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Freelancer Secrets - From zero to #1 top freelancer.

teacher avatar Rachid Lajmi, UI/UX Freelance Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is ?

    • 3. What type of project ?

    • 4. Build your profile.

    • 5. Find your best job.

    • 6. The winning proposal.

    • 7. Milestones, payment & reviews.

    • 8. Tools & Tips

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About This Class

As a freelancer for 7+ years, I know that any one can be successful and can start a good career. 

In this course I will share my experience, real experience for having a good freelancing career, not just guides or notes you can find anywhere.

You may checked, the website that I will focus with, it's really hard to win a project or to contact good clients. But after this course, you will have a great profile and all the rips to win the project you want to work on.

My profile :

Meet Your Teacher

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Rachid Lajmi

UI/UX Freelance Designer


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1. Introduction: hi there. And welcome toe freelancer Secrets These cars is made by the rial freelancer. I we share all my experience on my secret. Anyone off you will be able to follow me on to start a great free dancing career. As you see, I work it on big project with good prices. You can check my portfolio link from the description you can make more than I do. If you follow my tips on your card, we will learn together how to start your own business from home and how to make more money from any place you can travel. You can be anywhere you want on make money. It will also see the big secret behind catching big Project on good business clearance. I will help you to create your profile and make it attractive for your target quickly on. We're also learned the way to the big proposal and how to win the project. At the end, I will be glad to share some tools and tips learned from a long freelancing career that will help you be on the top. Freelancer. What are you waiting for? Iran and started this adventure 2. What is ?: Hello again. Freelancer dot com is a job directory. When you can find good jobs, contact clearance and participate to contest. Freelancer dot com is totally free When you can start, just know as part from freelancer dot com, we can find other services on other business opportunities, like a freelancer contest where you can participate to design contest. Another Services is a freelancer local. This website offer local jobs for local freelancers. Something like helped me to move this toe. Another place photography videography. She'll care. Gardening freelancer Darko also offer free in ransom surfaces. This is a website where you offer services for $5 like fever. There is also escrow dot com website for selling businesses with a big amount on the used money transaction. On the transaction. We need an escrow between the freelancer and the Clearance. Warrior Forum is a part off freelancer dot com is a marketplace to sail on by e books and tutorials about making money on marketing. The last thing is a free market free market is, ah, marketplace to sell and buy Web domains and Web site nets both together some job categories . So you looking you open your dashboard you see the screen, you can go toe the menu. The top menu Select works, then Bro's Categories. From this speech, we can see usual moment off categories anyone can find on can Beak, the best categories for him and the good sector to start. So there is a lot off opportunities on the lot off projects. You can also bro's project by skids. So you see only the projects that much your skills. You can also browse the contest. Our bro's look at jobs. We will see together this in the next chapter. 3. What type of project ?: in this chapter on the other one, we will cover the Freelancer project and Freelancer contest. Let's brought together some projects. Let's go to work, Browse project. From this page we can see all projects with our skills, as we see here, a block where we can filter projects on. Then we can brought the least off projects. We can search for a specific project with typing some key words here or by filtering cures . So if you are with designer and do you want project for Web design ons user interface, you can select the skills here on the project least will be related and filtering. There is the three type of projects Fix it price project our re project and consists Fix it price project our project. Where do you agree with the clean for the price and for the period. Then you start working on it on Do you will get paid when you finish the project? I worry. Predict our project that beat beat our So you work for more hours. You get paid more on more contest our project. But there is only one winner. Many different answers can participate on only one winner is selected, we can select more options. So for fix it price or hourly project, you can select the price off the project you are seeking for. You can also select the type of project. Seal it full time. Urgent Got on teeth guarantee is for contest. You can pick the language for the project or you can pick the location. This is only for local jobs. So from the project list you see here you can display as many results as your Here you see the project title on the the starting off the description the skills needed for this project. How many beats are there and the project when the project started. What? The average amount off the project. Andi Theis A comes means that the Oprah Year has a verified account on This is a good thing . We'll check Morty Deeds on the next chapter about how to beak on how to find the best project 4. Build your profile.: before we start working on project, it's very important to build our profile to get access to her profile. Just Greek on the top right picture of you that on user name. Then click on Eddie to put a fight. You need your picture or your company picture. I prefer to use rear picture because you re a picture. Meet you more confident when you speak with a clear type your name or IP Sidani on the short description about yourself. Another important thing on the provide page in the portfolio you need to make a good part for you. Try to be specific. Do not share many works in many sectors, employees don't like this. Try to make a specific words for you with targeted sector. So as you see, I target user experience. Project might port for you is full with user experience Project. So this help me to