakh grandpa say on the petition Oh no! Oh oh Acid for hello All the matter No repeated. If has complete Pagnozzi Sumo A Bull Samo able Does MPAA's Scylla caused the Tooley move Scylla cause the Tooley move. Twas of cause. Sure, I know tours to your own auto shows. Catherine has profane pose Jamala do a faint pose. Jamala Do they sank? Um, identifiers. Calico shows dude havoc. Don't know. Kill Kershaw's daughter. I don't know violas. I saw two packs. It'll soul most of work. Don't understand. We want 47. Repetition Exercise: Doucet Loose song Over Favor Nick, their sister Rip It is young. Affect Liz Article Put your lapel Don't have a clue available in me Adore. Hey, did they stay on it releases article Definitely don't deal James for halogen quantity on determination Videos remark. Douche April Places in quantity but examined Book Who video book When I don't 12 hires Addict was articulate You feel blue Ju do off a continuous Solomon model. A reckless emerged Levante Hello Jim yet Palmyra Mall Jamilah Meal Our Sweet Jamaat Jimmy L . A journalist Budimir You continue to remember in year German do like comfort you Jamaar book Who do comfort you Jamming a glass German Do a glass broken glass Jamil have yawned. Germans do have yawned. General Book would have yard jam Lee Feet Jamal's different genera book Different, I hope. Fl I'm ensures that the Club west from Welsh, Our simple model available. Margie Jamilah Cafe Watch Cafe Abu Coffee To continue your vehicles, he must revolt Jam lose you too hard. There's a watches, you know horns. What book? Who does you Don't Jim Lou Jambois Do Lou Jambois Book Who Do Jam? Really Jabor Julie Job Wabo could really Jame Louvre Juve What book would ever a jam? Lee soda. Nobody. Soda soda 48. The Pronoun "EN" (a): Lupo. No off observe only is example duties as shown. Japonese off juvenile attacked No Maxie Johnny, would you cafe? We rob What's the matter? You had to load on free. Go we Ileana. Hello. Finally zone Liz Example. Chipotle adat No mercy Jeannie said the D J dilla attacked. Don't conceal upon our plus do attacked the same example Chipboard You cafe said job would you can fatally My time Oh bless. Do you coffee? Julia do Lou, don't If we go Ileana said that. Do you? Elliott to load on If he go, don't clip. You know all her plus duo don't group Ono Also Tilly's oppo Hopeless Say the quantity Kiss Arjuna Alma at Hood Reit Palace Arctic A last picture The left Cars sug contract show are because you love what you call my Jean sweetly Velib a genie regularly ism. What was example Somare's Jean Dubois or negative azure on street lunar Dulany guys show contracting all a renegade known epa Losi AVIC You know most you should know about Papa Genova, for example. Do low reports positive we Gene Bua Gee, most depart reports positive. We, Jean Marc and I will continue a victory pose positive. We Java cafe we Jean Paul. Hello. Matter No over further reports. Negative Modelo No, Papa. She must be Pat knows a normal spot. No Genova. I love William. Utilities assume Avik Ilia Ilia Jabber high post positive. We Ileana avec les liaisons. Ileana reports negative. No Unio Napa have a clearly is Rome, Italy. Neon upper. Hello, Julia Della Bia reports positive. We, Ileana Eliot, you cafe reports negative. No union Oppa. Elliot is a heart bypass positive. We Ileana really a diploma. High post. Negative. No, Iliana. Papa. 49. The Pronoun "EN" (b): LuPone o r. Hello. Don't set loose on was all over common presses in quantity Avec Rapuano. Hello. It arrested the pizza. We will all has to do tomorrow. Paola, We Jean Marsh Book who? Yulia To load on free Go. We Ileana do Boo tay, You okay? I love you. Have for your own says example. We eat a lot. Has to do we Gina's book. Who we Ileana do Booty const Art group presses a like quantity. Allah Fanduel Afghans do book a do booty. You, for example Cuba Do low quantity book. I don't have a place a like quantity. Allah, Fanduel of cars. We, Jean Bob, two more to play. They don't like quantity. Apple We genial shampoo. Japonica shook like oddity. Do