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Freelance Writing: Start Your Freelance Writing Career

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Freelance Writing Intro

    • 2. Where Clients Come From

    • 3. Keep Clients Happy

    • 4. Charging Clients

    • 5. Retain Clients

    • 6. Freelancer

    • 7. Fiverr

    • 8. Upwork

    • 9. Classified Sites

    • 10. Ad Posting

    • 11. Create a Website

    • 12. Create a Blog

    • 13. Pitch Newspapers

    • 14. Pitch Magazines

    • 15. Congratulations and Next Steps

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About This Class

Let's launch your freelance writing career!

Welcome to your freelance writing class. If you're an aspiring writer, editor or author, then this course is for you. 

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • How to find new clients to write for 
  • How to pitch magazines and newspapers with your writing 
  • How to find new writing opportunities 
  • How to scale your writing business if you already have one 
  • How to take the first steps towards becoming a full-time freelancer 

I've been freelancing for over 5 years and I'm so excited to teach you everything I know about writing and editing for clients and launching your own freelance writing career. I have worked as a writer before, have experience in digital and print journalism and have hired writers for my own blogs. I know what it takes to get business as a writer and understand how self-promotion and marketing works in this particular field. 

You'll get lifetime access to this course so that you can ask questions at any time in the Q & A section. I constantly update my courses with new lessons and resources, so you can keep growing your freelance writing career. 

See you in the first lesson! 

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to find new writing and editing opportunities
  • People who want to learn how to become Freelance writers
  • People who want more clients to write for
  • Aspiring authors and journalists
  • People who are exploring their writing style

