Free up your Skillshare Ideas to record Meetings, Interviews, Chat & Podcasts all on your Smartphone | Cullen Pope | Skillshare

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Free up your Skillshare Ideas to record Meetings, Interviews, Chat & Podcasts all on your Smartphone

teacher avatar Cullen Pope, Editor - EATT Magazine & Silicon Beach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Why record your best ideas from Skillshare

    • 2. Record Recall Equipment Create

    • 3. Bang - Lets put it all together

    • 4. Let’s now jump straight into the App

    • 5. Deep down inside the App a voice is calling ...

    • 6. Attention Soundcheck Record and Action

    • 7. Bad sound Good sound upload Complete

    • 8. Into the desktop - Thunderbirds are Go

    • 9. Create your own quick recording

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About This Class

Why record your best ideas?
Surely you will remember that great brainstorming session over a glass of wine, a beer or that late coffee the one where you had the best ideas, insights, and inspiration .. maybe, or maybe not

Join Cullen Pope, the editor of EATT Magazine the online travel magazine. Find out why this creative, passionate photographer and podcaster wants to take you on a quick whirlwind tour on how easily you can record an interview, podcast, or a meeting for two so you to can capture your best ideas or that late night skillshare inspiration.

You'll learn:

  • What readily available equipment is needed
  • Fast and easy ways to record a conversation
  • What app to use and how to upload recordings
  • How to download it or post it online as a podcast

Charge your smartphones — it's time to start recording

the point of power is now!


Image by Cullen using a Cannon 550D of jimmy Yukka and his amazing band

Note: Now updated for both iOS and Android devices plus windows or other phone brand users without the app access can use the Studio for Desktop download to record or live stream, integrate easily with Skype, and manage your episodes and drafts from their desktops.

Requires Windows 7+ or OSX 10.8+.

Equipment needed

Rode Microphone Lav

SC6 Dual TRRS input

Smartphone headphones

Android App to Record

iOS App to Record iPhone or iPad

Optional Extra

TRRS Extension Cable

Eyes wide open for your class outline


and into the app store


Finding the best recording app from this class


Getting your content or interviews out there


Keeping it simple


Va la - you are mobile                                                                      but The captains sleeping


                                                    Talking Points & Key Concepts   

Your class outline

My introduction

Why record your best ideas?    

The process of Pre-Production

  • Kind of phone
  • Kind of microphone + where from
  • Double adapter attachment and why it's important  
  • Checking the sound quality
  • Never go live if you're starting out

Putting it all together

  • What your setup can look like

The app is back

  • Downloading the App
  • Inside the app on your phone
  • App options   

Ready, Aim, Fire

  • How to record
  • Stop and pause
  • Replay


Uploading and downloading the Recording

Finding treasure

  • Publishing on the app 
  • How to find your recording

Full steam ahead

Using the platform on your desktop

Setting sail

  • Class project ideas
  • Class project example

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cullen Pope

Editor - EATT Magazine & Silicon Beach


I am editor EATT Magazine and the host of the EATT Magazine podcast on iTunes, creator of the EATT Magazine App on IOS and the EATT app on Android

About Cullen
I currently work in technology but began my career as a Demi Chef de rang with a passion for food, great service, and presentation working in 5-star silver service restaurants in the UK, Japan, and Australia and have traveled throughout Asia and Europe. My social media of choice would have to be Instagram EATT Magazine


National Certificate from the School of Wine and Sprits, London, UK Diploma in Marketing and Human Resource Management National Certificate in Landscape Design Education Board, UK National Certificate in Japanese and languages Diploma in CAD - Computer Aided De... See full profile

