Free PR: How to Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to Get Free Media Attention in the News and Press | Michael Kawula | Skillshare

Free PR: How to Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to Get Free Media Attention in the News and Press

Michael Kawula, Family, Business & Marketing is my World

Free PR: How to Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to Get Free Media Attention in the News and Press

Michael Kawula, Family, Business & Marketing is my World

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6 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Welcome to How to use Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

    • 2. How to Setup a (HARO) Help A Reporter Out Account

    • 3. What To Expect Daily from Reporters Using HARO

    • 4. How to Craft An Email Reporters Respond To For HARO

    • 5. Increase your Chances of Getting Picked by Doing This

    • 6. What to do with Media Mentions from HARO (Final Lesson)

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About This Class

How to us HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is a free tool where journalists, writers, and bloggers post daily PR opportunities for anyone to access and respond to for FREE.

That means if you can answer a journalists question, you have the opportunity to get featured in the media and receive FREE PRESS (Free PR). 

This is an amazing tool that anyone can use for free, such as:

  • Authors
  • Small Business Owners
  • Podcasters
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online Stores
  • Nonprofits
  • Any Organization

HARO is free and relatively simple to use, but what we'll share in this class will help you increase your chances of being sourced over other people responding.

In 2013 CNN came to my home because of what I'm about to share with you on how to use Help A Reporter Out. Before taping the reporter shared with me that they get hundreds of responses to each question they ask and that they can only pick a few. What I'll share with you will increase your chances. 

Since I've used this to get sourced in over 100 other publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Books, Radio Shows and countless other media opportunities. 

Here's the link to HARO:


I've coached hundreds of Entrepreneurs and many have shared that HARO didn't initially work for them. It didn't for me either, until I learned what we'll go over today. 

Be patient, stay consistent and make sure to ask questions in the community, because I know this can work for you also. Lastly, make sure to participate in the Class Project. I'll comment back to offer guidance and help you increase your opportunity of getting sourced. 

Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations”

Journalist want and need your story. Follow these steps and you'll be sourced in no time, over and over again. 

See you in the Community and jump in with any questions. 

Good Luck ~ Michael Kawula


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Kawula

Family, Business & Marketing is my World


I'm is a Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Father to 3 Amazing Kids & CO-Founder of Help A Teen.

My last 3 businesses each hit $7 Figures in under 3 years with the last being ranked the 144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine.

I’m an author, have been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and the late Chet Holmes, and featured in over 100 publications and podcasts.

I’ve sold over $100 Million in Products & Services during my entrepreneurial journey online and offline.

My Journey as an Entrepreneur has been a Roller Coaster ride, with well over 100,000 Hours of in-the-Mud Experience.

I love to engage with my community and help however I can, so please ask questions or share your experiences so we can all grow together.

