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Freelancing A-Z: #1 How To Start Your Successful Freelance Career

teacher avatar Dawid Tuminski

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. How To Start Your Career in Graphic Design Freelancing - Promo Video

    • 2. 1. What is Freelancing and Can It Be Something For You?

    • 3. 2. Working as a part-time and a full-time freelancer

    • 4. 3. How To Start Your Career As A Freelance Graphic Designer

    • 5. 4. How To Get Your First Client?

    • 6. 5. How To Get More Clients?

    • 7. 6. Freelance Bid Platforms. Worth the Hustle?

    • 8. 7. Most common mistakes fresh freelancers make

    • 9. 8. What We've Learnt So Far

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About This Class

Good information! I work as a Graphic designer/ Production in the industry from past five and a half years, I am planning to start my own freelancing business and this information will be very helpful. Thank you!

Great for people starting out and looking to break into freelancing

Aren’t you tired of working 9-5, answering to your boss who doesn’t always get it right…

But most of all aren’t you tired of not getting paid for doing what you really love?

Well if you are, you need a change

This is an A-Z course which gives you a  chance to gain confidence in your skills and open your eyes to the possibilities of a graphic design freelance career. 

In this first part you will find answers to

  • What graphic design freelancing is and can it be something for you?
  • What are the best ways to start as a freelance graphic designer?
  • How to get clients?
  • And how to avoid the most common mistakes fresh graphic design freelancers make?

This class is for you if you are thinking about starting your career as a graphic design freelancer, but you simply need some answers and some practical advice.

So enroll in the class and let’s start your career in graphic design freelancing.


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!

Meet Your Teacher

Designer, coder and educational entrepreneur.
Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator whose courses were listed in the Udemy's TOP 10 best reviewed courses.

Creating online courses on design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, logo design, web design, graphic design freelancing, online teaching and digital marketing .

Teaching +30k students in 160 countries worldwide.

Loves the freedom of creating courses and prides in his teaching method, which is straight to the point and with a smile.

His motto: Boring instructors are worse than boring topics!

His students value his courses for their conciseness, professionalism and actionable tips and techniques they can apply in their day-to-day design tasks and online education businesses.

