Freelancing A-Z: #3 How To Design An Awesome Logo

Dawid Tuminski,

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10 Videos (37m)
    • Freelancing How To Design An Awesome Logo Promo Video

    • Before We Start The Creation Process

    • Let's Read The Client Brief

    • 1 Introduction To The Design Process

    • 2 How To Create The Leaf And The Stem

    • 3 How To Make The Leaf Bend

    • 4 How To Create The Anntenae

    • 5 How To Complete The Butterfly Look

    • 6 How To Add The Text

    • 7 Let's Sum Up What We've Learnt Freelance


About This Class

"I learned more useful skills from this one video than a full class at a college."

"good information and techniques that make design easy and quick"

Welcome to the third part of the Graphic Design Freelancing A-Z course: How to design and awesome logo.

Logo design skills are extremely important for graphic design freelance projects.  

That is why in this project we will take real information from a real client brief and use it to design an awesome logo.

In the process we will use some fantastic and easy to follow Illustrator techniques, that will allow us to create an amazing design in a matter of minutes.

So if you are interested in:

  • How to properly read a client brief
  • How to design a fantastic logo based on the given information
  • And if you like some great Adobe Illustrator techniques

Enroll in the class and let’s let the designing begin!


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!

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Another wonderful class from Dawid, who is both a genius and excellent teacher! Dawid demonstrates slowly and clearly the technical steps to create a logo in Adobe Illustrator, but also some things that I need to think about as a designer, such as spacing of text. As someone fairly new to design/illustration software, it was useful to get some experience of using shapes, lines and effects to create what I may have previously considered could only be created via freehand drawing. It's worth noting that I completed this class using Affinity Designer (for which Dawid offers a full beginner's course) rather than Adobe Illustrator; the only obstacle was the absence of warp tools, but this can be overcome by manually adjusting paths using the Node tool in Designer. Once again I look forward to taking part in another of Dawid's courses soon!
Ivor Lobo

Skillshare is my best friend

Excellent, Dawid is a superb teacher
Daisy A.

Urban Sketcher among other things...

good information and techniques that make design easy and quick
Ashraf Maaty

Graphic Designer





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