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Freelancing 101 : Best class to learn Freelancing

teacher avatar Sumeet B, Leading freelancer since 2018

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is freelancing and how does it work

    • 3. Different websites for Freelancing

    • 4. Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr Profile setup

    • 5. Tips to avoid scams and things to keep in mind

    • 6. Top Skills in demand for freelancing in 2021

    • 7. Tips for Content writing, data entry, programming and editing

    • 8. Project Bid Technique-1 :

    • 9. Project Bid Technique-2 :

    • 10. Project Bid Technique-3 :

    • 11. Project Bid Technique-4 :

    • 12. Client Communication

    • 13. Tips on Milestone Payments

    • 14. Client retention and ways to get 5 star reviews

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello, I'm Sumeet and welcome to my class Freelancing 101. This class will help you understand the basics of freelancing online and important tips to succeed while doing freelancing online. The course can be watched by those who are going begin freelancing or freelancers who wanna improve freelancing online and succeed. 

The topics covered in this Class are :

- What is freelancing and how does it work?

-Different Websites to do freelancing online.

- Profile setups on different websites

- Tips to avoid Scams

-Skills in demand on freelancing websites 

- Project Bidding Techniques

- Tips on Client Communication

- Tips about Milestone payments

- Various methods of payment withdrawals

- Tips to client retention and good reviews

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sumeet B

Leading freelancer since 2018


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my class freelancing 101. My name is some meat and I am one of the successful freelancer on, I have been doing freelancing since 2018 and today I'm here to guide you towards a path of a successful freelancer. So who is a freelancer? A freelancer is a person who is self-employed, who sells his work and freelance labor to clients and works independently, either to generate a passive income or to work from home at ease or both. There are many fields and professions were freelancing is predominant in such as music, writing, computer programming, web designing, graphic designing, translating, illustrating, and so on. In this class, you will learn that how does freelancing really work? The different sites where you can do freelancing, tips about project being proposals and how to avoid scams, tips about client communication and so on. I can assure you all that this class will make you one of the most successful freelancers. A lot of people leave freelancing because of getting less clients and unable to work correctly as per client expectations. But I will guide you correctly on how to make your clients happy with your work and getting paid well, at the start of my freelancing journey, I used to get paid very little like only seven to $8 per day, but after months of hustling and using a correct approach, I was able to earn around $200 per day online using freelancer and In my class, I will guide you with the correct approach to freelancing and the most important tips to help you succeed. Stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 2. What is freelancing and how does it work: Hello and welcome to lesson number 2. That is about what is freelancing and how does it work. In this lesson, we are going to talk about the steps to earn from doing freelancing in the required set of things needed before starting freelancing. So by now, most of you people already know that freelancing as a self-employed work to generate either a passive income or work from home. This work can be started by a job worker or a college student or someone who wants to make a career out of their passion like singing, editing, programming, et cetera, doing freelancing online as a way to get tons of clients and opportunities which will help you make a successful career. I know a lot of people who are making their living out of freelancing and trust me, it's not that hard. You just need a correct guide to freelancing and you're all set. The most important step is to just start working on freelancing. If you think that you need to work on additional skills before starting freelancing, then you're just wasting your time. You must start and get experience about freelancing and keep learning more along with it. With learning more and more, you can expand your freelance business, get more clients to work with. Create a company of your own about freelancing, do content creating and so on, and make this your top earning source. There are tons of clients on many websites of freelancing. You don't need to start all by yourself. The websites are ready, that clients are ready. The interface is ready. All you need is to just get a proposal and start working with the clients. There are a lot of benefits of freelancing. First of all, you don't need your own website to do freelancing. You don't need any upfront money to start. You can work from anywhere around the world and you can make a good amount of passive income through this. I know a guy who used to do computer programming and had just started freelancing online. He received a client who was asking him to make a dynamic website. He just went to one of those website building sites, WordPress, and made a dynamic website within a day and presented it to his client. The client was happy and paint him around $200 just for a day's work. That is the kind of opportunities you get while doing freelancing online. Once you get the first client and a good review on your profile, you can start getting tons of opportunities and new clients to work with. According to your skill set, you can use different websites and services available on the Internet and improve your work efficiency and productivity. In this course ahead, we are going to talk about all the things needed to improve your work efficiency and productivity to the maximum level. Some most important skills in online freelancing platforms are content writing, article writing, data entry, and virtual assistant, music illustrating, web designing, computer programming, and graphic designing. Here are some of the jobs examples that are available on As you can see here, the first job asks for a content writer, looking for a content writer. Or if you click on that, you can read the brief description of the content writing job. It says that we are a content writing Agency headquartered at Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have about 22 and house content writers already and are looking for more content writers. The content writer must work with us regularly. They will pay around $2 for a 100 words. It is a long-term job. As you can see, here are some of the skills required if you have these skills than do place a bid on such projects. As you can see, the client is from Bangladesh and has around 4.8 stars in 380 reviews. The client verification is also done as you can. The identity is verified and the payment is also verified, which is one of the most important client verifications. As this client has everything verified, you can trust this client and bid on such projects. Furthermore, as you can see, we need a Spanish business writer. The client is also reviewed five-stars. He is ready to pay around two to eight Australian dollars per hour. Another content writing job, social media copywriting job. Here you can see the payment is verified, the identity is verified, even the references are given. You can use these reference about the project and bid accordingly. If you have these skills, you should definitely place a bid on such projects. There are a lot of projects over here. French writers Needed, Italian writer's needed, all these entrustable projects, as you can see, the client reviews here are all five-star. There are a lot of opportunities on freelancer and Here are some programming jobs and designer jobs, as you can see here, I need a designer for my lottery app. We'll designing. If you click on this job over here, you can see the client is from Pakistan, has all its payment at identity verified at all. Here's the description of the project. It says I will provide the design sample at all, need three variants and the budget is fixed. If you have these following skills, graphic designing, Photoshop, then you should definitely a bit on such projects. Here's a C, C plus develop are required for postscript experience. If you are a developer or a programmer, then you can bid on the project. As you can see, the client is for Mandy on has 4.9 stars and 83 reviews. So you can trust this client and post bids accordingly. It has this description looking for a building a solution that allows users to create a file output in the application by creating a driver. If you have these skills, C programming, software architecture, then you can bid on such projects. Here is someone looking for a Illustrator, website design expert. But here you can see this particular project test refer. This project seems to be a scam. As you can see, the client doesn't have any reviews or stars in the client verification is also empty and the payment method, which is the main thing for a verification, is also not done. So you should never bid on such scan projects. There are a lot of scan projects on freelancer and I will tell you how to avoid such scams in my future lessons. Here you can also see the description is a spam, so you should never bid on such projects and waste your precious beds. Here's another scam photographer. It has no reviews and the title is also quite irrelevant. You should never bid on such projects. Here's a code expert needed in Python, Java. If you know these programming languages, then you should definitely a bit on such projects after checking the client reviews. Here is someone needs a 360 image. If you are a great designer, then you can bid on such projects. Here you can see this job, it has lot of project upgrades. We will discuss about these project upgrades in detail. So as you can see here, these are the different types of project upgrades which client use on to upgrade their projects. There are a different project upgrades that can suit the client project needs. The first one is the recruiter upgrade. The description says that our expert recruiters will find and recommend the perfect freelancer for your project saving you time. This is best for new users or those short on time. It costs around $9.50. Basically, some employers are very busy and they don't have time to recruit the freelancers who bid on their project. So they hire a recruiter, an expert from, who hires the freelancers for the client. It costs $9.50. The next one is that featured upgrade. Your project will be marked as featured and will be displayed prominently attracting more quality beds. This one cost around $9 and the project will be featured at the top of the page. And a lot of quality freelancers may bid on this project. The third one is the urgent upgrade. The client uses this one. He wants to urgently hire any freelancer for work. As you can see here, the project will be marked as urgent, attracting the bidders who are ready to kick off your project asap. It will be open for getting only for 24-hour. It cost around $9. The next one is the private upgrade. The details of the project will be hidden from search engines and will only be available to logged in users. It costs around $19. The employers who wanted to make their projects private, they upgrade their project to private upgrades. The next one is a sealed upgrade. This will hide the submitted bids from freelancers so that the employer gets better proposals. It costs around $9. And this is one of the most used project upgrade on Clients mostly add sealed or NDA project upgrade and this website. The next one is NDA, which cost around $9. Before bidding, freelancers will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which binds them to the projects confidentiality. The next one is the IP agreement. The awarded freelancer will be prompted to sign an intellectual property agreement, which makes it clear that all work is done on the project will be the client's work. This cost around $19. The last upgrade is the full-time upgrade. This is one of the rarest upgrade used by clients and the cost is also hefty. Its cost around $200 to use this upgrade. Using this upgrade, the project fee will only be charged if the project value exceeds $5 thousand. A lot of clients post projects using such project upgrades to receive quality bids from freelancers. Okay, so now let's see We're on You can choose three of the levels. Entry level if you are a new freelancer, intermediate or expert, a few already doing freelancing based on the price as you would like to get paid. There are different types of filters you can use to get the projects you need. Here are some projects which can be seen. First is the data entry for automotive website. Let's click on this to see the details. As you can see, Upwork has a pretty good interface and you can also see the client information properly. See this client has verified payment methods and is from the United States and has around 4.79 stars and 65 reviews. So you can place the bid on this job because this one is a real job and not a fake one as the client is verified, here are some skills required. If you have such skills, then you can definitely submit a proposal for this job. Here's the next one, need testers for our Math SAP. You can see from here itself that the payment is verified and it has around five stars and how much the employer has spent on hiring freelancers. If you have these relevant skills, then you submit your proposal for such jobs. The client is from the United Kingdom. It has its payment verified. The skill required as mathematics and mobile app testing. The next job as needed, someone to add numbers and colors to a Word document and a PowerPoint slide. This is one simple job that can be done by anyone. These are the skills required for this job. Here's the description of the job. You can read the job description and poster proposal accordingly. You can definitely trust this client as everything is verified. Okay. As you can see here, this job has its payment verified but no stars, so this is quite suspicious. So I suggest you do not bid on such projects because it might possibly be a scam like for example here, this job is looking for a data entry person to do simple uploading work and the payment and reviews are also verified. So you should only bid on such projects only. So as you can see, there are a lot of job opportunities on Upwork, Freelancer and other freelancing websites. You can learn some important high-demand skills and then earn doing freelancing online. There is a lot of scope in this online freelancing websites and we will talk about this in our future lessons. All you need to do is to set a good profile, right, a beautiful proposal and bid for a project. Once you are selected, you need to communicate professionally with your client and do the tasks that are needed to be done perfectly. Ensure that you are very professional in your work and communication. Once the work is submitted, you can negotiate about the fee and then leave a good review which makes a good impression on you. This will help you because the client may require you because of your kindness, professionalism, and expertise. Once you get your first client successfully than you are more likely to get hired by more clients in the future projects. Sometimes it may take time, while sometimes it's very simple to easily get clients. You need to try to learn and Improvise yourself after each project and be one of the best freelancers on the website. In our course, we will talk about various aspects of freelancing like client communication, various tips to succeed, tips regarding payments, et cetera, in much more details. Thank you for watching and see you all in my next class. 