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1. How To Start Your Career in Graphic Design Freelancing - Promo Video: tell me, aren't you tired of working 9 to 5 and answering to your boss? Scoop doesn't always get it right. But most of all, aren't you tired off not getting paid for doing what you really love? Hi there. My name is David Tyminski, and this is the first part off the graphic design freelanced in a Z courts. In this first part, you'll find answers to what? Graphic design of freelance and is And can it be actually something for you? Also, what are the best ways to start as a freelance graphic designer? They also find answers to, I think, the most common questions out there and how to get clients. But you also learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that fresh graphic design freelancers make. So this glass is for you. If you're thinking about starting, your career is a graphic design freelancer. But you still have some time as a graphic design freelancer 2. 1. What is Freelancing and Can It Be Something For You?: what is freelancing, and can it be something for you not to date? More and more people consider becoming freelancers. The idea of being your own boss and earning more is indeed very enticing. I guess you could say that freelancing is a symbol off modern economy. Experts in their fields decide to become their own bosses, and there are good reasons for it. For instance, you can work with the convenience of your own schedule. You can work from home. You don't have a boss over you, and you can work for two months and then look for creativity somewhere on a sandy beach for another two months. However, as the Leonore Roosevelt once said, with freedom comes responsibility. So all the reasons for becoming a freelancer I don't just mean freedom. They also mean responsibility. Setting your own schedule requires you to plan ahead with enough flexibility for the unexpected circumstances. And yes, you could work from home, but you have to treat it like you are really going out to an office. You have to be punctual and a nun. Distract yourself. You have to create some kind of a separate working space for you and I would personally even advise wearing the kind of clothes you would normally wear for an office. True, you don't have a boss over you, but it also means that you and only you are responsible for your results. And you have to treat yourself as your own boss, but also as your own employees. You can go for a two months vacation, but you have to work effectively, not necessarily hard for some time before toe earn for that vacation. For many people, the dream off independence turns into reality when they become freelancers and freelance and is the most straightforward path towards becoming your own boss. But remember that in order to succeed at the purpose of your freelancing should be very clear to you. I mean, you can have started freelancing career or anything in life, actually without having a clear aim or goal. So now that we know what freelancing is and what it means to become a freelancer, let's take a look at the pros and cons off, working as a part time and a full time freelancer 3. 2. Working as a part-time and a full-time freelancer: So is freelance in a part time thing or a full time full flashed thing? Well, it can be both. You can become a part time or a full time freelancer. It depends on you on what you would like to do and how much of it you would like to do. If you have experience in a certain field of expertise, then you can start working a full time inconvenience of your own hours. However, without experience, if you're just starting out first, try. If it is something for you, I wouldn't recommend leaving your day job just yet. Again. It all depends on your goal. If you want to just earn some extra money than do freelance and jobs part time. And if you want to quit your job and go full time, you'll have to make yourself really ready for it. So what are the pros and cons of freelance in parts and full time? Well, as a part time freelancers, you keep your steady source of income while getting more experience in graphic design, you can choose your clients more carefully. You can always tell yourself I don't have to do it, which can take some pressure off of you, but on the other hand, you will work more your day job, plus your evenings or weekends filled with freelancing, will mean more time working and less time plane, and you'll have to become a real master of time management. Remember that you have to polish your skills constantly, but also find enough time to rest. So what about full time freelancing? Well, it's freedom at its finest. You set the rules, you said the assignments. You are a full time boss. And for money, it's a dream come true. The promise. Offsetting your own work hours, working from any part of the world and finally doing what you love and getting paid for. It is one of the most enticing things in the world, but on the other hand, you're a full time businessman or businesswoman, so you have to do everything that goes with it. And for many, it can be just too much. And for some people, the very thought of losing a steady income source can be both terrifying and even bet refine. So to wrap things up, you can feel in sport time, and even that can give you plenty of experience and that you wouldn't get otherwise. Just remember that you will have to spend more time working and learning, but you can forget getting enough rest. But after all, arrests is Creativity is best friend, and you can also feelings full time. But to get yourself ready for that, you'll have to learn. A lot will have to practice even more, and you'll have to spend a lot of time spreading the word above your services, wherever you can. And on Lee, when you feel like you cannot do both, I mean, you cannot to do your day job and freelancing at the same time. You might consider becoming a full time freelancer, a freelancer. Com. Your dream Come true, but the best dreams are those well planned. They have the biggest chance of becoming a reality. Next will talk about the best ways to get started. As a freelance graphic designer 4. 