we, Jean Paul Do Josh and the Jamaat. Thank you. We Jonah shed a kilo. Elliot, your birth quantity Am pu we Ileana Don't compose Couto Diesel upon all our vic Dude who sure skill is animal. For example, We Jean Antoine Triffids use ball Boo coo we John fable A train were true. We Johnny in they are found New chilies Ocilla Poona on daughter has imperative. For example Elliott indiscreet part said the idea behind the screen. Eliot, you show cola Marsh's own Doc Martin on a battle zone A shed do shook They don't s over CIA Vic marks a shit Poor facile It'll opponents is your mantra zone Seeinya Paddle s over, Bob. Easy on a pair. Atif liver, Burma A machete. Nobody s dunk on National to s pore There is on Phanatic. 50. Oral Comprehension 4: complain Country Emmick Jax is the compound. Remember? Principally President Lecture of the question A quote Eulogio True happened. Focus Chong A vision Hello value on a question on it Do z m o completely at least two days ago. Radio don't to complete avec leconte Tae Langridge Oh Milito Delay Fine cycle gum Do souk twang in passing Do a venue Libya on a quick load You in premiere for does a B avenue? Don't not Hadi Who? Abdomen? Day. Do sandy pool in a new velho set Explicate Chef John. Hello. Kiss covers I didn't present until Rhodesia Bushel Christiane Abia Kill Crucial Example Preschoolers Allah wallah Who said the cap Suzette are we trivia classic A proto sample affair? No Sharmarke effective malls and it but completely no double is angry. John Pourri Paxon Do some Saikat Milito do leave solvents Agam Differing second gummed uber vag. Um twas ooh in pass it to sell are put oven you a in create a cafe. Go home. Paul is a company. June, you tell a doula confit chew Jimmy Tribune. Hello, kid. A paucity of Roma Miyama show Philly on street over military laugh are in Izu over vaccine lutely Shula Far in l A Jew. You move a bm along gelato on a shoot Apatow Home April Terminate over Really help Dodge Important exit Don't you hate coaching? So going for situation collection Colombia two packs on set. Poor re person Lee Quantity It is an original do sauce. I called immediately. Totally solvent sack graham different in sacha gum Do birth vag hum Do shoot, cook Twas ooh in Passy to sell a I put the venue Voila! New bleep Do consultation Do chemo PDF transcript showing vocabulary 51. At the Restaurant: well, this stall Moos Anwar left has a vocabulary still pulling Tosto carpools are Vito's arrest all over the marginal more c was a bit Has every our street over proposed of possessed early in tablet Paul do hope of them all day on us Ah, next Avio who? I don't know you Blue silver Last several views dunk, Stella Paxson Kiva circulated through a part of her commode se What I got in the new reported in west on street level s a town do for this city part of a commode on demand, was he guess Google pointing. But in Minya pretty city GALT. Was that any favour? Touch? Well, hello. Simply mall people who you know. Okay, We kissed you or sever. She was really say Monday. Get school glucose a year. Casco glucose a year Lou McGary The Can accessory Eric Quad who were pleased for my shown sure plot, not who could Superman sequel Surely Manu surely menu was a premium on lady. Fair odds. Okay, you know. Okay. Whose every on street released today. Plump possible plop principle. It lead us there. Uh, this air limited can absolutely put more. So So value magnetic anomalies should partner Mikel Dong Motion on the route? Oh, come on, Savic More Cecil Most 20 Jury part a motion. They don't money of a hollow over dear heart. So I know See, he oversees contact E. Lou. Hey, do mwah! Moore says jubilate today. But waas asshole maggot cannot a gyp Honda a Ghana, she reported the magnet canal ship horn magnet cannot Triple Deputy Hello, for example, a polka Monday. Not who could. Superteam case. Could you put the Monday? Not her coat soup conceivably, but more so as a lot Who could superteam almost as hot? Who could suit him? Juve Hardwood lot Who could Soup cream O J. Part Not for good. Super Chris