3. Different websites for Freelancing: Hello and welcome to lesson number 3. That is about different websites to do freelancing. In this lesson, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of different websites, in which website I feel is good to be starting as a beginner. I would be rating each website on a scale of one to five. Each website has its own different and unique interface features, work environment, fees, and different payment methods such as milestone payments, fixed and our early payments, automatic billing payments and so on. The first website which is good for freelancing is A lot of people use this website for hiring as well as working as a freelancer. As you can see here, a lot of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Deloitte, nasa, IBM uses this website to hire freelancers and post projects with high prize pool. What's great about this website is, as you can see, you can put samples about your previous work and make a wonderful profile which can help you attract a lot of clients. You can even track your time and progress using their mobile app and get paid automatically using automatic billing feature. These are some examples of freelancing work and the payment they've received for their work. As you can see here, this logo design took only one day to make and the freelancer and around 2200 rupees, which is around $30. This package design took eight days to build in costed 20000 rupees, which is around $270. These websites offers a huge range of skill categories in which you can provide your work using your relevant skills. These skills include different coding languages like PHP, Java, Python, then website designing, graphic, designing, mobile apps, Android apps, iPhone Apps, Photoshop, logo design and so on. Okay, So we are on As you can see, this website offers a huge range of skills which you can work for. As you can see the job here, update name and existing C Plus Plus application. If you have these skills like C programming and C plus plus programming, then you can definitely work on these projects. The client is ready to pay around 15 to 25 dollars per hour. The next one is a 3D, a logo. If you're a graphic designer or a logo designer, then you can place a bid on such jobs. Then the next is a website design. If you are a website designer and no PHP, well, then you can do such jobs. There are a lot of jobs on, as you can see here, Google ad expert, a logo designer, job e-commerce marketplace needed Linux jobs, programming jobs, build a website for me job FPGA, a SOC expert needed, need a LTE stack developer and C need a graphic designer than winter are on password tool development, et cetera. There are a lot of skills which you can work on and provide skills and Here are some more examples. Need an artist who works with paints. Need programmers, product promotion, need an S to our NS3 coder Design homepage. This website also has contests in which it is free to post your work and if you get selected, then you are rewarded with a handsome fee and a review. Plus you will a badge which will be displayed besides your freelancer profile name. So the pros of this website are first, the website is very easy to navigate. Second, it's easy to get started on Third, it is easy to communicate with current and prospective clients using on page chatbox option. This increases the chance of getting clients on freelancer. Fourth, there are multiple money withdrawal options include ACH, PayPal, wire transferred to your own bank account, scroll and others. Fifth, there are competency tests in this website which give clients a chance to see where a freelancer really stands out. There is a wide range of competency tests available here. As you can see, English level 123, French, Spanish, and skill tests related to data entry, programming, et cetera. And the last 1 sixth, their support services great, easy to use and simple. Your problems can get solved in minutes. The cons of these websites are first, there is a huge competition of freelancers in this site. A project posted by a client gets an average of 50 to 60 different proposals. So getting selected as quite tough. But in this course, we will be discussing about how to stand out of the crowd and get selected by clients. Second, fake projects. has a problem dealing with fake projects on their website. You can find a lot of fake projects there and you can get scammed a lot. But fear not as I have covered all tips and tricks to avoid scams in my next videos. Third. Limits. There are bidding limits on projects on You can get only with the amount of bids you have left. You get six bits every month. And with basic membership, you can get around 50 bids per month. Forth, glitched and buggy website and mobile app. The website has a lot of glitch in the mobile app gets bogged a lot of times. Overall, it'll give freelancer of 4.7 stars. Now, we are going to see some job examples on The first one is the recruitment manager for digital marketing agency. If you're a good in human resources and digital marketing, then you can post a bit on such jobs. The next one is the Facebook ads expert. It's about Facebook marketing and advertising. The next one is the Google AdWords to generate leads. The next job over here. This job is most probably a scam. I will tell about the scam jobs in the next lesson. The next job is to make a YouTube short video. If you're good at making YouTube videos, then you should definitely submit a proposal to such jobs. As you can see, the fixed price is $10 and it's an intermediate job. The next job is audio production job, which says looking for software that will convert live stream audio to MP3 files, Twitter research. You can click on the next tab over here and see more types of jobs. It's like finance, right, are needed. Again, digital marketing, job, et cetera. You can keep scrolling and going to next tab until you find the job best suitable for you. You can also use these filter to get jobs of your type more easily. If you are a beginner, then you can choose the entry level filter. And if you are already experienced freelancer, then you must choose expert filter. You can select job types, fixed price, number of proposals, COVID-19 related jobs, client info, client history, client location, project history, and hours per week. You can use this filter to get the job of your choice. I liked the interface of this website a lot, like. It's very nicely designed, but in order to start freelancing here, you need to set up a perfect profile. Don't worry, because in our upcoming video we will talk about how to set up a perfect profile which will attract a lot of clients. Now, let's discuss about the pros of First, periodic screenshots. Upwork take screenshots every 10 minutes which the client can view and feel confident in progress that is being made. Second, Upwork messaging, the desktop app, browser app, and mobile app. All feature of messaging feature that lets you stay in contact with the client at all times. And the third pro is fixed and our lakebed, it allows both fixed bid and hourly. Each one is useful for different kinds of projects. Now the cons of this website is first, huge transaction fees. As a client, you pay a fee to Upwork on top of what you're paying to your freelancer. As a freelancer, you also pay a fee, 20 percent of the first $500 earned from a client and 10 percent until you hit down $1000, where it then goes to 5%. Second, perfect profile. In order to start freelancing, you need to create a perfect and verified profile. Only then you will be able to bid on projects and submit your proposals. Third, time zone sync. Clients are across multiple time zones and it gets confusing. Adding manual time if you forget to track time. So overall, I would rate a four-point three out of five because if it's SQL pros and cons and hassle-free experience. Okay, so the last website we are going to talk about is This websites focuses on a different approach to freelancing. The freelancers on this website have to post gigs to get clients and projects. Gigs are basically a thumbnail of your skill with samples and an offer to work on the related skill with your own pricings and conditions. is a new freelancing website where you have to post gigs. And you can see here, a lot of gigs are posted. There are different type of gigs. If you click on this gig, you will get more information of the service provided by the freelancer. As you can see, there are basic plan, standard plan and premium plan. There are different type of plan there with different charges and conditions. The basic plan is having a one-day delivery, while the standard and premium plan has two-day delivery. You can see here there are data entry jobs illustrating jobs. If the clients like their project, then they will directly hire them from here. Here, let's click this. This one also has basic standard premium plans. Just like this. You can post your own gigs and get more clients on Here are some good examples, page converter, German website content that kickstarts your business. This 12 has basic, standard and premium plans. Here's a caricature design gig. If you are good in graphic design and then you can post your gig here and get hired by many clients. We will learn about posting gigs and getting clients in our upcoming lessons. The pros of, our first, it has a large number of clients hiring a lot of freelancers. That clients are able to get verified freelancers very quickly and hence they prefer to use Fiverr. The second Pro is you can set your own prices and conditions for your gigs. For examples, you can make a gig about data entry services and can set prices according to your wish and the conditions based on time of completion like this design will complete in seven days. This poster can be finished within 12 hours and so on. The cons of this website are first, the cheaper, the better. You need to set cheap prices in order to get more clients. The clients prefer cheaper services on The second con is performing a search engine optimization. In order to get your gig visible, you need to do a search engine optimization and get specific keywords so that the clients can see your gig and awards you a project. So these were the pros and cons of I would give this website or rating of 3.9 out of five because of its huge competition and complexity, we will cover about how to thrive and do your best in all of these websites in our later lessons. So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. Hi. 4. Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr Profile setup: Hello and welcome to lesson number four, that is about profile setups. In this lesson, we are going to learn how to set up a perfect profile on,, and So let's start with the first website that is The first step is to sign up on using valid e-mail ID and a strong password. Once you are done signing in, fill in your full name and basic details and then it will make a profile for you. Now click on Edit Profile and edit your professional headline. I have chosen virtual assistant for data entry as my professional headline. For summary, you have to write about yourself and the services you will provide. This is my summary I've pasted here. Then the next step is profile photo. Please select a friendly and professional photo as this image will be visible to all clients when you bid on their projects. I'm going to select this as my profile picture. Once this is done, you have to select an hourly rate, which is the pay amount you want per hour. So for this, I'm going to write $5 per hour trying to select a low amount for this because a lot of clients who hire directly choose a lower hourly rate freelancer, then you can save this. Now the next step is the verification. You can verify your identity, your payment, you phone number, your email, and your social medias. The identity verification is not that important though. The main verification is the payment and phone verification. You can do Payment Verification using a debit credit card or PayPal account. Once you verify your payment, this icon would turn green. Once you've verified payment, go to Settings and select on trust and verification. Here you can see your trust score which a client uses to see the amount of trust you have. To get a full trust score. You need to verify phone number, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Once you do this, you will be fully verified on After that, you have to add in portfolio items. You have to upload any past work in your portfolios so that clients may see your good work and hire you on Here let me add a data entry item for the title. I would just write data entry for the description. I'll just write data entry Excel sheet. However, you must write a medium size description for portfolio items and then upload the files. After that, choose the skills like data entry, data processing, Excel, MS Office, virtual assistant. That was all about making a portfolio. Now let's go back to your profile. Okay, so once your portfolio items is done, Here's the review tab. The Review tab will be empty for now. Once you've finished jobs for your clients, the reviews given by clients will appear here. The next step is adding experience. If you have had any previous experience in any firm or