3. How To Start Your Career As A Freelance Graphic Designer: What is the best way to start is a freelance graphic desire. So let's assume that you've decided to start your adventure as a graphic designer freelancer. Let's also assume that you got the absolute basics covered. You've set yourself a goal. You know why you want to do this and you've got the skills. You know how to use graphical software like a photo shop and illustrator, at least those two pieces of software. So what's next? First of all, the world needs to know you exist, so let the world know about you. Get yourself a website, and it can be a real simple one. It doesn't have to be the fanciest site in the world, but it should convey what is that that you are offering, what you can do and what you have done so far. Get yourself a Facebook page. I don't think it needs a lot of explaining why, in these times, getting a Facebook page is important. People want to see that you are active and professional about your job, and you can get yourself a B hands or dribbled profile. So you are. You might want to consider creating a B, hence or dribble or both profiles. These sites allow you to share your design work with other designers. I wouldn't say it's a must. After all, you have to go out to your customers, not wait for them to find you among lots of other designers. But briefly speaking, it's not a place to find customers, but it is a place for making yourself legit. When you're done setting those things up and I think you could start with with setting up your Facebook page, it's much faster than setting up your website. It's time to take care about the other things. Find a developer you can rely on and work with now, provided that you don't develop websites yourself. It's very important to find a Web developer that you can rely on. Of course, you must be a graphic designer that others can rely on, but I mean, the longer and more fruitful your cooperation, the more projects will come your way. You'll deliver him or her Web development jobs, and you'll get Web design or other design jobs. In return. Learn enough coat to know what can be built and what cannot be built well. I developed the websites myself, so I know the limitations that code implies on the design. But many designers out there do not. And to avoid frustrations, you might get from a developer who simply cannot code something you designed. Learn enough code to understand words. Design elements can be changed into code, especially when you're treating responsive Web designs and think about branding yourself as a graphic designer. Your name is your brand, so take good care of it. Your website has to be consistent with your Facebook profile, your business cards and anything that has your name on it and is any form of your advertising. This also means coming up with a local for yourself, But you, Denna don't have toe overthink it like I did in the past. I mean, your name written with a nicely looking font, maybe slightly customized, will be just enough, At least for the start. I don't think about specializing your first months or maybe even years. You'll be trying different things. Logo design, print design, a Web designer, mobile app, design and it's a great time for you to think about what you want to specialize in. But there are many designers out there who Onley designed websites or only design logos. Most probably you'll have clients will ask you to design everything for them. But if it's specializing, something ultimately will become a master of it, not only okay at everything. So if you have all these things covered, you've set yourself a goal. You got the photo shop in illustrator skills. You got a website and social media profiles, and you know what you'll be offering on the market. It's time to spread the word about your services and find those climbs, So next we will learn how to do just that. 5. 4. How To Get Your First Client?: how to get your first client good for lands. Designer must be able to interact with clients. And it's not just about naming your price and asking for feedback. The whole communication process that you'll have with your clients revolves around these principles, so you'll need to ask questions. To understand the client's needs, you need to understand the client's point of view, but also imagine what appeals to his or her target audience. And you'll have to advise your clients as to what's not only pretty, but what will help achieve clients golds the best Once you understand that you can go out on a quest to find your first client, getting clients is probably the biggest challenge fresh graphic design of freelancers have . After all, the competition is huge as the Internet allows clients to get projects from anywhere and maybe sadly, from anyone. Here are some tips that you can use when finding your first client. No one will hire you if no one knows what you're doing. If you think that the fact that you have your website up and running that you create awesome law goes and business cards and that your Facebook pages back with inspiring quotes and that it's gonna make clients come in and beg you to do a job for them. Well, think again. Everyone you know must know what you do. Ask yourself these questions. Do all members off my family, all my friends know what I do. All my past and present co workers know what I do know. I got my first jobs from my co workers and do local organizations that I'm involved with them need the kind of work I provide. And don't be scared of talent. What you do, don't be shy. I'm pretty sure no one will look at you like you escaped from the loony bin. More likely, they will be interested in tell you something, like, good to know or even better. Or maybe worse. If you only told me that a week ago my friend needed a flier and I told him I didn't know everyone, at least at the beginning. You don't want any occasion to do any design job, monsieur. First, the network and we're talking about here doesn't have to be only the old school face to face way. You can also try some online networking. If you're into writing helpful articles. Blogging will get your name out there and might get you some design jobs by showing the world that you know what you're talking about. You're making your potential customers sure that you're the right person for the job. And there's also plenty of Facebook. Groups related to graphic design joined them. See what