O. C. Come out N V on hold Involved with them all day Ilia, don't 12 harder totals Sin You'll Senol a point up pulling it Bianche Cherie Country lettuce Your for the model At issue Here you lose a proctologist. Who can fail at this? Johnson for a group of police say watch over boudoir 52. Describing an Outfit: dick here into new the only portion of the song No. Zero Entry deal vocabulary Davitamon Hello. Gets killed. Puffed. You puffed a modern uaf A more too. He rebuffed a bottle, Anwar, A party room. You booked a tea shop? A T shirt? A part of the show. The show Catskill buffed. You bought a question. Gree that costume above two in cover to Anwar. You cover that it bought in shimmies block in trim. Use a buff today show. Set the show set Gaskell boat and booked in gyp noir. You know, jump and poked the socio Whose? The shoes. Hello, Viscusi. See a moto Homosassa pill Sapele A hotel room. Gaskill Post. He'll proctor on a T shirt. Cask asi See the shows You Gaskill balked. Will Porter a costume Homosassa Pill Sapele in Covent Basketball it, Doctor in shimmies Homosassa Bell Sapele Gaskell Path to a partner in group Homosassa Palin Sapele. Hello, Dicle Cooler Limato Kill Parked It puffed on Martin Waas The Cal cooler Ayla Potter uncle parked it buffed Ponte alone. Watch the Cal cooler. A Leticia kid bought you booked a teashop north. The killer cooler. It's only shows you kill part it brought to the show showing off decal cooler yellow costume kill part it bought a question. Gree Dicle cooler Della cava killed, Balked It booked uncovered north decal cooler Villa Shami's you parked in shimmies block Dicle coolers only show said Kill part it bought to discuss it. No off decal cooler logistical part at Buck Inju pmoi Dicle Coolers only shows you're at our Uncle Puffed and part of the Social A Toronto Rouge. 53. Describing an Outfit (b): dick here in Tunisia Hello Kiss. Keep Achter It puffed Investors invest it Boat in Satchel Nawaf in san True Cresskill part will poked a shaft green Watch a shot You talk to the basket blushing Waas The basket a buffed on my own Watch on my you Gaskell puffed I'll put a my you do back there on my Odaiba and bought a shampoo A shuffle They all puffed the unit du Soleil You the unit to do so Lay you Gaskill puffed it. Booked a soup of it. Mom, That's your vet. A part in more in more rockets. Kill puffed ilb often, investor guess Cassie. See you in Santuario, huh? Catskill buffed. He'll pull after a short Homosassa Pell Sapele the basket he gets Cassie, Say a milieu. Gaskell, boat and bottom on my you tube. Guess, Cassie. I see. Shepel Hermosa, Sapele Sapele. The unit to do so late. Catskill bought you, Pastor. Sure of it Tomorrow, Homosassa Pill In mortal alone I was alone. Capitale A vocabulary! Luso! Dongzhou Hornos! Limo it! Europe it up More investor in san True! I shot the basket on my your on my you Duba a shampoo! The unit due solely a show of it mall in more 54. Describing an Outfit (c): dick here in 10 years Gaskell bought and Dr on Bony, whose and bought in Isha Bulls. He and Balto the goes Gaskell balked That boat in the harbor longer, you know, Hub and booked and vastly. And lastly, the skill popped. You talked on Bermuda brew A book to the sandal. Gaskell buffed it, bought Julie. Julie It buffed, appealed A pill in casket in casket the But I know Basketball ASB Auto Boonie Formosa Sapele. Sapele Renisha. Let's go! See, I see they go. Gaskell! Bluffton and water in Hub Thomas a Sapele Sasa Bell on vastly Catskill balked. You bought I'm Bermuda Homosassa pen. So Sapele the saddle. Gaskell part and Barton Julie a Casco. See? See of pure hermosa. Sapele In casket. You come assess Appel the but a woman typically vocabulary job. Who knows that you're a pet? Him one on Bernie Uni shop. Diego, You know Hub on behalf. Slee. I'm Bermuda. The saddle Julie tuned the but in casket 55. Pronouncing the French "R": does it loose on the Phanatic over a year. The poetry air faucet Dr Air of concepts that you let keep posed in Amman. Buddha problem Paul is a true John l edifixio. They