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert


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1. Freelance Writing Intro: welcome to the course where we jump start your freelance writing career. Hi, my name is not a not a in a job, and I've been a freelance writer for quite some time. Actually, I'm a digital marketer on guy, started making online videos and doing multimedia production about seven years ago. But content writing has been a big part of the way that I launched my business to get my initial startup capital. And also, you know how I live my day to day life. I've been a student for a while and I've done journalism, So it's really helped me to, you know, great content bring people. And not only is it help me boost my reputation and my brand image, but it's help me actually put food on the table and scale my business. Two successful heights. So I think content writing is a great place to start, even if you think Hey, you know, what should I do? Biting shouldn't get into content. Writing should be a freelance writer. If your heart's telling him to do it, do it cause I started there and I branched into so many other things and the opportunities that came my away went far beyond just writing. In this course, we're gonna talk about everything from content writing, article writing, pitching, newspapers and magazines. But ultimately we're going to be looking at boosting your freelance career. That means no on Lee, helping you understand how to get work out there, but how to be a successful writer and scale it and get better and better at it. I've made this course as comprehensive as possible, but if there's anything I've missed at any time, I want you to know you have lifetime access to it. So go ahead. Ask me a question in the Q and A section or discussion section of this course, and I'll answer you at any time. Be sure to go through the content slowly. Feel free to posit. Feel free to skip ahead. You don't learn in the best way possible to you. I'm going to include as many resources like hand, including lists and articles. But if you have any tips or tricks, I will go ahead. If it's a free day for me, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to create more videos for you in this course. If you're struggling with any of the material. My goal is to help you build a successful career. With this, I can guarantee the results. But I can guarantee that you'll learn a lot about the industry, and then if you apply my tips, you will become a successful freelance writer. I've done these things. This is my formula and I can't wait to see you achieve success again. My name is not are not in a job. And if you have any questions about this course, please let me know it's a pleasure to have you as a student. 2. Where Clients Come From: So you're starting a freelance writing career and you're probably wondering a very important question. And that's where do clients come from now? A lot of people are wondering whether clients come from. I'm a writer. I want to get jobs. How do we get paid for them? And that's why a lot of people don't start. They think I'm not going to be able to get good clients, so you need to understand their clients everywhere. There's money everywhere. How many people on earth? Seven billion. Your best bet. Some of them need writing services, so clients come from different places. First of all, traditional newspapers and magazines and these air like your daily newspapers things you wake up in the morning and read or Esquire. You know, magazines and newspapers that are physical copies that people read. They need a higher writers, and often they hire people who do writing as freelancers. Now, no, only that you have online newspapers and magazines, online newspapers and magazines, and online newspapers and magazines are a great way to get featured. First of all, to get your writing out there, but also, you know, to gain some practice and you know when people search your name will see that you start writing articles so those are two places even get clients. But there's so many other places you can also get clients from get this freelancer platforms and the's are platforms that we're gonna be talking about later. But what this is, it's buyer to cellar, meaning that people who are looking for writing services will find you organically on freelancer platforms. You create a site or you create a gig on that site and then they'll find you and they'll say, Hey, I want to get your writing. You're a good writer Checked out your gig. I've checked out the things that you offer I'm gonna buy from you. So you just create a account on some of these platforms and people will seek you out. You don't have to go out and pitch them, and this works really well, if you know you're a little bit scared to do that, I recommend that everybody who starts Reliance writing, you know, tries to gain some confidence around pitching the writing and proposing it to other people . But freelancer platforms will fix that issue. Another place you may find writing services that the required for are for websites. So this would be like copy editing for website clients on what that means is what you'll be doing is you'll be cream their website text and formatting it for them. So it displays nicely across their website to desktop and mobile users. And this is really great. If you're good writing for online copy editing generally or for us to online, there's another place you can get clients, and that's also classified ads. Some people are writing a book or, you know, they need writing for some of their brochures by placing a classified ad on Craigslist or different countries. Actually, I think every country in the world has some form of classified ad. Go ahead and creating Adam there and say, Hey, I'm a writer. If you need me to write anything, I can write for you. So these some plate these air some places where you can, you know, picture online writing, traditional newspapers and magazines, all I newspapers and magazines, freelancer platforms, website clients. So people are building websites. You can do copy editing for classified ads, and there's a bunch of different ones. But I find these were the main places to get writing clients for and often times people will come to you this way. There's also the option of creating a personal website. But again, your clients are gonna come from your personal website. They're going to go and visit it and decide to actually purchase your services. Another thing I'm gonna tack onto this list is a ghost writing and ghost writing is basically when somebody wants to write a book, but either they don't have the time or the skills, so they seek a ghost writer. The thing with this is you're not gonna be able to put your name on it. They pay to say that they wrote the book or they wrote the text. When your ghost writing, you can charge a lot of money because you're also heading over all the copyrights and all the right to say that they wrote it. But you're not going to be able to really grow your brand very much unless you actually grow a ghost writing business. Now, this isn't about growing and ghost writing business. This is really about marketing yourself as a writer, but this is something to consider. If you ever want to go, you know, incognito, or be more private about it thes air. Some great places clients come from. And the reason why I'm typing is I want to be very interactive with you. And, you know, I find it more engaging to see someone type as they teach. So I really hope this helps you these just some ideas about where you could get clients. We're gonna break it down for you and teach you exactly how to get those freelancer clients . So let's move on and learn all about it. 3. Keep Clients Happy: this is super important and that where somebody taught me this when I started my freelance writing career, it's How do you keep your clients happy? And the reason why I'm showing you at the beginning is because this is so important moving forward and working, whether the people, in order to get repeated business, you need to keep your clients happy, and they need to keep them smiling. So how are you going to keep your clients happy when you work for them? Here's some things you should keep in mind at the beginning. Set clear objectives and deliver a bles. This means that you're going to set clear objectives, saying, I'm going to write you a 500 word article or I'm going to write you 1000 word article. This is what it's gonna be about, and this is when I'm going to deliver it. So this means what you're writing about date. You'll deliver it at the time you'll deliver it out. If you can do that, and also how long it's gonna take you how long and also, um, format. Are you going to send the file over in a pdf? Do they want it in a document. Do they want you to give you a hard time? Give them a hard copy. Are you going to come to their new station and printed out if you're writing for a newspaper? So these are some ideas about how to keep a client happy, Know what they want in the beginning, and then promise and deliver. Another thing you can dio is to keep clients happy is to check in. But this is important to make sure you're not annoying your client. You don't want to check with them every five seconds or they won't hire you again. You need to act like you know what you're doing. But what you could do is say, hey, you know, if it's a really long book or something, you don't write the whole thing and sent it to them. Send them a chapter. Say hey, preview this chapter I wrote. Checking in is better for bigger projects. You don't check in. If you're writing 1000 word article for a newspaper, just finish it and send it in. But if you're doing a whole book or you're doing a very massive article, you need to check in to make sure for those bigger projects you're following what they want . Checking in never hurts. Another thing to keep both people happy when you're starting off is to accept milestone payments. Accepting milestone payments means that you may take 50% up front and 50% upon completion. Now, this really depends on how much you're charging. If you're charging five or $6000 you may want to take 20% payments or 33% payments. You can pay in thirds. You campaign fifths. It depends. Some people take payments completely upfront, and this usually happens when you establish more credibility and report in the industry. But let them know, Hey, you know, in order for us to establish trust, I'm going to ask for 50% of what I charge up front we're gonna get We're gonna get into how much to charge and why and how to justify it. But