Freelance Videography Success: How to find your first client! | Dennis Schrader | Skillshare

Freelance Videography Success: How to find your first client!

Dennis Schrader, Freelance Videographer and Creator

Freelance Videography Success: How to find your first client!

Dennis Schrader, Freelance Videographer and Creator

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10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Wedding Videography

    • 3. Church Videos

    • 4. Hobbies and Interests of other people

    • 5. The Assignment!

    • 6. Music Videos

    • 7. Real Estate Videos

    • 8. Commercial Work with Agencies

    • 9. Small Businesses

    • 10. Thanks for taking the Class!

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About This Class

If you are starting out with video production, one of the first and most important questions to answer will be: 


This class is gonna be the answer to this question.

I have been doing freelance video production since 2017 and I had to go through my fair share of struggles and hard months to learn what makes me able to earn a comfortable 5.000€-10.000€ in revenue per month with video production.

Trust me, I remember very clearly the times of barely bringing in rent and I had to get creative and learn techniques and ways to find more clients.

In this class I will share specific techniques that worked and continue to work for me and I am very excited to see you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dennis Schrader

Freelance Videographer and Creator


Hey guys! My name is Dennis - I am a one-man video production company based out of Hamburg, Germany. I love sharing my experiences with others so they can do the same!

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1. Introduction: Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your time as I know how many Netflix shows and YouTube videos are waiting for you. But now you're here. So welcome to the first part of my freelance videography serious here in skill share. My name is Dennis Rodham, 26 years old, and I'm freelance videographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Well, I make my money shooting videos for clients. So this class is part of a bigger serious that I shot to help you get into the fun and exciting business of freelance video. I will cover really everything that you need to know. It's really videography from having the idea to start the business to having your first riel paid client that gives you money for shooting a video. We will talk about the gear that you need to get started. We will talk about how to get people to actually pay you to create a video. We'll talk about how to make your clients and customers happy from the very first shoot, and we'll talk about how to find clients in the first place and also how to really become a real professional on shoots. So clients get impressed. And one, a book you again when they shot with you one time in this particular class. So we're gonna talk about all different industries that also there where we can make money as a freelance videographer person, it hurts a lot of shooting coronary videos, so that means I love shooting everything related to food and kitchen and cooking. So next will be drew me to restaurants, small businesses that have something to do with food. So I'm shooting videos for restaurants to bring more clients into the restaurant, for example, right to produce content for the Social Media Challenge. Apart from that industry, we're gonna go into things like wedding videography, real estate videography, music videos, content for personal brands, riel, commercial work for bigger brands and also other small business that you could get into If you think about becoming a freelance videographer or you already in the journey of becoming one, this class is right for you. So I will share a lot of mistakes that I've made along the way that you can learn from. I will share some of my tricks and secrets that were really well for me. Finding new clients getting new jobs, I will try to give you the most honest, transparent and really realistic look behind the scenes of what it means to be credence video for today, good parts and also the best parts in the end. For me, it's always about having work that we can appreciate that we laugh that we could be passionate about and not sit in a dusty gray offers that makes us hate. Every single Monday comes around the corner. This is my job. This is my passion is what I do. And I really want to give you guys a chance to look behind the scenes, to give you guys inspiration with tools that techniques that you need to really try to make it happen for yourself, because I know how amazing it is to have a free schedule to work for myself and to really have the fulfillment from the work that I love. So prison hesitate to hit me up with questions all along the course. I'm really excited to answer all of your needs. That's so business hesitates to hit me up with questions all And of course, just go down in the discussions. 10. As your questions. I'm gonna enter all of them. And don't forget to follow me here and scare share for all the upcoming class itself. The serious how to become a successful video freelancer. So you get a notification as soon as the new classes online. But now let's get started with first lesson, shall we? 2. Wedding Videography: All right, so let's get started with number. Well, the first industry and the first opportunity that we're gonna talk about this wedding films , wedding films and wedding videography is one of the most common ways to get started. As a video freelancer, I personally have never shot a wedding, but I know a lot of people, especially, for example, on YouTube. A lot of people that talk about videography that teach videography started out as wedding videographers, and some of them are still doing that. And I think the reason for that is because wedding videography is a great, great combination of a lot of skills that you will later need as a successful freelance videographer. I mean, think about it the day of ceremony. For the couple, it's usually