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Freelancer's Guide To Your Money and Finances!

BrainyMoney And Son Han, CFA,CPA, Personal Finance Made Easy!

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. FGF 01 Intro

    • 2. FGF 02 Overview of Class

    • 3. FGF 03 Instructions for Google Sheets

    • 4. FGF 04 Step 1 Net Asset Value

    • 5. FGF 05 Step 2 Expense Categories

    • 6. FGF 06 Step 3 Revenue Categories

    • 7. FGF 07 Step 4 Daily Transactions and Storing Receipts

    • 8. FGF 08 Step 5 and 6 Monthly and Yearly Summary

    • 9. FGF 09 Tips and Conclusion


About This Class

First understand that your side business is truly a business, it's a company. Your side business/company should be profitable and you should know how much money you're making each month. This course is designed to help you keep track of your revenues and expenses each month and your company's net asset value/net worth.

This class utilizes a beautifully designed proprietary BrainyMoney spreadsheet that will help you calculate your Company's:

  1. Net Asset Value (Net Worth)
  2. Monthly Budget for Your Company
  3. Expense Categories 
  4. Revenue Categories 
  5. All of your monthly transactions 
  6. Receipts to track your expenses for tax purposes (stored in the cloud)
  7. Monthly and Annual Summary of your Company's Profitability 

We will also cover 4 great tips as you start off as a Freelancer!

We hope you enjoy this class!





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BrainyMoney And Son Han, CFA,CPA

Personal Finance Made Easy!

Son started BrainyMoney - - to help everyone educate themselves on finance and have as many life options as possible.

Son Han received his B.B.A. and Masters degrees from The University of Texas at Austin in 2008. His teaching interests include finance and accounting. He has taught over 7 years at a college in Houston. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has formerly been the CFO of a natural gas co...

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