right now you need to understand. It might be best to get someone to pay half up front. Then you know they're not going to fall through or not pay you because they've had a deposit. But at the same time, they haven't paid 100% so they get toe hold their 50% while they wait for you to complete the entire project. So if you're charging $1000 you can ask your $500 up front, and then when you're done, the other $500. So both of you all are putting the same amount of risk forward because you're delivering to work. They're paying their money, and eventually, when everything is done, you receive your full payment. So that makes a lot of my clients feel comfortable. And I tend to still do when I do writing projects 50% up front and 50% upon completion. For those larger projects. Thes air, the three main things that recommend doing, checking in, setting and delivering your clear objectives and accepting milestone payments. This combined together will make sure you keep your clients happy. What I also recommend you do is, you know, be personable, being nice to people. But at the same time, what you need to do is understand that if a client seems upset at the beginning or they seem route, you can take them. OK, you understand that there's a lot of people who are going to give you business, but if they're disgruntled people, you need to avoid them. It's natural in every industry. Now we're gonna talk more about keeping clients happy. How much to charge, how to start your business and you know how to get people to find you realize you do good work and to start paying you for it. My goal is to make sure that you have your first few clients rolling in by the end of the score, so let's get going. 4. Charging Clients: in this section, we're gonna be looking at how much to charge clients and how to do it. So as a strict rule, you may be asking how much can I charge? How do I do it? I'm going to say that you can charge literally as much as you want. I've seen people charge $100,000 A $1,000,000.1.5 million. I'm not kidding, but we have to be realistic when we're starting. I want you understand that if you get really good at this profession, you can get you can ask for a lot of money. You can make a lot of money, but at the beginning, the way you charge is per words. So, generally speaking, you would talk. You can say I charge maybe 15 cents per word. You can say charged five cents per word. I charge one cent per word. So it really depends. You can do it this way, which is great. But what I recommend doing because most people don't like calculating poor word. I would say if you really can just scratch this out, don't even say per word charge per 500 words. So you're gonna charge per 500 words and I'm gonna tell you for 500 words the least amount you should ever charge. It's $5 per 500 words. Websites that I'm going to show you like freelancer platforms will often charge $5 per 500 words. If you truly a beginner, you can charge $5 per 500 words. I recommend charging $5 for 250 words. Because 500 words often takes a lot of people you know, a long time to write, at least fairly long. For $5 this works out about $1 every 100 words. So if you write, 1000 words will be making $10. It's not a very good rate, but this is the lowest I've ever seen. Anybody start off as so I'm going to try if I can highlight this and I'm gonna make it red . This is where people start off a very good, but when you're first starting to make your first a little bit of money, it's not, You know, it's not a bad idea to try getting paid $5 getting your article out there and saying Hey, you know what I can really sell this. The next thing I'm going to recommend doing is you can charge something like $50 per 500 words, which again isn't a lot. This is for article writing, by the way. Not for like, writing a news report. Um, not a lot. But if you're working on a platform like some of the other platforms, not something that's like really super cheap. But you working on, I'm gonna break down. What a platform is later on. I mean, you're working on another website and you're gonna get paid for your work. What I recommend doing is if it's a small project. You know, you're kind of a beginner. You're a little bit of a beginner, but you're not, You know, a massive beginner. You're not totally new to the industry. I would charge $50 per 500 words. I'm going to write article writing here. These are just baselines. I mean, if you figure out that hey, you know, this client is advertising my article to a 1,000,000 people. I'm a very good writer. You could try to wait more, but these air just ballparks for when you're starting out. The next thing you could do is charge, um, something along the lines of, you know, like, I don't know, $100 per 500 words. Now, this is when you start to get into the big bucks. This means you're a really good writer. $100 for 500 words. I mean, you write 1000 words there. You made 200 bucks. That's that's more realistic. Especially if you're freelancing. Something like 100 $50 per 500 words. So you charge, like, $300 for 1000 word article. Something like 102 $150 is gonna put you at that. Like, good freelance or rate. This is the rate that you can actually live. Okay, this is coffee money. This over here, the 500 words is like, you know, coffee, money. And maybe sometimes I can go out to dinner. Maybe I can pay a little bit of my car payment, but not much of it. This is like, all right, now I can start putting this money away in savings. I may not be able to live my life here just writing articles, but I can put some of his money away in savings and I can start saving it. It's becoming like 20% of my income. Now. A lot of people will say, Well, it's it's really helping me increase my top line. This is good. Now, this is just for article writing when you're charging people for basic gigs. If you're not charging for standard articles and I'm gonna tell you what that means If you're not just charging random people for random articles, you can actually approach different people. You can approach a news agency and you can say, I'll write you a 2000 word story. Keeping us green is gonna be good. A 2000 word story four. And then you can say $800 because it's a really good story. I'm gonna charge you $800 8 50 is a nice amount. Doesn't really add much on there. It looks nicer to me. 2000 word story for 100 and $50. If you're gonna like pitch somebody yourself, you're gonna say, Hey, my name is Carl. I'm really good at writing. Check out some of the stuff I did. There's a breaking news story about one of the local authorities and they're hiding money or something big like that. If you're cracking something big like that, you can say, I'm going to write you 2500 word feature. Um, for $1200 it's gonna be a really good story. You gotta justify it. But when this stuff starts rolling in, that means that you can start pitching like this. You can make a living from writing. So by combining article writing. So doing this when you're at home drinking coffee, making couple 100 bucks here and there, combining that with doing big articles for newspapers doing maybe magazine. If you write about fashion pitching a fashion magazine and selling a $1200 story, this is when you start to make your living. Most writers don't just right about one thing. The freelancers right about different things, and they add the money together. So let's say they wrote over here. They charge $150 for 1000 word article for 500 words each. That would be that would be, like $300 plus the $1200 here if they wrote another article the next week. $1200. Let's say they pitched another article $800 to another local news station, $800. And at the same time, let's say they started ghost writing a book and they received their first 20% milestone payment, um, of $10,000 or something like that, that's going to be huge. So in that month, they would have made a significant amount of money. Now, no insane. Not crazy, because, like, they're not huge writers yet, you know. But we're gonna teach you how to promote your writing and to start stacking your dollars like this when you're making money. No, I don't promise you're gonna make any of its money particularly. I'm just showing you how it adds up when you start working. I can't promise you earnings. You're the person who has to go out there and get your earnings. This is not a make money fast and guaranteed course. This is showing you how this works. And if you're willing to put in the hours you're willing to put in the work, you will see the results. Now I'm going to move away from using this format of lecture, and we're going to go into some really interesting platforms and delve into the world of online writing 5. Retain Clients : this is very important. So I wanted appear on camera and, you know, tell you about how to retain clients. So you've got a client you've been through the steps about, you know, client satisfaction and, you know, attaining that client in the first place. But how do you actually keep the client? This is different than keeping them happy because you can keep somebody happy. That can say, Yeah, I liked your work, but seal later. See, the thing is, how do you keep the client? What you can do is once you get the client initially, let's say you're writing for someone's magazine or you're writing for someone's block and they say, Oh, I only need you want your twice a month. What you can do is start, you know, here and they're cutting them some deals say, Hey, you know what? I won't consistent work from you, but I need one thing. See, what I want to do is work with the same people. Tell him this. Say I want to work with the same people cause once I build relationships, I don't want them to go out the window. If you think I'm a good writer, I know writing grows businesses. I know writing helps people. So you wanna build your business? Why don't you? Why don't I write something every week for you? That may say, Oh, it's too expensive. Then say, you know what if it's too expensive, I understand I have my price. But maybe I can cut you a little bit of a deal. If you promise to hire me every week. See, this is different. You may be charging a little bit less. I do not think you should, you know, bring if you're charging $100 to charge $30. I don't think you should do that, but I think if you can maybe agree on writing maybe less words. But do me on a weekly basis and repeatedly, and you get so used to writing for that one client, you're gonna make money faster in a more consistent way without having to worry about the variables of finding a new client trying to stick with your