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Free Organic Facebook Marketing: 3 Strategies using your Personal Profile.

teacher avatar Casey Corbin, Instructor for successful people!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro and Course Overview3

    • 2. 3 Strategies to Increase organic reach (not paying for ads) on Facebook using your Personal Profile:

    • 3. How to make a business page on Facebook

    • 4. How to use your "Featured" section on your personal page Tip

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About This Class


After you watch this 10-minute video it will only take you about 5 minutes to implement.  Learn 3 quick changes to your Facebook personal profile that will increase organic reach.  Use these three approaches to send more people to your business page. 

This quick & easy course will teach you how to 'hack' your "hoover pop-up" to
-Increase awareness of your venture
-Inform people of what you do
-and put clickable-link action-step right in front of them -even when they are not on your page. 

In fact, wherever you comment or Like in any post, group, or page --you will autoMAGICally have the opportunity to put a virtual billboard in front of the viewer to educate about yourself and market your business.  

Marketing art class is used as an example.  

After watching the video -there is a step-by-step PDF handout available under the Projects tab.  The handout also has additional details to make implementing the strategies even easier!  


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Casey Corbin

Instructor for successful people!


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1. Intro and Course Overview3: Hey, I'm case ago. Corbyn. For two decades I have helped people, is both a counselor and a business coach, and I also teach a weird art form called dynamic fluid art. But in this course, you will quickly learn three ways to make simple changes to your personal profile. To increase your organic reach on Facebook, I will use my business of coaching other teachers of acrylic paint pouring art as an example. When you're on Facebook every time that you interact with others posts and in groups by commenting and liking, your icon is left there potentially hundreds a day when someone hovers over your name and blue Facebook pops up some information about you. What if we could hack the system and edit that information What we can and we can use it to drive people to our business page. It's quick, easy and effective. Honestly, you can implement thes three straight strategies in just a few minutes. It's a one and done so. From now on, every interaction will leave a billboard in a clickable link action step For your perspective customer. You can learn this and only about 10 minutes, and so I would love to see you in the course and enjoy senior results posted in the class project 2. 3 Strategies to Increase organic reach (not paying for ads) on Facebook using your Personal Profile:: Hey, guys, it's Casey. Cool, Corbyn. I am a doing a little impromptu live because according to the poll results, I asked you guys how you prefer learning. And the overwhelming majority said they like I step by step process. And so I'm gonna do several little short videos destroyed, concise, that. Ah, well handled numerous topics, and they'll be live like this one. But then they'll be stored in the different learning units here on the group. Hey, listen, especially those few that air new don't get overwhelmed. Yes, there is a ton information in this program and you will not be able to do all of it. No. So one is just kind of have an awareness that it's here, and then whenever you need it, baby, it's months from now. You'll go away, case into the video on that, and you're able to go back and look at it then. But don't try to attempt to do everything here. It'll drive you crazy. All right, so it's gonna give you lots of resource, is there not, for everybody may choose not to use. I'm sure you will not use all of them, but they will be here for year. If you would like Teoh, implement them at some point. So today we're gonna talk about, um ah, little tech tip. Right? And this one is gonna be a little bit different. We talk of talked a lot about making some changes and improvements and even creating our business, Facebook page and even some groups related to our business page to be able to help our students and marketing. This one is going to be making three slight alterations to your personal page to be able to help you to market. Now think about this. If you're like me, I am on probably about 30 different acrylic paint pouring groups and making comments. I'm in answering questions. I am given advice I'm liking. I'm sharing. And every time that I do that, um, my you know, it says Casey quarter with that little, you know, bird there and someone can hover over that. I have you ever done that before? But you should definitely try it right now, and it shows you this block of information comes up about you. Well, what does that block information saying about you now? You might even want to check that out by hovering over your own name and see if it's beneficial to your business or not. And so I have some suggestions. Some of them are little Mawr. Ah, bigger changes, you know that. You certainly don't have to do them all, but I'm making a few slight changes I think can help you out quite a bit. So what I'd like for us to do is Teoh, first of all is toe. We're gonna look at my profile as an example. And then, um, I you certainly should do this with your own profile. So I'm going to pull up my, um, screen chow. OK, there's me, and this is my profile. Now, I have recently changed what's called the cover of mine. That's that big on what you think about. It was like a big billboard that you can use for marketing your business Now Facebook part Part of the rules are is that we don't run our business primarily from our business profile . But we can definitely talk about where we work and give people more information as far as how to get over to, um, you know, our business information. So I made a change in my cover over on canvas dot com. It was totally free. And I have, ah minds probably little bit different than yours. I have two worlds in which I do coaching or counselling, and I'm also teach our and then teach teachers how to do art like you. And so my two worlds