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1. Welcome to How to use Help A Reporter Out (HARO): Hey there! And welcome to how to use help. A reporter out also called herro, to get massive media attention to get in a press to get your company mentioned in magazines , Newspapers on the news Podcasters box. What I'm about to share with you sincerely works. Hi there, folks. My name is my column. A serial entrepreneur, I've been using herro for several of my different businesses since 2012. 2013. Now here's the thing. Like many people in the beginning, I didn't have a lot of success with it. There's a lot of people using this free tool, but the problem is is that there's a lot of noise out there and people using it Incorrect way. So what I'm about to share with you is what I've learned over the years. In fact, in 2013 the exact strategy that I'm about to share with you got me on CNN. That's white. CNN came out to my home, interviewed my family and helped my business tremendously. I used that exact same strategy right afterwards in Forbes, and I was printed up in Forbes magazine. Since I've been a Wall Street Journal Inc magazine on countless radio shows, podcasts and mentioned in numerous amounts of books because off hair Oh, I love this tool. I think it can benefit business owners so much. But the problem is is that a lot of folks use it that incorrect way. So what we're about to go through this is going to be fast works. Here's the thing. A few of any questions please jump on into the community. That's what it's therefore, I'm going to be very active in their next once you sign up, if you haven't yet for help a reporter out. What I'd like you to, dio is, once you respond to the first inquiry that interests you, I want you to take a screenshot of the question from the reporter and then a screenshot of your response include both the subject line in your exact response, because I want to look at it and then give you some feedback. And hopefully the cold community can come in and share as everyone else starts having massive success again. This does wonders for your business. I'm going to go through exactly how to sign up in the next video, how to reply to reporters and then some secret tips that they do off of help a reporter out . That actually helps ensure that I get picked for the ones that I really want to get picked for. And then I want to share with you what to do when you do get picked. So is that it benefits your business, so there's gonna be a lot of fun. Please. Any questions? Jump on over into the community and make sure to share in the project section your response when you answer your first reporter's question. So let's jump in and show you how to first sign up for a hero and then get into the good stuff. I'll see you on the inside again. My name's Michael Wala. 2. How to Setup a (HARO) Help A Reporter Out Account: okay, and welcome back. This part of the video lesson is in opening up an account with help a reporter out. Now, if you've already opened an account in the past, please make sure to still watch this video. I want to make sure that when we get in the inside here that your settings are correct. So is that you get the opportunity to see all of the different reporters questions out there. That's mistake Number one is. Most folks will only check off one of the categories. We'll get to that in a moment. But if you didn't click the link in the some way of this course to get to help a reporter, you could just simply go to Google and type in help a reporter out. Now, as you can see here, there's a subscription. Also, do not sign up for that. There is no need for that. You will still get the benefits of everything I'm about to share with you today. So when you click on this, you're gonna come here and you're going to say it asks, Are you a journalist or am I a source? And then later video will go over how to use this. But I will. Preface is and saying that your website needs to have a certain amount of visitors. Meaning you have to be in the top one million site out there. So if you are and you've been blogging for a long time, your business has been around. Ah, you might be able to use this as a journalist, and again we'll go through that in a later video. So here is where you would click. I am a source. When you click on that, we're going to simply go through and ready to serve here. So we're gonna say Subscribe. Now we want the free account. Okay, We're going to set this up, so I'm just gonna set something up, land them to a actually standard question. So far as you can see, we're gonna pick a state and company, Okay? Annual revenue Again. They're just asking these random questions. We're gonna say I'm not a robot storefront. See if I can get these. And this looks like a storefront possible. There we go. And then you want to agree to their terms and conditions, and here we go. Bear with me one moment. Okay? you sign up was successful. Now they do send you a confirmation email. So we need to go back to that confirmation. So bear with me one moment. Okay, here we are. We are in Ah, the Gmail account that I used for this. We're just going to click here and there we go. Welcome, Teoh. The family. So here's what you want to dio go to my account and you can see I'm a source. This is already checked off. I'll show you the inside of my account later on as a reporter, but here's where we want to go in and fill out All of your information should make sure that this is correct. You can put in your country location to reporters. Do you see this information? So I recommend doing that, and what I would do is go through and start checking off. Have all these. For instance, when a reporter goes and asks a question, they have to pick two categories that that they'd like to be in. And so, for instance, if they picked business and that's all you're subscribing to and they also picked General, they're question might not come up in business it might come in general. Or maybe it's travel. So I've recommended it's low fasteners. Show you what the email looks like in a moment, just checking off all the so as I go down. So I've checked off all these. I am not sure why. Education. It's great out right now, but I'd still check those off because I know for a fact I get education. I get healthcare all the time. Sports, So I recommend is checking all this off and I'll show you why again in a moment. If you want the UK, that's great. Put in your contact information there, and then here's what you want. Do you want to save it? You can put all this in right here safe. There we go. So now that your account is actually set up, what's going Teoh the next video and we'll show you in that lesson what the email looks like that you'll be getting on a daily basis. And so this all seems relatively easy, I know, but again, it's these minor details. A lot of times I've seen folks where they're in fitness and lifestyle, and that's all they've had checked off, and they didn't have general checked off, and a lot of opportunities fell under general or under business. Sometimes, even if you're in fitness, they might be asking a fitness related question. Likewise, fitness would relate to health care and your body. So there's a lot of different ways. So I recommend checking these all off. That's a common mistake that I see. And so what we'll do next is will go into the email that you'll be receiving so you can see what to expect on a daily basis. And then we'll get into the fund details of what to do in how to answer a reporter. Okay, we'll see in the next lesson. 