Free Traffic From Writing Articles in 2016 - Ultimate Guide

Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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5 Videos (18m)
    • The AIDA Rule

    • Article Marketing For Traffic

    • Keywords In Your Article !

    • Keyword Concentration For SEO

    • Piggy Back Riding Off A Great Article


About This Class

Hey there,

In this class I will teach and demonstrate a method that I've been using for the past three years with great success: article marketing.

Using article marketing allows you to drive targeted traffic to your website, while being viewed as an authority in your niche.

Can't write ? Don't worry, we have you covered, and we will show you how anyone can come up with a proper article to submit to online directories.

Enroll and let's get started already!

We normally hear this oft-repeated reminder about our Internet marketing efforts - Traffic is the lynchpin of Internet marketing. It is the lifeblood of our online business and it can make or break whatever online campaigns you are engaged in. This is one of the critical elements of the business, whether it is a new or start-up venture or a company that owns a Website that has already existed for some time.

Most companies will have to include in their range of concerns the free traffic that could contribute in the achievement of company's strategic goals and objectives. In most cases, those "free lunches" become part of the overall traffic generation strategy of the business.

We have to remember that there will always be some trade-offs when you opt for something that is free. While it doesn't cost the company anything when it comes to money spent, a free traffic strategy would require a significant amount of time and effort, and you have to understand that these variables will have intrinsic value depending on the nature of your business and your extent of involvement in running the business.

Will Free Traffic Help Your Business

What you must determine when creating a traffic generation strategy for your business is whether such strategy will get you the targeted or relevant traffic or not. Regardless, of the amount of traffic that you are generating, if you are way off your target conversion rate for your website, then you are at the losing end even if you are using free traffic strategy.

When it comes to Internet marketing, it is extremely crucial that you are getting relevant traffic to your website. Of course, by the rule of averages, you need to increase traffic to improve your chances of generating more sales. However, you need to ensure that you get the most sales for a certain volume of traffic for your online business, for the free traffic that you have for your online business is not actually free in the strictest sense of the word. You spend time and effort to meet your targets and this means that such strategy have its opportunity cost.

There are a lot of traffic generation techniques and strategies that you can adopt for your business, both the paid and free ones. However, you have to remember that free traffic is not necessarily better than the paid options only because the former does not involve any cash disbursements. The truth is that in some instances, paid traffic generation strategies can be more "cost-effective" than free traffic strategies.

Free Traffic is not Easy and Quick Solution

You need to consider your equity when it comes to free traffic generation strategies. If you opt for a "free ride" then you should allocate the necessary time and effort needed for such strategy. And this would mean that you have to spend some time to set up the traffic components and maintain them over a long period of time. You cannot simply relax and leave everything and expect favorable results afterwards. You have to continually exert enough effort to generate the traffic that you want to maintain for your website.

And if you are looking for quick results, then free traffic strategies are not the best alternatives. The gestation period of this type of traffic generation strategies is relatively long, and it would take time before you can see the results of your traffic generation campaign. Finally, free traffic strategies are generally considered shotgun approaches. You may attract many visitors to your site, but you are not sure whether these are quality visitors or not.






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Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results

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