air art in therapy. And so that's where I came up with that layout. I made that in honestly just a few minutes and then uploaded it on there, and I think it was looks great. This is amazing the tools that we have today. So the first thing I want us to do is we're gonna go in and we're going to look at our information. And so I want you to We're gonna go over here. Ah, and you see the timeline and then on yours will be able to see the about. I want you to click the about section. Then you're gonna get a Siris of tabs over here on the left. If you're on your laptop or computer and you're going to click work and education now, I'm going to suggest that you delete everything off here because it just becomes noise and start fresh with, um and you can just have your business page on their course. Do any of these things that you want to do? I've already got my loaded, dynamic, fluid art on here. But if you're if you don't have anything here, then you'll just have one of these tabs that says at a workplace. And so you'll click on that. It'll do the very same thing as me editing mind. And so I'm gonna go over here and edit now from here. It gives you this these information places to put in about company and position those the main two things we're going to focus on today. The other ones really don't matter. You can leave them blank, or you can fill them in. They don't show when somebody hovers over a year, your icon and so in the company. You just want to click in there and you want to start typing the name of your business page , and it will come up like this and then you'll just click it. And Wallach, you're done. And it's in their minds. Dynamic foot art position. Normally, we put in here employees at cashier at, um, you know, owner, Founder. Right. But we can use a more enticing adjective. And so something like helping people have fun with art, helping people understand that they are creative helping people. And I have helping people increase joy. Uh, it's mine on here, and kind of you can do the same thing because you're you're really good at that. And so you have to go down here and you have to click that because it'll it'll saying create helping people increased joy. And you only get a few words about four words that will show up there. And while are you done? And so you go in and you save changes before you do, make sure that it's set to public and used to be that all Facebook profiles were set to put public. But now you have a choice to be able to do that. And so this is where so change it to public because otherwise everything that we're doing today is not going to help. All right, so we're gonna save that the changes air in place. Good. We can go back to Sorry, but all my notifications. All right, Woops! All right. Sorry about that. I have my screen memorize so I could do this and it's not Let me go back. All right, well, there's my daughter. Looks like one that's in large is to get back there. Okay, a maniacs. All right, We'll tell you what. We'll just start a fresh Facebook on. We'll go to you. My profile. Okay, so we have made the changes that were in the about section That's about me. So that now, whenever we have er now we get this information down here that says, um Casey Corbyn, Of course. My eye cover and my profile pictures showing and says helping people increased joy at Dynamic Foot Arts. All right, so that's what we're going for here. Now there's two of the things that weaken Dio. One is is that we do have this cover and I have altered mind to be more marketing oriented . I'm not saying you have to do that. You know, you might choose to do that if you want to, But if you click on that, whether or not you just have a picture of your family or your dog or or something pretty or your art or whatever you want to dio right, Um, then you can go into the photo. So it now we're just into, like, any photo that you load into Facebook. You have the opportunity to put some comments and edit up here, already have mine loaded and so you can see that you can use, um, cute, clever little language. And this isn't a handout that I have for this little talk, and it will be posted in a pdf with this. So pull that up and says, Mind says, Thanks for stopping by. Learn more about my two worlds of art and therapy coaching, learn, learn fun art. And it's got the link to go to my dynamic, fluid art business page and then be more successful. And it's got a link to go to my coaching page there, all right, And so it's Ah, it's got both of those things that I have in my two worlds again. I don't recommend that you pushed to items. It's, ah, you probably just have the one on there. There's another little trick here in that I also have in case I have anybody who is wanting to know more about, um, the services that offered you, which is, ah, coaching art fluid our teachers all over the world. And so here, the way this one can go in is that you can put the at sign and then you start typing the name of perhaps another business page. Or perhaps just you do it again for the for your business page so I could put in here at dynamic fluid art. And so instead of signing off with my name, normally it says, you know Casey Corbyn there that would put at and then put my business name there. And it's again, another link for people. Copy this and paint and then paste it because now we're going to go over to our. The third suggestion that I have for you today is to go to your profile picture. Now we do want to keep this to face. All right, so this is this is beneficial. Unlike our business page, I'll I have a logo here, but when we're talking people on Facebook, they like this. See who they're talking to and so they will engage more than if it's just not a face. Ah, so I do recommend that you keep ah, picture of your face there. But you can go into that picture that's behind your profile, and then you can edit it as well, too. And so you can just hit the edit button here, and then you can paste and the exact information that's in your cover, um, photo and then hit. Done. And those same links are there and available on your profile picture. All right, so this is what this does is no matter where people are, you know, posting around that whenever they go over your profile picture. Look at all that great information that they get. So you got your picture. Your name, Of course. Your cover. You can also that if you like. But the