company, then you can add it over here. I will add my experience as a manager and a lawyer, the start and end dates and that's it. I will save this here. So that was the experience I've added. The next step is adding education. You have to select your country and the place where you had went to study or pursue your degree. And that was all about education. After this, you have to add qualifications. If you have had any professional qualifications or certificate, then you can add that certificate over here. The next here is publications, which is not necessary. You can fill this part if you have any book publications otherwise leave it. So that was all the main parts of the profile. Now the last important part is adding skills. Here for my data entry profile, I will add Excel VBA, data entry, data processing, Excel Macros, et cetera, then save it. So if you followed all these steps, you will be able to create a complete attractive profile on Now let us see how to create a perfect profile for So the first step is to sign up using a valid e-mail ID and password and then verify your e-mail ID at the start. Once the e-mail ID is verified, you can start filling your main details to create a basic Upwork profile. You can select the title you want, like I am going to select virtual assistant for data entry. Then click on Next. Then we have to add your experience here. I will add my experience over here. After writing experience, save it. And then next you have to fill your education details. After this, you have to select language and its level. For example, I will select fluent English as my language. Then you can add another language if you want, like German. Once this is done, click on Next. Over here you have to select your skills. I will select all data entry related skills. Once this is done, you can write your bio which describes you and what type of services you can provide. Once this is done, you can choose your area of work. I will select admin support and data entry. After this, you have to write the hourly rate you will charge. A 20% fee would be charged by Upwork and the amount given below is the amount you will receive. After this, you have to upload a profile picture which is friendly and professional. Once you have uploaded profile picture, you can write your details here like phone number, country, et cetera. And then you can check your profile once and then click on Submit. Once you submit your basic profile is made. Now once you can see your profile here, you will notice that your profile completion rate is around 40 to 50 percent only. Now what you have to do is add your work history, our employee history here, so you can get around 30 percent more. Once you add that, you have to add education has tree, so you get 10 percent more. Then after this, you can add certification. If you have any certification, you can add it and get 5% increase more in your profile completion. If the certificate you have is not in the list, you can add a custom certificate by clicking on custom certificate. So once I have added certification, I've got 5% extra. After this, link your social media account and get 10 percent more. You can link any one of these accounts and get 10 percent increase in profile completion. Then after this, add other experiences and you'll get 5% more. If you were a volunteer or something in any different field or non-profit organization, then you can add that over here. As you can see, our 5% profile completion increase. Now add portfolio items to add another 5%. As you can see here, I've added portfolio item of data entry project. Here you have to preview your portfolio item and then publish it. The last thing to fully complete your profile is to add a short video of your introduction. Once that is done, your profile would be 100% complete and you will be visible to more clients in this website. So that was all about profile completion of So now let's see about how to create a profile on First, you have to sign up and login. Once you are logged in, click on your Profile and click become a seller. Now here, click on Continue and press Continue again. Here you have to write your personal info and profile pictures to complete your Fiverr seller profile. Then once you have filled the details, click on Next and fill your professional details like occupation, education, skills, certifications and personal website if you have any, the website is optional. Then click on Next. Here you can link your social media accounts. Then you can verify your phone number and e-mail and finally finish your profile. Then once that is done, you have to create a security question 2. Once all that is done, you're a Fiverr seller profile will be fully complete and then you can start creating and posting gigs. We will learn about how to create gigs in lesson number 11, which is about creation of gigs on So that was all about creating a perfect profile and different freelancing websites like,, and In the next lesson, we will learn about tips to avoid scams on freelancing websites. So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 5. Tips to avoid scams and things to keep in mind: Hello and welcome to lesson number five. That is tips to avoid scams and things to keep in mind. In this lesson, I'm going to tell you about how you can avoid all scams and fraud jobs and get the logit working job on freelancing sites. Nowadays, a lot of people on freelancing sites are posting fake jobs in scamming people. You could almost see such jobs every time you try to search for new projects. These projects appear to be simple. That's why a lot of freelancers start bidding on these fake projects and end up getting scammed. We will talk about how to avoid these scams in detail. The most common way people get scammed on freelancing websites is by the way of security fees. There is a huge number of jobs posted on freelancing sites such as Convert PDF to Word, excel entries, copy typing jobs which are mostly posted by fraudulent people. There are red flags through which you can easily spot these fake projects, which I will be telling you ahead. A lot of new freelancers look at these high-paying projects and start submitting their proposals. After a few minutes, they receive the message from the client regarding the job they have to do and they start asking to communicate to any other app and not in and Upwork. Let's say that the client asks you to communicate on his e-mail. Once you send them an email, they will send you a file regarding project information. In that file, they specify about security deposit to be paid to the client before starting the project to ensure seriousness. All that is just a scam because once you pay them the security deposit, they will never reply again. They will take your money and just run-away. A lot of new freelancers have often fallen prey to such scan incidence. But don't worry, as I will share with you, the ways to avoid such scam and fraudulent jobs. When I was a new freelancer, I faced a situation like this when I had put a bid on a project without knowing much about the client and the type of project. So let me share with you an example of how I was about to get scanned once in I was a new freelancer that time and I saw this very easy job named convert PDF toward. And I also saw that it paid pretty well. So what I did was I clicked on the project and placed a bid without even seeing client verification or payment verifications as I was a new freelancer that time, as soon as I bid it on the project, I received a message from the client. As you can see here, this message over here, let me read it for you. Hey, you have placed a bit on our project. Please watch the project demo worked by clicking on this link. Here they have given a video link regarding the demo work. If you can do this, uh, shown in the video, then read the project details given in a link. Here is another Google Drive link they have sent and select a project and email to their email with reference of your freelancer, username, country name, and your decision about the project. And contact me through email. Don't reply here. As you can see, the client has said as contact only through to their email and not to reply here. This is the main red flag which tells us that this project is a scam because according to terms and conditions, all the clients must communicate using only freelancer chat, and not any other media. Usage of e-mail is against the terms and conditions. Also, as you can see here, we will click this link and let's see what happens. This is the demo video of the job which we have been at on that is conversion of PDF into Word file. What happens after watching this is that many freelancers think that this job is legit and real. Then here let's click on this Google Drive link. As you can see this as a document with a sample of the job conversion of PDF into Word. All this, if you see, you would think this is real or a legitimate as many new clients see this in this way only. Here they have mentioned again, to communicate only via e-mail. Now here are some of their project details. Here is Project 1. Now here comes the main red flag. The employer is asking for a security fee of $30 from the employee, which is as the freelancer. And they have given a condition that on successful completion of the assignment, they will refund it back to us. And below all that, here is the final payment they said they will give us as 160 dollars. Now what really happens is that a lot of freelancers think that if they do the small job by paying just $30 security fee, they will learn a huge amount, which is 160 dollars in this case, and also the refund of $30. And that is why a lot of freelancers give away the security fee. But what happens is that once the freelancer pays the security feet to the client, the client will never again respond that person. The client simply takes the money, doesn't refund and just vanishes. This is one of the biggest scam on and A lot of new freelancers believe in big on such easy projects and end up getting scammed. As you can see, there are many projects given by them here, project. Has a security fee of $50 with a total payment amounting to $300. A lot of freelancers think that they're getting a good earnings on such typing jobs and they end up giving the security fee and get scammed. Same here there are more projects, project 3, project for where you have to pay around $75 as f0 and when you pay them, they will never respond to you. This is how a lot of freelancers get scammed on freelancer and Here in project 4, there is a security feature of a huge amount, $100, and they have given the final payment is $650, which a lot of freelancers would get excited by seeing it in, would just give away the security fee to the client. Given a lot of notes down here to make this project look realistic and the freelancers even think the project is real and they end up getting scammed. As you can see, they have written a note, you will deposit the security fee, which is onetime payment to start working with us, which will be refunded back to you on successful completion of second assignment. But if you quit before completion of project, then it will not be refunded. Refundable security is just for the assurance that you will take the work seriously and submit the work always. They say all this stuff to gain the trust of freelancers. They have given all this terms and conditions. Candidate will be disqualified and want be able to work anymore if they do not fulfill any of the above-mentioned terms. They say all these stuffs to make the project look real. Here they have given their pay your account and telling to transfer the security fee into this account. As transactions is paid, are anonymous and not easily trackable. Many users use such apps to do frauds. All these technical instructions are just a waste of time. I know a lot of people who were scammed by such fraud clients. So beware of such fake projects when you've been on any project on freelancer or, you must always check the client verification because it is very important. And such easy jobs like convert PDF into word at all are most probably scams because you don't need someone for just copy pasting words from one document to another. There are websites which already do copy pasting and conversion and work automatically within seconds. Let's see this project again, convert PDF to Word. You can already see they have given such a high pay for a job like this. This is another red flag which says the job is a scam. A lot of freelancers get excited by seeing such high prices and bid on such projects and end up getting scammed. As you can see, the client is not verified. The payment is not verified. When the payment is only not verified, it shows that the client has never paid anyone and hence you should never work for such clients. You can see a lot of people bidding on such projects. Here are already 24 bids on this project. Let me show you some more examples. Here you can see copy-pasting job, no client reviews and still ready to pay so much. Definitely a scan project. Again, retype a PDF into Word. You can see the amount of beds, 35 bids. A lot of people don't even know about such scams. And that's why my course is important to educate you all about all the things in freelancing websites online. So before posting a bit or proposal, always check the client reviews and payment verification and only then proceed. There are several types of jobs which are often scabs and posted by fake clients. Such jobs or convert PDF to Word, convert Word file to Excel and other converting jobs, data entry jobs with few details and description, copy typing and document editing jobs. So the question that arises is that what type of jobs are considered safe? Here are a few points that should be considered before bidding for any job. The first one is payment verification. You need to check the client details and see if the client has verified their payments. If that is not verified, then the client would not pay you after the job completion and is probably here to scam people. The second one is employer hiring history. You need to check the employers hiring history. That is the rating and review the employer has received on their account. If the employer has been rated four or five stars and has been reviewed by many people, then the employer and his job is safe to work on. The third one is reasonable project budget. You need to check that the project budget is reasonable with the related skill set and job. The scam jobs are often in a very high budget, like $500 to one hundred, ten hundred dollars for a simple job. Such things are red flags and should be avoided. The last point is jobs falling under your expertise. You must bid only on those jobs which are under your expertise. Don't get trapped for easy looking jobs with high pay as they may be scams. These are all the points you need to keep in mind to apply for projects as a beginner. One of the most common red flag one can spot to identify a fake project is by looking at the Employer Review. If there is 0 reviews about employer than it is most definitely a scam. So next time you've been on any project, keep these things in mind and freelancing online will be easy for you all. In the next lesson, we are going to talk about the top skills and demand for freelancing, which can help you get a lot of clients and opportunities. So stay tuned and see you in my next class. 