3. What To Expect Daily from Reporters Using HARO: Okay, welcome back. And now really excited to go through this lesson. This one's gonna be a little bit longer, but I want you to kind of just get a very good overview of what to expect when using Herro . So when you signed up, you do have the option back in your settings toe only get une male once a day twice a day or three times a day. Now, when they send out these emails, they send one out early in the morning, traditionally around 5 30 to 6 o'clock A m on the east Coast. They then someone out around noontime varies between 11 30 11. 45 to around 1 p.m. And then they send one out in the evening around 5 30 Why am I telling you these times? Because it really makes a difference. I will share with you. When the CNN reporter came out to my home, she's ah, you know famous. She's interviewed a ton of folks. She uses Harrow occasionally. Now, obviously, she's not the one going through all these responses. But I was lucky that she brought her assistant and her assistant actually does go through the Harrell responses And what she shared with me is that when CNN comes on here because of their name and their size, and you can see what here in the email, you see a general description of what? They're looking for us looking for medical doctors here, and it's a company, Pop sugar. Ah, and let me just scroll down to see somebody big that has ah, lot of people want, like People magazine would probably be something I'm going to guess. A lot of people would reply to USA Today. So when you see these big names, traditionally, what happens is they get in. You dated with responses. So in a later video, less and I will show you an example of myself. But, um, you know, I have a a smaller blogged. I've written a couple of books. When I go on here to ask a question, I'll traditionally get anywhere between 50 to 100 responses. CNN was sharing with me that they get 3 to 400 responses. And so, Louis, what they're doing is when their response comes to them. And that's why it's really important that you not only craft your response very well, and we'll go through that in a later lesson, but that you respond rapidly. I have people sometimes who will actually reply to one of my harrow updates. Ah, week later. And that's what not going to help you in getting sourced and getting picked from a big media outlet because a lot of times that on a time crunch, so think about a CNN reporter. They have a huge database, probably of contacts, but they're coming to Harrow because maybe they're looking for some last minute information . So recently I was interviewed about Ah, for the Wall Street Journal. Ah, I own a ah parenting website, one of my company. So you a parenting website? I also in a publishing company, and I do occasional coaching for start ups when, with my parenting website, I saw a question about how parents should talk to Children about the me too movement of this Wall Street Journal. Calmest, she's very well known, but she still came to Herro, and here's the thing I answer right away. So at 5 30 in the morning, I traditionally like that one in the middle of the afternoon. One is hard for me because my days getting going already in the evening. One. I have three teenagers, so I'm running around a lot, Sometimes are running between meetings for businesses. So I really like that morning, um, email that comes from Harrow. So I tend to personally jump on that one traditionally every morning and make sure that I quickly scored. So what's go through? Just so you can kind of see so member who is said to check off all those categories Because you can see, here's the biotech and health care Here's business and finance and you can see this one had , you know, 5 to 13. So, you know, right there you had Ah, what is that? Eat. Eat questions from different folks. You had one under education looking for teachers with amazing stories. So traditionally, I would look under this now I do actually know over, teacher. So just ah, quick side note. If you are a business owner, obviously we know our network is our net worth. So I always try to also send Teoh my friends ah, things that they could be source for and even for my clients on the start up world. If I see something that they could be source for I will reach out to my friend will fast and say, Hey, you know, I'd recommend answering this. Ah, and sometimes I've actually jumped on and told reporters so like people Ah, for instance isn't is interesting to me as maybe if I was to scroll down and take a look at USA Today. So Ah, USA today has the type of audience potato and father. We definitely has the audience that I want. So even if I couldn't answer this and says men, how do you tell your dad you love him? So obviously I could answer. But I know of another individual that I think should definitely answer this and would be a great source for fatherly. So what I can do is watch this when you click inside of it, it opens up and it tells me this individual's name. So it's Liz. Lizzie Francis. So two things. One, when you click on this, it's going to open up your email and you just reply, um, to this reporter, and we'll go over in the next lesson. How to reply to reporters. So is that you increase the opportunity for you to get pecked but what you can do also and this has worked so well for me is there was a reporter looking for information on mobile marketing and I knew, Ah, the individual very well who's considered one of the top thought leaders in mobile marketing. So even though ing I didn't know the answer to what the reporter was looking for, what I did do was when I replied, as I said, Hey, you know, And it was Ah, lady NPR for Forbes magazine. I said, If you don't find the answers that you're looking for, I know Mr So and so very well. I'm very well connected to him, and I speak to him once a week in a mastermind. If you'd like, I'd be happy to make an intro for you. Eso is that he could answer this question. I think he'd be a great source. That reporter replied back and said that she wanted an intro, and what was interesting is two months later, when she asked another question, and I replied, She remembered me and I was picked and I will explain to you how she remembered me, which is I came off of Herro and I'll show you what to do with that in a moment. So that's why it's always important to look here. So what's X out of this one? And so all you need to do is you can see, go back and then you keep looking. And so again, you want to do this rapidly because within the 1st 30 minutes there's people like myself, and I know people in the West Coast and again, I'm on the East Coast that are staying up late at night so till 23 o'clock in the morning, their time just to answer these, because again, when you get sourced most of the time, they will link to your website and if it's a good source, so like CNN Forbes Inc magazine, if you're getting linked to your website from these high trusted websites, not only can you use their logo now on your website and