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Free SSL Certificate 2021: HTTP to HTTPS, Padlock & secured connection

teacher avatar Saujan Man Pradhan, WordPress Designer and Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Course Highlights

    • 2. Introduction to the Course

    • 3. 2021 update: Free SSL issued by ZeroSSL

    • 4. Fix Mixed Content - "NOT SECURE" despite having the SSL

    • 5. Cloudflare SSL - What do you need?

    • 6. 2021 update: Free Cloudflare SSL

    • 7. Manually generate Cloudflare SSL certificate

    • 8. Create a subdomain for Cloudflare users

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About This Class

This video is for those who want short and to the point instructions to install FREE SSL certificates on your website. If you have one or many websites, and/or work as a Freelancer or a web developer these videos will help you to install the SSL certificate removing the non-secure display from the URL, HTTP to HTTPS, and changing it to a padlock sign.

These videos are simple and a step-wise guide to install the Cloudflare SSL (auto-renewal or Valid up to 15 years)) to your hosting server - simplified and with no theoretical contents.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Saujan Man Pradhan

WordPress Designer and Graphic Designer


Greetings everyone!

I am a WordPress Developer, Graphic Designer and a Social Media Marketing Expert with a Master Degree (MBA) from Nepal and more than 8 years of experiences in Designing & Marketing.

I have been working as a WordPress Developer for more than 5 years now. I have worked for both back-end and front –end development including WordPress themes and plugins. I do themes customization, designs and many more. Being a Graphic Designer helps me to play with color choices and as well better communicate with the clients as sometimes I use the image form to showcase the actual design before it is made.

For Graphics I mostly use Adobe Photoshop to implement my concepts to reality and also use Microsoft PowerPoint to present the ideas through presentat... See full profile

