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Free Resources: How To Get After Effects Templates For Free

teacher avatar Daniel Brodesky, Motion Graphics Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sources Part 1

    • 3. Sources Part 2

    • 4. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


This class is part of class series. In this class we will learn where and how to get After Effects Templates for free.

After Effects templates are among the most useful tools you could have as a motion graphics artist. They are great time savers and excellent sources of knowledge. Using a template is great not only to get your work done faster, but with higher quality! 
Start building your own library of assets, all without ever spending a dime.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Brodesky

Motion Graphics Artist


I’m a motion graphics artist since 2009. Over the years I have specialized in After Effects and created dozens of tutorials helping others learn the program.
Being self-taught I learned a lot from video tutorials available online, thus my will to share knowledge grew. I’m determined to make learning easier, more accessible and more fun for everyone out there!

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Daniel Radetsky. I've been using after effects for over seven years and worked as Emotion graphics artist on various projects over the years. I've created many tutorials related to after effects, and today I want to share my knowledge and years of experience with you. As a motion graphics artist, I always find myself in need of external tools to help me with my daily work. Script breeze. Its after effects templates and plug ins are valuable assets for everyone who wishes to pursue motion graphics, since they can be great time savers and really unlock some amazing features within the program. Unfortunately, such assets can cost a great deal. When you're just 30 now in this class, Siri's, I will share with you the best three sources I found over the years to help you equip yourself is high quality tools all without ever given away a time in this class. We're going to see how to get after the templates for free, it concludes. Local reveals slight shows motion Macron's lower thirds everything you can ask for. No need to spend a fortune on a high quality and well organised. Simply, there are plenty of them out there just waiting for you to come and pick up. So whether you are already working as a motion graphics artist or just starting out, there is something for you in this whole Siris. In this class project, you will be sharing with free templates you like the most. You will make it easier for other students to enjoy free content at no time besides helping your fellow classmates, it will encourage free content creators to make even more free stuff. So don't waste any more time joining and find out how to enjoy quality or free. 2. Sources Part 1: Hello, everyone on skill? Sure, my name is Daniel Radetsky. And thanks for joining me on my first class in this class, as you've already seen in the introduction video, we're going to learn where to get after effects templates for free after effects templates can be used in your daily work is in motion graphics artist, and they are also great sources for knowledge and learning. So let's start with the first site on the least and see how to get a few aftereffects projects from this one decide it's called Video. Have the Net. Some of you may have already heard about this one. It is not very well known for giving away after effects templates for free, but it is known for having very high quality after effects templates. The cool thing about video hive is that they give away a project for free each month, so it means 12 projects per year. Now it doesn't sound like a lot, but since these are very high quality projects, each of them is worth at least $20. So let's have a look at where to find these. If you scroll down beneath all of these sections, where you can see the featured projects and the projects from the ones you follow and the new projects that are on the side. You are getting to this very narrow section which is called free. And the 1st 1 on the left is a video high project. So if I click it stump nail, it will take me to it page. And as you can see, this is a minimal lower thirds project. Over here you have this green button which says download it for free. And as you can notice, this project will be free only for the month of August. So when September rolls around, this project won't be for free anymore, and it will be sold for 12 bucks. So this is a very nice project. Click here to see its preview, and if you scroll down a little, you can see how many people bought it, whether the specifications for the project and what description the author gave about his project. So remember project each month simply visit the website for just five minutes each month and get a little gift for 12 15 maybe 20 maybe $25. I don't know. It's a video have author myself. I know that if a project get it through the review process, it is of high quality. So let's jump to the next site on our list. We are right here in the tax plus that com website. It is also part of the invite A community. It is a great source for free kito rials and premium tutorials and basically a great source for knowledge on various subjects. So how can we get a few projects from this one? Over here at the top, you see how to tutorials Scroll down toe the treaty in motion graphics section. And over here the 1st 1 is adobe After effects. Click it toe, move to this section and be sure you're staying on the how to tutorial section. The other one is premium, which means they are not for free. So I'm going to scroll down here and see if any combination interests me in particular. And let me tell you what's cool about that's. Plus, I've also bean another on that's plus for over a year and created around 40 tutorials for the site, and I can tell you that they required their authors toe, provide their projects they were working on in the tutorial. They are sharing this, this one. Let's see if I click it and entered this tutorial page, I can scroll down and download the attachment over here. It's not a very visible and inviting, but I tell you it's here. And if you downloaded, you'll get a ZIP file containing the project file. It's true about all of tutorials on the side, maybe