other designers are sharing. Share your work and you might get noticed and actually get a jump from a fellow designer who is simply overloaded with work. And forms are old school forms of Facebook groups. So consider sides like side Point that come or designer stuff that come to put your name out there. And I bet that there are designer forms specific to your country or region, so definitely considered joining them and sharing your work there. You know, I can't stress enough how much putting your name out there is important in order to get noticed by clients so you can get your first job. From my own perspective, the most important and essential things you should do to make people aware of how awesome your skills are will be to tell everyone you know that you do Graphic design jobs and ask them to pass the message alone. And you should get yourself a website or a two least a Facebook page so your potential clients know your legit and network network and then network. Some more clients need to get to know you before they give you their money. And putting your name out there is the essential step to take when you want to get your first client and actually the 2nd 1 and the 3rd 1 and all the other ones. But what can you do to get even more clients? So let's talk about that next. 6. 5. How To Get More Clients?: so how to get even more clients? Well, you need to be where your clients are. One of the biggest mistakes Fresh graphic design freelancers can make use to expect that clients will find you and that you don't have to try harder because you have a website and a Facebook page. You need to go out there sometimes literally and be around your potential clients. But don't worry. Clients are everywhere. Here are some ways you can get graphic design jobs by being proactive. Find a business in a competitive market that has a terrible website, logo or any other graphic element. Think of ways of how their site or logo could be improved, why it needs to be improved, preferably in relation to their competitors. And if you hear back from them, if they want to meet you, come prepared. Beck. Your claims with some hard data numbers that with them because it's prettier kind of attitude. Businesses just like people want to know what's in it for them, and if you can convince them that they will benefit from your work while you'll get yourself a client, have you ever received a terrible yellow, red and green Flyer or a brochure that puts you off immediately. Well, now, every time you receive it, think about it as a chance for you to get another job. It's if it's not a too complicated flyer. Redesign it and speak to the people whose businesses being advertising the flyer and tell them what you did and how it will have their business. If you want to go the extra mile and it pays off very often, you can even print your redesigned version and show it to the business owners directly. Take a look around your neighborhood and look at the logos or ants around you. How would you improve them? Why would you improve them? Present your ideas the local business business owners and explain why you redesigned toe they're add or Brendan materials. And really, I can't stress enough how why you are doing things is important. As a freelancer, you are a businessman or a businesswoman, whether you like to be seen as one or not well, this gives you an opportunity to join local business communities because this is the place where your potential clients also meet. If in your area, and there's an organization that brings our start ups or young entrepreneurs together. Well, that's even better. You can offer your services to them, which could be particularly effective, that there's a big a chance that they don't have an established relation with any graphic designers yet. Remember that you know that if you want a feelings work first, you need to build relationships with your clients. You get more work by having happy clients who like work enough to recommend you or your services to others. Most of the work we get is because one satisfied customer recommended our services to his friend and work hard and effective to grow your reputation and you'll get a study will flow of work. But remember that there are no guarantees and never let the thought I don't have to try hard anymore. Get into your head. So next we'll talk about feelings, bit platforms. So stay tuned 7. 6. Freelance Bid Platforms. Worth the Hustle?: there's a big debate about making a decent living. Often you'll working platforms like up work or freelancer dot com. Many claim that since these sites are advertised as a cheap way off getting work done fast , you'll be expected to work for small rates and to deliver fast results. But since these are Internet platforms, small rates means something, something different to people from different parts of the world. So it's really your call if you do, if you do want to try a lack on those platforms. But if you do, and I've put together some information on how the buyers look at the provider's bits, and since it's always a great idea to think about your clients benefits, I thought that it would be beneficial to learn what it takes to be a successful provider on freelance bit platforms, as pointed out by people who hire freelancers. So you have to ask the right questions and understand the project. If you don't fully understand the project, you won't be able to deliver on time, and you definitely don't want that. Bits always tend to cluster around 2 to 3 price points, so if you want to compete effectively, at least at the beginning. You need to compete in the blower price range, but the lowest bits are in Nord, so keep that in mind. Ratings are very important if you're just starting out and you have no history on the freelance and platform buyers take on a huge risk. That means that building your rap is essential. So consider working below the market cost just to at least initially build up your reputation and they learn how to communicate. Buyers want to see that you care about their businesses. That's why it's important to give quick and thorough answers. Also, some buyers will ask you to add a specific word to your answer to their offering. This allows them to see which provider actually read the offer description, and you gotta have a relevant portfolio. Presenter past jobs on Lee If they are relevant to the current offering, people don't have time to go through a 50 item list of your past design jobs. And if you have a 50 item list off relevant jobs, narrow it down to five, preferably with references so succeeded on freelance platforms is possible. But it takes a lot of work you need to ask yourself this. Are you willing to invest your time and lower your rates for a few contracts To build up the reputation you will need to charge the higher rates? And do you have the time to go through towns off poor offers to find the good clients? If your answer is yes, then go for it. But if your answer is no, try all the other ways of getting clients that we talked about so far and next we'll talk about the most common mistakes. Fresh graphic design of freelancers make so stay tuned. 