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Free Video Conferencing & Webinar Tool for Online Teachers

teacher avatar Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Free Tool for Video Conferencing & Webinar for Teachers

    • 2. Webinar and Video Conferencing Step-By-Step

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About This Class

Free Video Conferencing & Webinar Tool for Online Teachers:

1 5   MIN   S T E P   B Y   S T E P   TRAINING

In this will class you will learn a step-by-step method of having a video conference or a webinar using canvas Instructure Learning Management System. Canvas has an integration with BigBlueButton which is an opensource software and it allows you to conduct a video conference or a webinar with your team members or with your students if you are a teacher. 

You only need to have a Free teacher account with canvas Instructure and then you can follow the procedure explained in the second video to conduct a video conference.

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Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. Free Tool for Video Conferencing & Webinar for Teachers: webinars and videoconferencing sort where are normally very expensive. If you search on Google, you will find that they price from $70 portmanteau several $100 apartment in this skin share class, I will show you hold. You can have this video conferencing by using a free software, and when I say free, it doesn't mean any Spammy software. This is the state of the art industry. Standard software Card 10 was in structure, which is a learning management system, and this operator has an integration with an open source software card. Big Blue Better so you don't have to open account with both of these companies. You only need our teachers account in canvas dilemmas, and then you will be able to arrange these videoconferencing or webinars in Webinar. Normally only one person is presenting, but in a video conference, every participant can make a presentation. So this is just a 15 minute training in which I will show you my skin and a step by step process of whole. You can arrange this with your conference and how you can make presentations are let other mid presentation. So I tried to cover everything in this a 15 minute. If there is any future left, please let me know in the discussion area. And I will definitely explain that feature for the are make a separate video for that. So I hope that you will get benefit of this And this will be a full featured will be not where there will be a public check panel where any party sprint can make a comment. You can mute others. You can give them access. You can share your webcams. So this is a complete training. So I would suggest that you want this with your whole whenever you get time so that you don't miss any future. I know in the next video I will share my screen and I will walk you through the whole process. 2. Webinar and Video Conferencing Step-By-Step: If you want to teach online classes, then this reduce for you. Because in this video I will show you how you can have a video conference with your students online by using Canvas Learning Management System and Big Blue Button, which is an open source conferencing system. And this is designed for online learning. You need toe, have a canvas account as a teacher, and I have load into my account where I have to courses and, of course, template. And by using one of my courses, I will show you how we can create video conferences with our students. The first injuring to do is click on the course and make sure that this course is in between Ex Start and and Dicks because in order to be able tow, arrange these video conferences online. This course must be a current course and you wearing those dates in this settings area. So click on settings and this is the start date of this course, and this is in date of this course. So I am reading this day so I can arrange conferences no click on conferences on the left hand side. And no, there are two different areas, new conferences and concluded conferences. And in concluded conferences, I have a conference which I had recently with one of my colleagues, and I will show you the highlights of this conference in this video in order to demonstrate some of the features. But in orderto start a new conference, you need to click on this plus conference. But And when I click on this no, I can give this conference a name. So let us say I give this conference to the best where toe given name is If, for example, there are two students are toe people in this conference. Just pour the names off both of them. If there are four students, you can put the names off all four of your students, so you can easily find out later on which confidence you want. Toe. Have a look if need it. No, this is the button which is available. Do toe this big blue button open source company they have collaboration with Ken was a lemons and they put Why does this conferencing system now you can change the duration of the conference, but I am happy with 60 minutes and if you want to record this conference, and most probably you should. Then you must click this button, and the second action you need to do is click the start recording button, which will appear later on some stage. So these are the two actions required to record a conference. Then you can put a little bit description if you want. No, here at the border, you have to check this box and it will in white. It all course members toe this conference. It will send a notification in their emails. And no, when I click update this notification will be central. All the people in this course and those can be seen by clicking on this people if you want . So let's click Update. I know this is confidence to in the new conferences area, and I have a start butter, and when I will finish this conference, I will have end button, and if I click on end button, this confidence will move to the concluded conference. Sometimes it takes a little bit time. If you are recording the conference and no, let's start this conference. If I click on start no, I will see this screen and it says how Would you like to join the audio? I can turn on my microphone or I can join the conference in Listen only moat. So in this instance, let us Skillicorn microphone. You have to allow the excess if this is your first conference and no extra or your test because I am able to hear my wife. So I will say yes. And I really get a message that you are currently the only person in this conference and know the conference has been started. There are many tools available here in this conference and some of those features I want to show you No. So on the left inside you have this public chat box. Were all the students participating in this video conference are able toe for their messages are any questions? On the right hand side, you have these icons, and if I click on this hand, I have some tools available here. I can really convince Spencer tool right on the white board and that is available here. If I click ons like to this light left blank for white board and no, I can select this tool and I can explain anything if I want So this is one of the tools available, and I can change the colors, or I can delete all my