not 100% of them, but most of them. And there are hundreds of tutorials on the site, and you can go and download the attachment off any tutorial anytime, so it leaves you with many, many project files. Toe go ahead, download. Enjoy their structure, learn from them and use them in your daily work if you need them. So definitely check out. That's plus dot com is a great source for after effects templates, and definitely don't underestimate its power. Well, well, well. The next site on our least is vehicle pilot .net. Many of you have already heard about Andrew's Cramer great site video copilot. He's creating plug ins for after effects and other very cool stuff. You should definitely check out his website, but today we're hunting for free after fits Project 12 like we starts. Plus, we can get some project files for free using their tutorial section. So I'm here in the tutorial section and if I scroll down a bit, I can see that this tutorial is number 158 which means there are 158 tutorials over here, and most of them contain a free project file. So that's really cool. Some of his projects, while are going to use hiss plug ins like Element and optical flares. But others are not going to use this plug ins, definitely go into the section and quickly scrolled through the Tom nails. Find something you like. I remember that these are stories that are not containing any plug ins. So simply go here and download project file and click download Project one, and you're going to get this really, really cool opener, which you can not only use but definitely learn a lot from. So yes, video copilot dot net is a great source for very cool project files for your collection. Note that his style is definitely inclined towards these dramatic and very cinematic look and you're not going to find lots of elegant stuff. Maybe, except for this one, which is titled Classic Car Treaty Text. If it's titled Classic, Where They Get It, it's classic. So that's video copilot dot net and how to get free project files from this one. So here we are in the next site on our released, and this one is much less known. It is called emotional Radar calm. These guys over here are doing a great job, and I would really like to give them a quick shoutout because, well, because I like their content. So we're to find some projects over here. If you go to these brows section, you can find your free items. And if I click free items, I am thrown to this section over here where I get lots of stuff not only after fix projects , and I guess I can goto the after effects templates over here at the top and simply create, and it takes me to the section where it contains the only free after fits project. So, as you can see, it not only contains local reveals, which can be found everywhere, it will also give you lower thirds and some tools. And maybe it's light show, which is always useful for some client work. You want to quickly produce this lecture, which looks good well after effects. Templates are your best friends now. So go ahead, emotional Ray that calm. And over here, the broad section after effects templates and the free section at the bottom scroll down to see everything that's available over here. It's not a lot, but we'll weaken Donald, all of them for free, just in a few minutes and in large your collection and whenever you need a project or a little better because you have already downloaded it. So that's being emotional rate that come well. The next site is a section in the rejoined main website. It is called Origins People, and basically, what it is is a place for others to feature their presets using the region product. So if you don't have a particular, for example, or Tao, as you can see over here, you're not going to be able to use this project. But if you don't have these or maybe you're using a trial version of this product, you will be able to use these presets and projects provided by people just like you and me . These are not openers, local reveals or slight shows off any kind. But these are very cool projects that use their products. So let's take a look at this supernova gas galaxy, as it is titled by the author. As you can see, it is a very cool flight through through this galaxy. It isn't it looks very realistic. Not only you can learn from it, but you can easily stick your logo to the center of this galaxy to let the camera simply swirl into your logo and create very simply, a cool opener without the other intending it to be an opener. So that's a rejoined people, and they have a very large collection off these projects and presets. As you can see, there are 60 pages off content, and you can search over here at the search bar for something specific you're looking for. So that's being the red giant people. Thank you for joining me for the first part of this class. By now, you have already learned about a few sources to get over 100 or 200 project files for your collection joined me on the next part. Well, we will explore were to get more after effects templates or free 3. Sources Part 2: Hey there, everybody. Thanks for tuning in for the second part off this class in this part, we're going to explore more sources to get after for templates for free. We're right here in the first side for this part, and it is called rocket stock dot com rocket stop. That comb is also not a very well known website where you can get after the stamp plates for free and not only for free. As you can see, they are selling after effects templates and other products. What? We're not interested in the stuff they're selling today because we're hunting for some free stuff and they're section is actually called for stuff. That's why the terrible joke. And by clicking the stab, it will take us to this freak section where you can actually subscribe for their newsletter and they're going to send you an email and let you know Well, we have something bring new for free for you each month and schooling down. You can see all of the free stuff they've already given away not only local reveals and templates. Also other very useful kinds of projects. Shapes 35 free dragon drop video assets, its collection off some useful elements can be a real time saver. If you're working gonna motion graphics project instead of wasting time on creating these elements on your own, you can quickly shuffle through such packages and find something that suits you and basically meet your goals and