6. Top Skills in demand for freelancing in 2021: Hello and welcome to lesson number 6, and that is top skills and demand for freelancing and 2021. In this lesson, I am going to tell you about different fields of expertise which you can master and get more opportunities to work doing freelancing online. There is a huge number of jobs available on freelancing websites. And we are going to talk about the most preferred skills which can help you fetch jobs easily. So the first skill which has the most demand is design and architecture. This includes a huge variety of designing, the different types of design and architecture includes website design, graphic design, Photoshop, logo design, illustrator, CSS, video editing, 3D modeling, After Effects, animation, 3D rendering, building architecture, van or design, interior design, product design, and AutoCad. If you are a graphic designer, then you can learn some extra skills related to designing, as mentioned above, and get more opportunities to freelance online. The next skill, which is high in demand is rioting and content. All you have to do is help the client with some document typing and content creation. The different types of writing and content include article writing, content writing, transcription, copyrighting, ghost writing, research writing, document editing, technical writing, report writing, proofreading, blog writing, creative writing, product descriptions, business writing, SEO Writing, and legal writing. If you do content writing, then you can master all the skills of writing and get more chances in different freelancing sites to R and more. The third skill that is high in demand is data entry and admin. All you have to do is type data and fill in Excel sheets or create spreadsheets and fill data inside them. The different types of data entry and admin work include basic data entry, Excel typing, data processing, virtual assistant, MS Office, data extraction, data analytics, data scraping, data delivery, Excel, VBA, Excel Macros, Microsoft Outlook. If you are doing basic data entry, then you should master these other data entry skills to, as this can improve your chances and getting more jobs and their freelancing websites. The fourth skill that is high in demand is websites, IT and software programming. This is a quite complex work and often requires a group of people to do this, but you can do this work solo a few or a masturbated. The different types of programming languages and skills which are in high demand include JavaScript, PHP, HTML, WordPress, MySQL, software architecture, python, search engine optimization, React js, NodeJS, Shopify. C programming, amazon Web Services and blockchain technologies. If you're good at programming, you should learn all these skills as it will give you more opportunity to provide a large number of services to your clients. The fifth skill that is high in demand is business accounting and human resources. Many businesses and companies on freelancing websites often need guidance related to financial and business matters. So they hire a lot of freelancers. Some of the most important skills include accounting, business analytics, finance, project management, financial analysis, Human Resources, enterprise resource planning, taxation, financial markets, public relations, payroll management, inventory management, and financial modeling. If you are someone who works in finance field, then I suggest you to master all the skills above as this can help you get more clients on freelancing websites. So that's all the major skills which are currently high in demand and huge number of clients are demanding these skills on Upwork, freelancer and fiber. Even you guys have mastered one of the fields from the five fields I have set above, you can get a ton of opportunities on these freelancing websites and can earn a lot of income. So this is all about this video. In the next video we will learn about the skills in detail and how to perform your work and best manner possible to put a good impression about yourself. So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 7. Tips for Content writing, data entry, programming and editing: Hello and welcome to lesson number seven. That is tips for writing data entry, programming and design editing. In this lesson, I will give you the most important tips to keep in mind while doing any freelance work related to writing, data entry, programming and editing skills. We discussed about the various types of skills under each major scale. And now I will tell you about the tips on mastering these skills dots. So let's talk about our writing. Writing content is a dream work for many people. Some right, newspaper content or articles and others become successful authors like JK Rowling. But no matter how much efforts you put in, some writers are better than others, what makes these riders good at their work is the difference of how they research AND function. Pairing your exceptional talent with the right way of processing it is what makes your writing remarkably good. Writing content has never been a cake walk. There are some things that successful writers do differently. Let's step into their shoes and see how to start content writing. Content writing is drafting content to communicate a message to the target audience. In simple terms, when you look for available content writer jobs, you will have to research and write blogs, web content, scripts for videos and podcasts, text posts, et cetera. So now let's dive into Notice start content writing. Whether you are writing blog posts, website articles, web content, or books, the following tips will help you organize your work for enhanced output. Let's learn content writing with a stepwise procedure. Number 1, content writing involves a lot of research. To keep new content ideas flowing, you need to enter the research. So in often, research shouldn't be directly followed by writing and planning. In fact, take a moment. As soon as you find the idea you are going to write about research more. But now, specifically on this topic, make Evernote or any other notepad you best make and keep writing key pointers about the idea. You will always have reference pages to look up to, but the thoughts of how you are going to proceed with the content piece needs to be written down. Number two, scales of a content writer getting into someone else's shoes and willing to ride in an exactly similar style is not how you start content writing. During your work period, you will come across a lot of writers who may have a unique style. You can take inspiration by their style, but you don't have to copy this style. Since every person is different and has a unique personality, they should have a varied writing style. Third, stick to the point. Every piece of content is written for one single topic. Stick to this point and avoid wandering to different topics. Of course, it is okay to discuss a little about related things, but make sure that you don't mix different ideas in one content piece, it will break the users flow of reading. Many authors believe that when you start editing your content piece, one round of edits should be dedicated to eliminating points that don't align with the topic. You should remove every sentence and word that doesn't go with the topic forth. The creative perspective of content writing. Every content has three major factors involved. Topic, idea and view. While topic and idea are already decided because before starting the content, as you know what you are going to write on. But the view matters. Giving a new mic over to your content pieces. What makes your article or blog different from others? That unique angle is necessary to gain a reliable audience. Fifth, a content writer should create a killer title and first paragraph. Forming a killer headline is another major part of how to start content writing. Sixth, a content writer shouldn't exaggerate and keep it simple. Most of the people may not be able to understand your complex sentence structure and vocabulary. Let the truth remain that way. Changing and exaggerating the truth can make you seem as unreliable. If you are writing for beginners, start your content by explaining everything, just like you would explain to a layman. But if people who already know about the topic are involved, keep it more informational, right? Plainly. This means keep paragraphs, short sentences need, and words readable. Seventh, a detailed proofreading of the content. Not editing your content nicely can have a negative impact on your audience. No one is going to read content which has errors. Follow this approach. The first round of adults should be to eliminate and change sentences that don't match the flow of the content. Also, remove the sentences not in line with the topic. The second round of edit should focus on removing spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. The third round is for reading. Finally, look at your draft to ensure everything seems good. Now let's talk about content writing tips for beginners. If you have never tried writing anything before, but you are willing to know how to write content or how to become a freelance writer. Here are some specific content writing tips for beginners. First, headline is important. The headline of the content should be given utmost importance. Beginners should specifically take care of how they frame the heading. The easiest way is to check related articles and see how the title is curated. Second, deliver value through your content. The content should be valuable. Your audience should be able to take away something from the content piece, become a storyteller and make everything as interesting as possible. But you have to keep your audience in mind. If you are writing for youngsters, then write more engaging, catchy content. For business professionals and CEOs, the content should be formal and to the 0.3, a conclusion to remember, conclude with a powerful note. Let the end thought linger in the minds of your users. The key is to cover what you have explained in the article, but still leave an impression on your reader. The next skill we are going to talk about is data entry. Data entry is simply the transcription of data from one form into another. The majority of businesses require data entry, such as entering sales figures into a spreadsheet, transcribing notes from a meeting or integrating databases. If you are looking for a data entry role, practice the basic skills to help you to quickly get a job. The key skills that employers tend to look for include fast and accurate typing, customer service skills, computer literacy and familiarity with basic computer programs. Qualifications can help to increase your chances of getting a job. So consider completing a data entry certificate course, an internship, or a business degree for better results. Here are a few steps which can help you learn data entry and perform it well for your clients. First, practice typing until you reach a speed of at least 30 words per minute. A large portion of data entry work involves typing. This means that being able to type quickly and accurately as essential, the best way to improve your speed is simply to practice typing. Try spending some each day transcribing some written information onto the computer. Try to focus on your accuracy when typing as your speed will naturally increase with practice. If you get bored practicing, search online for free type and games. These are a fun way to increase your typing accuracy and speed. Search online for a typing test to quickly find out how many words per minute you can type. Second, take lessons if you aren't confident using a computer, it is really important that you can use easily navigate a computer as the majority of data entry work is done on a computer. If you weren't confident using a computer, consider asking a friend to give you a few lessons or research basic computer skill courses in your local community. The ability to use a computer is generally one of the top requirements for data entry employees. Third, familiarize yourself with basic computer programs. Data entry jobs primarily use word processing and spreadsheet programs. Spend some time learning to use the Microsoft Word and Excel or Google Docs and sheets as these are the most widely used programs in businesses. Fourth, practice using office equipment such as printers and scanners. Whilst the majority of your work in a data entry job is on a computer, you will also need to copy and print information. Practice scanning pieces of paper in a scanner and then printing them from your computer. Practice using the scanner and printer at your local library or self-service print shop. Five, practice your customer service skills. Interacting with customers is an important part of most data entry roles. Practice using a professional tone on the phone, right? Draft emails to customers and role-play a confrontational situation to practice your customer service skills. The more that you practice, the more comfortable you'll become. Notice how customer service workers talk to you when you phone up different businesses, such as your power company, gym, or library. Take note of what made you feel valued as a client and then try to imitate those actions. Sixth, ensure that you are able to keep sensitive information confidential. It is essential to realize the importance of confidentiality and data entry roles, as you will often be entering sensitive information, such as people's salaries, the company's profit or loss for the year, or customers contact details. If you have a habit of sharing information a little too freely, remind yourself of the need for confidentiality. Often, when looking at contracts for data entry jobs, look at the confidentiality clauses to remind yourself of your obligations. By these six steps, you will be able to do data entry