win more project. I need another thing for the port for you. If the skins just click on skills on picked this case, you need to work on. Many projects require some certification, so to get certification for some projects or for some skins, go to the under top menu get certified the most important certification in the English language. Many clear don't require good English language, so you can start by the English level one. Another thing displayed on the profile page is my reward. What three words for everything you do on freelance for dot com, you get credits rewards, So if you bid on project, you get one credit. If you earn a contest, you get greedy it. If you get beat, you get credit Creed. It's on freelance of the court. Hello, You to goto greedy chop on by things like example. So when you do the exam, you do it for free. You buy more bids, so if you use all your beats you can buy beats here on. Then you came back to reward on. Activate your reward from here. You just need to click on activate. So please spend a lot of time on your profile because this is very important. Every project you will be declared. We check your provide and we'll check also your portfolio. So this is very important on Do you need to care about your provide 5. Find your best job.: So let's find some good projects. I would go to work, browse categories. I will peak with design categories we need to filter on. Find good project I don't need for this time, hourly project or contest project. We need project with good prices, no matter what is the language. So I need to start on, find good projects. So when we opened the project page, we see the project title, the description, the only clear budget and some information about the employer. How many projects you mentioned, how many interviews he have and what started this killer equated for this project. An important information to look off and to check every time you are looking for a project in the employer profile, never, never, never lose your beats on a project without description or a new employer profile. That is no of, you know, very fight account. You may find some good project with good budget for new employer. New employer don't have any reviews, but they have a verified account. So this make the employer more serious. You can beat on the project and you can discuss the details with the clean. Let's see if we can find good contest. Go to work. But I was contest. We filter by price toe. Find good prices. I think this is a good project. This chick on the count of speed this will be the title here. The description And here the price with the price would be only for one person will be for the winner. Every freelancer can participate for the contest You can check on from here and you can a ploy your own countries from here. Click on applied on trees and enter all the taste for your design. 6. The winning proposal.: Okay. No, let's Ah, check how we can please a beat on how we can talk to clear I pick it this project complete One paid lending website. This is the clear budget employer. Have a good reviews. So I think this is a serious person. Skin Is it equated? I do all this. I check in addition Fight. I check the description on time Ready for this project. So let's that you click on beat off this project. Sit your price for the project. How much time do you need for it? Just one day. Is the project place be? Just that freelancer may ask you to sponsor your weed but this is really a waste of money. Don't try it. You need to write your proposal. - So what's the best message for the clear? What do I need to write for the cleaned? How can I convince? Print from my side? I can said the best beat is where described to the grand that you understand what he need on describe that you are able to do so. Then just click on submit proposals. Give the step on. You will see here because I have good provide. I'm the second on the, uh, one player would seem I read. Seems soon on he were black. So I will tell you a good way to check more ways for proposal. More idea for peace on to understand how other free? No answer on how other good freelancers are Speaking good. Clear. What do they write on their proposal? So you can go to hire freelancers? Start the project. Third, any project in your sector, any type off project you can do there. The other freelancer will submit proposals to you. So this is a weight toe check other three lesser proposal on you can get more and more idea . 7. Milestones, payment & reviews.: So when you start a project on, uh, clear on pick you on, pick your beat. You will see on your dashboard something like this. You can also check your project on the right from my project. Which it or from the top menu. My projects are on the project page where you can check active beats. Couldn't ward past were active. Contest prices would passcodes. Let's discover the project page. So this is the project page, as we have seen previously. You will see the invoices made by the employer. You can create an invoice. You can. Don't Lloyd employer. Fine. Or you can applaud your own files. When do you finish the job? You can just request my stone for your total payment on. When you get beat, the project will be done. 8. Tools & Tips: Syrian on the big problem with starting a freelancer. Anyone? We start from zero, we'll have this problem. How can I win a project? How can they be better than other very answer We could provide with many years of experience. So let me share some secrets. You will need this blacking freelancer dot com Notify. This plug in will notify you with every new project in your skills. And when you beat the first, you will not find many freelancers. So you have but the chance doing a present you can buy and then the sheep to get more beats . The more beats you have, the more chance you have to win a project. You can also sponsor yourself on the three nights a directory. So when any employer or or any grand Willbros three nights a directory toe, have someone, he will see you on the top off the category. Picking another tips is to make your profile open all the time. So when other employees search for a freelancer, they will see you are like you can start by contest because in contest, anyone can participate. Even you have zero experience on your profile. Have no feedback have no reviews. You can start at any contest and when you in a contest you will have a review on your profile on your profile will be better. Please feel free to ask me any question. I will try to reply to all of you. Thanks for your participation maker.