say, as seen on which builds credibility for you in front of your audience, it will also build up your domain authority with a Google. And it will build that up because these air trusted sites So, like, um, The Wall Street Journal, if you could actually get them to link, and they traditionally don't link. So they'll just mention you. Ah, lot of times. And that's even good enough, in my opinion, because you can use that on the home page of your website that you were listed on the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times What have you? But if the link to you, that's very good and that's why it's great of again, we'll go through this in the next lesson. That when you craft your answer that you use keywords that you want Google to know you for . But again, we'll go through that in the later So I just want to show you this. This is the afternoon with me excited that here's one in the evening. So remember that afternoon? One. It didn't have a lot of business ones, but look at this one from nine to see. It's still going toe 51. So they have a 41. Ah, actually, 42 different people looking for questions around business, and so I tend not to always answer these anonymous ones. If it's not a lot of ones there, I try to make sure personally that can answer 2 to 3 of these questions in each one of these emails that come out and I try to do it rapidly. But if I don't find 2 to 3, then I will do the anonymous. But if ah, I know fit smallbiz If you decide to do this and you're in the business niche, they dio look for a lot of sources there in this a lot. And they do link back to you. Um, yeah, so I can tell you that they're a good one right there. Discover I would see finance. So, you know, we scroll down there is that and remember education when he had one before. But now it's got four. Ah, Engadget, That's ah, great website to get link from. So I'm gonna look at this question a little bit more detail seeking science backed expertise. Um, what makes kids smarter? Eso I've interviewed a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists, so they're seeking a PhD expert on child development to explain. But, boss, So ah, this is important that you read these right here because this is the way they actually will screen a lot of people out. So this person is clearly stating that they want a PhD. I am not a PhD. I have interviewed several doctors. So, um, if, ah, I wanted to answer this, I would reach out to Elissa Walker and just I don't know. Hey, I know of a lot of PhDs that could answer this. I've interviewed them, and one common thing that a lot of them mention is using the Muse head ap. Ah, and so she might if she was interesting that maybe show and so back and say, Hey, I'm you know, I'd be interested in jumping on the phone a lot of times. That's what they'll do, is so jump on the phone with you, will fast to see if you can help them out. Um, you have to remember this reporter's They have one job, and that's to write something that is newsworthy that other individuals want to read. So they don't care necessarily about your story. They care about the story that they want to write. So you know that that's a quick tip when responding to them to make sure that appeals to them. So anyway, that was the other one. And what? Take a look at this last one. This is ah, the one that came out Ah, this morning and so you can see again business. Not that many Venmo and WhatsApp. So it's not telling you much there, but it is American Express open form that has a great domain authority. So I would personally open that one up. And I need a subject matter expert and how to use Venmo or WhatsApp. For small businesses, this would be alive or so you see, this one's looking for this. Could be a radio show. This could be that podcast s. So this is why I was saying it's not necessary that you just always gonna be either on TV or in the newspaper or magazine. I've been on plenty of radio shows where sometimes last minute they've had somebody back out. I've seen this on a Friday night Friday night, by the way. I So I did the morning ones and I love Friday nights cause I'm in my office late in just looking itself. And it's not that much competition, cause a lot of people like to get the weekend started. Ah, and I've seen I've had opportunities where I've replied to people. And that night later on Friday, night or even Saturday morning. I've been filling somebody else's spot because somebody canceled on a reporter and they need to fill that spot really fast. So it's a great opportunity again. It's the desire, just those little things that could make such a difference. So as you can see what's go back here, um, like this and then this brings you back into your email. So which is pretty nifty. So go through all these. That's why I said, Sign up for all these because you never know like 00 b g y n. So I recently helped. We wrote, Ah, book with an O B g y n. So you know, this might be something that would be great. And so I would go through this. I would actually send it to somebody in my marking to see if they could be affected. Help this, um, author an O b g Y n out because again, these air links and pop sugar is, ah, high domain authority, depending upon which they have multiple different sites. But this is something definitely in her wheelhouse that she could answer. But that same question could be down here in general. could be in business could also very easily fit under lifestyle. And so that's why I said it's really very crucial. Go back in. If you've had in count, please check your settings. This is another good look at this NBC New Shano. Why are these the best states to live in Mass than H m it? So, yeah, if somebody lived in that and sometimes it's very specific. I've seen, you know, in New York, I've seen Las Vegas, where somebody's asking last minute that they need somebody to come into the new station. Teoh be in a two minute clip. And so imagine that for your small business having the opportunity to G O whether it's on NBC or local news outlet, it's just it builds such authority for your business. Um, and it really does help your domain authority, meaning your website for your business and even your personal brand in your influence. So anyway, I want to show you how this old looks in the next lesson. What we're going to go through is the way that I would actually go through and start answering some of these questions so we'll see you in the next lesson. 