biggest part here is a little bit about what you do. Helping people increase joy at dynamic fluid art. And actually, this one is my, um, for my coaching service. A little bit of it shows up there, too, and makes it clickable so that someone could just go here, click on the dynamic fluid art and close immediately over to my business page of my consumer level for my students. All right, well, I hope that that was beneficial to you and I love some comments or questions. Anything that you you have about this process. And, uh so let me know. And again, just little short videos, step by step processes as requested and hope again. I hope that that was beneficial to you. Have a good day. 3. How to make a business page on Facebook: Hey there, I'm Casey Cho Quarterfinal, a dynamic, fluid art teaching business coaching program, And there's been a lot of discussion about people that have not started their business page yet, and there's really no reason not to do that. It is free and it's great. It's searchable on the Internet. It's searchable locally. And so all those air great things for you to be able to do to have for your business. I want to show you here, sharing my screen. I have about over 10 functional business pages that I use for different reasons, and I was going to use this one to be able to show you some of the functionality. The first thing that you do is you go to create page, and so we actually just had an option there. There is another one here, and so when you create a page, it'll take you to a screen and you'll want to go with e business brand here. There's several different options, and this, of course tutorial, if you will row brief, is to show you how to do a business paid. So when you when you link here, then it will ask you for information and fuel input that Ah, about your business. And then you hit the get started button, and so that one is extremely easy to be able to use. So once you ah, you end up with a page like this, some key things that you want to do is to, um, add some pictures. And so there's Ah, this this little area here it's nearly identical to your personal page where usually this one is a headshot, Um, have yourself. And this one is something The banner that I call it or your cover picture is something that kind of gives people little inside about you, what you like. If you like hiking, there's place is therefore scenes of mountains, etcetera. And so then need thing about one of my pages. Is is that this one actually can be a video, and so you can swap this out. It's when people go to my consumer level dynamic, fluid art of Pete for my students. They can I want to learn this art form. They go there, they click on that page, and that banner immediately starts a little commercial that I made about Tom. The dynamic fluid art process So, um, uh, now you're ready to just kind of explore your page and take a look at it. And there's all kinds of neat functions that are on here that are not available on a personal page. So there's, ah, a lot of fun things that you can be able to do one of the main things that you will want to do first, I'm just gonna highlight cause there's there's over 15 things that we could talk about right now is the description of your, um, page and what it is about. And so there's there's that. There's also, um, changing your user name, and that is for making it easier to be able to use the messenger function on your business page. It's easier to remember because you can change it to, like come. You know mine is dynamic flute are teaching business program, and the messenger is to, and you don't have to remember a long string of numbers, and you can just use that. And then there's the about section that's in your page, and so it that helps you to fill in some of the details, things that are, if you have a physical location and you put in a physical address there that some really neat things happen and you get some, uh, noticed. Um, from, ah, I believe I'm not entirely sure that it works this way, but the only way that I think that Google found out about my location in some physical offices that I have in South Georgia in two different towns is that I had them on my Facebook pages. And so they sent me an opportunity to be able to fill in some of the details so it would be searchable. So when people are trying to find my offices, they could search and and Google would be able to direct them right to my office. They also gave me a free website for each one of those which I thought was really need to. Just. I spent about probably 10 minutes apiece on each one of those uploaded some pictures and hit save, and that was it. So there's there's really just no reason for you not to sit down right now and to go to your personal page. I usually link up here like we did just ah hit that There's a create page option you go to that menu that we saw before you hit the business section, each start filling in details really basic stuff, and you get some great functionality and immediately your searchable after you do some of those basic things. Um, and always remember to hit save on your changes is to start posting, and one of the main things that you'll want to post is a pen post. And so the way that you do that is is that you just create a post Deborah here. And if you click over here and it will give you an option to be able to make this post a pin post, I think I actually have to have faster Internet than I have right now. Ah, since that's just swirling and have placed this, um, let's see here. I think I have to save this, published it. And once it is published that gibberish post, then you can have, um, you can selected as a pin post, you know? All right. And what it means by Penn Did you think about a physical like, literally a thumbtack? Putting it? Ah, at the top. It kind of tax it up to the top so that no matter how many other posts that you have, this one which was always make mine very similar to the description and the information that's in the about section. And so when people land on that page that can immediately see that top post and know exactly what they're there for, there is so many other things that you can do with your page with your this business Facebook page, you can back link to your regular website. Um, and then there's a whole slew of APS that are actually third party APS. There are are not hosted by Facebook. They're not created by Facebook, but