initial clients. And if they don't give you enough business, let them know like, Hey, you need to make content every day. So if I'm writing, why don't they manage your twitter and your Facebook to see this sounds silly because I'm teaching you how to, you know, be a writer how to be an online writer. But see, in the digital age, we're done with the days you could just write for magazines or you could just right. You know, unless you're at the top of very industry, you have to work in multimedia Digital Reporting magazine. Writing all my articles will be a very good author and, you know, struggle. Until you manage to make those payments, you might be self publishing, but you see, the thing is, what you need to do is try to retain the same clients, trying to work with them as a human being and say, Hey, I want consistent work from the same people. If this is too expensive for you, let's talk a deal here. Let's talk about this is business negotiation. I think everybody should happen just cause you're a writer. Just cause you might be artistic doesn't mean you should be able to implement negotiation tactics. It is up to you to actually make a difference, to go out there to get that work and to keep it coming in so what you got a client? That's gold. Because that client could be a client for a year. Two years? You have to make them feel confident in hiring you. Don't promise them outlandish things. See, over promising is good if you can over deliver. That's great cause it makes you stand out in the beginning. But don't simply over promise them. What I want you to do is say, Hey, I want you to be in it for the long run you may not see results may not see more people coming your site. You may not see people going wild over the content of writing for you instantly. And this is if you're writing for a block, someone to block or if you're right for someone's website or you're writing for a public figure they're expecting. Is it coming? Quickly. Say, I need you to give me, like, 3 to 6 months to just show you Hey, I don't want to be too expensive. Let's find a price that you can comfortably pay for 3 to 6 months. But I'm going to show you something that's gonna blow your mind. I know you have 36 months to over perform in impressive. You keep them happy for those six months. Trust me, if you're not charging something outlandishly expensive for them when you find the right people, don't be afraid of charge a lot if you're a good writer. But what you need to do is understand if you can keep them 456 months and you find two or three clients you could do that with you can make a lot of money. As a writer, you stop scrambling and trying to build a strategy. So that's what I want to let you know. You retain clients by simply talking to them, asking them saying, Hey, I could bring about for a really long period of time. But what is this thing with one article? Let's do a lot of articles together. Let's work together for a long time cause I'm here to help you, that sort of language, that sort of perseverance and that you know, the Gus totalling the guts of actually calling somebody and saying, Hey, I recommend this for your business and I can help you is brave. It will push you ahead of other writers, and it will allow you no only to launch your freelance career that maybe someday down the line you could launch your own. True, this is a business, but your true empire business again. Building incorporated company of writers. You could be a famous author, you know, because you'll have the capital to do it. You'll be able to market it. You would have established that foundation. So be confident yourselves. Try to retain every single client that comes your way, and then you're gonna build yourself a great future down the road. Good luck. 6. Freelancer: We're talking about launching your online freelance career so there's no messing around. Let's talk about one of my favorite platforms to start freelancing, and that's freelancer dot com. That's www dot freelancer F R E l enter dot com Now this site is wonderful because you converted on, you know, more expensive projects. I've been writing for projects on freelancer for a couple of years now, and some of the projects could go over $1000 U S. Which is really good. I wrote for a Nano Technology company website s CEO optimized the article, but mainly most of it was content writing, and I charged close to $2000 for that. Now this waas in the past. But what I recommend you do is keep looking for opportunities, freelancer dot com. I'm gonna walk you through the platform, show you how it's done. What I want you to do is head on over to the site and just simply sign up. Now all you have to do is connect it with your Facebook. That's what I do. You can also make an account like you would on any other website if you've made an account on you know me, you know how it's done. Just go to join freelance or type in your email in the password you want, so it's a really good site. Basically, the way it works is your brows projects, and you'll see here there's so many different projects you can look for writing project. So looking for someone to interpret Indonesian, this one is content writing for a tuition website. This is something to be interested in its $137. Now, when you go into bidding, you will have to actually go ahead and decide milestone. So like I told you, 50% up front, 50% lee Iran. But you communicate with a cellar through this platform, but that means you can't take them off the platform and make them your own client. You will have to deal with them on freelancer, cause that's the policy. So I'm going to run you through the pros and cons of this website. The pros of this website is that the earning potential is higher. The freelancer websites that I'm going to show you doesn't necessarily have lower earning potentials, but on average, people will order smaller gigs. This is a great place to, you know, pick up a $300 project, a couple $100 project, $1000 project here. See, there's 50 bids on this 15 bids on this 1 19 bids on this one. So you're gonna have to compete. That's another con. So we have the pro of, Okay, we can have a higher earning potential. But look at that. You have more competition, and you don't necessarily have less competition on the other sites. But the other sites are laid out in a way where people organically find you. So you set your gig, you set your project and you leave and they find you. It's like magic on this site. You're gonna have to do the legwork. So I'm going to give you tips if you create an account on freelancer and you want to be able to pitch a lot what you need to do and they only give you a certain amount of free pitches, so I'm gonna let you know that now. So you gotta wait for them to come back if you don't want to spend any money. I have been a paid member of freelancer when I used to use it more, but honestly, the free pitches will give you a significant number of pitches to go ahead and get those jobs. But I'm gonna tell you something. One of my best tips is to turn on music or turn on like an inspiring podcast or something you really like to listen to in the background. Then go ahead and bid on 123455 to 10 and day. Do that every day for a week. And if your pictures are good, you will probably get the job. Now we're gonna go into breaking down a pitch, so or bidding. When you bid, you're gonna have a screen. You get to put the amount of money you want. You want to charge for it. You can put in your email address, but what you need to do is write a good pitch. I'm gonna talk about that later on. But for now I want you to remember Freelancer is a good option. When you want to start your freelance writing career, write it down, remember it and let's move on and talk about some other opportunities in the online freelance community 7. Fiverr: fiver. I'm always excited about this one. You may have heard of it before, cause it's been popular in the recent years. But fiver is a marketplace where people spend $5 to buy services and hear me out. It doesn't have to be $5 immediately. It doesn't just have to be, you know, somebody sending you $5 you're writing the entire article. What it can be is somebody paying $5 for every 250 words. Remember when I told you you could charge $500 for 2 50? This is the place to do it. You go in, you sign up or join Aiken. Sign in. You join. I can continue of my Facebook account. Yeah, Why? Don't let's do it. I'm gonna continue with my Facebook account and let's take a look at the platform on Fiverr . You go ahead and you create gigs. So you create um right here you become a cellar. And when you become a cellar, you click on this button, you write a description for yourself. So you write yourself a bio. You fill in the languages you speak, you film a profile picture. So what you're doing is actually building an account. You're building account, and you'll get credibility on this site. The more gigs you sell, the higher your seller rating. Every single seller on here and writer Let's go look at some writers type of writing so German Web content, for example. So I will write an excellent text in German. Okay, $250. See, this can be even more $250 for 2500 words. And now this is $90 for 1000 $30 for 300. So there you go. You can charge more. He has a 4.9 rating. Waldo, this is really cool. See, there's so many different. He has gigs that basically look the same. He has a bunch of these, and it seems like he's making money with it. So I definitely recommend that you start on five or because with fiber, you're not gonna have to go ahead and create that, you know, pitch every single day to get work. You can create a gig, and you can have people come to you, and over time you'll get more and more business, and then you can check out by, you know, sending the money to your PayPal every month or directly to your bank account and really depends on what you like to do. But this is a great place to find work and have people consistently come to you. You can also ask that they include your name. Or maybe you want them to pay more if they're not going to give you a credit like ghost writing. So give five or a try. It's definitely good toe. Have this up all the time. If you create a gig, it'll be your bread and butter cause you could be sitting on the train and the one day you get a project, you realize his $30 project comes in and you have one day or two day to finish it. So it really depends how much time you want to leave. But you have to set yourself deadlines on Fiverr. You decide how long it will take you to write that 500 word article how long it's gonna take to write 