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1. Course Highlights: Do you want to secure your website with STD PS on a padlock? There are too much information. Elaine DAR Warren. In less than 10 minutes, you will be able to get your website from STD B to test it to be a on a panel of three. No Hillary, but only practical, very simple stepwise instructions to restore free SSL certificates. You will learn about the methods using cloud fear on Let's Sso and there's a bonus. Find out about great worthless buggers. Let's get started. 2. Introduction to the Course: what is SSO SSL stands for secure sockets layer and is a form of security for websites. It creates a secure connection between our visitors Web browser on the server of the company they are interacting with. What happens if you don't have SSL certificate? If you don't have the SSL certificates, a secure connection cannot be established. How to install SSL In this video, you will learn how to generate free SSL certificate and use it on your website. What skills are required to install SSL and including required will Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer, Internet and WordPress will be able to install s herself. All you'll have to do is copy impressed. No quoting required. The course covers all the necessary steps required to achieve this. What happens after installing SSL on your website After SSL installation, a secure connection will be established. Your website will run over STD PS from Scdp and we'll have a battle of this way. Let's take an example. This website, for instance, does not have a secure connection because the SS and certificate is missing and now taken another example. This is our demo site so you can see already see that there's a padlock sign over there and this is also solved over STD PS. What is a mixed contained mixed contained refers to a mix of secure and non security sources found on away peas. Some website. Despite having SSN, Istante displayed some either message Politican Example This website what it does when you click over there. It says a connection to the site is not fully secure. It's because of the mixed contained. We will also learn to fix mixed contained using a WordPress. Blufgan continues them. After this tutorial video, you will learn how to install free SSL from cloud fear and let's increase at the end. You will develop enough confidence to insult SSL on any workers website and make it fully secured. Let's get started. 3. 2021 update: Free SSL issued by ZeroSSL: Greetings everyone. In today's tutorial, we will quickly learn how you can change a site from STDP to STDP S with the latest WordPress 5.7. And we will not use any plugins such as really simple SSL. And for those who did not have an SSL certificate, we will also install a free SSL on your website. So let's get started. Let's open our browser. Our sample size is this one. As you can see, it's not secure. It does not have an SSL. Let me quickly login, that is WP admin. Enter the credentials. So this is a new website which is running on the lettuce WordPress five, 17. There are many updates on the latest WordPress 5.7. You can walk through. But we will talk about the STDP to STDP S feature in a single quick. Previously, we used to use really simple as a simple plug-in, but now this feature has been made default by WordPress 57. Anyway, let's explore and go to the tools and cytosol. So here's an alert that says the website does not use STDP S. And here are even more details. Basically, this website does not have an SSL certificate. The other way to find out if the site as the SSL or not, simply open the website and add in the STDP. You can see it gives an alert, meaning there's no SSL installed. Thus, the site does not have any SSL. Most of the web hosting nowadays offer free SSL certificate. So simply talk with the web host and asked them if they can install free SSL on your website. After the SSL installation, we can direct our site from HTTP to SDT GPS without any plug-in. For this tutorial, we will install a free SSL for this domain. This will be valid for three months and then needs to be renewed for that search for SSL for free. This is the one. Let me copy the domain name and click on create a free SSL. You will need an account to use it. So simply register, we did e-mail. So you will be directed to this space. Then click on certificate. Click on new certificate. The wildcard is a paid one. We are doing a free one. Anyway. Let me copy the domain. So this is the domain. Click on the next day. Again, one-year is a paid one. We will go with the free 90 days, but you will have to repeat it again after the expiry. So we will go with this option next state. Nothing to be done here. Click on Next. We are doing a free one. It's also pre-selected. So next step. Now the certificate has been created. Now we need to verify the domain. You can verify via email, via DNS, CNAME, or by STDP file upload. So we will use it third method. Now in order to verify it, we need to access the cPanel. So login to your cPanel and enter the credentials. So here's our C panel, regardless which hosting you have. Uc panel should have a file manager, find it and click on it. And look at your website files, usually under public underscore SDL. So here are all my website files. Now let's verify the domain. So you will need to create a folder named dot will that's known. Let me also saw hidden files. So go to settings. And so he didn't files and save, create a folder and name it as dot well, that's known. Create new folder. Open the folder. Again, create another folder, I'll copy it. Create another folder, give it a name, and create. And again open the folder. Now let's