don't just a more energy efficient up Audrey Bhaskar led for art off. Say they got her longer led for Rto Hongli led fair Arte Espanol Han ugly but example don't more law the likeness a local celeb or more so the likeness when I see upon assessed it oxygen Memo Awada prediction for the Air Force is that there is a happy the crop production process That whole visit it's articulo memo The haiku looker socks a c they don't pose is shown they live pullup logic shown an empire popped out dollar sauce Who else adopt Olive Way? El Presidente, for example. Duties are ah ha Vicar live new Bush Bar arrested on a position Oh, Vico left new Pushpa Arrest doll opposes The club showed U S unique Mondal ago. We see a vehicle along the position they live in the past. Don't else adopt olive oil present. I love her porno CIA place a year Dear God got good movies on street don't place a year that Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Easy a on street on prissy. Don't develop when you are. Don't go past huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh In ST of a moody fee. And you saw huh? Huh? Huh? He seeks as a bus document. Truce Goo goo seo ho ho ho! Oh, don't shoot to the part, Livilla Longer law Gonna drop Babuji and stay Platt A vague key via to Shelly Don't live All I know, I said, you know Patrick a Apoula public shondaland it for her podium. A demo? Our deputy hominem Oh, happy day. Happy day. Oh, dear. Oh a uh really, uh, hose. Who's go? Go. Good, Good. Oh, to Okay. Hey. Okay. I love always a human to know the portrayal. A letter aired on the cars. Pour me a because Juninho Greta area? Yeah. Does him because she taught She taught twas was implies cod in a revote off cold in our ive over half Got to pm cause Leixoes Who's on fluid? Leixoes! Who's on Fleury? Second because. Or India report. Yeah. Oh, hey, Leah. People they don't seize them If they're not Gaza Joga that you never, huh? God, you never just go to also hold dollar Lucents rebound 56. The Verb "to put": reverb met twice in group the participants A me Locos Dragisa Lopez a whole. Sure me to me. Hell l o May Nu metal through Mitty il l met Met on a chilly Supvalu Verbal met directly Vattimo Pascucci measures watch porn even more particles. Well Oh, Jeremy to shook No caffeine. Jeremy Labour off we go. 57. Direct Object Pronouns (a): so no complaint. Madoff direct out of hope. Cell phone. Did you feel his example? Trim manual vest. We got a general come out. You too much. He shirt. Yes. Could you paused initial shoe. Shalit. Who really got dream? A costume. We usually go. Hello. I have where you only defend outer hip bones. Have a clip. Oh, no. Gillette. Who? Virginia Dakhla home plus lovefest. Juillet Who of all new home plus blue T shirt. Juliette who've really got They are plus shoe July Ludo L A post half home plus a costume dokey. See? Contacts shown a cause. So hello. Is could you perhaps boned her sickest? June? Come on, try to move my hub avec logic t for Julie who? Usually they don't Aloha religion manure. A formal on the totals on the popular No sage complete more. Hopefully a lot of really committed. Who've no port alone. Havoc Adjective Magnifique. Julie Hoffman. If IQ it will. Carlo Holly. Sure. Hoffman If eq Leuthold Money thick. Come out. You told me a basket. Objective bell. Juliette Who've Bell J. Manuel? Formal Late. Who've been Gillette? Who? Bill committed who've me but have a favorable, amiable cool who have they? Don't Germany a formal Ashley's M book? She's Embu crew Camacho Homo shampoo. Have a clue. Verbal Adoree Lado Leto Camacho told Majzoub. Have a clue. There am Abia. Jill Mbia Jalin m'bia, Jill MBIA. 58. Direct Object Pronouns (b): porno complement of direct. You Canela Director? No, General Canepa. Part of what? True? No original A Pompa Norwegian. 