2000 word article and you're going to set those milestones automatically. So when someone buys a gig, they don't have to really talk to you first, they just buy it so you can get a study stream of income and projects every single day. So that's one of the freelancer platforms a recommend using Try fiver dot com, and I hope it works well for you. 8. Upwork: let's talk a little bit about up work and why you may want to use up work as a freelance writer. Now I'm going to give you a tip the most powerful wave, not only to make the most money to be the most secure and to get better as a freelance writer and understand the marketplace. The best strategy is to do all. Three. Don't just pick five. Or don't just pick freelancer. Let five or run in the background and get you jobs and use freelancer to pitch and use up work. Also to pitch in fine Prod projects now up. Work, I would say, has even higher projects. They're harder to bid on harder to get jobs. My personal experience again. It's just my experience. Very subjective. I find it harder, but you can get paid even more than freelancer. Blawg writers, content writers and copywriters have an individual section on this website, and I find their support team to be much better than freelancer. It's more modern. I find it to be more secure. They're all secure and safe, but I find it works really well. No one up work. You can also set an hourly rate, your hourly rate could be like $35.25 dollars us, by the way. So this is really interesting because you could be making more money at home in your first month, freelancing. Then you can anywhere else. And it's a potential thing. It's not guaranteed. I'm not going to be the person who is going to determine how much you're gonna make you are . It's your hustle. You drive. And at the end of the day, always be reading books. Always be doing self development. Improve your writing skills. Okay, that's not something I'm gonna teach you here. This is about freelancing, but as you work in the industry, correct your mistakes and get better at it. Let's take a look at the writing section again. I'm not going to go over a sign up because it's very easy again. Just sign up like you would on any other site. Um, and it's It's really a great marketplace. You got to make quotes. And what's different about up work is often times they have a screen sharing feature, so you can show people how many hours you work during the week. Thes air the projects you've worked on. It's more personal. It's almost like the person is there in the room with you. Some people like that, some people to test it. So it really depends what you want to dio. But consider up work when you're jump starting your freelance career and let's move on and talk about other ways we can get business. 9. Classified Sites: classified sites. Now when we talk about classified sites were talking about sites like Kijiji Craigslist, classified sites. I just butchered the spelling. So here we go. It's a writing course. Don't butcher the spelling When you write for clients. Anyway, classified sites are what is going to drive some of your side success. When we talked about a five or we talk to bounce, you know how the system organically finds your clients. You get organic clients, meaning people find you on the site. You leave the gig and then business roles in people, purchase packages the classified sites and acts very much in the same way where you set them and you leave them. And people may contact you by email or through your posting and say, Hey, you know what I want you to write for me. So if you're a little bit confused about what classified sites are, I'm going to break it down for you, and I'm gonna tell you what's going toe. Actually judge your classified site success when you're writing as a freelancer. Now, classified sites are like again K G and counted up Craigslist. I think that's North America, but I think there's expansion and you have classified sites around the world. See, the funny thing is, when you're a freelancer, you can work from anywhere, so you can post classified sites in other countries and get business around the world. I recommend doing in the same country because when you do different countries, sometimes they know your i p address and your your ad will actually get ghost it. So in this section, we're gonna talk about classified sites. You need to do your own research for this one because I have students all around the world . So if you're North America, these sites will work for you. But if you're not and you're somewhere else, you need to Google classified sites and then your country. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna post ads. You know, those websites were someone's like, I'm selling my dog. I'm selling my car tyre, those websites. That's what a classified side is. You're going to say I'm selling writing services. Find a site in your country where you can do that by Googling classified sites, and then your country keyword is just like if you're in Canada, classified sites Canada, see what comes up and then what you want to do in order to gauge your success. So success on classified sites meaning you're gonna get clients through posting ads like, Hey, my name's daughter. I'm a freelance writer. I'm looking for writing projects. So if you have a writing project, you let me know what is going to judge. Your success is first of all, something we like to call. Copy. So how does that add read, Copy, spelling, grammar, persuasiveness? Um, spelling, grammar, persuasiveness, copy. And I'd also say format. So when you write your ads on those sites, how do they look like copies going to judge your success? If it looks really bad, no one's gonna allow you to write for them. The next thing you want to do is frequency and quantity. Meaning see, quantity and frequency of the ads are two different things. But you look at quantity. How many as a re posting. So how many ads reposing on these classified sites? And when we look at frequency, how often are you posting the ads? So again, you're going to go look for some classified size, You're going to do the research for which ones are in your country. If you don't know how. Just Google class of fight sites in your country name, for example. I would write classified sites in Canada, and that would reveal kg to me. The next thing you want to do is start posting ads on the sites cradling count. Do what you can. Make sure the ads look appealing. Post ads post a lot of them supposed at least five and frequency post five a day. Get this five today 5 10 15 2025 30 How many days is as 367 123456 Not even 7 35 Adds a week by week to you at 70. Adds week four. What about 140 adds. You are telling me that 100 and 40 at isn't going to get you clients. It is gonna get you clients. So the trick is, don't make your copy too long and complex. Make a bunch of ads as many as you can on that platform, and if you run out of the amount of ads, you're allowed a post. Delete the old ones and then make new ones again because when you post an ad. You'll have something like a timer, like one minute ago, and then you're and we'll get older. Your AB becomes five minutes old or add becomes 10 minutes old, becomes 15 minutes old, and then the next thing you know Roger over here he's made an ad, and his ad is 30 seconds ago, and your ad now goes to second place after Roger Mohammed's ad, and that's five seconds ago. So, as you see every time you post an ad, what happened to somebody else posted? Add somebody else posted at. So you know how it's going to keep going to the bottom. So your goal is to dominate the first page of classified ads. You could do that cause some websites allow you to pay for it. But what I recommend you do is just post five a day, maybe a different times in the day, maybe at the same time, but for a little while you will dominate the first page every single day, and then you'll have 25 maybe or 30 before you know you can't post anymore. But these 20 are available to be found in search results, and there's so many of them, and these 10 can potentially be seen on the front page of your section. So that's what's big about it. Using classified ads on top of freelancer fiver and up work again. Five is going to bring you in those inbound leads those clients refining organically and my posting classified ads. You're gonna have business coming at you from all angles. This is what I recommend you do. If you're starting a freelance writing career again, I'm just opening this up on no pad and typing to be interactive. But what I'm going to do is I'm gonna walk you through one of the classified ad site we have here, and we're going to talk a little bit about how you can replicate my success that I've had a classified ad sites cause I've made thousands of dollars with it. I can't guarantee you will do the same, but that's what I recommend you do, trying to charge a lot for clients who find you on it but sussed out how much you think they can spent. So if you think somebody can't spend more than $5 don't charge them $50 million because they're probably not gonna pay you, so gauge the client charge accordingly and deliver the work. Classified ad site will open a whole new realm of clients, but you have to be very careful to filter them and talk to the client to find out what they need again. We're going to go over how to make clients happy. We have a client section, but in the bonus tips and resources, we're gonna talk about how to make people happy, deliver good work, and you know this is going to give you a really well rounded career. If he didn't know this before, it's opened up a new door for you, a new opportunity and a new possibility. So let's go ahead and learn more about how we can leverage classified at sites so that we can launch a freelance writing careers. 