verify by downloading the file. It's done. So in folder, I will just put it on the desktop. Now upload to the folder. Let me upload it. So it's uploaded, all done. If I click here, it's here. Then click on Next step and verify the domain. So the domain has been verified. So the certificate is being created. It will take some time. Now the certificate is ready. Let's download it. I will put it on the desktop again. I don't need this. So here are three files. Let me extract it to the next top. These are certificates. Let us install these to our website. Let me close this. We don't need a file manager now. So we'll close this, go back to C panel and search for SSL. So here's as the cells last DLS, opening it, and then click on install and manage SSL. Now selected domain name, which is done. Let's add CLT keys, private key, and see a bundle. So let's copy this certificate. This is the one. Let me open with Notepad Plus, Plus copy all. And paste it. And do the same for the private key. And the same for the CA bundle. If you don't have a Notepad Plus, Plus, simply open and not bad. And then simply drag it to denote bad. Then copy, and then paste it. So we have visited all the certificate details. Then click on Install certificate. Ssl has been successfully installed. And click Okay. So after installing the certificate, let's go back to the website. And Jake, this might take some time and also try clearing the cache. So after some weight, the certificate has been installed. So here are more details of the certificate. Now we need to redirect the site to STEPPS as if someone goes to the side, it will go to the non secured version. And we cannot ask people to add S on the STDP. So let's go to the dashboard. Earlier we used to add really simple SSL for the redirection from SCTP to STDP S, You can still do that, but now WordPress 5.7 does it by default. So again, go to Tools, settled. Now it clearly says your website does not use SDT ps, so the default WordPress feature will help update to STDEV.S. Simply click on Update, decide to use SDT PS. You might have to re login. Now you can see the site URL suites to STDEV.S and everything is looking good. So this is how you can easily update your site from STDP. Do STDP S. If your website is still showing a non secure version, then please clear your cache. I hope this lesson was helpful. Thank you very much. 4. Fix Mixed Content - "NOT SECURE" despite having the SSL: What will you learn in this video station After installing the let's encrypt SSL certificates, we also recommend you to install really simple SSL. Plug in for the WordPress websites. This plug in is highly recommended, but it's not mandatory to your website. If all off your paises are run over STD ps and displays of padlock sign, why do we recommend this plugging? Because this plug in helps us to get read off Mixed contained some website despite having the SSL certificate display some ear er so this plug in is very helpful. Let's get started. Well, after installing the less encrypt SSL certificates, go to you admin panel off your WordPress website, the UPS and me in corporate you use the name and password and long into your dashboard. You may cancel this. Cancel this and go to your plug ins and add new so stretch for really simple SSL answer to enter. So you will see the plug in over there install it and after the installation is complete activated, you can then go a hate and activate SSL. Sometimes you might log out, but sometimes you may not, for instance, here not You may also want to enable workers for you want dot SD access? Redirect. So save it after everything is done on the new works, that should be our good. Now go to the main website on Chick. If your certificate it's fine and also check all other pages. If in case there's an ears, thank you. 5. Cloudflare SSL - What do you need?: What will we learn in this video tutorial? You will learn to create an account or cloud FE DNS modification. Redirect to Cloudflare. Cloudflare SSL installation. The website will be running with ACDP S and a padlock and installed really simple SSL plug-in for your work-based website. What do you need? A valid email address? Domain login details, basically from where the domain was purchased. And you WordPress login details to install the really simple plug-in. Let get started. 6. 2021 update: Free Cloudflare SSL: Greetings everyone. In today's tutorial, we will quickly learn to get a free SSL certificate for your domain. This SSL is from Cloud fee and it's absolutely free. So as you can see, this side does not have a SSL certificate. So now we have added the free SSL to this website. Let's add a free SSL to your website too. Let's get started. To start with, let's open our browser and go to our sample site. This is our sample site. So as you can see, this side does not have a SSL certificate and it is showing non secure to reconfirm that the site does not have SSL. Let me try to go to the URL with STDP S. So as you can see, this domain does not have a SSL certificate, and that's why it is showing your connection is not private. Now we will be adding a free SSL certificate to this website. So we will be using Cloudflare. So go to So this side will give us a free SSL. For that, we will have to create an account. So click on sign up, right, you email and password. We created an e-mail on our own domain so that it is easier to manage the SSL. You can use any email U1 and create an account. Click on the first option, get started. Now write the domain name. Please remove the STDP ad site. And at the bottom you can see free $0. Click on it and continue. So the Cloud fear will quickly scan a website. This will take some time. So here are all