[Freelancer SkillShare] How To Market Your Freelancer Business Effectively | Dr. Warren Chalklen | Skillshare

[Freelancer SkillShare] How To Market Your Freelancer Business Effectively

Dr. Warren Chalklen, Education Innovator

[Freelancer SkillShare] How To Market Your Freelancer Business Effectively

Dr. Warren Chalklen, Education Innovator

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Where to Find Freelance Gigs

    • 2. Social Media Marketing

    • 3. Speaking engagements

    • 4. Determine Your Availability

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About This Class


** This course is perfect for anyone wanting to build a Freelance Consultancy from scratch**

**​Learn How to Efficiently Plan and Manage Your Business, Convert Your Audience To Customers With These Marketing Strategies and Foster Customer Loyalty Through Quality Customer Support After Sale

This course is perfect for:

--Anyone with skills they can use to generate extra income in their spare time

--Freelancers looking to professionalize their business

--Freelancers looking for their next customers

By the end of this course you will know and be able to do the following:

1. Increase your income, audience, and customer base with specific strategies

2. Produce high quality goods and services through establishing a robust business foundation

3. Convert your audience to loyal customers through tried and tested social media marketing strategies

I will work with you throughout the course to support your journey to mastery!

Ready to build your financial freedom? Click "Take this course now" to get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Dr. Warren Chalklen

Education Innovator


Dr. Warren Chalklen is an education innovator who has taught over 92,000+ students across 179 countries using online and face to face platforms. He is passionate about building individual and organizational capacity in the fields of diversity, policy analysis, and data driven performance with softwares such as Excel, Salesforce and Balanced Scorecard tools. In his spare time he loves to travel and recently returned from a vacation in Cuba!