11 pa off course Created has negative Palm Yamana shoes. Asia Street. Look who know blue available. Queenie A part of the land against General Knippa? Sure. No la Pol Pot allies. Could you put upon us against you, Jim? A caveat. No regional MPA They don't close seeding. Manya Ojala When I told us on the pap hole nose in new lending A show contacted nor Lemper No Lemper Japon Emit hole No General Pompa a la Jolla. No, Papa North Papa Relatively Nor Jr La Guardia. No llegado pa No, no. I got the part you could name if nor generally Canepa No. Socially Canepa North Liquid Knippa frequently knows an illiquid oppa. No, I could normally could par. Do you feel me now? Rotary? No. General power. No lo fi powers. Audrey North with the powers that be Jim, it'll costume. Says what? No, Generally me pastor swap No gloomy pastors. Uaf normally make passes uaf But what you did this to Mark? Generally detested, Alluded to stoop. Let it disturb our 59. Direct Object Pronouns and Past Tense: porno complaint. Madoff direct Joshua Julia Villa to a meeting costume, said Samen. We usually mean year to a plea to go. We usually is a p pull. A strict toodle off has Opacic compose e Look who knows who contracted the Volokh Silliere avoir oh negative generally possess Shitty dunk Don't show on a placid the pop art who looks of year L. A participant. See, I know example. Usually me. Yeah, generally, Pammy Year have a group known only at all Surely is wrong. Probably get watch Julie's a pre example. If you pull olive Ayla, participants say, Hey said you the memories. A list with True Julia should be Julie. Generally, Basha today generally pop, it really is a pre Julie's E general is a peppery journalists EPA. It don't gonna shoot Lee Participants See. See, I should be every day Who got a d. Cooper say you do me more easily. Cut a strict you Miller video. Suppose a rep it in Kazan before shacks tricked you. Julie, Julie, Julie Generally power, generally part Oprah yell. Julie's a Jewel is a jewel is a a General is a par General is a par Journalism Sabah today l A memo. Easy. First on my pathetic Saxes Do hip it issue Joe Arpaio. Question positive. Mom, When they get it, Marcelo have exist. Tricked u A se participants see. Okay, Joe, every team. Michelle don't happens. Positive. We, Julie, every day to a fitted of waas. Negative. No, general is a puffy. You have got a little much. No, You know the power Gadi? Um Ato Costume year. We usually me two uphill adduce, nor, generally property jacket to go. We usually zippy Josh. It'll be We usually is axity no journalist Poverty they don't allow See alot Allah one of a pop who knows is complete more. Oh, met Don't flash Villa Melville. The posh hotel villa is a p Hey, she is a puppy. 60. Direct Object Pronouns Repetitions: porno compliment Jobs A direct alone in Colorado party. New Really repetitious young. I've actually meant their book may have a depot. Nobody, for example. You could serve it, don't produce a senior field. Reports positive we chip all abuse it or proscenium. Once a senior field reports negative nor General Apapa derivative we Julie's have it trim 1,000,000 it nor journal is MPA DuPont a vest nor journal Apapa. Joe Gardner Filmon. We sure? Our guard Very quickly. Therefore must we usually see Quit to me it don't No, Generally Member Deaconess. Sophie Notion Like Knippa detested Sophie. Northern editor. Stupa cheerleaders. No vanilla leaper. Juve McDorman We live Adama. 61. The Verb "to grow up": Rivera. Gadi there, But Judaism Group don't participate. See, Gandhi La Quinta gives hope has on Joe Gandhi to to guard e ila You go. No, Lou goddesses. Oh, God. You see you l he'll goddess on a chilly supvalu over Bacardi palette and a far would a baby for parlayed a baby. You got to give it a present who don't know folks on a perfect body A big exclaim assume supes, Comella Gandhi or C J. Hardy doesn't pitted ville. 