10. Ad Posting: in this video, we're going to talk about posting it. Classified at now, When we're posting a classified ad, we don't have to use the site I'm using. I'm using KG right now, and G is a fast and easy site that I'm using right now in Canada, and it helps me post. My ads were not only marketing, but for writing. So what you want to do is create good ad titles like I will write your business, Blawg or I will write your business block posts. And now it's not gonna reach people who are looking for unedited for their book or somebody who will ghost write for them. But it will reach people of business blog's, and that's definitely a niche market. So right, I'm well right, your business block posts. So write down your experience in the description section. I don't know how the classified at site works, but generally you're going to be asked to give a title. Write down what you do best and what you're gonna do, So I will write your business block posts, and then here you have to make it a little bit. Cells you so safe. I am a professional business writer, and I will write your business block posts and then write about what the customer is going to get to reach new customers for the people you waiting for. Um, help you build credibility in your industry and keep your audience engaged for more information. Please contact me. The Rio as simple is that I'm a professional business writer, and I will write your business block post to reach new customers, help you build credibility in your industry and keep your audience engaged as simple as that. That's your one ad for the day. For more information. Please contact me and you can also write and I will get back to you within 24 hours. That shows that you watch your stuff. You know, you're really paying attention. I generally post in the bigger city, so I'm gonna post in Toronto. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a Toronto address. The next thing you want to do is search for pictures. If you're classified, ad site allows your pictures, go ahead and add those pictures generally of somebody riding or maybe of yourself. Pictures of yourself. Looking directly into the camera is great. Anyway, if they allow you to add your website or YouTube video, that can really help. Adding a number helps to. But beware of spam. You don't get people spamming, you offering you different services. People who don't really want to buy our services might call you if you put them a classified ad site. So you have to be very careful, but I think that this is pretty good. Generally, I have given you an idea of what an ad would look like. So I'm going to show you how I come up with different titles for ads, cause posting five a day is very difficult. So I'll cover more this in our next section when we talk about posting frequency. But I'll go over some of it now. So one of your ad will be out there for business block posts. Now you know may not be a business writer. You may be a travel writer, so you can write. I will help or I will write an article for your newspaper or magazine. You can say said, if I'm a professional business writer, I'm a professional freelance, or you could even write news writer or even If you have a I don't know, an interest in fashion or something. You could say I'm a professional news and fashion writer. Now, if you write stories about people, you can say I am a professional feature writer and these air human interest stories. If you write stories like about, you know, if you think about the Facebook page, I'm not sure if you've seen it. But people of New York, if you think about people, interest stories or all those motivational videos, you cover cool people and you want to write about that. You can say you're a professional feature writer or I will write you a feature for your Blawg news outlet or magazine. My typing is all over the place. I will write a feature for your block news out little magazine. There we go. Now that's your third had. So it's as simple as that. And then just changing the description just a little bit and posting those ads frequently once in a while, Not immediately you will get an email with somebody saying, Hey, I'm interested. Follow up with it, say Hey, great, let's speak on the phone trying to get them on the phone. Tell them. Sell them. Tell them you're a good writer. Tell them you're going to bring them in. Audience. Don't worry about under promising promise and then deliver. Your biggest part is acquiring the client. Once you've acquired the client, this is a little bit of business. Go ahead and then impress him. There's no need to be scared. Oh, or not. Be confident in the beginning stages because that's going to hurt your chances. So go ahead and you don't get out there. Start posting classified ads, find the best place in your community and do it. And in the next section, I'm gonna talk about how often you should post and you know how to make it fit around your daily schedule. Let's go. 11. Create a Website: Let's talk about building our website because let's face it, if you want to be a good writer and you want to get new clients, having a website is going to set you apart from the competition. It shows that you're serious about your art, what you're doing. It also shows people like, Hey, you know what? I really love this. And there's a reason why I have a website. It's a showcase, my work. It's a showcase, my passion. So this section is going to go over everything to do with websites. We're going to talk about what you should have in a good website and then we're gonna look at some options. Now you don't have to go ahead with any of my recommendations here. Meaning you don't have to go on purchase a website right now, this is just something to keep in mind for the future. And even if you're not gonna build your website in the next year or two, it's still good to see this so that you know what it takes to make a great website. Now we're going to be looking at making a portfolio website in a portfolio website showcases all the work that you're doing, and it tells people a little bit about yourself. So mind reflects that of a multimedia producer because I just recently Well, not recently, but a couple of years ago branched out of just doing writing. Now I do writing filmmaking. Um, I do marketing, but mainly I do marketing through my ability to create. Some of that is writing some of that video. But this same format should work If you're writing now. I built this on the square space platform. I'm gonna teach you exactly how to go ahead and build a website. But for now, what I recommend you do is to write your title. So have your name. Your names are important. This is what's going to be found in search whenever people look up. Nana. Nana Jad. It's found in search. You need your name on your website. Get out a pen and paper pauses, Video if you want to. But these are the things that you need in your website. Now, I wrote multimedia producer and Director of Nodded and Dad media. Later on, you may want to choose your own writing a publishing company name or you might even write a book to get some more exposure, and you could write a professional writer and maybe transcription services or professional writer and news editor or professional writer and writer off how to write your own book? Siri's. You know there are so many different combinations, but you want a captivating title that's gonna help you hear the next thing you want to do hiss linked to a bunch of cool things that you've done. So if you have something in the media, great. If not, maybe you wrote a really good Facebook post. I got a lot of likes. And maybe you could say Click here to read about my opinion on my Facebook page. It could be anything. But once you start getting clients, ask your clients. Hey, would you mind if I showcase some of this work on my website that might make your client feel happy because they feel like they're getting mawr exposure from you actually showcasing them on your website? The next thing you want to do is let's enter my site. What I've done for the portfolio site is again I have my name here so it could be found in search but I also have my recent projects. So I wrote reason projects no longer updated here because some clients wish to remain anonymous. That's not that's not really why. The reason why is because I just decided I would stop updating my personal website and working building my marketing agency, because that's what I'm doing right now. But the only reason why this is here. So people haven't thought that these are my only projects like they're not. This means that there's more. But what I did was I listed everything I did and it wasn't in a specific order and I left a lot out. But the impressive stuff, like when they worked with somebody Ah, in a Chilean prime minister or Presidents family. I actually included that in here for a nano technology company. I work for an escape artist in New York. I help people market products to students. So I was on checks television newscast. So I do. These things include your bio that's really important and anything else. So I did multimedia. So is television radio photography. You could do something different. You can do like, um, news reports books like different things if you want to launch your freelance writing career, you're going to do a lot of different types of writing, so make your subheadings on your website books. Well, news reports divide them into categories that you write about most. You also wanna have a contact form so people can find you for business. And if you find people on other Web sites like Fiverr freelancer up work generally if it's not against their terms, and it is for some websites, so look at their user agreements. But what you can do if the platform, and only if the platform allows it, is to send them to your contact form to make them a lead and have them requests writing services from you. So this is really important. Now you probably want to. Hey, how do we get started? How do we do this? Well, what I recommend doing is don't bother with WordPress. I mean, if you have the budget, get a Wicks or a squarespace wix dot com, and you're probably wondering, Hey, how do I build a week's website? I'm not going to get into How do we build a Web X website cause it's very simple. You sign in you confirm it in your email address, you type in the email address. You go ahead and drag and drop. There's just a sidebar here. When you log in, you'll be able to drag and drop things on your site. Very simple. No coding is required, so you really don't need a tutorial. But if you do, Wicks also has a step by step tutorial. So I'm not going to go ahead and, you know, do that for you because it's it's right there, and I'm sure they can do a better job. Since their platform squarespace is another one, it's relatively cheaper. Last time I checked on same thing. It's drag or drop. You can use thes two websites to build a portfolio. You have to pay a monthly fee and you have to buy the domain. So you probably want to go ahead and launch your writing career first. Before you go ahead and splurge, don't have some experience. Build up that resume. Don't rush it. Take a couple of years, and when you're ready, you could launch that website. Now my websites really good. It doesn't find too many people organically when people find that they get very impressed by the work that's on it, and I have a lot of