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Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork, and Fiverr!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork, and Fiverr!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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87 Lessons (5h 46m)
    • 1. Thank you for taking this course! What value do you get out of it?

    • 2. What have I done freelancing online that qualifies me to teach this course?

    • 3. How this course is structured for your maximum benefit.

    • 4. What I do online keeps changing and where you can find me stays the same.

    • 5. Show people what you can do on your YouTube channel.

    • 6. What is WordPress and how am I using it?

    • 7. What is Upwork and how am I using it?

    • 8. What is Fiverr and how am I using it?

    • 9. Making social media and freelancing profiles that match your name.

    • 10. Get to know yourself by answering some questions and finding your passion.

    • 11. Why are you working? What are you working for?

    • 12. What have you done recently in your life for fun?

    • 13. What would you do if you had enough money to do it?

    • 14. What would you be willing to do for 20 years?

    • 15. What do you hate doing?

    • 16. What experience do you already have online?

    • 17. How does what you like to do match with why you do it and what people need?

    • 18. What can you do for someone else that would really help them?

    • 19. What problems are other people having now that you could solve?

    • 20. What can you learn that is an in demand skill?

    • 21. Where can you most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?

    • 22. How are people used to paying for products or services related to your offering?

    • 23. Assume you will get no clients and customers to start and be grateful for leads.

    • 24. Attract new clients effortlessly instead of depending on promotion.

    • 25. Instead of being frustrated, appreciate your free time and use it to learn.

    • 26. Having clients and customers brings its own set of limitations.

    • 27. Use your freetime to build a YouTube channel, WordPress website, and more!

    • 28. YouTube is the easiest place to get organic search traffic which is gold.

    • 29. Timing is everything in life. Get found on YouTube at the right time.

    • 30. 0 to 1 video uploaded is the biggest step on YouTube.

    • 31. Talking head videos are the easiest to make and a great way to start.

    • 32. Screen capture tutorials are the foundation of my success on YouTube.

    • 33. Consistency is the key to making a great YouTube channel!

    • 34. I started out with WordPress and am still using it today.

    • 35. Follow the instructions of your hosting provider to get WordPress installed.

    • 36. Get a custom URL that never needs to change such as your first and last name.

    • 37. Managed WordPress hosting is the lowest cost and most effective.

    • 38. Meet the WordPress admin dashboard.

    • 39. WordPress is easy to use with a theme you like.

    • 40. How and why to make a child theme in WordPress.

    • 41. What are pages and posts in WordPress?

    • 42. How do you add plugins to WordPress and why use them?

    • 43. How do you download a backup copy of your WordPress website?

    • 44. Widgets in WordPress for addons in the sidebar, header, and footer.

    • 45. On page SEO is very easy to do with the free Yoast SEO plugin.

    • 46. Adding a user to your WordPress website and building your future.

    • 47. What is Upwork and how can you use it?

    • 48. What I am doing on Upwork today and what opportunities you might have.

    • 49. Upwork is a good place to get to know the talents you have.

    • 50. If you want to get hired on Upwork, put time and effort into your profile.

    • 51. A great Upwork profile headline has exact skills and attracts attention.

    • 52. I find and hire freelancers on Upwork based primarily on the skills listed.

    • 53. I hire people with the understanding that I cannot predict their performance.

    • 54. How to look for jobs on Upwork and sort into exactly which ones you want.

    • 55. The key is matching what you offer with what you apply for.

    • 56. Jobs with real work to be done on an ongoing basis are ideal.

    • 57. How to make an impressive job application in 10 minutes.

    • 58. Avoid posting or applying for jobs people cannot do themselves.

    • 59. Avoid working with nightmare clients or being a nightmare client.

    • 60. The pace on Upwork is slow. Avoid jobs needing to be done fast.

    • 61. Getting the first job successfully is the hardest thing to do on Upwork.

    • 62. What is Fiverr and what can you do with it?

    • 63. What am I doing today on Fiverr and what opportunities might you have?

    • 64. The 80/20 principle on Fiverr for power buyers and power sellers.

    • 65. Buy and sell on Fiverr for maximum learning and earning.

    • 66. Buying gigs on Fiverr. Find a gig to help you with Fiverr.

    • 67. Searching for the right gig on Fiverr can take time. Here are a few tips.

    • 68. If you want to buy a lot of gigs on Fiverr, put everything in the first message.

    • 69. Selling successfully on Fiverr. Learn from top sellers to get started.

    • 70. Most orders are likely to come from the same person.

    • 71. Selling on Fiverr. Creating your first or next gig is the biggest step.

    • 72. Managing and editing your Fiverr gigs for the most sales.

    • 73. Create as many gigs as you can to start.

    • 74. I think the perfect gig to sell is a feedback gig or a copy and paste gig.

    • 75. Always accept offers to cancel and make one if there is a big problem.

    • 76. Leveling up as a seller just takes time and experience.

    • 77. You never know which order will result in 20 more orders.

    • 78. Avoid fighting any battles on Fiverr because it is just not worth your time.

    • 79. What is not allowed on Fiverr? Check the general terms and high rating gigs.

    • 80. Having clients and customers is like dating. You both need to get what you need.

    • 81. Going from 0 to 1 client is the biggest difference.

    • 82. Fewer clients that love you is better than a lot of clients that like you.

    • 83. Forget scaling until you enjoy what you are doing and do it well.

    • 84. Expect to start out slow and consistently grow over time.

    • 85. Trust is built by admitting mistakes, having patience, and being fair.

    • 86. The easiest way to scale is with a deep client relationship.

    • 87. How you act in the rest of your life will be reflected in your work online.

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About This Class

You can learn to work successfully as a freelancer online using WordPress, YouTube, Upwork, and Fiverr by taking this course! Freelancing online is the best thing that has ever happened to my career because I now have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime using my WordPress website, YouTube channel, Upwork profile, and Fiverr gigs.

You can use this course to build a complete system that works for you today to get started and advance your work as a freelancer online based on what is working for me today. If you want to get an hourly job you can work online that pays more than what you are doing right now, you might find the Upwork section of the course very helpful. If you immediately want to have something to show for your work online, you might enjoy learning how you can make your first $20 fast using Fiverr gigs. If you want a business system where clients find you and all you have to do is show what you do on your website and on YouTube, the WordPress and YouTube sections will powerfully combine for you the way they do for me!