end results quicker. Crawling through this website, I can see that there are three pages off free content on each page contains apparently six projects. So there are aching projects overall. And that's great for us because in minutes we can enlarge and enrich our collection off three projects and three assets using only the site called rocket stock dot com. Go ahead, check out this website. Find something useful for you. I would definitely recommend you download everything well, because it's for free and you can also subscribe to their newsletter and get notifications about new three projects that are coming out each month and the next website. It is called empty mcgruff dot com. That's a site run by a guy called Met, and he has a great you tube channel, where he features many editorials and he publishes his product, and he also had some freebies on his side and they can be easily spotted over here. The bar, He has freebies, and he had a section which is called Project Files, and he doesn't have many of these. He essentially gives away nine project files projects you can really learn from. These are also very, very handy because we're learning from others. People work is really great. Not only watching tutorials is beneficial for your knowledge, but reverse engineering project that other we're working on is very useful. And in essence, that's what Matt is doing. Well, I'm sure you will be able to find a use for such low police scenes, which he is given away in your own project. It's a very specific kind of thing, but you might come across the project. You need one of these and, well, here it is character re, more low police scenes. These low police style is very trendy. You might come across a client who's looking for something like this, and, well, you have something at the reach off your arm. So go ahead the amount more of that com. Check out his free project files and definitely go ahead to his YouTube channel. Check out his tutorials his great guy teaching a lot of good stuff on. I definitely recommended. Well, I've been talking about you give this past few minutes, and now it's time to visit if the coma. I'm not going to introduce you to this website because, of course, everyone knows this one, and we're going to see how to find some after effects templates for free on YouTube. Well, essentially, that's the very same technique we used on vehicle pilot. And that's plus these are tutorial creators, which are given away the projects files off the tutorials they were working on. The problem in quotes with YouTube is that these authors are not very well known, and they're not very popular, So it's going to be kind of hard to find them by yourself, likely for you. I'm going to introduce you to some of them in this part and to many others in a Pdf file. I'm going to provide in this class. So here we are in the first ticket channel, I'm going to introduce you, and it is called the Motion. These guys, they said it's creating video tutorials, and he's not only giving away projects for his tutorials, he's also given away project files whenever he reaches a certain amount of subscriber. So that's great for us. And over here we have the smuggling find class, which we can use the search and different simply like the word free. I will be able to filter out all of the unnecessary stuff I'm looking at and find the simple playlist where I can find all of his free stuff. He's given away. As you can see, that's what included in this specific package he's given away for free. Go ahead, check out his channel and download whatever he's given away, because I'm sure such stuff will be very useful for you in your future projects. So that's dope motion. And let's move on to the next one. This guy calls himself boxy. He said, You have creator and he has some really, really cool stuff. Not only he's given away for Project well, he's also given away the projectiles of the tutorials he's working on. So going toe his videos, I can see everything he's working on. So let's enter. Say this one, and over here in the description section you see at the top download project and it takes you to his website where you can download the project. Of course, you can find all of the other projects on his website. Go ahead, download them. He has very, very cool project files on. Well, it's a real shank is not very well known because he has a really great content. Well, that's it. For the second part of this class. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the less part off this class where I will be sharing some final thoughts on Alec. You know about the pdf, which I'm going to include for this class and what it contains. So I guess it's here in the next part. 4. Final Thoughts: Hey there, everybody. Daniel grotesque here. Thanks for sticking for the last part of this class. So let's rewind a little and see what we've learned so far. Hopefully, by now you understand the importance of having a collection of us. It's your reach. Any time such classes can help you get your work done faster with higher precision and ultimately with higher quality, we have visited websites like video Ivan. That's plus video copilot and emotionally. These websites feature very high quality. After its templates. I am sure that having these around will prove handy. Sometimes websites like that's plus video copilot and various channels and YouTube provide after what's templates for free via their tutorials, which means the others who are creating the tutorials are also providing the after effects projects they were working. The project for this class is to oppose the templates you found, and like the most first of all, it will help. You know your resource is better to know what lies where and to be aware off the different possibilities that are out there. The second benefit off participating in this class project is helping your fellow classmates get high quality after the templates quicker. Together, you will be able to create sort of a pool off high quality after the template free for everyone to use and enjoy. This class is the first in serious of classes if you understand the importance of having a library off assets, but don't want to spend the fortune in it in, roll into the other classes where you will learn where to get free script plug ins, presets and more. I'm Daniel Bodansky for skill share. Thanks for enrolling into this class, and I'll see you next time.