one of the most memorable and important experiences in their whole life. They will remember those days for a long, long time, if not forever. And I'm going to talk about it a lot and share with their friends. You know, the parents, that Children, maybe their grandchildren. So this video is kind of a big deal, and while for some videographers, this is just another shoot, like every other weekend, maybe for the couple is definitely not as important as this video might be for the couple later on the very day of the ceremony, they probably have some more urgent stuff to deal with, like fixing the hair and making sure the speech for the loved one is really perfect. They don't need another thing to worry about. Like the videographer messing up the most important video tonight. So imagine that you are unexperienced. You have no clue what you're doing because it's your first shoot. You maybe don't even get paid at all and maybe just a little. Yet you're motivated to make something cool. But weddings are kind of chaotic places, aren't they? I mean, if you make the experience of going through a wedding, you will probably notice a few things along the way which are not good or helpful for making great video. So the first thing gonna notice this may be different light sources that make trouble for your white balance in the camera, maybe gonna have problems picking up voices and dialogues with within the loud music and just the chaos of the wedding going on. And generally you will really have to be on top of everything. You will have to make sure that you have enough batteries with you that you have to carry around a bunch of gear with you. You might have to change lenses while shooting, which is chaotic. When there's love people around you, you potentially might have to fight with the photographer of the day to really find the best spot for the shot. And in the end, you don't want to be in the way of the actual several when you want to be a ghost and capture the best moments without interrupting the best moments, right? So it's quite a right, I guess. But even with all those circumstances, I think that's kind of why wedding videography is so great for you to start because you're gonna make a lot of mistakes. You're gonna learn a lot. It's gonna be a tough ride. But it's also gonna be some of the most fulfilling work that you will do, I think because I can imagine that if you really capture the most important day in a very positive day between two humans and you have to have the chance to create a video for them That's gonna make them remember this amazing day. I think that's a great, great opportunity to work and get paid for it. So the reason I never got into videography for weddings myself. ISS I really have a lot of respect for the responsibility of the videographer. And frankly, I didn't know if I was ready for that in the very beginning. Like I was really making so many mistakes and I was really getting into it and learning. And so I that was one reason and the other reason, Waas that I was just really drawn to culinary stuff and cooking and, you know, restaurants and stuff like that. So that's naturally the industry where I stand and talk about them or later on. But that's really just the reason why I never got into a wedding with therapy anyway. So I think wedding video. It's a great way to get started as a freelancer and video, and it's just perhaps the best way to learn a lot in a very short period of time. So if that all sounds great for him, you think like Whoa, that's awesome. I want to get right into it. There's a YouTube channel that is called Wedding Film School. That's in my opinion. Probably one of the best resource is to really learn about wedding videographer. They have much off behind the scenes off really actual wedding shoes, like hour long videos off off all the details you might be interested in how to talk the bride and groom, how to set everything up, how to charge for wedding photography and stuff like that. So I have nothing to do with the channel. I just really like that. Even if I wasn't myself into wedding videography, so that's just a recommendation for you. 3. Church Videos: So the second thing in which you can make money as a freelance videographer is church videos. So this might not be for all of you guys, but for those of you are going to a local church like I do, church videos are a surprisingly good opportunity to make things happen for you in the video space. Let me explain. So first of all, you're not going to gonna be helpful and, you know, supporting in your local church, you also get yourself exposure and experience, which are two things that you really need, especially in the beginning. For example, I have shot a video for my local church without getting paid. And it was really interesting, because just for walking around with the camera, people approach you and people notice you people talk to you and people are interested in special in an environment like church, they tried to be helpful to you. They ask interesting questions, and there are some what like minded people and nice people. So whenever you get people talking about you having the camera, there's gonna be opportunities emerging. For example, on that day there was a guest pastor who actually approached me on asked me first of all, if I could take some simple portrayed shots for him because he just needed a new portrait shot for whatever. Perhaps Facebook, I don't know. And second of all, he just talked to me about this cool nationwide church project where they're looking for someone to film this and I'm like, Well, that's great. I would love to. What I want to say is that opportunities come out of nowhere sometimes if you just try to make them happen, like give them a better possibility to just emerge out of nowhere, getting exposure like this and just get people to talk about us videographer, just people to talk to for yourself. It's a great way to get going with the business of videography. And what I really like about church in particular is that it's a very nice environment, like you won't have the harshness of some business environment. Perhaps you have a very nice environment of like minded people who want to be nice to each other, and I really believe that if you use that and if you contribute to that and you try to be valuable and help people and you know, just make great video for a church, for example. I think good things happen from that, anyways, that's that's about church. I think it's really good opportunity. If you are a churchgoer, anyway. Yeah, why not? You don't try it out. It's probably one of the best low pressure opportunities to get better at your craft and get to know people and maybe start getting first paid projects. 