annotations. If I click delete, this will be ability. So now you can explain to your students some concerts here If you want to share your webcam , you can do this by clicking on this partner, and I will again show this feature in a minute. And then this is the way you can share your screen. And if you click on this button, there are three different options available and iris screens. It means that whatever I see, you will see the holy screen or I can open any particular application. And then I can select the application window, and from here I can select if any application is open or I can click on Chrome Tear, and I can't even open a new tab and then start using my screen. No, if I do that, then I will not be able to see this area because I will be using my screen. But other parties sprint will see my screen inside this area, so I just cancel this. Have the moment? No, here. If I click on my name on the left hand side. I can set the status and in order to start recording this is the second action you have to perform. So you click on start recording and then it will show you this message and then you can say yes and no that according starts, In order to shoot the webcam, just click on here. And if I click here No, it will find my webcam. And then no, I can start sharing if we want. So let's start sharing. I know my webcam is here. When someone else will join this conference, another webcam will appear. Then you can arrange either at the top Are you Jordanian border. By just dragging them like this, you can mute yourself. You can close this public chair window if you need more space. No, let us put our presentation in this area. In order to do that, I have to click on this plus on the lower left corner and know I have this option upload presentation. I know I can broz the file less grows a file somewhere on my computer, click on one of my presentations and open and no, I click upload to showing me the uploading progress here. No, this is my presentation. And I have the options toe make presentation fully. Screen are fit to quit. So normally you will do this phyto adoption and know you have a large area. Or if I want to scroll down, I have toe select this hand tool and no, I can grow down on this light. So this is all you can present anything to your students. If they share their webcam, you will be able to see them as well. So for team collaborations, this is a very good tool. Normally, the webinar tools cost a lot of money. No. When I want to stop the recording, I just click on positive according and then yes and no. I can resume the recording if I want. So if I click on this minus button, my presentation will become hidden. And only the webcam one arm or webcam will be shown. So let's click here. No, As you can see, only my webcam is showing. So in order to see bigger videos, you can do this. So, in order to restore the presentation, click on this blue button at the lawyer right corner and my presentation will be shown here . So let us stop sharing the web camp and no, I have more. They're here Toe present my lesson. So normally you don't show the webcam. But this feature is available If you need to talk to student and just explain the concept You don't need any video. But you can have this. No. One of my colleague has joined this conference. As you can see here, if I click here, I have the option toe. Make this person as a presenter and if I click make presenter then this person will be ableto see these tools because this plus Scient action toll is not available. Toe this person until I make this as a presenter. So this way you can make presenter one by one. If there are three students, you can make them a presenter one after another and they will be able to present their presentations as well. If you don't want toe do this again and again, you can promote them to moderator. And if I promote this person toe moderator, then this person will be ableto make himself a presenter whenever he wishes to do so. And there will be a button on his panel. Take Presenter instead of make presenter, Tha Spartan will be take presenter and this person will be ableto present and we'll be able to see these tools which are available for presenter this action tool at the bottom left and no, As you can see that Emmett and myself, we both are sharing over webcams. So in this way, you can share this with your students if you wish to do so, and I know we can arrange them. And if you click on this minus Burton on the right corner of your presentation, your presentation will become hidden and no, we have bought Webcams at a larger size. So this is all you can see each other if you want at any stage during your presentation. So in order to go back to your presentation, you just click on restored presentation. Ah, blue button in the lower right corner and no, again, your presentation will be a visible if to clicker the border of these two areas presentation and your Web committee as you can. Actually, you can actually drag this to increase the size or decrease the size of the visit presentation or the Webcam. So this is all you can take lectures online with your students and normally these software are very expensive. Very nice software. If if you look on Google, you will find that these software are normally $70 toe, maybe $300 per month. But we have this amazing functionality available for free but using canvas, LMS and big blue button. So thanks to these two companies who offer this fantastic facilitated toe online tutors and teachers So if you teach online, this is a fantastic tool toe. Have no. In order to end this meeting, you click on these three dots and and omitting and yes, and then you can read this if you want and send you back. No, If I click on corn, France's So this is over new conference. And in orderto end this conference, I have to like this end and if I click end, it will show me this message you will not be able to re open and I say OK and no, This conference has moved toe concluded conferences and after some time the recording link will appear here. Currently, this is not applicable, but after some time it will become clickable just like this one. And if I click here and then on this presentation, if I click on this arrow, I will be able tow. See this conference? If I click here, it will show the recording of the conference. This is the recording off our first conference, and I can even play this recording. So if I click on these two arrows and then click on this area in this area now, as you can see there, this is the recording off my previous conference. And in orderto don't lure you click on this and then right click and you will have this option save with us. And if we click here? No, I have the option to save this fight as an MP four fight. And so this. So this is how you can save this file as well. Let's close this. No. After some time, I reloaded this page and know this conference link is clickable. And now I can watch the video off this meeting or I can download it as I have already shown you by using my previous conference. So this is it for this video, I hope. No you understand how toe have a video conference with your own line students, but if I have missed anything or any feature, please put in the discussion area and I will definitely answer your question.