If you are hiring freelancers to grow your business online or you are serving clients now, you can use this course to build a system for quickly hiring freelancers to help you! I have hired hundreds of people on Upwork and spent $5,000+ on Fiverr buying gigs to allow me to spend more time doing the most valuable work. I have managed hundreds of clients and learned the hard way what works and what does not work to scale a freelancing business online.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Thank you for taking this course! What value do you get out of it?: thank you very much for taking this course. Freelancing online is the best thing that's ever happened to my professional career, to anything I could have hoped to do for work. I am so lucky that for three years now I have got toe work at home full time on my own company. It's been the Onley job I've ever done for more than two years in my whole life, and I've worked almost all of my adult life. I would love freelancing online. I'm amazed by all the opportunities there are today, and I'm honored to have the chance to share that with you. In this course, you can use my experience to have an easier time doing your freelancing online that I did. You can see the four most critical tools right here without any other tools. You can use thes four YouTube WordPress up work and fiver to do everything there. Scalability built in There's consistency, their search engine optimization built in. There's immediate income potential with fiber. There's a long term, ongoing hourly work available on up work, their service gigs, products for sale, everything you can do with the four basic tools. YouTube WordPress up working five or that give you in this course whether you want to use them to enhance your own freelancing online toe. Hire more people to get help with various things or to do these things yourself. They're awesome and I love them and they're huge. Part of everything I've done fiver was the first to I was able to use to start making real money hundreds of dollars. Online up work is where I've hired have spent more than 30,000 hiring and paying people on up work. It's my go to platform for hiring other people online. There's a lady, for example. She's a single mom in grad school and she gets $18 an hour, 20 hours a week toe work for me on up work. She got that threw up work. You can get similar opportunities and even better threw up work. Using what I show you in this course, my wordpress website, my YouTube channel have built up and more than likely are directly responsible in, if not directly, certainly indirectly, likely for how you got here. YouTube in WordPress combined are incredibly powerful. If you want to sell products or services online as a freelancer. That's how I got started. And I hope you love this course. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to get to know you, because the most help I can offer, I think, is through directly interacting with you and not just posting these videos for you to see his lectures. If you'll introduce yourself in the course discussions, tell me what you want out of this course. I can often give you straight what you need a straight what you ask for and make it a lot easier. If there's a certain thing you want to learn, I can often tell you where it is in the course, and when you introduce yourself, you can also see everyone else that's introduced themselves. Maybe make some new friends, see what other people are trying to do. Get some new ideas. There's so many good things that can happen when you post your introduction in the course discussion. Say hi, I'm Jerry. I'm here. I'm looking to get started or I've been working on line two years, and this is what I'm doing. Whatever it ISS, we love to hear it, and I will respond to every single question you ask in this course, I will read it and give you as meaningful of a response as I can come up with at the moment . Thank you very much for watching this. I'm honored you're here, and I'm really excited about our time together in this course. 2. What have I done freelancing online that qualifies me to teach this course?: what qualifies me to teach this course? What have I done freelancing online in less than four years? Actually, Tomorrow, October 6 2015 will be four years since I've started my business. I'm showing you this to inspire you that if I can do this, you can do even better. I started this website gaming addiction dot net, which by most opinions, is not very good. It's helpful. It's yet it's basic, doesn't look good. It doesn't make any money. This is where I started four years ago, and this is what's happened since then. This is my mint dot com account. It tracks all of my money and when I'll show use my income over time here. And this is what I've earned since I started freelancing online. Now there are a lot of expenses that go with this also, so this is not all profit, and a lot of the money I've earned has required spending a lot of other money. And what you'll notice is in recent months, though, I have consistently started making a very good profit. But the bottom line is I've earned $819,000 since I've started being a freelancer online. That's how much people have paid me in the last four years. Since I've started freelancing online and I'm not special. There are all kinds of opportunities you have to work as a freelancer online Now. I've had a lot of expenses with this, and I've had to borrow money at various points to keep my business going. It's not easy. And if you'll look down, you'll see a lots of up and down months. One month, 100,000 next month. 3000 And that's from managing ads for clients. Well, notice in these last few months consistently good income, Thank you. You to me and thank you to all of the people that clients I've worked with all over the world. The point of showing you this is that I'm qualified to teach this course based on my own relevant recent experience working online and not just doing one thing. I've tried to do almost everything. I've tried to work on up work. Fiver. I have a great you tube channel. Now I teach on you to me. I've served clients in more than 20 countries. I've done all kinds of things. Is a freelancer online and it's paid very well, and I'm very grateful for that. So that's why I am able to be here with you. And you might really enjoy learning with me because I have a wide variety of experience and I have proof off what I'm teaching you how to do that. I've done it successfully myself, and I'm doing it more successfully than ever today. So thank you very much. I'm showing you this. I hope you understand. There's really potential for you to work full time online, if that's what you want to do. Since the tracking is began, I've worked full time online. I didn't start tracking until I worked full time online. This is full time online the whole time. Three years now. It's awesome, and I'm honored to teach this course with you, and I hope this is useful for you in seeing that there's so much potential for you here in this course, and when you apply this course to your life, 3. How this course is structured for your maximum benefit.: How is this course structured for your maximum benefit? What I've learned by sharing this kind of content online is that the motivation combined with the practical information is incredibly powerful together. So this course includes both hands on technical tips and screen captures and walk throughs using all of the tools. Plus and includes. Get to know yourself lectures. Understand why you're working kinds of lectures? What do you hope to accomplish? Kinds of lectures. When you combine all this together, it's insanely powerful, and at the same time I respect that. You may be here just for the screen capture tutorials just for the learning. So here's how the courses organized based on what you might want out of it. The next section describes and gives a basic overview of each tool for example, having your own website and then using YouTube up work fiver. And it gives you a little proof of what I've done so that you know, I'm not just throwing these things out there based on an interview I had with someone else or some theory that you know, I'm really doing in teaching these things from experience, using them myself successfully and through screwing a lot of things up and figuring up what not to do. The next three sections, then our getting to know yourself, figuring out why you're working, analyzing and learning what skills you have and then building that into relationships with clients and customers. Because ultimately, if you want to freelance online, you've got to build relationships with either clients or customers or and or both. Those three sections, I think, will allow you to exponentially increase the value get out of the rest of the course. Most of them are talking head lectures like this. Most of the lectures are Think about what you're doing and to get to know and work on your thinking. Freelancing online is so wide open your thinking is absolutely critical. You can go into a job and get away with all kinds of not useful or productive thought patterns because the company you went toe work for has systems set up too often. Handle people like drones, so it doesn't matter that much what you actually do most of the time. And yet, even there, if you're thinking the right ways, you can advance and do all kinds of great things with freelancing you're thinking will make or break you. If you take the same kind of mind set, you can get away with it. Work in the freelancing. You'll not only waste time and money, you'll get a lot more frustrated than you would at a regular job. The thinking and the self knowledge is the most powerful part. I find four freelancing online. The difference between thinking and having everything in yourself knowledge set up the most productive and useful way versus just having it set up kind of average the way like I went into it. The difference between that is 10 hundreds, even 1000 times as much money or enjoyment out of your work or opportunities you get. The differences are huge. So that's why I've started off with three sections, because I'm confident that that's the most critical. The most help I am to offer you right away Now. At the same time, I don't know exactly why you're here, so the rest of the course is then technical information until the end. The end of the course goes back to the self knowledge, getting to know yourself and maintaining all of these things. So the core. Middle of the course is technical screen capture. Walk through tutorials. You WordPress, YouTube up work and fiber. I walk you through how to use all of them in the details. So that means some students I know you may or may not be here for all of the motivational lectures, I think the most important. And yet I respect your decision. If you want to just skip all head skip straight to the hands on screen capture. You're welcome to do that. And I want you to know you can do that. If you want to do that, just skip straight to the WordPress or you to fiver up work. Whatever section you want to start with, this is a fairly big course already. And I'm planning the consistently, ADM, or to it. I'm honored. You're here, and I value your feedback on every single lecture. I have a few students. They give their feedback on every single lecture. And I love that. The more feedback you give me, the better. I can make this course for every other person that takes it. You can be here and be useful that everyone else in everything you do. Thank you for being here. And I hope you love this course 4. What I do online keeps changing and where you can find me stays the same.: what I do online keeps changing and where you can find me stays the same. That's why having a website with your own custom mural is so nice. If you look at my blawg, you can see there's tons of different subjects. There's Facebook ads, you know me patri on Google YouTube, digital marketing success, online business, dating and all kinds of relationships, even the beginning of new novels. What I do keeps changing and where you can find me stays the same. This is such a nice approach because then no matter what you start doing amount, no matter what new ideas you have, you can put them all in the same place. When you have a website, no matter whether you start a YouTube channel or you, of course, is a podcast. Whatever it is, you can always link out from your website. The website is the foundation off where people can find you where the most enthusiastic people can find you and I always try and send people on my website because no matter what I'm doing, my website is relevant. And if I need to, I've made all kinds of changes on my website. When I had my website launched. I didn't have any courses, so I showed off different things on it. And in the future, if say, I have a different like I'm doing live streaming as the main thing I'm doing or something. Then I can feature that when you try and put it with a company, you try and put it with certain theme. You always will change over time and then you run the risk of becoming irrelevant when you use your own name as the you are, all people can always just search for you and then find you on your website. So when people search for me, there's one good place they can always find me. That's right on my website. So when you said everything up like that, it's so much easier, especially if you're like me and you change what you do all the time. You're not sure what you're doing. Everything you do can collectively add up to an amazing result when you just put all of it on your website, especially in the form of a blawg. If you go on my website, my blawg is just a laundry list of all the things I do, and I can just set it up to feature whatever I want to show Cates most right here at the top and then all the other post work to get traffic. This is the easiest set up. I found a work online, which is why I'm sharing this with you. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you. 5. Show people what you can do on your YouTube channel.: the trick to being a successful freelancer online is to show people what you can do. Show them there are millions of freelancers online, and almost every one of them can talk a great game about what they will do. Almost every freelancer can talk to you about all these things they can do, sell you on what they can do what very few freelancers, condo's show you proof that they really can do something for me, that's the most challenging part with hiring freelancers is that everyone can talk, and almost no one can show proof that gives you the opportunity to show proof in a YouTube is the easiest way to show proof. There's nothing that so effective at showing proof as a YouTube channel with videos of what you do. When you look on my YouTube channel for, just forget about the subscribers and all that the videos show what I do. You can see the work I do. You can see the thumbnails with a little bit of an idea. You can see that I'm doing things and you can see exactly what I'm doing. My YouTube channel is where I show what I do and that more than likely is why you're here. Either you watched my YouTube channel first, or the sales that came from my YouTube channel got you here through some other method pointing videos on a you your YouTube channel and up. Loading them consistently is the easiest way to show people what you do. It's a huge thing you can use to stand out one of the most powerful things. You can use our tutorial videos, because if you're offering to do some work for someone showing them how you do it yourself is incredibly helpful. For example, if I wanted to get Google AdWords clients, I do want to get Google AdWords course sales, but I don't want clients. If I wanted Google AdWords client, this is exactly what I'd use. This is a three hour video, almost four hour video showing me doing Google AdWords at a specific time points and has chapters. This is one of the top Google AdWords videos on YouTube. All you have to do is show what you can do in a video, and then it's so much easier to get hired because everyone can talk when you get to work on a YouTube channel. You can easily start showing what you do, and you'll get so much better at what you're trying to do when you get toe work on teaching , because you, too, will force you to teach. If you look at my home here, what you'll see down here. I have these viral videos and all of my best videos. Air teaching videos. Here's a hacking one. AdWords, Lennix and Facebook. These air teaching videos and they more I teach, the better I have to get it. What I'm doing when you make videos showing what you're doing, then you will learn it better and have proof that you can do it. It's absolutely beautiful. There's no system I'm aware of. That's more effective at both, getting people to find you and showing what you can do to people who already have found you . I love YouTube. YouTube is the foundation of everything good that's happened to me online, and that's why I take you through. I show you exactly what you can do to get your YouTube channel showing what you're doing and use your YouTube channel to build whatever it is you're trying to do. 6. What is WordPress and how am I using it?: what is a WordPress and how my using it today WordPress is a free and open source content management system. What does that mean? That means WordPress is where you can create and get to work on your website. And that's exactly what I'm doing with WordPress. Today. I build and make my website in WordPress. Jerry banfield dot com is created and managed in WordPress, and if you see here, you can quickly see the dashboard WordPress. Here's all the settings in the back end. You make blawg posts on it. You can do pages on it that are fixed instead of being a part of the blawg. And then you have all your settings you do, and this is what I produce what is available to you online through WordPress From what I'm doing, WordPress is used by more than 20% of the top 10 million websites, and it's the most popular blogging system in use on the Web. WordPress is the standard way that you make a website and add content to it. It's so ridiculously easy to use their so many different Web hosting platforms that can give you cheap hosting for it, and it's a simple way to make a professional website, and you don't have to know anything about coding. I know almost nothing about coding, and here you go. I have a website that looks professional, that people consistently give compliments on and say, Oh, that's a nice website and you can get everything right through my website and you can see I put a lot of energy. This is my blawg, these air, all blogged posts and most of these air all fairly new. Now I have a system for doing this, and that's the beauty. WordPress is easy to get help with. Also, when you start having things go well, WordPress is scalable, so you can set up WordPress right on your own without having any prior experience, especially if you follow the steps. I show you in this course to get it set up right. Without all the aggravation, it's a WordPress. Very helpful is a freelancer online building a professional websites, one of the most helpful things you can have to put yourself as an upscale freelancer. So WordPress I'll give you a lot more in the WordPress section, I'll walk you step by step through every single thing that I've learned. That's valuable that you can use to get using WordPress with minimal frustration. 7. What is Upwork and how am I using it?: what is up work and how my using it up work, formally known as O Desk and or the Lands, is a global online work platform where businesses and independent professionals connecting collaborate remotely. What does that mean? It means nine million registered freelancers and four million registered clients get together and post jobs. Up work is the largest global freelancer marketplace. And here's what I'm doing on up work today. I have a job posted English subtitles for video courses for my unit me courses And you can see I've hired a lot of people on upward. Up Work is the number one place I've used to find new people toe higher, and I've spent over $30,000. I've hired a 233 people on up work through, oh, desk back when it was oh, desk. And I'm still doing that. Today. I'm using up work to find new freelancers. I have jobs open, and I've consistently had a great experience on up work. Ah, platinum to your client means you're one of the top clients on up work, and I pay a lot of people to help me with my business on up work so if I'm paying a lot of people to help me with my business on up work, you can expect that is possible for you to get paid on up work. I also have a freelancing profile on up work, and I've never actually got a job on it. However, what it did do is help me get to know myself better from doing my freelancing, profiling up work, I realized I needed to learn more about how to present myself effectively online. When you get in with all the other freelancers on up work, you realize you need to stand out somehow and you need to build a resource is like a website, like a YouTube channel that show what you can do. It's not good enough to simply try and make a profound hope for good. Results are applied to jobs. You need to really show what you can do in order to stand out, and so I at least have upward profile that tries to lead by example. If you'll notice here. I've taken tests on up work, and this helped me. It helped me get to know what skills I had, even though I never actually got hired on up work and never spent much time trying to get hired. I spent a lot of time going through and taking these tests to get these top 10% scores on things or 20%. In a case of Google AdWords. It was higher and apparently more people of taking the test since then. And so I got to know myself better through creating my up work profile. So I do a lot in terms of hiring people on up work, and I've taken the time to go making up work profile. I showed you my blawg before, and this is how I've got all those blawg posts up. I have a freelancer. She does a great job with it. She earns right now $18 an hour, and she is likely to get even more in the future when she continues to grow and build our profile off to raise my rate to keep up. She's earned over $2000 simply by transcribing the posts and posting them on my WORDPRESS website. She transcribes the videos into a post and post them, and she's earned $2000 she has a part time job She could work up to 20 hours per week wherever she wants to, and she does something that's very useful for me. So that's the power of up work. You could very easily and I say easily compared to a lot of other ways. You could find a job and earn $20 an hour and be able to do it from the comfort of your home. You can very easily get yourself set up so that you could earn $20 an hour or so on up work by doing some work about 20 hours per week. If you want to go that route, I'll give you the exact tools you can use to get a profile set up and to get into being hired on up work. 8. What is Fiverr and how am I using it?: what is five er and how am I using it? Fiver is similar toe up work, and then it's a global online freelancing marketplace. The differences fiver has a simple system starting at $5 per job, performed where you use a specific task that you offer to do, and then people come by that specific task from you. So fibers like a simplified version of up work up work can be very complicated in terms of getting your job and applying and finding. Ah, client. All that fivers kind of a simple version. And I've used fiver to grow my business greatly by buying gigs from people offered things that I needed. I've spent over $5000 as a client on Fiverr, which is roughly equivalent to around 1000 gigs ordered. I've paid a lot of people all over the world to do little jobs for me and fiver is great for things. We need a Facebook cover or, if you need some simple job done. Ah, simple video produced. There's all kinds of people on Fiverr that will do great work for you, and it's really easy to make money on Fiverr. I have not done much to make money on fiber. And yet I've made over $300 on Fiverr with very little work. I only have five active gigs now, and I don't do much with them. I don't make any attempt to promote them. And most of the sales I've made, or earlier when I was on five or more fibres, the very easiest place to make a little bit of money. That said, you're likely to need to do a lot of work in order to make mawr money on five, or just like anywhere else. The nice thing is that fibers a great tool that's easy to get started with. And again, you can get to know yourself better on fiber, you can start figuring out what kind of gig could I make to earn $5? What would I be willing to do for $5? That's the simplicity of fiber, and that's why it works. People will spend money without being afraid of it on fiber. I have ordered a whole bunch of five or gigs that didn't work out, and it doesn't matter because it's $5. So between all of these combined, you can find at least one strategy. One place where you can make a little bit of money to validate that you can earn money online, and then it might take another website for you to grow. For example, you might be able to make your 1st $5 or next $5 on fiber, but then you might end up growing more using another approach. So thank you very much for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you. 9. Making social media and freelancing profiles that match your name.: as you can imagine, the more work you go creating new profiles online, you want to be ableto have people find you if they hear about you or talking about you, If someone sees you on up work, you want them to be able to find you. If you have a fiver profile or Facebook profile or YouTube channel are linked in or Twitter , you want people to be able to find you. And the easiest way to do that is to get it set up all under your name. Like you can see what I've done. My YouTube channel is set up is Jerry Banfield. My Facebook? Is Jerry being filled? My personal profile and then my company Facebook page is Jerry Banfield. My LinkedIn profile is Jerry Banfield. My Twitter profile is Jerry Banfield and I. Even when I build new things now I set them up with Jerry Banfield instead of like this was for video games before. But now I've set it up for Jerry. Being Phil, I want everything consistent so that if someone finds me in one place, they can go find me wherever they want to keep up with me. So some people now find me on YouTube and then they'll end up following me on my personal or my business. Facebook profile are adding the unlinked and, as you can see, with all the connections air following me on Twitter. So when you consistently set everything up under the same name, then you get the most out of every person who finds you. People tend to want to get to know individual people. I started off doing it with a company, and it was a lot harder with the company. So now everything's branded under my name. Everything I do, all my profiles are under Jerry Banfield. You'll still see some old ones if you search for May. This is how I'm doing it now. This is what seems to work the best, and I hope this is useful for you to get to know also. 10. Get to know yourself by answering some questions and finding your passion.: knowing yourself is the biggest thing you can do to get a good start or if you've already got started to continue better from where you're at, the more you know yourself, the less you have toe work blindly in the dark and the less frustrating ins and less walls you have to hit. One of the main problems I had getting started and growing for several years was that I had very little genuine self knowledge. I thought I knew, and that was very dangerous because it turned out I knew very little about myself. And the more you know about yourself, the more you can match what you're doing, why you like to do it with what people need. And the key is what you're doing for other people. How are you out there helping someone else when you start thinking, How can I help someone else? And you will be amazed at how fast good things come back. In order to do that, you've got to know what you have to offer. You've gotta know who you are. You've got to know what you've done there so much to know about yourself in order to match up what you're doing with what people need to do. So the easiest thing to do and it takes the most time and energy is to get to know yourself . Once you know yourself, you can fairly easily start getting out there to who you need to be out there with. So this section and the one after it cover getting to know yourself just with some simple questions. Will they seem simple? You'll see the answers air end up being deep when you go do them, and I encourage you to share any of these questions you're thinking about are having a hard time with. I'll do my best to provide a thoughtful answer. So each video in the next two sections is just one question posed to you. Toe. Ask yourself right now, and to look at and think about. The purpose of all these questions is to get you in a good mind state to make a strong foundation of your business. The most critical thing you can do is think right, have a good way of thinking to start with. You can change that right now. You don't have to have anything or do anything else. You can work on, analyze and look at your thinking right now, and nothing is more important then how you're thinking about what you're doing online. If you're thinking about things in the right way, with service to other people, everything will almost effortlessly come together. If you're thinking in a way, that self centered and you're trying to go grab money like I waas for the first several years of my business, if you're trying to go take things from people without regard to what they need, you will continually be frustrated. And I waas. So I'm giving you the gift of right thinking that I've been given that's allowed me to be here with you and through the next two sections. I'll try and encourage you or guide you some things to think about that can help you see where you're at with your thinking and see some possibilities you might never have imagined for yourself. 11. Why are you working? What are you working for?: The first question is by far the biggest one. Why are you working? What are you working for? Who are you ultimately working for? This was very popular when I posted it on the warrior form. This first part about figuring out exactly the deepest reason why you are working. I'm here working with you out of the love and joy of being alive. That's why I'm here because I'm grateful to be alive. I love being alive. I love life. That's why I'm here, because I'm in Ah place now this moment. That's beautiful. That's amazing. That's eternal. And I love life. And for me, a higher power is helpful. From my understanding, I choose to call my higher power God out of convenience and out of being raised with using that term. I like it. You don't have to use God if you don't want to. It doesn't matter what you use. It's just a word. The word God is just a word, the same as any other word. It's just a word. I find it useful to embrace that connection to a higher power and why I'm working, especially in the sense that it helps me feel connected to all of humanity helps me feel the same menace that I have with all of humanity. So the reason I'm working is out of the love I have now. Depending on where you're at, you might find your answering. Why are you working? Might find things like I want a new car, a new house, a better job. I'm tired of my boss. I want to provide for my family. I want my kids to have an inheritance. I'm sick of working where I do and I want to try something new. Those reasons are all fine. I started out because I didn't want to be a professor anymore. I started out on a resentment because I lost a $300 bet. It might have been a little higher. I settled on 300 playing call of duty and I thought it was stupid out little money I had. And I thought, you know what? If I made a business online, I could probably make some real money. And then when I had real money, I wouldn't have to get all upset over losing a few 100. That was a big part of why I started and everything I did corresponded to my why I was working. The why you were using with your work is the number one determining factor I can see of what outcome you'll get out of it. If you're working for a new car, you'll be lucky to get a new car. And that will likely be, um, big part of what you get. In other words, you're not likely to get a whole lot more than what you're working for. If you're working for all of humanity, you're working out of the joy of living. If you're working to be a good person right now would be of service. You likely can unlock your full potential for what you can really do. This is so far beyond whatever I imagined I could do before it's way beyond. I'm in outer space right now compared to where I started, and yet it's not that I'm doing a lot different things. It's the why I'm working because I have loved being alive. I'm grateful to be alive. I'm here to serve you. I'm here to be useful to you. That's why I'm doing this. I'm doing it because it feels like the right thing to do. The deeper you, Congar. Oh, because your motivation to get a new house or make some new money or to have a new Xbox or Teoh impress a future girlfriend or wife or husband. Those motivations can get you looking deeper and deeper and deeper in them. Well, why do I want a new girlfriend? Why do I want to make money online so I can get a hot girl in a hot car on a hot wife? Why? I want to feel good about myself. Why do I want to feel good about myself? I want to feel like I belong to the human race. Why do you want to feel like you belong to human race? I want to be connected with everyone else and then you right back to the higher power. Well, you already are connected. Everyone else thinking about why why you're here trying to do what you're doing today. It'll unlock your full potential, and by full potential, I mean, your full potential will be useful for other people. Your full potential to do things that other people need you to do. I feel kind of like a drone. Lots of times today High. What do you need me to? Dio and I have the best life I've ever remembered. I get up, I pray I asked to be of service. I pray to take care of myself and be useful. And here I am. It's amazing. So when you think about the why, you can unlock your full potential and I want you to unlock your full potential because I need you toe, unlock your full potential so you can be useful for me so you can do things that are good for all of humanity. If we all do our best with that which ultimately were doing, then we can have the best life together. So thank you for sharing and thinking about why you're working with me today and sharing some of my thoughts on why I'm working. 