4. Hobbies and Interests of other people: So the next category want to share with you? I will call lifestyle videos and specifically, in this example, let's stop but car videos. Think about capturing videos For someone who's just passionate about something. Let me explain a lot of guys. A lot of men are into cars, right? And there's all kinds of exhibitions about cars like old timer, meet up exhibitions, whatever. And I had this friend who was actually privately going toe one of those old timer exhibition events where they had, like, races and stuff like that, and a lot of people were there. And he was just there privately on his own, I think, to capture just some video sequences for a portfolio that he did for himself, and he was there with the big, like gimbal and like a big rig and looked off very professional and stuff. So he went there and just doing the day he got approached by two or three people heading in business cards and telling him, Hey, could you perhaps take pictures of me in my car videos of me in my car for me? And he said, like, Yeah, sure, of course. So, like, he actually ended up getting paid work by private people asking him to shoot videos or photos off them with their cars. That's crazy. So just think about that. That's a private person having their passion, having their hobby and loving it so much. They they want to get professionally made videos and photos of it. I think it's similar to the concept off family portrait. It's, you know, it's like you love your family obviously, and you want to show people your family and how great your family is. So you make professional photographs and, you know, show it off by putting it in the into your house and on the shelves and stuff like that. As personal brands get more and more of a thing, I think something interesting happens. Which is People end up spending a lot more time doing things that they're passionate about and potentially been monetizing that. And as soon as they monetize that and maybe even before, if they're passionate enough, they are ready to pay someone in order to create content for them content, meaning, perhaps, if it's a personal brand, meaning like reading videos and photos for them to help grow their brand or someone privatised is declined here. It's just for them to share with their friends or with the world how much they love their there. Passion. Okay, so let me show you a quick example of the video that one of my friends shot for paid client that he found, I think found like that on an event like that, and he ended up working for them on day. This is the video. You may take a look. - So this is a video that he earned money with, and the message is very basic, which is make the car and or the owner look good, right? There's a lot that could go into this, of course, but this is the basic message of it. I really like this way off shooting and of making money because I think because I think with this kinds of projects, we have a lot of creative freedom. There's no one set way of doing it. There's no not too many like there's not too many best practices of how to shoot personal brand videos yet, so you will have a lot of freedom. There's no set way to do it. And another cool thing is that you can retake this idea from cars in this example and run with it and applied to everything else. And this is precisely the reason why I shoot a lot of culinary content for restaurants, for example, because I just love spending time thinking about food and cooking and culinary stuff. Really, I really like to geek out on that stuff. I really spend time watching, you know, to our YouTube videos about fermenting stuff, for example, like That's my thing. So when I go out and shoot videos for restaurants that I actually think are cool, first of all, the product is gonna be better. What I'm gonna make. Second of all, it doesn't feel as much as working because I'm spending time with the thing that I like anyway. And, you know, everything just works together. The client gets a better video, is more happy to pay. I'm earning more money. Because of that, I'm also having more fun. So it's a win win situation, right? Of course there's gonna be jobs that you do just for the money, especially in the very beginning. But isn't it great to have the opportunity to potentially just you know at one point have clients that you love and work on projects that you like and just make your living because of it. 5. The Assignment!: all right in this video, I'm going to talk about the assignment for this class. Go ahead and think off your favorite type off lifestyle videos that you can imagine. What is the topic that you would like to get into, like, Is it other people being hyper interested in gardening? Is it people being super interested in cooking like I am? Isn't people being read interest in their cars in making music and whatever it might be trying to think about the industry? Or maybe just the hobby or passion that somebody could have, that you could potentially film? And they might be as much into it that they really would pay for this? This is the assignment for today. Head down to the discussion step and really, let's talk about it like I really mean it. I'm gonna answer all of your submissions, all of your comments. Let's really talk about it, because I think that's a really interesting way to just think about new ways to make, to make a business out of making videos for things that are really cool 6. Music Videos: all right. The next one in our list of industries to shoot videos in