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Freelance Mastery Step-By-Step

Jimmy Razo, Learn-Implement-Earn

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8 Videos (1h 35m)
    • Freelancing 01Basics

    • Freelancing 02Websites

    • Freelancing 03BestPractices

    • Freelancing 04ApplyingForJobs

    • Freelancing 05MicroJobSites

    • Freelancing 06PostingFiverrGigs

    • Freelancing 07Forums

    • Freelancing 08AcceptingPayments


About This Class

Can you write an article?... create a banner?... create a video?... proof-read a document?... write a review?... or perform any other simple task? If you need cash now and want to provide services for clients to supplement your existing income or start a freelance career as your main source of income now you can! This module covers everything you need to know about starting a successful freelancing business!   Lesson #1 - Discover what exactly freelancing is all about, the benefits, how a typical freelancer multiple clients, whether or not this can be done full time, how to launch your business for free and much more. Lesson #2 - Discover several high-quality high-traffic websites that connect freelancers and clients. Discover how to fill out a profile to stand a best chance of getting noticed and how to bid on jobs. Lesson #3 - Increase your chances of getting noticed by optimizing your profile. In this video we'll cover things like your headline, your experience, how to create a professional photo, what not to include and much more. Lesson #4 - Watch this video as we talk you through the process of bidding for a job. You'll discover the ins and outs of pricing, what your time is worth and ultimately whether the job is right for you. Lesson #5 - If you're just getting started and need to build up your reputation quick then micro job sites are an excellent solution. Watch this video to see what jobs are ideal for you. Lesson #6 - Discover how to post a gig on Fiverr from start to finish. Fiverr is a busy network that is guaranteed to attract clients to you when done right. Lesson #7 - In this video we'll talk you through several forums you can offer your services on too. The added benefit is that a good reputation on the forums will spread far and wide with other forum members. Lesson #8 - Watch this video to see whether or not you need to setup a third party account to accept payments and this will vary depending on the site you choose to offer your services on.





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Jimmy Razo


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