12. What have you done recently in your life for fun?: What have you done recently in your life for fun? If you can match up what you do for fun with what you do for work, then you can have the best experience. You'll enjoy learning the most, and you can have a life today like I do where my work is fun. I love doing these videos. It doesn't feel like a chore or a job or like I have to force myself to. I am just bursting with energy to do these videos. That the same energy. I had to play video games when I lived at my parents house, and it might not always be obvious if you ask yourself, What is it you've done for fun recently, or you like doing for fun? You often can somehow relate that toe what you like to do for work for me. I've played video games most of my life for fun, and my dad used to say that if I could just find a way to get paid for him, then I'd be in good shape. Well, that's essentially what I've done. I've taken some of the things I liked about playing video games. I found how to do them my work. I like the chance toe work and to be online. I like being online. I like interacting in all these worlds online. I like learning all kinds of systems online. That's fun. I like being able to talk and be myself and participate and feel connected online, which is good and video games. And I like all the learning that comes with video games, all the different strategies and play styles. And now even I'm getting it set up so that I can integrate playing video games into my work directly with the live stream. And I've already done it on my YouTube channel. The things I've learned from making videos from playing call of duty and other video games . The things I've learned on my YouTube channel have helped me to do better with my videos on Internet marketing topics and even my daily inspirational videos. So if you look at what you're doing for fun already, you might be able to find how you can integrate parts of it into what you're doing for work and combine that into something where your work in fun at some point blend together so much . It's hard to distinguish them. So thank you for thinking. About what? This with me. And I hope this is a useful question for you. 13. What would you do if you had enough money to do it?: What would you do if money was not a consideration at all? What is it you would do if you didn't need to think at all about the money you'd make out of it for freelancing online and for doing your work? I find this questions really important from me because when I take the money out of it on Lee, the thing itself is left to do. I did a lot of things early on in my business that were purely money motivated. I did not have a big desire to do Facebook ads for other people. I just wanted the money. Now, for the first time of my life, I am truly doing things that are not money motivated. When you find the joy and what you like to do, you will find ways to get the money to do it. If you try and do things for money, you'll often find you're doing things you don't like in order to get money. So imagine this however you need to imagine. Either you already have all the money you need to. And you can also do this as a scenario in the future. Say I already have all the money I need and I already made it. What am I doing? What am I doing in that scenario? Today? I am grateful that I am doing exactly what I want to, as if money is not an issue. I love making these videos, and I'm even integrating ways to play video games in that I enjoy. And when you do what you do because you enjoy it, it's actually ways easier to make money. Now, it might take a little bit of time to get set up. It might take ah, lot of money borrowed to get in a position to make money, if you like doing it. You'll do those things, though. So imagine you just won the lottery. What would you actually do with it? And this question might need to move beyond fantasy and look at a day because you might start off off. I just won the lottery. I'd go to Vegas or I go to Hawaii. All right. By a man charmed by a building. And once you get past that, get past those fantasies. Okay? You're in your mansion in Malibu now. What are you doing? Well, I'd sit around all day and smoke pot or something. Well, if if that's the foundation of what you do, you can find it through this question and you can look deeper. Okay, Well, how long would you do that for a while. Okay. I might get tired of that after a year to I might start playing some video games. Or I might start just talking to people. The farther you can dive into what you would actually do if money wasn't an issue, then you can start sinking that with what you're actually doing. If I had a $1,000,000,000 in the bank, I would be doing this. This is what I do. I would keep making these courses. I would keep doing all the things I'm doing. If I had a $1,000,000,000 and if I had no money, all I would hope I could keep doing the things I'm doing now also. So if you delete money from what you're trying to do, then you can start isolating. Okay? What is it I really want to do without the money? Motivation? Money is a huge, powerful motivator that often poisons what you can see that you like to do. I've done a lot of things in my life. I thought I wanted to do them, and I was just trying to get some money to do them. Jobs, careers, education. It's taking me a lot of self knowledge to put myself in a position where I'm doing what I do as if I had a $1,000,000,000. This is what I would do, makes him videos, spend time with my wife and family place in video games. Have some friends. It's what I do, and it doesn't matter where you do it. If you isolate, what would you do? Then you can better match what you do if money didn't matter with what you're doing when money does matter. 14. What would you be willing to do for 20 years?: What would you be willing to do for the next 20 years? This can help you to isolate schemes and hustling from your true purpose I would be willing to do. I would be grateful to do what I'm doing now. For the next 20 years, I would be honored to do the same thing I'm doing today in, you know, slightly different forms. My daughter is likely to be older. I'm likely to be older. You're likely to be older. I'm willing to make these videos for these courses and run my life as it is today for the next 20 years. And this is the first time in my life that I've ever been in that position is taking a lot of mistakes. It's taking me doing a lot of things I did not want to do for 20 years. I was in law enforcement, did not want to do that. For 20 years. I went to graduate school looking at academia, did not want to do that for 20 years, and that's when I exited. When I looked at, Do I want to do this forever? I would exit and thankfully I kept doing that. I had a 9 to 5 internship after college, and I knew then I can't stand having an office job 9 to 5, and I've never had one since then. My wife, some house, had one for four years. It's hard. I wouldn't want to do that for 20 years. I'm very happy doing what I'm doing now. So if you ask yourself and this could help you make space in your life, if you already have a job that you're working and you're trying to add this on or maybe transition, you might need to get rid of your existing commitments first. To make room for this, if you have a full time job or a part time job that takes a lot of energy, they're not willing to do for 20 years. You might need the space in your life to really do this 100% or I know a guy that he's trying to learn these things while he has a job because you can sit there all day. He's a car salesman, and you can just sit there on the computer all day until customer walks in. If you find the space in your life and you honestly ask, You know, do I want to sell cars for 20 more years? Or do I want to try and be hustling online and slinging out all these random social media messages for 20 years? No, I don't. And I did that. So I want to be serving clients for 20 years. No, I don't. And that's why I don't serve clients in my business anymore. If you don't want to do it for 20 years, why would you want to do it at all? If the only answer is money, you confined something. I guarantee you confined something you will do for 20 years that you'd like to do for 20 years that you love to do for 20 years, you will find a way to make money at it. If you make space to do it, it might not be easy. I bought 50,000 plus dollars so that I could do what I wanted to do what I like to do what I was willing to do for 20 years. I brought the money for it so that I'd have time and space to just do it to just do it. And then now it pays for itself. Now I'm paying back the loans at faster than I ever imagined. If you can look at and eliminate things you wouldn't be willing to do for 20 years, you can open up a lot of space in your life. And you can fill that space with things you would like to do indefinitely when you're doing things you'd like to do indefinitely. It's absolutely amazing how easy it is to have great joy in the work you're doing. I'm thankful for that. I'm practicing that right here with you. I would be honored to do this indefinitely and for in 10 years for you to still be taking courses with me and for us to be growing together. So thank you for watching this. And I hope I have given you inspiration to start looking around, figuring out what pieces of your life you could delete that you don't want to do forever and which ones you would like to do more of and give you courage to start doing more of the things you like to do. And you're good at 15. What do you hate doing?: What is it you hate doing when you keep asking yourself and looking, what are things you can't stand doing? If you find things you don't like to do, then you probably don't want to do them anymore. If you have a hard time finding things you like to do, it can be helpful to at least find things you hate to do so that you know what not to do. I know for me finding what I hate doing when I mostly live in a positive lifestyle and mindset. What I hate doing is kind of hard to find. I know I hate going back and forth via email. I hate dealing with trying to schedule things, and I hate feeling pressured are feeling like I have to do something new to be validated. I also honestly tend to hate doing things that are brand new. I like to do things that are more comfortable than I've already done before. I also hate trying to make new relationships with clients. It's very stressful. It takes time to get to know each other and building a client has all these expectations. So I set things up now so that I don't get new clients. I make products are conserve customers. I guess the differences with a customer, you've bought something and with a client, there's ongoing service expected. I love customers. I'm not big on having clients, and I've learned that the hard way. And this, the more you asked this question of yourself. What is it you hate? Then you can dig deep into knowing what you shouldn't do and combine that with whatever you do know you like to do so that you can get things in a laser focused area, at least where you can get started today and figure out what you might like to do. 16. What experience do you already have online?: what experience do you already have, and especially what experienced you already have online and I mean in all areas, not just things like work. For example, when I started out almost four years ago in 2011 you might have looked at me and said, You don't have any experience working online. You don't know anything about business. You don't know anything about creating products. You don't know anything about anything that matters for what you're trying to do because you have no previous experience. I got that a lot. My brother said that and I had lots of the same kinds of comments come in, and yet I had a ton of really valuable experience. It took me a while to realize I had. It's not a coincidence. I have one of the top Facebook courses online in the world because I also had one of the first Facebook profiles in the world back in 2000 and five in college, and I've used Facebook consistently for 10 years. Now that experience manners, I viscerally understand ads from the point of view of the person who's looking at them that allows me to make ads that are very effective. It allows me to push the limits. It allows me to do all kinds of things on Facebook that I've done. When I started matching what I was doing in my business, with my experience in Facebook by accident, it first I was just doing what I already knew how to do, sending messages, making connections, adding friends and using the features on Facebook. When I realized and started seeing Oh, man, I really know a lot about Facebook. Then I was able to apply that experience in a way that drew clients at first, so made some money and now then create products out of it. I was able to use all that experience on Facebook to do things on Facebook that people needed help with. If you know all of your areas of experience, they all count. It doesn't have to be just what you do for work. I'm amazed how many people I see they think work mode and they think completely separate personal life mode. I played tens of thousands of hours of video games online since 2000 and even before that I was look Googling and dog piling back in the day and learning how to use these tools online . I've been using the Internet a lot since the late nineties. That experience is extremely relevant, and yet I never thought of it that way. I didn't see the connection between playing lots of online video games and how that could be useful for my skills online. So the better you get to know all of the things you do, not just your work things, but all the things you do. You can see areas of potential. For example, my experience with video games has given me a lot of visceral experience and knowledge with online systems and programs. So when I go to do some new online system WordPress, YouTube or some freelancing system, there are a lot of things I unconsciously understand things like how the back end works and I don't even consciously process it. And yet the speed at which I can learn new things like YouTube is much faster because I'm used to working with online systems, and YouTube is just another online system. I can almost imagine how things were programmed on the back end and understand then what to test from there because I've spent so many hours using so money online programs and systems designed by computer engineers in video games that there's a lot I can do unconsciously, that allows me to learn rapidly in areas that are related to what you might call work. So things like you to me to understand, kind of whereto learn and how to expand and what to test and to kind of have this visceral understanding of how things might be programmed that's not even conscious. And that just comes with experience. That's why some people you might look at and say all they're so they're so good with their hands where they can fix anything. My dad was like that, and it's because my dad had spent thousands of hours working with his hands, fixing things in all different scenarios. You could throw him in with a random new scenario, and he'd figure it out pretty fast because he had so much experience doing something else. If you can count all of the experience you have across everything you've done in your life , you'll find you have a lot more skills than you ever imagined. You'll find that everything you've done all the learning in all areas of your life is relevant to whatever you want to do now and whatever you might be able to do in the future . So take a more broad inventory of yourself. Really? Look and ask what all do I have experience with, especially working online in both personal life and work life. 17. How does what you like to do match with why you do it and what people need?: the grand finale for this section. How does what you like to do match with why you do it and what other people need that ultimately is. The purpose of this self knowledge is to get to know yourself so well that you can start thinking about what other people need and start figuring out where you plug into that. There's the analogy of round peg, square hole or all those things. Think about it like you've got a very specific set up. You're not round or square your infinitely more complicated in that. And the question is, where can you go find the exact right place to be a part of? There's all kinds of places in the world where your exact skills, your exact knowledge, your exact motivation, enthusiasm can be extremely useful. Most people around the world have more talent than they would ever imagine. The question for you and for me every day is how to match up how you can be of service to other people with why you're working and what exactly it is that you like to do and will be willing to keep doing. All of this self knowledge is guiding you into the next section, where you figure out how you can most effectively take what you know about yourself and position it in a place where you can be of service to one other person at first and then potentially more people. If you don't know yourself, you can see how impossible this is. I blundered through the first years of my business, not knowing myself well enough to figure out where I should be positioned. In a world where there's infinite positions, the best tool you can have is to know a little bit about where you should try and position yourself. The more self knowledge you have, the more effectively you can position yourself correctly. 18. What can you do for someone else that would really help them?: Welcome to this section. The section is all about thinking what you could do for someone else that would really help them. It's a drastic change of mind from what can I do to bank money? What can I do to get something for me when you think like that, you're always trying to take from other people with the more self knowledge you have from the last section. Then you can put yourself in a good position, knowing about yourself, what you like to do, why you like to do it, to figure out who is it? I could be really useful for. Who could I help? In other words, and at least this is my vision and goal. Who could you be on the other end of this with helping? I'm trying my best to be here and really help you and be of service to you. Specifically, you are who I hope I can really help really be useful for. I hope I can give you the tools, give you the knowledge that I didn't have starting out so that you can do better, because this world is evolving fast and online is getting competitive and advancing so fast that you don't have time to mess around like I did. The competition's going up so fast. You can use exactly what I've already learned and come right along with me without having the blunder around for four years learning all these things the hard way. You can see that I am doing exactly what I'm asking you to think about. Now I'm here. I'm thinking I can be really useful enough service to you. I can help you with something. So what can you do to be in my position? Essentially, I'm here to serve you. I'm here to help you like a waiter in a restaurant. I'm here to bring you what you need. It's about you because this doesn't accomplish anything. If it's about being you don't need me to talk about me. For the good of me talking about me, you need me to do something for you. So when you move your thinking, if it's not already there into a place where you're thinking want do other people need and specifically what does one person really need me to do for them? 19. What problems are other people having now that you could solve?: what problems are people having right now that you could solve specifically you? What problems are out there that you can help with? I noticed that most of the time I was open toe working with someone new. Most of the time I was open a visiting a new website, watching a new YouTube video. It was always a problem, and it still is. I've been trying to set up live streaming recently, and I, Google and Google and Google and Google and Google and Google and I watch YouTube videos. I read People's Blog's I shop. I look at products, look at reviews when I'm trying to do something new. I goto work on the Internet, and that is where other people have the opportunity to get in front of me. That's where other people have the opportunity to make money from me. Today I just bought a new monitor, and a guy reviewed it really well on his block. I saw it first time Best Buy, and I thought, I've never heard of that monitor before. Why would I want that? So I Gould probably to fit their six time I came to this guy's Blawg. He did a very deep detail review of that monitor. 2 to 3 plus 1000 words, everything you could want to know about that monitor. And I clicked on his by now on Amazon and bought it on Amazon. I'm not sure how much he made, I would guess 10 or $20 right there, just sitting off his blawg effortlessly. All they had to do is make the post, and it's there indefinitely. What can you do to be useful in situations where people are struggling with problems? One of the biggest traffic sources I have on my website is, ah, post to help people with disabled Facebook ads accounts when people get their Facebook at account, disabled often what they'll do is Google and Google and Google and Google and look for help and look for resource is and then you know what happens. People find my post, they read it and then they start looking and learning more about me, like, how does this guy know about this? And then sometimes they end up buying my course. You more than likely found me in a similar method. Originally, most of the people that are enrolled in my you know, me courses have found me by searching for help for something on YouTube. I've done Aton of videos on YouTube about Facebook ads. Here's how to do this and Facebook ads, because that's when people are looking for something new. If you're not having a problem, if you're not in pain most of the time, you aren't going to go try something new. Most of the time you're going to stick with what you know. For example, reading for me, I mostly read books that are recommended by my friends. I'm not open to being solicited to read someone's book I haven't heard of before because I'm not in pain about it. I'm take it or leave it When I'm in pain. I'm open to buying a new product right away to fix it. When something's going wrong, I'm open right away. I've bought product after product after product to get my live streaming set up. I've read review. I've went all over, so when you start looking around, you can just start with your problems. What problems am I having? What problems have I recently solved for myself? One of the first big problems I saw for myself was how to get more Facebook like sheep. And you know what? That was the first thing I made a lot of money on. I realized, Oh, I've just solved a problem for myself that everyone else is having. I better go help them. And the problem was so prevalent I was able to convert a 600 plus dollar order straight through a Facebook message with a PayPal link. No website. When you look at the problems you're having, an especially the problems you've solved. Other people are having those problems, too. The more you can get to know again, it's all about self knowledge. More you can get to know your problems in the promise you've solved. You can understand exactly what problems other people are having, and you can communicate a solution to them for those problems. When you communicate the solution to them for those problems, then they will come to you effortlessly. So what problems are you having today and what problems have you solved that you can help someone else solve for themselves? 20. What can you learn that is an in demand skill?: what in demand skill can you learn and even get paid to learn often. If you are talking to people, you're interacting and you're just participating in life and you're trying, you're making an effort. You will get these little tips. These little conversations life gives you that will help you answer this question. You might not be able to answer it sitting right here or standing or on the gym, the treadmill. You might be able to answer it just by listening. I'm grateful. I did not listen very well for most of my life. And yet I heard a local business owner just gave me exactly what I needed to know. I was talking to him about his business and he was talking about other people and he was telling me how some guy had paid, like, thousands of dollars for some S e O work. That was pretty much a skim. And then he ended up talking about how frustrated he was with his own Facebook likes and with other business owners that had the same issue. And when I heard Waas, if you'll learn Facebook and how to build up page, there's a huge need for help with that, and there is extremely low supply. So what did I do? I went toe work. First, I learned I used fiver. I found I could buy Facebook, likes fake ones on Fiverr for cheap and put them on my page successfully before Facebook started cracking down on that before five or started cracking down on it. So for a few months, I built a massive page because I tested it out myself. I learned how to do it for myself, and then I offered to do it for other people. And that's how I started my business. Using Fiverr to buy, Facebook likes for pages. After just hearing a business owner talk about it, I was able the mark, the prices up from five or 10 to 20 times. I'd buy it for $5 I'd sell it for 50 to $100. And then I realized what people really needed wasn't fake. Facebook likes because that's not what I needed. When I needed was really Facebook likes, ideally, that you could pay for, and then where to get that straight from Facebook ads. And when I realized through trying to do it myself, that tons of people needed help with Facebook advertising. Then I realized, Wow, this is an in demand skill. If I know how to do this, a lot of people will be willing to pay me, and hundreds of people paid me to help them with it. If you can locate that in demand skill that tons of people need help with that you can help with, you'll be amazed at how easy it ISS compared to trying to struggle out there in a real one . Trying to be an insurance salesman are trying to help with the same kinds of things everyone else helps with. When you isolate that in demand skill, there's almost no competition. It's wide open. When I started learning Facebook ads, I was able to pick up clients so much faster than that I had ever done before. It was absolutely unbelievable. So many people I approached Yes, thank you. I didn't even know I could look for someone to help for this. Thank you. So listening will help you with this a lot. Listen to what people around you're saying they need help with, and at some point when you have enough self knowledge, you'll see a little idea bubble almost pop up on your allies. You know what? I could learn that I could learn that and the lower the learning threshold is to get started, you can start picking up clients who will essentially pay you to learn. That's what I do with Facebook ads. I didn't get good doing it for myself. I got good learning by trying to do it for a bunch of clients, and then I got great at doing it for myself. So clients, all of the world essentially paid me to learn an in demand skill. And I know there's a course up right now, essentially showing how you can get paid to learn Web development. You get paid by people, build websites and every website you build. You learn how to build a better website, so the more in demand skill you can get, you can actually get paid to learn it from the very beginning. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this question is useful for you. 21. Where can you most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?: the next question to ask if you've got an in demand skill toe, learn where you've got an idea is where Q contact or get in a relationship with people that need help with that. Usually it will be within the same medium. So from me on Facebook, I found that all I had to do was watch and looked through all the ads I could see, find the ads that were really crappy and low quality, and then click and message the page right when the page message feature came out and say, Hey, I saw your Facebook ad and then be nice about it. You know? How would you feel if I could lower some of your costs on Facebook ads based on my own success doing it for myself? Sales pitch worked incredible. Incredible cold conversion rate straight through a message people would often by an advertising campaign without ever talking to me for us. Muchas three or $400. Just off of that one little message. When you get to know where people need help and what they need help with, then you can usually find a contact method related to that, that you can try. If you're trying to help people out with something you already know a little bit about, you can usually just network. You confined Facebook groups. You confined local networking groups. You confined mastermind groups. You confined Twitter profiles. You can find all kinds of places where people are already talking, and then you can reach the exact right person. I've done a lot of spamming strategies, and you don't want to do those there a lot of effort and you aggravate a lot of people the more you can laser in on the exact right person to get a whole lot. Then you can do everyone a favor and not send out a bunch of extra messages and, most importantly, do yourself a favor and not get a lot of negative feedback if you find exactly the right person and this can take a lot of work. But the more you learn in demand skill and you're simply interacting, and this all matches up with yourself knowledge. When you enjoy what you're doing, you'll naturally participate in things related to what you're doing. I went to an Internet marketing mastermind group locally. It was I learned a lot. There and I was guided into doing you to me more because I could see how much the founder of the group respected having a you Timmy course up. I didn't think it was a big deal at the time. And there you go. I got some really valuable learning out of it. So even if you don't get any clients or customers, you can really increase your learning by finding ways to interact with in contact people and build relationships with people that are doing the same kinds of things you're doing. And especially, you want to build relationships with allies who you might call competitors. You want to get to know the other people who are doing what you're doing. You want to learn from them so that together you could be the very best on you. To me, I've learned a lot from the other top instructors, and some of what I've learned has allowed me to be here with you today. I was inspired by other top instructors instead of looking at them as a competitor. I look at them as an example and when you do that, you'll be amazed before you're halfway through with what you get and what you're able to give 22. How are people used to paying for products or services related to your offering?: how are people used to paying for products or services related toe whatever in demand skills you're learning. The habits people have related to whatever you're doing are really important because habits dictate what people expect. And when you work in a way that people expect than everything smooth. For example, in do it yourself learning people are in the habit of watching videos for free on YouTube and then buying a course to get help more hands on and to get higher quality out of that, when people get services, they're often in the habit of paying for a fixed service or paying hourly for ongoing work . When you try and do different arrangements, it gets to be challenging. For me, I found a fixed service was a lot easier. People were in the habit of paying for a specific service and for what I was doing, very few people wanted to pay hourly. They wanted to know they'd get a Facebook ad campaign out of exactly what they were doing. Now this is triply because as someone who pays a lot of freelancers now, people like to get paid by the hour. It's the opposite. It's in the same way. So when clients are hiring, they like to know exactly what they're going to get in terms of the service. When people are trying to go toe work, they like to know exactly what they're going to get in terms of dollars per hour. So matching that up is often tricky when you know exactly how it works in whatever you're trying to do when you know what you're doing, you love what you do and you learn and look around. Then you can match what you're doing, the how people are used to it. When I tried to get people to pay me hourly, it almost never worked because people wanted to pay for a fixed result campaign finished ongoing management for campaigns, and almost no one wanted to pay me hourly. So I went with a service based approach, and all my efforts to get paid hourly were very frustrating. It was like I was trying to ask for what I want, and no one was interested in giving me what I wanted. When you set things up, you want to set him up in a way that gives other people what they want. For example, I had a mastermind group before and people while I am grateful to be making a lot of money from selling courses on you. To me, people are not very willing to pay an individual to take their course directly. People are much more willing to pay a company like you to me, and the individual gets paid through them. So when people buy products and services, they're in the habit of buying through a trusted store. You, to me, is a very trustworthy store. It's much harder to get people to buy directly from you is the difference between trying to sell your product in your own store and having your product in Walmart or Target or Best Buy? When you've got your product and a trusted store, getting people in the door is almost effortless, and the store itself will work to bring people in the door to buy your product. When you're trying to get people to come in your own store, you don't have any brand recognition. And so it's a lot harder to make sales. In some areas, people are used to buying like physical products. For example, Amazon is a great place to sell your physical products. People are used to buying on Amazon. Trying to sell them directly through your own website can be a lot harder. The way to get to know how people work is toe watch how you work. I get a lot of questions. People saying, Jerry, why don't you offer these courses there so valuable? If so much information, why don't you offer them for $1000 or $2000 on your own website? And my answer is that I don't buy that way. I don't buy anyone else's expensive course. I buy cheap courses. I buy cheap audiobooks, and that's how I do my learning. I don't like buying, and I do not buy expensive courses or exclusive products. I buy stuff that's cheap, and that's proven to work for other people. And so that's how I set my business up. I used to try and do things on a subscription basis to try and get clients to subscribe every month, or to pay me a recurring fee to do their ads every month. And that didn't work because most people wanted to just pay on a one time basis and then have the option to keep ordering. It was a lot harder to get subscriptions than one time orders and the biggest business I've got the biggest client I ever had and I'm still working with is one that I started with small order and worked my way up. People very often will start with a small order and work their way up. Most people don't want to start with a new person doing, ah, huge order. If you get to know how you operate, you can set up what you do for other people in a way that matches what you do. If you buy $2000 courses from people, you might be able to make one and sell it. If you don't buy $2000 course from other people, it's probably not going to work for you to try and sell one. If you have to get everything for free and don't buy other people's courses, it might be hard for you to sell your courses. I did not do a good job selling my courses when I used to try and learn for free when I started buying other people's courses. Guess what? I started selling Mawr If you wouldn't pay anyone else to help you out with a part of your business. If you wouldn't hire someone else to perform a service for you, then why would you expect someone else to hire you to perform a service for them? If you're trying to say, Help out with Facebook ads, but you're trying to do graphic design yourself, even though you're terrible graphic design and obviously need help. Obviously, this is an example from my own history. Then why would people hire you to help them when it's clear you can't hire anyone to help yourself? When you do what you want to get, then you'll get what you want. So, for example, if you give what you want if you go higher other freelance you hire someone to do some graphic design. You hire someone to help with your website. You are someone to help you get various thing set up. Then it's reasonable. Expect that other people will hire you to do the same thing. If you're not willing to do whatever it is you're trying to do for other people, it's unlikely you'll succeed. So when you set your business up in a way that's consistent. When you learn how people are used to working in the situation you're trying to be in rather its customers or clients, you have a much better chance at getting yourself set up correctly in the details and execution of whatever you're trying to do. Thank you so much for going through this section with me and I hope asking you how people are used to buying products and services and what you're doing and how you're used to doing it as a customer is helpful for you. 23. Assume you will get no clients and customers to start and be grateful for leads.: welcome to building your foundation for your entire freelancing business online. It could be the future for you, the way it's for me, the present. You might be able work full time online and a strong foundation that you can start building today or you may have already worked on, and you could make it stronger. Ah, strong foundation will allow you to do that. So this section is guiding you gently into the work to build your foundation and the nice thing about it. The foundation you build does not require clients. It does not require any customers. It's a strong foundation mentally and then built out on building a strong presence online. Now, when I started out, all I could think was customers, clients, customers, clients I got, have customers, got have clients. You more than likely won't get any customers or any clients starting out. It took me months to get any clients at all, even one or any customers at all, even one hundreds of hours of work. Agonizing, frustrating thinking, wishing I could have some clients and customers to validate me. You don't have to make that mistake. You don't have to look at it that you need customers and clients to get started. You could do a lot of great work. And if you just assume okay, I'm not getting any customers or clients getting started, then you could be grateful for any little lead you get. And you can look at instruct your time around the potential to build a great profile to build a great presence online that will effortlessly attract customers and clients instead of having to go out there and hustle for them. That's what I have right now. And when I started out, one of the things I did right was to put a lot of effort into making my website and put a lot of effort into learning, learning, learning, learning. That's why you're here. If you assume look, it's going to be hard. The hardest thing to do is to go from zero clients or customers toe one that is harder than any other step because you are just in the dark. So if you just assume I'm not going to go from 0 to 1 for a while, and I'm going to use that time to build a strong foundation that will allow me to go from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and 3 to 44 to five, and so on. If you accept that getting started challenging and you work with that, you use what free time you have. Then you can build a strong foundation online. This whole section covers some of the benefits and challenges of, especially the mind state. You are likely to face getting started when you've got no customers or no clients. 