higher. So it's a bit of a funnel is well, people will go on the website will say Hey, that's really cool because I sent them. Bear inquired about my work will fill out the form or they'll get back to me and they'll say, Hey, I love to hire you So websites are really important. We're not gonna get into S CEO right now. That could come later, but building this is really going to change the game if you want to get recognized and you want to find work. 12. Create a Blog: it's time that we start talking about the importance of having a blawg when you're a writer . If you're a writer, the best place to showcase all of your writing is on a block. Now I have a couple of business websites, and it's my personal one. But I've created one post is an example, so blocks are great because they rank on Google and they give people the ability to find your site and see your work showcased. Now, if you learn how to write blog's and you'd learn how to showcase your writing and neat and inventive ways, people are going to hire you for their projects. This is something extra you can do on the side of all the other tips that I've taught you to help bring people in. But it's also a place to, you know, help you out in your own life because it feels great. Be able to express your emotions and Boggs and you know, talk about the things that matter to you. So while it's a personal space, it's also a fantastic place to bring people in and get new clients. Now you're probably wondering, how do I launch a block Well, I've given you advice on how to launch a first website using Wicks or squarespace or any of those platforms. If you're a Web developer, you could go ahead and use WordPress. You can code things yourself. There's so many different ways to, you know, go ahead and create that block. So I want to be able to help you as much as possible. It would be impossible for me to come over how to build a blogger on every single platform in this course. If you're confused about building a block, let me know where you're at. In the website building process. There's a Q and A section here on you to me. Go ahead and send me a question on you know me and say in the Q and a section of this course and say not her. I'm working with Twix. I'm working with Squarespace. How do I make a blogged or I haven't even started my website. How do I get started? Generally, I will respond to you within 24 hours unless I'm super busy. But let's go over more benefits of, you know, launching that block and how we can also bring more people in when you write blog's, you need to understand that. S CEO or search engine optimization is a really important aspect on whether your blog's going to rank on Google or not. When you have a new website, it's fresh. Google doesn't really trust you. They don't know what you're all about. You need to keep posting every single day on your blog's or trying to find a day where you just write almost for fun. You're probably not going to get paid on your block. And once you start introducing ads, if you want, I could talk about that future. But you should be worrying about that now unless you already have traffic. This is a writing course, how to become a freelance writer and launch your career. It's a great place to send people. If they say, Hey, can I check out your work? You can say, Yeah, here's some my professional work and if you want, check up my block so it's good for that. But in terms of S e. O, What you need to do is try to use key phrases, not just words that you think people are going to search the key phrases. Nobody really looks up moving the Halifax, Nova Scotia. I mean, no one writes about it, but a lot of people look it up. So that's why I wrote moving the Halifax, Nova Scotia. This video ranks first on YouTube for that key phrase. This is about on the second page of Google, and it's starting to climb. If you type in moving to hell, fax Nova Scotia advice, it will pop up close to first place. So, you know, trying to find keywords that are gonna work mine isn't necessarily to bring in writers. It's to bring in international students, but it really helps. And when people say, Hey, are you good at writing content? I always send them back to that one place, and that's my blogged. So go ahead, Launcher blawg on squarespace on wicks, all you have to do is click. Add blawg. There's usually a many on the side when you're actually editing a website. As simple as that were pressed a little more complex. I'm not a Web developer, but if you have trouble doing it, don't panic. Don't get upset. Just sent me a message as you continue to consume the rest of the resources in this course . And before you're even done, the course I will get back to you and I will help you out so you can launch that block. There's no need to wait. I'm here to help you. I'm on your team and I can't wait for you to launch a freelance writing career. 13. Pitch Newspapers: this section is all about pitching of the media. What I mean by pitching the media. Let's talk about it. What is pitching? I broadly hinting at baseball pitching here. Okay, so basically pitching. Yeah, we get Okay, We're gonna use a baseball analogy here. Although this is false. When you pitch a newspaper, you're basically saying, Hey, this is my story. Do you want to run it in your paper? You can pay me some money. It's a good story. That's what fishing is. So, you know, just think about yeah, Think about pitching a story like throwing a ball every time you go ahead and ask a newspaper or new site or block. Do you want to run my story? Do you want to post the story I wrote on your site? You're throwing a ball. It may hit or it may miss, but the more times you throw the ball, the more chances that it's gonna actually land. So what you want to do is craft a good pitch. Before we do that, we have to find out how are we gonna pitch our stories to the media? First of all, this is how it works. You've been freelance writing. So mostly people have been coming to you, and they've been saying, Hey, you're a freelancer. You did good writing. I want to hire you to write about my dog. I want to hire you to write about, Um, I don't know this political thing. I want to run on my site. I'm hiring you, But pitching is different. Pitching means you need to have a keen eye and you need to pitch your own story. That means you reach out to random prospects and you say I have a story here. Do you want to run it? And this works. Best for news works great for blog's because everybody is trying to produce content and that costs money. So the best thing you could do is write the story beforehand or pitch them before you write the story. If you write the story beforehand, you could say half the story done and pitch like 10 people. If you don't you know it's OK, but you can go ahead and write a story for somebody I like to have. A story is done beforehand, and then I like to have them off the people cause it's like I have a product. I am ready. And if they want to see it, they gotta pay for it. So that's what I like about it. And also, you get exposure from going to different blocks. Let's talk about how we're gonna picture stories. Let's talk about newspapers. I'm not just talking about local newspapers, but like all my newspapers to look up newspapers. I'm in Lakefield, Ontario, which is a really small rural place in Ontario, Canada, in Lichfield. Okay. Lakefield newspaper. So you could be anywhere you can be. Ah, newspapers in Bangladesh. Okay, You can be anywhere in the world. Bangladeshi newspapers there You don't have an excuse Like newspapers in, um, Nepal. Oh, everywhere in the world. Let's try newspapers in Los Angeles. There we go. Oh, look, we even have a Google populated list. Look at all these people you can pitch. So let's say we're in l. A. And we want to pitch someone our story, go to any site latte open. You know, I don't know if it's in French. Um oh, no, actually the Spanish because the O has a accent. That's really cool. OK, so it's a Spanish language daily newspaper positives from the law, saying Angelus, and it's distributed throughout the six countries of Wonderful. The circulation is right here. You're going to reach over 100,000 people. If you speak Spanish or you can write a Spanish story. Bam, you found your niche. Go ahead, write something affecting. You know the what's gonna affect Spanish. People write about things that are affecting Spanish people in your area. Interview. People write an opinion topic. It seems like it's independent newspaper. I could be wrong. That might mean onion, but chances are it probably means opinion. So go ahead and write your opinion and try to get it out there, you know? So let's see L. A weekly, this one, probably as reporters. It's an alternative newspaper in Los Angeles, California Right now, if you don't know what we're doing, we're just finding papers in the area. Were scouting them. We're seeing what they all right about what they stand for. Um, so information, news, movies, music, restaurants. You may be a restaurant critic, you know, not an official one, but you may love restaurants, right? That post about that best new restaurant that opened in L. A people in L. A. Love that stuff. Go ahead to L. A Weekly. You know, they're site and look for the contact form. All right. You want to contact the correct department when you do this, And if you can't find the word contact on the site, you're gonna look for contact contact. Let's keep looking around. Generally, when you do that, you'll be able to find it. So I'm seeing a landing page here. Let's try this. There we go. OK, use music, food, drink, calendar, film, TV and all of former videos. Uh, they're classifieds promotions, newsletters. What we want to do is go into if you're pitching for arts and culture. You wrote the best arts and culture story. Let's see contacts that is really strange, that they don't have a contact form. But what's this up here? Sign in, All right. They have Facebook pages, Twitter pages, Instagram handles and Google Plus pages. You can pitch through their head on over. I like Instagram D. M's. I've actually pitched a story through instagram d n before L. A weekly. There we go. Follow them and gm them. Tell them I have the best new arts and culture story and you're gonna want to see it and then let them know be like, Hey, you know what? It's a great story. That's a simple as it is. There's so many rules to pitching. There's so many different ways to do it. And, you know, I can give you, like, a step by step formula. I know people love that, so I'm going to do it anyway. But the best thing you should do is write. Hello. Um, but L a weekly comma make a space so press. I mean, press enter. The next line should be like, I have a great story. I wrote about this really new restaurant that opened and the food was really good. But I have some opinions. I interviewed a few people. Would you like to check it out? I can sell you this article for and then write the amount of money and they can. They can write. They could put it on the site and may be cheaper for them to do that for you as a freelancer than hiring somebody in house to do it. So go ahead and pitch them. If l a weekly doesn't accept that. Try other newspapers If you're Spanish, use at your advantage. Use the Spanish newspaper. So do whatever you can to try to get those stories out there. That is how you pitch a newspaper. It's a simple as going and creating that story. First, finding the newspaper that fits with that type of story you're not going to run like, you know, a restaurant story on a political news newspaper. You're gonna put it on something that talks about arts, entertainment and food. So find something that matches and reach out to the person. Hello, right? Why your article special, Why they need it and then sign off right from, or your sincerely Notter or Bob or Bill or Mohammad or Kim or Jimmy doesn't matter. Just go ahead, create that, and then you're gonna have a great chance of getting one of those stories run and maybe even syndicated on newspapers around the world. 