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1. Why record your best ideas from Skillshare: Hi, my name's Cullen and on the editor of the Eat magazine podcast. And what I'm gonna be doing is teaching you about an app. And that changed my life. And it's an app that I use now a long time in meetings that I'm having with people oneto one. When I'm getting together with people with brainstorming ideas, we're looking at things that we want to put together for skill, sheer and all of our other projects. And what happens with this app is that it records so brilliantly. The sound is awesome. Straight on to your phone, you can use that file you've downloaded, and what happens with that recording is that you can upload it onto a platform, and you can use that. You can use the recording to take your notes from you can upload it into YouTube, and you can get the text. You can get the words that text from those conversations, and it saves so much time because basically nobody wants to have meetings anymore. They just want to have a quick catch up, maybe a quick chat about things, and to be able to record that stray onto your phone instantly and directly and then use it within a couple of minutes has been one of the most powerful things that have changed the way that I work now that I work on my phone so much and that's what I'm going to be sharing with you, and that's what I'm excited about. 2. Record Recall Equipment Create : welcome back. And so in this lesson, we're going to learn what equipment we're going to be using. And we're going to start off with basically a symbol smartphone, two small microphones, a double adept of for smartphones and app to record on, and a regular set of headphones, just the ordinary headphones that you would use to listen on your iPhone or your smartphone . And so, in today's lesson, the equipment I'm using is an older Samsung Android. But you can obviously use an I. O s two small microphones. Now, the ones that I recommended the road leveller, and I'll add a link at the bottom of this. Listen with what they are and where you can get those a road. ISS c x jewell T R. R s input and headphone output for smartphones, a regular set of headphones Aziz we discussed before, and the speaker recording app 3. Bang - Lets put it all together : So now we're going to have a look at how all of this fits together. And the first thing we need to do is we take our road s C six jewell T R. R s input and headphone output for smartphones device, which I will call a double adaptor. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our road microphone. We're gonna take the 1st 1 imagining that I've got to and we're gonna take that. We plug it in here. Now there's two ports and you may be able to see that these two ports there and both of them closest to the microphone are in actual fact for the microphones. If that makes sense and I can show you in a detailed photo shortly and then the plug at the end is the one that we're gonna put our headphones it, and so I don't normally use their headphones, But, um, look, I think it's based practice to try and do that. So the only time that I did use them when I have used them is I've used one. So I've just got like that, right? So you've got to imagine that there's two microphones India. And then you've got the headphones, and I think it would be disturbing toe have them in both is so I would have one near the and then the other person doesn't feel like you can't hear them or it looks a bit all been anyway, so that's how I would do that. And then you take this and then you plug this into your phone. Now, it's important that you get these right because it can be a real nightmare. If you're interviewing somebody a little bit famous or if you're in a hurry, you're in a rush, that sort of thing. And you find out that in actual fact, you recorded yourself. You've recorded your voice, but you haven't got a very good recording of their voice. You haven't got a good enough recording certainly to use, and so it's really important to basically make sure that you've got that right. The other good thing is that once you put that into your phone, you be able to see the bowels moving when you're speaking and when dear speaking, because we're going to do a sound chicks, I'm gonna explain in a few minutes. In a lesson coming up, how that works. And the other thing that I have is an extension. So this here is a really long extension, which I bind together with a bit of duct tape. We call it here, and basically what that does is that allows you to have a whole lot mawr range. And quite often, you you might not be sitting that close to somebody if you really want them to feel relaxed off the feeling relaxed beside you. But you need a bit more room because you need to be doing other things during the interview as well. You can do that. And so I'll see you in the next listen, she is. 4. Let’s now jump straight into the App: Okay, So here is how you confined the speaker app. If you're on your iPhone or your iPad, you simply click on the blue app store a button which takes you straight into the APP store , and then you can go in here and you type spree ca. So we're looking for the spree killer app. So if we go for search, then they will come up. And it's this one here record. Now, I'm not gonna click it because I've already got it on here and I've already signed it. But I'm gonna show you what it looks like on my phone as well. And I'm going to show you some of the recordings in the because I just realized that I've got over a couple of 100 recordings in there now, and I've used dozens of those. So just goes to show that I'm using that app a lot more, Which is why I thought it was really valuable to show you that I'm not gonna show you on my phone. Okay, so we're in my n droid phone now, so I'm just gonna go into the app store and I'm going to search. So we're searching for the words Speaker. And then once you go in and hit the search there and go, it will take you through and show you the various APS coming up with that. Now we're going to download the one with recording at the top one on the left, the big red one and the Nets going to be the one that we record on our phone, And that's gonna be saving that recording onto our phones. I'm going to show you how that works. 