as a freelancer is music videos. So music videos air one of the most creative ways to start your feet, relenting. So music videos or one of the most creative ways to film videos and earn a living doing it . You can come up with all kinds of crazy concepts, all kinds of crazy color grades on different ideas, effects. And, you know, there's really no limit to your imagination. So, in some sense, is probably one of the most like I said, creative ways where you can live out your wildest ideas. It's just somebody else says they're cool, you will have a shot and you can try them. So music video productions are very often either on the very low cost onside on the very expensive sense. So there's obviously those big productions off, you know, big stars when you know Beyonce's Drake people like that when they make music videos. Obviously, they're not going to hire a single freelance videographer to shoot the video. They will have huge teams and production companies to take care of this, and then there's those all those underground artists or like like early on people who are very early in their stage as a za musician. They also need music videos, especially in this world. Today, it's more important than ever, so they will need someone to shoot their videos. And that's where you come into play, especially if you start out shoots that bring you. You know, even just 23 400 bucks per shoot are great way to get your foot in the door and started developing experience. And, you know, just building up your gear, building up your team, perhaps if that's what you want to do. And so that's pretty cool. So my advice years like in pretty much any of those other categories to which is start low . Start where you are right now and just reach out to as many people as possible and offer them their work for free as soon as you have. You know, a portfolio to show for, and it's really good and you can show it around. People are going to hire you eventually, hopefully if it's good enough, and but until that happens, just keep reaching out to people reach after every single you know not so big musician artist in your area and tried to shoot a video for them. Offer them videos for free. They're going to say yes, you know, not everybody. Then maybe not even most. But you're gonna have a lot of yes is if you offer your services for free and your video is your videos are even any good. You know, go to the musician that has 5000 visitors, not five million, and then work your way up from there. So there's one YouTuber I came across a few months ago that I really want to share with us , especially for music videos. And his name is Jacob Owens. And he owns the YouTube channel Buff innards. That's also the name of his production company of the button words. And they do a lot of music videos that they also shoot TV shows, and I think short films and documentaries and whatnot. But basically they do a lot of their in my mind, famous for music video so you can check out this YouTube channel. They have a lot of tutorials, a lot of also mindset stuff on how to how to get there, you know, He started out as a single person. You know, No, with the best gear. Now he films on $50,000 cameras on really pretty big and nice production, so that's a great way to inspire yourself. I think this guy's reading legit, and it's a clear recommendation for you guys. 7. Real Estate Videos: our guys. Not we're going to talk about real estate videos. Okay, real estate billions. What do I mean by that? In real estate, there's obviously if you think about yourself or I think about myself, I actually recently, like a week ago, signed a new lease for a different flat. This is not the flat. This is my old one. I'm gonna move into a different one. And obviously, when it's about renting a smaller fled, it's usually not show such a big deal because especially in like very, very dense cities and popular areas like here in Hamburg is not gonna be very difficult to sell or to rent an apartment like that. There's not only the cheap flats, there's also very, very expensive houses. Think about mansions that think about villas for millions off euros or dollars or where you come from. And those real estate objects usually take some time to sell, and they also have a marketing budget attached to them, which can use for all kinds of things, like photography, you know, making beautiful events and inviting people over. And I don't know how that actually exactly always works. But there's definitely also a budget. If it's big enough, there's a budget for a video, so I don't know about you. But I think video can deliver a lot more emotion and a lot more meaning a lot more story than just a bunch of even great pictures. You know, great video, I think, will always tell a better story than a great picture. It's just, you know, one video, even just one second of the videos made out of usually 24 pictures, you know, 24 frames per second. So with the video of one minute, you will have a lot more pictures to be able to convey your story compared to just one picture or even a set of pictures. All right, so the idea is basically to find the places that sell those fancy and expensive houses. Usually in most cities, there's just real estate companies, real estate agencies or just a single real estate agents that try to sell those houses. So I think in most cases you will just be able to make a simple Google search of just like your hometown, like, in my case, Hamburg Real Estate Agency or, in my case, I'm going to say Immobilien Markkula or something like this, which is the German word for that. But anyways, it's you will. You can figure out the Google search yourself, but the basic ideas find those people and then write them emails, make them an offer that they can't refuse. So at the very beginning, chances are you don't have anything to show you. You didn't shoot anything yet, So what do you want to show them? As always, the first step is offered for free and convince people that it's worth it giving you a tribe because even if you offered for free, they're gonna have some you know, at least some effort to give you access to the house