Free up your Skillshare Ideas to record Meetings, Interviews, Chat & Podcasts all on your Smartphone

Cullen Pope, Editor - EATT Magazine Host

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9 Videos (21m)
    • Why record your best ideas from Skillshare

    • Record Recall Equipment Create

    • Bang - Lets put it all together

    • Let’s now jump straight into the App

    • Deep down inside the App a voice is calling ...

    • Attention Soundcheck Record and Action

    • Bad sound Good sound upload Complete

    • Into the desktop - Thunderbirds are Go

    • Create your own quick recording


About This Class

Why record your best ideas?
Surely you will remember that great brainstorming session over a glass of wine, a beer or that late coffee the one where you had the best ideas, insights, and inspiration .. maybe, or maybe not

Join Cullen Pope, the editor of EATT Magazine the online travel magazine. Find out why this creative, passionate photographer and podcaster wants to take you on a quick whirlwind tour on how easily you can record an interview, podcast, or a meeting for two so you to can capture your best ideas or that late night skillshare inspiration.

You'll learn:

  • What readily available equipment is needed
  • Fast and easy ways to record a conversation
  • What app to use and how to upload recordings
  • How to download it or post it online as a podcast

Charge your smartphones — it's time to start recording

the point of power is now!


Image by Cullen using a Cannon 550D of jimmy Yukka and his amazing band

Note: Now updated for both iOS and Android devices plus windows or other phone brand users without the app access can use the Studio for Desktop download to record or live stream, integrate easily with Skype, and manage your episodes and drafts from their desktops.

Requires Windows 7+ or OSX 10.8+.

Equipment needed

Rode Microphone Lav

SC6 Dual TRRS input

Smartphone headphones

Android App to Record

iOS App to Record iPhone or iPad

Optional Extra

TRRS Extension Cable

Eyes wide open for your class outline


and into the app store


Finding the best recording app from this class


Getting your content or interviews out there


Keeping it simple


Va la - you are mobile                                                                      but The captains sleeping


                                                    Talking Points & Key Concepts   

Your class outline

My introduction

Why record your best ideas?    

The process of Pre-Production

  • Kind of phone
  • Kind of microphone + where from
  • Double adapter attachment and why it's important  
  • Checking the sound quality
  • Never go live if you're starting out

Putting it all together

  • What your setup can look like

The app is back

  • Downloading the App
  • Inside the app on your phone
  • App options   

Ready, Aim, Fire

  • How to record
  • Stop and pause
  • Replay


Uploading and downloading the Recording

Finding treasure

  • Publishing on the app 
  • How to find your recording

Full steam ahead

Using the platform on your desktop

Setting sail

  • Class project ideas
  • Class project example

3 of 4 students recommendSee All

A great class! Lots of good information about audio equipment and how to use the recordings!
Nina Rycroft

Picture Book Illustrator

A great class for those who are doing online recording and would like to learn to do audio recording or broadcasting.
Detrina Kofroth

Jewelry Design and Small Business Basics





Cullen Pope

Editor - EATT Magazine Host

I am editor EATT Magazine and the host of the EATT Magazine podcast on iTunes, creator of the EATT Magazine App on IOS and the EATT app on Android

About Cullen
I currently work in technology but began my career as a Demi Chef de rang with a passion for food, great service, and presentation working in 5-star silver service restaurants in the UK, Japan, and Australia and have traveled throughout Asia and Europe. My social media of choice would have to be Instagram EATT Magazine


  • National Certificate from the School of Wine and Sprits, London, UK
  • Diploma in Marketing and Human Resource Management
  • National Certificate in Landscape Design Education Board, UK
  • National Certificate in Japanese and languages
  • Diploma in CAD - Computer Aided Design and Applied Technolgy

Ongoing studies now include a Diploma in Permaculture Design


I have taught international students landscaping, how to cook and garden using organic food and permaculture techniques.

About the travel podcast

Our podcast began with behind the scenes interviews with people who also featured in EATT magazine as well as individuals in the startup, entrepreneurial and artistic communities and quickly evolved into featuring thought leaders from across the world from the crowdfunding and fundraising arena including passionate people committed to creating a more resilient, creative and enterprising world.

The EATT Magazine podcast has since evolved into a travel podcast on iTunes

My interests include cooking, landscaping, photography, permaculture design, crowdfunding, and startup ecosystem

My vision is to create a leading support network for artists and entrepreneurs in the environmental, arts, technology and travel sectors and to share the generous contributions that ordinary people leading extraordinary lives make - in cities, on the land whether they are behind a bar or a camera lens.

How do we achieve this is by supporting organizations in the sharing economy from the start-up and entrepreneurial arenas.
Then co-creating and promoting a framework for creative people to promote their works.
I believe in building strong relationships with value driven organizations, people, and projects.

At this time I am working on an educational framework to construct a skill base of mentors to support and grow our network of readers, contributors, artists and entrepreneurs.

What are our Values?

We believe we are a part of the environment and that education, community empowerment, and passionate people are key to creating a more diverse, resilient, artistic and enterprising world.

What are our Goals?

  • To empower artists and entrepreneurs with resources for achieving their goals
  • Bring together a global community of like-minded people with shared values.
  • Reach out and educate people using the magazine, our website, podcasts and community networks.

To create a space where travelers, startups, designers, researchers, artists and thinkers of all kinds can connect, learn, and imagine what the future can look like - and the steps they can take to make this a reality.

Find out more at