projects at ease. The next skill we are going to talk about as programming. Starting a freelance programming career became really popular in previous years. And of course, it has lots of advantages. Hence, people are more and more interested in working this way. The steps to become a freelance programmer are. First, the first action you need to take as finding your niche until you don't decide what kind of projects you'd like to work with. You cannot get the required skills. You simply don't know what skills would be useful. In freelancing. It would be best to be a programmer that can do a bit of everything because it's required to do some backend and some front-end JavaScript as it makes you a full-stack programmer. And you can build the front-end with any of the popular frameworks like React, JS, or angular. Still, you are also able to write back hand with NodeJS. Python becomes more and more popular lately because it allows us to work with machine learning and AI. Besides that, you can also build the backend and work with a bigger amount of data using it. Goliath is a relevantly new programming language in the IT world. From some time, people knowing it may count on exciting, well-paid projects even as freelancers, Kotlin, Swift, those two programming languages would be great if you are interested in mobile development. Kotlin allows you to create Android apps and swift will let you create iOS applications. Besides the hottest technologies that you could learn. Now, there's still some older popular technology for freelancing, and it's PHP and WordPress. They are used for creating simple websites and e-commerce and are often wanted by the clients. For most of the projects, you'd need to know the basics like HTML and CSS, which is also the best starting point if you don't have coding skills yet. The next step is get experienced by building a portfolio. When you already have the skills required in your future freelance programming career, you have to make some code to get the experience. You also need to build your coding portfolio that you'll be able to show to your clients. When you are learning a new programming language or new technology, it's always worth building a few projects using it to know how to use it and fluently start another project. Also, the clients that would like to order a service from. He would like to see some previous work you've done, so you need to show anything. The third step is create your website. As a freelancing programmer, you need to have space on the Internet to introduce yourself to your future clients and give them the way to connect with your C, your portfolio. That's why you need to create your portfolio website. You can make it in two different ways. Either you can code your website from scratch as a static page or use one of the popular CMS, like WordPress, and use any of the existing themes or building your own. Depending on the skills you have, building your own website can be an excellent opportunity to practice your skills. You could make it exactly how you'd like it to be. But on the other hand, not everyone has designed skills. And if you don't know how to make it visually attractive, it may be a better way to trust a designer and take a ready solution. The fourth step is build your personal brand. You will be much more trustworthy when you were active in the coding community. The easiest thing you could do to start building your personal brand besides creating a portfolio and your personal website is to start writing a blog. Happily. You don't need to set up your own blogging website because you can use any of the existing platforms like Medium as you're blogging tool, automatically you can reach a bigger amount of readers by creating good quality content and choosing the right tags. Besides creating your own blog, you can try to write a guest post and other popular coding blogs or digital magazines, actively helping others on popular programming subreddit. So we're building your core and profile by answering technical questions from your niche will also help you grow your personal brand. As a coding expert, don't forget about the social media profiles where you can share interesting content and discuss technical topics with people that are also interested. The fifth step has organized the way of working. We've gone through the skills, some branding. But there's one more thing that's really important, that is the key to success as a freelancer. It's about organizing your own work because as a freelancer, you need to manage the project you will be working on. You'd also need to figure out a good way to contact the client and show them the progress in your work. The sixth step is set up profiles on freelancing portals. When you've got needed skills, your portfolio, personal website, you have an idea of how you are going to manage the projects you will be working on and organizing your work. It's the time to start getting real clients. To start, you'd need to create accounts on the freelancing portals. So you'd have access to the clients looking for the experts like you. There are many portals where you could find orders, but there are a few that should come first, as they are the most popular and have the biggest amount of work for you. is the most popular portal for freelancers. The biggest advantages of this portal are secured payments and big amount of jobs posted every day. is a freelancing website where you can look for smaller coding jobs. It can be a great point to start and grow your portfolio. gives you the possibility to find a freelance job, not only formed a private clients, but also from the companies looking for a remote person supporting them for some time. The seventh step has, starts searching for the clients and work. Everything seems to be ready to start getting the clients. I'd say that the easiest way to get clients at the beginning would be taking part in the actions on the freelancing profiles. The best idea is to filter all jobs that can be in point of interest to you by the number of applications. The last step is to get referrals and build clients list. After you've got first clients and completed the first projects, you should ask the clients for the referrals or a review. Besides that, try to build a list of the clients you like to work with and try to make a long-term relationship with them. These are the steps that can make a U a great freelancing programmer. Let's talk about the last scale and that is designing and editing. If you find yourself daydreaming about designs or creating designs in your spare time, then a career in graphic design and video editing maybe for you. The steps to be a great designer and editor are as follows. The first step is take as many art and computer classes. Take drawing, painting, photography, and printing classes in high school. Also take computer classes like computer graphics, web design, and language programming classes. These classes will provide you with a strong foundation to begin your graphic design career. The second step is studied graphic design on your own. To learn the necessary computer skills to become a graphic designer, watch online tutorials on YouTube, Pack Design, cuts plus design and illustration guides and other websites. While this approach to becoming a graphic designer is cost-effective, having a degree or a certificate may give you an advantage for freelancing. The third step is pick your best pieces of work to create a portfolio. Avoid including everything you have ever created. Instead, pick the pieces you are most proud of. These pieces should demonstrate your abilities and showcase your confidence in your work. The fourth step is promote your work through online communities. Sign up to be a member of an online design community. Create a profile and publish your best works on their website. This is a great way to receive feedback and improve on your work. These are the steps which can help you achieve greater success in the ceiling and editing skills. In the next lesson, we will learn about project bidding techniques and different freelancing websites for different skills. It will give you more insight to fetch freelancing jobs on these websites. So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 8. Project Bid Technique-1 : Hello and welcome to lesson number 8. That is project bidding on In this lesson, we will learn about the tips for making the best proposals in various types of projects. Freelancers have to bid on a certain project and write proposals in order to receive projects. Writing proposals can sometimes be very tricky, but having a couple of things in mind can make a great difference in the way you approach this task. And more importantly, in the way employers evaluate your proposal. A good proposal defines the services that will be provided in a professional and comprehensive way and should give the client a feeling that you will provide a high-quality product. This feeling will allow you to charge higher rates for the work to be done. Therefore, it's important that you offer shows that you understand the needs, goal, and ideas of the customer. You offer the customer the best possible alternative with the best quality, you consider all wishes and ideas from the company or client. The proposed price results from a great service and its quality. With a well-designed proposal, you will increase your chances of success in getting hired. It is not only important to consider the content of your proposal, but also how you structure it. It may therefore be very useful to present certain sections in a strategic order to break up all the information you are giving the client while maintain their attention. Only this way, the potential customer will be able to absorb every detail of your proposal. This proposal should give the client the opportunity to understand the process and the information as quickly and easily as possible. Here are some tips on how to write a great freelance proposal. First, analyze the project description and get to know your client. The first and most important step to writing is to pay attention to the needs of your client. And if you found the Project Online, the job description. To do that, you have to pay a lot of attention to how a project is described. Here, every word matters and a thorough reading is an order. You cannot write a proposal unless you truly understand what your client wants. Furthermore, the job description will help you decide on the style of your proposal. If the client is addressing you informally, you should cater to that. If a project is described using an accurate professional vocabulary, you should answer accordingly. Finally, the project description tells you something about the company you could be working with. Go a step further and do a background check of your own and get to know the client and his work. Maybe you relate to something you find, Get impressed, or have ideas how something can be expanded. These details will get the client's attention and significantly improve your chances. Second, be aware of your own strengths. Before you start writing a proposal, you should think about what makes you a good candidate for that particular project. What are your strengths? For example, if the client is seeking a PHP developer, show them that you have done similar PHP projects on the past or you have shown keen interest in the subject in your free time. List, those strengths that fit the project. You don't want to include irrelevant skills, even though it might be tempting. Furthermore, don't just list the things you're good at. Prove it. Include little examples like situations which highlight a skill you haven't, how it can be useful. Third, be specific. It is important to add specific details about your work and your vision of the project. Name, the steps you plan to do in order to accomplish the job better yet, combine that with a timeline. It can be quite difficult to determine how long you need for each particular step, but try it anyway. This will convince a client that you have thought carefully about the project and how exactly it can be done. Depending on your personal preferences and the project, you can choose to include a price tag as well. Some employers will specifically ask for these. Others won't. Just try not to over or undersell yourself. These steps will turn your proposal into an attention grabber and reduce the chances of your proposal landing in the recycle bin after a quick glance, forth, Start Strong. Most big companies get a lot of proposals when listing a project. Therefore, a good start is crucial. If your first couple of sentences are unappealing or flat out boring, you are likely to get sorted out very quickly. Try to grab the attention of the reader and show him You are perfect for the job from the very first lines. Fifth, do a proofreading of your proposal. There is nothing worse than spelling and grammatical errors in it offer. Keep in mind that most non-human spellcheckers or not foolproof, Do It Yourself. Don't rely on auto, correct? These tips will get you an edge over other competitive freelancers on the website. Now let's see how to write a proposal for a writing job on Tips before writing article writer proposal for a freelancer. First, receiving clear directions from the clients and writing according to these directions should have one of the important duties of an article writer. Second, in order to get proper knowledge about the given topic, you have to search a lot, search the previous and the new references for the main topic. Third, do a lot of research on the web and collect as much information as you can. It will help you to write freely. Fourth, you should be able to gather a deeper knowledge of the main topic, organize and write your collected information in a certain format. Five keywords are very important for article writings. So you have to keep searching for keywords. Six, you have to maintain a given time very carefully and submit the full prepared article in Time. Seven, language skills are also very important. In order to write your article properly, you have to be skilled and grammar, spelling and word choices. Eight, typing skills are also needed. Having a high-speed of typing and certainly helpful to complete your work on time. Nine, need to use some software tools for writing, such as PowerPoint, excel, WordPress, SEO, HTML. 10 editing skills are also important. Need to have the ability to create, write, and edit your content writings instantly. Now we are going to find a job related to content or article writing and we are going to bid on it. Okay, So as you can see here, this is the content writing