4. How to Craft An Email Reporters Respond To For HARO: Okay, welcome back. And then this lesson we're going go through how to craft the best message. What works when responding to a reporter's question and from my experience, what doesn't work again? I've been doing this since 2000 and 12 2013 day in and day out. And I can tell you I've responded to a ton of reporters, so I traditionally tend to see what response is typically work and as a reporter myself in crafting different post for Boggs and for books I've written, I've also had a ton of responses and seeing what doesn't work, let me tell you, like from the beginning, what doesn't work? One of reporters here asking a question. So take, for instance, this person at Lifehacker if I was open this up. Um, Emily Lifehacker is a very big site. So she says, I'm gathering sources for a round of pitchers to businesses and family publications such as Lifehacker or Summertime Sad and Baba. So she's telling you what she wants right here. If you start talking, turn saying, Oh, I love Lifehacker. I read it all the time. Emily and I could definitely help you out in an sickness. Feel free, um, to reply, and I'll be happy to set up a time to speak. She is again life hackers, a big site again. She looks like she is a freelance, or so she writes for probably multiple sites and going to pitch this article, which a lot of writers will dio. I would not respond that way to her because she's going to get probably because it's lifehacker in there and she's smart and using it. She'll get over 100 responses. It would not make sense to say reply, because she's going to get other folks who are going to answer her question down here. And when you answer, don't talk about how great you are as a business owner, Shell highlight you, cause if you help her look good toe lifehacker, whomever she pitches is, too. She will make sure, obviously, to promote you. Definitely 100%. I can tell you just that that always works. So let's go back and ah, pick some here just randomly. So we looked at this one before. Let's take a look. So, uh, I do want to say one thing, So if you're not familiar with what sites are big, Um, other than major publications like Start, you'll start getting used. Teoh Which one? So I know cafe mom. But if you weren't familiar, what I would recommend doing is is going over to Google. And so I already have Cafe Mom's, a website pulled up, Um, install a Google chrome plugging right here, and it's called similar Web. It's free and it will show you how big the site is, so it shows me it. Ah, this company cafe Mom gets 2.6 million visitors a month who are spending almost two minutes on a website visiting almost six pages. That is a great site. That would be a great site that if they were to source you or do an entire article on you, you'd be getting in front of a tremendous amount of parents. Here's follow Lee Ah that we spoke about before. They do have a lot of ads on the website there, an up and comer new, but they're growing fast. I can show you this right here. 3.2 million monthly visit. Ah, but you see, the big difference is, um, 1.4 visitors and they're not spending a lot of time. They they do a tremendous amount of content. Ah, and that's most likely Why? So let's go back to this. And here we go. And as a showed you his fatherly right there and I saw them somewhere else. There's Forbes. Here's fatherly again. So a lot of times you'll start seeing them in here a lot Now that I've pointed it out. So they're always looking. They have a lot of writers that write for them because it makes the writer look it. Obviously, also, they've got a lot of writers on staff, so they're just really a big company. But let me show you what to expect. So if I was to answer, um, this question so there's no requirement We went over that in the last video. A lot of times you would see under the query, you would see a requirement. So you see where it says requirement. There the author didn't ah, request anything. So what? You wonder is, you read it. They're looking to talk to men about how they tell their dads they loved him. It's Father's Day coming up this weekend. So is probably something that they're working on is a deadline. Please respond with your age on your name so you could be quoted in the article. So you want to make sure that you do that cause they're asking for that information. How often do you say it? So all you're going to do is you click on this. There we go. And you see, this is for Herro. It's telling them what reporters? So it knows where to send a subject. Always put a good subject. And what I'd like everybody to do is once you've signed up and gone through this under the projects, what's have a lot of fun with this? And I'd love to see once you've practices for a bit. If you want it, mind taking a screenshot in coming back on over. And you know, if you have questions come into the community and acts, ask But in the project area, what's take screenshots and what's include how you do these, and I'll come in and give you some feedback. So ah, I would go something. This regarding. Um Dad, I love you. So I feel se or meeting. I love you because Kim really enjoyed having dinner with you. this weekend. And so, you see, it's very quick sentences straight, of course. Straight across straight. And so I'm not going to show you all of that. But you really want 3 to 5 sentences. Keep it brief, and then the sanitation just put if have questions, please let me know or call me. And I do put my phone number. So feel free to do that. And then I like something. Good luck with this article. Thank you. And then this is where I'll put like founder. I put my company name and then you put you know, I put my website cause I want them linking to it, but they don't always. And don't worry if they don't. What I recommend is if when the article goes live, um, most the time the reporter will notify you that you've been sourced on and let you know I won't tell you that. A lot of, um of the reporters out that won't let you know. So either Set set up in Google and alert for your name and for your business. Every business owners should be doing this on a regular basis. Anyway, I use a tool. It's a paid tool called Brand 24 I have, Ah, an email that comes to me daily for every one of my businesses that is mentioned anywhere online so it could be on social media could be in publications. I get that, and I have it around my name, my Children's names. I have ah, whole bunch of things. So every morning I get a daily email. So it's important because even for podcasts, sometimes I'm on your podcast where the podcaster won't reach out and let me know. Ah, that the podcast is live and or maybe they do it two weeks later and in the next video, what we'll do is I'm going to show you some tricks of what you should do when you do get sourced. Ah, and some ways to get in front of reporters and then what you should do with the actual information. So when you are on Forbes, you should go and be sharing this with your network because that makes a reporter look very good and no, probably source you again. And most reporters work for multiple publications today, so But anyway, what you would do is you just simply press send if they asked for other information again in this one. They were asking for the age. So I had put in my age there. Ah, And then, um, your name so you could be courted. And my name is already there s I got to say, like you founder age 20 like that. And so whatever my age is, just put that in 47. So 46 extreme that we go and that's it. So Ah, that's how you could answer that. But really again, what this takes is practice. You wouldn't do this over and over and over again. Ah, and then definitely. Please come over into the project area and put screenshots in. Come into the community. Ask questions. The more that you practice with this, don't get frustrated. Your 1st 30 days you might not have one response. But if you're active in the community and telling me, you know, asking questions and sharing in the project section how you're actually replying to reporters, I'll be able to give you a lot of