and all that kind of stuff. So it's not completely for free technically, But, you know, make it happen. If you ask enough people, they were going to say yes to a free shoot because obviously for some of them, they might just be looking for a new video. They might just not have the budget right now or whatever There that will be a situation where you will be given a chance if you just ask often enough. So that's that's what my general advice years like try out for tried out for free until you get enough experience, enough material for making a good portfolio and maybe a little something like a trailer video Rio. Then you can show those people in order next time maybe charge them for money. And now the good part starts. Because if you are actually in the lucky position that you got offered a job, a paid job, you might just have found your first long term client. Because think about that. And real estate agency. Their job is to sell expensive houses. So chances are the one that you filmed right now is not the last one. That the half is not the 1st 1 is not gonna be the last one. So they will have an upcoming flow off, you know, amazing houses that need to be marketed as well. So if you make a really good job and we're going to talk about this in one of the next classes in this whole Siri's off freelance videography, So again, I know I said a bunch of times, but make sure you follow down serves. Make sure you follow us. Make sure you follow me on skill shares. So you get notified when the next class comes on because I'm really going to talk about how to impress your clients and really deliver good work that they that they really want to keep working with you because it's not only making great videos, there's much more to being re booked over and over again, and we're gonna talk about all of those things for now. Remember, as much as you don't like looking for new clients all the time, they also don't want to look for new videographers all the time. They will be extremely happy if they find someone that actually delivers good work and you know it's reliable and all that stuff in professional. So beat that person whenever you have the chance, make sure you're different and just leave a good impression. 8. Commercial Work with Agencies: Okay, So far, we have basically covered industries for your clients are basically directly your clients. So there's no one in between you and your clients. You're shooting for someone they pay you. There's no middleman in there. One of the probably most lucrative chances of making money doing freelance videography is working together with other people who have their clients. What I mean by that is agencies. It's like more professional commercial work of bigger marketing agencies, video production companies or things like that. So is those production companies that sometimes need freedoms videographers to help them out? And in this case, is not gonna be called freelance videographer. They're gonna be specific positions that you can feel on a typical commercial video shoot set. You know, there's the director of photography. There's the camera operator, which is sometimes the same person. There's the director, which can be also the same person once, so there's all kinds of roles that you could take on a shoot like that. Obviously, you will have to build up your experience, build up your portfolio and also build up your your network to be able to be invited to those kinds of shoots but a good way. How you can start from the very beginning. Getting into those kinds of shoots is also just reaching out. So you see the pattern is always reach out, reach out, reach out and make a good case for yourself. So you can really sell your skills and start getting experience in real life. And then you don't get better and better and better, so you will be able to sell better and better and better. So just to give you an idea why, oh, shooting for a small restaurant around the corner might just bring you between 200 you know what, 5 $700 or euros pursued, depending on how big there and how much budget they have One day of shooting a professional commercial video might just end up being for, like, 1000 euros, 1000 bucks as a day, right? So I'm working with the production company right now and my day rate, What they charge for me basically is 1000 bucks, you know. So that's definitely in the rim of the possibilities compared to ah, a little lower numbers on the side of your own clients. One thing to remember, though, As soon as you work together with, you know, professional production companies, they are gonna have a different kind of client, you know, they're gonna work with the bigger brands, and those bigger brands will have different expectations. You you have to know that because working with you know, small businesses, local businesses is one thing. They basically just what they own their business. They want to make more sales. They want to bring people into the restaurant into their coffee shop. Big brands. They have a lot of more. They have a lot more, you know, stylized ideas of what it means to be on a professional shoot. You know, they will want to see a great camera being used. And by great, I mean, not sufficiently great, which should be the case, but like the most expensive is the best one, you know, for example, red cameras are very, very popular. And if you can offer red cameras that this might be just the differentiating factor, why the company might pick you over the different agency. So this is something to keep in mind. There's a different level of professionalism going on on really big production sets compared to the small chute that you have just around the corner in the local business 9. Small Businesses: all right now, finally, I get into my favorite favorite industry, Wen's about filmmaking, and this is the industry off really small businesses, in my case, the restaurant business. Coronary work. Let me begin with saying that restaurants in general or just small businesses don't have the biggest budgets. That's just the case that will not have the biggest budgets. There will not be able to pay you similar