the configurations, but I only want to apply it for this site domain. I will only choose it for www and domain name. Only these options. So it's suffice first cell, then continue. Now we need to change the name servers for our website. This is the most important part and it might take some time to change the name server, you will have to login from where you have purchase a domain from. It could be named cheap, Bluehost, or any other places this domain was purchased from over So let me login to all domain to replace the DNS. Again, a reminder, you can see the options to change the DNS from where you have purchase a domain from. I will also see how you can do it on Name Cheap, as I believe, over domain is only used in Nepal. Anyway, once you find out where to replace the name servers, copy the Cloud fear and replace your old DNS and update name service. So this has been done changing names service midweek some time up to 24 hours depending on your server. Again, since all domain may not be familiar to you, let me show you how it can be done on name tube. So if we add purchase a domain from name G, go to Name job darker, and sign-in. I have two factor authentication. Then you will see your domain name, click Manage. And then choose custom DNS and replace the DNS server name. Something like this. And then click here the DQ icon and it will be saved. But since I'm not changing anything for this one, I will live it. So this is how you can do it on named Jim. Anyway, after changing the DNS name servers, click on Done, check name servers. Click on Get Started. Automatic STDEV.S rewrites, let it be on. Always use STDEV.S and save. If you see any ears like this and just wait for awhile. Well this works. Click on optimized performance. I will leave this as it is. And broadly, I will live it to. And you can click on Finish. But I need to check if always use HTTPS is on or not. So you can see it's on here as well. Everything looks good. Click on finish. Please note, registers can take 24 hours to process name server updates. You will receive an e-mail when your site is active on Cloudflare. Let us quickly check the email. So we have received two e-mails. First, let's verify the email with Cloud fear. So the email has been verified. You can also see another email from cloud FE that the status is active. So it states that the DNS has been updated. Now the other way to confirm DNS update is by going to into and copy a domain name. Please remove STDP. Andrew boat. So you can see the domain name has been updated. Now check name servers again. This might take some time. You will have to wait for awhile. If you click on Cloud fee, it is shown that it's active. So you can also see the MRS grid news cloud FE is predicting our site. Now let's go to our website and check it. Let's try STDEV.S. It is still not work in it is because the DNS changes to effect globally might take some time. Let's try with VPN. I am using ultra serve. So with the VPN, it is working All good. So DNS changes might take some time to reflect globally. If I click here and click on certificate, you will see this is from Cloudflare. Anyway, after adding the certificate, we need to make sure the site is redirected from GTP to GDP. For that, let's login to the dashboard, WP admin. Enter the credentials. Despite the site is with this padlock, we might have a mixed contained. So it is very important to ensure that the site is serving over STDEV.S. If you go to Tools entitled, you can see it is stating that the site isn't using std BS in the latest WordPress 57, it sometimes does show to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. If it is not, so on, then simply add a plugin, go to Plugins and Add New and search for really simple SSL. So this is the plugin, install it and activate the plugin. Now the plugin has been activated. Simply go ahead and activate SSL. You might be logged out, so re login dismisses. All. Also enabled 3, 0, 1, SDSS, redirect, and save. So it's done. Now if I go to Tools entitled. So you can see the HTTPS notice has been removed. So we did see the security it is issue. We will fix this in another video. So for now, we have added the SSL certificate to our website of this lesion was useful. Thank you very much. 7. Manually generate Cloudflare SSL certificate: in this video, you learned to manually generate certificate from Clough Fair installed SSL certificate on your server Additional origin certificates. This is required by some servers like AWS also installed. Not bad plus plus to view the certificates What you will need. Basically your cloud fear lovin details and you'll see panel log in details. I hope you have discipline in log in details if not place. Actor server. Let's get started. Okay, let's start by opening your brows any Rosa you want and let's go to cloud fe dot com After logging with your credentials, I hope you have all the log in details. Okay, E mail address and your password also, I'm not a robot. Select all them's with cars. Okay, I make this elections and I like to very fight. Okay, It's stunned. So let's log in now. You can see your website over there. Click over there and go to ssl slash TLS. You will see Ah, the origin servers stick over there. Andi creates a difficult. So you can see. Um, if you scroll down the validity of the certificates may make it to the maximum 15 years and click next. And these are the certificates you would need actually for you to incorporate new servers. Now let's get back to you. See panel and in corporate you using human password in the sea panel. Okay and log in and again go to T. Ellis. It's less sso or ssl slash TLS and go to Insolent Man is a sell off your site. After that, he'll be