24. Attract new clients effortlessly instead of depending on promotion.: Here's a powerful thought that can help you a lot with everything you're doing. If you can think attraction rather than promotion, you can do amazing things in terms of getting clients and customers with very little effort and especially without the anxious, struggling effort that I spent trying to get customers saying they're sending thousands of messages out on social media running all kinds of ads. Attraction means that when people need you, they will be attracted to you. They will come to you. And of course, at this point you might be thinking, Well, if I don't have anything set up, how am I going to attract people at this point? You want to think attraction from the very beginning, wherever you're at whatever beginning you've made already. You want to think attraction, I think attraction, almost everything good that's happened. I almost I I am very confident you've came here out of attraction I didn't hit you with and is the very first thing that happened. I will bet you either found me through some kind of organic method on you know, me or you found me through some kind of YouTube Searchers suggested video. That's how almost all of my students come in, and that is attraction. Now. If you to me ran an ad ice count that his attraction because I'm not paying for an ad, then that's attraction as far as I'm concerned. So if you came here through you, to me or through you to, more than likely, you were attracted to me. So I'm preaching what I'm practicing now. I run ads. Also, the ads mainly help with promoting the attraction. For example, on advertise a YouTube video. The whole idea is to get it to rank organically higher. So what I'm saying is, attraction is so much more effective than promotion. It's hard to believe promotion is when you're out there, you're sending your paying for ads that are on Lee. Good of people convert on him, and they're not paying for ads that just help organic ranking or something. You're paying for ads like on Facebook, for example. People won't convert. It's wasted, it's gone. You don't get any lingering effect or you're out there. Like I was sending thousands of social media messages all over the place. I was promoting myself all I could think of for the first several years of my business was how to promote myself. If you can start with attraction, start with the idea that you want to sit where you are and build things so that people come knock on your door. More than likely, metaphorically speaking, if you can think that way from the start with, you will have a gigantic strong foundation and you'll look around and see work you can do that will build attraction instead of promotion. The problem with promotion is when you're trying to first get going, or even if you've been going a little bit when you try and promote yourself. What you're usually promoting is honestly not that good. I tried to promote all kinds of amazingly awful low quality things over the last three years. And even if you can make a beautiful website, even if you can have everything look professional, you usually won't have any social proof to go along with it. You won't have any client case studies. You won't have any reviews on your existing product. You won't have a bunch of people who give word of mouth referrals. Getting started and growing is difficult if you think attraction to start with, you can put your effort in the building attraction on purpose things like YouTube videos, things like you to meet courses, things that will draw people to you. In the beginning. You have so much time and energy and effort that's open. Focusing in on attraction will allow you the best long term results. Now, of course, attraction takes long term work, and a lot of people don't like to wait for good things toe happen. I know I went out promoted myself because I didn't want to do something that might work in a year. And I'm here to tell you the best results I've ever got are doing things that might work in a year, planting a lot of good seeds all over the place, watching which ones grow and then going back there. That's how you to me, waas for the first year, so on you. To me, I hardly made anything. Once the seeds grew. Once, I made just a little bit of money. I got 1000 a month, and if I'm offensive and that's a lot of money, I'm sorry. Ah 1000 a month. Once I hit that, I realized if I did this all the time. It would make enough to pay my all of my everything. And it took six more months before it started to even pay close to enough. I brought a bunch of money so it would pay close to enough. And so I could just use the borrowed money to make up the difference. Now it pays unbelievably well, and it took well over a year close to two years to get it set up Really well. So if you can start with something like that in mind, you might be able to save yourself two or 345 years. You might even be able to avoid the failing of your business. I've seen a lot of people try and do promotion, and I'm lucky I got away with it. People used to hire me as a client. They'd go out of business between when they paid for my help and when I was actually trying to help them. Starting with attraction is one of the most powerful mindsets. You can go into this with the idea that everyone must come to you, that you can't go just bang down doors. You can't go just hustle and run and go get clients that you have to get people to come to you. I do that now. Everything I do set up for that I use a promotion to assistant attraction. Sometimes almost everything is done through attraction. So thank you very much for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you. 25. Instead of being frustrated, appreciate your free time and use it to learn.: a big part of your foundation is how you feel about what you're doing. Ah, common characteristic, it seems, based on my experience and from all the questions I received online is that getting started is really frustrating because there's no validation there. You don't know what you're doing. You don't have any clients or customers. You're trying so hard to work into being something more than you are right now. And that's frustrating because ultimately, on the deep, spiritually level, you can't ever be any more than you are right now. Now is all we really ever have, and going along with this can help you get over the frustration that you have to be somewhere else to make what you're doing now worth. While in the beginning, it's very common. I was so frustrated getting started. I was always plotting and scheming on how someday it be basically like this. I was always fantasizing and I was miserable doing what I was doing, and it didn't get to where it is now. Until I was happy doing what I'm doing. You can tell I'm happy doing what I'm doing. I love this. It's an honor to be here with you and nothing good started happening until I begin working from a place why was already happy. As long as I put the frustration into my work, I never could get anywhere. I got hundreds of clients, and yet I still was frustrated. I thought I should be in a better place, and I ended up losing all of those clients and spending all of the money trying to grow and grow and grow from having those clients. As long as you're frustrated, you will be lucky to learn anything. And you'll mostly spend your wheels and sometimes you'll spend your wills and that they will take you places. And yet you end up running into and wrecking the places you go. You'll wreck the client relationships. You have frustration being hating the moment, feeling like it's not good enough like you're not enough. It poisons all of the work you're doing. And if you can see that, all you have to do is notice. Okay, I'm really frustrated. I'm sitting there today feeling like I'm not good enough. I'm learning to do live streaming right now, and it comes with a lot of challenges. I looked and looked and looked and looked and looked last night for a new capture card Because of the $200 capture card I have doesn't work with the $1000 software I have. It is challenging toe learn and do something new, and I looked and looked and looked and looked to find something other than $1000 software. The point is, I enjoyed the learning out of it. I used to get so frustrated. My wife thought it was a nightmare. I was going to try and do something like what I'm doing right now because I used to flip out, bang the table, scream, cuss, go crazy. I've pounded the keys off of a keyboard before. That's how frustrated I used to get. And as long as I got frustrated with what I was doing, I wouldn't learn. And when you are at where you're at today, learning for me and for you is critical. Learning is the core of what you're trying to do. Frustration, blocks, learning. So here's a way you can look at to get out of frustration. Also, you can find gratitude for the good things you have right now. That's what works for me every day, along with a lot of prayer and going to a support group every day. I put a lot of effort into not being frustrated every day because when I'm frustrated, I keep making it worse. I put a lot of effort into not being frustrated today by doing good things. I put effort into doing good things and being grateful my life. The easiest thing you can be grateful for now is the free time and opportunity you have. You, to me, has been so demanding that it's been almost a year since I've had time to learn something new instead of just simply teaching what I already knew about. And to be fair, I've been learning the whole time. It's been a year since I've had time to really dive into learning something new and challenging, like live streaming I'm doing right now. You have the ability to learn and do so much right now, even if you're working already. If you're trying to build what you're doing, you likely have much more time right now. And if you don't have enough time, you're trying to do this and you really want to do it. You might need to make time. I quit my job in order to do my business full time Before it was making even enough to pay for itself. I quit my job because I knew I needed more time. Having more time to do things is something worth being grateful for. You might look, I've got have clients. I gotta have validation. I got have customers. When you get all those things, you have less time than you have. Right now you have less choices about what to do. Right now, I have enough responsibility on you to me that you, to me, is somewhat dictated to me as the first choice. Now, the way I live, I have the freedom to choose things that are right that are good for me. At the same time, you could look at it. I have so much responsibility on you know me, you know me is the first thing I have to do all the time now. So enjoy the chance to learn so many things to really explore. Enjoy the chance to try some things like making YouTube videos. Ultimately, the most valuable thing you can do is learning. And you more than likely now have more time and energy than ever to learn. When you get customers, you get more clients, you won't have as much time and energy to learn. The reason I'm here with you is because I dumped a ton of time and energy into learning all kinds of different things. If you could do the same thing, you can get around being frustrated when you look at it. Hey, I'm learning to do this. Think about boxing. If you were learning how to do boxing, you'd get punched in the face a lot of times while you were learning to do boxing. Doing these things online's very much the same. You'll get punched in the face a lot when you're learning. If you accept that, that means you're learning. That's good, then you don't have to be frustrated like I was so much. It's a miracle that I was so frustrated and still managed to keep going. Frustration will often take you completely out of the game. In 2005 it took me out of the game for six years. I gave up and said, you know what? I don't have what it takes to make money online. I don't have what it takes to do anything except have a regular job. And for six years, I didn't even consider even trying again because of the frustration I had. So I'm here to tell you frustrations of normal. And it's worth working on looking at the good things in your life, working on finding gratitude for what you have right now, just as it is and of power. Thought that helps, my friend is you're right where you're supposed to be. That can help a lot with frustration. You're right where you're supposed to be. If you were supposed tohave Ah, 100,000 customers. If you were supposed to have 100 clients, you'd have them. Now you've got right now what? You dean right now? And when you're ready for 65,000 students on you to me, you'll have them. When you're not ready for it, you won't have them, so that, to me, makes things a lot easier. I'm not ready for 100,000 students on. You know me. I'm ready for exactly the number I have today. And I'm grateful for that. And I'm not ready to start live streaming. I'm ready to learn about live streaming and to get it set up today. And I don't have to be frustrated that I'm not live streaming today because I'm learning about it. I'm building a strong foundation upon which I can make a great live streaming channel. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is useful for you. 26. Having clients and customers brings its own set of limitations.: one thing that might be helpful in no up front. While you're looking for more, clients are looking for more customers in your wishing you had some more. You could look at it as a limitation that you don't have customers or don't have clients when you're getting started. And the nice thing to know is that having customers and clients brings its own set of limitations. Having 60 some 1000 students on you to me now comes with a lot of limitations. I don't even check my own email anymore. I have so many responsibilities with my existing customers that I have been greatly encouraged by all of the work I have to do to get help with it. I have to give up then all these things that I exclusively did I have had to share and open up my life. Things like my YouTube account and bank account have had to open up things so that other people can do things and help me out so that I can have enough time to serve my customers effectively. Having MAWR customers and clients brings limitations to it, and if you have all bunch of clients and customers, you'll see that it's just a limiting as having no clients and no customers or very few clients and very few customers. My wife has a job, she can go to 40 hours a week, and while she's there, she works on while she's not there. She doesn't work. When you have clients and customers, you're liable to be working all the time and the better you manage them, you can get the expectation set up right. When I had a lot of clients, it was worse than having a job. The clients wanted things all the time Saturday and Sunday sometimes, and they sent emails all the time. Having clients is very limiting and limit you from being able to do things like make videos . It limits you from being able to run your own schedule. Lots of times. You have several clients all flip out on one day, and it will take a lot of your real time and energy. Having customers can be the same way, depending on exactly how you've set it up. And even if it's just the money and the system itself, you get a system set up, like with me, the U to me courses. It takes a lot of love and maintenance every single day. In fact, it's challenging for me to even take one day completely off you to me not making any videos , not answering any questions, not thinking about it or planning on how toe do something different or anything else related to you. To me, it's challenging for me to even take a day off. So what I do is I try not toe work too much one day. That's the easiest way for me, not get burnout. So when I hope I've communicated is that you will have limitations no matter what you're trying to do. And if you have the idea like I did before that my life would be limitless and wide open if I had tons of clients and tons of customers, I very foolishly thought that and ran towards it and then found out the hard way. Oh, I have a completely different set of limitations and you know what? I liked my limitations better when I had fewer clients and fewer customers. I hope you don't have to make the same mistake of trying to get so many clients in so many customers to validate yourself and then on Lee to discover the limitations are often more challenging the work with than what you already might have without clients and customers. So thank you for watching this. I hope this is useful for you. 27. Use your freetime to build a YouTube channel, WordPress website, and more!: now that you know yourself better now that you can understand a little bit more about what you can contribute, and you can see the limitations that will come in the future with executing well in the present. Now you should be in a state where you're ready to get toe work, presenting yourself online, where you can put the free time and energy you have into making great social media profiles and to making strong profiles on freelancing websites and learning, learning, learning more about yourself and anything you think you might want to help other people with. With all this free time, your opportunity to learn is in the perfect place, and your opportunity to create and present yourself professionally to the world is now. It's right here, and if it's not right here because you have existing commitments, you may need to cut some of those commitments to make room for it. If you really want to have the kind of lifestyle I do, where I can live and work at home any time on any schedule, and I consistently have good work to do each day, I hope this motivational group of sections has helped you to get in a place that took me years to get to the hard way. You can start right now on your YouTube channel WordPress website on your freelancing and social media profiles. You can use all this time to look really good online and to attract clients to you instead of having to go out and get customers the hard way like I did. Thank you for watching this. And now it's time to get into building and using all of the technical aspects of this course. 28. YouTube is the easiest place to get organic search traffic which is gold.: YouTube is the easiest place to get organic search traffic and to get traffic in general, where you just put something up and then you get MAWR and more traffic. Here is why So when I click, browse top sites on Alexa dot com. Alexa shows you the top sites online by traffic. Now let's take a look at these. Google dot com, facebook dot com and youtube dot com. Now you've probably heard of all three of these, and you're probably very familiar with Google. And you've probably heard of S CEO before about trying to get found on Google. And with Facebook, you I'm sure you're aware of various things you can do, like Facebook ads or just messaging or sharing on Facebook to get found. What you might be surprised to learn is that YouTube is the world's number two search engine that most of the searches that occur online if they're not on Google, most of the searches that occur online are on Google. But the second biggest places on a YouTube. What does that mean? That means that YouTube is gold for getting people to find you, and which of these do you think is easier do you think is easier to go? Find the people you need or to stand where you're at and let them come to you? You two makes it incredibly easy. And I'll show you so much more on this. If you're not already sold on how awesome YouTube is this three traffic site in the world. While it's number three, there is no easier place in the world to get a lot of traffic with not that much effort. Relatively, on Google, you can work really hard to get ranked high, and no one will find your website on Facebook. You can work really hard to get traffic on Facebook, and you won't be reaching people often at the right time or that really need you. You two provides a unique combination of people who need you at the right time with a lot of people at the same time. So I'll explain to you, Maura, about this in timing and talking about timing 29. Timing is everything in life. Get found on YouTube at the right time.: timing and life is everything. And yet most of us work online without a good knowledge of what it is in terms off, how it impacts you. Timing is what makes Facebook ads and most things on Facebook very hard to do. See this and comes up right here. And this ad likely costs anywhere from 2 to 10 cents for Hub Spot to show it to me. Maybe not 10 maybe 2 to 5 cents for a spot to show it to me. And it's at the wrong time. Although I guess theoretically it's the right time. Few instantly go there when I'm using Facebook. I see a lot of things that are useful when I'm not looking for them. I see a bunch of things that are interesting that I just scroll by. Just keep scrolling until I see some interesting post. You know, maybe someone's gotten married or various things, but most of the time I just kind of thoughtlessly scroll. I'll read little things and then you know what I do by I'm gone. So on Facebook, I'm not usually doing anything that's valuable in terms of four other people. I'm just kind of messing around you could say on you tomb when I'm looking for something on YouTube, I am in the mood. Think about dating. If you try to pick people up at the wrong place at the wrong time, you will totally get nothing at all back. If you're the right place, the right time. It's absurdly easy to meet someone new and make a lasting connection working on lines the same way. And here's an example. So I need help with something. Now, here's the trick. So if I'm on YouTube, I likely don't know. I'm going to find. Now. I'm Google what I search Google for. Well, if I need flight somewhere, I search Google for predictable queries that are mostly the same in terms of other people have already thought of them and already shared all the information. What am I looking for on YouTube? I'm looking for riel. Help with something. So on YouTube, what I might be looking for is a microphone for YouTube videos, for example. And this isn't something I need, but this is a kind of search that I've done a lot of in the past. And you know what then? Right here. I've got a video from someone I've never heard of before most of the time. And this Mike right here is one of the ones I use and you might you can see down here. I actually watched this one before. I've never heard of this guy. I watched a lot of this video he made, and that's the power of YouTube is to actually get people to find you when they need you and I'll give you an example. Here's a good example. Google AdWords tutorial Type this in and what you can see. I've got a Google AdWords tutorial on this first page here, a three hour Google AdWords tutorial that makes sales almost every day. Now, if I put in something like hacking for beginners, you've seen 2015. If you scroll down past the ad, here's a video. I have up 700,000 views on it. I put something up there and the people who need it. It's right there when they need it. Yes, and imagine me trying to go find 700,000 people to watch that video. Impossible, right? There's no way I could possibly do that. We'll zoom in some more and yet all I have to do put it on YouTube. And, of course, if you want to push up to the very top like this, then you may need to run ads on the video. But it's that simple. You show what you can do. You put it on YouTube and there's volcanic potential. There's volcanic potential that just is not going to happen through most of the other methods you'll try and use. So for me being a freelancer online YouTube is the top tool because and you know what I have in addition to this. Now I have a video that when you search for Jerry Banfield, you search for Jerry Banfield. You go to my channel, then what you have on my channel. I've got a list of viral YouTube videos. I made videos with hundreds of thousands of views, so now I can get the things not just on this video. Then I can show people all the things related to making them also. And then what I get. I get sales, and then the sales make themselves. I don't even have to actually do anything. The sales comes straight through my website. This is what's possible is a freelancer online. When you think about getting people come to you at the right time, YouTube is the best place I've found for that. I've looked a lot of different places for it, and you can see I'm practicing it for myself. With 26,000 subscribers for an A plus 1,000,000 views, you too is amazing. YouTube will give you opportunities so far beyond what you ever imagined. If you're willing to try and make some videos and put some effort into it. So I'm guessing you watched this much of it. You are. Now. What I'll do is show you how you can get yourself looking good on YouTube. How to get started if you haven't started yet and how to take the next steps and how to reach your full potential on YouTube, which might be way more than mine. I'm honored you're here and hope this is useful for you. 30. 0 to 1 video uploaded is the biggest step on YouTube.: The biggest step you can take on YouTube is to get your very first video uploaded. It's just like that first step we took on the moon. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. It might be one small clique for you to click a video uploaded on your channel once you've got it created. YouTube always changes the interface to create the channel, so I trust you can go create the channel with whatever interface YouTube as set up. Then you click that upload button, and this screen comes up. At least it's in this form now. The biggest thing you can dio if you want to have any shot of being successful on YouTube or using YouTube or seeing if it's right for you, is uploading that very first video. You will be amazed at what's possible after you upload the first video. You know, most people in the world do not have a YOUTUBE channel having a you. Most YouTube channels don't have any videos uploaded to them or their very few. So immediately you upload one video giant step. Any step you take will be smaller than that in the future, and I encourage people in my YouTube course. Just upload any video, and I'm encouraging. You now upload any video just to break the ice just to get the learning started. My first video was literally on how to say the F word. Different ways. Yes, that was my first video on YouTube. It's private now. That was literally the first video I uploaded. If I can be here with you today after uploading, that is my first video. There's no reason you can upload just any video you can make, get uploaded and then take another step. YouTube has huge potential for you. You can Onley realize that potential if you take the first step in the first step, is usually the hardest. It's hard, it's scary. You don't know what's going to happen. You don't know how people are going to react to your video. You don't know what your friends are going to think. You don't know what someone from Vietnam's going to say when they come drop a comment on your video after they've watched it. That's scary. Doing something new is scary, and once you face that, say Wow, if you are having trouble, if you've looked at it, never uploaded. Or even if you've already got a few videos, you haven't done anything with it. If you can honestly see the fear that comes with uploading the videos, I still have it today after uploading 500 I'm used to it by now. And yet, even with making this, there's that fear there. I'll make a video you hate, and the only way to get better at it is to just make some videos and get people's feedback . You can obviously see. I'm making a lot different videos than the 1st 1 I uploaded on YouTube. No one was very impressed. Even my friends just laughed at it. They weren't very impressed with my initial, maybe 2030 videos. And yet that's how I got to you today. Now I've made thousands of videos. You're not alone taking that next step, either. I just uploaded this video 26 minutes ago now, and it's waiting for my team members to go in there and get it published, so I have the courage to do this each day. Almost. You can see YouTube videos on a regular basis here, so if I I can do it I'm not that much different from your 619 videos. I think you can do it too. Thank you very much for watching this and I'll give you so much more in terms of help on getting your videos done well. 31. Talking head videos are the easiest to make and a great way to start.: talking head videos like this where you've got your head in the screen somewhere and you've got any kind of background are one of the easiest things to get started with because you can make them on almost any smartphone. Now, almost any laptop or computer you have. These videos are very personal, also like you may have noticed to have got here. To this point, it's very honest and straightforward, and I like to do them no script. You just talk straight from the heart. You can't compete in the world of scripted mind games because there's more people that are more resource and more time to write out all these perfect scripts. What you can do is offer straight from the heart honesty. In whatever video you're making about a subject that relates to exactly what you're doing and the beauty is, all you have to do is turn your camera on and start talking. If you say a lot of arms and Oz and you can't stand to watch yourself talk, put the video up any way you will get better, I promise. What you see now is a reflection of me having done thousands of these videos. And believe me, plenty of people still have plenty of negative things to say. Like how my nostrils flare when I do various things or my talking speed. I have kind of a rhythm almost behind my talking speed. It kind of reminds me of Obama like you can almost exactly hit when he's going to say every word. And I guess other people say I have a talking with them also, that can be a bit repetitive, and yet it's almost like a song. In a way. It kind of keeps you interested and takes you along with it. I guess whatever it is, this is developed over time over doing a lot of these different videos over getting a lot of different feedback. The first video I made, like I said, was horrible. You can't possibly make much worse of a video than I started out with. My wife still grimaces at some of my early videos, and she still thinks they're funny and remember some of them better than I do. You can easily make a talking head video on something you have and get that up on YouTube now. It's a lot easier if you do it on a computer phones, often while upload issues. And if you can at least make the video on a phone and then get it on your computer and upload it, it's easier you can use a camera. Whatever you need to do. This format tends to be the very easiest thing to get started. Note the tendency you'll have if you're like me to try and do everything perfect or to try and way over do it. I did these animated videos before, and they took so long to get a two minute video done, and they stunk. I did that. I was afraid of putting things out there. People didn't like. After getting so much negative feedback on my face, I got to be afraid to show my face anymore. So just put your face out there. If you want to get started and you want it to be as easy as possible and you want to take the next up and you want to be useful and successful and of service to the world, this kind of video is easy, especially if you have an I Mac or an Apple computer. It's really easy to film this. So I appreciate you watching this. And I hope this inspirational for you that you can get your first video up really easy on YouTube or even if you have 1000 videos up to put your next one up in that maybe this kind of format. 