feedback that I believe it's just one of those things. It's like riding a bike. You just have to try a few times and inventor you'll get, you'll get, uh uh you know how it works and all. But, um let me just show you one other thing I noticed You see this one where it said television , Watch this. And so again, this is just stop lowing food. There's huge opportunities here. Um, you can see, if selected, you'll be asked to appear on camera and talk about your business. So they were looking for business owners to share the pros or the cons of using a credit card in the early stages of your business. And so she doesn't want you replying through here. She's very not supposed to do that, but it's not a big deal. She's telling you right here. Email her and she's telling you what to put in the subject line. And, ah, lot of folks don't listen. And so if you're not listening to the reporter and answering the three things you relied on for your credit card and how it helped or hindered your business, well, most likely she won't pick you. But again, if you were to answer this, include this information and she's saying right there again, keeping it brief but remembering How could you make her look good, Right? How could you make this reporter look Ah, really, really good for her television network? Whomever this is, they're not saying, but again, they have saying right here that they will send a crew to you. And that's what CNN did to me. And it can happen to you also. So in the next lesson, we're going to go through some additional strategies that I would use to make sure that you get in front of reporters because this individual is getting a ton of responses on, and I'm going to show you how to get in front of her. Ah, Teoh, make sure that she looks at your response. And then what to do with when you do get sourced with that information? Okay, we'll see in the next lesson. Take care. 5. Increase your Chances of Getting Picked by Doing This: Welcome back to this lesson in this is the lesson. Day is going to be filled with gold because once you sign up for your help, a reporter out account you are now in the Wild West with a ton of other folks, right? And so it comes down to doing the best practices that we mentioned earlier, which is, ah, that you need by all means to be looking at all of the different categories because, ah, they do mix Amanda categories and the reporter always is going to pick two. So if they're very in entertainment, but they also picked education for whatever reason. Ah, your entertainment. If you're in the entertainment business, that question might end up in education for whatever reason. And so that's why I recommend looking at the mall. It literally just takes moments to go down through this s O. Once you're looking at all these on a daily basis, you can do three times a day. I highly recommend it in the beginning. But if you can only do once a day picked like the morning, the afternoon, the evening. So if you're doing afternoon, do it at launch. But it's crafting that best response to make sure that you're helping out. Ah, that reported by answering their question by not being over promotional and making sure that they do have requirements that you're meeting those requirement to ensure that you're increasing the probability that you get picked. Now, here's the thing, right. So now you're a superstar, you're out to your liking rebels. How can you ensure and double the chance? Do what I'm about to show you, because it took me a while to figure this out. But once I did. When I am on here, if it's somebody I will, we really want to connect with what I'm about to show you works all the time. So what's pick somebody that we've looked at earlier? So, um, we were looking at USA Today. It's a big name, like So USA today. It's a paper. Here's what you want to dio imagine being able to have a link from USA Today back to your website. Imagine if you could have USA today on the home page of your website and we're gonna go over that in the next video. But watch this. We can't take David what we want to dio his go first to Twitter C. Can we find it, David? Now, in my Twitter course, there will be a class up on Twitter very shortly. Twitter is a gold mine. It's still one of the best social media sites out there, in my opinion, for doing outreach to influence those outreach to the generous. This is one of my saved queries. It's another thing similar to Harrow. Ah, where I'm getting generous requests, um, on a daily basis by looking at this hashtag but what I want to do on again. So you really want to optimize, cause if your profile's not set up the right way, you lower the probability of what I'm about to share with you. But we'll do that in a Twitter course because we don't want to take too long. So they click Enter it, defaults to top what you want to use, go to people. And then what I recommend doing is just looking and finding. Can we see David over and look a desk bomb? There's David now. What you want to do is see, is David active on Twitter? So here's this profiler naturally goes to tweet, so a lot of people were tweet from another device. What you want to see is is he applying to people and engaging? Because if he is, you're gonna be able to get it in front of David, who's a writer again with you. I say today, how big is that look is having a conversation with this guy who also writes over it, USA. He's retweeting them. He's talking to this writer. So look at this. I mean, he's having great engagement with a ton of people three hours ago, three hours ago again, we applying to somebody here what you can even go on Twitter, unlock and see what? And so he he's going like this. He Israel. And and so it's that type of comment like he's alive. He's engaging with people who tweet out to him. So back to what I was saying over here, this is how you really stand out, that if you wanted to be sourced for this article and you reply to it and it's saying that he needs this, I saw the words year deadline is ASAP. Well, he's gonna get a ton of responses. What say, if you were number three and number one meet sends for him because he just looked at that one, but now is sending you over on Twitter and you say, you know, I tweet to this won't show up in your Twitter feed. By the way, the only way people will see this is as I mentioned, when they click on tweet, we've replies cause Twitter defaults to looking at tweets. Very few people will ever go on. Look at who you're tweeting with. Except people like May eso. You know, I could just go here, and this can go direct to him, and I could just let him know. Hey, I saw you needed help ASAP. I sent you my answer. But I also have a couple friends who could help you out. Um, who might fit with what you're looking for? Also, let me know how many people you know here to support. I'm standing by. You know what? He's going to reply to you now. Some of journalists you can't find on Twitter most them you can if you can't find them on Twitter. What I recommend doing is next going over here to linked in will be back in my lengthened profile in a moment to show you what to do once you're sourced. So is that you can kind of keep a collection of everywhere that you've been sourced, um, to show invalidate to folks because if somebody was ever say, Mike, you know you aren't seeing in Forbes. You mentioned these hundreds of publications. Where are they going to show you that in the next lesson And it will be the final lesson. But create a Twitter list of your dream. 