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1. Where to Find Freelance Gigs: part of being a freelancer is actually having the right platform to reach the correct customers. And what I'm going to do in this video is talk to you about three key platforms that I've used in the past that have really put me in touch with some great customers who have utilized my services over and over again. I'm going to begin with up work and talk about fiver and then talk about task Rabbit. Before I get started, I want you to know that I am in no way affiliated to any of these sites. I have just used them as a freelancer. And I want to share that knowledge with you and share with you a little bit about what I liked about each platform. So with up work, what I really enjoyed about up work was, firstly, the process. Okay, Um, essentially, when you come to the website, it's really easy to access. And what I found was I was able to get really specific about the kind of work that I do. I'm in the sales force field and so I was able to really connect my specific administrative skills to that off the customers And so as you come through, for example, sales and marketing, you can really see who your vendors are. This is as a customer. But you can also sign up and actually become a vendor, right? So whether Europe consultant who is looking for someone or your consultant who wants to provide a service, this place is really, really good. Okay, the next up is five up. What I like about fiber is the websites really easy to manage on the percentage that you get is really good as well. Okay. And it's based on the sales that you make. But what I recommend that you do is as you come up here, just simply come up here and look for the service that you provide. Right? So I am in the field of Salesforce. So I'm gonna come right in here and click Salesforce, and what you will find is something that you really want to do is make sure that you're rating is really, really high, okay? And that also you have a fantastic promo video that really illustrates what it is that you do and how it is that you do it. Okay. One of the critical pieces as well is that often people will try and find niches both in terms of their levels and in terms of their price and in terms of the service that they provide. Okay. And be very, very clear about the description that you provide. This is probably perhaps a great one. I will do all configuration and APICS quoting I know exactly what I'm getting and how I'm getting it right and some catchy pictures is will really help. All right. Fantastic. These air, some things that you can think about as you're going through. Task Rabbit was great as well. You could become a Tosco right up here. Okay, It's more accessible. This website and what I would like you to think about when you when you think about toss, grab it. Is that this office more physical tasks. Okay, so this is for those consultants or freelances who may be offering moving services who, maybe often shopping services, or maybe just reaching out to someone in providing some sort of assistance in reality, right? Whereas fiber and up work offer you more virtual assistant opportunities to find out more. You really I recommend actually trying out and getting a virtual assistant yourself, right? So that's what I did when I got started, I actually went and found a sales force consultant and gave them a project to do just to get a good know how of the process that is taken. Um, and once I got that down, then I was able to actually become a freelance and figure out what it is that a customer is looking for. And look at my work through their lens, which was incredibly fantastic. So I recommend if you're in the field off digital products than up work and five are perfect for you. If you're in the field of more handy sort of moving and packaging mounting an installation than task Rabbit is right up your alley. I hope this video has been helpful. Please don't forget to give me a review. Subscribe to my channel, and I'll see you in the next video. 2. Social Media Marketing: in this really quick video, I'm gonna talk to you about the power of social media marketing. We're going to get to the bare essentials. So, firstly, what is social media marketing? Well, who'd sweets 2015? Social Media glossary defines it as the use off social media by marketers to increase brand awareness, identify key audiences, generate leads and build meaningful relationships with customers. If you are doing any of these on the social media platform, you would be considered to be engaging in social media marketing. So why should we care? Why is this important? Well, firstly, get to know your audience through high value into accents. Social media. The social part off social media means that you're building relationships. You're actually getting to know your customers rather than engaging with them through a newspaper, where you will never actually know who, um actually likes your product. Second, he build your community around your brand, make sure that they're up to date with, um updates and give them key reasons to really be part of the community that loves and really enjoys using your particular product or service. 30. Increase your sales and revenue. Social media marketing is critical. A lot of people are spending, um, a significant portion of time on social media, and so they're purchasing their reading. They're engaging. And so social media marketing is really the gateway to your product. And finally, because Social media is free, it cuts down your marketing costs tremendously. In fact, social media marketing is actually disrupting the traditional marketing, and this is really exciting because it's opening up massive, massive opportunities. So let's actually take a look at what those opportunities look like. Firstly, 92% of social media marketers said Social Media was important to the business, and this is from the social media examiner. In other words, social media is becoming one of the most important ways to market. Secondly, 64% of marketers are using social media for six hours or more a week. 41% are using it for 11 or more hours per week. At 19% of people are using it for over 20 hours per week. That's crazy, okay? And so Mackenzie ah, that great company estimate that 1.3 trillion U. S. Dollars in value stands to be unlocked by companies who figure out how to apply social technologies in the years ahead. Social media is going to be where it's at. So you're onboard with why social media is important. What? Ah, some of the key things. The key steps you need to take to put together your social media plan outlined. Six. And these are from the hoot suite block. Okay, Number one. Create social media objectives and goals number to conduct a social media ordered. Who is in your network? Who are your customers? Who are you audience and who do you want them to be? Create or improve your social accounts? Get social media inspiration from industry leaders, competitors and clients. Five. Create a content plan, an editorial calendar and six test evaluate and adjust your social media marketing plan. I've run through this video in quick fashion Hope It's given you an overview of why social media marketing is so important on a few steps to get you started. 