project we will bid on now. Business content writer, native English writers. As you can see, the client is for Mandy on has 4.9 stars and has pretty much verified everything. Identity is verified, the payment method is verified and deposits is made. Here you can see forbidding we have to put a price amount. You can select the amount from between these limits, 1500 to 12500 Indian rupees. We are going to select 8 thousand and will deliver the project within 20 days. Now for the proposal part, you can refer to my demo proposal document which I have attached to the course to. You can even copy paste the proposal from my document as it will help you win the project seasonally. As you can see, this is the content writing job proposal. And we are going to copy and paste this proposal format from here to our project where we are going to bed. Here we have pasted the proposal. Let's read it. Hello, sir, madam, I would be happy to work on your document immediately. I'm a native English speaker with years of experience writing for blogs, college magazines, fashion magazines, SEO content, news outlet, technical documentation, et cetera. I have read the project description perfectly and I think I am capable of doing your work and will help you save a lot of money and time. Then you can talk about the project description. Mentioned that you can do the following work as soon as possible. Then say what will you provide that as first, timely submission of your work. Second, excellent grammar and punctuation. Third, 100% unique content for unlimited revisions, regards and your name below. Here I have put my name just for example, you can change it to your name when you paste the proposal. After that, the milestone payment 1 is optional. You can leave it and then there are some optional upgrades if you want, then you can use it. It's UP, DO YOU? So that's it. We have placed the bid for content writing job if the client likes the proposal, than they may select you for sure. So this was the way to write a proposal for writing jobs. Now let's talk about the tips before making a proposal for data entry jobs. First, keep in mind that your proposal letter for data entry needs to be short and interesting. Second, don't use unnecessary words mentioned about your previous works. Third, if you are a new, don't try to make fake claims. Fourth, most importantly, don't copy and paste other proposal letters as clients can check whether your letter is authentic or not. Five, don't make grammatical mistakes. Six, prepare your proposal letter without making any mistakes and make the clients believe that you are a skilled data entry expert. Now let's search for a data entry job and place a bid on it. Here, I'm going to select this job data entry for social media influencers. Let's click on it. Over here you can see the client is from the United States and has around 4.9 stars and 11 reviews and does pretty much verified. The payment method is verified, which is the main thing and the deposit is made too. So yeah, you can trust this client. You can see the job description says that your job will contain browsing on tiktok website and documenting information targeted influencers for a fitness clothing brand. So yeah, let's bid on this project. The bid limit is two to $8 per hour, so we will choose $5 and weekly limit. We will put us 30 hours. For the proposal. You can refer to my document which has the data entry proposal 2. We are going to copy it and paste it over here. So here is the data entry proposal format. We're going to copy it. So here you can see that we have pasted the proposal. Here. Let's read this. Hello, sir, madam, I would be happy to work on your project immediately. I have been working as a data entry operator and data extractors since five years. I am very much skillful with Microsoft Excel, microsoft Word Press, and Google Analytics. In my previous working years, I have finished many successful projects with 100% customer satisfaction. What makes me better than others is my honesty and punctuality. Then you can talk a bit about the description. As it says, that you need to browse Tiktok website and document information on targeted influencers. So you can say that you will be able to work on this job perfectly and we'll help you get the targeted influencers as soon as possible. Then you can say all you're given projects will be completed using modern technologies such as IPhone, MacBook, and Windows 10 computer. Then you can say, what will you provide timely submission of your work? Excellent grammar and punctuation, 100% unique content and unlimited revisions, Regards and your name. And that's how our proposal for data entry has been made. Now you can go ahead and place the bed. If the client likes the proposal, then you will receive a message from the client. So now we learned about project bidding technique for writing and data entry work on In the next class, we will learn about project bidding techniques for programming and designing jobs on So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 9. Project Bid Technique-2 : Hello and welcome to lesson number 9, that is about project bid technique and In this lesson, we will learn the technique to bid on projects about programming and designing on So let's get started about bidding and proposals on programming jobs. Here are some tips to keep in mind before making a proposal for a programming or web developer job. First, show professionalism and maturity in your proposal. Not be unreal and fraud, it will only bring disaster and you should keep that in mind. Profession based proposals are the most welcoming to the clients. Second, do not share personal events or incidents. It is not the part of a proposal. And among thousands of applicants, your proposal would become useless if you put any word that is not related to the project and you want get selected for the project. Take extra care of your grammar as well. You can check your grammar by proofreading your proposal once you are done writing IT. Skills for programmer job proposals on freelancer. Now, the must-have skills you need to acquire to become a pro web developer or an HTML. Css, CSS3, JavaScript libraries, WordPress, PHP, jQuery. Bree, along with other relatable web developing coding languages are a must to learn. Along with it. Following are the skills you must have to apply for a programming job. First, SEO, graphic designing, Photoshop, responsive design, ecommerce. Second, education, qualification and certifications on areas like SQL and JavaScript would make one more marketable. Third, soft skills oriented with self-motivated detail associated, focused forth analytically problem-solving methods, soap, rest, Web Services, UI. Fifth, understanding values of a demand able project on market. Sixth, overseeing confidentiality and data security. Seventh, superintended meeting an organizational and management capability, verbal communication, aid, meeting deadlines and sober under peer pressure. Night, adequate experiences of some years. Even if you have some of the above skills, you can fetch a programming job on freelancer reasonably. Now we will try to type the proposal on one of the programming jobs on So for the programming job, I would select this job right here. I need a programmer. Let's click on this. Here. As you can see, the client if from Pakistan and has a good rating, 4.8 stars and has verified everything, the identity is verified, the payment method is also verified and the deposit is made. So you can trust this client and post a proposal here. So now let's see the price we have to select. As you can see, the price limit is 250 to 750 Australian dollars. So let's put a bit of $600 and time we will deliver in his three days. Now for the proposal, you can refer my document. It has a proposal format for programming jobs too. So let's go into the document and copy our proposal format. Okay, As you can see, we have pasted the proposal over here. Let's read this one. Hello, sir, madam, I would be happy to work on your project immediately. I am working as a computer developer for the last four years. I have studied in computer science and I can assure you that my skills will not let you down. I have learned almost all the programming languages such as HTML, java, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and gathered some excellent skills in web developing and programming. In my previous working years, I have finished many successful projects with 100% customer satisfaction. Then you can talk about the description. As you can see, it says that looking for a person who can log J 19, 39 and make a flasher and bootloader from communication logs. So you have to mention in your proposal that you will be able to make a flasher and a bootloader from communication logs, et cetera. Then you can say all your projects will be completed using modern technologies and software such as Windows 10 and macOS. And what we provide is timely completion of your work, unlimited revisions, SEO optimized website content. Then you can conclude saying thanks for your time and consideration. Regards and your name over here at the end. These milestone payment is optional, not necessary to fill that part. And below are some optional upgrades. If you feel like using them, you can use them at SAP, DO YOU? Let's place the bid and our bid is placed now, if the client like SAR proposal than they may send you a message from the chat box. So this was about how to bid on programming jobs on freelancer. Now let's talk about our last project bid technique on, and that is project bidding and proposal of designing and animating jobs. The number of jobs in graphic are increasing day by day. Last year, 300000 jobs were posted and hired. There is a good opportunity for you to build a successful career here. Skills required for writing graphic designer proposal. First, excellent use of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, et cetera. Second, Microsoft Office applications, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Third, video and animation tools forth, sketching concepts. Fifth, great communication skills. 6, creativity and innovation. Seven, accuracy and attention to every detail professionalism in time caused and deadlines aid. You need to mention all the things you know about graphic designing to your client. Special techniques for the best freelancer proposal for designing jobs. First, create a good first impression. Address you're with his name and use the proper salutation. Second, mentioned your name. Third, always keep in mind to use suitable words for suitable tasks. Be formal with your words. Fourth, show your unique personality and 200 to 250 words. Your proposal must not be very elaborate but expressive. Fifth, always use I catchy words to grab the client's attention. Sixth, be professional and enthusiastic to stand out from your competitors. Seventh, show the skills you have in your proposal. Mentioned all the things you know so that your client finds his need and you ate, mentioned your past work experience. Describe all the qualifications you have. Do not hesitate to tell that you have more experience than the client needs. Nine, you can always add a link to your portfolio site. 10th mentioned your price for your service. Be reasonable except the job post as it is. 11 mentioned your contact information, mailing address, phone number, email, Skype, et cetera. 12. Be quick and bidding and responding. If you use these project bid techniques, you will be surely able to get designing jobs and freelancing websites. Now let's bid on designing projects available on So for a graphic designing project, I would select this project over here, design or improved logo. Let's click on this project. As you can see, the client is from Pakistan, has a good 4.9 stars and 121 reviews and has pretty much everything verified, the identity and the payment method or the main thing, and those are verified so we can trust this project. The project description says that the client needs us to improve logo or build a new logo for a blog site, they need three logos. So here we will start placing a bid. The price limit in this project is between two to eight Australian dollars. So we will select $6 per hour in the weekly limit. We will put 20 hours in. For the proposal. You all can refer my document attached, which has the graphic designing proposal to. So we are going to paste the proposal over here as that proposal will increase the chance of winning the project. As you can see here is the graphic designing proposal format. We are going to copy it from here and paste it in Here we have pasted it in. Let's read it. Hello, sir, madam, I would be happy to work on your project immediately. I have read your project description and I can say that I am perfect for this job. I'm doing graphic designing since past five years and I've worked on many projects and made a lot of logos, banners, 3D textures, AutoCad, cartoons, et cetera. In my previous working years, I have finished many successful projects with 100% customer satisfaction. What makes me better than others as my honesty and punctuality. I have read the project description perfectly and I think I am capable of doing your work and will help you save a lot of time and money. Then you can talk about the project description and mention what you can do. You can say here that you will be able to make the three logos as requested. Here I am not editing it as this is just a demo project. But when you are going to paste this proposal, make sure you edit this part and write about the description over here. Then you can conclude saying, thanks for your time and consideration. I really look forward to work with you. You can send me the further details in the chat box regards under name. Once this is done, you can check everything and post the bid accordingly. Here the bit is placed. If the client loves it, then they will send you a message or higher you directly. This was all about graphic designing proposal technique. So now I hope that you all learned about the special project bid techniques that you can use on to get jobs more easily. I hope this has helped you a lot and hoping for you to use these tips while applying for projects on freelancer website. You can also refer to the project material attached in the course. It has the proposal text of different types of jobs available on freelancer. In the next lesson, we will learn about project bid techniques on So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 10. Project Bid Technique-3 : Hello and welcome to lesson number 10, that is project bidding technique 3. In this lesson, we will