Freelancing For Developers: The Complete Freelancing Course | Ashutosh Pawar | Skillshare

Freelancing For Developers: The Complete Freelancing Course

Ashutosh Pawar, Entrepreneur, Android Geek. Top Rated Freelancer

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11 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Introduction

    • Listing Out Your Skills

    • Choosing The Best Platform

    • Setting Up Your Profile For Freelancing Success

    • Creating An Awesome Portfolio

    • Getting Your First Project

    • Writing An Awesome Proposal

    • Preparing For Interview

    • Freelancing for developers 9 finalizing the budget(Done)

    • Freelancing for developers 10 increasing your earning potential(Done)

    • Freelancing for developers 11 secret to get repeat customers(Done)


About This Class

Welcome To The Course Freelancing For Developers: A Complete Freelancing Course.

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course:


How To Monetize Your Skills As A Freelancer.

learn how to find out our best skills as a freelancer. We also learn how to pick up our best skill which will give us maximum return and help us boost our freelancing career. We also learn why it is important to list out our skills before we start our freelancing career.

How To Choose The Best Platform Suitable To Your Skills.

learn how to choose a proper platform to start your freelancing career. There are a lot of freelancing platforms available on the internet but choosing a proper platform is extremely important. In this lecture I will explain which is the best suitable platform for developers. Once you have selected a freelancing platform then we could go ahead and learn a few more techniques to become a freelancer.

How To Set Up A Professional Profile For Freelancing Success.

When it comes to freelancing, setting up your profile properly and professionally is extremely important. In this course we learn how to set up our profile to create a good impression on our potential client. I will provide you some tips and tricks to set up a profile which looks professional and can help you out in getting your very first project/job as a freelancer.

How To Create An Impressive Portfolio.

learn how to create an awesome portfolio. As a freelancer, your portfolio is the most important thing after your personal profile. Top rated freelancers always have a good portfolio which helps them get more clients. Having a portfolio is essential for beginners because it gives some proof to the client about your work and your skill level. So as a beginner freelancer you must build up your portfolio.

How To Get Your First Job As A Freelancer.

learn how to find and get your first job as a freelancer. We learn some methods to find the jobs which are suitable for you and which match-up with your skills. We also learn how to avoid getting cheated in freelancing sites.

How To Write A Good Proposal.

learn how to write a good proposal which will help you get your first job as a freelancer. I will explain with an example which things you should include in your proposal. I will give you a blueprint to write the perfect proposal which helped me to get my first job as a freelancer.

How To Prepare For Interview.

learn how to prepare for an interview. Before the client awards you the project he will invite you for a quick interview. Hence it is extremely important to know what is the best way to go through the interview, so that the client awards you the project.


How To Finalize Budget & Negotiate.

I explain some strategies to decide the budget of any project. We also learn why we should avoid some things while deciding the budget. We also learn how to negotiate in a proper way.


How To Increase Your Earning Potential.

In this lecture we learn how developers could increase their earning potential. I explain some exact strategies to increase your earning potential as a freelancer.


Secret To Get Repeat Customers.

Having repeat customers is one of the factors which contributes to freelancing success. In this lecture we learn how to get repeat customers so that you could grow your development business and also move ahead in your freelancing career.


So let's begin the journey of becoming a Freelancer.





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Ashutosh Pawar

Entrepreneur, Android Geek. Top Rated Freelancer

Hello, this is Ashutosh Pawar.

I am a Java & Android geek. I have been running my own software solution business since the past 5 years. My company Optimum Solutions provides software solutions such as web applications and android app development.

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