100 journalists of the dream 100 influences that you want to work with. We're gonna go through that in the torture class, but you should be doing if you're not familiar with how, then again jump into that next class. But I highly highly recommend. Whenever you use Harrow, you will double triple your chances of being sourced by larger publications, particularly like the Wall Street Journal. When he told you that I got picked by the Wall Street Journal, the reason I got picked was again exactly these steps that I did the wall she journal journalist, She actually had it down as anonymous, and I couldn't get my two or three for the day. There was only one that they saw that I was very interested in. So I reached. I did an anonymous one, but I saw the actual name of the individual. When I looked her up on both Lincoln and on Twitter, I saw that she vote for the Wall Street Journal. Reached out, started a conversation she was looking for how dads talked to their sons about the me too movement. Ah, and raising respectable Children. I had an interesting opinion to share with her. And so I actually pitched her a story. Ah, that she found very young, unique and included it. And that article had thousands of comments on it. So ah, again, the power of using Harrow help a reporter out and then finishing it off with that 12 punch of finding these individuals on Twitter or in lengthen. I know you can go do it on Facebook. I can tell you. Ah, on Facebook people, it's friends and family. So, journalists, um, I have not found success. Nor do I feel comfortable reaching a male reaching out to where they're connecting with their friends and family. You also get lost in the feed. They come to Twitter they are on Twitter to get news into interact, as you can see with David here. So go ahead, give it a try and what I definitely recommend is coming on over into the community. If you have any questions for me and next, jump on over into the projects and please screenshot the question and then screenshot your response with the reply so I can see how you're answering, because once I'm able to help you once twice, 34 times doing this, you'll be on your own and getting responses left and right, and you'll have tons of links coming back from high domain authority sites. You'll be able to be sourced in multiple different areas. It's just it's amazing tool. So I'll see you in the last lesson. Well, I'm just gonna go over when you do get picked. What you should do with all this information. That's a ah class in and of itself. But well, I just want to show you a couple of core things that I would dio eso is that you keep the collection and also build up your authority 6. What to do with Media Mentions from HARO (Final Lesson): welcome to the final lesson on how to use help of reporter out this lesson. We're going to go through what to do when you do get source. That's like congratulations. You just been picked. But hold on, Time out. How do you know when you're picked? So here's the thing you can log in to your hair. Oh, account and occasionally, now, again, I've been doing this for a long time. I would say one out of 20 reporters will actually mark inside of Herro that they've picked your answer in that you're going to be, um, picked. Very few of them actually do that. Another small percentage will actually email you and say congratulations. We've, you know, sourced you because they want you to share it. Now. I won't tell you this the larger publications, unless if they're interviewing you on the phone bank. Wall Street Journal. I knew when this article was running because we had many different phone calls together. They did checks on my background. And what have you? Inc magazine did the same thing? Um, CNN. When they came out to my house, let me know what day we were airing and what have you. But I will tell you, when I was in Forbes, um, I wasn't notified for, I believe, three months. Just recently, I was in Parenting magazine. They never reached out to me to let me know that we were picked. The writer did ask for some pictures, but never said, You know, I had said, Well, when will we be published? Will you running with my article? She said possibly. But I just found out Ah, that we were in there. So how do you find out? Sign up. I highly recommend for some type of social listening tool. Personally, I use a paid tool. It's called Brand 24. Ah, what it does is you can say you know the name of your company, your personal name, names of you know, people that work on your team. You could say whatever you really want to listen to anywhere in the interweb. Ah, what Brand 24 is able to do is to go out there and detectives. So even when I'm on podcast many times before, the podcaster can even reach out to me that morning to say our podcast went live. Most podcasts who's so good with this. I know because I'm up very early in the morning. Ah, and Brand, 24 is doing social listening. So when that feed goes out on lips in for podcast or radios, it's letting me know that my name was just mentioned and my company. So it's a great tool. It's relatively inexpensive, But you could also go to Google alerts and put in information there. Now with Google Alerts, I will say it's a little bit It doesn't work all the time. Ah, but if you want to go with her free source, use Google alerts. But yeah, go to, ah, signing into your hair account because some reporters will let you know inside of there. But, you know, my experience has been most don't, so I use a social listening tool for many different reasons. If you're not a local business, you should use a social listening to a leg brand 24 because you can use it for, you know, listening in on competition, listening in for you on Twitter, for instance, In my old software company, people would physically say what our company did but not mentioning companies, so they were looking for help on whatever it waas. Um, when I owned an office supply online store, um, I young would socially listen to people who said they were moving their office. That was one the words we had. And so if we heard moving office, we would get alerted by the tool that we're using. At the time, it was a different one. And then we would reach out to that individual on social media and let them know what we do . And, hey, you know, they'll probably need new office furniture and what have you? And, you know, we were the lowest cost online and provided great customer service. So that's the power of a social listening tool. But again, consider signing up for one. If you have any questions, jump on into ah, the community. Ask away. I'll be happy to make other recommendations. But what you want to do when you do know that you've been sourced is first try to collect them all again. I'm not perfect with this, but I come over and in Lincoln does this area. It says publications. Most folks don't know about it. Go in, and what you can do is right here. You can click at a new publication and you put in the title the publisher of Forbes. The date when it was out. You can even tag if you're connected to the