learn about how to write a proposal for a project in So as you can see, we are on and we are going to bid on a content writing project. This is the project I am going to select. It says they need an experienced copywriter for client website. Let's click on this and see. As you can see, the project is pretty much verified. The payment method is verified. The client is having 4.86 stars and 38 reviews. So we can say that this project is safe and verified. Let me read this description for you. We are well established digital marketing agency. We need an experienced copywriter that can write content for the web pages of our clients. Be able to create content-based on interview recording with a client who explains about the product or service briefing and do your own research, the title of the articles, and you do your own research, for example, for a blog like the client persona or branding guideline. You need to be able to provide the work in the coming days after the submission and it just comments the same day or the day after. Okay. So that was the description. It says that the work is of more than 30 hours per week and may extend to three to six months. And it's an expert level project. They have also said that they are going to ask the following questions while submitting the proposals. First is you need to describe your experience in any similar past project and list any certifications related to this project. These are the skills or expertise needed like copywriting and content writing, etc. Here Let's place a proposal on this. As you can see, we are on the proposal tab in Upwork. You will be needing connects to place proposals. You would receive around 70 free connects once you open your account on As you can see, this project would require one connect. Here you have an option to choose general profile or specialized profile. Here's the description given again. Here are our terms of the project. Like what is the rate you would like to bid for this job? Here is the hourly rate, which is the earnings you wish to have for this project. Then there is 20 percent Upwork service fee which it charges. And the below amount is the one which we will actually receive after cutting all fees. So for $20 per hour, the fee would be $4 and you will receive only $16. We will put $5 as the hourly rate, so we will receive $4 earnings. Okay. So here are the additional details, the cover letter where we will paste our proposal. It says to introduce yourself and explain why you're a strong candidate for this job. So for this, you can refer to my document which has content writing proposal format and copy the proposal and edit a few lines and you can paste them right here. So let's copy that proposal and paste it over here. As you can see, I have pasted the cover letter. Let me read it for you. Hello, sir. Madam, I would be happy to work on your document immediately. I'm a native English speaker with years of experience writing for blogs, college magazines, fashion magazines, SEO content, news outlet, technical documentation, et cetera, have read the project description perfectly and I think I am capable of doing your work and will help you save a lot of money and time. Then you can mention about the project description and tell that you can work accordingly. As the description says, they need an experienced copywriter to create content for client website. So you can write those just as I am writing. Here in writing that I am an experienced content writer and we'll be able to make content on any topics is given on your description. Yeah, that's all you can write. Then you can write saying besides content writing, I am also skilled in article writing, legal writing, technical writing, proofreading, and SEO content writing. All the content will be 100% unique, error free, and appealing to your readers. Then what will you provide first, timely submission of your work? Second, excellent grammar and punctuation. Third, 100% unique content and forth, unlimited revisions. Then you can conclude saying, thanks for your time and consideration. Regards name. Then here is the recent experience related to the project which you have to mention at any certifications related to the project skills, you have to mention. And at the end, you have to upload some attachments of your previous work you have done related to this skill domain. You can put the work samples or document related to this project which you have made before. So for this, I am going to write my recent experience here. For the recent experience, you can write your following experiences which you have had regarding content writing. Here I am going to write, I have worked with many news and media outlets and delivered them various content writing projects and had 100% customer satisfaction. And you can also mention that I'm a freelancer and since two years and have delivered a lot of content writing projects. After that, if you possess any certificates, you can mention them over here. I'm going to write about my certification over here. And after that, if you want, you can upload your work attachment. As you can see, I have attached my newspaper article over here and here our proposal and part is over. Now. The last part is the boost your proposal, which is optional. If you want, you can boost your proposal by adding more connects for this proposal, but that's totally up to you. Once this is done, you can submit the proposal. If the client likes your bed, they may contact you and So that was all about bidding technique on In the next lesson, we will learn about how to create wonderful and attractive gigs on So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 11. Project Bid Technique-4 : Hello and welcome to lesson number 11. That is project bid technique for. In this lesson, we are going to learn about how to create gigs on So let's start creating a gig. Once you've finished the profile, you can go to your profile and click on create a gig. Then you will see this interface. We are going to make a gig about content writing. So let's write over here. I will do content writing. Then I'm going to select the category articles and blog posts than languages. We're going to select English topic. We will select Business, Law and finance. Then tone, we're going to select conversational professional and the article type we will select news story. Here we can edit the title by writing. We can do content writing for blogs. And for the search tags, we can write blog content writing and articles. Then Save and Continue. Then comes scope and pricing. Here we can write in the description for the basic package 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, for standard package one hundred, five hundred words. And for premium package for 1000 words. Then you can select delivery times. For basic, you should select the maximum days, like three days I'm going to select then for standard select two days and premium select two days. Then for revisions, we're going to put 012 revisions. Then the word included is optional. You can put if you want, also the title of packages necessary. So we are going to just put a simple name like small, medium and large. After this, you can put the prices as you want. I've selected five-dollar for basic, ten for standard and $30 for premium. Then for extra services you can add or the price and details you want to charge. Once all that is done, click on Save and Continue. Then over here you have to briefly describe the gig and mention what All Services you are ready to provide. Once done with description, click on Continue, then add some questions which you will be asking to the client. Then after that, you have to showcase the work which you are going to offer. It's like uploading your portfolio. But in this case, the clients will be seeing this image first and we'll be selecting your services. And once you have uploaded, you can publish your gig after writing your tax information. If you are a US citizen, then you need to fill here. Or if you are a citizen of some other country, you need to fill some tax information over here and then you can publish your gig on So that was all about different project bid techniques and different websites, some tips on creating gigs and writing proposals. In the next lesson, we are going to learn about client communication. So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 12. Client Communication: Hello and welcome to lesson number 12. That is about client communication. In this lesson, we will learn about how important client communication really is. Communication is an indispensable skill that opens doors and make for great first and lasting impressions. Here are 10 tips about how you can do better client communication. First, learn to listen and analyze. Before you write and send a proposal, take a moment to read the projects description and analyze how you can best serve the client. This will allow both of you to communicate clearly and it will save a lot of time for both parties. Second, show interest and empathy. Always show a genuine interest in the project and prioritize your client's interests. Personalize your proposal as much as possible and if appropriate, recommend improvements from the start. Don't forget to put in the extra effort that makes you a unique freelancer. Keep in mind that clients are looking for partners who will take their work as seriously as they do. Third, ask questions, but only what's necessary. Learning to ask the right questions is essential to facilitating the hiring process, avoiding misunderstandings and making a great impression. Every project has a purpose and particular attributes and circumstances. Here are a few questions that can help given more and better context. What's the purpose of this project? What problem, challenge or specific necessity needs to be solved? What's the budget range? What's the deadline of the project? Does the client have experience with similar projects? What's the project's biggest challenge? What type of communication and feedback is the client expecting? What role will your direct client play in their company? Fourth, speak with expert level confidence. You are the expert. It's really important to convey that to the client. Express yourself with the confidence that you know what you're talking about. Speaking with a confidence of an expert also means emphasizing the value of your work instead of the cost. Knowing when to say no and never undervaluing your abilities are essential. Never accepted underpaying project and not working with clients who show bad word Catholic, for example. Clients who want you to contact them outside the platform shows unprofessionalism, et cetera. Fifth, pay attention to your writing. In written communication, composition is the equivalent of body language. We all know how essential body language is for generating trust and confidence. If spelling and grammar or aren't your strong suit, we recommend that you arm yourself with a good auto correcting device. Sixth, keep it simple. Keep in mind that even though you might envision a range of possibilities and opportunities that could come from the project or your client's needs. It's important to prioritize and understand that the client's main interest is to achieve the objective at hand. It's good to propose improvements, but keep them simple and within the scope of what the client needs. After you finish a project and the client see how great your work is, you can make proposals that are a bit more elaborate and to continue to help them with other projects. Seven, know your audience. It's important to identify and understand your client's communication style. Not all forms of contact are created equal, whether you're communicating casually or working with more technical language, It's important to adapt your communication style to fit your client's needs. Eight, welcome real feedback. Mutual feedback is fundamental for you and your clients. So both of you can continue growing. At the end of the project. Don't forget to tell the client what they could do to improve so they can succeed in the future with the work that you did together. Nine, be proactive and establish long-term working relationships. Whenever you complete a project, creates such an impression so the client can continue growing, improving, and expanding their project in the near future. After a bit of time, contact them and figure out how your work drives results for your client. 10. Don't flood their inbox. Once you've sent your proposal, feel free to send a follow-up message if the client doesn't answer you, but try not to flood their inbox. If you've done your part and submitted a phenomenal, clear and personalized proposal tailored to fit your prospective clients needs. Sure to get a great client in no time. Here are some tips to boost your client communication. First, read books and articles about how to communicate. Since communication is closely tied to emotional IQ or emotional intelligence, looking into this specific aspect may be helpful. Second, use templates. If you had an especially successfully e-mail back and forth with a client, save it, reuse portions of your messages again with future conversations. If you find that you get a good response from a particular phrase or inquiry, make it a standard part of your process that you can personalize for new situations. Use your successes as building blocks for your business. Third, seek to understand what your client is saying. Don't ever assume. If you think you might know what they're trying to communicate, but there's down. Don't be afraid to ask new questions differently to make things concrete forth, be respectful of their time. Try to group your clarification questions in one email, bullet it out so that you aren't bombarding your client. You can gain ground and be streamlined in the same communication. Fifth, asked for their preferences. If your client hates email, don't send them email. If you find that they get annoyed with too many messages in a week, spaced them out. Like every other part of your business, it's wise to learn from mistakes. You won't always get communication perfect. After all, your human, make sure you take each failure and be honest about why it happened. Asking yourself, how could I have said this better is the most valuable way to examine what might have gone wrong. If you have a good relationship with your client, you may even get their feedback on how it might have been handled better. So this is all about client communication. In the next lesson, we will learn about milestone payments and tips on how to get paid. Well, so stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 