32. Screen capture tutorials are the foundation of my success on YouTube.: Here are the top videos this year on my YouTube channel. Out of the top 10 of these nine, our screen capture tutorials and out of the top 20 here, almost all of them are screen capture tutorials. Screen capture Tutorials are really powerful because of the global relevance. So, for example, my face is not globally is relevant because people look different. People act different. Sound different talk. Different screen capture Tutorials weren't good all over the world because the screen often looks very similar and people want to learn how to do things online. I'll show you my top videos here. This video is showing people how to use limits and do ethical hacking online. This video is a Google AdWords to toil. This is a Lennix tutorial. There's another Lennox tutorial. Facebook as tutorial Kali Lennox Tutorial wire shark tutorial. Facebook tutorial. Now this is a talking head. Here's a video game screen capture and then Facebook ads to tour. Also, almost all of these air some kind of tutorial showing how to do something even if it's playing a video game showing out of play. The video game successfully screen captured tutorials with a nice voice over are really good on you. Tube. Based on the data I'm seeing in my own channel, you'll notice these top videos have the majority of the minutes watched about half of the total minutes watched arm or on the channel. If I go back up here in the last year, half firm or of the minutes are these top 10 videos and there are almost all screen capture . The beauty of it is you don't put your face on camera if you don't want to, and you see it's working right here. This is a screen capture to Tora. I'm showing you my screen and I'm explaining it. The's screen captured tutorials have been a miracle for me in everything I've been doing. And the beauty of it is you don't have to do a good job if you have a crappy mike if it doesn't record in the right resolution. My first screen captured tutorial was not good at all compared to the new ones, and yet people loved the original screen captured tutorial did, showing how I was doing my Facebook ads. It took a long time to do that one. These new ones, I do or so much faster. The audio's better. The screen generally looks better. Nine. Put my face on them. There's so many different things you can learn to do. If you're willing to just start trying to figure out what you can do a screen capture tutorial of and upload it you've got a great chance to build yourself an impressive freelancing presence online. And then when anyone asked you to do something or wants proof of your experience, you just hand them the screen capture Ditore. You say I don't need to tell you about it. I'll show you take a look at this tutorial. See what I know how to do. If you think about putting all the things you know how to do in too little tutorials, you're essentially building a nice portfolio on your YouTube channel. And even if one person watches it, that is validation. And if you get the right one personal, watch it, you can get some amazing things to happen, and you might even get millions of people Watch it now like I have. So thank you for being here. You know, it works because you're watching it work right now, and I'm honored to have the chance to share it with you right here. 33. Consistency is the key to making a great YouTube channel!: consistency is the key on YouTube. What you'll notice in my channel analytics here. If you take a look, you'll see that the minutes consistently go up a little bit, and then sometimes through ads, I get huge increases. What you'll notice, though, is that everything goes up because I keep doing mawr and I've done more I've got If I show you up here. 636 videos uploaded on YouTube. You don't upload that many in one day. However, If you upload a video or two every day in a year or two or three years, you can easily have this many videos, and you can easily have a corresponding amount of traffic watching those videos. 79 years people have spent watching my video in the last year. That is amazing to me, and that comes from the consistency doing these videos every single day, if possible. I have a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. I tracked my YouTube videos that I upload every single day, and I'll even show it to really quick. I'll open the spreadsheet up here in Microsoft, Excel and open it up, and I'll show you when I pull it into the screen here and I'll scroll all the way up to the top. 230 videos uploaded since December 4th, 2000 and 14. Consistency allows me to do amazing things. You'll notice I was on YouTube since 2011 according to my channel stats. And yet I've uploaded 1/3 of the videos this year in 2015. So I've done way more than I did the other year. Simply as you'll notice most days, even there's lots of days where I've went through periods of zero. But now, especially most days I upload a video. You'll notice there's a lot of ones in these columns over here, and sometimes there's a three or two and there, and that consistency will allow you to make an amazing YouTube channel. And the better your YouTube channel is, the better clients you can get, the more customers you can get there so many great things that can happen with a good you tube channel. I'm here is proof of it, so you know it works for sure, and I'm giving you a simple formula right here. Upload a video every day, that's it and make it as easy as possible. If you are going to do it every day, you'll be forced to make it as easy as possible because there'll be a lot of days where you just don't feel like you have time to upload a video. If you're doing it in a long, painful process. For me now, it's really easy to upload a YouTube video and fast. And that's why I can do it most days now if I show you my average here over the last year. Now I'm also tracking you. Demean lectures and discussions answered. So there's a lot of other things I'm doing, too. But I've averaged 0.7 videos every single day this year, so that means on 70% of the days, roughly I get a video uploaded that seven days a week to So you have the same opportunity when you're willing to do the same work each day and the more even if your initial videos aren't good, that's okay. Just keep putting more videos up, do more work, put more videos up, they'll get better, you'll get better audio, you'll get better techniques. She'll get better things to train if you keep doing it things will get better. I'm honored. You watched this. I hope this inspirational for you in building your YouTube channel. 34. I started out with WordPress and am still using it today.: a WordPress website is the number one tool I think is important for having a successful professional presence online. The reason is that you can put everything you're doing on your WordPress website and that you can use it to make sales of a product. You can use it to convert clients and you can use it to build your attraction. You can attract people to your website and encourage them to take action there. This is the home page on my website jerry banfield dot com. You can see I have my courses for sale first. Then I have my blawg post down here with my YouTube channel and I have got the Blawg posts all here and then I've got my podcast down here and then at the bottom of the website. I've got my navigation and links and I have ah widget TV request to call. If I go back up here, you can see then this is the main function with WordPress is toe have ah blawg. You don't have to have a blawg to use the website, though, but a blawg makes you look really good and it helps out a lot with that law of attraction and a blawg will help you attract people and give you something to do. Ah, blawg give you something to do to build what you're doing now. I like a YouTube channel for organic traffic. However, it's often easier to start out in just right so you can see I've made a lot of different blawg posts on my website have a deep website that attracts tens of thousands of people month. And when people come here, they see something that looks professional. It looks trustworthy. So that's the main thing I like about. WordPress is both the simplicity and trustworthy. You have a simple website like this contact page. You can have things even like you can put your podcast and give everything right there and then you can have a sales page like you thought that last one at a lot of courses. Here's my main sales page. This sales page brings in the majority of my own promotional sales, which leads to a lot of good things on you to me. So this is how I use my WordPress website. WordPress is what I first started out with, and it's still what I'm using today. I'll go through and show you everything you can use toe. Learn how to get your own WORDPRESS website set up. 35. Follow the instructions of your hosting provider to get WordPress installed.: Once you choose your website host, how do you actually get started with getting it set up? Well, if you're using most hosting providers will give you some kind of install option. So if you've decided to use Go Daddy, there's an option for set up and you when you go to manage WordPress hosting. So if I go back here and you'll see this is what the Go Daddy interface looks like and there's a managed WordPress option, and then you can go to managed if you don't have it already, or you can buy a plan if you need it, and then all I have to do to make another WordPress website is click set up, and now I'd have to pay for it also. But I click set up to get started with it. If you're using host Gator, it will do something like quick install, and then what you do is go through and put your domain in and you go through and put your email and everything and you install WordPress So those air to that I've used and most other hosting providers will have similar options where you can go in and either set up your WordPress or install it. And I think it's easiest if you already have Ah, hosting provider that also does domains because I like that. Go, Daddy, I can go back And you see, I've got my domain all integrated in with my hosting. It makes things a lot easier. It's one less pain toe worry about. So again, I don't care what hosting provider you choose. They'll have instructions. All you have to do is whatever you're hosting provider is. If you don't know how to do it, you can go to Google and you go to searching Google for something like my hosting provider . WordPress set up instructions. And whenever hosting provider you're using, all you have to do is just put in your hosting provider in here. So, like, for me, go Daddy or any other one, whatever you have in here and then you do the WordPress set up instructions. So once you get wordpress up, then I'll show you the next step. Once you've got it at least installed and ready to go 36. Get a custom URL that never needs to change such as your first and last name.: what you might have noticed on my website is the earl up here. Jerry banfield dot com It's a very nice, simple girl that never has to change based on what I do. Here's one of the main benefits for when you go to Google and you search for Jerry banned film. What do you see? You see this right here, jerry banfield dot com It looks very nice and professional. And the beautiful thing is, it matches my first name and my last name. No matter what I do, Jerry Banfield stays the same for a website. You want to be ableto have things stay the same. You don't want to have to make a new website. Here's what I did. Starting out I made my website ben work dot com. I called my company band work, and I branded everything after ban work dot com. Now, as it turns out, this worked good because of all the things I did wrong, I was able to just sell my website and then you see the new website I've made works so good for S e O that it actually ranks higher on the search for banned work than the band work website does itself so I started out with a company name and I now have jury banfield dot com. I've scrapped and sold band work because jury banfield dot com is all about me. Whatever I do is on jury banfield dot com. So I'm making you know me course is the main thing today I'm doing. If I change and start doing youtuber live streaming or I change and start doing guitar lessons. Whatever I'm doing. Jerry banfield dot com has that covered. Ah, custom domain is one of the best things you can do because it's long term. You can put everything on there forever, and that's the beauty of it. So getting accustomed domain name is really easy. You just go to some Web host. I use Go Daddy and Go. Daddy does not compensate me in any way for sharing this. I'm sharing it because this is what I use, and that's really that's honest. You put in your first and last name together as a domain Jerry Banfield. Now that's obviously taken, so if you put it in, you can search domain and see if it's taken or not. And the way I like to do things is with a dot com. Now let's say my name was George Banfield or something like that. George banfield dot com is open and for 2 99 the first year. And if you register additional years or more, I could have George banfield dot com and be there forever. And by forever, I mean a long time. If you look at my this is inside my go daddy account, you can see jerry banfield dot com is registered through April 18th 2025. I'm not planning on going anywhere and getting started, especially, are growing and building for the future. You want to be in one place where you can sit there and stay there. If you're trying to freelance or make money online or being entrepreneur online, you're likely to change what you do. Lots of times I've changed what I do lots of times. This is why I have ah blogged that as Facebook ads una me patri on YouTube, Google digital marketing, dating, online business relationships and even affiliate marketing things. I've tried to do books. I've tried to start writing tips on making money on League of Legends all kinds of random things. They're all on my website. Time travel is riel. Here's a story I started writing before, and it has time travel in there and it gets search results for time travel. That's why I have jerry bamfield dot com, because I can put everything all in one spot. And as I just showed you with Google, it looks really professional. When people search for you, they hear view and they search for you. And then here you go. Your custom mural comes up. One of the things that does not look professional is a free website, a dot wordpress website or a Wicks website. Any website that's free does not look professional, and it's not even worth starting out on. I just showed you can get a domain, probably even cheaper than 2 99 to get started. Depending on what host you use. Grab that custom domain getting started, please. That's one of the things. For two or $3 you can look a lot more professional and established. So grab that custom domain and then from there, you've got to figure out hosting 37. Managed WordPress hosting is the lowest cost and most effective.: once you've got your custom, you, Earl and you've decided you want to use WordPress hosting, which is exactly what I do. Then the key is is to get some hosting. You need some company more than likely to host your website. That tricks I'll give you in this section can save you a gigantic amount of money and pain and frustration. I've spent more than $5000 in a lot of ways that I could have not spent so much on having my website hosted. I've also spent hundreds of hours with website hosting. It was the main aggravation when I see, in fact, it was so aggravating that I moved over to Google sites, which is a nightmare, And I would not go back toe WordPress for two years because of the nightmare the original hosting company posed for me. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to show you exactly what I'm doing. What I'm using is called managed WordPress hosting you can Google and you can get a look at lots of good options for managed WordPress hosting managed WordPress hosting means the hosting company has set up their servers and programmed everything to function optimally. Four. WordPress. This is ideal for cost and for performance, because WordPress is a pretty low maintenance in terms of what you actually need. If everything set up correctly, companies that do manage WordPress hosting can afford to host a lot of WordPress websites at a good fast speed without needing to dump a bunch of wasted money into all kinds of servers. Now, if you just try and go for website hosting, generally, you often need a lot more performance out of your host than with managed WordPress hosting managed WordPress Hosting was I used it so easy and it took me so long to find it. So you don't have to struggle so much managed WordPress hosting its way, way, way easier. I am sharing this with you to hope that you don't have to go through everything I went through. The first company I hosted with just had regular kind of website hosting absolute nightmare . I also had shared hosting nightmare. There were porn websites on the same I P as my website was on, which is bad for search results bad for user trust if someone really looks into your website. It also went really slow. You want a website? The loads fast managed WordPress hosting will usually give you the fastest load time, and this is what I mean. Load time. This is in the cross that's a little advanced You if you're just getting started. But the main thing here is you want this to be low time spent downloading a page I had as much as seven seconds was frequent on my shared hosting. Before that, I paid hundreds of dollars for It's about the same cost to have managed WordPress posting and you can see right here it's consistent low page times. Of course, there is an issue a couple days, but most of the page load times are pretty low, and that means the website comes in a pretty good speed. Now here's which hosting I decided on after Googling and Googling and Googling and Googling and Googling and Googling and looking around and trying to find what was the best. I already was hosting my domains with Go Daddy's I showed you I'm hosting on Go Daddy and it's working very well. I don't get compensated all by go, Daddy, for telling you this. I'm telling you this because it's what I use. It works really good. I don't care what managed WordPress you use. If you look down on here on the first page, there's a few ads here, and then you'll see there's go. Daddy has actually two links up there, which is impressive. And then there's there's blog's trying to tell you what to do. WordPress Engine was another company I considered going with Go Daddy ended up being cheaper, and I already was a customer there. I had a host gator before for a dedicated server. It worked really good, and it was $4000 a year. So that's why I switched over to go Daddy Managed WordPress. They had a more established, managed WordPress history, then host Gator. However, host Gator might be better by the time you look at this, I don't know which one's the best. I do know if you pick any managed WordPress website hosting company, you're likely to come out pretty well ahead compared to doing anything else. So as long as you look for managed WordPress, you should be good to go. What? You'll notice. I've got my hosting paid for I'm through 2000 and 25 with Go Daddy Managed WordPress. It came in and a good enough price with full scale ability. So I paid for 10 years. This year. In April, I paid for 10 years of hosting, so that's that's where my money is. That's what I'm doing. You can do whatever you want to. I don't care what you do. I'm sharing this with you so that you have the option to not struggle and suffer as much as I did. Hosting has been one of the most aggravating parts off my business since the day I started it. Go, Daddy managed WordPress is so easy that even I can do it. I'm not very good with all the hosting and back end things. I've had a dedicated server. I've had other Web host abuse Google sites. It gets no easier than this. This is a WordPress admin dashboard. The go daddy settings and everything make it pretty easy. I'm sure lots of other WordPress companies that do manage hosting can make it easy for you to. So thank you very much for watching this. And you can tell I really hope I have saved you a lot of time. and energy on finding a good company. Rather too, any managed WordPress hosting company will be a good company to get your website hosted on . 38. Meet the WordPress admin dashboard.: Once you've successfully installed WordPress with whatever host you're using, then you'll get something like this, which is the WordPress Admin dashboard. So it's just should be on your website. You are all slash WP dash admin and this bar may look a little bit different with Go, Daddy, you can see they have this go Daddy settings tab also in flush cash. And since I'm using a theme and plug ins and I have some additional options up here that you may or may not have yet So this is the WordPress Admin dashboard. This is where you run the back end of your website, so to speak. This is where you set up themes. This is where you add users, add plug ins, mess with the menu and get your website set up. How you want it to. The key thing to note in here is the themes you want to be able to use themes with your website. So we talked about finding a theme. So this is where the themes aren't. You can see I tried a few different themes in here, and by default, your website will come with a free theme just for using WordPress. And then what you do is you have your theme active that you're using and then it modifies your entire website toe look like that now for me, I don't want to change between themes. I don't want to activate another theme because once you put everything in your theme and you themes set up when you change it over to another theme, it will change everything. So the time to get your theme right is right when you've got your website installed. So you look around and figure out some different themes you want and I'll show you the theme I use. The theme you pick is very important for how your website looks and all the basic functions . If I show you my theme options here in the WordPress admin dashboard and it's also over here, you'll notice the all kinds of options. If I do. If you see the theme options here, all of these options the layout, the styling, the header, the sidebar, the Ford er, the blawg layouts, all kinds of things here are set up by the theme. So the theme is a single biggest decision you make with your WordPress website and As you noticed, I'd have changed themes. I was using a political press team before and I stopped using that and I moved to this theme I'm using now. So try out as many themes as you want, right when you get your website started, and then once you figure out which one you want, then you can go from there. So next I'll talk a little bit more about themes, and I'll show you where some more things are in this interface. 39. WordPress is easy to use with a theme you like.: What do you think of my website? Do you like how it looks here? This is my blawg page on my website and here are my blawg posts. The easiest thing you can do to make a good WordPress website is to find a theme that makes things easy. When you find a theme that makes things easy, then the work on making your website look professional, look polished is easy. When you set up your website with a theme that's difficult that you don't like the look of it, then it's difficult. So this is the theme I'm using. This is what it looks like on my website. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on it. And what's been cool to me is that I've got positive feedback from people that see a lot of websites. This is what my website looks like and I don't care what theme use I do not care at all with the muse. I'm showing you this because this is when I'm using and if you want to use when I'm using like I do with a lot of people I learned with, I just want to use what they use if you want to use when I'm using, I'm using the enfold theme. I do not get any compensation for telling you this. I'm telling you this because it's what I use. And if you use the unfold theme, you can easily make your website look similar to mine. It's got good support and it consistently works well and is updated. I got this theme. I didn't find this on my own. I had a friend who was doing it on his website. So if I go to his website, I search for his name. He's using this theme also. I didn't come up with it on my own and this is how it looks on his website. So his website looks a lot different than mine in some ways and yet it has the same basic features on it. So I got the theme from him. I didn't go find this on my own. I looked at his website. I said ahead, like your website, what team are using? He said. Well, this is what I'm using that enfold theme and if I type it in Google, I can just go to google dot com and you can search for it and find out about it yourself unfold Theme. There it iss I can zoom in. I think I can zoom in there and there's tons of other themes you can try So it doesn't matter what theme you use. You can go look for a theme. You can look at my website. You look at all kinds of other different WordPress hosted websites and what you can do is see what theme they're using and you can then decide on which theme you want to use for your own website. So the most important decision I think you can make is what theme use on your website. The theme you use dictates all the other things that go along. For example, all of these things up The header, the search bar How the blawg post. Look how the footer looks. If I click on something like this, how the sidebar looks all of the videos, all of these things air dictated by how your theme is set up. So ideally, you find a website that looks exactly like what you want and then you just use the same theme as they do and put your own artwork in it. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for you in getting a way to look at what you're doing so that you can figure out which theme you want to use with your WordPress website. 40. How and why to make a child theme in WordPress.: one of the most key things in setting your website up is to use a child theme for your website. This way, the theme itself can be updated without messing up your website. While most people use some kind of theme on their website on Lee, a small percentage use a child theme. A child theme is basically a copy off the main theme that pulls settings from the main theme. WordPress. For some reason, when you use a theme and then the theme gets updated like there's a new version of it, it overwrites whatever you have going on in the theme, so all of your options are likely to be lost if you're using whatever the theme is. So if you've went and bought one theme or another and you activate it, then you can't update without risking messing your website up. So the solution that people that want to continue to keep their website update and I guess about 30% of theme users use a child theme like I'm doing so that when the theme itself updates all the themes settings, I still say the same within the child theme. Creating a child theme requires you to go into the FTP the back end of your files and copy over and start the child theme. That way there's good guide. If you search for how to create a child theme in WordPress 2015 there's lots of great guides that will walk you through this. And it's different based on your hosting provider. With Go Daddy, for example, I have to actually go to the S S h and S FTP option here and use 1/3 party program in order to access my FTP. And since you may not be using Go Daddy, there's no point in me going through and showing you exactly how to do that specifically So what I can show you Ah, website I found in the search. It is helpful. It shows you exactly where to go in. Go into your Themes folder, you copy and make a child team. And if you just google it and use a guide, that's exactly what I did. And it works really good that way. If wordpress changes anything by the time you see this, then you will have up to date instruction. So there's lots of good videos and you can especially find them by hosting provider. For example, if you want a tutorial, you can put this same thing, and then you can add your hosting provider and at the end to get help with how to create the child demon, your exact hosting provider. So creating the child theme, it's a little challenging. It's definitely worth the time and effort. Once you found a theme you really like. If you haven't found a theme you like and you're still looking around, then don't bother creating a child theme. Once you're sure you want to make your website in the theme you've got, then I think making a child theme is really worth the time and effort. 41. What are pages and posts in WordPress?: Once you've got your theme set up and you've picked ah, theme you like and preferably using a child theme, then the next step is to get started knowing where you're at in the interface. The first key thing to know is what are pages and what our posts. Now this may work a little differently between various themes, but here's the basics of it. When you make a post on your website, it's intended to be included within your blawg. So when you go to my website and you look at something like jerry banfield dot com slash blawg posts, all of the post you see in this blawg post page were created as a post, so that allows them to be put in categories that allows them to be put in various tags. And that way there set up a part of my blawg. Then I can have various pages. For example, if I go Overton, click on my podcast. This is a page. It is a standalone page on the website that is not part of the blawg, as you can see here than you have the blawg post page here, and that's what's nice when you make a blawg post, then it's included. Everywhere you have all your blonde posts, the pages, then our standalone parts of the website, which is really helpful for things like having a contact page, especially you. Just add the page in and then it's not on the Blawg. So that's really simple to get started. And yet for me, that was real confusing. Toe learn getting started. So that's the difference between a post and a page in WordPress. 42. How do you add plugins to WordPress and why use them?: plug ins are essential in WordPress to get things running in a way that you can do things like S CEO with minimal effort and to add some plug ins that will speed up your website or give you additional options beyond what your theme has. You can see this s E o tab. This is from a plug in. I'm using. So all the plug ins you click on plug ins and that allows you to look at all the plug ins you're using these air, the plug ins I'm using on my website. Right now, I have the admin menu editor, which allows me to customize this more. I have the admiral retargeting, and I am not using this much, too. Do comments. This is four comments Bam! And right now it's I only have comments. On a few pages, I have my Alexa plug in, which allows me to have certified traffic and to analyze my traffic on Alexa. I have all 44 redirect a home pages is really nice because I changed a lot of things on my website. So then when there's a broken page, you are all it all goes back to the home page instead of displaying some nasty error message. Then I have the G zip ninja speed compression, which allows my website to load faster, which helps it for ranking ire and Google and a better user experience. I then have how low bar that I can use to put a little bar like this on the top anywhere in the website. And then I'm using Yost s CEO to get this S e o tab up here, which makes it really easy to do the basic S CEO functions in a WordPress. Then I have all of these inactive plug ins here. These are old things I used before, like deleting all comments, Facebook comments, plugging filament to do social media, sharing a go daddy quick set up. I don't need that now, since it's all set up Google analytics, This is already integrative. My theme header and footer allows me to put text or code in at the header and footer of every pray age. Very helpful if I needed it to do conversion tracking, especially male chimp nice for integrating with email marketing and then some of these other plug ins I had here I don't use anymore. So plug ins. If you play around with them, especially getting your website started, it's nice to play around with things before you've spent a lot of time and energy getting your website set up. You can see the exact plug ins I'm using on my website here to give you an idea of what is helping me right now to have my website the way it is. So what? You can dio you with plug ins. You always have to update them as well. If the developer makes updates, so then what you can do is you can hit update in order to get the plug in back on. The current level usually want tohave things updated that you're using, because often there can be errors in the code or various problems that security issues, for example, that could be exploited in older versions of plug ins. So you keep the plug ins up to date. Now what's challenging with plug ins? If you put the wrong plug in with the wrong theme, you can break your website. So what you can do, especially with plug ins, it's important you want to back up your website whenever possible. 