taken to the space. It's loading scroll down, and there's an option to select a domain. So make this election if it domain and copied the certificates from Cloud Fair, All you have to do is control C and Control V. I tried to control a all notes that doesn't work, so control. See Control V. Just check that is from Cloud Fear, as you can see and do the same for Private Key said it all and then control See and control V so you can actually leave the CIA operative bundle Click on install certificate. After that, you will see you site will be installed with called for SSL. Okay, let's click OK and the pay's reloads. Now let's get back to the website again and let's see how it's working or not. So as I go to the web sites on DNA. Check the certificate. It's cloud fear. Don't worry. It will ought to be altering your at least for 15 years. Don't worry about the date. OK, now let's get back and let's close the space. We don't need it. Now, on this certificate pays as well. Well, some paises requires original CIA certificates, so let's click on that. This was used for either of us. So as you go there, you can find this origin certificates over there. Come them RSS route or you see C route. So you know this certificates You can simply copy and paste it. Ah, wherever it's required. So it was required by AWS, actually. So you can also, for this roll down and down or the certificate. So let me click on them on. Let me don't know the certificates. Okay, So I'm Donald ng yet it's done. It's normal ease and they, you know, downloads folder. So I was starting in the fall there. Andi, right. Leak on aid with not bad. Plus plus on then. There you go. This is so difficult. You can simply back it up. You know, you might use it for future as well. Or the other certificate. Here's the same. Check it Donald Folders. It's in your normal folder, it with no back plus plus. That's a certificate you simply want to copy and paste. So to view the certificates union not bad plus plus. So go to your browser and search for Not bad plus. Plus you can see down those note pad plus press we can not pay. Plus, the latest release on DA You can go to installer. Uh, the download might take some time, depending on the Internet. Spit. But the final size is not that big. I think the dollar is complete. Let's check the folder. It's in the download folders. Let's click on it on. But what happened? Okay, so Okay, Inglis, go. You know, I agree. And all the stuff, the basic stuff and install it after the installation is complete. Check the folder way. You have already Donald certificates to the same Donald full of for me. So when you rightly colonnade, you'll see it with no bad plus Plus, So you know that option will automatically come over this. I don't have to worry much about it. Hope you injured elation. Thank you 8. Create a subdomain for Cloudflare users: Greetings everyone. In today's video, we will quickly learn how you can create a sub-domain spatially for those who are using Cloudflare, I am using named you posting. So here's the sub-domain we created, QR dot ALS lives of the darker. Let's get started. In order to create a sub-domain. Let's first open our website. Hey, let's learn So this is our website and we will be adding a sub-domain to this site. This website is using Cloudflare SSL, as you can see here. Anyway, to add the sub-domain, let's log into the C panel. Please note, you must own the domain name to create a sub-domain. Enter the credentials. We have the two-factor authentication. So we are in the C panel search for sub-domains. Here is it, click on it. Now add the sub-domain name. You want to add 2s, the domain name, you might have more if you have said hosting. This is the folder where you can keep all the files for your sub-domain and click on Create. So the sub-domain has been successfully added for those who are not using Cloudflare, the sub-domain should be working after some time. It can, however, take up to 48 hours if any problem persists, please actually hosting. And for those who are using Cloudflare, the sub-domain will not work unless we add some area code to Cloud fit. So for that, go to Enter the credentials, find the domain name, and click on it, and go to DNS. Now you need to add an, a record. Click on Add Record. Make sure the type is a, right. The subdomain name you want to create, in our case, it's QR. For this IP address, you should find the IV honest cPanel Mozi panel has the IP address on the right, something like this. This is another cPanel. I'm using an email. It's because most of the cPanel looks like this. If you still could not find the IP, please host. Here's also another way of finding the IP address. It only works if you are using a shared hosting, your IP address will be the same as a record with the domain name. Let me quickly added, added, and save. So it's done. Now you'll have to wait for awhile. Again, this can take up to 48 hours. So after this is done, you will have a new sub-domain. You can create a completely new side. The folder location will be the one we specified earlier. Let me quickly tried to check if the sub-domain works and not in incognito mode. So it's not working. That means we'll have to wait some time to properly propagate. The other trick is you can check the sub-domain via VPN. Or you can also go to GD and scan the website. As you can see, I am analyzing the sub-domain. As you can see, it's not working here. As said earlier, you can also use VPN or DNS Anyway, since the geometrics was able to scan it, the domain name is working on some parts of the world. So this only means you'll have to wait some time to see the subdomain work all around how distillation was useful. Thank you very much.