62. Oral Comprehension 5: Oh palace Johanna sank Percent came eggs axes do compound calmly proceeded on the newly only gets shown on street music Atala Geo to Ripon. Uncle Aleix June Mark, I should take kelp. Um be See, Do you should stay in cover it Very full 12 Casca CVR shitty. Um be See it got who you call a skill part of a course. Do you pay? Only could road you sell You mark the course We surely fed up with the shopping Jeep profited Isolde Barry took his own Could that have it? Bull? Ah, better mystery Ashton got job gp popular dish Amis du Parc alone How we so come out a lo g Ample drone brood and blonde instruments blue You know, harsh A depart alone. Uaf I wish upon juicy to read the basket or headache. Shown a lot of money to pay a bit more polemic basket I wear quoted it It's a passionate removal covered Put it knowledge on the part of a baboon issued via and via nasty. See a lot of it is a fair quality. The Sordell Chapo Deluna du Soleil. Are we the call presidential Balcones Reese issue? It were Gardner for both Back on shoes. See? On the early Oh, no voice. Tomahawk. Ah, yellow takes a long on your mark. Couscous Fantastic. Only hurt. Don't serve weekend bia. Hello, uncle. These cheaper Beyonce Yuriko todo you know to go for a volatile situation. Mark, help! Hi. Paul's be I'm pretty sure I'm blue am below elasticity in cover it say for you Known about movie, I guess. Chris utv Asher t I don't see a shuffle. Huit, call Eskil packed our cars will part Cuba on this one. 63. Distinguising "U" sound from "OU" sound: I don't exactly see the for this Tangail a Do I yell? When was our country, dear? Don't video press, Adult Oliver, you really press Amelia on ugly Doc. But the problem as Ebola for a party that difficult told you can exist apart on ugly don't survive beyond if a little do they have, you know, video. Press it out. Don't matter. No exact sister. Thank you, Little a lot. Over. Happy to repair, to move beyond Mark Ilott. He feels okay. Local knows Blue pool doctor. I bet Boohoo hoo! They don't contact who who posturing to do them pair to To To To the doctor called Half toe to Su soon I see so and so she all street. Oh! Oh, look 1/2 mm past ST Bruce Force. Look who's Bruce on street sou. So So, Sheila. Okay. Alone Presidium and donato Copely kill exacts Is it a happy? It's a pleasure for Listen, but I was on broom to to to to look all I have 2222 Paul Street Dio Oh, local half 00 All street Sure so soon, sir. Look, Sue, she sews So a new Hey hey ho ho! While our jets packers and a butthole a confusion said to poke settle song also Awadallah swivel 64. Present Continuous: has our continues off hace por paladin extra on cool. The hair is as show Don't kiss a pass mountain. All or most has our continues. I have a clip Has our continue like sorry mystery develop model extra polity Dizzy dressed up Because you look sit here at Oprah's on Sri to a e. Lee. It's a on a shoot are kind Do a I've 11. You, chief, was he killed his example Just re on condom Margie He lay on 100 or me. It's so on kind of cover you l a on banditry. Gee, don't contact shown to do because the level yelled Rivera Elio can't die TV shows Hello? Escort trooper report Will kiss Joey directly there because you propose. Yes. Could you see Have a clever but fair maid of uaf Just really kind of family. Devoir Ahluwalia Agent Manya form l wanna told us a contract is your Don't you see over Wallace song? Sweet VD songs secured in a part of it says that horse farm on you See the Phanatic Sri on Todd Affirmative? Well, she can't found me. Give off, I guess. Good. Your fee. Oh God. I'm feeding my just re on condo Hugger. Their film or Dune Manya Formal sri out Kandahar Got their film Gaskell fee. Crazy me, Eliana. Kinda crazy me. Catskill Fee. Leo Leo. Skillful Giulio Football. It's on kind of. Well, football. Yes. Good trophy apart. All of Haci just really kind of hard or Lafosse Sri on kind of hard currency. 