43. How do you download a backup copy of your WordPress website?: so you can do that. You can go into tools and you can go to export. And this will make everything from your website. You can just hit, download export file and that will pull everything from your website all in tow. A file that then if something happens, you can upload. You can use the import tool and you can upload everything back into your website. So I just exported and backed up right there using tools town. So I appreciate you watching this about plug ins, and I hope this is useful for you in your WordPress website adventures. 44. Widgets in WordPress for addons in the sidebar, header, and footer.: one thing I had a hard time understanding. Getting started with WordPress was what is a widget and your appearance tab. So if you go over to something else and then you go back to the appearance tab, then you can get into the widget setting. So if you go to appearance, you go to widgets, then these widgets, our little tools you can use on your website. For example, this is a header widget I have up here that shows my Facebook page here with my likes on it . This is a widget that allows people to search my website. This is a widget that displays my blawg post. All of these are widgets at the bottom of my website. So these widgets will vary by theme. When you use different themes, they will come with different options. So my theme has these widgets available, and what you can do is just look at what the widgets your theme has available and what you can do with those. And sometimes there's things like a text widget that allow you to put in all kinds of customizable things, and it's nice to have a theme that will allow you to do more advanced things. That that, for example, my theme to put this Facebook, which it in at the top. I had to work with support and I made a header text widget that I then put the code in from Facebook and then switch something in the CSS file. And now it's up here and this sounds really scary and difficult. I know because that's how it sounded to me. It was really scary and challenging and a pain to get started with WordPress. But the more time and effort you put into it and the better theme you choose, the easier everything gets. 45. On page SEO is very easy to do with the free Yoast SEO plugin.: the O. C s CEO Plug in. I believe it's free. Makes it really easy to do s CEO on your website. When you show up in Google search results, you will have your snippet and the U. S s CEO plug and allows you to look at exactly what's going on in your snippet. You can do things like change the title here. If I put in three words here, then the title comes up That will actually show up in Google. The meta description. You can put in a few words here and it will show up in your meta description. You can put in a focus keyword like words, and it will then analyse how you're using that throughout the post. And then when you're up at the top, at least in my theme word is you can edit and make the URL exactly what you wanted to so that when you're down here in the Yost s CEO Tab, you can see exactly what s CEO properties the Post has. So it's good on this one. If I can show you an example that's live. So on this one, I'll go to Facebook. I'll go to Ah, you are on my website and I go to, uh, the facebook ones I'll just searched for in Google Facebook ads disabled because this is one of the top posts on my website and you'll notice probably because I'm signed in. It showed up number one. And so this is the post here, and the basic format to rank a post high is a very long in depth blawg post like this. That's why that's ranked high. And then you go to edit posts on what you can see all of the options title the Earl, the block post itself, and then I scroll down into the S CEO section. So what I've got, I have a very specific keyword. I have an analysis of where the keyword is and you'll note everything's green here it's in the heading the title the You are all the content in the meta description. And then I've got the meta description down here and the S CEO title is too long. I could change it. I don't see the need to change it at the moment when I go into page analysis, then I get an idea of how my S CEO is looking, according to Google, It shows me the things that are important. It has the things like how easy it is to read. And all these little green indicators, then, are a sign I'm doing a good job with S E 0 20 100 words in the post. The keyword appears at the beginning. Meta description contains the keyword, all these air based on what you put in for your keyword. And then you have advanced options like rather, you want follower. No follow whether you want there, Google or any other search engines to ignore the website or not. And then you can even have social options. You can put an image in for Facebook for Google. Plus, it's extremely helpful for getting your post set up in a way that maximize your on Page S CEO with very little effort. So this plug in the Yost S CEO is key for me in getting my post to rank well, and you can see what I've done on one of the post. That's ranking really well right here to get that to happen. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's useful for you 46. Adding a user to your WordPress website and building your future.: I've covered the basics of WordPress with you. And from here, it's simply a matter of putting mawr of your time and effort into WordPress. I've covered what I thought were the most essential things that I learned getting started. The most frustrating things to get figured out and the most important from here is just a matter of putting time and energy into your WordPress website. Now, you might look at it and say, Man, you know, how do I I wanna have all these posts like you have? I want I have all the search results. How can I get all this done? It just looks overwhelming. And if you look at my website, the sheer amount off posts to me is just ridiculous. And it takes consistent learning an effort. And then it takes help to I've done this. I have a freelancer. She works through up work. She puts almost all these posts on my website. I make the videos. As you can see, I'm the guy. I make the videos and Aiken talk so much faster than I can type. And then when I have heard do is I have her put the actual take the video and turn it into a post. For example, if you scroll down here, this is one that she did and she's got the post all set up here and it goes all the way back to January. So if I scroll back here and look for another recent post that's been done, here's one and all I do is make the videos and then she goes through in transcribes and gets this text in here like this. So if you really want to be able to scale up a some point, you can get help in that you your help might be through an automated program. You could dictate your post. There's so many things you can do. If you continually spend time trying to get to know your WORDPRESS website, make it better. One of the best things you can do is have a beautiful WordPress website. Ah, Blawg builds trust, especially when people see this blogger on my website. They know I'm not just here overnight, and when you build something like this, you can build a lot of trust, a lot of traffic and a lot of good things. If you want to add help It's in the users, man, you and your WordPress admin and you click. Add new, and then you add the user. Here, you send them the password. It will be sent via email when you add them, and then you can have people help out. I recommend having all content. You create all of your own voice on your website without using guest authors or anything like that. I paid a guy to make Blawg post before it doesn't work because people come for your unique voice, especially if it's on your website. And if you have some company website that might work when people come to jury banfield dot com, they expect Jerry Banfield, not ah, guest author. So for better or worse, you really need to do your own content on your own website. And the nice thing is, your unique voice will often work really well for search. The hallmark I found of paying an author to write on my blawg is that their post got almost no search traffic because they were too generic, and that's what tends to happen when you do your own post. Rather, it's in a video transcribed every whether you write them. You can write about things you're doing for examples. Simple steps to verify your Facebook fan page. I mean, that's very specific. It's right towards when I'm doing, and then it gets search traffic because it's related and explained exactly on one thing that I'm doing. So this is working really well for me, and you can do all of this within a year. You might look at my website and go, Oh my God, I know. When I started my WORDPRESS website, it was awful and it's just frustrating when you put a little time into it. Every day you'll keep learning. You can have a website up that's trustworthy for a low cost that build you whatever you're looking to build in terms of audience or income, and you can do it within a year. And it's very powerful for freelancing online. Ah, great WordPress website is something very few freelancers have relative to how many there are. So when you do this, you can really stand out, and you can give the boats to the world each day. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you. 47. What is Upwork and how can you use it?: up work is Thea largest online work platform in the world. And there are some amazing things you can do on up work. The main functionalities you can see is right here to find freelancers or to become your own freelancer and to get found. This is the main thing I use up work for. And here's an example of what takes place on up work. This is a job I have up now. YouTube video content writer. This is something I'm hiring for right now with $1000 budget on the job posting. Really? It's an indefinite thing cause I'm continuing to make YouTube videos and then the jobs right here. People make proposals, and then they get hired and get paid. And the beauty of it is these air all online, so you can do the work anywhere in the world. Up work is an amazing platform where you can use your skills to make some real money online , and this is one I'm doing on up work. I'm mainly hiring people now, so as a person that hires a lot of people on up work and who's worked with hundreds of different people, you might appreciate learning about some of the things that I see make it easy to be a successful freelancer on up work and make it easy to hire people successfully on up work. I've spent over 30,000 paying people to work from the comfort of their home, to do things for me all over the world and all kinds of different countries. And now $5.30 is average hourly rate I've paid. However, if you look at the math here, a significant part of what I've paid has been project based jobs also. So this is what you can do on up work, and from here it's I met a question of how much effort you want to put into it, learning about what goes on in up work and what the easiest opportunities are for you to be successful on up work. 48. What I am doing on Upwork today and what opportunities you might have.: What am I doing today on up work? And how does this reflect a great opportunity for you today on up work, this YouTube video content writer job posts a perfect example off a great way you can get started. I don't mean with this actual job post. I mean, with this type of job post on up work. And if you're looking to hire, this is one of the most valuable things. I think up work offers is the ability to find people that will do time consuming tasks well and completely handled on outsourced. What this job looks for is someone to take this video, and they've already done it. This is a finished product here. Someone has taken this video and written this description out. Now, this doesn't take very long to do, and yet it takes me long enough to do it actually discourages me from doing more, because then I know I need to do the description. One of the biggest differences between videos that get watched more and videos that don't are a nice description on the videos that do get watch and the videos that don't get watched as much tend to not have much work put in here. There are all kinds of jobs like this on up work. As you can see, all the person needs to do is watch the video and then type of description up. If you've completed a few grades in school, this is something that is possible. And there's tons of jobs like this on up work. And there's tons of good people that can help out if you can hire several people and give them each a chance. So why I say this is a great way to start is because there's not a lot of skills you need to have our emphasize jobs like this. You just need to actually do the work, and you can do the work and learn and earn as you learn and watch videos and are doing the work. Then you can get more skills that will be more valuable on pay at a higher rate, and these are also project based. So the people, as you can see here, I asked what they charge for video. So then I know what I'm getting and whoever does the work knows what they're getting to a fixed payment for a fixed amount of work. These kinds of jobs are awesome on up work because they don't require you have a bunch of technical knowledge, which you might or might not have Starting out now, the best opportunities on up work are the ones that require specialized knowledge. So I'll go back and show you here the other jobs I'm hiring. The other jobs I'm hiring have a lot more specialized knowledge. I'm looking for contractors that have programming experience. For example, here's a react Js course. I'm looking for contractors that have programming experience specifically in react J s. And now you'll notice this is a $5000 budget and these air to make video tutorials, you can see here $50 per video. You can often get paid really well to teach and do technical experience jobs on up work. So if you can start with something that uses the skills you already have, and you can continue to a level up and add more skills and develop your skills well enough on up work that then you can get the higher paying jobs. Now, if you already have these skills, go straight for them. If you don't getting these jobs on up work that just require you to use the skills you do have. I will give you time to learn into these more higher paying skills. So this is how I'm using up work. And this is the opportunity I see available for you. 49. Upwork is a good place to get to know the talents you have.: up work is a great place to get to know the skills you have when you have to put the skills you have down online when you have to actually enter them in. It's a great opportunity to get to know yourself better. And ultimately, if you want toe work online successfully as a freelancer, you want to be able to know the skills you have in a way that you can clearly describe them to someone else. So here's my up work personal profile, where I show what I do and you'll see I've listed my skills on here. And then I show proof that I actually know how to do them on my you to meet page, my website and my YouTube channel. And then I put up a couple of things to show what I've done with those skills. Your upward profile is like a resume that you can use online, and it's like a portfolio. Also, in just the work of building that resume air building that perform yo helps you get to know yourself better, and then through getting to know yourself better, you can more effectively match what skills you have with what work people need to be done, and that's where you end up making money. That's what I'm lucky to have been able to do is to match my skills up with what people need up work is really helpful to figure out what it is people need and where you meet up with that now up work. This is a general profile overview, and I'll give you more specifically. Where you can see is that I have the headline and then these skills right here are my best opportunity to show what skills I have in terms of search results. Now, when you go down here, then when someone's viewing my profile, you can get a lot more there, and the portfolio is a great place to show, not tell. When I say I do Facebook, I have a link to my Facebook page when I say, Do you two have a link to my YouTube channel, both with pictures off what I've done and then down here? I love the tests now. I havent taken these tests for a couple years, and yet even when I took them, I got good scores on the test and the tests are good way to see really what you have in the basics at least now. Google AdWords test. What does that really mean? If you can't get conversions are actually do good work with that. It doesn't matter how good you do on the test. So this is a great place. You can see the value of having up work profile. Even if you never get hired on up work. You can see the value of going through and taking the time and cataloging all of these skills you have so that you can understand what you do. And that, to me, is really valuable. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you. 50. If you want to get hired on Upwork, put time and effort into your profile.: If you want to get hired on up work, put some time and energy into making good profile The biggest weakness. I see most people have that want to get hired as a freelancer. They have profiles that clearly they haven't spent much time working on. There's a little bit, maybe 30 minutes to an hour or so of basic time to just put in a headline in a few skills. And then there's very little effort beyond trying to write a bunch of things that they can do and promise that they can do in the actual profile itself. If you want to get hired, it's very hard to get that first job or two. And the one way you can really stand out is just take time loving time and energy to make your profile look good. Do your best to get a good picture to get everything in here lined up and do your best to show rather than tell, for example, in the overview, I don't need to hear about how you're going to make my life amazing and do all this great work, put a little bit and preferably linked to things you've actually done whatever skills you're using. If you have a YouTube video showing how you do that skill that's so much more powerful than trying to explain to me about it. In the overview in the portfolio, the portfolio is your time to shine. If you say you do graphic design, please show the graphic you've made. If you say you do WordPress writing, please show some of the blawg post you've written or some of the work you've done for clients. If you say you do social media marketing like I do, for heaven's sake, put some pictures in off pages you've promoted. If you say you do YouTube show me some results on a YouTube channel. If you say you can do Internet marketing, take the test for it. It only takes 15 minutes. It took me 15 minutes. If you say you can do some of these other skills that have a test, take the test with, um, you know, this took hours to complete these of the tests I got my best scores on, and so these are ones I show in my profile. Take the time to fill out a rial employment history, not just something that reads like a resume. Fill out something that has more life to it. Put your education and put some time and effort into Europe. Work profile. Even if you don't get hired, you'll learn more about what you need to do in order to advance yourself online. When you realize you don't have any good videos or you don't have any good things to show for what you're trying to do that you can just linked to when you realize you don't have a portfolio, then you can see the work you can do in order to make one. When you don't have much to do. It's a great opportunity to show what you can do to take time to build that portfolio, to take time to build your own website, to make some videos on you to make your own courses, whatever it is you need to do because people don't want to hire people who haven't done anything who haven't shown they've done something. So take time. If you don't have anything to show to get to work, making it your upward profiles a great place to get motivated to show what you can do and the more you show what you can do. You stand out so much from everyone else. Most everyone else just tells you what they can do. If you can show what you can dio with, you don't have to explain much. Then you see my profiles. Very sure it I don't need to tell you what I can do. I've got my unity profile, my website and YouTube channel in these portfolios. I don't need to sit there and explain it to you for six hours. You can see exactly what I've already done. So I hope this motivate you to put that work in your profile before you try and go apply to a whole bunch of jobs. You can waste your time a lot applying the jobs. If you don't have a profile, it looks good. And if you see your profile just doesn't have what it takes to be good right now, work on that before trying to get a whole bunch of jobs, so that can save you a ton of time and energy down the road. If you put the energy up front into presenting yourself well, 51. A great Upwork profile headline has exact skills and attracts attention.: the most important part of your upward profile is your headline. Your headline is this set of text that is visible when you're searching for profiles and that comes up in search results with your headline. You want to communicate what you do in the shortest, most powerful way, combined with the actual skills. It's tricky to do both, and it takes time and effort, and sometimes you can just see what other people are doing. Other times, it's much better to be original so you can stand out for me. This is my headline. I teach 75,000 students. Facebook ads, YouTube, Google AdWords on you To me this way, when people search for Facebook ads YouTube, Google AdWords or you to me or teaching, they're liable to find me. And this is what you want. You want your skills up in that headline because when I search for freelancers, the headline is one of the first things I noticed and a headline and includes the exact skills I want, combined with the skills below is very powerful. For example, I want someone to do Google AdWords for me. I would love to see they have Google AdWords in their headline and in their skills that way , no Google AdWords is one of their specialties. Now, if I search for something like AdWords and I see someone as Facebook ads in YouTube but not Google AdWords in their headline, then I'm less likely to think that's the exact right person for me. Whatever you choose to put in your headline is critical in determining what kind of jobs you'll get, and you may not get it right. The 1st 2nd 3rd 5th or 20th time. This is probably my 20th headline on here. I had some different one before I went to make this video, and so I fixed it into this one. Now, which matches more with my linked in headline. So put some effort in your headline. It's one of the most important areas you can work on. Is getting this little headline right, So thank you. And I hope this is useful when you're making your headline 52. I find and hire freelancers on Upwork based primarily on the skills listed.: The main way I hire and find people on up work is through the skills listed on their profile, and especially if you get skills like this that have a check mark next to him, it shows you've been tested in that category. These air, the skills that I've listed on my profile, the skills you list can take a little bit of work to get to see exactly which skills you have that people are hiring on and exactly which skills you have that are needed. And exactly which skills reflect the kind of work you want to do. For example, if I wanted to get hired on up work, but I didn't enjoy editing other people's videos, I wouldn't want to put final cut pro X on my skills. I put the things I like to do on here and the things I am especially verifiably good at now . I'm not trying to get hired on up work. If I was trying to get hired on up work, the focus on things like skills like WordPress, AdWords, social media marketing, Facebook marketing paper, click especially, but I would bet some of these the camped Asian final cut pro X could be really easy also, because people need help with technical work, things like editing videos. There's a lots of work in things like using programs and software, how people need you to use them. So for these, you want exact skills. If I was trying to get hired on up work, I would take off motivational speaking on here because I'm not likely to get a freelancing job off the motivational speaking skill and something like Google AdWords or Internet marketing. These tests are ideal, and it can be better sometimes to even have less skills and have them look good. For example, if I wanted to go minimalist, I just have these three skills I've tested on, so the skills can take a bit of work. Also, to figure out exactly what skills you have, you'd be amazed at how many skills you have that you might not even realize. For example, I just realized before making this that I could put camped Asian final cut Pro X. I have a lot of skill with both of these programs, and I've used them a lot, and yet I didn't think to put that on my up work profile until just before making this video, because these air exact programs that are helpful in for other people. So when you have exact programs you can use, your good at that was of the best skills to put on up work. More general things often will get you more general jobs like motivational speaking. There's all kinds of random things I've liable to get, whereas with you to marketing a WordPress, I'm likely to get exact types of jobs that people will find me qualified for. The main way I find people is through the skills they put, and I usually I'm looking for exact skills in my jobs. So something like Camp Tasia if I wanted help with making Camp Tasia videos videos in Camp Tasia, I would search for Camped Asia's skills, and I would Onley look at freelancers that had camped Asia in the actual skill block and or in the headline, The most powerful thing you do is match whatever you have in the headline up with the skills, Um, so you can see I've got Facebook marketing here and Facebook ads here. There is no Facebook ads skill, or I would certainly put that in there. Google AdWords here. Google ad words in the headline has no you, Tamir, I'd put you to me in there. You do your best with the skills and you can only pick 10 of them. Which makes it challenging because I like to keywords stuff whenever possible and put every single thing I've ever done before on there. So it again takes time to figure out exactly what 10 skills are worth putting on there. And perhaps most importantly, which of those skills do you actually want to get hired on? Do you want to really help people with the skill you're putting in there? And if you don't want to do work on it, then don't put this skill in there. So I hope this useful for you and learning about putting your skills in on up work. 53. I hire people with the understanding that I cannot predict their performance.: for hiring on up work and for getting a job on a pork. The idea of predicting the performance of a freelancer by the employer is a big part of understanding how people higher and how to get hired and why it's important to get your first job, especially I'll understand as someone who hires people on up work that I cannot predict who is going to do great work for me beforehand. It doesn't matter how much energy they put into their profile doesn't matter how many reviews they have. It doesn't matter what skills they have listed. There's no good way for me to predict exactly who's going to do the best work, and that makes my hiring a lot easier because I know what I need to do is give several people a chance and see who proves to me that they do the best work. If you can find someone like this getting started, these can be the easiest jobs to get hired for working for someone like me who's willing to give several people a chance because I don't know who is going to actually do the best work . I've seen tons of freelancers with great, impressive profiles that do not produce good work, and I've seen lots of others with same that are too busy or they don't have a genuine interest in doing what I need done. The trick is to match up Ah, freelancer that can do what needs to be done and is willing toe actually do it. So for my hiring, I try and start small. And if you want to get a job, finding a small job can be one of the easiest to find a $20 job or something simple. And, of course, it can turn out to be a nightmare. The thing is, when I'm hiring, I want to see who will prove to me that they're worth giving more work. So I work on the assumption that most people aren't going to do much or do very well, and some will do exceptionally well. For example, I had a project building spreadsheets of Facebook, Page whirls. I hired 10 or 20 different freelancers to do it. I didn't put the standards up real high for exactly what I expected, and then I allowed them toe work as hard as they could add it. The amazing thing. Waas that one guy. Dida's much work as all the rest combined for $2 an hour. It was amazing. I was paying People are, ah, much higher than that, maybe eight or $10 an hour that had nice profiles and looked like they really know what they're doing. This one guy in the Philippines for $2 an hour did more than everyone else combined. That's what I'm talking about is finding that freelancer that really does an exceptional job. And you know, what he got soon enough was making double what he started, which I guess is is good money in the Philippines. And he did a ton of great work for me. So whichever end of that hiring your on it could be helpful to understand the need to match up the freelancer in the contractor together, just like a dating relationship. Everyone needs to get what they want out of working together. If you're not getting what you want out of working with a client or freelancer on up work, it's a waste of time and in fact it could be a waste of money. Also 54. How to look for jobs on Upwork and sort into exactly which ones you want.: How do you find jobs on up work? You go to your freelance or profound. You clicked, find jobs. And once here, if you fill out your profile and you've picked up your categories, you will get all these recommended jobs here. Now, I honestly think the recommended jobs can work really well, depending on what field you're in. And they can be total crap, depending on other skills you have. When I rely on is theme the advanced search, especially to find jobs. So I'll show you how I look for a job on up work. So you start off with whatever skill you want. For example, if you want to do Facebook ads and you search for Facebook ads and now the key is to narrow down the jobs into the ones worth working. I like to sort by newest because when people first post a job is when they're usually most excited about it. When people have got a job up for a long time, they've often forgot about it, and they're ignoring it. What you can do here, if you like this particular search, you can add this job, do your job feed or at this search. So I put this searching here and I put Facebook ads, and now these jobs will come up on my job feed in the future so that when those I can make those default jobs better the way I was talking about a minute ago. So I go back and search Facebook ads, and now what I can do down here. I can narrow this down by all of these various things on the side. So fixed price jobs often can be a lot easier to get because the client has specific thing they want done. And often not as many people will apply for a fixed price job because it's not hourly, so the fixed price ones can be easier to get started with. However, if you're working on up work and you want hourly, most freelancers tend toe want hourly because there's guaranteed pay in there now for me, I like fixed price in the sense of you can do the work really fast and well and get the job done. So for this we're going to start with hourly, and now if I want on Lee the highest pay rate, then I can take these two off. So I'm getting the highest pay rate according to what the clients have set on the job, and now I can narrow it down. Now, the risk you use when you do it like this if you always sort like this, for example, if you want to on Lee work for the best clients, well, that doesn't make sense if you don't have any jobs you've worked for. In other words, if you haven't worked for anyone, it might make sense to try and work with a client that has no hires. If you're you've got a profile going, you're trying to get some better jobs. My thought is that an hourly at the expert level with the established client is the way to go so you can continue to hit all these sort options here, and then you can zoom out. Now I've zoomed back out, and now I've got just jobs where the clients willing to pay at the expert level that are hourly and where they've hired at least one person already. So these are a lot different jobs. There's only 86 now. If you remember the original search, there were 900 jobs or so on the original search. Now, this is a lot more narrow selection of jobs, and all of these have been posted within the last two days. So to me, these air ideal there's a lot mortgage jobs available for Facebook ads than when I used to apply on here. So if I wanted to do some work on Facebook ads, these air the jobs, I would get toe work applying on here. And then I also would check things like the fixed price. So if you go back, you can just uncheck all of these. You can it show all to put them back on you? Can it show all? And then you can sort things like, If you want to do fixed price, you might not want to work with anyone who hasn't hired before, especially for fixed price. So then you can even do take off with 1 to 9 hires to get some better clients, and then you can even scale the budget up to make sure their at least willing to work for a couple $100 to get started. However, if you wanted to get your first job, you might be able to get a great review cleaning up on one of these easier projects. For example, a project like this with a $3000 budget, someone who commanded 100 to 200 Facebook accounts. That's obviously going to take a lot more effort to do that, and you're the competition for That's going to be higher. So if you turn down the budget back to zero, you can see something like this. $15. You can expect that. Here's another 1 $15. You can expect that some of these air a lot easier projects, and it might be a lot easier to actually get the job on this. 55. The key is matching what you offer with what you apply for.: getting jobs on up work is a lot like dating. You want to be matched up with the right person for where you're at. And ultimately a client is just a person or freelancer is just a person. You want to get matched up in the right situation. You don't want to work with a client that expects too much of you, and you don't want to work with a client that expects to little love you, so it just like dating it can often take a lot of time and effort to find a handful of clients for yourself that match up well. The best thing you can do is try and choose which jobs to apply to, just like with dating. Choose which person you asked to go out with you. And don't expect much getting started. You can see all these different jobs, even based on the sorting, and you can see earlier I made a lot of poor choices for which jobs to apply to. If you accept, you're going to fail a lot, you can do your best click on a job, see which one matches up for you, and once you do that, then apply for it and don't expect anything. The more you do it, it will work out At some point. I've hired hundreds of freelancers on up work. Thousands of people have applied to my jobs, and it's just a numbers game. Once you take the time to choose which jobs you apply to, the main choice you have is which jobs you apply to. You don't choose who hires you. You don't choose almost anything else except which jobs you apply to and what you've got to show to a job you applied to. The more out of the box. You can think especially to get started. There could be great opportunities. Just using your native English speaking can be a big resource. For example, if you search for maybe if you like to do something like voiceover, just having a native English language speaking can be a huge talent, and you might have some huge talents that you might not realize wherever you are. You've got talents that are appreciated now. How much appreciate? I don't know. It takes a getting to know the talent you have so you could do something like voiceover voice talent. You can search for all kinds of different things you could do. And when you don't have a job, the more you can think out of the box and find people who really need work done. Now you see, sometimes the searches don't work that well on up work. And that's okay. The MAWR effort you put into searching. The better result you can get, for example, you might be able to type something in like re marketing. There might be a certain search term you put in that will almost instantly match you up with the right kind of audience, and then you can do other things that will not match you up with the correct audience at all. The better you get to know yourself and the skills you're doing, the easier it can be to match up what you're doing with what people need you to do. Just like dating. You've gotta be matched up with a person who need you to do things for them that match what you can offer and that match what you need done for you. So it's tricky and it takes a lot of effort, and I don't think that's very apparent. I know to me. I was shocked at how hard it Waas to find that good client relationship. And yet, if I would have thought of it Mawr like this, you don't need tohave. 