you can get them and put them onto your Facebook in the Earth, or they work inside of Facebook. Now my favorite one is 22 social and I have been studying it and working, trying to wrap my 51 year old brain around a lot of computer ease to try to understand how to be able to use thes marketing. Resource is, it does a lot of things M, and it's not very expensive to be able to, um, really market and enhance my presence and functionality on Facebook. And so I'll put a link into the comments below this video, and I'd appreciate it if you decide that you do want to go to with 20 social in the future . If you use this link because they have this three and it's phrase of three people, um, buy it, then I get mine my service for free. So that would be awesome. And I also want to give you a few clues on that, and I'll be happy to help you. I have no less than have watched 40 hours of their instructional instructional videos on how to do their stuff. I know I'm kind of slow, and so many people could I know just to really just you know how toe pays this Eurail into this box and not that box and know what to do. It has just been kind of mine bottling, um, for me. But now that I do have some some basic understanding of it, I'd be happy to help you any way that I can. Um, one thing is is that if you wait until the third day after you get involved with, um, getting an email from 22 social, the price drops drastically. So please contact me, and I'll walk you through that so you don't end up, you know, you'll in the pain. Much less than half of what the normal prices by just that. One simple recommendation. So All right. Well, I hope that Ah, this helped. If you have any questions, feel free. Teoh. Contact May by private message. Or put something in the comic below. This is Casey Cho Corbyn with dynamic fluid art Teaching Teachers Business Coaching Program . Thanks. 4. How to use your "Featured" section on your personal page Tip: Hey, guys, this case you go Corbyn a have a tip for you in enhancing your personal page and so you can see, I I never noticed this down at the bottom of your page when you're looking at your page from your view, not quite towards About him is something called your featured. Um, and I just lost my It seemed to do the strangest thing or pops. Okay, edit featured. So you can see this button here. And so, um, you go in here, you can have one thing in there. Any can be a picture. It can be a add that you make can be like that. Pdf with a lot of information. Um, it could be a lot of different things. And in fact, I want to hit my edit button this week in when they see the different things that it can be Still for here. I have chosen my, um, uh, two groups. So I have two main focuses. When is art when it's therapy. And so there they are. Good. They're the pages. Excuse me? The Fishman pages that link off, So that's pretty cool. You can You can look at the list and scroll down and see several different things. So the top here is what's been featured before. I didn't even realize that I had some pictures of me and my beautiful wife and its mother photos there and other groups of photos. I guess they're coming from different albums and timeline folder. Uh, yeah, I'm like Boulder. And then, ah, mobile uploads to And then the different cover shots that I've had on my cover, which is the big banner across the file. Ah, instagram photos around. So an opportunity here and then my profile photo photos that I've used in the past two. Um, let's see more albums or albums, more albums and then you keep going, Keep going And ah, these are all the different photo album close forces here. Words the bottom You will get toured too. Groups. So here I could pick different groups that I'm in, including my own groups and other groups that I'm not that I'm that I'm in, but, uh, just a part of pages, which is what I have selected and then events. If you have events going on and then the last option is fundraisers, so what a great opportunity to put your your business page right on your A fix. But group so you can just go to your pages. I click my done any foot art and my, um, good to great life coaching. And that's how that could work. Um, another tip. Get out of this one. Let's see, I'm good. With what? I have some gonna cancel that out. This is a secondary, uh, little tip your four year is to make sure now that we're using our Facebook page for a business marketing, we need to make sure that the everything is set up correctly. So initially, when you you set up here for Facebook page, he may have said it to private, right? And so the next time, maybe some things that she went to share privately. But if you go to the top in the right type right corner of Facebook, there's a stroke down button and then go to settings. And then from here, we went to go to public posts about halfway downs list over here. Thunder notifications, mobile and public posts. Those we clicked. That wound is we're gonna make sure who can follow me and itchy feature cures. You might be surprised to see that you have friends indicated there. So if you change that in public, then the messages that we're using on our personal page can get out to more people, and that is a choice that you're making. I will. Do you think it's, Ah, it's good for your business? It's good decision to be able to make. It also goes from public post comments that could be set from public. You can edit that like that, to friends of friends or friends. I have mine now set to public and then public post notifications. And again we consent that to public or friends of friends or nobody. That's what we have that such to public now and then. Public profile info and again, we get a drop down menu of public friends of friends or friends. So I've got one sent to public and then comment, ranking and that is something a little bit different. That's I haven't messed with that. I like to see all the comments, but that's this way. Facebook. To be able to tell you, show you the most what it deems the most important comments that people are making first then. So if you do have a lot of people commenting on your stuff, that might be a good one to turn on on. And that's about it. And so, Ah, my things on that menu. But that's all that I wanted to show year today. All right, well, thanks so much for joining me on this. I hope that that's very helpful to you. Yes, you in the next video.