8. 7. Most common mistakes fresh freelancers make: were the most common mistakes fresh freelancers make. Let's take a look at seven off them, so so you don't have to if you don't have to make those mistakes. So you know, not charging enough for your work is a huge problem in the graphic design world. And actually in every industry that doesn't have any kind of price, regulations don't traditions like lawyers and the fact that thanks to the Internet, clients can choose from a variety of designers who charge less even than the clients expected. Well, he's not helping either. A dollar is worth more or less than a dollar in different parts of the world. But it would be great if designers of the world valued their work more. There is simple psychology behind it. People don't value things they get for free or little money. And if you don't value your work, who is going to? And this brings us to the second most common mistake, which is thinking you can say no Fresh graphic design Freelancers are desperate for clients , and they can accept jobs that are evil in their nature, like clients expect the work to be done for free or for an extremely low amount of money, or clients want the project to be done by tomorrow. And by the way, if you get a client like that, tell them that you'll have to work overnight or over the weekend, so you'll have to charge nightly rates. So remember, you can say no value, your time, skills and expertise and the clients will do to. You can print out these words by Rick Harris on the star of the poem Stars Show. When the deal is not right, the deal is not right. We already talked about this, but let me briefly remind you that time management is crucial when working as a freelancer . Sure, you can come up with a logo in a few days, or maybe even use an old project of yours, spruce it up a bit and presented to a new client in one day. But remember that clients will give you feedback they're gonna want you to do at management's. They're gonna They're going to wait two days to answer your email, so it's best to make your schedule flexible enough so you don't end up being buried with jobs you took and that you can deliver on time. The next mistake is not learning enough, and this doesn't just mean learning new tricks and photo shop. You have to learn principles of design, brand communication, advertising, marketing, marketing, social media. At least at the beginning, you're gonna have to become knowledgeable not only in the fields related strictly to graphic design, but also to running a business. And don't forget to read as much as you can to broaden your horizons. So Number five on the list is not doing research, and doing research is crucial to proper understanding of your client's needs. You need to ask questions related specifically to the project. For instance, the reasons behind their local designer redesign. Why I want a website. What's wrong with their current logo? Etcetera Just understand their values and the goal of the project. You also have to research the market the businesses operated in. You need to research his competition. You need to learn everything that is going to help you in delivering a great product, and you're making the mistake. Number six. If you're trying to create a piece of art, let's face it, your first works most probably won't be displayed in the Museum of Modern Art or deliver. The goal of your project is to convey a certain message that needs to be clear enough so the target audience of your client gets it straight away, and I can't count how many times The idea for a project that I like the most was the least favored by the client and vice versa. And the last mistake on their list is not studying typography. This is quite a common mistake. Even among big ad agencies. You should know what makes a good fund. You should be familiar with things like turning, tracking and leading or line height because bad typography can make or break any project. So there you have it. These are the most common mistakes fresh graphic design of freelancers make. Now that you know them, you're less likely to make them and much closer to a freelancing success. Now what's left to do now is to sum up what we've learned so far 9. 8. What We've Learnt So Far: It's time to sum up what we've learned so far. I think by now you should have a clear understanding off what a freelance graphic designer career is. Let's quickly, just as a repetition, some of what we've learned so far. First we talked about what freelancing is and can be something for you. We looked at the pros and cons of freelancing. Then we learned about going freelance support and full time. And what are the benefits and drawbacks off both? And after that, we talked about ways to get started as a freelance graphic designer. Then we talked about getting your first client, where to find them and how to work with them. We also talked about freelance a bit platforms and would buyers think is the best way to succeed on those platforms? And lastly, we covered the seven most common mistakes fresh freelancers make so you can learn from them . So I think we covered the theoretical matter of graphic design, freelance and pretty thoroughly, don't you think? Now it's time to get out and do to get our hands dirty and go through all the steps off, executing a full freelance graphic design project, starting with the client brief and but we will do that in a different project