100 people hire you on up work. All you really need is toe. Have about five or 10 people that you can build good, ongoing relationships with that you can build good, ongoing healthy work relationships with, and then that way you can keep doing good work with them over time. And if you can also accept that sometimes upward just won't work properly, and that's often the thing that will happen with up workers, you'll get an error page with it, so up works full of errors. Also, whenever you apply for jobs, make sure you save the things you've type out in case you get some kind of ever like this and whenever you search, put the keywords down somewhere that you're using. So if you did a search and forgot about it up, work didn't load. You can remember it for later. So if you want those jobs, put the effort into it and back up your work. Thank you, and I hope this is helpful 56. Jobs with real work to be done on an ongoing basis are ideal.: for applying to jobs. I like something like this where there's really will work to be done. And even if it's a simple job posting Facebook advertising expert like this one, is it asked to design various ad campaigns for Facebook and retargeting ads? There's really, well work to be done here on an ongoing basis. At least that's what the job post sounds like. So these are the kind of jobs I like, where you can see there's concrete work that needs to be done. There's hourly pay, and the experience is intermediate or expert. People want help that has validated and proven experience and are willing to pay a decent hourly rate for it. To me, these are the kind of jobs I'm often posting now. And these are the kind of jobs that I would be applying for if I was trying to do work on up work, something where I could get paid hourly to essentially learn and building in demand skill. So if you have the ability to match up your skills with something like this where you can get paid a good hourly rate and there's really work to do, then those seem to be good jobs to apply for 57. How to make an impressive job application in 10 minutes.: This is a job that looks like the exact kind of job I would apply for if I really wanted work on up work, because it has really work to do. It is an hourly jobs. You get guaranteed payout of doing the work on it. It's expected to continue for a long time, and they're willing to pay for it now. For re ally would not apply for this job. If I wasn't making this course, however, I'm going to apply for this job right now to show you how to do it and to lead by example. Because if I wanted to work on up work, this is a job I would apply for so you can look at the job and see There's last viewed two days ago. So the clients keeping in touch with us there's 25 proposals. They're interviewing six. That's pretty good odds to me to apply for the job. They've got nine reviews there. A. They've spent a lot of money on up work and they have a good pair eight. So that's ideal to me. So I'm going to do is submit a proposal for rial to this job now their average pay rate is 10 or $11 an hour. And my pay rate, which is what I accept to do hourly work right now is $1000 now or in the maximum puts 9 99 So I'm not likely to get this job, which is fine, because I'm not trying. I don't care about actually getting it. If you can have that kind of attitude, you can also make it a bit more light hearted. You can not take everything so seriously when you're applying to it like you need it and you got to have it and you absolutely aren't going to know what you do if you don't get this job and you're setting up expectations in the future for when I get this job, I'm gonna do this and then I work in home, and then I go full time. If you just kind of apply for it like I'm applying for it. I'm expecting nothing out of this, Absolutely nothing. And that's the beauty of it. I have nothing to lose except a few minutes here, and I'm going to show you how I do it myself and the for real. Now I will actually try and get this job in the application. This is what I would do if I really wanted to get it. The thing is, when I'm applying for a job, I do not want to invest time applying to a job in spending a whole bunch of energy to try and show off to someone I don't know already. That's why I've set up the show and tell Principal earlier in this You want things you can simply show to allow the client to get to know you so you don't have to sit here and talk a big game when it comes into having to apply to the job. So I'll show you exactly the easiest way to apply to a job in the lowest amount of time here. And I'm going to do this in real time to make it fully transparent. So for the cover letter, I want to say something simple for the additional questions, maybe a couple of relevant questions about the technical work and then suggestions to make the project run successfully. I'll probably skip that. So what I want to do on the cover letter is explained to them immediately that and show what experience I have with Facebook ads. And and then I can ask the questions in here. So first, I'd like to start off with something like, Thank you for posting this job and reviewing my application because there's a real person on the other end reading this. And most people want to get immediately into talking about themselves. Let's favorite subject most of us to talk about is me. So what I try to do start off. Hey, thank you for posting this and reviewing my application. Now that starts off talking about you that immediately stands out from 95% of the people that apply. That's an eyebrow raiser right there. Oh, okay. This is this guy's not just bs ing around. This isn't a usual applicant. This is someone who's a little more awaken aware. I guess you could say so. That kind of I love starting out with line like this. This is very effective. I use this and almost everything. I start out with gratitude and a genuine appreciation for whatever they're doing for me. Right this second, which is looking at this application. Now I want to show, not tell and I don't want to take 15 hours to write off. A 5000 character description is cover letter of how great I am. I would rather just show them what I can do. You can see the experience I have managing Facebook ads for hundreds of clients. Now that sounds like I'm trying to talk it up too much, and that's what a lot of people might put on there. So I'm not going to do that. So let's not try and sound impressive. Let's try and sound not so impressive and get them to watch it. You can see the experience Higham aging Facebook ads in these tutorials I have created on YouTube showing how to use the power editor and Facebook adds manager for retargeting and Page likes. So now all I have to do is drop YouTube videos in there, so I've roll over to my YouTube channel. All I have to do now is copy a link to this video. You see, I've got a very powerful and I thought I had something else in here. I have a very powerful application in terms of this video shows that I really know what I'm doing and If they don't wanna watch it, then good. I don't need to get this job then. So right here you can see the experience. I'm managing Facebook ads in this tutorial, and I'll just share one. Keep it simple in this tutorial I created on YouTube in October 2015 showing how to use the power that on Facebook as manager for re marketing ads. Now that video has everything I need to share with the client in it. I don't need to do anything else for it. And I'm not going to put my you Timmy course on here because that's not fair. Honestly, you may not have you to me. Course. There's no reason you can't make a YouTube video using the information in this course and then have it to share in your application. There's no reason you can't do that, so I'm not going to use anything like my Facebook course to try and get this job or anything. So this is exactly the format you could use here. There's no reason you can't do it exactly like this, and that's it. Thank you for posting his job moving. You can see the experience I have created not using this tutorial created on YouTube showing how to use the power editor exactly what they're likely to need, showing that I'm actually doing it while I'm doing it for myself. What else do I need to say? At this point? I don't need to say anything else there. I've kept this short because what I want to do is prove that they're actually interested now for $1000. Now they're probably not. What I want to do, though, is verify mutual interest. I've given enough right here. This is enough to get them interested. So I'm not going to put anything else in here I've given them. I said, thank you for viewing this. I gave them right there. Enough. You can see the experience right there for yourself Now. Questions for the job description. This is where you asked things relevant to what you know. Are you using the business manager? If I could spell business manager to make ads or are you using a personal account? This is very important for knowing the actual details of the work. The two ways of setting us up are significantly different, and I can tell a lot about a potential client based on rather using the business manager a personal account. Ah, client that's really up on things and got there. Business set up in a way that's easy to run and work with will be using the business manager If they're using a personal count. I automatically understand they're not as far ahead, and they need a lot more help with that. So I am not necessarily going to decide to take this job based on that. And this question, though, is relevant to what I need to know. And again, I want to keep it simple. I know nothing about this client. They've posted very little, so I don't want to spend any more time in here. Are using the biz. There we go. That's all I need to know. Do you have any suggestions to make this project run successfully on? And here's where you can close it. I appreciate you taking a look at this and hope to hear from you soon and then sincerely, Jerry Banfield. Now this has been completed in real time. I haven't the only thing I I stripped about five seconds looking for the video on my YouTube channels. You didn't have to wait through that. So this has been completed in real time. You've seen exactly how long. Right now, it's taking me to go through and apply to this job. And I'm actually going to submit this because I went to take the time to do all this and hell, if they're willing to pay me 1000 an hour, I might actually help them. So you've got everything set up here and make sure your billing rate is what you want it to be. Now, obviously, if you really want to get a job, the billing rate is the most important thing on here. I don't care about this getting this job. So I've set the billing rate as high as it will let me, because that's the minimum I would work for to do it. So it's important. Look, and put the minimum you would actually put to do it. If you put your rate too low, you're going to resent doing the job. You're going to stop doing it whenever you get some better work. If you put your rate too high like this is more than likely to high, you're not likely to even get any follow up on the job, although I would say it's better to put your rate too high and having the client come back with lower rate than to put it to low and you not genuinely want to do the work. So now that I've got this done, I click submit a proposal and this is what it looks like. Hopefully, when you go through and apply to the job, there you go. Proposals submitted for Facebook Advertising Expert Now that used up two of my connects. I have 90 connects, so there's a fin it amount of jobs I could apply for. I have around 40 more than I could apply for. And once you've submitted the job than you can hit, view all my submitted proposals. So you'll see. I've got this set up here and it's in the submitted proposals down here. Facebook advertising expert. And that's all I have to do now is wait for feedback, and there's no reason to sit there and get all excited about it in terms of OK, one of they just wait. If you you can assume on most jobs you apply to, they won't respond. If you apply to 10 jobs, will be lucky to get a response on one of them. So from here you can see it's simply effort. You just apply to as many jobs as you can that are exactly relevant. And then it's effort from here. So thank you for watching this tutorials. I've applied to my first job on up work. I applied the lots on Odette's, but this is the first job I've applied for on up pork. So thanks for watching, and I'll post a video in here. If there's anything that actually happens with this, I'll follow up with you. 58. Avoid posting or applying for jobs people cannot do themselves.: avoid posting or applying for jobs that you can't do yourself or that the person posting it can't do themselves. So what I mean is a job just like this. The reason I say to avoid this is because these kind of jobs end up mostly being a lot of wasted time and energy for the person who posted it and for anyone that applies to it and for anyone that tries to do it. How do I know I've posted a bunch of jobs like this before, and that's exactly what it turned out to be. Here's an example, and I have used a little finder window to block out the course. You are also that I don't try and dime anyone out. Specifically, this says, need a promoter for my you Timmy course, and this job just popped up in my union up work news feed because of my you to me experience. And then here's the description. The 1st 2 lines tell me everything I need to know. I just launched a course on you to meet today. There are no students on it yet, but I need someone to take this course and generate a student base for this course. What does that mean? That means the person is trying to hire someone to do something. They have not even done it all themselves and do not seem to have the ability or interest in actually doing it. So why would you want to apply to that job and have a chance to participate in that set of environment and conditions? If you're going to spend your time posting a job, it's much better toe have done it yourself or to at least have the ability to do it yourself. For example, I post jobs to do subtitles. And while I've never done subtitles before, I certainly could go do them for myself. And when you have with something like this, that is sales related. If you haven't even sold your own core shat, how are you going to hire someone else to try and sell a course that you haven't even sold yet? The technical work, at least it's just a matter of doing it. But you want to stay away from these sales kind of jobs with no proven sales potential. There's a lot of jobs like this on up work, and I posted my share of them and I wasted my time, and I wasted a lot of other people's time trying to sell services for me when I was able to sell them myself, and I could not hire anyone who could sell them. It is harder to sell someone else's product than it is to sell your own. So if someone who's not able to show they can even sell their own product, why would you want to try and help them? Avoiding this kind of job can help you a lot, So when you see a job like this, just stay away from it, especially if it doesn't give you, Ah, good pay rate, especially an hourly pay rate. Now this one does say hourly. But the rest of the description it starts talking pretty negative about what? Not wanting people with no experience in all things like that. So avoid job postings that aren't likely to be a good experience for you, because rather your posting it are applying to it. It's a waste of your time, and if you do the 80 20 principal, most of the jobs on up work, our waste of your time to apply for and most of the kinds of jobs people post on up work, at least in terms of all the individual clients posting jobs, not one client posting a lot. Most of the jobs people post are also waste of time and again, I know from experience. So I hope this is useful for you and showing what kind of job you might want to stay away from. 59. Avoid working with nightmare clients or being a nightmare client.: working with clients on up work is very much like dating. You want to find a client and a freelancer relationship? That's good for you. So the easiest way to do that is avoid the nightmare high maintenance jobs. And this mayor may not be the exact same posting I use is an example before Look on the end of this job Posting important. Do not apply if you want to get paid for showing me that you spent so much time doing some random s your ineffective marketing on the Internet, I need to see value. Now what does this tell you? This tells you you can expect more of the same working with that client. So why would you want to put yourself in that situation? You do not want to get a written to in all caps like you're a child when you're communicating to or from your client. So when you see something like this in a job posting, this is a red flag. Avoid this just like on dating profiles There certain things just about like this except written for dating important. Do not try and date me. If this this or that those are red flags, those of red flags that people are frustrated and aggravated and are likely not to treat you very well working for them. So do not apply for a job like this ever, even if you perfectly fit the disclaimer and you're like OK, yes, yes, I fit that. Do not apply for a job like this unless you are willing to give the client just as aggravating oven experience as a freelancer. If you are the client and you're thinking about posting jobs on up work, think about this. Next time you go to write your job posting, what does this say about you? Capital letters all at the end say that you're impatient, that you're easily aggravated, that you're already frustrated with life generally, and that the freelancer can expect more of that from you if you post like that. The irony is, the only kind of people who are likely to apply are the kind of people you need to write that disclaimer to. It's the law of Attraction. If you put up a dating profile that shows you're a disaster, people who are also a disaster will be happy to come date you if you put up a profile that shows you're healthy, loving and respectful. You will also attract healthy, loving and respectful people and the people who are a disaster sometimes, But usually they'll figure you're too boring. They don't want to mess around with that same thing here. So look at other people's job postings and you can take notes and learn from them wherever you're at. You can see by all the different ways people talk, what you're likely to get when you apply for them. So I hope this gives useful for you to build the ideal client freelancer relationship, whatever you're doing on upward. 60. The pace on Upwork is slow. Avoid jobs needing to be done fast.: you can avoid a lot of aggravation on up work by avoiding posting any jobs that have these ultra narrow time windows. If you see a job like this, have a JSP application with database need that by tomorrow, six days ago? This is not a job you would want to apply for because it was posted to long ago, and the client specifically says, I need that by tomorrow. Avoiding posting a job like this in the first place can save you a few minutes of time. Things on up work tend to move pretty slow, so you don't want to be in a hurry when you're trying to use up work for something, fiver is much better. If you want to be in a hurry up. Work tends to be very slow. It'll take you often a weaker to to move through some of the basic things with people so you don't want to be in a hurry on up work. Whether you're applying to jobs or whether you are needing someone to work for you of work is more of a slow and steady make some money every week kind of website. It's not like fiber, where Everything's often urgent has to be done right away. So skip posting anything like this or applying anything like this on up work. 61. Getting the first job successfully is the hardest thing to do on Upwork.: getting a first job on up work is probably the most challenging thing you can do. I know because I still haven't got my first job on up work. I put my hourly rate too high, and it's not because I didn't try at it. You might have to try a lot to get your first job on up work, especially if you demand a high hourly pay rate. If you've got enough work already that you're not willing to work at a low pay rate to get started on up, work up work may be very challenging with to get started. What I'm going to do, I will show you right now how hard I worked to get jobs on up work. I'll show you every job than I applied for now. These ones were invited, and most of these jobs I applied in 2013 in 2014. It's October 2015 now, and some of them just expired even recently. So let's take a look. These are all the jobs I applied to on up work, and if they're expired, that means I applied to them. So here we go. You can see in here. All these Facebook ad jobs I applied to all these pay per click jobs I applied to. I go over here Page three and these air about roughly 10 of these on every page. So within here, you can see a lot of these continuing to go for 2013. That's around 30 over here to the next page. That's around 40. I applied to a lot of these in December 2013 when my business was heading downhill and a lot of them expired. They never hired. Or they you can see in these here declined by client. I failed a lot of jobs as I was applying for them all kinds of these jobs. And now a lot of these were declined or didn't work out because I set too high of a pair eight and a lot of these the client never followed up on it. So getting your first job on up work can be really difficult. I've just shown you I applied for more than 60 jobs on up work, and this is actually technically imported from oh, desk and I never even got one. It might take you a lot of time and energy honestly to find a job on up work. And the more specialized you are, the more pay rate you demand, the harder it can be to find the right job. If you aren't willing to try and do some of the jobs that are a bit challenging or require a lot of hard work, it can be very hard to have success on up work. So the main thing. If you want to get hired on up work, expect a lot of failure getting started. It can be very difficult to get started on up. Work you saw was showing the section on five or how easy it is to get some gigs on Fiverr. It is hard to get started on upward up. Work is more like a regular job market you very well. If you have high standards like I did for your job, you might need to apply to 100 plus jobs to get one just like the real world. However, if you're willing, the lower your standards and you'll notice when I'm looking through these jobs. I was not willing to lower my standards. I stuck with paper click managers and some of those random ones weren't I was invited to. You can see that I stuck to applying the jobs that my expertise worked for the maximum pay rate. I was not willing to go down and take some jobs at lower pay rate just to get some reviews . The biggest difference on your reviews on your profile is having zero jobs versus having one job. It's so much easier to get a job once you've already had a job or you already do have a job . Most of the freelancers I hire have already done work for other people. So this is, I hope, valuable for you to see that upward can be challenging the it started with. And yet when you've looked at how much I've paid, other people work on up work, you can know that there's a lot of reward for getting this right to. There's a big reward for getting hired. I'm paying someone right now $18 an hour to do fairly simple work for me 20 hours a week. There's a big reward for it, and she worked up to that. She was working. I think, down to seven or $10 an hour, and she got started. If you're not willing to work in a low pay rate to get that first job, you might have an experience similar to me with almost 70 job applications and not one job to show for it. So thank you for looking through my experience with failing to get a job on up work, and I hope this is useful for you. 62. What is Fiverr and what can you do with it?: if you want to make your 1st 5 20 or $100 online, I think fiver is the easiest place to do that. If you need some simple things done to support what you're doing, I think fibers also the easiest place to do that. The reason five or works good is because it's set up with a simple idea in mind, and that's executed well. You post a gig or service you're offering to do for $5 it's That's it. It's that simple. So, for example, if you type in logo here and you want a logo done, the next set of search results come up. Are all these people who are offering to do a logo for $5? It's that simple, and that's why it's awesome is because of this simplicity. You just pick one of these for $5 you'll get a logo back now. You might not want to design a logo for $5. There are 27,000 people that are willing to do it for $5 so there's a lot of opportunities as someone who needs professional services on Fiverr to buy them, and there's a lot of opportunities to offer something on Fiverr that other people aren't currently doing. So fiver was the key to starting my business online. I offered services for a higher price and then bought them on Fiverr. That's the first thing I did that made good money. So fivers great for offering anything. Do you get your business started and then take it to the next level? I'm still using fiber today and I've made hundreds of dollars on Fiverr also in very little effort. So I'll go through and show you exactly what you can do on Fiverr to make money and to get help doing what you're doing today. 63. What am I doing today on Fiverr and what opportunities might you have?: What am I doing on Fiverr today? The main thing I do is buy on fiber. So the important thing to note from that is that there are people like me everywhere around the world who are consistently buying on Fiverr. There's a lot of demand on it. I think it's important to show you what I'm actually doing today on Fiverr to validate that I'm here teaching the course with you and that it's worth using. These are the orders I've completed on Fiverr. I've ordered 648 gigs that have been completed on Fiverr, and even though the base price is $5 I've spent an average of eight or $9 per gig because a lot of gigs have had up cells. I've spent more than 5000 on Fiverr, and I'm still using Fiverr today. What I have right now, I have three open orders for thumbnails, thumbnails or something I need continually. I'm making new videos all the time, and it's so much easier to just get someone to make a nice thumbnail for $5 instead of fooling around that myself. My vice president and co instructor here, Joseph, he actually goes and makes the orders here and interacts on Fiverr. What you can see is that I'm consistently using five or each day and have no plans to stop using Fiverr indefinitely fibers here to stay and grow and you'll notice I've had a lot of gigs I've ordered that have been canceled. So there's a lot of opportunity toe offer gigs on Fiverr that you can get customers for fairly quickly, and I'll show you more on that. So I'm currently using Fiverr to buy things today, and I've also, if you look at my selling, I'll show you my analytics. I've actually had 82 orders created with me. So I've earned $336 since joining fiber, and I've made almost no effort at all to earn, think money on fiber. I've made very little effort to earn any money on Fiverr, and yet I've got people from these different countries all over the world who have ordered from me. I have not done much to make money because I've been so concerned on spending money on fiber and earning money and other places. So if I've earned $336 without even trying much on fiber. If you actually try at it, I'm confident you can earn a lot more money on Fiverr. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful and inspiring for you in your ongoing journey freelancing online . 64. The 80/20 principle on Fiverr for power buyers and power sellers.: the 80 20 Peredo principle is very important for fiver to help you understand where your opportunities are 80 20 or Peredo principle. If you haven't heard of it before, it's referenced widely in things dealing with economics and wealth and all parts of life. The basic premise is that there's disproportionate rules in life based on positive reinforcement. So things like 80% of the people in the world will have 20% of the wealth, while 20% of the people in the world will have 80% of the wealth now. Actually, that's just a rough estimation. Often, things like wealth get even more skewed where something like 5% of the people in the world hold 95% of the wealth and the other 95% hold 5%. These things happen because of positive reinforcement loops, because people repeatedly do the same things. So understanding that on Fiverr. Let's put that in five or context on Fiverr around 20% rough estimate. Around 20% of the buyers will make 80% off. The gig purchases buyers like me that air in here ordering hundreds of times that are consistently ordering each week were the buyers you want to focus on. 80% of the people buying on fiver will only by 20% of the gigs again. It's a rough estimate. It's probably more like 90 10 or it could be 70 30. The more skewed it is, the more important it is rather your shopping or buying or selling where they're buying or selling its mawr. Important to aim at those power sections, those power users rather your on either side. So if you're the buyer, you often realize that you're likely to interact with other power sellers. You're likely to do business with other sellers who are working a lot on fiber, so the opportunity with that is toe order from the people who aren't ordered from is often . Often you can find a really good value out of that, and at the same time, sometimes it's easier to order from people who are established or doing consistent good work on Fiverr for a bunch of other people. You can depend on them doing a good job on your own work, too. So as a buyer I know to look outside of the people who are already receiving the most borders on any website like five, or there tends to be a small percent of buyers and a small percent of sellers who get all of the activity while most everyone else does nothing. So if you want to use five or successfully as a buyer or seller, understanding that's very helpful to get started. Now what does this mean for you if you Kansteiner art with this in mind, whether you're buying or selling, you can get way ahead and make things way easier for you. Life for me has been pretty easy on fiber as a buyer, because I usually order from the same people over and over again. I would bet around half my orders are from the same people, the same small group of people, and you'll notice this principle right here. You can see over half of my orders are from one country from the U. S. A. So what country you're in definitely impact your ability to be able to make sales or will impact your buying decisions. All of this works out to one thing. If you aim to be a seller, you've got to aim for that power seller category right from the beginning. It doesn't mean you have to get there from the beginning. It means you want to aim for it because you're not likely to do much. Although I made $300 I'm not a power seller, if you really want to make something out of fiber as a seller, understand that you will have to end up in that power seller category at some point and that you can see from all the power buyers like me. There's a lot of opportunities there, so I hope this is useful for you and getting a look at fiver that will allow you to see where the opportunities are. Rather, you're a buyer or a seller. 