author. So whoever the writer is, if you're connected with them, I highly suggest doing that. Ah, the URL to the publication and then put a description in and then you click Save and what it does, is it? What's this card? There we go. It's going to add it here. So now you can see May 23rd May 18th made 17th medium um, Hacker Noon. Um, it's ah, Rebecca Deci was on her radio show again. This is from a a Twitter show. Ah ah, relationship where we met in 20 years ago and have just kept our conversations going, So she invited me on. There's that Wall Street Journal. You can see the publication, you just click on it right there. So again you just go down. And what it does is it's collecting all of this information, and you could see so if anybody was ever say, Well, when were you in that publication or let me see it. There are some people that do that I direct people, right, Teoh my Twitter feed and say, Go Look, my corporation, they use help. A reporter out. I know the owner. Um and I met her on Herro and since then have developed a relationship. Ah, and she's just a great individual. Here she is right there. But, you know, look at that. So when you click on it, it's going to bring you to, um, the actual article. So there it is. By Deborah. What's the silliest business mistakes you've ever made? And you know, So there's tons of people here, right? And so here's me. Mike Wallace, co founder. I was number three down there, and I just talk about a situation. But you see, so there's a collection. The next thing that I should do is take this. Go copy it, and you see this individual. He does a good job of it. Sam Harley. He's very active on Twitter. Good following. Proud to be featured 30 expert tips for B to B companies starting to use account based marketing. Ah, IBM. It's called Ah, and then he has to article there. He should tag who the article is with because But I know he writes for them. So Ah, he didn't need to there. But like so for me. Ah, What I would want to do is to keep the relationship going with Deborah. Because this is why they do. Expert roundups is in asked for stuff like this is basically come on over and create a tweet. And there we go. And so I would just say, Yeah, here it is. So yes, business mistakes every hashtag startup makes. And then I good copy. This is so f you and right and so like that. Come down, go over here, save ear at my Corp. And there they are If I want to tag Deborah, I could say at I believe it's Deborah Sui. Yep. And there she is right there. So and that's it. And then tweeted out. You can add an image, Whatever. We're gonna have this all inside of our skill share. Twitter class. I highly recommend taking a twitter is again a gold mine. And what you can do is use tools like a girl post, which is what I do. So I have media tweets going out a couple of times a week Tagging knows individuals where I can keep the relationship going because it makes them happy. Ah, and then they remember me. So then making me chow again if they wanna. I use me in a future article. I've had several businesses, so it's, you know, it's always good to get my new business is mentioned in the media and get those links coming because once you get them also now, what do you want to put them down, lengthen but going over and put him on your website again? Uh, this is one of my newest businesses. It's more of a you know, a passion of mine is to bring families back to the dinner table to put down digital devices and to get people talking. As much as I love digital, I just noticed that families don't do this is much anymore. So we you do. A lot of interviews with experts were trying to encourage restaurants to incentivize families to do this, but I was not an expert quote unquote in this or considered an authority. But I've read psychology magazines and books for a very long time, a study that in school and I have a podcast way interview psychologists and psychiatrists and what I've been doing is on. Herro is building up my authority and since then have been the Wall Street Journal. Today's parent psychology today, CNN. You can see this all here in the parenting section of the huffing composed. I'm now getting reached people reaching out to me and this is last in a year. People are now reaching out to me and asking me if I want to come and speak or being round up. So what have you And then this all started from me honing in and saying, OK, when I get these emails, Yeah, What can I do now? Parenting falls everywhere in here so they don't really per se have that. But a lot of times they have education questions in the medical field OS psychological questions. And so I've interviewed so many people I can leach out and be of a benefit and get those things. So once you get press, it's what you do with it afterwards, right? So even young you'll see in the the notes in the summary of this course I mentioned Bill Gates and how he said, you know, this is what he would dio Ah if, you know, he was down to his last few dollars for a business PR. And the more press that we get, the better we are, are so please, I encourage everybody. If you have any, any questions, I want you to jump in the community. That's what the communities for. And then, more importantly, you just need to do this a few times. And once you get the hang of it, you'll you'll be on your own way. So please go to the Projects area and take a screenshot of the question like this. So I want to see. I'd really love to see this part of it. So if you can, you don't take a screen shot of this and then if you can have your answer next to it. If you're unsure how to do that, jump into community, maybe if I can. I'll upload a video there to show how. But I'd love to see uh, how you answer questions like this. What was your subject line? Good copy in the subject line can make you stand out, and I'd like to see how you answered the reporter's question, because when you learn this skill, you're gonna get massive exposure for your business for your brand four year nonprofit. Whatever the reason, maybe I even think, you know, if you have ah, child in high school. Ah, and there's questions that they can answer. They look for kids off the time on this. I have my own kids doing this and makes them stand out when they apply for university to say I've been published in these magazines or on these block post I'm considered a thought leader or when they go to get their their first job or if they're starting their own business, it's brand exposure. And, you know, there's, ah, I know everybody says that right? There's no such thing as bad press and bad press. Season isn't even bad if you know how toe to do something good with it. So again, this was a lot of information. I'm very passionate about this. I want to see you succeed. So please jump in, ask questions, share examples over in the project area, and I wish everybody a tremendous tremendous amount of success, and I look forward to sharing my next scale share class, which will be on how I've used Twitter in three separate businesses in three separate industries to drive business to drive traffic to drive exposure for different brands. So super excited about that. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed. And I look forward to engaging with you over in the community. Take care.