amounts to what big brands could pay you. They will also often want to say the most things that will have the most complaints in the most special requests and sometimes completely against what, what you know, common sense will tell you as a videographer. They will have the the biggest saying, Hey, I want this this way. Not that way. Why? Well, because I want Right? So they were the biggest subjective opinion about what what they want. So but small businesses are probably the best way to get started as a freelance videographer simply because of two things, first of all, so in most cities there's gonna be a big, big, big amount of small business going on that you could potentially shoot videos for. The second thing is since there's such a big variety of what this could mean. Like, what is a small business? It could be the little boutique fashion shop around the corner. Could be a restaurant. Could be a coffee shop. Could be a skateboard manufacturer. Could be a shoe store. Whatever it is, you might find something that is something that you're passionate about. So for me, I love cooking. I love culinary stuff. I do this in my free time, so I love going to restaurants and shooting and showcasing their food. So for me, it's perfect, so you might just be totally into dentists. I know what that came up. So how does all that even work? So every small business has something to sell, right? Think about this restaurant sells obviously food to customers and an experience. A coffee shop sells coffee or like Starbucks, maybe also more like the atmosphere and the experience. You know, shoe companies sell shoes. Whatever it is, every company sells something, and if you can make a video that showcases the product in a way that makes me want to buy it, you have a deal. So especially now that finally, most small business owners also realize that they need a Facebook page. They need a website that's mobile optimized, and they need a bunch of great content to support this. And yes, even in Germany, since we're a little bit slower and all of those things, usually even we know now. So they know that they need a picture and video that makes people outside say things like, Man, this steak looks great. I really want to eat there. Let's try it out. You know, that's the kind of country that you can produce easily with your camera and sell them the video because they can use it in advertising for Facebook ads for INSTAGRAM ads for just content, whatever they want. And it's a great deal for both of you. So one thing to remember that I want to share with you is that many of those companies will want to make like a single, singular image video, you know, like back in the days when, when it was a thing to have a single TV ad, for example, compared to now, where do you usually is more about having, you know, a bunch of content for all kinds of different purposes? you know you want to have an instagram video for this one product of ultra instrument video for the other product, you will want to showcase. You know your new burger special that you have. You will also want to let your audience no, as a restaurant owner, for example, that you have this new waiter coming along and want to introduce into the customers. You will want to talk about the behind the scenes of how you know how terribly hard working everybody is in the team to make all those experiences happen, and all of those could be different. One minute clips for Instagram or for a Facebook or INSTAGRAM stories. You know there's a bunch of content to be shot, and I think it's part of your job to make your client realized that the time has changed elements. So by now it might not be the best idea to make one image video about the whole business and just played over and over one year. It might be just the best idea to have one smaller video every two weeks, you know, every month every other month. It depends on how much you're willing to work for and how much the budget of the company is and how much they think. It's right. But basically what I'm saying is that there's a bunch of opportunity right here. You know, to me, that's really what's exciting to film because it's not one of those bullshit marketing techniques of trying to sell more to the client you have. It's like really delivering the best content on and had the best use for it and really help the business reach different levels off clients, reach more clients and sound more of the product. 10. Thanks for taking the Class!: So as you can see, I'm really, really, really excited about digging really much deeper into this whole topic. I'm gonna have the next classes be about things like gear, you know which camera doing it? Which microphone Shoulder? By which light should've by which lends showed about which. What do we even need to get started? You know, we also going to talk about healthy charge clients correctly. How much money can I make? What can I ask for? You know, we're gonna talk about how to find clients, and I'm gonna break it down for every single of those industries that we talked about today because it has some some subtle differences in between them. And, of course, we're also going to talk about how to even filmed the right way how to make a good video. You know how to also run the business behind it, like you're freelancing from just shooting video. It was about, you know, not the artistic side, both of the business out of it. So, as you can see, there's a lot more to come. And I really want to take the time with every single topic. So last time for today make sure you follow me here in school chairs. So you get a notification for the next time when I released the class, which is going to be probably the one about here, or the one about how to find clients. And since this is one of the most interesting and most important things to think about and yeah, I'm just really, really excited to see you in the next video. Make sure if you have any questions or suggestions what you want to hear about them, the next classes, make sure you go down into the discussions tab, Leave me a message. Leave a comment. Let's talk and I see you guys the next one by