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Freezer Meals - Potato Corn Chowder

Nancy Ward, Marketing Coach, Cook and Crafter

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Potato Corn Chowder Welcome

    • 2. Potato Corn Chowder Intro

    • 3. FMW General Information

    • 4. Potato Corn Chowder Veggies

    • 5. Potato Corn Chowder Closing


About This Class

Are you looking for a quick and tasty vegetarian soup to feed your family?  I will show you a recipe from Pampered Chef's Freezer Meal Workshops, Potato Corn Chowder.  This is an easy recipe to prepare, freeze and worry about cooking at another date.  Freezer Meals are trending because we are all budgeting our time so much.  You can prepare a few meals at a time, then relax when it is time to cook them

The Potato Corn Chowder recipe will take less than 10 minutes to prep, and after you have thawed it to prepare the meal for the evening, the cooking time is about 25 minutes, and it is homemade which is so much healthier for you.  The cost is great too.  Frozen potatoes, celery, cheese, chicken stock and Pampered Chef spices, and the cost is much better than take out or pizza delivery.

I hope you enjoy this and get encouraged to get into the kitchen and cook quick and healthy meals for your family.

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Nancy Ward

Marketing Coach, Cook and Crafter

Nancy Ward's background in marketing helps her be creative in her teaching. She has 5 years of franchise marketing experience and an overall 20 years of marketing experience. Her passion for teaching others is fulfilled at by inspiring others to use their talents to their fullest.

Nancy loves scrapbooking and has over 50 albums of her kids and her personal interests. For almost 20 years, Nancy has used her marketing skills by holding Pampered Chef parties as a consu...

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