3. Speaking engagements: one of the most unexplored ways to boost your brand is actually to use speaking engagements . And this video is going to show you exactly why this is such a critical way to engage your customers and build your brand. So why should you use speaking engagements to abuse your brand? I'm going to give you five key reasons. Number one. Increase your logo. Visibility speaking. Our engagements give you a captive audience, and they will recognize your logo. And it will increase the power of your logo when they see it later on. And we'll actually perhaps purchase one of your products. Secondly, it enhances credibility and trust speaking engagements. Put a human face to your product and these two pieces credibility and trust help us really part ourselves in the minds of the customers, if you will. And speaking engagements really help you do this. It gives you a personal touch, and most importantly, it gives you a an opportunity to interact with your potential customers. Talk to them about your products, answer questions and get them excited about what you do. It's the best way to market your audience to your audience and to really give them a good sense of what you do and how it can. It can impact their lives. So how do you find conferences? There are three key ways to do it. Firstly, I recommend subscribing to influence the newsletters for conference announcements. What that means is find top influences in your field. For example, in Salesforce, there are multiple multiple people who I would consider influences in the field. And what I do is I follow them, and often they will actually post in their news. That is on their blog's that up about upcoming conferences, and I will actually reach out to them and see if I can talk to, Ah, someone who is putting together the conference. So maybe I could be a speaker at that conference or a facilitator at that conference. Secondly, attend local meet ups in your field. In your community, there are people who love to connect around things that their passion about join those meetings and learn more and boost your brand in that way. And thirdly, the tried and tested Google Search use Google to keep up to date with upcoming conferences and see which conferences may be happening globally that you could build your audience around. So one of the key questions people always ask me is Warren, How do I live? Reads social media. So here's some tips. Firstly, share tips in the form of images which are relevant to your talk and entice people to come to the event really identify events where people can be really engaged with your content and that it really fits their niche and their needs. Second, he tracked the HASHTAG for the conference on Twitter and interact with people already discussing the event. Reach out to them digitally. That's a huge way to really boost your brand and boost your expertise. Become friends that speakers who are speaking before you want them to promote your event. Also, in fact, those speakers should be leveraging your network, and you should, in the same way leverage there's asked them to host you on an upcoming podcast or share a tweet that mentions your brand on and something about it. That's a huge way to reach different audiences and finally ah, scheduled a series of social media updates for the day of the event and tell people how great your talk will be and give them a good reason to attend your talk, so he has another way in which you can boost your conference impact, make custom cards, make things that people can take away with them that direct them towards your website towards your blogged towards a purchase page landing page. Greek people at the door. This is an easy way to get. I'd toe eye contact with people, warm up the room during your talk, make sure it's not bland and unexciting. Give it if you will. In South Africa, we call this here's give it some energy and really warm people up. And by doing so, it's also helpful to use people in the audience as examples. Make it personal, make it make it something that people walk away feeling special about and finally hand out your business cards at the event. Make sure people are really connected to you and how to get hold of you and how to purchase your product. With all these in mind, you will and Hans and engage your audience through speaking engagements. This is one of the most untapped ways that you can really, really boost your brand and increase sales 4. Determine Your Availability: as a freelancer. One of your major tasks will be to determine your availability in this video. I'm going to talk about some things to consider, and I'm also gonna talk about some tools you can use to help you manage your time. Well, before you freelance, you must have available time. You must balance the administration, the marketing and the production off your good or service. So let's think about some of the ways in which you can do that. One of the key ways which I talk about a lot, is to measure what your hourly rate is for yourself and in another video actually show you how to do that. Once you've come to an amount, you can then admit, determine which administrative marketing and production tasks could be done by someone else who is willing to accept a lower rate. And so what you can then do is essentially by their time, instead of spending yours on something that you would do for less. Okay, so as an example, if you paying yourself $100 an hour and there's an administrative function such as inserting data that someone could do for $10 an hour, $15 an hour, then rather, give it to them so that you can save yourself that our which you could then use to service your customers and your clients. Right? These are some strategies that you could use. However, the key question is, what are the priorities in each sphere? What do your priority administrative tasks, marketing tasks and production tasks that only you can do if you have a list of five things that you need to do every week, um, that only you can do, then those are the things you need to look for and then build your customer relationships around those five priorities on your calendar. Talking about your calendar, Let's go into the next piece. How can you manage your time? Perhaps one of the most important tools that I use in my work is Google Calendar. That allows me to not only have meeting requests but also do plan on my priorities. However, it's not a project management tool. In other words, I can't necessarily integrate my work functions in as effectively as the other two tools that you have available to you, such as asana and trailer. Now I want to make clear that I'm not advertising these. I'm just letting you know that these are available to you. I have used a sauna, and I've used trailer. And both have been incredibly effective at helping me both manage my tasks on my projects and stay up to date with my calendar itself. Right? I'm able to schedule meetings. I'm able to see what needs to get done. And I'm able to actually tag priorities from what that helps me do is get to the center off this video, which is Do I have time? Well, none of us have time. Uh, all of us have 24 hours. But the key question is, are you able to spend your time on the priorities? And that's really where some of the tips of this video will help you along. I hope you enjoyed it.