5. Deep down inside the App a voice is calling ...: okay. And so now what we're gonna do is open the recording app on my phone, which is this top red one in the left with Ari See, written and at the big red dot speaker studio. So we open it up there and then inside here, we can see, basically, you've got a playlist fix and chat, which we won't go into on this. Listen, but we'll be out going to go into we're gonna go in and click on my episodes. And so in here, you can see each of the episodes of the podcast that I've recorded. And I recorded those on my phone using the basically the to of the microphones, the levelers, which got a Lincoln for you to see where they get those from. And you can see that further down the tranq like way back in time, I have been able to give some of these names, and it's showing the drafts there, which is 34. And then there's all of my episode. So this is every single thing. And so you can see where I've named these Bruny Island premium wines towards Cape Bruni. You know these sorts of things I've gone through and renamed to each one of these as I've recorded them. And then when you go through, you can see also online were each of my basically the two podcasts are that I've got. So in this case you can see this one, which actually shows you all of the once that are live. And then also there's the taste one as well, which I'm going to show you a link through to also and so that's That's my two shows there . And then there's other details, such as your settings here, Um, and you can sit those up plans and subscriptions. And so I've got, um, I went from the free plan recently to the the $4.99 plan, which I think really good value. And so I'm going to be putting the link through there as well, so you can get an understanding of how much time that actually gives you. So so that's it. I mean, I've never used the ah fix or anything else like that. There are these special effects, that sort of thing. I've never used those, but you can. You certainly find things that as well 6. Attention Soundcheck Record and Action: so in this. Listen, I'm going to show you how to record a conversation, pause and then record again. So I'm just opening the app now. And assuming you've all ready got your to level of microphones in your double adapter connected to your phone. Both levelers are only in the input area. So the level of microphones are only in the input area and you've got a peer of headphones in the headphone output. A big careful here because it is easy to mix these up. For some reason, I only have one part of the headphone and one of my years because I find it difficult to have a conversation with both of them in there for some reason. And then once you've done that, make sure that you have attached to your guest somewhere on their chest, maybe to a shoot the level of just pinned to them. The guest may want to pin it to themselves so you can avoid piercing anything that I want pierced. And then next you can do a sound check, so you should be able to see the bars moving. And how you do the sound check is, you basically do a test, and so I'm going to show you that now. So basically, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on the APP and we always click off line because we want record offline. We're not going live, some doing that now and so I can see that the microphone is on. And in this case, basically, you talk for a bit. Make sure you can see the bars moving. They talk for a bit that make sure that they can see the bars moving and you can see at the top. There. It's recording. It's flashing now and then I'm going to go hit the pause button. Okay, so I've stopped recording now and then I'm gonna hit the poor's again and you can see that it's recording again down the bottom. You can't see the bars moving, because in this case, I am doing this for the screen cast. And so therefore it doesn't show. But I'm going to show you that in a second as well 7. Bad sound Good sound upload Complete : Okay, so here you can see this is my set up, and you can see that basically, those bars are moving. It's picking up on my voice. I'm gonna bring the speaker up closer to my mouth, and you can see that it's those bars air hitting higher You can see at the bottom there. I've got my road double adept of there. And I've got both of them microphones in. And then the white is there headphone. For that, I'm able to hear the conversation. And so if you butto imagine that I'm doing the sound test, and then I'm putting the test ever toe my guest, who I'm gonna call John. Hi. Well, thank for having me on the podcast. Okay, so we imagine it was John Paul graph, and so that's it. That's how we're doing it. So that's how you're set up. We'll look at when you get an opportunity. I'm just gonna push the record now so you can see that happening. And there we are. We recording. And so you can see that the birds moving, we're according rough line and everything's all good to go. So basically, we're recording, and then we hit the