Freeform Resin Geodes: Make solid resin sculptures and artworks that resemble nature | Deby Coles | Skillshare

Freeform Resin Geodes: Make solid resin sculptures and artworks that resemble nature

Deby Coles, Artist and teacher

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16 Lessons (2h 22m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What is a resin geode

    • 3. Safety considerations for working with resin

    • 4. Basic resin working supplies

    • 5. Mold making supplies

    • 6. Crystals, glass, glitter, gemstones, and more

    • 7. Which resin should you use?

    • 8. Piping a silicone mold

    • 9. Project 1: Base layer

    • 10. Project 1: Colored layer

    • 11. Project 1: Lines and finishing

    • 12. Unmolding and trimming

    • 13. Making a silicone putty mold

    • 14. Project 2: Start to finish

    • 15. Finishing the edges

    • 16. Finishing, framing and display

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About This Class

A course for resin beginners looking to create amazing geode inspired free-form resin art works.

Resin is such a versatile product for use in your mixed media arts. If you've previously used it for coating paintings and other artworks, or added color to resin and created resin art, then here's your chance to take it to the next level and do away with the base and make a product made entirely from resin. 

Maybe you've dabbled with resin before, perhaps just some simple clear coating on coasters or art work. Now you've discovered how amazing it can be and seen some of the geodes made from resin and want to make them too. But resin and the geode materials are expensive. You could dive right in, spend a lot of time and money and end up with a piece that just didn't work out - and all those materials are wasted. Taking this class will help you avoid those mistakes and leap up the learning curve so that your first piece will be amazing.

In the class we will cover a wide range of topics concentrating very much on the basics for creating free-form resin geodes. It assumes a previous basic knowledge or resin working but we will still cover safety and supplies needed for working with resin. You'll learn how to pick the best surface to use, two different methods for making a silicone mold, what materials you can use and where to get them, three different edge finishing options and three ways to display your finished pieces.

We complete two full projects in the class step by step, each with 3 layers of resin and additional detailing through line work. Once you see the basics of how these pieces are made, you are free to let your imagination and creativity go wild and create pieces in any size, shape and color. Create pieces that look natural or be artistic and match colors and designs not found in nature - you just can't go wrong.

What knowledge & tools are required?

  • Basic prior knowledge of using resin only
  • You will need simple mold making materials available cheaply from your DIY store, 2 part resin, resin colorants, and embellishments such as glitter, crushed glass or crystal chips.

Who should take this course?

  • Any artist or crafter looking to create with resin in a new and exciting way
  • Previous students of my Resin Geode Basics class who wish to go on to use those skills in a free-form piece  

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

  • Two ways to make a mold for your resin
  • How to work with resin safely and the basic supplies and tools you will need
  • How to build up layers of resin to give your piece depth
  • Three different finishes for the edges
  • How to add extra fine lines and definition
  • Three ways your final artwork can be displayed