Freelance Success For Artists #1: How to Choose Your Services and Know What to Charge

Kristen Palana, Professor, Award-Winning Artist, Digital Do-Gooder

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction and Welcome

    • 2. Why Start Freelancing?

    • 3. Choosing the Right Services to Offer Makes ALL the Difference

    • 4. How Much Should You Charge? Use This Ultimate Formula

    • 5. Why You Should and Shouldn't Ever Work For Free

    • 6. Thank You For Taking This Course. Please Review.on


Project Description

Post your class project here and I'll give you my personalized feedback and advice to help you move forward with more confidence.  [*Make sure to download the attached cheat-sheet files for your own reference: "Do You Have the Right Personality to Be a Freelancer?" and "Should I Take This Job? A Checklist."]

Here are the super easy steps for your project:

1.) Make a list of all the services you can potentially offer as a freelancer.

2.) Now look at your list and hone in on which services you SHOULD offer (which you enjoy the most or are especially good at) and which you will NOT offer.

3.) Optional: Start to decide how much time each service will take in general and try and calculate a price based on how much an hour of your time is worth based on what you learned in this course.

Make sure to post your services and (optional) rates here along with a link to your website or online portfolio so we can find, recommend, and hire you!

Happy freelancing!



PS. Stay in touch via Facebook or Twitter or start a discussion to get personal feedback.


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