pause, as I showed before, in order to pause the interview. Just what we here. I'm also going to show you how to do a replay. So let's just go through and replay that one now. So it's the top episode either one of the draft. So I'm just gonna push the play, and there we are. We recording. And so you can see that the birds moving, we're according were off line and everything, and so that's that's it. There. Okay, so in this, listen, I'm gonna show you how to basically upload that episode into speaker as a za private draft . So all you do then is you hit the sheer button there. I'm going to give it a title. Um, I nd to for or a and e three. Um, I'm gonna hit private, not public, Right? And I'm gonna put a description. I m d taste class rights, and nobody's gonna hear it because it's going up as a private, not public. Right. So there we go there, and then I'm just gonna hit upload, so we go upload. And here is uploading now into the basically onto that speaker stream than I have and um, and there it suits uploaded. So the next thing we can do is I can show you where that is. And, um, it'll be here somewhere. There is the pregnancy that's got the padlock on it. So it's locked. And so there it is already todo for me to upload onto my podcast. 8. Into the desktop - Thunderbirds are Go : And so here you are. So we're going to search for a spree cup. There we go. And so we've got Sprinkle dot com as we go into speaker dot com there. And this will give you an idea of what it looks like and you can see Wait. And they also give, um, plans and pricing as well, and ah, and then this area where you log in So I'm just gonna log in now and then. Once we've signed in, you can see all of the different areas that they've got. Your Oris s importer, you can upload files. There's a desktop app and they've got mobile absent. Ah, console as well is other external tools. And so, for this lesson, we're just going to go straight in here and ah, I click on my shows and then this is this really new management system. And so this is part of why I'm kind of excited, too. Be talking about this now. So there's that one that we did before the publish one. So we're just gonna chris play in order to check and make sure that's the one that we had. And there we are. We recording And so you can see that the brothers moving recording were out of line and everything's all good to go. So So we're going to click on a preview just to see what that would look like so we can see how it would fit into that podcast stream and then Okay, so here we go. We can see we've got a title there, which we can change an update. There's the Pirmin link. Ah, which you could also change. You can put in the description. Remember, we called it a test class. You can put in a new image. We made it private. Remember when we uploaded it? And down here, it's got by disabling this feature. Listening will no longer be able to download your represented and will not be including your RSS feed, which we monitored because it was just for a test or maybe to it later. So, talking about it, it always does click on the episode file audio foul. So we're just gonna run this test now and just make sure that it is the right one. Ready. So we're just putting it on, and we are we recording and so you can see that birds moving recording were offline, and everything's all good to go. So basically a case. So we get it, and then we're gonna go download the episode. And so now it's downloading. I don't know if you can see that, but it's download and it's open it automatically. 9. Create your own quick recording: hi and welcome to the class project. You'll be pleased to know it's very simple. It's very quick, and I believe it's very easy. And so all you have to do is record your first podcast interview. It could be conversation with a friend about a project they're working on, for example, And, uh, you can do that on the spree can at you just need a quiet location. You will need to do some editing, so I wouldn't recommend doing anything too long. It could just be five minutes and then submit it to Sprinkle dot com. And so the outline is using the tools and equipment that we've outlined in this class. Of course, the links are below. Don't forget to click on View my notes, which are in the top of this lesson, because that will also have the equipment in it as well, as well as the lesson plan and really the delivery. ALS. Very simple. The podcast should be done on your smartphone and should include, obviously at the podcast, edited and uploaded onto speaker dot com. And putting an image on the podcast is well, with a bit of a description and all you need to do is put a link to your podcast on speaker at the bottom of the class here, and then we can check it for you. So by all means, please try and create this within the next 14 days within the 1st 14 days of seeing this class. So really, give yourself a goal to start within 5 to 7 days. Give yourself a goal to try and get it finished within 14 days. That's not gonna work for some people, but it's a great place to start, so whenever you get it done, we greatly appreciate it. We look forward to seeing your podcasters. They start arriving on speaker dot com, and I've also created a sample project for you as well. So in the sample project, you can go in and see a podcast. It's a real podcast I created, and you'll be up to click on that link through to the sample project and you'll be able to listen to the podcast. So thanks for joining us. I look forward to your comments, your suggestions. And if you've got any podcasting questions that you want to ask, by all means, please do that on the comments is below