65. Indirect Object Pronouns: Leaphorn No compliment of J and direct to a California mark. We usually Tiffany, the Modern co. Okay. Read Ahmad to a creative Bahama delivered. We are a key. Hello, journalism. Hard issue to liver to a California A Mark Julia telephony do mod actually. Do you eat tomorrow, Jake? He at home? A a sculpture of a market. Kelkal shows the similar don't duties has shown Do safe harbor. He'll function to serve a club. Proposes show our Stevie the Compliment kit in Paxson amok, Usually at home, it's a pork Sokolova Utilities Aleppo No, on direct La Jolla Shawn Rivera complain. No, it a direct are caused the present. There are partly it here. Gear up over you, huh? Dooney are Posey Hey, bored her Mugica was only there The communiqu assume a don't wanna obligatory mama in person Come Coppola montage A direct Hello even. Yeah, bad. Oh, hey, Glucose Savoir Kelso only very direct Said idea Kiss treaties avec lula l a post off Lee deliver a direct to do our uphold equal net save ever Whole new chilies. Rapuano Louis Poor, muscular. A pool of femina sang really to a poly a mark early to a parley. A Sophie Probably a only chilies. Low pullup Yuria to a parley. A market Sophie Jeweler Last picture of the love has Elham m correctly Homo Opas are sure Lee Powell O negative, Sure. No Louis Power Opacic Compose in azure Louis A poly or negative Jenner Lee a properly A lot of loosens revolt Leuffer on the deputies show Affect They kissed you on my poems. Full, automatic looted is as shown depot No, a lot of the move. 66. Questions and Answers: Oh, no. Compliment is a direct don't set eggs axes over. Happy till mm strict too poorly. Memories e Juve report Will kiss Joe of a Capuano a direct positive, More street negative. More Debra Opri Drink here, Sophie No premium are positive. We should be a key. They had to know hippos. Negative. No Keeper. You telephoned Atiba home. We usually telephone no general telephone. Pa Cipolla Tosha We jewelry parlor? No, Generally Paletta. You do know that is a media TD. We notional of Demotte julep on Sophie. We usually no generally rip apart a matter No Posey Drake. We should reiki. No generally palliative home. We usually Tripoli nor January properly. Your telephone earmark. We usually via telephone e notionally apart. Tiffany Dr upon us Sophie, we should get a point. No, generally a bad Ahmadiyah market. Sophie We Julia Reda Maadi No. Generally pad Ahmadi 67. Pronouns Summary: recapitulate if opponent complaint Madobe direct porno Complete Model J on Direct Teoh New It was he Tulip Porno Complement of direct move. Who? I'm a bust Half a vacuum Where you want hush to who? Their post half lemon shows Let what ho! No pilot was in Paxson single year. Lula Cough. No, Philip. Oh, no! Complaint Adoption Director material Lee, dunk it! Function to Roda. Remember? Near J by example I don't do Lee Couldn't Julie Quinney to Appel They don't look on Plumadore j say new to no up in two news up show a little years on. Probably get to our it'll Polyjuice He'll me, Paul You look Paul Losey more of Hamas No, I mean they don't contacts you because they love where you are. Look, Hella pissed off m o limo. Who did they still a pre LA Did the state validity istea even for l devoir, he'll lee full Italy for Lamen shows have a clip. Ho No compliment o j on direct. Don't Lippo No complaint. Madobe and director murder first half to their post off Pull. It was impacts on on a muscular femina. No. Huh? A pullup your yellow on a don't Connolly meme Ponyo Poorly complement of direct softball. It wasn Paxson sang. Really? April it's only fell a don't remem function more Zekri l a complaint Mo and the Rexy Joe whole. I think he Joe was a key. Lousy Otto shown liaison. Probably got off to really phone. I'm one No telephone. Truman, telephone El Pollo at 12 and to pound Hell. Too Powerful new hippel door A mark. No, right It happened. All newly appointed food. Um, all day of alcohol. Yes. Dermontti Velarde. Ahmadi! Hey, is these Motorola? Sophie, He'll really di za in Louisa. 68. The Verb "to succeed": live Elba who see they're Buddhism group participants Hursey Le country gives hope has all , uh, show header See to to her C l l you'll heresy No new Hastey Who? Voy a cc il l He'll Horses Com Rivera bego See news avant W s A W s Don't do fall upon us a show. Go sees courses. Hey, you sis on a chilly is true. Follow their boo hoo! See? Poor privilege succeed and exam er she hair C'mon exam er would a calico shows a hail is a of extra CSI Jihu Seymour ghetto Walk off that Pablo do really dizzy you next but exalt from Podemos ideas. 