14. Pitch Magazines: We talked about pitching newspapers, and I'm sure you got the sense that we were focusing on a local market. I told you to look for newspapers in your area. Type in newspapers, California or newspapers. Nepal newspapers and Ontario. When you're pitching magazines, though, it's different. It's much better because you can pitch anywhere in the world. I'm not saying that you can't for newspapers. You totally can for newspapers, but they tend to be more bias. I find for people living in their area, people live in the area. If you're writing for a New York newspaper and you live in New York, chances are you're going to get out there easier than if you're writing for The New York Times and you live in Australia, though that can happen. But there is definitely a bias there. So what I recommend doing for magazines, they're more about promotional content. If you know about pop culture or you know about whatever that magazine covers, whether it's real estate or you've branded yourself as an expert, magazines likely to, you know, except your story and are only accepted. But you know, short to their whole platform and get you some recognition. So what I recommend doing is when you look for magazines, don't search by location, but search by category. What do you want to write about? What stories you have prepared, right? For fun. You have a block. Come on, get some stories ready and let's see. Let's look for food magazines. Two online food magazines Because we want to get indexed online. That's where we get our business. Vanity Fair is is a big one say daily Foodie Crash. Let's try and Vanity Fair. Don't always go for the 1st 1 but set your bars high setting. Set your goals high. Um, this is a great one. It's a vanity fair. Let's keep it more sit, because I actually want you, Teoh want you to score. Ah, a lot of these. So let's look at, um, fine cooking. Fine cooking. Let's try that. So recipes. Many is how to holiday collections. There should be a contact on all these sites. There we go. Contact. Where you're going to do is say I have the best recipe. If you cook an ethnic food or you cook something that's, you know, something you find delicious that they don't have on their site. Use the search bar. Here. Look up. Let's see what's something they may or may not have. Mango of avocado salad. I'll have avocado of so rice noodle Baber made salad with Warren Chipotle A ah, avocado Mango pineapple salad. OK, so they have something like that. What about lamb? Tongue? That's a weird thing that my family makes. Braised lamb shanks, roasted lamb. Holly don't have lamb tongue. So you could say Hey. All right. Um, so it's this is Taunton Press is actually managing fine cooking dot com. Send them a message. Contact them at this number. You could give him a call, send them an email. Generally you want to look for the editor, So editorial, fine. Woodworking, Editorial. Homebuilding, gardening, Fine cooking, Editorial. There we go. F C at taunton dot com Gonna copy that? And you're gonna put in your email? The next thing you're going to say is Lam Tung Recipe hope recipe. Silly mistake. And then you're going to go. We'll find cooking team. Oh, I have Graham early. Look at that. That was going to be one of suggestions in this course to get something like Graham early. Help us with your writing. Ah, but I said it now, so no need to create a lesson on that. So hello, Fine cooking team. Yeah, if you're a writer, make sure you spell your emails, right? Right now I'm teaching and writing at the same time. It's multitasking, but no excuse. You got to go ahead and try to spell things right in that emails or take your time. Land tongue recipe. Hello, fine cooking team. You could put you could put pitch beside it or you could put story idea or recipe idea, recipe idea, recipe idea and ah, hell, if I cooking tea. My name is not er and I thought send you guys a great recipe. A great but weird recipe. No, no, no. A weird but delicious recipe. My family, Yes. To May my family makes what used to make that might indicate there's something wrong with a dish. Okay, so hello, fine cooking tea. My name's not and I thought it said you guys are weird, but delicious stressed be my family makes I have attached the recipe to this email, and you can feel or or instead of attaching us, be this email you can actually write. Um, if you're interested, please let me know, and I can send you the recipe. And this is where you should really learn the spelling of recipe so I can send you the recipe. And this is really polite, cause you're telling them Hey, you know what? I can send either recipe. I'm not gonna send it to you. Really know your time is valuable, but if you want, ask me for all senate to you. That's the incentive there. Um, they may say yes. They may say no. In this email, you should probably right. Whether you want to charge them or not. You can say it's gonna be $50. Here's the catch. I recommend doing this for free. Your pitching, a big website. You're just starting out. You're probably making money freelancing. They're probably not going to pay you like $700 for a lamb tongue recipe who like the problem gonna pay like I don't want to put you down. I don't see you can get it. Yeah, you can get it if you go on right. A big story. And you knew you crack something big. Charged charter arm and leg for that stuff. But if you want to go out there and you want to get notice about the other writers for something as simple as a recipe that didn't take you too long, go ahead and try to pitch that for free to get that exposure to say, Hey, I've been featured on fine cooking dot com. Where have you been? Featured stuff like that's gonna help you to just do that. Sign off. Say, thanks for your time. No water. There we go. Send it off. They may. Well, they'll probably contact you. So yeah, we're interested Senate Just in case changes are they're going to do that, depending on how many emails they get. And once that happens and you send that you will be featured on a really big website. Ask them to include a back link or a link to your actual blawg that will help you blogged rank higher and google cause it's coming from such an authoritative site and it will help you get out there, make more sales, get better at writing. It's a win win. So that's how you put your magazine? You don't really you know, it shares my news story in a formal way. You're more like, Hey, I have a recipe. Would you be interested in it? Okay, here. Feel free to run it. Just send it What? Like back link to my website. It's more chill when you're pitching a magazine, but it depends on the magazine. Of course, there's some really, like really serious ones, and there's ones that have, like, really strict editorial teams, maybe like Esquire and stuff. So go ahead and try to understand the culture. That's why I'm telling you to navigate to the websites and check them out before you pitch . That's a great way it's gonna put you above the freelancers on Fiverr if you score just like I've gotten to, Ah, local newspapers and I've gotten to online magazines simply by just pitching this way. So I know it works. I've tested it. You go ahead and do this. You're going to get out there. It's gonna take hustle. I know it. You're probably thinking No, no, that takes work. Well, of course it takes work. Everything takes work. But I have confidence you on. I know you can do it. So good luck 15. Congratulations and Next Steps: Congratulations on taking the course. I'm so excited and happy for you. And you know, you're gonna get out there and you're gonna launch your freelance writing career. I hope I provided enough information and resources for you in this course so that, you know, everything is more understandable. You probably have some better ideas, and you know how to get out there. I hope overall have inspired you. But also given knew the precise concrete information you need to be like. Hey, you know what? There's so much abundance out there, there's someone to business and work and creativity that I can use to make myself a living . So I'm so happy to be able to have shut all of my knowledge and experience with you again. Maybe there's something you could have done to make the scores better than I'm always driving to make it as good as possible. I care about my students so much So please again. I would appreciate it if you leave this course and honest and informed review comments help . Like telling you what you liked. What you didn't like helps a ton than also going and asking me questions. Do not be shy. Don't be afraid. I'm so happy to help you and I just want to You don't make things easier for you. I've been working as a freelancer and in this industry between marketing between writing between contact creation for almost a decade now, and I know it's difficult. I know it's hard and know it can be frustrating. So I hope that's clear things up. And I'm just so excited to keep expanding this course it's going to keep growing. You have lifetime access and you know what? You have great years ahead of you. So go out there and launch. You're freelance writing career. My name's naughtier and thanks for joining.