13. Tips on Milestone Payments: Hello and welcome to lesson Number 13. And that is about dips on milestone payments and how you can get paid on freelancing sites. So what exactly is milestone payments? Milestone payment represents a certain percentage of the fee of a project that the client pays to the freelancer over the course of the project, rather than paying a 100 percent at the end, only employers can create and release them. At only freelancers can cancel and return them to their employers. How can freelancers asked for milestone payments? Freelancers provide services to their clients and there is always a risk that they will not be paid for their work for the client despite spending many hours doing the work they requested. This can result in financial problems for the freelancer when they do not receive the payment due since they have to pay for daily expenses like food and other expenses. Hence, freelancers should know how to ask for milestone payments from their clients to get compensated at least partly for the work they do for others. Milestone payment is a certain percentage of the project fee paid by the client while the project is being completed, instead of paying the entire amount at the end, milestone payment, ensure that the freelancer received some payment even if the project is canceled. Many projects take several months and the client may disappear after a few months. The milestone payment ensures that the freelancer gets paid for a few months works. If a freelancer like Q ever finds out that the client is not paying earlier in the project, then stop wasting time doing the work. Typically the first payment is due when 1 third of the project is completed. And if the client does not pay, you should stop work immediately. Some freelancers may continue working hoping that the client will pay. However, they should never complete a project if a milestone payment is not made on time. Periodic milestone payments help improve the cashflow so that the freelancer can plan his budget properly and pay for regular expenses. The freelancers should decide whether milestone payments are appropriate for the project. Typically, the milestone is associated with a project phase or task. For task-based milestones, the client will make payment after drafts sort parts of the project are completed. These milestones are suitable for projects which are clearly defined and have a timetable specified. There are projects which require soft skills without any deliverables, and in these cases, time-based payments are more suitable. Milestone payments are usually made for longer than two weeks for projects and for ongoing contracts where an hour early payment is made. Now let's talk about the different payment withdrawal methods on freelancing websites. There are several aspects to consider when deciding on a way to accept payments. Which payment platform do you find reliable? What methods are commonly used by other freelancers? And last but not least, what amount of fees are you willing to pay? To help you answer this question? I've made an analysis of different payment methods and their advantages and disadvantages. The first payment method is PayPal. One of the most popular payment options amongst freelancers. Paypal is a fast, easy, and extremely reliable method to receive payments. A nominal fee per transaction is charged from the seller, which may be higher or lower based on the account type. You can start with a personal account that can later be upgraded to a business one. Transaction fees vary depending on where you are based and might also be higher for cross-border transactions, currency conversion fee. The biggest advantage of PayPal is its popularity as well as the fact that customers are much less likely to hesitate when using it. Additionally, PayPal allows customers to make purchases directly through your website and accept credit card payments by phone, fax, or mail as long as you have a business account. Second, express withdrawal. Express withdrawals allow users to transfer funds directly from their accounts to their bank accounts. It is the fastest and easiest way to transfer the funds you earned from directly to your bank account. Third, skill, skill focuses on worldwide transfers in different currencies. It is a worthwhile option for those who tend to work with international clients regularly. In terms of fees and charges, it is quite similar to PayPal. Scroll is an easy-to-use payment gateway which is pretty secure and gives fast access to its users. On the flip side, scroll is still not widely accepted as a payment option in many countries. Fourth, Google Pay. In 2018, Android Pay and Google while at Unified to become Google Pay. It is one of the simplest ways for freelancers to receive and send money online. The best part, there are no transfer fees. Google Pay offers a multitude of benefits such as 0 fees. That convenience of transferring money from your bank account to any account and rewards that go directly into your bank account. The only negative thing about this method is that it has limited online payment partners. Fifth, electronic funds transfer, electronic funds transfer, EFT is a way of transferring funds from one account to another with or without a nominal fee. It is quick, easy, and you receive payment directly into your bank account. On the flip side, the disadvantages of EFT are the various limits on the maximum amount on the number of transactions that can be done. Sixth, wire transfer, a type of EFT wire transfers a bit faster costs a bit more. Wire transfers are undoubtedly safe, fast, and globally accepted. These transfers are irrevocable to wire transfers regularly take between two to five business days to be completed. Another added benefit is that the freelancer can have the money deposited directly into their account. A major negative, however, is that wire transfers do tend to be rather expensive. Seventh, pioneer, pioneer as quickly gaining international popularity for being an easy to use payment method. This platform lets you withdraw funds and deposit in your local bank account and is available in over 200 countries. And rising pioneer is incredibly easy to use into supported by several global companies as a payment method. It is important to note, however, that this method comes with a hefty card renewal fee. There are many more payment options available in different freelance websites such as credit debit cards, Western Union and money gram, camo, stripe wise, et cetera. You can choose any of the payment methods which you prefer. So this was all about tips on milestone payments and how to get paid along with different payment methods. In the next lesson, we will learn about client retention and ways to get five-star reviews. So stay tuned and see you all in my next class. 14. Client retention and ways to get 5 star reviews: Hello and welcome to lesson number 14. That is about client retention and ways to get five-star reviews. In this lesson, we will learn about how to retain your clients so they can rehire you after their first project and ways by which they will surely give you a five-star review. Client retention simply means keeping your clients around, retaining them so that they continue to work with you and continue to pay you. If your clients aren't renewing their contracts or are walking away from your campaigns. That means you have to constantly go out and get new clients to stay in business. Alternatively, retaining current clients takes a lot less work and is more cost effective than constantly chasing after new clients. Getting a new client requires hours of work, possibly an advertising budget, and a ton of effort to onboard them. Whereas keeping a current client happy, as far less laborious as clients leave, you will be forced to constantly go out and acquire new clients to fill your revenue gaps. And that is ultimately much more expensive than it is to keep your current clients. After working with a client for a while, building your relationship with them and getting results for their campaign, it becomes much easier to continue that progress than it does to start over from scratch with a new client. Many freelancers don't consider the impact that client retention has on their business because they may be in hustle mode, trying everything they can to bring on new clients. A freelancing career which is just like a business is nothing more than a collection of relationships and agreements. You form a relationship, agree on an exchange of value and then have to deliver on that agreement. It doesn't matter if you're selling a onetime product or ongoing services. As a freelancer, your relationship with your clients will determine your long-term success. If a business operates with honesty and integrity and creates value in the marketplace, they have the chance to build great relationships and generate goodwill and repeat business with their customers as well as referrals. The same is also true for freelancers. Building strong relationships for the freelancer is crucial. Without great relationships built on trust and value, your clients will leave and you will be forced to constantly search for new clients. Once a relationship has soured, you're also at risk of receiving negative reviews from a client, putting future client acquisition in jeopardy. That's why we consider relationship building so critical to client retention and your long-term freelancing success, it is important to have a friction free client intake process. Eliminating friction during the client intake process can have a huge impact on your relationships with new clients. It's all about positive first impressions. The harder you make it for a client to do something like sign an agreement with you, send your payment, or continue on as your client. The more you increase the likelihood that they will drop off simply due to frustration. Streamline everything that you possibly can and make everything super easy for your clients and contractors. Once you start to see your client says customers, and use some basic principles of customer service to keep them happy, your relationship will begin to improve as well. Getting customer service right is fairly simple in theory, but often hard in practice. Keeping your clients and loop, responding to their emails, texts, and calls, being on the ball with your contracts and helping them when needed, are all key pillars of an awesome freelance customer service strategy. By contrast, if you're managing your projects on the fly and your communication is erratic, your client might start to feel like you're dropping the ball and that could factor in when it comes time to evaluate your relationship. Here are some rules to keep your clients happy. First, depending on the project, needs to send a report to your client every day, once a week, twice a month as a way to manage the scope of work. Second, create a rule for yourself and your contractors that you never wait longer than one hour to respond to a client request. Third, follow up with your clients and meet the project deadline. Whatever processes you decide on to keep clients happy, write them down and make sure you stick to them. Now let's talk about tips that can help you get five-star reviews. First, state professional, never argue with a client if they're unhappy with your work, that's okay. Try to see things from their perspective. Explain the thinking and methodology behind your work and ask for specific direction so you can match their expectations next time. Second, guarantee your work. One thing that I think has set me apart on freelancer is my revision process. My mission is to work with clients until they're happy. So I provide as many revisions as needed. I don't rush them, were forced my ideas on them. The final choices there's this may be more time consuming for me, but it almost guarantees I'll receive a positive review. Third, communicate often in any partnership, communication is key. I keep clients updated on the status of their projects, alert them to any changes as soon as possible and get back to any questions within one business day. I also asked for feedback after each revision to make sure I'm on the same page as my client. Fourth, be comprehensive. When someone comes to me for branding help, I'd take a comprehensive approach to their project. If they hire me for a naming project, I'll give them a few options from different angles along with the rationale behind each idea. This is also time-consuming, but it shows clients how invested I am in their projects. 5th, be straightforward and open from the beginning. Never over-promise. Instead, set realistic expectations of your work and be transparent about pricing, turnaround time and revisions. And the last 0.6 present your work in a professional way. You only get one chance to make a first impression, whether it's showcasing your work in a professional presentation or making sure your copy as proofread it, demonstrating Karen consistency is key. Although a typo isn't a huge deal, frequent errors and careless slip-ups can diminish the quality of your work. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to retain your clients successfully and you will receive a good review. Most of them would be five-star reviews. So that's all for this lesson. Stay tuned and see you all in my next class, which would be the last class of your course. 15. Conclusion: Hello and welcome to the last lesson of our freelancing course, which is the conclusion of our course. I hope all of you got to learn a lot of new things about freelancing online and got insights about how different websites like freelancer, Upwork and 5 or works. A lot of important topics were covered in this course in brief, such as how to bid different bid techniques, profile setups, tips to avoid scams, top skills and demand, client communication and retention, tips for milestone payments, different methods to get paid and so on. If you have missed out any topic, watch the lesson related to the topic, and if you have any doubts, then feel free to raise your queries. I will be happy to answer them. Also, you can check out the project attached in this course and submit the project. And most importantly, don't forget to follow me here on skill share, as there will be a lot of new courses I will create, which will be similar to this course and would cover a lot of different skills in detail. So that's all from this class. I hope this class freelancing 0101 was very informative for every one of you and hoping to see you all succeed in the future. Thank you for watching my course. Karen, wishing you all a lot of success. Goodbye.