69. Imperative Mode: lamp of a chief Do we Vizzoni put his own news of only C 12 hard our lamp era chief Key treaties People don't and no one can say you do. We don't Rivera about deal having club ho no complaint and direct said that The above example D a mark ds Sophie Foods only separate dec Above example foods only Devoir Foods only. Course plan is all plenty. Juba Maduro Because you get Olympia Latif, Say facil Bhaskar Salemeh McCoughtry Gazeau NCO present Atlantic Atif Pullup achieve on asylum A possibility? True? No. May on a motion. Partly porno Susie Solomon de Food Punny They don't call mutually general More politics. Climbers show all offended Imperative, do you diesel DEET Kalb affair See Frizzle fit, lose Have appalled, huh? Paul put punny a man congregation Cope hasn't an indicative at onshore Ilia Une petite differ are subject Atlantic Atif Simple available. All air s Polyjuice impacts. Undress angrily bully their Margie Mars So it's little bit barley bound. So is livable. Ali que pasa Abuja pommy hope irregularly may determine soy ice. Come dollars Example of individual a song Competence Huvane, leper Atif Have a deep hole? No. By example Delivery. Delia did three detailer Phil Filo, Philly fed through fiddler Fedley 70. Imperative Mode and Pronouns: lamp ever Chief Doucet Loose on news alone continually. A particular imperative. Photo matches a memo is it is structurally off a doctor. Cheese Aleppo! No direct blue Lee Leppo No direct Louis, Look on all a look Ho no e Hello, Dubow. Overly cheesy Sipa M o the premium on lip ho! No direct over Formula Leave has an a paper Chief of a clue Porno Kiko Baseball Papa Casket Paula Middle Unit Milly Phil Eggs Axis! Have it market Sophie? Absolutely. Hogle a novel. Siri Abdullah. I met Noor. The clip, you know, and Director da Matta. Michelle do Modry. Hey bwana upon me. I don't show a leopard Aichi for new chilies. More rape armoire. It is a me A killer California Sophie telephone Angry Putin, You have a group? Oh no! All Alexa Preface Eleazar More in possibility. Ochola proposal Modu pa More drizzle Auto show avec la doozy in person on a Judah s aperitif. For there is on Phanatic Marzo, Doc, More Japan Madrazo individually visible. A matter know of a group. You know e Ali L'Ecole Lizzie. That'll show Loc Al a doozy in person s problem. Emma has run Phanatic Val ical Vaszi. Hester Lamb is wrong. Hester's e have a clear s Soc Marzio is to home more busy. They don't put a minute. Exact sees Tulip who know Mallory. Okay, do Medea. Mark Damonte Hillary How did you get to before? So parlor on I Sophie Balanoff Mitya Moto milieu It could Citron so it could love Rosie Fed would've watch Fedley a Do not a market Michelle Damadola. 71. Characterizing an Object: character is a yogi say, a Sidanko Groceries key. A treaty I see trees key hepatic kudos, trees, utilities book kudos, trees, Kermode Bear Now fair. Hello Kelly let you fair host duties as shown on her key a cook. Citrine Differ house grammatical And now he's on his example or hopes they are very do shoes Lou More placid. All keep. He sees a groceries dolly do perform your exams. Selects a year Katana chilies key on an oil, A shoulder shoes even Arab onto Lantus A down move on Look Oto Util, look toe a Partick Goto you've ever do you want to complain? More direct Do set a deal They say a Cascos Utilities complete more direct to develop dollars Museum Example. More pair Mao Fair and kowtow. Lucy J. C. Mobile. How fair! Livable A photo look on promotable direct mu Payumo fair Don't let your horse ella shoes a compliment Obsidian wrecked Said to parry completely. For example, if he dollar prepare, the car key is revealed and available Key in cu is re Vida Shuji, your mobile Hello. They say you know completists. If has a key Citta leave her. Julie could dunk her presence you, she said. I leave a cursory sit a lever eight and terrorism key Use of only there about it. Doc Key. Please have AB said an evil ki it at a vessel. Sit on leave shadow. Good news. 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