65. Buy and sell on Fiverr for maximum learning and earning.: for anything you're doing online. Here's a simple idea that's helped me a lot. If you want to be a good buyer, it helps to be a seller. Also, if you want to be a good seller, it helps to be a buyer. Also. In other words, if you want to make money on Fiverr, you also should be willing to buy gigs on Fiverr. In fact, if you want to sell gigs on Fiverr, the first step you can take that might be really helpful is to buy gigs from other people. And if you want to buy gigs on Fiverr, if you want to use fiber for your business, it can help you a lot to offer a few gigs for sale and understand what it's like to be a seller on fiber. That was a big part of me. Working on fiber is offering my gigs for sale and understanding what it's like to try and deliver a gig for someone to understand what it's like to offer to do something for $5 to actually get $4 out of it, and to see that everything should be done fairly simple and straightforward to understand that I should have gratitude for anyone who's willing to do work for me for just $4 not hassle them or give them a hard time, because as a seller, I know what I'm getting $4 for something. It's nice not to get wrangled around and have a bunch of problems over $4. So as a seller, learning as a seller on Fiverr helped me to be a better buyer. I looked at it for $5. All I'm going to get is something that's done very quickly, and I shouldn't expect a lot out off the cellar because it is $4 now. If I order a bigger gig and get some extras, then I can expect a bit more. So doing both buying and the selling on Fiverr gives you this visceral level of understanding about how things work that will help you do much better at whatever it is you're trying to do. To understand that, for example, when I'm a seller, I understand that what I'm willing to put into it is a big part of the equation. So what I learned from selling gigs is that as a buyer, it's often better to give a lot of people a chance at $5 see who's really willing to do the most that it is to try and just decide on myself and act like I know who's willing to do the most, and then try and force work out of someone, or try and give one person a lot to do. This overall principle works in almost everything. For example, for me, if I want to do well on you know me courses, I first had to buy you know me courses and understand how exactly it is. They get bought. So if you buy and sell gigs on Fiverr, you can count on a lot better experience as either a buyer or a seller, and especially if you want to sell by Giggs first. If you want to buy, you could probably go straight into buying. If you want to sell absolutely by maybe 3 to 5 at least other gigs from other people so that you can learn the buying process and you'll know it from the point of view of a seller . Then 66. Buying gigs on Fiverr. Find a gig to help you with Fiverr.: for getting started buying on Fiverr. The easiest thing to do is probably to find some gigs that will actually help you with your fiver business or show you learn more about fiver. The idea with this is that people who have already established and been successful on Fiverr may be willing to teach you how to run your own or make your own five or business, and some of the gigs they offer may be helpful for you. So what I searched for is five or business, and then you get some gigs like this. I will show you how to sell on Fiverr part time. I'll help you with your fiver business. I'll make a five or video for you. I'll make fiver scripts. You can see there's all kinds of things down here that will give you help with your fiver business. Either getting started or give you ideas, give you promo videos, all kinds of things you confined to help you with your fiver business 67. Searching for the right gig on Fiverr can take time. Here are a few tips.: searching for the right gig on Fiverr can take a lot of time and energy. For some reason, the search engine doesn't match things exactly how you'd think you'd want them done. So if you want to find the exact right gig, sometimes it can take a lot more effort than you might be used to in Google. Other things like, for example, if you want a YouTube thumbnail, this should be pretty easy of fine. So here's how I do it. You put in YouTube thumb now and then five or sorts by default on these recommended, so I don't know exactly how they make the recommended. It seems they do. Try and promote some newer gigs like this. One's only got seven reviews. They try and promote things based on whatever they think is best for you. What I've usually done is used the high rating gigs because those are people who have proven time and again that they could do great work for people. Now, if you do high rating or recommended, it doesn't matter exactly which one. You can use a few of these sort options over here to help get your search down to exactly what you want. So if you want, say, up to 24 hours, you don't want toe wait forever. For your order to get done, you can hit up to 24 hours, and that will narrow down the gigs with you. You can even click show online sellers so you can get a hold of people who are actually on Fiverr right now. And you can select things like a level one seller level to cellar, say, to get sellers that are more experienced on Fiverr. So now, instead of having a bunch of different gigs around 100 now, there's three gigs here specifically that I can choose from. So this can make things a lot easier if you try some of these selections, and then you can just take these back off. If you want to go ahead and work with everyone now, the amount of effort you put in your search will dictate what you get out of it on something more challenging. So if you want something like a banner ad for Google AdWords and you go in search for this , then it can be difficult sometimes to find the exact right one. However, it looks like there's a lot of people now that are doing good. Google ads for AdWords now so you can search for things like this. And for me, it's a lot easier to just get someone to make my ads in the transit, then do it there myself. So that's what makes five are awesome. And when you gets too many ads to choose from or too many different gigs here, you can use the search things to narrow it down and you can, even if you want to do it in another mode, you can do list mode here so that the reviews are easily obvious. And if you like to you concede People's country here also, when you use list mode and then you can just scroll down this way instead of using just a picture setting. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this is useful for showing how to use the five or search and how to narrow it down. Based on wanting to find an exact gig instead of 100 gigs 68. If you want to buy a lot of gigs on Fiverr, put everything in the first message.: if you want to be a successful buyer on Fiverr in terms of getting what you need in the least time possible, with the least frustration and energy possible, the easiest thing you can do is assumes you by the gig. Make sure you completely fill out and give the Fiverr seller everything they need in order to do what you need them to do. For example, this is a gig I bought and these Air Buyer's instructions the seller gives. And then when I do down here, I give everything I can the full step by step instructions that I need now. It's not ideal if you try and buy a gig and then use it different than it's offered. However, if there's certain projects you have, sometimes you can do that. And some sellers are we willing to work with you. So what I try and do whenever I orders give every single thing I need directly in the instructions. Everything's filled out directly in the instructions so that I don't have to even go through and talk with the cellar again. That's the easiest way to do it. I do everything all at once, provide all the instructions. Try and handle every possible scenario, and then I don't have to go back and forth. Now that's one way to do it. And if you're buying gigs in bulk, that's a really easy way to do it. You just give the seller. If you're buying from lots of different sellers, you give them exactly whatever they're needing based on the buyer's instructions, and then you don't need to even read the messages again. I've ordered hundreds of gigs this way. I just give everything I need, and I don't even check the message again. All I do is just see that the work is done. 69. Selling successfully on Fiverr. Learn from top sellers to get started.: if you want to make money selling on Fiverr, the easiest thing to do to learn what works is to see what's working for other people to see what other people are currently successfully selling on Fiverr. You can do that simply by looking at their gigs and seeing who comes up first so you can go into something like for me. I do, ah, social marketing so I can go online marketing social marketing. And then I can look at the gigs that come up and see who is doing while already whose recommended And I like. You can do something like top rated cellar to get one of the very best seller profiles so you can click on the name here, and I'm just doing this randomly. I've never seen any of these people before. The idea being you can do the same kind of thing. You can take a look around. You can get to know whoever is currently top selling wherever is currently doing really well when you watch this, so I just browse randomly to her page and what you'll notice. She only has two gigs up, and yet these gigs are very highly rated and consistently people are loving them in terms of 782 almost all positive ratings in same thing on here. So this is a top seller I just randomly found. And you can see she has two basic things she does, and she does those very well. You can notice her profiles, all verified, and she has a very low average response time. She explains what she's doing, and she has 100 and $5 package on here based off of her $25 gigs. So these gigs work to do discovery. That's how people find her. If you'll notice if I go back here. I found this $5 gig searching for online marketing, social marketing. And then I hit top rated cellar, which is something buyers often do that know what they're doing. You want to work with someone who's consistent, good and from finding her $5 gig and clicking on her profile. Then I'm very quickly up in the much higher category of price. So from that $5 gig, I can look at her best seller on here and see that it has all kinds of options on it. Even up to $100 here to completely revamp your entire personal linked in page. Now she has the opportunity to make a very good income on here. As you can see, what you'll need eventually to make good income is to have good $5 gigs, that cell that have great up cells on them. This $105 package for linked in profile. Revamp, I would think, would be a great value again. I have no idea who this is. I just found her. So I don't care about you ordering from her anything like that. I'm just sharing what I'm seeing and learning right here with you. You can learn, then, just looking at top sellers the same way you can see. Okay, What is it these people are doing right that I can do also ill go to another one here I've never been to, and we'll see what this guy's doing. This guys. 5000 reviews and his top gig is a $15 gig. He's from the UK average response time. 15 hours. Now you can guess he's earned at least $20,000 on this and more than likely over 50,000 with all of these different up cells here. And he has a different strategy. He has lots of gigs on here, and you can always hide your gigs if they don't work. So he has lots more gigs on here that he's offering to do. And this is another top rated seller. So the mawr top rated sellers you look at if you focus on what they're doing, right, Because I know when you look at someone like this jealousies liable. Come up. God, he's got 5000 reviews. I'm never gonna get that many reviews. Er, he's made 2030 50,000. I'm never gonna make that much. Those things are likely to come up when you're looking. If you can focus on Okay. What is this guy doing, right? That I can do right? Same thing with that last lady. What is she doing right? That I can do, right? Here's some other random gig. What is he doing right? That I can do right now, you'll find lots of different people. You might not be able to exactly take everything from them. If you look at a lot of different top sellers, though, I'm This is the 4th 1 I've looked at just here with you very quickly. If you get to look at the top sellers, then you can start finding things that they're all doing. You can pick one thing or another from what they're all doing, and then you can build yourself up with a similar style that's unique for you. And that's based on what works for other people. Like I mentioned with the 80 20. If you look at online marketing, social marketing, which is what I clicked. There are only 93 top rated sellers out of over 15,000 sellers on here. So this is a very elite group. So get to know the top sellers and understand one thing. You don't get to be a top seller overnight, these guys and gals you're seeing on here that have done all of these gigs. These are hard working a lot of hard work over a long period of time. She's relatively new at 2013. If you look at this guy, you'll notice his profiles. 2011. He's been at this for four years. The whole time I've had my business online, he has been working on fiver I Can someone understand the massive amount of work I've done on my business online? If I had put it all on Fiverr, I might have something like this also, so understand that if you're willing to do the work and you're willing toe learn from the best, you can be the best if you want to. And being the best pays really well, it pays like a part time, if not a full time job, and that allows you the freedom to work wherever you want. So you might not want to be a top seller. You might just want to give this a try. If you look at the top sellers from the beginning, you will start to understand what it is you can do, right, like the very best. Do you can understand what it is that the very best you look at all have in common, so that then you can start acting like the very best from the beginning. I appreciate you watching this and I hope this is inspirational for you in your efforts to sell on Fiverr 70. Most orders are likely to come from the same person.: these air My recent orders, You notice I'm often buying from the same people over and over again so I can get really simple than in. The easiest thing you can do is set it up so that when you buy a gig, all you need to do is tell them. Same thing is last time with new course Shoe Arles. I'm getting some thumbnail images made for these you Timmy courses that I can use in my promo emails. So I've got the links right here that the seller has everything they need based on my previous relationship, working with, um, so the least communication that's effective. It's much easier if you can have a link where everything is available and then all they have to do is do the work for you. The seller wants things to be as easy as possible, and you is the buyer. Want to make things as easy as possible for yourself, especially with $5 gigs? You don't want to have to spend a bunch of time ironing out the details and getting things set up exactly. Perfectly. You want toe, have them done functionally as fast as possible in this smooth this possible. So if you do your gigs like that, everything should work out pretty well for you rather the buyer or the seller. 71. Selling on Fiverr. Creating your first or next gig is the biggest step.: If you want to sell successful and fiver, the biggest step you can take is to create your very first gig. If you don't have a gig yet, that's the biggest step you can take. It's like landing on the moon. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. If you want to sell on Fiverr, your first gig you set up is a giant leap for you. It may not be your best seller. It may not even work at all. Just getting that first gig up, though, breaks the ice and get you to work. So I will show you how I set up a new gig right now, based on what I saw was not available very easily, and I'll show you more about how to find exactly what kind of gig you might want to offer, but making your very first gig just make anything, Just make anything So you do that, you go down here, you go to selling and you hit, create a gig and that's what I did. So I'm here and I will, and then you have something you write will do. I will give you feedback on your fiver profile. You're five or business profile. I'll put it in so it shows up in five or business search. I'll give you feedback on your five or business profile and or on one gig. So there I will give you feedback on your fiver business profiler gig. So now I've made it too long. So now I can just do fiver gig to make this simple. So it recommended I made a nice short table. I will give you feedback on your fiver gig and then I can put in here. I can pick a category I can do online marketing and then I can look at four of various Arctic. Um, here again, the main thing is just the effort. Just make one of these gigs. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just make a gig, do your best with it and see what happens. I'm looking at business now, and I can do business tips. Or I could do writing in translation. I could do proof reading and editing there. I could put it in there. It doesn't really matter again. It's my very first gig. I can Oh, while this isn't my first gig is for you. you make, just make something, just make anything. So that's what I'm doing. I'm just going to make this real quick. I've checked a couple of categories and I can put get trafficking, but I don't really want to do that. So I'll just do business. Or technically, for looking at a gig is probably proof, reading and editing. So I'll put it there. So for your picture, all you need to do is just grab something, a photo you already have. Just make it simple, get you a photo you already have. You can always just use another five or gig toe Order the perfect photo For now, Just grab any old photo you have and put it up there something that, like this, this is my computer and make it relevant. You want to make it a simple assed possible getting started. Absolutely simple. You don't want to spend too much time on the photo, for example. I just mess that up. I had safari crashed a few times. Another restart this. The photo can be one of the bigger pains getting started, so just quickly grab any photo you have. Rather, it's of your face, your computer something simple, something that you own and put the photo in there. You can edit the photo later if needed. You can buy a five or gig to get the perfect photo up. Just get the photo up. Don't take a lot of time with it. Same thing on the description. You need to do something with the description. So write out a short, fast description, get it up there and then you can save the gig and continue. So I'm going to write the description and then I will come back with you here in a second. You can see I've got a nice little description here, and I copy it just to make sure everything stays and works well together. I've made it long enough, and I've wrote what I think, a very fast, compelling sales pitch on it. This essentially is a sales pitch for your gig. If you can include the word because in your gig somewhere it tends to make it helpful on If you could include proof of why you're the person that deliver your gig, it tends to be helpful. So if I zoom in on this, I start off with getting feedback on your five or gig. That's the point of the gig, then proof that I'm the person to do it. After buying 600 gigs on Fiverr, you can count on me to look at your gig and explain what opportunities, if any, you have for improvement and bring experience a power bi into your sales proof of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. And then I I think you will enjoy this gig because it will give you confidence in what you're doing on fiber today. A very short and yet effective I think description on the gig. So that's done, and you can always edit this later. You want to just go through this and get it done, so I'll put five or on here as a tag if I can, and I'll put gig and then sales feedback. And then I will put a time to deliver and I'll say three days because it's better to err on the side of a longer gig delivery and then give it shorter so I can even put something like seven days if I want to make sure I don't hassle Joseph too much because he left actually deliver this. So now I command air control A depending on and control. See to select all my text just in case there's a problem like right there. There's a problem. It didn't register that I actually put in a description. So I pasted it in. And it's not counting my characters here for some reason. So what? This is what you're likely to get errors with various things. So what you can usually do if you have a problem creating your gig is refresh and notice. I copied that description, and then now I have to log in. There is a problem. So I just log in with my Facebook to go back in, and I can do the same thing this time. I paced the description back in. You'll notice actually working this time. So I've got that. I go very quickly back in. Grab the photo I was using before, so you actually get to see May make this gig twice. Here, grab that in. I put it back in the same category I had writing in translation proof reading give you feedback on your fiver gig all the way down here. I've got the image I've got this type I can do critique and I can select proof reading, edit. And I can put English in on it because probably don't want to do that in another language. So I've got the language selected, and now I go down here. I put in fiber gig feedback help seven days in to deliver, and I can't be this just again to make sure control, air command and control. C saving. Continue now I've got illegal characters in my gig, which is confusing, not sure where those are. So it's saving. Continue. And it must have been a period that was an illegal character. So creating your gig, these little errors are normal. This is why I recommend go as fast as possible through putting your gig set up in. Now it says you can earn more than 4500 if you set up your gig to do things like extra fast . So I'll select extra fast, extra $10 to do it within two days, and I can put a little extra in here will give you feedback on your fiver profile so that in addition to the gig, I can do the profile. I can put 11 extra day in here and I can save and continue so that now I've got a little gig extra and you can see the point here of having a video. I definitely would get a video on your gig. That said, All you want to do is make your very first gig right now. So for now, don't worry about the video you can always buy. You can always get someone to make you a video for your gig. $5. It's much easier. So then all I have to do here is please share a link to the gig you want feedback on, and especially any certain parts you want the most feedback on, such as the picture text, its center. So then I've got that Those air instructions to cellar I hit saving continue. So though after they buy it, that's what they get Now. I published gig, so now I've got my gig out and I can promote it Now. If you are just getting started, you will want to promote your gigs to your friends and family and whatever business associates contacts to get started. Getting your very first sales is the hardest So what you've seen? We've taken a big step here, and I've got my very first while my next. You might have your very first gig up after doing this. So I've got that gig up. You can see exactly how long it took and then add about twice a much time with various errors I got and things I had to work through that I've cut out of the video. I gave you the simple way to do it as fast as possible. I showed you working through a few errors, so I hope this inspires you. Go in, make your next gig. If you don't have a gig up created gig right now, if you do already have a gig up, make another gig. The mortgage you have, the more you do, the better. You'll have a chance to be successful on fiber. Thank you so much for watching this. I hope this is useful for you. 72. Managing and editing your Fiverr gigs for the most sales.: What gigs? Um, I currently offering on five for these other three gigs I'm offering right now that our live And in fact, I've got two orders in the last 30 days on this one gig, and now I have another gig here. You'll notice these are the Gig analytics. So you confined where I'm at in selling, and you can then go into manage sales. So I go into manage sales here. These show where you've actually got sales. And then, if you want to see the gigs, you go to my gigs to see where you can manage your gigs at, and I'll zoom in a little bit here. So these are three gigs I'm running and what I'll show you. How to do also is how to edit a gig you'll notice on the gig. Alex as impressions, clicks, views, orders and cancellations. So impressions, or how many times I believe it's showing up in search results, clicks how many times people are taking and clicking on the gig somewhere views, or how many times people are actually on the gig page. So impressions is in search results. Views are when people are actually on the gig page and then orders, obviously in cancellations. You can figure that out. So what I can learn from these and this is a brand new gig. I just created it before making this video on the impressions, and I can see there's this gig here has got 1400 impressions in the last 30 days worth. This one's only got 109. So what's going on with this? Well, let's take a look at the pictures. Tweet your link to my 50,000 Twitter followers. Look at this one. Tweet your link to my 50,000 followers. So there's one problem here. I'm missing the word Twitter on this gig. So when I need to do is go in and edit this gig, I need to get into this gig and make some changes. So what I do is click the down there over here and I click edit. I need to add the word Twitter in here. So I get add the word, tweet your link to my 50,000 Twitter followers, and then I can even check my Twitter profile to make sure that I actually have 50,000 followers, or to see maybe I have Mawr. I actually have 93,000 followers now, So what I'll do is go over here and put 93,000 Twitter followers. Now, I've got a gig up here that gives me a much better title. So I go down here, I've got links to my profile and then I've got extras on here. I've got extras that I can deliver and only one day tweet different links throughout two days and I've got the extras on this gig. So now what I can do is hit saving. Continue to make this gig with the edited title now. So now this title tweet your link to my 93,000 Twitter followers And then I can go in and edit this gig also to get the different title up so I can tweet your link to my 50,000 Twitter followers who are entrepreneurs. I can even go something like 90,000 plus Twitter followers who entrepreneurs and I can save and continue. And now you'll notice it does not allow plus in there. So I just hit saving. Continue. Now I've got both of those gigs edited to be a little bit better with your gigs. Ultimately, it's going to take consistent little edits most of the time over time to get your gigs so that the wordings just perfect. The description is just perfect, and everything is working at maximum potential. So I've got these two updated now that's how you go in. You use underselling. You use my gigs and you make edits to your gigs. So there's no fear that you mess anything up with your gig. When you're creating it, you just can go in and edit it any time. 73. Create as many gigs as you can to start.: getting started. You want to make as many gigs as possible to give yourself the best chance to find the one or maybe 3 to 5 gigs. You can do really well consistently so you can see when I've got my gigs up here. You can see I've only got three right now, but you'll notice I have 17 paused. I have 17 gigs I've created that I did at some point, and I haven't even put that much work into fiber. If I wanted to do five or full time, I would make a few gigs every single day, and there'd probably be hundreds of gigs paused as I learned what worked and what didn't work. Even the way you see now on Lee. Three of my 17 gigs while three of my 20 gigs actually are active right now, that's 15% of the gigs I've created. If you want to have successful gigs, making more is the ideal strategy. It allows you to put effort in. And if you want ideas for gigs to make, look around for services you might find useful that you could also provide and see where gigs are that are not available yet and then just make your own and the fear will coming. You'll be afraid that you'll do a gig that you all hate doing or you'll do a gig you want to a good job at, and that's okay. Just make the gig's see what happens. You can always pause them later. 74. I think the perfect gig to sell is a feedback gig or a copy and paste gig.: I think the perfect kind of gig to create and sell is either a copy and paste gig or feedback gig. What you'll see out of the gigs I have. I have to copy and paste gigs, and then I have a feedback gig. So the copy and paste gigs someone gives me something to tweet, and then I just copy and paste it to my Twitter following It's ridiculously easy, and at the same time I'm able to offer unique value with it. With all of the followers I have, because I have all these followers already, I'm simply then making use out of the followers I've already worked hard to get. There's lots of other ways you can make copy and paste gigs, a lot of the video production gigs you'll find on Fiverr, and I'll just go show you right now. I'll go into video and animation in three D and more. Ah, lot of these gigs. People have set up some kind of final cut pro project or some kind of existing video they've made already, and all they have to do is go change the text in it. It's an awesome gig because then it's copy and paste. And if you don't know how to do whatever it is the sellers doing, you can't necessarily tell. It's copy and paste. All you know is you have a certain thing you need, and then you go by that. I used to buy a lot of copy and paste gigs, either, for when I bought fake followers. When I got my likes, my Facebook pages started, and I was doing that three years ago. Those were copy and paste gigs. Essentially, we're all the person had to do was put my Facebook page. You are all into their existing system now. It might take you effort to make a system that you can do a copy and paste gig, And that's why I like feedback Gigs as the second type of feedback gig requires no work on the front end to set up. So if you have feedback gigs, they take no work on the front end to set up. If you combine that with copy and paste gigs, then you can have the best chance for making money in terms of doing a service repeatedly that people need and the feedback gigs I can give you the chance to get started and to give you something immediately actionable. I like a feedback gig like this new gig I just made give you feedback on your fiver gig. It's great because all I have to do is look at their profile. I don't really have to actually do anything. I just look at their profile. Whoever buys the gig, I look at the profile off whoever ordered it, and then I just tell them what I think. And all of us can kind of create judgments without even thinking. You can look at something and immediately your mind one of several judgments ready to go for you. The better feedback gauge you can create, the more you're likely to find some people that will order from you. And the cool thing is, lots of times if you can get people to discover you on something like a copy and paste gig , they might actually order something like a feedback gig. Ah, lot of people may not realize it, but the ones that do understand that feedback is really helpful online are likely to order from you. If you put up some kind of gig where you give feedback. Now you can turn this into a review gig, and I know I've bought a lot of review gigs for a mobile APP project I had I went through and bought all kinds of review gigs hundreds of review gigs for the one mobile app project . So if you make your feedback gig into a review gig, there can be problems with that, too. You can run into getting your count band, even if you offer review. That's against the terms of service off whatever platform. For example, if you offer a UNA me review on Fiverr, then you could get your you dummy profile. Band and fiber could ban you also, and that's not just offering a review at all. It's offering a guaranteed result out of the review. If you offer an honest review, which could be a one star review, it can be allowed in some circumstances, not on you. To me, it can be allowed in some platforms, so feedback gigs copy and paste gigs. Good place to start copy and paste gigs, take the work to set up and are easy to do and make good money with feedback gigs. No work to set up very easy to start out with. Thank you for watching. I hope this is useful for you 75. Always accept offers to cancel and make one if there is a big problem.: on five. Or, if anything, goes wrong with your order, just go ahead and accept an offer to cancel or make an offer to cancel what you'll notice. I've had out of 804 orders I've made on Fiverr, 147 of them have been canceled. That's a pretty significant rate of cancellation out of the number of gigs I've ordered. When the seller offers to cancel, always go for it. If they've offered that, just take it and what you'll notice is a buyer. The seller is canceled on me a lot of times also. So when I've been the seller, 13 of the orders I've been working with him on Fiverr have been canceled out of only 83 or so total. So that's a pretty significant portion. Lots of times the seller is canceled, so any time there's an offer to cancel, go ahead and cancel. You want to make things a simple is possible. Now you don't want to have a high cancellation rate, so if you are the seller, I encourage you not to cancel unless the orders coming to difficulty or there's some big problem or you can't deliver it. So is the seller. You want to make this few cancellation requests as possible. That said, you can easily do about 10 to 20% of your orders canceled. It's not a big deal. So whenever that cancel comes up, just cancel the order. It provides a refund that way. It's very simple. That's the easiest way to get out of any problems on Fiverr is to go through and accept or make an offer to cancel. 76. Leveling up as a seller just takes time and experience.: leveling up on a seller profile on fibers not too challenging. If you're willing to put your time and energy into working on fiber, it's that simple. There's not any big secret or super level of tricks you have to use. If you put your time and energy into creating gigs that people are willing to use and by and the mortgages you create, the more likely someone will buy them. Then you can level up. You can see I'm a Level two seller right here and five or gives you the requirements to do the different levels. When you don't go to Fiverr dot com slash level, you definitely want to get up to Level two so that you can at least do gig extras. Gig Extras are your key to making money successfully on Fiverr, so if you get leveled up, then you can do ah lot higher gig extras. If your toe level one you