Freelancing for Creatives: From First Leap to Finances | Margot Harrington | Skillshare

Freelancing for Creatives: From First Leap to Finances

Margot Harrington, Communication Designer at Pitch Design Union

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13 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Making the Jump

    • 3. How to Make the Leap

    • 4. The Financial Side

    • 5. Financial Habits

    • 6. Your Budget

    • 7. Thinking Tall Thoughts

    • 8. Client Management

    • 9. Working with Clients

    • 10. Client Feedback

    • 11. Balancing Life, Schedules and Health

    • 12. Scheduling Your Freelance Career

    • 13. Your Project Assignment

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About This Class

Learn how to kick your freelance career into gear. This 60-minute class covers everything you need to know to quit your job or re-ignite your current freelance business – how to make the initial leap, best practices to get your finances in order, different approaches for working with clients, and how to balance your freelance schedule. Take what you’ve learned and create your own mission statement for your freelance business.

This is a class for designers, artists, photographers, illustrators and everyone looking to kickstart their freelance career. Are you currently considering transitioning from a full-time role to freelance? Are you newly out of school and are looking for some practical tips to improve your work? Or are you a more seasoned pro with tricky clients and cash flow problems? This class is filled with tips, tricks, and insights for all levels.





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Margot Harrington

Communication Designer at Pitch Design Union

After several years of agency graphic design experience, I was laid off, and have been running my own studio for over 6 years now. Since then I've found it hard to find financial, legal, client, and life-balance advice for the microbusiness owner which is why I'm focusing on these issues with Skillshare. I've worked tirelessly on ironing out these details so my projects would go as smoothly as possible. I can translate my learning in a way that speaks to every creative person, especially the ...

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